How Can I Kill Frigates in a Caracal?

Possibly you may wish to try out switching out one or two extenders for stasis webifiers. You may need to switch out the bcs's from the lows to Shield power relays instead to keep the same tank (or use some rigs)

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How to store HTML data in a database field?

Not sure you want to be escaping all the text, especially if the description gets to be long.You might be better served by creating a new table, keyed on the marker's id, using a longtext field to store the html


Use of word stuffy to mean not easily digested (or word suggestion)

As the other answers have noted, "stuffy" is not the word to use here. An alternative to "filling" might be "substantial", which seems to get to the point you were going for with "stuffy".Indeed, Merriam-Webster has, as its second definition:.


How do I reduce the light from the pop-up flash as a wireless controller on a Canon 7D?

To answer your problem about the light spot in your models glasses. I recommend making the "catch light" more appealing. If you cover it with a white circle spot and bouncing it off that; it'll make a more appealing reflective shape.


Which word can I use for abundant light?

Excessive does it for me. The effect, if dazzling or glaring, or the power consumption, if extravagant or wasteful, might lead to different choices (q.v.), but if it's simply a matter of more light than was needed or desirable, then


What are possible ways of underground humanoids developing eyes?

Minerals can be radioactive.This radioactivity can be used as source of energy for visualizing the surroundings.Organisms adapting from an above ground to an underground life would slowly adapt their eyes to the light sources available in the new environment


GIMP 2.10 Drop Shadow are in separate layer - how to achieve like in GIMP 2.8

The old version is still available as Filters>Light and shadow>Drop shadow (legacy). IMHO not worth the effort, because it's not too interactive, the effect is a bit of hit or miss. A drop shadow is easy to do manually:


How to make semi-glossy emissions material?

I think this should be what you are looking for:Its pretty much self explanatory: You use the facing node to add shadows and glossy reflections. If you need the gloss to be face-on, you just have to invert the ramp


how to have lightgray interface from kde to ubuntu

The theme you are looking for it called Oxygen. However, you'd be better off using a theme such as Evolve:would require some extra dependencies which you probably don't want.

To install Evolve:.


Was a nuclear device detonated over Earth's Moon?

The grammar is a bit convoluted, because it's a nesting of two conditions. If condition 1 is false, then condition 2 is never tested. The sentence Neither the Soviet nor the US Project A119 were ever carried outunequivocally states that condition 1 is false.


Dell U271 monitor DisplayPort suddenly not working

Pretty simple/stupid answer in the end, thought I'd add for completeness. I replaced the cable (not an "adapter", just a straight cable) and it suddenly started working. Who'd have thought that a cable that never moves could suddenly stop working .


Ubuntu Frozen every time when Memory usage over 80%

The problem might be in one of the RAM sticks.I have had this problem when one of my RAM sticks is in bad condition and thanks to it, it does not allow me to use over 75% of the ram stick


Textbook for macroeconomics (advanced undergrad)

I like Introducing Advanced Macroeconomics: Growth and Business Cycles by Sorensen and Whitta-Jacobsen. An accessible UG book. Another very accesible text is Macroeconomic Theory by Wickens. It is a gradulate level book, but is suitable for advanced UG courses in Economics.


Why would VGA port 03CC respond with bit 3 set and bit 2 not?

First: the code is only checking bit 2 (bit 0,1,2) if 25 or 28Mhz clock is setSecond: maybe its redundant but can't say without original code - could be still a problem with your disassembleris a far return with pop of 4 bytes from stack


Playa data not displaying

Can I ask you to create a totally new template. Put nothing but this in it:Make sure you're pulling up an entry on that template that has at least one child. Do you get any data out of that?Thanks!.


How to find manually installed packages?

I'm able to pull everything by opening the log files in /var/log/apt/I then go in and manually filter out the apt-get install packages. There may be a way to do this programatically but I'm not aware of it


Is there a free tool which will let me type onto PDFs and then save, or at least print, them?

I use FormulatePro for Mac. It is open source. I've used it and the output is pretty good, but it is pretty basic software.For Windows there is Blueberry PDF Form Filler. It is free, but I haven't used it myself.


Notebook overheating in ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Pilot6 instructions are good.You should also install Bumblebee to reduce overheating. sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends bumblebeeThere is more informationshould also consider checking if your machine supports Intel P-webupd8.



Making accepted-answer box greener

While CSS can be used by people to enhance their own GIS-SE experience, I think requests such as this one would slightly improve the user experience of anyone who would prefer to use our site without resort to configuration or customisation


Please identify this early film that mentions black holes

I'm pretty sure it's "Into Infinity" a 1975 After School Special. I also remember watching it as a child.Here's the link to the IMDblink has better images:


How to make lists of tagged data

After much research I have found that the best functions for this are either "filter" or "query". In this case I have chosen to use query:This is a really powerful way to create tagged records and report on them later


Interesting (and not sufficiently answered) questions on math.SE

Can someone figure out what is going on in this question about representation varieties of associative algebras? It looks like the OP may have found an error in a published article of Smal, but I can't prove that its an error


How serious an insult is wanker in British English? NSFW

Slightly worse than "idiot" (you can't imagine children saying it), but not appropriate for any professional or polite settings. It's also used playfully more than not. I think the sexual connotations are probably responsible for all of this, thinking about it


Probability of red in traffic light cannot explain closed

Sure: the probability that you hit the red light is not independent. Presumably, before you reach that red light, you reach several red lights before it. These set you up so as to hit the red light when you get there.


Air from powerful ceiling fan keeps rocking my laptop display 24*7

Your monitor should be fine. There are no loose or mechanical parts that would break. If you are comfortable opening up your laptop, you might be able to tighten the screws that hold the lid up to prevent it from shaking


What is the purpose of voting for questions on Stack Exchange sites? duplicate

So that people are rewarded for (and therefore encouraged to) post good questions, and also so they attract good answers for interesting and well-stated problems. None of the answerers want to deal with horrid questions all the time, I promise you


Where to publish helpful, but informal papers?

I wouldn't bother with further publication. You've pretty much nailed the issue: search engines work quite well to "winnow the chaff" (to quote Rivest) when the right questioner comes along, and good security through the Petabytes of obscurity when they don't


How do I change the rear lights on Peugeot 307 CC?

You don't really need to move the carpet. There's a plastic moulding that when unclipped exposes the fasteners for the light cluster. It's then just a case of releasing the light and replacing with a new unit (they're not cheap though!)


Meaning of a conjugation of ()

is not in the imperative form. Rather, it is the (continuative form) of the causative verb . is a set phrase meaning "to ponder".

"I pondered in my aching head, trying to recall the cause as to why this had to happen."


strange character in my $PATH var

Paths are also read for apps launched from the Finder or desktop from /MacOSX/environment.plist.I think /etc/paths is read only if /.bashrc is not there To see hidden files from a Snow Leopard file open dialog hit Shift-Cmd-


Online resources for special relativity

In undergrad my professor for Special and General relativity posted some lecture notes by Sean Carrol which are very good. They cover the full theory so they may be a bit much to handle.- Short Lecture Notes- Long Lecture Notes.


Is this Will'O'Wisp Homebrew Comparable to other Pact of the Chain Familiars?

The big draws of this familiar option are:Its main drawbacks are:Like other warlock familiars the Will O'Wisp has a couple of unique strengths but is worse than other familiars in other areas. I think this makes it fairly balanced


Per-pixel displacement mapping GLSL

I dont know why to be honest. But it finally works now, when I am NOT normalizing the viewdirection in the VS before transforming it into the tangent space.Here is a final video:


What soy sauce is Tamari closest to?

Tamari (which is essentially soy sauce made without using flour) is generally darker and richer than Chinese style soy sauces. Therefore it is closer to dark soy sauce, so if you want to balance it, go for a light soy sauce


D7 module for payment associated to a node?

There are a number of options. Drupal Commerce is obviously really powerful, but if you want something light take a look at the Drupal Pay module. It is pretty light weight and integrates with webform and a number of other modules


Delegating only a third level zone (a.b.example) to CloudFlare

Apparently Cloudflare doesn't support what you want to achieve. They seem to require that you delegate to them directly from the registrar level.This seems to be related post on their support site:cloudflare.



What chemical is used as a developer in UV sensitive film PCB manufacture?

According to this website:The films are developed with a 1% (wt.) solution of sodium carbonate (common soda ash) operating at 100F (38C) 5F and stripped with a 3 to 5% solution of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda or lye) operating at 130F (54C) 5F


Can test flights carry passengers?

I can't imagine the FAA regulations being much different than the Australian CASA regulations on this one. So you're answer would be No. Only the required flight crew to pilot the aircraft, and a LAME (Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) if required


Praying directly before an aron

Rabbi Eliezer Melamed says it is permitted.It is permissible to decorate the parochet (curtain) and the aron kodesh in the accepted manner, for people are accustomed to the decorations on them and the artwork does not distract them from praying.


two isps, two routers, one linux box

Routing tables other than default are not used automagically. You need to set up policy routing rules for that:(Although you probably don't need the "isp" rule, since your default table already covers that and there's no reason to duplicate everything.)


eliminate MacBook CapsLock delay

Just as an FYI, I found an alternative solution in another question:However, this fix introduces a different problem: if you hold down a key to repeat it (such as delete) then the repeat delay is extremely slow.Tested on macOS 10.14.4


Problem while compiling friggeri CV template with: ' fontspec error: font-not-found'

That template assumes you have obtained a license for Linotype's Neue Helvetica (45 to 1500) and properly installed the font. If you haven't, try Arial, TeX Gyre Heros, or whatever you like, instead. Locate friggeri-cv.cls and modify the following lines (l. 53--58):


Graduate Schools for Graph Theory closed

Another option would be Northeast university, which has a ph.d. program on network science (basically applied graph theory). Barabasi and Vespigniani are faculty there, and if you have had little exposure, you may want to consider a more practical approach.


Lubuntu -How to Add software to menu duplicate

you could eg.: check what's inside your folder : find a similar entry for an other text editor eg.:copy and fix the content per your requirements eg: eg.:Note: make sure your GUI user has execute permissions on the LightTable script.


Customize comment color in minted style

It seems that minted creates a folder in the current directory and "caches" the styles you are using in there. If you delete the corresponding file from the folder folder, any changes you make to should then take effect


Equivalent of teri lal a Hindi phrase which means you are right said sarcastically (but not actually meant) closed

I agree with alwayslearning's answer, but in New Zealand English, the phrase "Yeah right" is strongly associated with a decades-long billboard marketing campaign by DB Breweries for their Tui brand. You should always assume it is intended sarcastically, regardless of tone


How do I install redshift in Ubuntu?

Finally, it works, thanks to user2832080. This is what I did:Install randr dependency. Download redshift 1.9.1 and extract it.change to redshift 1.9.1 directory and type:$ makecreate redshift.conf at /.config, see this link.go to /usr/local/bin and run redshift-gtk.


What's your favorite ticketing system? closed

Request Tracker's fairly solid. We mostly use it for legacy reasons (it's what we have had for the last few years), and it hasn't caused us any grief. It does the job as it should; there's not much more to say

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