How Air Conditioner Makes Water ? Can We Use This Process to Make Water in Large Scale ?

A/C cannot make water ! Those water was coming from moisture in the air

1. window air conditioner won't cool when outside temp drops below about 75. Works great summertime but not nite?

Not sure why you would want the AC on instead of just the fan but my guess is that the AC has something built in to monitor the temp and is set to make the room a certain temp. If it senses that the air is cold enough that it does not need to cool it further it probably just turns to fan mode

2. My Air Conditioner is acting funny, do you know what it might be?

it probably is freezing up on the coil. You just cannot see it yet. You definitely have a leak. Refrigerant is not consumed by an air conditioner. If you have to keep adding refrigerant then it has to be leaking. I could find the leak. A quality HVAC contractor would have a quality leak detector. Once that coil gets a little frost on it the air flow is significantly reduced. It will defrost itself during the off cycle unless there is a ton of ice present. Air conditioners always work more efficiently at night because it's cooler and no sun beating down on them. Refrigerant absorbs heat from the inside and rejects it outside. If it's not properly charged it will not remove enough heat during the middle of the day. Air conditioners do not technically make cold air. They remove heat and humidity from the air. I think what is happening is you are slowly collecting frost all day and it's defrosting itself during the off cycle. This will slowly get worse and worse. When the AC is running it should be steadily dripping water the whole time. If it's not steadily dripping water than that tells me that the humidity is freezin on the coil. Your coils could be dirty and the filter might need to be changed etc....but if you have to add refrigerant then you are leaking.

3. air conditioner requires reset by removing and re-installing fuse, any clues?

Could be the board, but sounds like you are resetting the board when you take out and reinstall the fuse. Does it have a little red light on the circuit board that is flashing?? If so that could be a trouble code. If so on the inside of the door or in the instruction book will tell you what the trouble code is. I would be interested also if you just shut off the power to the air handler for a minute and then turned it back on, if that would not work to reset the board. If that happens then the board is locking out for some reason. If shutting off the power for a minute does not work, but pulling and replacing the fuse does then my best guess would be a problem with the board.

4. air conditioner in attic is leaking water through the ceiling from the condenser drain pan.?

easiest way to fix is to hook up a wet dry vacuum up to the end of the drain line. turn on and suck the obstruction out

5. My air conditioner is running but no cold air at all is comin out of the vents and its 102'f outside!?

If you see the outside unit running, and you know the inside fan is running, but no movement through the vents- then it must be frozen up on the inside coils. Cut off the a/c and put the inside fan only on "run", or continuous. This may take a couple hours. Once all the ice melts, then you can run the unit again. Probably the coils on the inside unit are dirty. After the ice melts you may want to try and clean the inside coils- maybe with a vacuum cleaner. The make sure your filter is new. Keep it changed.

6. Landlord Refused To Fix Air Conditioner in Emergency Situation?

If you are going to repost questions ftom years ago, read them. You look like a complete moron.

7. Instead of buying an air conditioner for my small dorm room can I just leave my refrigerator open?

Not a good idea all your food would go bad

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