How Can I Get Warm Water From My Garden Hose?

I just did this......I laid my 2 garden hoses out in the sun............In about 30 minutes I will take a combat shower.I will get awesome more than enough hot water to wash, and when the hot water runs out, I will get real cold water from the well to rinse, and it will close all the pours on my skin.Simplicity is the answer

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Can I2C be used with momentary sensors?

For a interrupt/request line, you wouldn't use XOR, as two simultaneous requests would cancel out. If you want to have a common interrupt/request line, use wired-OR: make the drivers open-drain with a pull-up (just like the I2C lines) fed to an active-low interrupt input on your MCU. This way, when any of your slaves pull this low, your master knows to poll everyone.


How can I power my LEGO pneumatic engine?

Since the compressor produces compressed air, it would certainly work, given you build adequate fittings and take precautions against overpressurization.LEGO pneumatics have been tested to withstand as much as 8 bars or 120 psi, but you definitely should plan with safety margins. If your compressor can produce higher pressures, I'd suggest building in some kind of release or auto-shutoff valve to prevent damaging the LEGO parts.


Should I thread tape counter-clockwise on kitchen sink shut off valve?

TPFE tape is wound around pipe threads in the same direction that the coupling nut is twisted when tightening. For the illustrated pipe, that would be clockwise. If the pipe were pointing down, but you were looking from above, counterclockwise.

If you wrap it in the direction opposite the nut-tightening direction, the nut will unwind it, it will bunch up and prevent a good seal


How to convert 220V AC @50 Hz to 400V @ 20KHz?

with transformers you can manipulate the current/voltage but you can't change the frequency. the way it is done is by using an electronic circuit to convert to a dc voltage, then another electronic circuit using a MOSFET/Transistor H bridge to emulate AC using Pulse width modulation, you can then use an inductor capacitor filter to make it into a proper sine wave.james


How do you lower the water in the lighthouse area and main warp room?

The secret to lowering the water in that whole area (main warp room, lighthouse, windmill, waterfall, lonely-tree island) lies in the weeping/puking waterfall area. The huge column in that area is what you should be paying attention to. If you've played the game a lot you'd notice similar columns with similar codes inscribed onto them.edit: What is Fez's alphabet?

that might help you :)


Block all outbound Email on Linux Server running sendmail while allowing incoming mail to still work

If your server is running as a sendmail relay, look at setting up relay-domains. You could add all your domains to /etc/mail/relay-domains restart sendmail. This will let sendmail check before sending out. If you then remove entries from this file the none allowed domain mails will queue until you re-add them. Upon restart sendmail will process the queue and all should be happy


Can I recirculate water from an open reservoir to the bottom of a bigger, closed one, without a pump?


Pretty sure this one would work!

Basically, no need for valve 3. And wouldn't be able to access valve 2.

So split pump inlet between bottom of tank and bottom of reservoir, directly outlet to fountain.

Water coming out of fountain sits in reservoir until it gets sucked back in thru pump.

makes sense in my mind but let me know if you see anything i didn't!


How to quickly equalize pressure in a low pressure container?

You don't show a diagram of the setup, but change the pipe entry point to the tank - put it at the bottom then you should prevent the syphon effect. The depression you create with the pump will still cause the water to get into the tank and, while the depression holds the water will stay in the tank as long as it is sealed


Getting keys for starters

The only ways to get keys are to buy them from valve or trade for them with other players. On some very rare occasions they are given out as a free gift.If you want them quick, you are going to have to buy them. otherwise you will need to collect weapons through random drops, smelt them into refined metal, and then trade for keys


Connecting a 24v appliance(solenoid) to Raspberry Pi

I would get rid of all this and just use a ULN2001 or ULN2003, whichever you happen to have around. Then you can drive seven solenoids (but watch out for total current!)A convenient, although not as cheap as ordering from Mouse or DigiKey, source of ULN2003 is the various "stepper motor driver" boards sold on ebay or aliexpress. You also get four convenient LEDs :)


How does customized executable generation work?

Often you can implement the same functionality in lightly different ways.Thts assume you have n functions for each you have have 2 different implementations (which are not to be the same assembly after compiling), than you can create

2 versions of your executable with the same functionality.You can vary this aproach by changing the order of independent assembly commands, using more than 2 vaiands to choose between ...


What is an amp (and other such basic questions) in the simplest possible terms?

A great resource for self learning the principles of electronics across a broad range of topics is the Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series, popularly known as NEETS. Publicly available, the 24 module set can be downloaded from here:solid resource is the Amateur Radio Relay League's Handbook:arrl.

org/arrl-handbook-2012. The handbook is geared more towards radio communications


Is there any set of circumstances in which having 3 hearts in an organism would be beneficial in a species?

Your creatures probably live on a planet with a really strong gravity.

Our body already fights gravity by having valves inside our veins, however on a planet with strong gravity these valves might not be enough to prevent back flow, so the creatures could have developed more hearts which work in parallel to increase blood flow in order to decrease the chance of back flow.


PSI and tube size

Take it all off again and check the tyre thoroughly, when this happened to me I thought I'd bought a dodgy Chinese tube, so I got another. The second time I ran my fingers over every inch of the inside while flexing the tyre open and found a tiny bit of wire just barely poking through the tyre into the tube and dug it out


Sprinkler system in indoor arena closed

Are the sprinkler heads attached to the underside of the supply line? The proper way to design this system would be to have the sprinkler attach to the top of the supply line instead of the bottom.With the sprinkler heads attached above the supply line, the most excess water that would be drained is the water in the short pipe above the sprinkler head


Computer controlled water valve

If you're in the US, try a 24 V DC solenoid valve from McMaster-Carr:control it from a computer, you'll also need a 5 V relay that can be controlled by something like an Arduino and a 24 V power supply. You might be able to find a solenoid valve with a low-voltage relay built in, but I've not seen one before.


How to eliminate noise from PWM controlled 12V fan at low speed

I can also confirm that SAS answer ist correct. I tested it with a 5V DC fan. I hear a very high noise at lower speed, but you have to listen closely, and a very fast clicking noise at higher speeds.All in all i would say lowering the PWM to the suggested 31Hz did it for me but it is not a perfect solution.


So is it better to go from a smaller pipe to a bigger pipe?

I like solid pipe to my valves. A larger diameter pipe is stronger , but a properly anchored valve will be fine in any size. Will it hurt to go larger NO. Is it a waste of $ ? Probably. Replacing the valves would be my option but I have the proper tools , if you dont have the tools for copper a shark bite will be fine


Frequent blow outs in the same location

Check inside the rim at the point where the punctures occur. Is the rim tape intact? Does a spoke push through when weight is placed on the bike? One of my friends had a problem like this, and it turned out that when he sat on the bike his weight caused the end of a spoke to push through the rim and puncture his tyre


Will an empty spray can maintain a vacuum?

The valve on such a can may be engineered to resist internal pressure in such a way as to seal when the can's contents are in place. If the can is completely empty and placed in a vacuum chamber, it's possible that you can evacuate any additional gases within, but once the vacuum is removed, the can will "suck" in air until at near-ambient pressure


No duplication: 'Are there portable Reverse Osmosis water systems for long-term travellers staying in apartments?'

I can see why they looked similar and why some people mistakenly assumed you were re-asking the question because you didn't like the previous answer:...but looking at it more closely, I think the difference is:It's more of a problem solving question than a travel tech/gear question, so I've edited the title to make that more obvious and I've voted to re-open it


Do pressure reducing valves also function as check/one-way valves?

if you wanna be code compliant use a watts 9-D dual check with atmospheric vent. it will pass inspection for residential, commercial and institutional in every part of the country.

you can get one at lowes and depot. If not available there then go to your local Ferguson plumbing supply (theyre the largest plumbing supply in the country and chances are there is one near you.


What is the frequency of drop items at the end of each game?

In Dota 2 there is an Item drop system:The item drop system is a feature that allows players to obtain cosmetic items for free through playing the game. Notes:And also:While spectating a tournament game with over 100 viewers, one or more Heroic items are randomly given out to viewers each time a memorable event occurs.For more information about Item drop system read this.


Low water pressure at toilets after main supply valve replacement

I'd blame the SharkBite, since that's all that changed. They reduce the pipe diameter dramatically. This doesn't affect pressure but could very well be affecting volume or replenishment of evacuating water. This would appear to be a drop in pressure for longer runs & higher outlets. Replace the SharkBite Ball Valve with a Compression Fit Ball Valve to see if that remedies the situation, it should


Flood prevention in laundry closet

There are products that can automatically open and close the water lines to the washing machine when it senses that the washer is turned on or off. They tend to also included a leak sensor as well to protect if a leak occurs when operating.Example:also have retrofit versions:wattswater.




Hissing sound coming from toliet

I don't know what a "red cap" is on a toilet, but if it's hissing then water is passing somewhere and the most likely is that the float-valve is letting through.It might stop if you bounce it a couple of times, if some grit has got in the mechanism, but otherwise it's a new valve or washer/diaphragm depending on the type of valve


Outlet switcher using servo motor

To me it would seem simpler to use a faucet for each line, each faucet controlled by a motor.

Then you can even water the plants in parallel.Even better, why not using submersion pumps, like those used in water tanks? Here too, you can control them in parallel.

The amount of time you keep a motor running is proportional tothe amount of water delivered.


Launching csgo via steam with optirun or primusrun?

I've had exactly the same problem 1 hour ago. To fix it, edit the file .steam/steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo.shBefore the two lines that start with $DEBUGGER "$GAMEROOT"/$GAMEEXE you must add "primusrun" (maybe only one line is necessary, didn't tested):andThen remove the CounterStrike's launch options in steam and launch the game normally from Steam. It should launch on the GPU.


Hot water stops flowing after clunking noise

Opening the shut off valve 1 additional revolution fixed the problem. It was only open one revolution, which apparently wasn't enough. I can recreate the problem by opening the valve only partially, so it doesn't seem to be a physical blockage. Perhaps air is involved somehow. If anyone can explain why having the valve only partially opened would lead to blockage, I'm curious about potential explanations

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PwC Auditors in Prosecutors' Sights
New York prosecutors are considering criminal charges against PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP auditors who reviewed compensation for the indicted former chief executive of Tyco International. Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is examining whether PwC auditors in New York and Boston broke the law when they failed to disclose that a proxy statement didn't include a $US33 million ($A60 million) bonus paid to then chief executive, Dennis Kozlowski. Mr Kozlowski was indicted last month for looting Tyco. Prosecutors are considering using the prospect of an indictment as leverage to persuade the auditors to testify against Mr Kozlowski and other indicted former Tyco executives. Rick Scalzo is the lead PwC partner for the firm's Tyco account, according to company filings. Mr Scalzo did not return phone messages left at his office for comment on whether he had been contacted by the District Attorney's office.On September 30, The Wall Street Journal said prosecutors' interest in PwC's audits of Tyco "suggests they now may be attempting to make a criminal case" against the firm. The District Attorney's office is investigating individual auditors. Had PwC faced indictment, any conviction would have suspended it automatically from auditing public companies. A conviction is a business death sentence for an accounting firm, as Arthur Andersen LLP has discovered. Andersen lost most of its clients as a result of publicity about its indictment and conviction earlier this year for obstructing a US Securities and Exchange Commission investigation of Enron Corp. Andersen had been Enron's auditor. PwC spokesman David Nestor said the firm was providing information as "a witness" about Tyco to the District Attorney. The District Attorney's office has at its disposal a New York law called the Martin Act to use in determining whether the auditors' failure to inform the board about the incomplete proxy is a crime. The law does not require that prosecutors prove there was intent to commit securities fraud. Some New York courts have ruled that merely omitting a fact that is material for investors is a violation of the law.Mr Morgenthau is prosecuting Mr Kozlowski and former chief financial officer Mark Swartz on charges that the men conspired to steal $US170 million in compensation that was not authorised by Tyco's board. The two were also indicted for obtaining $US430 million by fraud in the sale of securities. Former Tyco general counsel Mark Belnick was indicted for falsifying business records. The $US33 million payment to Mr Kozlowski that is of interest to prosecutors was part of $US96 million in bonuses paid to 51 Tyco employees. The bonuses related to a $US2.1 billion initial public offering of TyCom stock in July 2000. TyCom was Tyco's undersea fibre-optic cable subsidiary. Tyco, a maker of security and fire systems, electronic connectors and industrial valves, bought back the publicly traded stake in TyCom about a year later for less than half the IPO price.Mr Kozlowski got $US33 million of the payments and Mr Swartz got $US16.6 million. Tyco later fired both men. -Bloomberg
Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Valves
Here are top 10 questions about valves asked by people online.1. Low water pressure from Orbit valve.?Its possible the valve stem is corroded with stuff not letting it actuate properly open. Turn water off and unscrew the valve then actuate it electrically while watching for a full stroke. Make sure flow control is all the way open when inspecting valves stroke. Remember where you had it set when done or readjust. Also check the solenoid for corrosion and clean linkages. I would clean and coat with petroleum jelly. My guess is valve seat is gummed up so lube the stem and work it manually till it slides open and closed easy then test with the solenoid. Good luck!2. 1997 Honda Civic Hatch, Non VTec. Can you make it vtec?You can not just add a wire and have vtec, whoever is telling you that is either misinformed or has no idea how vtec works. The cylinder head, cams, valves, vtec solenoid and ecu are just some of the things that are different or missing from your car. 2006 was the first year they put vtec into every model civic.3. I have a 1997 Honda Prelude which has a Cylinder #1 Misfire. Any help?how many miles are on your prelude? the reason I ask is that honda has an exteded warranty on the 1997 models where the warranty on about anything that can cause the MIL to illuminate is covered for 15 years or 150,000 miles. if you have over the 150,000 then its out of that special warranty. my guess is that one of 5 possibilities exist. 1) if the valves are way out of adjustment you can get the misfire code on the one cylinder. valves on that car should be adjusted every 30k 2) a leaking fuel injector will cause the misfire in one cylinder and not in the other 3) a hung egr valve will often dump the air into the intake and affect only one cylinder. not sure which one it affects on the prelude but typically it will flood out one cylinder with too much air and not affect the others 4) a leaking intake manifold gasket around the #1 cylinder 5) real remote possibility would be a leaking head gasket around #1 probably a fuel injector if you've replaced the ignition components by the way, if the car does have under 150k and its in the US, put the old ignition stuff back on if you still have it as honda will pay to replace the cap, wires, plugs and to do an oil change one time betweek 75k and 150k on that car as part of the warranty extension. they wo not replace the parts if they are not the originals. hope that helps4. Where do I start with a Ring and Valve job?black smoke is too much fuel. if it was rings or valves, the smoke would be a bluish from the oil. if the thing sat for a while rings and valve stem seals would do that but since you say black, i think that your issue is carb related and not oil5. What diference would it make to a car? If one Piston wasnt working and the carbs arnt set nither the valves...?Try over and use spell check..... and decent grammar. If you can not express a question correctly how do you expect to hold a technician accountable for his recent work6. What is wrong? I can't get hot water out of my bathroom and kitchen faucets?Your hot water supply lines are likely plugged with rust or other sediment. Start with the faucet closest to the hot water heater. All faucets have a screen in them. Unscrew the very end of the faucet that contains the screen, to see if the screen is clogged. If it is, then either install a new screen, or else clean the old one. Next, check the hot water supply line to the faucet. It is often a metal or plastic hose connected to a copper pipe. Close the valve first, so that you do not make a mess. Then remove the hose, and run a coat hanger or something through it. That might be your problem right there. If it is clogged, remove the clog with the coat hanger or whatever. Then reattach it. If it is not clogged, then you have to work your way backwards through the plumbing, back to the hot water heater. Pay particular attention to any valves, because valves are more likely to clog faster and easier than pipes
Does This Exist? -Sliding Fluid Restrictor -Solenoid Valve -Ball Valve
What you are describing is a gate valve and you are correct in assuming that this would not cause foam. Unfortunately, I do not think that gate valves are manufactured in the small size that you need. If your tubing is 3/8" ID, that is approximately equal to schedule 40 1/4" nominal pipe size. I have never seen a gate valve smaller than 3/4" nominal pipe size.With that said, if I were trying to accomplish the task you describe, I would find a beer tap and attach a solenoid to the handleI am trying to come up with a way to restrict beer flow using a valve that does not cause foam. I have found that a solenoid valve causes a change in the direction the beer must flow and this sharp change through a different size opening creates foam quickly. I have thought about a ball valve or pinch valve but I need it to be electric, work very quickly and have a small form factor.Does anyone know if anything like what I created in this video exist? The idea would be electromagnets that cause the metal pieces to slide in one direction or the other opening and closing the flow of beer. The idea is keeping the opening in the valve the same diameter as the inner diameter of the tubing I would be using (3/8"). It would need to handle at most 14 psi and at least 12 psi. (Average beer lines are 9-10psi)·OTHER ANSWER:I am trying to come up with a way to restrict beer flow using a valve that does not cause foam. I have found that a solenoid valve causes a change in the direction the beer must flow and this sharp change through a different size opening creates foam quickly. I have thought about a ball valve or pinch valve but I need it to be electric, work very quickly and have a small form factor.Does anyone know if anything like what I created in this video exist? The idea would be electromagnets that cause the metal pieces to slide in one direction or the other opening and closing the flow of beer. The idea is keeping the opening in the valve the same diameter as the inner diameter of the tubing I would be using (3/8"). It would need to handle at most 14 psi and at least 12 psi. (Average beer lines are 9-10psi)
Top 10 Questions About Valves Answered
Considering that valves may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about valves for you to get started.1. What goes on threads first: tape or dope?I would use t-tape first and a small amount of pipe dope on the tape.I've worked on 30 inch water main breaks And have installed hundreds of copper water services with brass fittings,fire hydrants ive taped live water mains worked on cla- Val's installed 10" gate valves, PVC plumbing. Installed thousands of water meters and customer shut off valves. 15 years of plumbing outside of working for a water department for 10 years.2. is it easy to change shower valves?TURN OFF THE WATER SUPPLY TO YOUR HOME! Shower mixer valves have 3 or 4 ports on them. As you look at the front of the valve the port on the bottom is for a tub spout, it may or may not be there depending on manufacture. If you have a shower only you will need to cap this port and be sure to use a thread sealer. the port on the left is the hot water inlet, the port on the right is the cold water inlet. The port at the top is the out for the shower head. These will all be 1//2 inch threaded. Rather they are male or female will depend on manufacture. Depending on what type of pipe was used will determine your next steps. If the pipe is galvanized or copper line, you will need to sweat off the fittings with a torch, install the new mixer and sweat on the fittings. Be sure to disassemble the new mixer before applying heat to ensure you do no harm to the rubber seals inside the new mixer. Then reassemble the mixer and install the trims. If the pipe is Wersbo or PEX or plastic, you can simply cut the pipe and install the new mixer by using couplers. Be sure to use proper glue for the type of plastic pipe you have. If you have Wersbo or PEX a good plumbing supply company will have the proper tools you will need to complete your project. Be sure to check the cost of Wersbo tools if this is the type of plumbing you have because the tool are expensive and may determine if you are better off calling a plumber3. whats the best way to oil valves on a tuba ?The best oil when you are stuck with valve is machine oil. It is thin like water, odorless, and will keep the valve lubricated for a long time and it resists friction4. hot and cold valves under sink?i the water is dripping from the valve itself you need to tighten the nut on the valve next to the knob turn in clockwise. you wont need to turn it much. the valves are most likely are limed up that is why you could not turn the water off to the sink to change the supply valves turn of the main water supply to the house5. Do all Gas Valves snap open and closed?shut the gas valve to your oven/// does it snapor do you turn it with a wrench. newer ones you turn with your fingers .. no snap6. New Guidance Helps Clarify Use Of Domestic Air Admittance ValvesNew Guidance Helps Clarify Use Of Domestic Air Admittance Valves The BPF Pipes Group has just launched new guidance on domestic air admittance valves (AAV) for those working within the plumbing sector in the UK. The document provides clear advice on how to position air admittance valves correctly, as well as highlighting the different regulations currently in place across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Air admittance valves are used to ventilate soil and waste pipes so that waste water drains properly from a property. Without ventilation, air pressure changes inside the pipework due to the operation of domestic appliances would cause waste traps on those appliances to lose their water seals, creating unpleasant odours. Traditionally, open soil stacks have been positioned above the roofs of properties but can be damaged or accidentally covered, for example when extensions are built. Air admittance valves, positioned inside the roof space, provide a more aesthetically attractive alternative to open stacks whilst providing the same level of ventilation. The BPF Pipes Group document provides a detailed guide to the current regulations on soil stacks and air admittance valves, as well as operation, ventilation, capacity, ratings and location. A building control checklist is also provided to help those installing such devices in domestic properties. Steve Skeldon is Chair of the BPF Pipes Group's working group on soil and waste, and he commented: "Air admittance valves have been in use for over 40 years and provide a functional and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to open soil stacks, as they are positioned inside roof voids. We want this new guidance to provide a definitive aid to those working in plumbing and venting drainage systems for both new build and refurbishment projects."
The Hottest Questions About Valves
Do you want to know about valves? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Afraid to crank engine - how can I tell if my cylinders are flooded with water?Given that there are no sensors inside the cylinders, I can not think of any way of doing so, other than Mauro's suggestion of removing the plugs and turning it over, which would spurt out any water in them.You could try leaving it to evaporate, but if any cylinders are sitting with both sets of valves shut, any water in those pots wo not evaporate off, so you would have to turn the engine over part of a turn (by hand) to cover all of them2. Does mitral valve prolapse show on an EKG?Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is most often found during a routine physical exam when your doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to your heart. Your doctor listens for a certain "click" and/or murmur. Stretched valve flaps, as seen in MVP, can make a clicking sound as they shut. If the valve is leaking blood back into the atrium, a murmur or whooshing sound can often be heard. However, these abnormal heart sounds may come and go, so they may not be heard at the time of an exam, even if you have MVP. As a result, diagnostic tests and procedures may also be needed to diagnose MVP. An echocardiogram is the most useful test for diagnosing MVP. This test uses sound waves to create a moving picture of your heart. An echocardiogram provides information about the size and shape of your heart and how well your heart chambers and valves are functioning. The test also can identify areas of poor blood flow to the heart, areas of heart muscle that are not contracting normally, and previous injury to the heart muscle caused by poor blood flow. The echocardiogram is a painless test that's used to look for prolapse of the mitral valve flaps and for backflow (regurgitation) of blood through the leaky valve. Other tests that can help diagnose MVP are: A chest x ray, which is used to look for fluid in your lungs or to see if your heart is enlarged. An EKG (electrocardiogram), which charts the electrical activity of your heart. The EKG can show abnormal heartbeats, damage to the heart muscle, and enlargement of the heart. Only the echocardiogram is the most useful test for diagnosing MVP. Take care always!3. Is intake manifold gasket part of engine or valves?Wow! They are rip off artists, are not they? Of course it's part of the engine. Proof wo not work - you are dealing with a ripoff artist4. When would I use aluminum components (gate valves etc..) in a vacuum chamber over stainless or vice versa?Since it is a vacuum process I would give the highest consideration to a tight shutoff valve. Butterfly, and gate valves in particular, are prone to leakage but, given the size you may not have another choice. If you just want shutoff, I would use a ball valve, but 8" is a little bit large, and heavy. Since it is a vacuum process, no large flows are involved and a much smaller should do. Membrane or diaphragm valves have a very good shutoff, too. As far as aluminum or steel, given the pressures and if non corrosive chemicals are involved, aluminum should be more than adequate. . If youd also like to control the flow, a v-notch ball valve would be advised. In that case youd not need a full bore 8" valve, but a much smaller one. .5. Can I learn how to fix motors through books, or should I have someone teach me?You can always learn something from a book. How much will depend upon you.... Certainly the operational concepts of how a motor works is already available in many publications. Understanding these fundamentals will aid you in the diagnosis (trouble shooting) of a motor. How will you determine what is wrong if you do not know how its supposed to work? You can also (read) learn how to identify parts of a motor and there function. (Starter, Water Pump, valves , pistons, ECM) Understanding the fundamentals of how an engine and its individual components work together is the basis of developing sound diagnostic skills. Having good diagnostic skills is required to effectively repair a motor. You do not want to be a hit or miss mechanic randomly replacing items hoping to get it right, do you? The complexity of the repair is also a factor as to weather or not you would be able to just "read about it". For example changing spark plugs compared to replacing a starter or water pump compared to performing a valve job. Each type of repair has its own set of complexities some of which are not necessarily documented in a procedure as it is assumed the mechanic has some experience. Experience is a great teacher and compliments the book information. Start swinging wrenches on small simple tasks and you will gain experience and confidence to tackle the larger more complex tasks.
10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Valves
Considering that valves may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about valves for you to get started.1. the doc told me i have 4 valves leaking !how and what do i do?I think what it means is that some leakage is common, but the more the pressure increases, the higher the risk of more complications. Do as he says, and you will be OK. Good luck2. CB750. Carbs good Plugs good. Fuel good. Points good. Adjusted Valves (0.002 intake; 0.003 exhaust. Wont startMay need to replace the plug wires, check the coil, check the timing, replace the fuel3. Why do Democrats want to tax luxuries like pacemakers, stents, artificial heart valves, defibrillators,......?The democrats would tax you on your soul if they could. And they would use it to fund abortions overseas4. Installing new kitchen faucet/shut off valves?Double Shut Off Valve Dishwasher5. What Causes Valves to go out of Spec?For valve clearances to change the position of the valve with the respect to the rockers much change. Here is a list of some of the main causes of valve clearance changes: Half Ring Squish Closer shim deformation (where the half rings seat) Valve Seat wear (worsened by valve guide wear) Head wear (where valves seat into the head) Rocker Arm wear Cam wear My experience has seen the valve clearance changes to decrease as the miles increase, if the valves are set properly. The valve adjustment within the first 6,000/7500 and 12,000/15,000 miles are the most important ones to do. Excessive clearance begets more excessive clearance as the valves get hammered (closers). The openers will tighten up and you want to avoid interference (negative opener clearance). From what I am hearing the newer bikes have better materials and closer tolerances so the valves seem to stay within spec longer. Of course the higher revving bikes (track/race) need valve checks more often. Mike6. About the Trade Show - KBC 2021 KITCHEN & BATH CHINAWelcome to the 26th edition of Kitchen & Bath China 2021! 26th Edition of Kitchen & Bath China 2021 is Asia's leading trade fair for Kitchen & Bath industry. The twenty-forth year, KBC 2021 will be staged on May 26-29, 2021 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China. KBC has been a powerful and Asia's most influential trade show that provided opportunities to many interested in latest trends in Built-in Kitchens, Kitchen Furniture, Sanitary Equipment, Valves and Fittings, since 1994. Over 5,662 exhibitors, including market leaders from home and abroad, launch their latest products, technologies and solutions onto the world market at KBC 2021. For four days, international trade visitors from the retail trade, end-users, decision-makers, importing and exporting companies, designers, engineers, architects meet at SNIEC fully-booked up Shanghai New International Expo Centre ,000 m?]. The largest group of visitors at KBC is the kitchen, bath, sanitation, heating and air-conditioning installation trade ,236 professional visitors from all over the world]. We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), 2345 Long Yang Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai, 201204, China7. valve tap that goes away?you sure if its valves or lifters? valves will cause a lot more problems than just a "tap". lifters on the other hand will cause a noise but usually no major damage if its just a tap. lifters in a modern engine are pressurized with engine oil to fill the clearance between the lifters and the camshaft to ensure proper valve opening. if the lifter has a clogged oil port then no or little oil can enter the lifter, causing a gap between the lifter and camshaft. even a small gap will cause a noticeable noise, especially when the oil is cold and thick at start up. its a saturn so its most likely an overhead cam setup, try a high quality oil treatment and a little thicker oil. if it keeps happening then listen to the lower half of the engine. if its louder down there then you have more problems than valves8. Are valves connected to tbe whole rocker arm assembly?I am guessing you mean will the valves come out if you remove the rocker assy. The answer to that question is no. The valves are retained by little half-moon clips that are wedged in a slot in the valve stems. The force of the valve springs against the top valve washer keeps them in place while also preventing the washer from sliding up past the top of the stem. You can remove the rocker assy without having the valves drop into the cylinders. You will have to adjust the gap between the cam lobes and the rockers when reinstalling so it is not like you can just bolt it back on
10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Valves
Do you want to know about valves? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Global Industrial Valves Market, 2015-2019 & 2020-2025: Breakdown by Valve Type, Material Type, Application, Product and Region - ResearchAndMarkets.comDUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Global Industrial Valves Market, by Valve Type (Globe Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, RSV Gate Valve & Others), by Material Type (Steel, Alloy Based, Cast Iron & Others), by Application, by Product, by Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2025" report has been added to's offering. The Global Industrial Valves Market stood at around $66 billion in 2019, and is forecast to surpass $84 billion by 2025, on account of extensive use of industrial valves in oil & gas and power industries. Other factors expected to boost the demand for industrial valves in the coming years include rising number of government initiatives towards wastewater treatment and providing clean water to the citizens, increasing number of commercial construction projects and replacement of aging water pipelines. Moreover, growing focus on the development of high-performance smart valves is anticipated to drive the Global Industrial Valves Market through 2025. Technological advancements in the production of crude oil and natural gas from new offshore and onshore fields are being witnessed across the globe. Due to such advancements in the global oil & gas sector and rising investments in the construction of pipelines, the demand for industrial valves from the oil & gas sector is expected to grow until 2025. To define, classify and forecast the Global Industrial Valves Market on the basis of valve type, material type, product, application and regional distribution. To analyze and forecast the Global Industrial Valves Market size. To scrutinize the detailed market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms of value and volume, and on the basis of region by segmenting the Global Industrial Valves Market into five regions, namely, North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa and South America. To analyze and forecast the market size for the Global Industrial Valves Market with respect to key applications such as oil & gas, power generation, refinery, water, wastewater effluent, etc. To identify trends, drivers and challenges in the Global Industrial Valves Market. To strategically profile leading players operating in the Global Industrial Valves Market.2. When the exhaust valves in a Diesel engine cylinder head reach the end of their service life, would a slow gradual decline in engine power be a likely symptom? Or is it more likely that noise and rough idle/running would be evident?Neither.Check what an exhust valve does., adn how much pressure is placed on the seat of the valve3. Industrial Valves Market Size, Share, Growth, Trend & Forecast 2025 | TechSci researchGlobal industrial valves market stood at around USD65 billion in 2019, and is forecast to surpass USD80 billion by 2025, on account of extensive use of industrial valves in oil & gas and power industries. Other factors expected to boost demand for industrial valves in the coming years include rising number of government initiatives towards wastewater treatment and providing clean water to the citizens, increasing number of commercial construction projects and replacement of aging water pipelines. Moreover, growing focus on the development of high-performance smart valves is anticipated to thrive global industrial valves market through 2025. On the basis of application, the industrial valves market is segmented into oil & gas, refinery, chemical, water, wastewater effluent, power generation, agriculture, mining and others. In 2019, oil & gas segment accounted for the largest market share as these sectors require valves for controlling flow rates, protect equipment, and guide and direct the refining process of crude oil. Apart from these, the growing production of oil and gas fuel has contributed to the increased usage of industrial valves. In the type segment, global industrial valves market was dominated by globe valves in 2019, owing to features such as low resistance to fluid flow and superior sealing capabilities. In terms of region, the global industrial valves market is categorized into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East & Africa. Among the regions, Asia-Pacific dominated the global industrial valves market with a market share of around 37% in 2019 and is anticipated to maintain its position during forecast period as well. This growth can be attributed to the growing industrial activities across the countries in Asia-Pacific region, such as growing number of oil and gas, chemical, water and many other manufacturing plants. Also, increasing construction activities and booming consumption of chemicals are anticipated to positively impact industrial valves market in the Asia-Pacific. Furthermore, growing construction of new nuclear power stations and capacity expansions in petroleum refining plants are also expected to drive the demand for industrial valves across the region. Some of the major players operating in global industrial valves market are Emerson Electric Co., Flowserve Corporation, Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Crane Co., CIRCOR International, Inc., Curtiss-Wright Corporation, IMI plc, MRC Global INC, Metso Corporation, Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., The Weir Group PLC, Velan Inc., ITT Inc., Ainsworth Engineering (Pty) Ltd., AZ Amaturen Pty Ltd, Cobra Isca Pty Ltd, Dual Valves (Pty) Ltd., eDart Slurry Valves Pty Ltd, MRC Global Inc., Floval Pty Ltd, Ithuba Valves & Industrial Supplies, Paltechnologies Pty Ltd, AVK Holdings SA Pty Ltd, RGR Technologies Pty Ltd, and Valco Group SA Pty Ltd. To analyze the historical growth in market size of global industrial valves market based on valve type, material type, product, application and regional distribution from 2015-2019. To estimate and forecast the global industrial valves market size from 2020 to 2025. To scrutinize the detailed market segmentation and forecast the market size, in terms of value and volume, and based on region by segmenting global industrial valves market into five regions, namely, North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa and South America. To analyze and forecast the market size, in terms of value and volume, for global industrial valves market with respect to key applications such as oil & gas, power generation, refinery, water, wastewater effluent, etc. To identify trends, drivers and challenges in the global industrial valves market. To strategically profile leading players operating in the global industrial valves market. Click here to download the sample TechSci Research performed both primary as well as exhaustive secondary research for this study. Initially, TechSci Research sourced a list of industrial valves providers across the globe. Subsequently, TechSci Research conducted primary research surveys with the identified companies. While interviewing, the respondents were also enquired about their competitors. Through this technique, TechSci Research was able to include industrial valves providers which could not be identified due to limitations of secondary research. TechSci Research also analyzed the product offerings and regional presence of major industrial valves providers across the globe. TechSci Research calculated the size of global industrial valves market using a bottom-up approach, wherein data for different product types offered (globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, RSV gate valve, wedge gate valve, knife gate valve, check valve and diaphragm valve) was recorded and forecast for future years. TechSci Research sourced these values from industry experts and company representatives and externally validated the same by analyzing historical data of industrial valves, globally in order to arrive at the overall market size. Various secondary sources such as company websites, annual reports, government websites, press releases, company annual reports, white papers, investor presentations and financial reports were also reviewed by TechSci Research. None Government bodies such as regulating authorities and policy makers The study is useful in providing answers to several critical questions that are important for industry stakeholders such as industrial valves providers, customers and policy makers. The study would also help them to target the growing segments over the coming years (next two to five years), thereby aiding the stakeholders in taking investment decisions and facilitating their expansion. In this report, global industrial valves market has been segmented into the following categories in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below: Competition Benchmarking: Benchmarking of leading 10 players on the basis of market share. Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of the major companies present in the industrial valves market. With the given market data, TechSci Research offers customizations according to the company's specific needs. The following customization options are available for the report: 5 more players in the global market.
Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Valves
Considering that valves may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about valves for you to get started.1. Shower Parts, Shower Valves, Custom Shower - Homary.comHomary is an international online home improvement and decor platform, connecting millions of consumers with worldwide recognized top manufacturers. We are committed to providing the most exquisite home products in the best quality and the most diversified ranges at affordable prices since 2012. Homary stands for the customer as the most trusted destination for home products, we want to help every homelover to create your own lifestyle and better living environment at home.2. 05 Picanto burning so much oil?Chances are your valve stem seals need replacement. Blue smoke in cold starts and heavy acceleration after being stuck in traffic are typical symptoms. Worn piston rings produce blue smoke as long as the engine is running (it does not seem to be the case). If your car is rather new (under 100,000-120,000 miles depending on vehicle care and quality), that repair can be done without removing engine head. Compressed air is used instead to lock valves in place. You can search for a good mechanic or try to do it yourself. There is plenty of information in the web about how to do it. Good luck.3. i have 2 lines run thru my house for water each 1 has a valve on it when i shut 1 off i have hot and cold wate?I am not sure I fully understand your situation. You should have one water supply line that comes into your house. There should be a shut off valve near where it comes into the house. At some point, that line will split into two lines -- one will go through the water heater (hot) and will go to the sinks, tub, dishwasher, washer, etc.; the second line will carry cold water to the sinks, tub, toilet, washer, etc. There should be a shut off valve coming out of the water heater, as well as shut off valves for hot and cold at every fixture. Are you sure that the valves are "on" or "off" when you think they are? Sometimes, it is hard to tell just by turning the valve if it is off or on. And you cannot always go by the direction that you turn the valve, as they can be put in backwards and turn in the opposite direction than what you think. In your situation, I would just leave the valves set so that I have both hot and cold water regardless of whether you think they are "on" or "off." I am obviously not a plumber. I have rehabbed houses for 40 years & know that stuff does not always work like we expect it to.4. Are Angelfish fry compatible with Angelfish eggs?It is remotely possible for a little while. But your month old fry should be able to out-hustle the wigglers for food. I fear very few of them will make it. My angels comfortably spawned in 20-gallon tanks and did an initial good job with the wigglers. However I had lots of trouble raising up the fry. Looking back, part of my problem was not feeding the bbs (baby brine shrimp) within hours of when they hatched. It turns out that bbs, hatching in a day at 80 F or two days at 70ish, will go through two instars (or molts) in their first day or two. They are then double the size of newly hatched bbs and have a lot less nutritional value because they have used up the yolk from the brine shrimp eggs. So we need to hatch enough bbs so that our fry have little bulgy tummies. But we do not want bbs rotting on the tank bottom. Also we need to be able to have a couple of hatches going at a time. Cheapskate that I am, I use two or three empty/well rinsed gallon wide-mouthed pickle/condiment jars. Air was supplied by lengths of that hard airline tubing. Controlled by valves. they fed a lot of oxygen to the jat & were pretty easy to clean out under a hot water faucet in the laundry room. A friend of mine in the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association pointed out the space issue when he suggested using a 55-gallon tank for one batch of fry if they were going to grow properly. Occasionally one will see angelfish at aquarium club auctions with missing or miss-shaped gill plates. That is evidence of crowding when they were growing up. Do not buy them. There are 40-gallon tanks with the same "footprint" as the standard 55s. But you would probably want to do more than one 50% partial water change a week. As I type this, I can look across the living room at a planted 55 with a baker's dozen largish killifish (Fundulopanchax gardneri Innidere). Occasionally a pair is snagged out and sent to a fish show. They often place. Almost all of us who aspire to raise up fry struggle with giving both our adults and the youngsters sufficient space. And I am still learning. When someone considers setting up fish for spawning, virtually all of us must consider how we are going to give them enough room, how well we can feed them and how often we can do those partial water changes. Hope all of those eventually work out well for you.
Top 10 Questions About Valves Answered
Considering that valves may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about valves for you to get started.1. Pool Equipment Life Span (Part 2)Part 2: This post will focus on the pool filter and finish up the last main item of the equipment pad. Later I will discuss the life spans of ancillary pool equipment like heaters, timers, valves, and automation. Pool Filters Most residential pool filters are pressure vessels designed to handle water pressure and house filtering elements to clean your pool water. Yes, I know a few of you out there still have in deck suction side DE filters but those are very rare at this point. Anyway, your filter housing sometimes called the "filter tank body," should last at least 10 years unless your pool equipment gets an inordinate amount of sunlight which can warp and weaken modern plastic pool filter housings. With proper preventative maintenance, the non wear out parts of a filter should last between 5-10 years as well- these include the band clamps, the internal grids, and plumbing including valves. The wear out parts- O rings, gauges, air relief systems, and Cartridge filter elements all need to be checked annually. Safety It is vital to make sure your air relief system works properly - this is a big safety issue. Pool Filters are designed to handle water pressure, water does not compress. They are not made to handle air pressure- air compresses very well and can build up to pressures no pool system is designed for. If you forget to bleed off the air after you clean your filter, this can cause a dangerous situation if your filter's internal air bleed off and pressure relief valves are not intact and properly functioning. Please get a licensed pool professional to make sure yours is and never open a pool filter with the system and until you have opened the pressure relief valve and are sure the system is not under pressure. Never let inexperienced people perform this task. Sorry off topic on my safety soapbox. Okay, so we know the useful life spans of the Pool Pump and Pool Motor (part 1) and the Pool Filter. If you have any questions or want help with keeping this equipment up to speed in terms of preventative maintenance, please call us today to schedule your Spring Special, a sale we run annually in the spring to help your pool operate at its best and your equipment last as long as possible.2. LINUO Ball ValvesA segment ball valve combines globe valve control with the efficiency of a rotary ball valve. Features: Economical metal seated valve for industrial service. Great for slurry service or for other dirty media. Simensions to ASME b16.5 for flanges, b16.10 for face to face. For service up to 1000 deg. F, 1400 psig. Features: Available in cs and ss Economical soft seated valve for industrial service. direct mount for simple automation. Square stem means no bracket or coupler required! bi-directional shutoff to class vi. for service up to 450 deg. F, 1000 psig. Features: Available in CS and SS Designed per API 6D and fire tested, it is suitable for various applications in the oil and gas industry. Special configurations for low temperature or high temperature applications are available. Features: A segment ball valve combines globe valve control with the efficiency of a rotary ball valve.Economical metal seated valve for industrial service.Great for slurry service or for other dirty media. Simensions to ASME b16.5 for flanges, b16.10 for face to face. For service up to 1000 deg. F, 1400 psig.Economical soft seated valve for industrial service. direct mount for simple automation. Square stem means no bracket or coupler required! bi-directional shutoff to class vi. for service up to 450 deg. F, 1000 psig.Designed per API 6D and fire tested, it is suitable for various applications in the oil and gas industry. Special configurations for low temperature or high temperature applications are available.3. Consolidated 1700 Series Maxiflow® Safety Valves - How SAFE is SAFEConsolidated safety valves have been the industry leader since 1879. The Consolidated Maxiflow 1700 series valve continues to be synonymous with the protection of life and property from boiler over pressurization. With set pressures ranging to 5360 psig (369 bar) and temperatures up to 1120F (604C), this workhorse safety valve is installed on the majority of power generating stations worldwide. There is little doubt that the Consolidated Maxiflow was built for safety and to indeed protect both life and property, in that order. With a valve of this sophistication, the question now is how to ensure that improper maintenance does not diminish the functionality of this outstanding valve. Indeed, GE (Dresser, Inc.) goes to great lengths to extensively train and certify qualified Green Tag Center (GTC) service valve technicians in the intricacies of the Maxiflow and the various internal adjustments that must be made. Unique design features of the Maxiflow 1700 series valve assure maximum relieving capacities, adjustable lift, stable set pressures, accurate and repeatable blowdown (one of the shortest in the industry), and consistent seat tightness often exceeding 95% of set pressure. Each of these features provide benefits to the user in terms of closer operating pressure (narrow operating gap), shorter blowdown (closing pressure), and fine-tuned capacities (adjustable lift) to prevent chatter. Unfortunately, misadjustment of even one of these unique settings can have disastrous consequences. Seat tightness is the hallmark of the Maxiflow and is accomplished by utilizing a highly engineered THERMODISC in conjunction with a special DISC COLLAR. The Thermodisc has a flexible lip seat area that allows for temperature equalization and the use of system pressure to assist in achieving a leak tight seal. Control of the amount of disc tilt is accomplished by the Maxiflow's unique disc collar. Careful adjustment of this part (per factory specifications) ensures proper valve performance, while improper adjustment will result in seat leakage and the destruction of the critical Thermodisc. Too much disc "rock"(play/wiggle) and disc misalignment can occur; too little and the disc assembly becomes rigid and loses its ability to perform. The most critical function of any safety valve is to open at the appropriate set pressure and to relieve its required capacity (at full lift) to prevent system overpressure. Valves must not relieve significantly more capacity than is required or the valve will chatter and suffer significant mechanical damage or worse. The Maxiflow has the feature to allow for actually reducing the rated capacity in a given valve by RESTRICTING THE LIFT as allowed by ASME code. This is especially useful when a selected valve has significantly more capacity than is needed and a smaller valve will not work. The adjustment that controls the restricted lift function in the Maxiflow is the LIFT STOP. This CRITICAL part (lift stop) dictates whether the valve will flow its FULL CAPACITY or only FRACTIONAL CAPACITY; it can even be misadjusted to flow NO CAPACITY at all. It is vital that only qualified individuals such as GE's Green Tag Center service technicians make this critical adjustment; the consequences of a misadjustment could be catastrophic. The Maxiflow also uses a very special technique called PRESSURE ASSISTED CLOSING to achieve the tightest and most accurate blowdown (closing pressure) of any valve in the industry. These valves can consistently achieve closing pressures (blowdown) at 3% below the set pressure; significantly tighter than that required by ASME Code Section I. In addition to the traditional upper and lower blowdown adjusting rings found in many valves, the Maxiflow utilizes a third ring called an OVERLAP COLLAR. The overlap collar works in conjunction with other parts (floating washers and top plate assembly) to control how system pressure (when valve is open and flowing) can be used to assist the valve in reseating. The proper position of this overlap collar is critical to valve performance; too high and the reseating feature is NEGATED, too low and the valve will CHATTER. Inexperienced valve technicians may believe that "the shorter the blowdown the better" and will intentionally misadjust the valve to achieve a much too short blowdown which can result in chatter and reduced capacity. GE thoroughly trains and certifies Green Tag Center service technicians on the proper methods/settings to use when adjusting the Maxiflow overlap collar to ensure proper valve performance. It is a highly engineered device that requires extreme care during the repair and adjustment of its critical components. It is very easy to make incorrect adjustments that, at best, hinder its performance and, at worst, can cause it to not perform at all. Consider utilizing only GE factory trained and certified GTC technicians to perform this work, because after all, how SAFE is SAFE?
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