How Can I Deal W/my Coworker Complaining About the Office Temperature All Summer?

Air conditioning does more than cool the air. It also keeps the humidity down. That's a good thing, because humid air really does feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Is the vent above your desk the only one in the office? If there's another vent, perhaps that one could be partially closed, or perhaps there's a way to direct the air in another direction by installing a vent of a different design. If altering the vent is not possible, I would go with the fan idea. Get her a nice desk fan and let her arrange it however she wants.

1. Air fresheners kill birds?

for one thing,close the door of the room where the birds are when you use a scented candle/air freshener and keep air conditioning or a fan turned on so that it will blow the smell away.And try to use more natural air fresheners and candles rather than ones filled with harmful chemicals and do not use too much of them.Well..i guess they are safe..but can not you atleast keep the window open for a short time like 15-25 min while you are out of the room and then close it? The scent can be very harmful to the bird's respiratory system and especially their lungs.

2. How can I get years of cig. smoke out of an a/c system in the used car I want to buy?

I hope a mechanic answers you :) I may be wrong, but for the A/C and heater, does not the air come INTO the car from OUTSIDE the car? If that is the case, no matter how much the occupant smoked, there should not be that much smoke odor coming from those systems, right? Sounds like you should be able to replace or clean some kind of filter... Here's a really long article: " Not only do we depend on our cars to get us where we want to go, we also depend on them to get us there without discomfort. We expect the heater to keep us warm when it's cold outside, and the air conditioning system to keep us cool when it's hot. We get heat from the heater core, sort of a secondary radiator, which is part of the car's cooling system. We get air conditioning from the car's elaborate air conditioning system. Despite its relatively small size, the cooling system has to deal with an enormous amount of heat to protect the engine from friction and the heat of combustion. The cooling system has to remove about 6,000 BTU of heat per minute. This is a lot more heat than we need to heat a large home in cold weather. It's good to know that some of this heat can be put to the useful purpose of keeping us warm. Air conditioning makes driving much more comfortable in hot weather. Your car's air conditioner cleans and dehumidifies (removes excess moisture), the outside air entering your car. It also has the task of keeping the air at the temperature you select. These are all big jobs. How do our cars keep our "riding environment" the way we like it? Most people think the air conditioning system's job is to add "cold" air to the interior of the car. Actually, there is no such thing as "cold," just an absence of heat, or less heat than our bodies are comfortable with. The job of the air conditioning system is really to "remove" the heat that makes us uncomfortable, and return the air to the car's interior in a "un-heated" condition. Air conditioning, or cooling, is really a process of removing heat from an object (like air). A compressor circulates a liquid refrigerant called Refrigerant-12 (we tend to call it "Freon," a trade name, the way we call copy machines "Xerox" machines). The compressor moves the Refrigerant-12 from an evaporator, through a condenser and expansion valve, right back to the evaporator. The evaporator is right in front of a fan that pulls the hot, humid air out of the car's interior. The refrigerant makes the hot air's moisture condense into drops of water, removing the heat from the air. Once the water is removed, the "cool" air is sent back into the car's interior. Aaaaaah! Much better. Sometimes we worry when we catch our car making a water puddle on the ground, but are relieved to discover that it's only water dripping from the air conditioning system's condenser (no color, no smell, and it dries!). Note: Refrigerant-12 is extremely dangerous. Many special precautions must be taken when it is present. The whole site is pretty good for basic "how does a car run?" info. Call an professional detailer and see what they recommend, anyplace that cleans limos can probably get anything - smell, stain, etc. - out of a car! And teh used car dealer should pay for part of it - negotiate!

3. Why is Bengaluru so special to you?

The food!!!!I am a huge fan of Bangalore's local eateries. While some of these eateries are iconic and worth a mention in the annals of history, I must mention that every street has its share of great dharshinis, Upahars and cafes. The climate remains pleasant all year round and that means these places do not need air conditioning and any other such add-ons. In Chennai, there's this weird rule that adds lux taxes to every food joint that has an AC. And with the sweltering heat, AC is not optional in Chennai. So, it becomes an expensive affair. In Bangalore, it's a different story. It's very affordable. You can find two idlis, a vadai, sambar and a cup of tea/coffee for 40 Rs. Among other Indian metros, I have never found all these together:Great food: I can not have enough of the sambar from these places, seriously.Hygienic ambience and handling of food. I do not think I can recall an instance when I have fallen ill after having food from Bangalore streets. I do ensure I do not touch chutneys and anything that has water that's not been boiled. But I do wish they made thatte idlis with non plastic sheets. I love thatte idli but I do not have it because I once saw plastic lined sheets inside a steamer.Affordable prices. Much, much respect for that!Wide Variety of options: The options are truly endless. Idli, thatte idli, rava idli, dosai, rava dosai, masala dosai, Mysore masala dosai, neer dose, benne dose, Akki roti, adai, Vadai with sambar or curd, Ragi mudde, uppittu, kharabhath, chowchowbath, bisibelebath, huli Anna, jolad roti, Poori, shavige bath, mangalore buns, holige, kajjaya, puliogare, vaangibaath, chitraana.Comfortable seating. Seats or no seats. There are tall round tables to park your plates and relish the food.WideSpread availability. Every street has two outlets! And they are almost always good with what they serve. The iconic food joints of Bangalore go back decades and have been serving idli-vade-dose to generations of patrons. Not surprising!Why is Bengaluru so special to you?

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