How Can I Test a Household LED Light Bulb?

You have 3 basic things to test.1, the bulb. If you can, put it in a known working fixture. If it does not work, it's likely the bulb.2, the fixture. Put a different bulb in it. If it works it's the bulb, if not, maybe the fixture or upstream. Move the fixture. Does it work now? You could, with care, connect the fixture to a spare wire and plug it into an outlet (just for testing).Since this is mains 110 to 240 voltage you may want an electrician to do it. Most importantly, if it never worked and was professionally installed, complain to the installer. They should have made sure it worked.

1. Green LED light wont turn off on my blackberry?

i am not really sure how to help you, but i am in the same situation and would love it if someone helped both of us!

2. How do you achieve this stairway 'chaser' effect with an LED light strip?

Here is the website that the video came from. Note that this DIY project requires electronics and software knowledge. The website has fairly detailed hardware instructions. The designer has not posted the full software yet. Pieces of the software are available from various open sources

3. LED light skin treatment harmful to eyes?

ABSOLUTELY PROTECT YOUR Eyes. There are medical glasses, the same as used during Laser treatments

4. Does a 17 watt LED light bulb make the room hotter?

Insignificant, but more people in a room does

5. What is causing a white scale buildup at copper pin connection on LED light sticks and how can they be cleaned?

I agree with the theory of water ingress. On top of that I would like to add following.IP65 has a complete protection against water jets and is dust proof. The protection level itself forms a part of the problem due to the following.A lower temperature of the enclosure in relation to the surrounding air causes a difference in pressure with an inflow of outside air as result. If the temperature becomes low enough the moisture in the air starts to condense. Compare this with dew in the morning. Now the trouble starts.Water can not escape. Only when the inside enclosure temperature becomes high enough to evaporate the water or prevent condensation in the first place and the inside presure becomes higher than the outside pressure the vapour is forced out and corrosion is prevented. Any encloser with enough heat production or forced dry air is able to fulfill these conditions. The connector presented by OP does not fulfill these conditions and corrosion can not be prevented.The only way out is to use enclosures that can ventilate to the outside and yet are protected against splash or sprayed water. For this the IP standard does not yet offer any help.You can try to clean but the problem remains.

6. What is the main advantage of LED light bulb ?

they burn brighter, cooler,more consistently, and more focused, and for longer than normal lights do. even though it is a car and doesnt really matter, they use less energy too

7. LED light bulb 1400 lumens, 5000k, general purpose (not flood or spotlight)?

If you hard to find certain specification of 1400 lumens LED lighting, easiest choice is buy LED light with dimmed ability. This kind of LED light bulb can be set to brighter illumination to softness that your need, even they come with 2700 lumens for instance. Some of LED lamp kit already have dimmed capability such as Raffino retrofit kit, TerraLUX, or Paraflex. See the blog page of the website below to learn more.

8. What is a good LED light to grow plants from my work desk?

If you can have a goose neck lamp you can get a grow light to put in it. I say goose neck because it can be adjusted to shine down directly on the plant

9. what fuse do i use for a 7w 220v-240v led light source and the reason why ?

Current = Power / Voltage Current in Amps, power in Watts 7w / 240v = .03 amps. So, just a 1/8 amp fuse will do the job or even a 1/16th amp fuse.

10. The LED light for my PCis not lit on my modem. I cannot get internet.What could be wrong and how can I fix it?

Mae sure your drivers are intalled for the Ethernet port

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Application Analysis of Constant Current Ic-nu510 for LED Light Box
1: IntroductionLED modules are widely used in blister words, luminous words and other advertising light sources with the characteristics of high brightness, high luminous efficiency, low cost and easy installation. The traditional LED backlight module generally adopts the scheme of DC12V / 24V power supply, 3 / 6 LED beads and a current limiting resistor. This scheme has the advantages of low cost and simple manufacture, but it also has obvious disadvantages:A: The brightness consistency of the front and rear modules is poor. Due to the voltage drop on the conductor, the front modules are relatively bright and the rear modules gradually darken. Although it can be improved by adding power at both ends, the method of adding power at both ends will cause the phenomenon of bright at both ends and dark in the middle, which increases the construction difficulty; Especially when the module current is large, the defect is more prominent.B: The number of LED modules that can be connected in series is small and the length is short. The length of traditional resistance current limiting modules is generally about 5m. If the number of modules is increased, the power interface needs to be increased; At the same time, the difficulty of installation and construction is also increased.C: The LED module is ordered to be short. The LED module generally works in a sealed environment, with difficult heat dissipation and high working environment temperature. The LED is a current driven component, and the VF of the LED decreases with the increase of temperature, resulting in the increase of voltage on the current limiting resistance. The working current of the module will increase with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the increase of temperature will accelerate the aging of the LED and reduce the service life of the LED module. With the development of technology, LED modules are developing towards higher brightness and higher current, and the market share of modules with high current and 24V power supply is increasing. However, under the condition of high current and high voltage, the above disadvantages of LED modules with resistance current limiting mode will be more significant.2 advantages of using nu510Nu510 is a low dropout linear constant current IC very suitable for LED module applications. The module developed with nu510 has the following outstanding advantages:A. The brightness is highly consistent, and the use of nu510 can ensure the current deviation between modulesB: The number of LED modules connected in series can be extended and the installation is more convenientC: It can prolong the service life of the module. The LED module with constant current IC scheme works in the constant current state. Therefore, even if the temperature increases, the working current of the LED is always constant, and there will be no problem of accelerating aging and reducing the service life. In case of abnormal overheating, the constant current IC also has overheating protection function to automatically PWM dimming the output and reduce the temperature.3 function introduction of Taiwan digital energy nu510Nu510 is a low differential pressure linear LED constant current drive chip, which provides a single channel constant output current. The current output range is 10 160mA. The current value can be set through external resistance. It has a wide power supply design of 1.6 16V. It is easy to obtain power from the power supply. It has a single output channel and can be combined in parallel.It is convenient to drive medium and low-power LEDs. A resistor can be used to control the output current value. (current output specification: 10 160mA), low channel cross voltage, improve system efficiency and reduce mass production cost. Support high-speed power PWM dimming applications. Support series connection applications to withstand higher voltage fluctuation range. Built in overheating protection function.Advantages of nu510 linear constant current IC: minimum starting voltage (0.4V); Current accuracy - 3%. Settable current / fixed current fqj
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