How Different Would WWII Have Been If Lenin Was Alive and Led the Soviets?

Hard to say. But either Lenin would have acted much as Stalin did after Lenins death, or the Soviet Union would have failed.The orthodoxy is the opposite, obviously. But is it just a coincidence that the Soviet decline and the decline in World Communism when they tried repudiating him?Lenin would have had much more authority in the 1920s and 1930s and need not have purged the movement to establish control. He might well have expelled Trotsky, who had been a political rival in the past. Right down to 1917, when he had hardly any followers but Lenin chose to take him in as a Bolshevik leader.See also Why Trotksys politics achieved nothing solid

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Why isn't Canada as respected worldwide as the USA?

Probably due to power and influence. Canada was more attached to the UK for longer until they felt more confident in bieng independant due to low population and vast land to cover. Which also caused some problems with unifying the provinces in the west due to lack in communication and geographic isolation, Manitoba almost became part of the US partly due to this.Canada has been more dependant than the US which has had population and growth on their side as well as geography. So power and unity was a major drag on Canada. Not to mention the Americas didnt have global conflicts to conquest their way to recognition like Poland, Russia, Hungry and Austria ext.Albeit they basically won the war of 1812, it wasnt without Brittish support.


Why have an affair? Why not leave your partner instead? If you love your partner, why cheat?

Because people see the betrayl before they consider the reasons why. I have a very high sex drive, most people cannot satify me, my sex drive remains the same though pretty much anything and it can take just a few days where I get to the point where Im climbing up the walls the urges are so present. If you have a partner which you love, but know them alone isnt enough, maybe youll find another friend on the side, someone who you dont love, but the sex is ok enough to get you by, they arent your partner and you dont love them, but you need to experience sex. Life is complicated and love does not equal simplicity in the relationship


History of Great Britain:

Native populations in the Americas and Australia largely didn't collapse as a result of campaigns of extermination, but rather as a result of multiple Eurasian epidemic diseases to which they had no immunity. Imperialism didn't help recovery in many cases, with campaigns of European settlement often being launched in the aftermath of native population collapses, but it didn't lead to the collapses.In the case of South Asia, the region was already exposed to Eurasian epidemic diseases. There was no demographic catastrophe to be produced by that. British mismanagement of regional economies did lead to multiple famines, such as the Bengal famine of 1770 that apparently killed a quarter of that region's population, but these were product of mismanagement and not of--say--plans to repopulate a very densely populated subcontinent


Will a grand alliance against the BJP remove Modi from power in 2019?

Looks to be unlikely.They at the most will be able to create difficulty in electing Presidents and Vice-president. First of all they will not agree to one name for their PM candidate. Neither Sonia nor Nitish have at present nation wide popularity.

Ambitious state level parties will open their mouths too big while deciding seat share. Top of all voters now a days are smarter than the leaders. If Modi continue to work in the same style the grand alliance will not make dent in his popularity.

When local body Elections are won by BJP in the name of Modi it will be most unlikely that voters will accept any body as a substitute for him at national level


What went wrong for the Allies at Kasserine Pass?

The troops that landed there were still without battle experience, their officers tought that Rommel which was in full retreat was not capable of attacking the American Forces, and IMHO they did not remember that Rommel among his virtues was a mastermind in doing the unexpected. Somebody must have compelled their officers to read Infantry Attacks, written by him with his WW1 experiences which showed his capabilites as leader and his offesnive attitude. Nor they had listened to their British counterparts about their knowlege of Rommel since he was CO of the 7th Panzer Division, the Ghost Division, during the Blitzkrieg (1940 attack on trhe West Front).

They confronted a most experienced Army and they suffered a severe defeat, that even compelled a change of command.But they learned


I'm 23. I lack experience and general knowledge, and I'm a superficial, naive person and lack depth. How do I become a "deeper" person or "a person of depth"? Is reading books a good first step?

Why do you care to be a person of depth? That is such a pretentious and narcissistic goal. No one with any real "depth" aims to be a person of depth, no one wakes up in the morning and say "lets read a book to increase my depth today". You read a book because you want to. Plain and simple.Rather you should aim towards a concrete goal to travel the world, learn new skills, get involved in a community, volunteer at a charity, etc. Drop all these philosophical mumbo-jumbo and make yourself useful. Aim for something bigger than yourself.Nothing against book reading and philosophy, but I am a true believer that "action speaks louder than words". Real depth does not come from knowledge but from one's character demonstrated through actions.


What do you think about Devin Nunes being awarded the "defender of freedom" at CPAC?

Devin Nunes along with the entire Washington GOP should be dragged out of the Congress along with their Fascist President and tried for the crime of treason. These people have sat idily by as Donald Trump and his band of mobsters joined Russia in a scheme to throw a U.S. election. While Trump's goal was a simple money grab the plot also allowed Russia's Putin the ability to run roughshod over Europe. The damage done has been enormous. The punishment should equal the crime; execution. A purging is now necessary with the most harsh punishment in order to restore our Democracy. As for CPAC, we should ban the organization and distribute their funds to the American people as a token of apologie for support of a government coupe.


Why don't more countries copy the United States?

Are you kidding?People love the US without ever realizing it. History loves the US.How many countries followed in the footsteps of the US and declared independence? How many countries instituted a democratic system? How many nations opted to have a written Constitution of rights?The US set the standard for democratic Republics and written rights.Today, brand names like Coke, Apple, Google, etc are known all over the world by both friends and enemies of Americans. Why? Because billions of people, regardless of political opinion, love the idea of America. Theyd love to walk around just like Americans do.Hate America all you want actually, but a lot of people would love to be and act like an American.


How do you trust your partner after he cheated?

Do you mean in a new relationship? If so take it slow dont be rushed, listen to your heart. People who rush you are not to be trusted they promise a lot and deliver little. A keeper is someone who respects your boundaries which are vital after being cheated on. Im afraid it's almost impossible to trust someone again once they have cheated on you. Quite often they will lie through teeth that it's not so , why do they lie because they know it's a deal breaker. If you have met someone who could be a partner test them you wouldnt hand over a diamond to someone you didnt know now would you. Trust is to be earned. Good luck.


If elves are immortal, why are there still princes? Why pass down titles through hereditary means? Why is Legolas the crown prince?

Immortality does not mean invulnerability. Though stronger than mortal humans, the elves can get killed. Burned alive (Gil-galad), trampled into the dirt (Fingolfin), flogged with whips of flame (Feanor), thrown from a cliff top to be broken (Eol), drowned from exhaustion (Amroth), to name a few. And with war a constant, and Kings doing the honourable thing by defending their people, it means they get killed. So they need the understudy to take over. That's what happened to Thranduil, who took over from his father who was killed at the Battle of Dagorlad.

And I am not convinced Legolas is CROWN Prince. I think it is never actually stated. If it was important, Tolkien would have made it stand out one way or the other. He is just a prince of the woodland realm.


How is Kodak LED TV?

A local brand named Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (SPPL) has bought the brand rights for Kodak TV in India. So basically the TV is SPPL, just labeled Kodak.Although this company is quite old from the 90s and they do have good experience manufacturing TVs starting from CRTs and then moving on to LCDs.

Initial online reviews of this TV suggests mostly buggy software on their smart TV line with a few reviews also suggesting the main board of the TV going kaput and some saying the panel itself going bad.Although if everything works out perfectly, its the best deal in the market!Personally, Id love to see an Indian company crack this market and succeed, but as it is with Indian businesses, Im highly skeptical as well


Who is satisfied with Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi?

I came across this quote few years back which at that time I thought,was sad but true! It goes like this,

India is a nation of lions , led by donkeys! It was so painfully true looking at our government working aimlessly and headlines were filled with news of scams only rather than development !But now , though its only been a year. There is a positive change in the government ,in its administration and most importantly in the minds of people !! First time most of the people are hopeful towards better India ! So yes, I'm satisfied with the work done by our respected PM. And its safe to say i guess that,

India is a nation of lions, led by a lion only !Jai Hind !


Why are so many major land masses (Greenland, N and S America, Africa and India) shaped as south-pointing triangles?

Coincidence. It's where we happen to be in geologic history. It hasn't always been that way:And even earlier:We just happen to be around at a time when few major land masses narrow to the south. Each one has a separate geologic history that led to that, without (as far as I'm aware) any particular unifying factor for that feature.

Similarly, today the majority of land is in the northern hemisphere (about 70%), but it hasn't always been that way. We just happen to be alive at a time when the random migrations of the continents led to that.Given a large number of potential features it's not surprising that there should be some coincidences like that. It's just the Look-elsewhere effect at play, and (as far as I'm aware) there's no further underlying cause


What was Vault 101's social experiment from Fallout 3?

Well, unlike most other vaults, Vault 101 was never intended to open their doors.You see, the experiment was to study the role of the overseer and how the position would change over time. Take, for instance, the first overseer in 2077, who made false claims about how the outside world was dangerously irradiated and unhabitable.

The second overseer in 2127 led the same claims, despite being the first overseer to communicate with and even visit the outside world via the secret passage in his office. The overseers continued the same mantra, until in 2241, the new overseer thought outside contact was in the best interests of the vault, and continuously sent scouts to Megaton.Then, the vault reverted to isolationism again in 2258, when Alphonse Almodovar became overseer.

These leadership changes are what Vault-tec would be studying. :)Fallout :)

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Is the Traditional Energy-saving Lamp Regulator Used for LED Circuit? Detailed Analysis of 11 Defect
Can the controller of traditional energy-saving lamp act on LED circuit?There are many options for buying LED bulbs, but compatible led dimmers are difficult to choose. Many users will confidently say that it is OK to use the dimmer of traditional incandescent lamps. Now the most commonly seen on the market is thyristor dimmer, which is divided into DC and ac. it is very easy to use in incandescent lamps.After selecting the LED lamp with appropriate color temperature, lumen grade and beam angle, the dimming requirements are met. Different from the random dimming method of ordinary incandescent lamps, dimming LED bulbs with thyristors may be successful, but many problems will occur in most cases.Four conditions:The most common problem is that there is a buzzing beep or a strong stroboscopic. Ordinary incandescent lamps only need to adjust the voltage to adjust the light and shade, but it may not work for LED lamps. We have done experiments and the following four situations have occurred:1. It can't be opened at all. It doesn't light up at all!2. It can only be on at 100% illumination.3. It can work normally, but the buzzing sound is very loud.4. Stroboscopic occurs when it is adjusted to a certain brightness.Dimming principle:During the test, sometimes the LED can be used normally after it is dimmed to a certain limit. We judge that the reason why it doesn't light up is that the applied voltage of the dimmer is too small to reach the required voltage.The internal circuit of LED is much more complex than that of incandescent lamp. The real led dimmer is not only regulating voltage, but also has three principles:1. Wave width control dimming: digitize the square wave of the power supply and control the duty cycle of the square wave, so as to control the current.2. Constant current power supply regulation: the current can be easily adjusted by analog linear technology.3. Grouping control: group multiple LEDs and control them with a simple grouping device.Note the strobe:The reasons for the most stroboscopic cases are as follows: the adjustable resistor itself is not a very reliable component. Often, due to the entry of dust or the lax manufacturing process, there will be an instant jump fault when operating the adjustable resistor, and the light source will flash. Therefore, we need high-quality adjustable resistance, or use linear technology to regulate current rather than voltage.In fact, the internal driving function of LED itself can easily adjust the brightness and darkness, but most LED manufacturers remove this function to save costs. Whether the LED lamp can be dimmed is usually marked on the box. If there is no mark on the box, please use the dimming function with caution or use a special LED dimmer.Dimming will reduce life:A reminder is that dimming can easily reduce the life of the bulb. Why? Simply take a dimming method: we divide one second into 1000 parts, each part is 1 millisecond, and then make the LED light work for 7 milliseconds and turn off for 3 milliseconds through the control chip. In this way, it only works for 0.7 seconds in one second. However, due to the fast flashing interval, we can't feel its brightness flickering with our naked eyes, and we will only feel that its brightness has darkened, which is 0.7 times the original, This achieves the effect of dimming. Similarly, we can achieve 50% brightness, 32% brightness and any brightness. Blink in this way, it's strange not to break early!In order to avoid various problems, try not to use the physical dimming method for the smart bulb. Take out the mobile phone and open the app to adjust the light and shade.In fact, I still like to use the way of grouping device to control the brightness, which is simple, safe and easy to use. It can be easily done by touching the key switch or independent grouping switch. It is not necessary to fine tune the brightness from 0 to 100% perfectly in the home. It is OK to realize several levels of brightness adjustment, which can fully meet the needs.Analysis and retrieval of 11 disadvantages of LED wick:Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, led filament lamps have higher requirements for packaging. It is reported that at present, led filament lamps have very strict requirements for filament working voltage design, filament working current design, LED chip area and power, LED chip luminous angle, pin design, glass bulb sealing technology, etc. it can be seen that the manufacturing process of LED filament lamps is very complex, and there are certain requirements for the financial strength, supporting facilities and technology of manufacturers.In the production process, due to different processes, the requirements for materials are also different. In addition, in production, many equipment need to be transformed according to the performance characteristics of LED filament lamps, which also makes the manufacturers of relevant materials of LED filament lamps miserable. The defects in the bulb material also make the LED filament lamp easy to be damaged during transportation. The complex process and low yield make the LED filament lamp unable to obtain high praise from manufacturers and consumers.1. Difficult process, poor heat dissipation and easy damageAlthough led filament lamps have attracted much attention in the domestic market in the past two years, at present, the problems existing in the production of LED filament lamps can not be ignored: the manufacturing process is difficult, several different processes need to be integrated, and the yield is low; More than 8W led filament lamps are prone to heat dissipation problems; It is easy to be broken and damaged in the process of production and use.2. Structure, performance and price to be improvedDue to the relatively late entry of LED filament lamps into the market, the market-related sharp bubbles, tail bubbles and spherical bulbs are mainly "patch type". In addition, the filament lamps that entered the market in the early stage are far from consumers' expectations in terms of structure, performance and price, which makes consumers have some misunderstandings about led filament lamps. With the breakthrough of key technologies, the maturity of packaging technology and the improvement of bubble sealing technology, the luminous efficiency, finger display, service life and cost of LED filament lamps will be improved to a certain extent.At present, the LED filament lamp needs to be improved in too many places. It is like a newborn "premature baby". It is not very mature in all aspects, with high cost, complex production process and low production capacity. Therefore, we should improve the raw materials, led beads and manufacturing process in the future, so as to improve the production capacity of LED filament lamps, reduce losses and improve delivery efficiency.3. Low power and poor heat dissipation are obstaclesAffected by the production process, there are many problems in LED filament lamps, such as high cost and high damage rate during transportation due to the defects of bulb material. In addition, the heat dissipation of high wattage led filament lamps has also become an obstacle for LED filament lamps to enter ordinary people's homes.Problem 2: high priceAccording to the market survey, the average retail price of a 3W led filament lamp is about 28-30 yuan, which is much higher than that of LED bulb lamps and other lighting products with the same power, and several times higher than that of LED incandescent lamps with the same power. Therefore, many consumers are scared away by the price of LED filament lamps.At this stage, the market share of LED filament lamps is less than 10%. Nowadays, as a characteristic product, led filament lamp restores the luminous feeling of traditional tungsten filament lamp and is loved by many consumers. However, the high cost, low light efficiency and small application range of LED filament lamps are also the problems that lighting manufacturers must face and look directly at in the next stage.1. Supporting materials increase product costThe market prospect of LED filament lamp is very bright, but there are difficulties in the promotion of LED filament lamp at this stage, mainly due to its high cost and the lack of large wattage, which makes the application of LED filament lamp limited to the flower lamp market. In addition, the matching of raw materials also increases the cost, because there is no standard in the specification and shape of filament lamp, and its market volume is small, As a result, the supporting materials are basically customized, and the manufacturing cost remains high.2. The cost of LED filament is too highAmong all parts of LED filament lamp, the highest cost is led filament, mainly because of its complex production process and high cutting cost; The production efficiency is not high and the degree of automation is low, resulting in the cost. At present, the cost of 3-6w filament bulb can be controlled below 15 yuan, of which the cost of LED filament accounts for more than half.3. The packaging of LED filament lamp is exquisiteThe packaging of LED filament lamps is more exquisite. The light effects encapsulated by each enterprise are different. Led filament lamps still have certain limitations in power and heat dissipation, resulting in higher prices than ordinary LED light sources.Problem 3: small marketAt this stage, the power of the best-selling led filament lamp in the market is basically less than 10W, which shows that at this stage, the LED filament lamp is technically trapped in the problem of heat dissipation and can not achieve high power. It also shows that it can only cover a small section of the whole lighting product line and can not be widely promoted. Even if it plays the "nostalgic" brand, the LED filament lamp market is only a small market, It can't become the mainstream for the time being.1. Low consumer acceptanceWith the shrinking incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp market, LED lighting products are slowly recognized by end consumers. However, at present, the market of LED filament lamps is still very limited. Due to the limited application and power of LED filament lamps, the acceptance of LED filament lamps by end consumers is not very high.In addition, consumers do not know enough about led filament lamps. Many people think it is just an improvement of ordinary incandescent lamps.2. The main demand comes from the projectAs LED filament lamps are mainly used in flower lamps, and their main demand comes from engineering lighting, general dealers will not mainly promote LED filament lamps. Even if a few businesses sell LED filament lamps, they won't have too much inventory.Problem 4: difficult to promoteEntering the terminal market, we can find that the LED filament lamp is not as hot as expected for two reasons:1、 Many stores do not promote filament lamps as key products, and consumers' awareness and acceptance of filament lamps are not high;2、 Compared with LED light source products such as bulb and sharp bulb, led filament lamp products have no qualitative change. On the contrary, the price is relatively high and it is difficult to go. Let alone replace the market position of LED bulb, energy-saving lamp and other products.Therefore, at present, the market advantage of LED filament lamp is not very obvious, and the market is basically waiting and trying.At present, the difficulty of pushing led filament lamps in the terminal market lies in:1、 Poor integration between traditional bubble sealing industry and LED packaging industry (concept and process integration);2、 It is not easy to reverse the concept of end consumers;3、 The acceptance of LED filament lamp products by society and government is not clear. In addition, the price of LED filament lamp is high, and consumers have not really distinguished the difference between LED filament lamp and incandescent lamp, which leads to the difficulty of LED filament lamp market promotion.1. Merchants are not active in promotionAt present, if led filament lamps want to achieve good performance in the market, they also need to strengthen publicity and innovation. The development of LED industry is increasingly fierce, and industry standards have been issued one after another, which has exacerbated the market development resistance of LED filament lamps. Especially at this stage, many consumers do not understand led filament lamps, and merchants are not active enough in promoting led filament lamps. Even most merchants are not very optimistic about their development prospects. In actual sales, customers usually see or ask, Businesses will push this product.2. High price makes promotion difficultAt present, it is difficult to promote LED filament lamps in the market. Because consumers do not know much about led filament lamps, the probability of purchase is very small. In addition, due to the impact of e-commerce, the transaction rate of LED in physical stores is lower. Some consumers pay more attention to the price when purchasing products. Therefore, there is still a long way to go for LED filament lamps to enter the families of ordinary consumers.3. Lack of new selling points of LED filament lampsAt present, led filament lamp is in the primary stage of promotion, and very few people know its advantages because of the appearance and original quality of the product
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