How Did People Dispose of Waste Before the Trash Collection System?

Whatever was expedient:Piles of shells formed deposits that reveal a mainly shellfish diet in ancient coastal settlements, middens - which are effectively a free form compost heap - sat beside roundhouses that are now post holes and buried heat-damaged hearthstones.More problematic waste - typically the sort that attracts scavengers - would be pitched into the sea, dumped down river or if inland, dragged off a distance to rot, or as a last resort, buried.(Destruction by fire was, I understand, the exception rather than the rule, as there are generally other, better uses for fire wood).

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What is the purpose of garbage collection in Java, and when is it used?

Garbage collection gives you the appearance of infinite main memory, if you don't try to use all of it at once. It's an abstraction over the machine's underlying memory model (which will never offer infinite amounts of RAM, because this is physically impossible), just like virtual memory allows you to pretend the machine has more memory than it really does.You just allocate, and allocate, and allocate.

..Until, in both abstractions, reality comes back and punches you in the face. But if you're careful both can be very useful. In fact, I wouldn't use a language without a GC now - I have been spoiled, and not even automatic reference counting can satisfy me.


How can I collect intraday data from stock markets I'm investing on?

Dukascopy has tick-level data since around 2007, and its free for personal use. Mostly forex, CDFs, and German stocks; it may help you bootstrap your project to see if you want to pay (probably a lot) to a market data vendor.Historical Data Feed :: Dukascopy Bank SA | Swiss Forex Bank | ECN Broker | Managed accounts | Swiss FX trading platform (if you look around, you may be able to find some code to download the data easier than through their web interface)EDIT: I forgot but Andreas Clenows website has useful articles, for example this one about the simulation environment (RightEdge) he uses, which can pull data from e.

g. Norgate (which he says is a good provider)


What is your collecting obsession?

Wow!If I go to an auction and see something I do not know about, I immediately want to learn more. One auction had a silver spoon collection ... so I bought it and learned a lot about 19th century souvenir spoons. Another time, I bought a Georgian silver spoon and learned about one of the very few female silversmiths in 18th century England.I bought a matchbook cover collection, and learned about the Walt Disney designs for the military in WW2. If I do not know about something, and have never seen it before, I am immediately entranced.


Why can't we sum an uncountable collection of numbers?

Why can't we sum an uncountable collection of numbers?There is an uncountably infinite number of different sets, each such set containing an uncountably infinite number of reals, for which the algebraic average of the sets elements can be exactly computed.Consider the set A containing all real numbers x between 0 and 1.The algebraic average of the uncountably infinite number of elements of set A is exactly frac12.

Or consider the set B of all values of f(x), where f(x)x^2 and the domain is all the elements of set A.The algebraic average of the uncountably infinite number of elements of set B is exactly frac13 :


Is it a waste of time to collect vinyl?

It depends on your preferences. Do any or all apply to you?You like the music made during the heyday of vinyl music.You like the unique sound of vinyl.You like the look and feel of a vinyl album, and it turning on your turntable.You like music bargains found at Goodwill, ebay, discogs, garage sales, and resell-it shops.

You like digitizing and editing (Audacity) the music to play on your computer or phone.You like having the legal right to the music and (unlike mp3) the legal right to resell it or pass this music onto your heirs


What are good metrics to collect for mobile app analytics?

Oh boy. Get ready. :)User engagement: Downloads, active users, average visit time, screens per visit, app session intervals, retention, churn, event tracking.Customer satisfaction: App rating, reviews, touch heatmaps, user recordings, in-app feedback, support response times, net promoter score.User acquisition: App store ranking, attribution, abandonment, viralness, funnel tracking, cost per acquisition, lifetime value, revenue target, average revenue per user, AOV, AOV per paying user.

Performance: Crashes, speed, latency, network errors, load per period.I know theres a lot here but these really are the important ones. I go into detail on each why its important, how to track it, tools, actionable tips for improving your results, etc.

Check it out: 28 Metrics That Matter for Your AppCheers!


Why don't security services (like Garda's money collection people) have to conceal their handguns?

They are not police, true; however, they are legally armed security officers, and because they move large amounts of money, they are occasionally attacked by those wishing to take that money. At a WalMart in Washington state. in a robbery master-minded by a cashier, the shooter walked up behind the guard and shot him in the back of the head. No demand for the money or anything, just a cold-blooded execution. I am sure if I researched, I could find enough similar instances to let you realize why armored car guards are armed. It is to protect the security guards in the event of a hold up attempt


Is society collective or individualistic?

Society is who you associate with. Some idiots think this means everybody - but I dont know everybody. My social circle is limited - perhaps a few hundred. All individuals. There is also, or course, the larger group, also called society - of all the people in my town, region, country. But that is just a mass of other people: I dont know them, and they dont know me. A collectivity is too long a word to be of use - but it probably is used by some pedantic sociologists to fill out some idiotic theory - but what do they know ?


How do I find the SBI collect reference no. of one of my transaction?

Hi. If you dont know the reference number then you can find it through previous payments Dates. Just follow these steps:-Login to OnlineSBI.Select 'State Bank Collect' link on the home pageAccept the 'terms and conditions' by clicking on the box.

Click on 'proceed' button.

Select Payment History on the left side.

Two options i.

e. date range for previous payments (Select this if you do not remember reference number)Enter the date of birth and mobile no. in boxes provided will appear.Enter the 'Start Date and End Date'Enter the text as shown in the message.Click on 'Go' button


What albums are a must in any music collection?

Metallica: Kill em All, The Black Album, and Master of PuppetsSlayer: Black Magik, Rein in Blood, God Hates Us All, Seasons in the AbyssTool: All the albumsSlipknot: All the albumsDio: All the albumsAC/DC: All the albumsBlack Sabbath: All the albumsMarilyn Manson: Portrait of an American Family, Golden Age of GrotesqueAvatar: All the AlbumsPig Destroyer: Prowler in the YardCannibal Corpse: Gore ObsessedSkinless: Trample the Weak, Hurdle the DeadTenacious D: All the albumsMurderdolls: Beyond the Valley of the MurderdollsKoRn: KoRn, Follow the Leader, Issues, Untouchables, Paradigm Shift, Serenity of SufferingSystem of a Down: All the albumsJonathon Davis (Solo): Black LabyrinthGemini Syndrome: All the albumsLamb of God: Ashes of the Wake, SacramentDrowning Pool: SinnerPantera: Vulgar Display of PowerThe Faceless: Planetary Duality


Has Quora separated into various little fiefdom, where in, people stay and not venture yonder? In other words, is Quora a collection of bubble like realities?

Yep.Every now and then I get another bubble that shows up on my feed. Which then I get to compare that I'm not nice enough to somebody who is a literal pedophile on here, people advocating rape, I can get a face full of someone's vagina, and questions about f****** your sister with pictures, but if I'm not nice enough to those people I'm the problem.Actual disgusting immoral illegal behaviour is protected. Making someone uncomfy is bad. This can leave you with the impression that the value system in effect is something it is not.There's a definite problem with bubbles here. There's also a huge problem with the value system.


What are some non-Beatles albums that you have in your Beatles collection, and why are they in this collection?

Id love to answer this question, but I dont really understand it. I have lots of non-Beatles albums, but if an album isnt by the Beatles, I automatically and ipso facto dont regard it as part of my Beatles collection.Of course, I have many albums by artists that are similar to the Beatles, or that I bought because I hoped they would give me basically the same sort of musical enjoyment as the Beatles (some did and some didnt), but while these are certainly part of my general music collection, I dont regard them as part of my Beatles collection specifically.

So the question, as stated, is unanswerable


What did collective security mean in the League of Nations?

Long story short: not a damned thing.The League of Nations had some severe flaws.Decisions had to be unanimous. Tough to sanction someone when they vote no, isnt it?There was no way to activate any kind of collective security arrangement, as there was no enforcement mechanism in the Leagues Covenant.The United States, which at this point was becoming a global power, chose to engage in isolationism, and never entered the League, fatally weakening it from the beginning.

When Ethiopia was invaded, the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie went to plead his case to the League.They did nothing.Ethiopia fell, and with it the Leagues concept of collective security


What are the negative consequences if my account is referred to a collection agency? Do they have a legal reach overseas?

Listen to me. You cannot allow your expensive education to be compromised by debt to the University. Every time in your career you need to cite your education you will have to go through this, and you will lose future opportunities because of it. 1. Get a job. Any job.

2. Communicate your situation to the collector or to the University if still possible. Work out a payment plan. Insist it be realistic for your income. They will work with you.This debt is no larger than most new car loans. It is manageable. Do not let it become an albatross around your neck that prevents you from long term career success.


What comic books and graphic novels should be included in a university library's collection, and why?

Osamu Tezukas 6 volume Buddha. Tezukas the creator of Astro Boy, and this graphic novel history of Buddha deserves a place in comic history as well as the religion section.Adrian Tomines Shortcomings. It will be an important document for any Asian-American historian in the future, but is also a good example of melding short story and graphic novels.Gotta agree on Schulz Peanuts!And adding Tove Janssons Moomin. Surreal but funny. Beloved around the world.

I also think that some zines would be culturally important. Mome is the one I generally like for its emphasis on emerging graphic novelists


How do I implement data structures in Java without collection frameworks?

You can code for your own custom data structure. For example, if you need an array list, then create class, declare an array variable in that class, to perform all the operations (addition, deletion, retrieval, etc.) that a list can have. The size of the array would grow dynamically, write a logic for that. The same goes with queue, set, and other data structures.If you dont want to use the pre-implemented data structures, i.e. collection framework, you can implement all the data strutures in your own way, package them into a jar and use the jar your application.


Why does the government actually collect taxes?

Governments (in the United States, thatu2019s we the people) at the State, Federal, and local level all collect various taxes as a necessary side effect of their primary goals:Establish and support courts of justice and equity, and pay their enforcement officersCreate and maintain infrastructure to promote the general welfareProvide for civil and or national defenseEach of these is a public good, in economic terms. Additionally, these governments may use their powers (as delegated by the people) to address market failures.To the citizen, paying taxes is generally preferable to having the goods and services of government paid for by others. Doing so tends to ensure that the powers of government depend on their participation

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Should You Ever Pay a Collection Agency After the Statute of Limitations Is Up and They Threaten to
Never pay a collection agency. A. If you are like most honest hard working people, you pay your bills (even if occasionally late) unless and until some exigent circumstance befalls you such as death of a spouse, divorce, loss of a job, disability, or some other serious condition like a fire, earthquake, flood, etc. Suddenly, you find yourself behind, receiving late notices, and it all may seem overwhelming. Some will cut you some slack; some will negotiate your debt if you ask them to. And of course some will treat you to tough language about how you are getting sued, your credit is getting ruined, etc. Read below how to navigate this, and get back to normal. B. If on the other hand, you just spend way more than you earn, have a gambling, addiction, or other problem that prevents you from following the rules - or you just can not seem to sit down and pay your bills, then you are what the collection agencies were designed for. Ask for their address and tell you you will send them full documentation and proof the debt is settled. Then get on the phone as quickly as possible and discuss a settlement with the original creditor. Then pay them, documenting everything including when they cash your check. When a collection agency buys bad debts, they do not usually research every single one in advance: there's names, account numbers, balances, and a claim that there's a debt. But when you not only tell them it's paid but offer to send them proof, they have to pause and wonder if the debt was settled between the time they inquired about the debt and the time they got down to process your collection. This is an FU to the collection agency, because even if the collection agency takes you to court (and they most likely wo not ), when the judge sees you have paid the debt (even if negotiated to a lesser amount than original), they are going to dismiss. To the original creditor, a written off debt that suddenly pays is like found money. To the collection agency, it's a missed opportunity plus an insult. If more people did this, a lot of collection agencies would go out of business. And in my experience, collection agencies are law firms or owned by law firms; it's just extra income for them at the expense of people exercising bad judgement. Where they may try to get you is by trying to force you to binding arbitration - so do not do it. Have your day in court, with a jury full of people just like you - most of whom are not collection agents or creditors.So while I would not pay any collection agency, one that's beyond the statue of limitations is a definite do not pay. The key there is documentation; document the account, the balance, when it became late, and the statue of limitations in the state you live in.1. Non R&P: WHAT MOVIES SHOULD I ADD TO MY COLLECTION?Alpha dog A hard days night The boat that rocked Daredevil Iron man ord of the rings Hulk Spider man 1 (duh) A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Superbad The mist Pet semetary the are just some of my faves :)2. How do you have your CD collection organized?In the order that I play them most like my fave cd Avril Lavinge The best d**n thing is my fist cd and my last is Paramore Riot3. Is it too early to display my collection of pink flamingos in my yard?no i still have my Christmas lights up4. How much can collection agencies do for a relatively small debt?Doubt that you will be sued for that small debt but anything is possible. What they will do is add fees and collection cost to that $200. Make a deal will the collection company; offer them half and maybe they will go away. Why do not you just pay it so you do not have to worry about it. If the collection agency does make a deal, get it in writing before sending the check/money order. The collection agency will continue to call and send letters which will start to drive you crazy (at least it would me). If you open an account again and you overdraw, be proactive an talk to the bank right away. A lot of times the bank will reverse some of the fees.
What Manufacturer Makes the Best Colored Pencils and Why?
I believe the Faber Castell color pencils have a very smooth color that can be brushed together very easily. Also, it's color range can be very wide (up to 120 colors).If you would like to use color pencils for mixed mediums, I believe, the Derwent Colored Pencils can really easily flow with water, creating very stunning and rich watercolor effects. The last but not least recommendation from me is the Caran D'Ache Luminance Color Pencils collection which has I believe the best white pencils I know. Also, every pencil has a very beautiful hue that smooths into one and another.These are more on the pricey side but the quality is worth it. Hope I could help you with my recommendations.What manufacturer makes the best colored pencils and why?1. What do u think about MAC holiday Collection?i hate the gloss too it is way too sticky and i hate kissing my man when wearing it2. Name of a company like home interior?Country Inn Collection exclusively by Home Interiors3. Why does collection co refuse to accept a certified check. They say they will only take my personal check?They can not refuse payments. I was paying off a $650 hospital bill. I refused to make any agreement that would give the collection company direct access to my checking account. For months on end, I was told to give them my checking account number, to which I flat out refused. I was given a "you are being noted as refusing to make a payment". Just bullshit with them a few months and eventually a higher up will call you asking what type of arrangement would be best for you. I got a Greendot card and used it to pay off my bills. Do not agree to a monthly payment that will break the bank.4. I have a huge porcelain antique doll collection from the past 50 years, how can I find the value of them?there are many books out there that will help you,also antique dealers but that might be a bad idea,take them to a cerified antique appraiser, best of luck5. Proving the union of a countable collection of measurable sets is measurable.We can say that it is independent of $n$ in the following way, following this reference.By additivity of finite unions, we have: $m^*(A cap F_n) = m^*(A cap E_1) ldots m^*(A cap E_n)$ for arbitrary $n$. If we let $n ightarrow infty$, then the LHS tends to $m^*(A cap E)$ and the RHS tends to $sum_k=1^infty m^*(A cap E_k)$. Since the finite sum is composed of positive numbers, if we consider the full expression $m^*(A) geq sum_k=1^n m^*(A cap E_k) m^*(A cap E^C)$, for each $n$, we see that the partial sum is bounded. This means that the infinite sum is bounded, and hence "independent" of $n$.Finally, we can use the subadditivity of of outer measure on the term $sum_k=1^infty m^*(A cap E_k)$ and see that it is larger than the union of the $(A cap E_k)$ terms, i. e. , $sum_k=1^infty m^*(A cap E_k) geq m^* bigcup_k=1^infty (A cap E_k)$.So my takeaway is that "independent" means that we can make this argument for any $n$, and as $n$ approaches infinity, the union becomes $E$, i.e., the leftover "stuff" in $E$ that is not yet included in the union is measure zero (thought I am not sure if this interpretation is right).6. State Key chains: I started a key chain collection a few yrs ago. I am still missing a few states.?The best way is to make a goal for you, to travel to these states, this will give you the chains and a vacation.7. What do you think of my jersey collection?Well, i think is better if you spend all that money on vacations to a 3rd world country such as Mexico or Argentina. You will be treated as a king.8. A few agricultural practices to reduce the adverse effects on the environment.?We can try : 1.Composting:The purposeful biodegradation of organic matter, such as yard and food waste. 2.Waste management: Collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials.9. If you were drowning in a sea of despair would you try and save your emo CD collection or your black eyeliner?My emo cd collection, I already have my eyeliner permanently tattooed on my eyes
Significant Difference Between Functional and Procedural Collection Handling [closed]
You have already accepted and answer and this is a bit of a side-note but I have never been really happy with the streams API in Java. The design is very OO-centric and (ironically) somewhat procedural which can lead to very ugly (and unreadable) code IMO. It's unfortunate since the features around function references that were introduced at the same time can avoid a lot of that noise. For that same reason, it's pretty easy to create reusable functions that clean things up. Here's how the first example looks once you introduce this:This gives you something that is a bit more like how things are done in a true functional language. It's more concise and, I think, understandable. There are various ways these can be defined depending on your needs. I can provide some example implementations if needed1. Is it true that public lending libraries lose 10% of their collection to theft every year?I have no idea. My guess is that theft is more of a problem in some places than others. Maybe 10% is an average across the country?2. What can I do with daughter's Barbie Collection?If you have enough storage space, why not box them in Rubbermaid containers so they stay dry and clean, and put them away? She may be delighted to give them to her own daughter some day! If she ends up not having any children, or not being interested later on, you can always sell them on eBay. They will be worth more in a few years than they are now, and you can have a nice little retirement nest-egg from them!3. good inexpensive products? im trying to expand my make up collection.?Foundation: Revlon Colorstay (full coverage, matte finish), or L'oreal True Match (medium coverage, semi matte finish) Highlight: L'Oreal True Match pressed powder Blush: Revlon, CoverGirl, L'Oreal Eyeliner: a navy color would be nice - Rimmel or Neutrogena Eyeshadow: Revlon, Maybelline, and CoverGirl :)4. Can an individual hire the services of a collection agency to collect money that's owed to them?Unless she is the creditor of record the answer is no. You could prevail in court, at which time the judge on the case could order you exempt from the debt and than the creditors owed would go after her, even to the point of hiring a collection agency. Your best move however is to distance herself from your old rival. Forget about pay back, revenge, and yes even justice. Consider this to be a lesson and move on. Consider this, they at one time had feelings for each other, and regardless of how things are now, a trip down memory lane is never out of the question when it comes to ex-lovers.5. What other colors should I add to my nail polish collection?Baby blue, hot pink, burgundy, ivory, mint green, light yellow, pistachio, lime green, lavender, lilac, magenta, & sky blue6. What are the pros and cons of saving the plastic DVD cases of my massive DVD collection?Pros: The cases are good for resale or gifting. Cons: The cases take up too much space.You are probably unlikely to give them away, I say get rid of the cases.7. 2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection [closed]Looking at your personal profile, personality, qualities and background, in your opinion/expectation, what would be your biggest pitfalls you would have to consider if you become a moderator?8. What will be the upcoming trends of the automated fare collection market?The recent developments in the transportation systems across developed and developing economies alike are creating a huge demand for automated fare collection. This applies especially to a majority of Europe and Asia Pacific countries, where the development of smart transport systems is helping create a greater application scope for automated fare collection vendors. At the same time, the integration of stable automated fare collection systems can impart significant improvements in the transportation networks that already exist. Another driver that automated fare collection companies can look for is the growth of the car rental business across the globe, coupled with the growing demand for e-payment solutions. App-based car rental and public transport is expected to be upcoming key trend in the market.There are, however, complications in installing automated fare collection systems, such as the high installation cost and integration issues. These problems can be solved through improving technologies and the growth of healthy vendor competition.These factors are collectively expected to put the automated fare collection at a revenue of US$10.87 bn by the end of 2021. This market is expected to progress at a CAGR of 11. 4% from 2015 to 2021 by revenue. More Details : Automated Fare Collection Market
What Are the Leading Websites to Show, Trade and Exchange Your Collectibles. Eg. If Your Collecting
we can post here: Free Classified ads - buy and sell cheap items in South Africa1. what's a good project to do with a collection of shot glasses? i dont wanna display the glasses any longerlay out a long piece of masking tape on work surface. lay an odd number of glasses nest to each other, Dribble epoxy glue where the glassed touch sides. take an even number of glasses and paper towel or toilet paper wadded up to support the space between row one and two. You can arrange the glasses so the art work shows or face them all down so they can not be seen. When you have built up the pyramid to the one on the top, tape all sides together and re-epoxy all points where glassws meet. Let dry over night or longer if humidity is an issue. When dry you have created a "tree". stuff twinkle lights into the holes and tape them in place. You can cut a felt back and glue it all around the edges. You could place a Christmas ornament or keepske in every other glass and lights in the every other one. set glasses into a spring form baking pan. fill with concrete and dry. Turn out your new stepping stone for the garden. measure rim of glasses and drill a hole into a piece of wood for each about three by four inches, sink glasses into wood and set tea light candles into them. glue flat backed marbles to glasses and paint exterior a solid dark color. set tes lights in them and the light glows through the marbles. lay two lengths of twine in a cross shape on work surface. set glass centering it and tie the twine tight at the top, to create a twine cradle, knot well and maybe string beads and knot the end of the twine. then string a long length of twine though the knotted top and tie into a tree. Repeat each step with different lengths of tree hangers, hanging them so they touch at different points and create a glass wing chime.2. What do you think of my poetry collection?You have got something special and magical about your writings which could take someone to a far off place, but you lack a certain depth or wisdom. You may be young? Maybe you will write better as you grow a little, but you do have a gift of magical dreamy writing.3. What do you collect and how much have you spent on that collection?My biggest collection is Transformers toys, which I have been collecting for 35 years. I do not know exactly how much I've spent. With the collection dating back to 1984 combined annual inflation increases of the prices over all that time and buying them from other countries (I live in Canada), I figure that amount is up there quite a bit.4. What is the purpose of the Fair Debt Collection practices Act?The FDCPA is a federal statutory scheme that imposes a series of regulations upon collection agencies on a nationwide level.Before the FDCPA, many collection agencies employed whatever tactics they could to collect debts. The problem with this is that it coerced payments on debts not because they were necessarily valid but because the purported debtor wanted collateral attacks on his life to stop. For example, an individual may dispute the validity of a debt, and be willing to defend the debt in a court of law; but the collection agency, rather than accept that answer and file an action (or drop pursuit of the debt), resorts to calling the debtor's family members, employers, etc. The debtor may pay the debt in response to this, to avoid embarrassment or the awkwardness of explaining the situation to employers or family members. In this instance, the collection agency was able to obtain payment on an illegitimate debt by exploiting the debtor's life situation.5. What can I do about a debt collection bill that isn't my fault?* Three and a half years later, this is the first time I am hearing of this even being denied ? You never got an EOB? A bill from a hospital showing unpaid? When you get this mail. You take care of it. Not put it in a pile set aside.
Metal Gear Collection for PS3?
I have not heard any rumors about it but with all of the different collections coming to the PS3 (I.E. tomb raider, splinter cell, ICO/shadow of the colossus) I would not doubt it. I am playing thru twin snakes for the gamecube now. Lol.1. Collection of messy data [closed]I collected some answer from friends on twitter, they suggested:2. A question about collection agencies?Is this on your credit reports? Make sure. Acknoledging your debt will re-start the statute of limitations. That's why you should consider leaving VERY old debts alone. Caution: They tend to take you to court around year 6. After you racked up years of fees. Take the offer - send a certified check. Do NOT under any circumstances give them access to your checking account number. One thing to consider - ask for a Pay on Delete. You have to pay the bill in full to get this - but see if they will do the $25 settlement and the pay on delete. Further info: When someone with a credit score of 600 wants a home the advise given to them is to pay off all their debts in collections. After they pay everything - then they can get the house. Mortgage lenders and other major lenders look at reports - not scores. So if you are looking to make big loans - paying this off will be beneficial to you. Re-setting that 7 year reporting wo not hurt much. There are plenty of things you can do to make up for that. Such as getting a credit card and paying it off in full each month. Never carry a credit card balance - this destroys credit more than anything. /3. Rotation and center of mass — A collection of common doubtsYou have a rod (again, free), and now you continuously apply a constant force of equal magnitude and direction, on both ends. Intuitively, you would not expect the rod to rotate. You say 'at all times, the torque about the COM is zero, so the body will not rotate'. But at any instant, about ANY other point, there is a non-zero torque.There are some different ways to look at it.Let's suppose the bottom of the rod is at the origin and the top of the rod is on the $y$ axis. Both forces push the rod in the $x$ direction. If we analyze the forces about the origin, we can see that the lower force (which goes through the origin) will contribute no torque, while the top one will. But the rod does not spin?A net force yields a change in linear momentum, a net torque yields a change in angular momentum. In many cases that change in angular momentum is accompanied by a change in rotation, but not here.We can calculate the angular momentum of the rod about the origin as equal to $mvd$ where $m$ is the mass of the rod, $v$ the velocity of the rod, and $d$ the vertical distance of the center of mass from the origin. The forces are increasing its velocity, so the (non-rotating) angular momentum is also increasing. When the center of mass is not moving, we can assume all the angular momentum is in rotation. Here it's not. The unbalanced torque is creating a change in angular momentum, just not rotation.Rather than analyze rotation about the origin, let's analyze it about the bottom of the rod. Since the rod is accelerating in the $x$ direction, our reference frame is as well. This means that fictitious forces appear. In this case the force will be equal to $-ma$. (The force is proportional to the mass of the rod, and in the opposite direction to the acceleration).If you now compute the torque about the bottom of the rod, you will discover that the torque from the force at the top of the rod is exactly cancelled by the torque from the frame acceleration applied at the rod's center of mass.In Case I, the question is asked what is special about the center of mass. The speculation in the question is correct. We can alway pick an inertial frame where (given no net forces) the center of mass is at rest. Therefore any rotation must be about the COM in that frame.
Will "Dangal" Break the Collection Record of "Sultan"?
Surely , by Margin of atleast 50%.Expected business in India: 400 cr Overseas: 300 cr Should cross the record of PK (740cr total) by end of third weekend only as pe current trend.Compare to sultan's 540 cr worldwide collections.Edit : already broken dangal now at 350 cr only in domestic business.1. Who is Comcast's Collection Agency?com2. should i pay this collection now?Depending on the delinquency of the debt, the bill may have simply gone to in-house collections. If this is the case, the debt can easily be paid to the original creditor without a problem. Even if it is sent to an outside collection agency, unless the original creditor states otherwise, most will accept payments from you. You do have the potential to negotiate on the payment of the debt. In some cases, you could do below, pay for delete, but you must ensure that this covers both the collection agency entry AND the original creditor entry. You do not want the collection item to drag out too long. Most collection agencies will allow up to 90 days for you to pay it before they physically report it to the credit bureau. By them not reporting to the credit bureau in that period, they are saving money and can encourage you to pay quicker... I hope that helps.. feel free to e-mail if you need further help on this matter..3. What is a collection of stars called?A collection of stars seen from Earth that form a recognizable pattern are called asterisms . They can be part of what we call Constellations, or just a pattern that we see as formed in the sky. These stars may have little true involvement with each other, and only appear as associated because of the viewing angle. True collections of stars that have some astrophysical association can range from two(a binary star system) to a small cluster to large cluster(such as a Globular cluster), on to galaxies, then on to galactic clusters and then to super-clusters of galaxies4. Starting a lip balm collection?There's smackers, soft lips, NYC, EOS and maybellines "baby lips"!! Those are my favorites5. Metal Gear Solid Rising on Xbox 360?It's true, it may be released next year and also for PS3 and PC. Forget about exclusivity because this november MGS: HD Collection is coming out for both, PS3 and Xbox360, and will contain Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, MGS2, MGS3 and MGS: Peace Walker6. What are the shoes one absolutely must have in their collection to build a cool shoe collection from scratch?A double strap monks is the way to go7. Is it bad to settle a debt with a collection agency?Collection agencies are working for the debtor. It's their job to negotiate a lesser amount in from your debt for a promise to pay, which is better than nothing. The thing is if you do not settle no one will lend you money in the future for a home or car or anything you finance where you credit credentials are basically in the basement. By settling for a lesser amount they forgive the debt difference, accept an affordable payment plan with you. You get a discount for paying what is more affordable. Now they are obligated to report forgiven debt to the IRS, so you will have to claim that forgiven debt as income, but in the long run you credit repirt becomes great again, you pay less of what you owed, absorb the difference into the years taxable income . I would say it's a good plan if you ever want a credit card or to own your own home, or to but anything on credit. There's no denying you owe the money & it ruins your credit. To fix both is a win for you8. Is there a British equivalent to the Presidential dollar collection? I would love a coin collection of British Prime Ministers.Probably the closest equivalent would be a collection of commemorative crowns, but as far as I know they have never been sold as a set. My mother collected them from 1951 (the Festival of Britain) until she died in 2002, but they were issued to mark national events e.g the Coronation, Silver Jubilee etc. As far as I know the only one to feature a PM was the Churchill crown minted after he died in 1965.
I Need to Get a Written Copy of a Payment Arrangement with a Collection Agency but They Keep Lying.?
if i was u.. give you local citizens advice bureau a call. they thrive on cases like this,, they will give you all your rights and poosibly help you with all the ins and outs1. Can someone qualify for a mortgage if a collection is settled?Yes they definitely can. In some cases depending on the amount of the collection and the loan program you qualify for, some collections do not have to be "settled" per se2. What the difference between a queue, list, collection, and ArrayList in Java?COLLECTION:Dynamic memory allocation in java. collection is of these type: we can use any of collection as per our requirement.(just like we use array or linklist as per requirement in c.) 1.QUEUE : means the FIFO (first in first out ).like :railway ticket counter. 2.LIST:Means each index of outer List contain a List of strings. As List = List. 3.ARRAYLIST: means you can access this randomly .3. How long does passport control/baggage collection take at an airport?It does not depend on the size of your plane but on the size and number of planes arriving at the same time. You could be 20 minutes or you about be 90 minutes. It's a bad idea to book a specific train, I use gatwick and would never book a specific train but would just get an 'open' ticket to allow me to take the next train when I am on the platform.4. What to expect from Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection DVD box set?amazing music fo hso!5. What is the most inappropriate experience you had with a debt collection agency?I was the one with the inappropriate reaction, but I think most will understand. My dad had been buried a week before. Was at my mom's place A LOT. Several times a day, their credit card company's debt collectors called demanding to speak to him! This brought to my mom the re-realization that she was now a widow. I got VERY upset that they kept doing this. Finally the day came that I was the one to answer.I was extremely uncivil, left everyone in the house slack-jawed, and my mom took the phone after I ended my rant with: " you honestly believe that he's going to come back from the dead just to talk to YOU?" Apparently the supervisor took over halfway thru my rant (I had no idea, lol) because their new trainee was being sent home for the day hysterical.It got useful action though. They told my mom that she just needed to send the death certificate and she would NOT be receiving another call, ever. The supervisor was true to his word. And me letting go of all the anger and other negative feelings on that one person made me feel a million times better, lol. But...I am (a little) sorry that I made a person cry. That was not my intent. My intent was to make them stop bothering my mom.6. State Key chains: I started a key chain collection a few yrs ago. I am still missing a few states.?Have you tried searching online?7. If I buy a 100k house with 80k mortgage, and sell it immediately for only 60k, will the collection agency hound me for the other 20k?i know this story probably isnt close to the correct answer but may shed some light.back in mid 2006 i bought a brand new 2007 car and with financing it came out to a little over $17,000 (after my down payment). about 6-7 months into it i could no longer pay for the car and insurance as all my monthly income was going to the car basically and because i no longer had a job. at this point we did not want to have a repossession on our credit reports (the car was joint with my mom). so my girlfriend at the time suggested we go to carmax and sell it to them. carmax offered us $12k for it so now we are wondering what happens with the remaining $5,000 that's still left to pay the credit union who financed the car. we call the credit union up told them the situation and they told us we had to pay the remaining $5,000 which we already knew was the answer we were gonna get. we said "ok so can we work out some sort of monthly plan" and she said "no it has to be all paid at once". so basically we have to pull $5,000 out of our asses because they would not let people pay it monthly even though the car was being paid monthly. we ended up paying it and sold the car to carmax for $12k and got that headache and burden out of our hands. but i learned a very valuable lesson which is never finance a car ever a car is not the same as a house but at least you have an idea how a house will be alot harder to deal with than my car situation.
What's in Your Anime Collection?
I rarely purchase purely component to a chain, if i am getting it i am getting field gadgets. I own the coolest deal of: end result Basket Kino's adventure 12 Kingdoms Princess Tutu His and Her circumstances Mushi-shi now and then, here and There Le Portrait de Petite Cossette Voices of a miles off megastar Claymore a woman who Leapt by using Time Boogiepop Phantom Do not circulate away Me on my own, Daisy Trigun complete steel Panic: Fumoffu? Haibane-Renmei college Rumble Noein - on your different Self Bamboo Blade Mermaid wooded area television Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight responsible nighttime Head Genesis Gakuen Alice Moribito - dad or mum of the Spirit Ramen Fighter Miki lively Away Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion & R2 Howl's moving fortress extremely some them are imprecise ones, through fact those are extra much inexpensive. The extra commonplace ones tend to be extra high priced, so I even have fewer of those. I in no way purely purchase one randomly, I continuously watch them streamed first and then get them if i individually like them. I own components of: complete steel Alchemist Shakugan no Shana Ayakashi: Samurai Horror memories. I even have the Goblin Cat Arc of this, and albeit do no longer prefer the different 2 arcs I even have all the D. gray-guy dvds that have been released in the U. S., it fairly is all of point a million. of direction, the only time I went on a limb and offered a chain that became nevertheless being released it ended up being a million of two-3 series that Funimation ended up no longer ending the launch of... I also have a small volume of manga I even have all of demise word, Claymore D. gray-guy I even have approximately 3/4 of Gakuen Alice. regrettably those are no longer to any extent further being released I also have a pair of million/3 of checklist of a Fallen Vampire, yet i've got dropped that one so is purely no longer finding out to purchase to any extent further recent ones I also have a pair of single-volume mangas which contain memories of a White nighttime and The Dreaming and that i've got all the Twelve Kingdom mild novels that have been released in the U.S. so some distance i am presently entering into Case Closed, too, i am going to at last attempt and convey at the same time all of those over a extensive span of time.1. Collection and Credit Report Agencies !?They do have your SSN, you should have paid what was owed and send a letter letting them know you were questioning the bill, and once they researched your account they would of reimbursed you the amount in difference. You just caused yourself lots of headaches2. Efficient Collection Calling, Filtering, and LoadingThere are a few things you can work on;Added a updated version of your code with some inline recommendations on your current code, I could go on a bit, but it would currently not add more to it3. Is data collection evil?I am sure that this is referring to the data collection agencies such as Cambridge analytica where they have minimum 4000 data points on every voter in America. They register every time you hesitate while scrolling through ads and social media. They know every American better than we know ourselves. They do this with our permission of course. Every time you download an app, you give them permission to "spy" on you. Voter information has surpassed crude oil in monetary value. Information is power. While data collection itself might not be considered "evil", it is done for the purposes of money and power. Both of which are said to be "the root of all evil"4. What is your cell phone collection?I'm a crazy Nokia fan since childhood so here is my collection-Nokia Lumia: 1520, 925 ,620.Nokia Nseries: N8, N97, N95, N73.Nokia: 3230, 3220, 3100, 6600.Apple: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6.Sony Ericsson : T100.Now eyeing for the Nokia 6 :-)5. What is the difference between the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Platinum Collection and the Regular Collection?the platinum collection is contains extras that was not available on the regular edition. i.e. commentaries by the cast and crew, storyboards etc. i think they boasted a couple of extra director's cut episodes, but i am not positive, as i only have the the regular edition. i saw the platinum collection as just an attempt to milk more money out of the fans. most EVA from back in the day were pretty hardcore and surely invested into the platinum. if the platinum collection is much more expensive than the regular edition, i do not recommend getting it. if it's around the same price, as i am sure it is, might as well get all the bells and whistles of the platinum. hope this helps. ^____^
How to Get Product Collection of Out of Stock Items - Opposite of AddInStockFilterToCollection()?
The following code snippet will return you the products of a category that have status 'Enable' , Visibility 'catalog,search' and Stock Availability ' Out of stock'1. Parents, what do you do when your kids keep breaking into your porn collection?As a teacher the one piece of real advise that keeps returning to mind as I try not to freak out reading your question is: CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE AND THEN LIVE WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED!2. Do you buy atleast one makeup product from every MAC Collection?The most recent think I bought from a collection was Wonder Woman blush in Amazon Princess. Honestly, I am just not that in love with mac anymore. The only thing I can not live without from them is paint pots.3. What is the one album you own that is least like the rest of your collection?Probably "Stankonia" by Outkast. I went through a rap phase in middle school and this is the only hold-out, as far as I know. Thats because when my musical tastes turned to classic rock in my teens, and later to all forms of rock or acoustic music, I shoved all the rap albums away from me like they carried the plague, because I used to think you couldnt like both. Today, I still generally dislike rap, but there are a few artists I appreciate, and OutKasts "Stankonia" is still a great album.4. How to pay off past due assigned to collection agency?Find out what collection agency has the debt at this time. Call them up. Offer them $20 to settle the account. THEY WILL TAKE THE OFFER. Get the offer in WRITING!!! Then send them a check. DO NOT allow them access to your bank account! DO NOT do a "check by phone"! Just mail them the settlement check and be done with it.5. I signed up for a magazine in a fake name, and now it's in collection, what do I do?pay it anyway to avoid trouble6. What war movies should my son add to his collection?Das Boot (The Boat) Twelve O'clock High Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo The Longest Day The Man Who Never Was Battleground Battle of the Buldge The Battle of Britian A Walk in the Sun Memphis Bell Sink the Bismark Midway Tora Tora Tora Flying Tigers Tuskegee Airmen The Bridges at Toko-Ri Glory MASH We Were Soldiers Full Metal Jacket Platoon Casualties of War Bat 21 Flight of the Intruder Son of the Morning Star All I can think of right now7. Can you still be a good person if you pass on the collection plate at church?Yes you can but everyone needs to pay their ties. Putting money in the collection plate does not define who you really are. Giving makes you a better person but does not make you a bad person. Your actions in everyday life defines you as good or bad8. Where online can i buy katy perry's opi collection?I believe it is exclusive to Ulta. And it will run you about 8.50 each. But sometimes, they have some nice sales9. Is a collection agency permitted to garnish a savings account?The only time that they anyone can garnishee (now referred to in the UK as a Third Party Debt Order) a bank or savings account is with a County Court Order already in place.The Claimant has to provide evidence of where the money is being held and the apply to the Court, through the Judgement for an Order to be made to the Bank/Saving operation [not all Building Societies are covered under the Order, nor are some Trusteeships] and then the Order served on the Defendant (Judgement Debtor) and their bank at the same time.The bank account is seized by Court Order and no transactions can take place. The Bank is legally obliged to pay the money in to the Court who will then pass the monies due under the Judgement Order and pass it on to the Claimant, including costs for the Application and Hearing.In the case of the collections agency they will be able to do the same thing on the basis that:Either the debt has been assigned to them, although the Judgement is in your (Claimants) name, and there for acting as your agent.In effect they have been sold the debt and the Judgement converted in to their name by a special Court Order allowing the Deed of AssignmentWithout a County/ High Court Judgement in place, a Garnishee (Third Party Debt Order) in place the Judgement Creditor cannot take money from your account. The person owing your Debtor the money, if they are served with the Order MUST release the money in to Court or they can be fined and charged with Contempt of Court.Chris R- London
Paying Original Creditor Instead of Collection Agency?
The original creditor may have SOLD the debt to the collection agency, so paying the original debtor MIGHT not be possible. Other collection efforts are merely services that the creditor hires for1. What albums are a must in any music collection?Blond on Blond, Revolver, Let it Bleed, Allman Brothers Live at The Fillmore, Led Zeppelin 1 , Electric Lady Land Hendrix, Cheap Thrills, Joplin , Beggars Banquet, Exile on Main Street, Highway 66, Dylan, Abby Road Beatles2. I want to start a MAC makeup collection?hi! i think of that those are some stable products which you have picked out so some distance. in case you want, you may ask the ladies at your MAC keep for suggestion on products that they think of which you need based off of your epidermis tone and how you look and stuff. i like MAC eyeshadows, additionally. that's recommended to attempt one, in case you want. I additionally like the eyeliners. yet do no longer attempt their mascaras! i like Mac, yet their mascaras are not the wonderful. with regard to the blush, i could attempt out dame earlier I made the determination3. Collection Agency, what can we do?As co-borrowers they are both equally responsible for the entire debt. If she will not pay, he is obligated to pay the entire debt and his option then is to sue her for default of her responsibility4. Help categorizing large movie collection?real or quicktime sounds good for what you need5. Is the arbitrary collection of disjoint closed interval countable?I am not sure I understand your question. Are you asking whether or not a collection of sets is countable? Well, that depends entirely on whether you took a countable collection. That the elements in this collection are disjoint closed intervals does not enter the picture6. how to down size on my makeup collection?I have a makeup collection! Give it to me aha lol, but i would say just give it away to friends, familyc: or just wear a lot of makeup so it gies away, aha just kidding c:7. What is Advance Under Collection Account (AUCA)?Advance Under Collection Account (AUCA) is an account to hold the portion of a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) accounts. AUCA is an NPA reduction strategy that allows the bank to take the bad debt off their balance sheet, but will have the option of recovering the amount from its promoter. By writing-off bad and doubtful assets, bank can improve its NPA ratio.8. Why is the GNU compiler collection so complex?Because GCC is an optimizing, multi-target, multi-source language compiler. See my answer Why are there so few C compilers?9. If people make cars that run on water as an alternative to gas cars wouldn't we run out of water?Water never fully disappears though, it keeps going through the water cycle. 1.) Evaporation (and transpiration) 2.) Condensation 3.) Precipitation 4.) Collection If they were to invent a car that ran on water itself, the water would either leave the car in the form of water, or steam (evaporating water.) Either way, following the water cycle, the water is never going to completely disappear.10. Collection Agency Claims They Have a Warrant...?The previous answers gave some decent advice. You might want to check out the link below as it has a pretty good discussion on bad checks in GA11. What is the worst that can happen with a collection agency?First, she gets paid commission on everything she collects, that's why she is pushy. If you are indeed unemployed with no assets, then the worst that could happen is they get a judgment against you in court. This would show up on your credit report and may cause a few problems with getting credit. When you get a job, the judgment could be used to get a garnishment order. However, they can not take your stuff or throw you in jail or anything like that.12. How big is your collection of ketchup packets?If I don't count all the people in my house combined it probably is three or less which kinda seems weird but I don't usually ask for more than a few anywhere i go out for food and therefore they are used or disposed of. The little door panel of my fridge though has about 60 in a little container accumulated by other family members
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