Hello Guys, I'm 27 Years Old Pharmacist but to Be Honest I'm Not Stasfied with the Pharmaceutical Ca

Not too late at all. My father went back to university at the age of 65 and got a degree in psychology. Just as a pastime, mind you, but shows that its mentally possible.As for careers, there are many psychology type careers that have elderly people so the young, young age of 27 isnt a problem.

As for pay, hmm, not so good. Not that the market is saturated but not many people can afford it. It depends how good you are and whether you have a passion for it. Youd be charging high hourly rates to enable to pay yourself a wage including all the hours youre not with clients. E.

g. you might charge a client 70 (or $70) for a 1 hour session but that might be the only session for that day. Bear in mind youd probably have to do a few hours write up after each session to record the necessary data so you or any other psychologist can pick up where you left off. Then there is also self analysis that needs to be done to make sure your own psyche isnt compromised. And thats not even the all of it.

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When you are very ill but must go out and take care of shopping and errands, what do you say to people who ask, "Hello. How are you, today?"?

Dear Kris, I am sincerely sorry if you are not feeling well and suffering.I can just try to imagine how I would respond in this situation I would probably tell them something brief, maybe Thank you for asking! A little low, actually, but trying to have a better day and then ask for assistance if I need it help with bagging groceries, obviously, or rolling the cart to my car and putting my purchases in the trunk.Its true that strangers become uncomfortable with TMI, but its ok to tell them you are incapacitated.

When I arrived here, the new immigrants kind of commended Americans for being stoic and always saying Im fine! even when on their deathbed, but of course found it bizarre, too. Its a cultural thing. We are not supposed to share our problems with people we dont know well. I get it.Still, some exceptions could be made. If you are lonely and feel you need a kind word from a stranger, then why not let them know? In my experience, people are often nicer than given credit for. People always complain about the bad apples, but there are the good folks, too.So not too much detail, but enough to be heard when its needed.I hope you feel better soon, Kris!


How did Santiago Gonzalez learn a dozen programming languages fluently by age 14? I came across a video by THNKR about a boy majoring in CS at a college, and he was 14 at the time. He said he's fluent in about a dozen programming languages.

Hey, lets make a Hello World program in a few different programming languages together!C:#include using namespace std;int main() printf("Hello World"); return 0;C:#includeint main() printf("Hello World"); return 0;Java:public class Main public static void main(String args) System.


println("Hello World"); Python:print "Hello World"Perl:print "Hello World";Lua:print("Hello World")--io.write("Hello World") works tooPHP:print"Hello World";//echo"Hello World"; works tooHTML (if you consider this a programming language):

Hello World!

See how if you get comfortable in one language, the other languages dont look too different? Well, Java in particular looks very different, but for the most part its much easier to pick up other languages when you already have one under your belt.Also, Santiago Gonzalez is an app developer, so he probably will use multiple languages in one app alone. If youre a web developer, youll use HTML/CSS/JS (not to mention how youll more likely than not use some tools to help you like Bootstrap/jQuery/JSON APIs/AJAX) for just a simple website.Im much more impressed by the depth of knowledge someone has in a programming language rather than the amount of languages they know. If he has deep understanding of a dozen languages then damn, that guy knows his chops. Thanks for the A2A!.


Hello! I want to join IAFu2026 Will you please tell ne the entire process from AFCAT to selection? I owe you for the help!

To join IAF as an officer there are two ways which you can opt. The first is through CDS ( COMBINED DEFENCE SERVICES) Examination and the second one is by clearing AFCAT ( AIRFORCE COMMON ADMISSION TEST).Both these examination requires the same level of eligibility criteria i.

e candidate should be a graduate in streams specified by the IAF.After clearing any of the above examination the candidate is shortlisted for the 5 days SSB ( SERVICE SELECTION BOARD) Interview which is conducted at any of the IAF SERVICE SELECTION BOARDS.On the first day of SSB interview all the shortlisted candidates go through Phase - 1 i.

e, screening process, anyone fails to clear the 1st phase is sent back home the same day. The candidates who clear are further allowed to stay and go through Phase - 2 i.e, Group discussion, Group Task, PPT and Personal interview.

After going through all the above process at the end of the day conference is held in which all the board members of that particular board sits and scrutinize each candidate. The candidate clearing all the phase is selected and the rest are sent back home.The selected candidates futher go through medical examination and after clearing the medicals an all india list is prepared based on the cut-offs and interviews marks. The candidate who makes in in the list is then finally selected and sent to IAF Training Academy


Hello Friends give me some unique ideas for organizing exciting activities in college?

Im not so sure about this but ill suggest what i feel may work.Dance : organise flash mobs like events to create social awarness , so that youl cover your excitement and also youl do something useful for society. Without saying you know how cool is to dance and even super cool to do it with same minded people.

Music: join the band in your college or create one and try to stage some shows reguarding social issues so that itl be educational among the students and even fun if you do it right way.Culturals : covers all.Blood donation camps: Organize blood donation camps by combinig with NGOs .Magazine: start to prepare student magazines and indulge students to contribute for it.

Quiz competitions : Brainy is sexy ! There are a lot people wanted to show off their talent and quiz may serve this just well enough.Excursions : just flock out with friends to different places like study your or something.Animal welfare : Allocate a small place in campus for feeding those stray dogs or cats roaming in the campus. Can collect food from students and can feed it or can voluntarily donate or collect donation and can feed them. Same can be done for those pigeons flockinh near highest building in our campus.Hope this helps. Forgive me , if this is not what you expected.

Happy living.

hello Friends give me some unique ideas for organizing exciting activities in college ?


Hello! We recently launched nimbata.com and would really love your feedback on the look & feel as well as the overall UX. What do you think ?!

Hey, checked out the website over an iPhone 5. Overall the design of the website is very clean and very user friendly. I think there can be a few modifications made:1. Currently, I do not think the website has been designed keeping in mind mobile and tablet devices. There is a lot of blank white space below the footer2. I think the URL structure can be changed, which will also help you rank better on search engines. Say for example if someone selects 'Call Routing' the structure could beUnder the 'Solution' drop down, when you select 'Custom Solution', the user is taken to a page where he is given more info. Rather than than if the user has the ability to choose services and make a dynamic service package for himself would be more apt for the heading 'Custom Solution'4. The 'Contact' on top right and 'Contact Us' within the page in blue doesn't stand out at all. Instead, why not template all the internal pages to contain a form on the left5. When on phone and you have to select your country in any of the form, you have to scroll to reach the bottom if you are from United States6. Why don't use your own service? Rather than having old school lead forms, why don't you directly have click-to-call. (The current click-to-call would be easily missed by a user)Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps :)


Hello to all! I was wondering, we say that when Interest rates goes up, the price of the bond decrease. Which Interests rates are we talking about? Is is the central bank rates?

Two interest rates are there in your question. one is interest rate for bond (its also called coupon rate). It is fixed interest rate.(For ex: 2 % per year)Second one is the central bank interest rate which increase or decrease over the time. Central banks decides this according to economic situation.Now your question, when interest goes upu2026it means central govt increase the interest rate to (for ex from 1.5 % to 3%). how does it affect bond price?when you can get extra interest rate in newly announced interest rate schemes why should you keep that old bond and get low income every year.

So people would start selling old bonds and nobody would buy it in original price. because it can give only low returns compare to new interest rate schemes. So bond price would be reduced in such a way to give the same rate as today.

If 100 rs bond gives 2 rupees as interest (actually this 2 rupees coupon per year is fixed irrespective of bond price) then the bond price would be reduced to Rs. 66.67, now also you get only 2 rupees but your return is 2/66.67 3 percentage.There are so many other things (like convexity) involved in practice but this is the basic idea. If you are a finance student first learn present value of future cash flow. If you learn step by step then finance would be a highly interesting subject. These bonds, IRS, forward contracts and FRAs will fascinate you.


What screams "I am into you"?

We were a group of 6 boys and girls, we had been friends forever, spent all our free time together and went everywhere together. So it's myself and my male and female cousins, our best friend, her brother and male cousin. Naturally we come and go as we please at each others homes, we have a long history of just hanging out together.

We were about 18yrs old when this was about to change. My besties brother wanted to be more than friends, and the dynamics of the group had to change. He had to claim me his words, and show everyone I'm off limits. SoHe waits for me at the bustop after work and I get a hallo kissWe hold hands as he walks me homeLots of light touches in front of the parents and friendsStands behind you, touches your hair, shoulders, whispers in your earStands in front of you so you focus on him only, talks while touching you lightly, tucks your hair behind your earOffers to help with whatever you're doing, going to do or want to doWe make plans and he picks me up alone, not with the whole gang.Talks softly so only you hear, it looks like little intimate momentsWalking around with a constant stupid grin on your faceAfter a week my mom just shouted Enough already!

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Is Hello Kitty Okay for a Middle Schooler?
I am gonna be a sophomore in high school and I am wearing one of my hello kitty pjs!1. Same model car hello signals?Have you been watching Maximum Overdrive? I've never heard of such a thing2. snow in april, what the hello?The North has crazy weather..You just never know..One minute, it's sunny..The next it's a crazy ice storm....You just never know what the weather brings and the meterologist is no help either3. "Hello, World!”I made this for you!JavaScript function golf is included into the language page HTML, so use it right from the console!If you want it as an alert, here you are (21 byte):That said, I finally got time for improvement of the framework.: I mean, the language golfing framework4. Poll: Nicest way to say hello?hard situation check out from google or bing that will could help5. Are you obsess with Hello Kitty ?No. I do have a few Hello Kitty stuff, but i am more obsess with it's company "Sanrio" I like Cinnamoroll, Badtz- Maru and Kuromi more than Kitty White.6. Can you say hello to me?This is much harder than I thought it would beAfter much consideration, and agonizing, I have made up my mindThere's no turning back nowIt's now or neverHello7. hello kitty and others?YES YES I loooved Hello Kitty! And Franklin was so coool! I used to watch Tiny Toons when I was sick and home from school!8. Favorite Sanrio Character (Hello Kitty)?HeLLO KITTTY!!!! then its Kuromi, then Pochacco! >:D9. How do you say Hello in Korean?"Anyonghashimnika?" is almost literally the 'How are you?' greeting10. What is hello in spanish?Great! Ur back! FQ: No. Bayern are gonna win for sure. I think the whole of Switzerland **** their pants whenever Gomez got the ball. Round of 16 has been crazy specially 2nd leg, as 1st leg, good teams didnt do their best away but made an amazing comeback (Chelsea, Bayern, Barca, Real) and Inter vs Marseille was crazy too (last minute goals)11. What is it like to use a Sense by Hello?I am the husband mentioned in Paula Griffin's answer. I am also enjoying the Sense quite a bit. The smart alarms are my favorite feature. Through some experimentation, I've found that I am very sensitive to where in my sleep cycle I wake up. I tried various smart alarm apps on and off for a few years, but they were generally buggy or sensitive to phone placement. The Sense does way better and gets me up at a consistently pleasant time.The additional sleep data is also nice, particularly in combination with my Basis Peak. The data generally agree between devices, and any errors from, e.g., reading in bed after my alarm are easy to correct in the Sense app. It also seems like the Sense app is doing a lot locally on the phone and handling subsequent API calls asynchronously; for example, changes to wakeup time are reflected instantaneously throughout the app. This is a welcome change from the Basis app, which can be quite sluggish. It was a bit funny to see a protobuf error during setup, though, particularly as a Googler.PS: The partner movement tracking is great, especially since we've decided to blame all sleep disruptions on the dog.12. Are there any Hello Kitty fans out there???Yea I love Hello Kitty13. Is it a sin for a guy to like hello kitty?Nope not a sin! If that's your how you roll than work it :) Do not let anyone talk smack. You own that hello kitty bracelet!14. mac hello kitty collection?confusing point check out at bing and yahoo just that may help15. How do you say "Hello" in Persian?It is read like : salum16. Hello Kitty Shirt for a guy :D?Uhm. Its style of unatractive for a hi Kitty shirt. Get something else thats hi Kitty. in line with hazard Shoelaces or Socks, underclothes.. even . in case you like the colour pink get some guy Polo Shirts that are pink or a photograph tee. desire this helped. & stable luck on your decission.17. Different ways of saying "Hello & Goodbye"?extremely tough matter try searching from google and yahoo this could help
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What Does Offset Tell Us in Assembly Language?
In x86 assembly language, it means address of, in contrast to contents of.movax,snd_dingintcallbackmovsi,offset info_piccallload_pixmovsi,offset info_screencallscreen_manager(Little piece of old DOS code there)Offset info_pic means the address of an image. Without the word offset it would just load the first 16 bits of the image into SI.• Other QuestionsWhy do Poles, Czechs and Slovaks dislike communism when they have received economic help from the USSR?hahaha - economic help prom USSR I haven't heard such a stupid joke for a very long time. Useless to explain the difference between economics in Czechia (Czechoslovakia) and USSR. USSR pushed all countries to change their economic program to what they were used to - raw materials, steel production and coal mining etc., however, Czech economics were always based on light industry, technologies and final products. That is why they completely destroyed our economic system. I am sorry, but I have to laugh------How do I say hi?You square you feet to your shoulders, you ever so slightly crouch a little at the knee, you look the person in their eye and say "Hi". It takes a little practice to get it right. Myself, I'm from Texas so I use "Howdy". Howdy still flies down here. Also "how y'all doin'". But the stance is the same for any of them. "Sup" is a good one when talking to an urban crowd------What's better, to say:"hi all" or "hi to all"?The proper way to say it ". Hi to all," but the best way to say it "Hi all" depending on who you are addressing it can matter what you say to all. It makes sense to use the " Hi to all" when addressing the group or crowd, "Hi all" when addressing a group of people you know------Why do Albanians and Serbians dislike each other?You are using inappropriate word. There is sure animosity and intolerance, but it is reciprocal, and it is certainly generalised. Albanians from Albania doesnt hate Serbs and Serbs doesnt hate Albanians from Albania. The problem is Kosovo that create frictions and intolerance, feed by stupid nationalism on both sides. The truth is that they are not so dissimilar as it appears, with similar mentality and similar blind stupidity that shut out possibilities of normal coexistence. I have numerous Albanian close friends and they share my opinion------Who gets paid more nurse practitioner or physician assistant?If you take a look at the stats, the two positions are paid about the same on average with NPs having a median salary of $107,030 (Source) and PAs having a median salary of $108,610 (Source).However, as you would expect, salaries can vary a lot depending on where you live and what industry you work in, among other things.The state with the highest median salary ($133,780) for NPs is California, while the state with the highest median salary ($125,610) for PAs is Connecticut.------How do I pay for nursing home care with social security?Nothing. It is the income part of a senior retirement, in and of itself it pays for nothing medical. Medicare which most people over 65 use is the governments basic health benefit system. It only pays as Althea Tanner noted for rehabilitation - not custodial care. Some states use Medicaid to help people in that situation and it often required turning over assets to the state for the coverage. An average nursing home can run 20,000 a month------Which artist sang the song "Squeeze Box"?"Squeeze Box" is a song by The Who from their album The Who by Numbers. Written by Pete Townshend, the lyrics are couched in sexual double entendres. Unlike many of the band's other hits, the song features country-like elements, seen in Townshend's guitar finger picking."Squeeze Box" was a commercial success, peaking at No. 10 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 16 in the US BillboardHot 100. The song is also their only international number-one hit, reaching No. 1 in Canada, and No. 2 on the Irish singles chart------What should I say to her after I said 'hi' in a text?It would be easier to answer if more details were given. Who is this girl? what kind of friendship are you pursuing? Etc.Did you say hi already and she didn't respond? Maybe she is busy. Tell her what is on your mind and if she could text you back when she has a free minute.Girls don't like games. Asking the internet what to say to a girl you like probably isnt the way to go------What is the best iPhone app for learning or studying Chinese?Another app that can assist the student with the speaking aspect of learning a foreign language: EchoHacks Speech Trainerwww.youtube.com/echohacks101Video 3,4 demonstrates how to use the app for language learning.You can run all of the apps from the previous posts, while running the speech trainer in the background.Disclaimer: I am the developer of Echohacks Speech Trainer.I built this tool to practice my own pronunciation / speech.------What simple phrases are good for polite flirting in Serbian (female to male)?I dont know - thats a great question actually and I havent seen it answered to my satisfaction yet ither. I think this is mostly because I dont really see women initiatate contact there just like here in Toronto.However, I have seen my girl friends give off little signals like smiling a lot at the guy and not breaking contact until he approaches and starts conversing with them. If that happens, you can drop all pretensions and just act be yourself------Is "Dear All" an appropriate intro for an email intended for no specific person of a large group?Not particularly, IMHO. Far better to address email to the supervisor of the group and make a salutation along the lines of to the internet sales group who have been working on our new sales pitch for internet sales..I am pleased to report your new advertisement has resulted in a 20% increase in sales, this quarter! Keep up the good work:!That way the supervisors position is referenced, while the praise is equally given to all the group!------Would you recommend a K-Drama which is set in high school and focuses on romance without any add-ons about idols, sports, etc.?A high school k-drama which I really hold dear to my heart is Sassy Go Go, or Cheer Up. are many other school life k-dramas.In addition to SASSY GO GO Here are some other ones:Cheese in the Trap (college)The School 2015, 2016 etc. series (but those are idol dramas)Angry MomBoys over FlowersDream High (also idol drama)AND MOORIM SCHOOL. (This has elements of fantasy and action, but it is in a school/academy setting)I hope this helped!------Can someone be truly Dutch without a Dutch last name?Noone is truly dutch in the sense that ALL his or her ancestors came from Dutch soil. It is a myth that that would be even possible in such a small country. But: since the Netherlands did have some foreign nations as rulers it is possible that a very Dutch family just chose a French last name for instance, because French was the lingua franca at that time. So even in the most unlikely hypothetical case that someone is 100% Dutch it is still possible that their last name isnt------Why did you learn Machine Learning?Machine Learning is the base of Artificial Intelligence and RoboticsMy passion is Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. And if a person wants to start mastering anything, he/she needs to master the fundamentals and basics of that particular field. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Machine Learning is the first course one should learn as that will give pre-requisite knowledge to progress further in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.------How did you say hello to your old friend?I have recently reconnected with some of my old classmates from a few years ago, I literally just started with:Hi, we haven't talked in like 2 years, how's life been?If they didn't know who I was, I told them after, but whatever.It depends on how bold you are and the specific relationship with the person before you stopped talking. WHOOPS I reread the question and I realized you could've meant your friend you've had for years...Just say hi?Hope this helps,Audrey.------Which is the easiest way to learn Chinese?Be prepared for a great deal of frustration and steel yourself to overcome the inevitable obstacles. That said, you need a grounding in basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary in a structured class setting or equivalent. After that, watch Chinese TV and listen, listen, listen. Pick out often used words and phrases and get translated. Isolate yourself in a Chinese-only environment, preferably Beijing, and become part of a vibrant culture. Take a keen interest in their food, history, culture, and literature.------Why did Hitler hate the Czechs so much?Im not a historian, but i dont think he felt particular hate towards the Czechs.Czechs were only part of an ethnic group that he hated. Not as much as Jews, so he had other plans for them. Slavic ethnicity was to be used a slave workforce with the prospect of its extermination in the future. But Slavs were not share the same fate as the Jews in his Final Solution, active genocide.But you should ask some historians, rly------How do you say sorry in Arabic?Depends on what you will use it for .If you want to say: sorry!! I made a mistake, then you should use aatadir . notice the first letter should be prounouced as A in English for Americawhereas the second A should be prounouced like a harsh A from the deep of throat. To make that sound touch your throat and try to make A a vibrant sound. If that is still complicated try and listen to a dog when it's threateningly trying to push you away from it's food------Why there is no output for this code Console.WriteLine ("hello")?At the top it tells me Question asked: C (programming language)Whether you were supposed to write C# or not, I dont know, but if so, can you please reply with the whole code block.You should end Console.WriteLine(); with a semi-colon, which indicates the end of a statement in most languages.Or..Cs hello world looks like this:#include int main()std::cout ------How do you greet your dog when you come home?They must remain at a certain distance from the front door and remain kind of calm or no petting and treat until then. Otherwise I would be rewarding bad behavior so even when Im going crazy to pet them and play with them I try to train myself to remain calm and steady. Dogs are precious and they become what you allow or teach them to be!!!.------How do we print the class name as output in Java?In Java.lang.Class class their is a method getName() and getSimpleName(). getName() returns full name of class including package. getSimpleName() returns only class name. You can use it as AnyClass.class.getName(). If you have object of your class then you can use obj.getClass(). getName().Ex:String name Integer.class.getName();/ name contains java.lang.IntegerString name Integer.class.getSimpleName();/ name contains IntegerInteger i 5;String name i.getClass().getName();/ name contains java.lang.Integer------How do you greet professors in western culture?Thanks to Dip Majumder for the A2A.I generally keep things simple. If it's a public setting, I generally address my professors as "Professor Smith" -- first time and all the time. In a private setting, if the professor is a new acquaintance, still "Professor Smith" until something different happens. Other than that, I've been lucky to have nice, easygoing professors during my university days and on first-name terms with nearly all of them.------How do you say "Him/Her" in Hungarian?Since there is no gender differentiation in third-person singular in the Hungarian language, both translates to t (pronounce like the ea in heard, but longer), where -t is the subject suffix. He/She is simple translates to .In order to know who you are talking about (a male or female) you have to check the context.Example:I love him - Szeretem t.I love her - Szeretem t.Its the same, you have to check the context to know who are you talking about.------What kind of online business can I start by myself if I don't know how to code and having only $1k?I'm not the most knowledgeable about starting a business (yet), but Quora is filled with people in the same situation as yours. First step might be to browse a little bit through Quora with the keywords in your question.Plus, considering the state of your country, perhaps going in the streets and listening to people's needs would give you some clues. It requires you to synthesize what you hear but I believe it's worth a try
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What Is the Thai Word for "hello"?
The most basic ones is "สวัสดี" (sa-was-dee:you want to specific the timeframe you can add:nตอนเช้า (Torn-chaw) Morningnตอนบ่าย (Torn-Bai) Afternoonnตอนเย็น (Torn-Yen) EveningFor politeness, you can add "ครับ" (krab) if you're male or "ค่ะ" (kah) if you're female.*Please note that the transliteration can be different from person to person*.• Other QuestionsWhat is the "Hello, World!" equivalent for a machine learning class? Can this been seen, hours, weeks or months into the class? Is machine learning not for the normal human being?Hello World and Aha moments are different concepts, though it can be the same in a given situation. Hello World signifies the first baby step you took today. Depending upon your threshold, your Aha moment can happen today or in infinity.In ML, a Hello World (Supervised) is a linear classification problem. Imagine a world where you are asked to classify red squares and blue circles. They are very different classes, so one can draw a simple line or a curved line or their different versions to segregate them, but which version is the best? Thats Hello World ML Maths part. When you may understand it, then you can have your Aha moment. Now that moment may mean the realization of the maths behind it, or applying that to some cool application (in your opinion) or developing a great mobile app and so on.(Source: Support Vector Machines for classification and regression ).------How can I write a program to print hello in C without using any # in the program?How can I write a program to print hello on C without using any # in the program?Try this:int print_f(const char *data);int main(void)print_f("Hello worldn");return 0;/* write your own function for printing data */int print_f(const char* data)write(1, data, strlen(data) );return 0;OUTPUT: Hello worldHere is another version, using our own str_len instead of the built-in strlen:int print_f(const char *data);int write(int filedes, const void *buf, unsigned int nbyte);int str_len(const char *s);int main(void)print_f("Hello worldn");return 0;/* write your own function */int print_f(const char* data)write(1, data,str_len(data) );return 0;/* write your own string counter * returns the string length */int str_len(const char *s)int length 0;int i 0;/* loop through the string */for(i0; si !'0'; i)/ do the countlength;/return the count/length;return length;Hope it helps.------While (1,0,1) printf ("hello world"); Would this loop will work?As other writers have rightly mentioned , I will recap the two most important take away points here:Bracket () has the highest precedence than other operators, so in compiler's perspective: Whatever resides inside them will be evaluated initially. In this case the statement following the while (1,0,1)Comma , has the left-to-right associativity. Simply put, it will prefer the the right-most value or more precisely an operand. Therefore, when the following while loop is executed, it ignores the first two operands from the left and reads the rightmost operand, which in this case is 1 (True in terms of Boolean Logic).Therefore the execution of the snippet will result in printing the string "hello world" indefinitely many times. Though this is a very simple concept, interviewers love to grill candidates using this very question to test their knowledge of the subject.Hope this helps !!!.------How do I say hello in Kenya?With a mixed population of 44 tribes speaking predominantly different languages, Kenyans all over are conversant with Swahili, besides the English not so well spoken unless in urban areas.So, in Swahili you say hello by any of the words; jambo/hujambo, shikamoo, habari, vipi, niaje. Any of the last two are totally casual with the first two mostly used in formal settings. Well, also note all the words as stated above are in assumption the hello is being addressed to a single party. If saying hello to a group or more than one party, the words could change form or include additional words to suit application.Therefore, saluting more than one person, you most likely would use any of these words; hamjambo, habari zenu, niajeni. These are the widely used Swahili terms around Kenya. However, there exist other more specific words of greetings under swahili that, however, are not so much used outside literature or learning environments.Hope you get along well------If I can print "Hello, World!", would that make me a better programmer than average?Yes... absolutely ... it's about how you are going to get the string and print. if you follow the below steps for getting and printing the hello world, then you are better programmer.assume that you have different channels through which you would get some sequence of letters. if you combine them in a proper order you would get the expected string.Have a tcp ip server running and connect him which would give you few letters.Develop one more program and communicate with your program through IPC, and the new program would give you few lettersDownload a html file from configure URL which would give few lettersRetrieve few letters from kernel memoryAssume that If you can run the communication sequence in a configured order, then would you get "Hello, World".So, ideally, read value from multiple channels as per the configuration and print it. The Channels are responsible to give the full string in broken order.All the best!------Why is "hello world" famous for programmers?Its fascinating how such a simple phrase which is likely to have been uttered in different context throughout human history has now become, and ever will be, typecast to computer programmers, tech types, and general geeks. In every programming language and development platform, there is a lesson plan that starts with creating a Hello World filean exercise that allows the creation of something that announces itself to the world.I don't doubt that Cavemen were writing some form of "Hello World" on the biggest rock they could find. Self awareness is an ability to say Hello to the world and recognize one's place in it. Philosophers have been contemplating the meaning of "Hello World" for centuries. Computer Programmers laugh at it and joke about the implications of Self Aware Artificial Intelligence computers.Also see Nathan Digangi's post in Nathan Digangi's Posts------What is the legend of 'hello'?We use hello several times a day to greet people or attract attention. But as prevalent as the word is, "hello" is relatively new.Hello came into existence in the mid-1800s. It is an alteration of hallo, which was an alteration of holla or hollo. These words were used to attractimmediate attention and demand that the listener come to a stop or cease what he or she was doing. Hallo was used to incite hunting dogs.Hello gained widespread usage though the increased use of the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell had originally suggested the telephone greeting ahoy. But the greeting that stuck was hello, which may have been suggested by Thomas Edison. Hello-girls were the name for the the central telephone exchange operators.Hullo is the interjection used in Great Britain. However, hello has become just as common.Express your Ideasud83dudca1------What is the output of the following command, and how: 'Printf ("%d", sizeof (printf ("hello")));'?To precisely answer this, things to know:printf is a "pre-defined" functionevery function has 3 part : Definition, Call, BodyDefinition contains return type and arguments passed. definition and body can be merged into one(only body).Ex- return_type functionName(arguments);|| int myName(int name);Like this printf is a function pre-defined in the C library with return type as integer.So integer is a 4bytes variable. Thus sizeof(printf("anything")) will return 4 bytes as printf returns int.Different type of examples you can easily understand from:printf("%d",sizeof(short));printf("%d",sizeof(char));printf("%d",sizeof(int));printf("%d",sizeof(float));printf("%d",sizeof(printf("anything")));Answers(respectively):21444I endeavored to make it easy to understand. If it helped give a upvote!!What is the output of the following command and how? Printf ("%d", sizeof (printf ("hello")));.------Would it be inappropriate to say "hello young lady" to a woman who is very old?I do it.Or something like it.Our big model train shows are attended by thousands of people, including many senior couples for whom a visit to the show is an occasion of state; to them it is a date. The show itself is owned and operated by senior people; a lot of gray hair, in there. And I are one.As they pay their $20 to enter, I say to the gentleman, Thanks for being with us, and I see you have brought your daughter with you. Always a good idea to introduce youngsters to the hobby, and especially girls.To this, the man will laugh heartily, and his lady will wink at him.And I will lean in to her and say, Can you do something to make him go away, and come back here later? She will always laugh, and the two stroll away, holding hands.Perfect!.------How do I say "Hello! How are you?" in German?Informal:Hallo, wie geht's (dir)? hello how are you? (literally how goes it (to you))Na/Hey, wie geht's (dir)? hey, how are you?FormalHallo, wie geht es Ihnen? hello how are you (using the formal "you" for people in authority/you don't know)It should be noted however that Germans do not ask how are you as a greeting in the same way Americans do. In fact, if you say these phrases above Germans will feel prompted to answer you with how they are actually doing and could be annoyed/offended if they realize you're just saying hello in "American". So only say hello and don't ask how are you unless you really want to know. If you're passing by someone at school or work you'd probably say instead(Guten) Morgen! morning!(Guten) Tag! literally "good day" but is really just a way of saying helloHow do you say "Hello, how are you?" in German?------How do you say hello in African language?1. Howzit A traditional South African greeting that translates roughly as How are you? or simply Hello.2. Heita An urban and rural greeting used by South Africans. A cheery slang form of saying Hello.3. Aweh A South African slang word used to acknowledge something or greet someone and is mainly used in the coloured community.4. Sawubona (First person singular) If you meet a South African and you would like to greet them in isiZulu, you can say Sawubona meaning greetings.5. Molo You can also try greet a South African in Xhosa by saying Molo which means How are you doing?6. Unjani This is another way you can greet someone in isiZulu meaning Hello.7. Thobela Thobela means How are you? which is a formal way of greeting someone in Pedi.8. Dumela (Setswana) Mainly used with the Tswana people, this can also be used to greet a South African.9. Hoe gaan dit? Taken from Afrikaans, which means How are you?10. Sharp Fede South African township greeting meaning Hello, how are you?
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How Do I Write a Java Program to Check Whether It Is a Special Number Or Not (using Java.util and Sc
First thing is did you tried yourself.If yes, what is the issue which you are facing?If no, its better to try yourself as asking someone to provide program wont help you anyway. You are missing on learning opportunity.I would suggest rather than asking question directly, first try yourself• Related QuestionsHow do I reverse a String in Java without using any loop or inbuilt methods?public class StringRecursiveReversal String reverse "";public String reverseString(String str)if(str.length() 1)return str; else reverse str.charAt(str.length()-1) reverseString(str.substring(0,str.length()-1));return reverse;public static void main(String a)StringRecursiveReversal srr new StringRecursiveReversal();System.out.println("Result: "srr.reverseString("Java2novice"));Output:Result: ecivon2avaJ------The most polite way to end a text message conversation?Good talking to you but I have something that I need to do!!It was good speaking to you, take care and will catch you at another time.If its formal you could say that it was a pleasure speaking to you and thank you for your time but I need to be somewhere now. Take care------Are Chinese people racist against Indians?Yes these chinese are very much against Indians, they just want to do business in any way or illegal way to earn money apart that they always against Indians, and this Come to continues propaganda by their govt they are the best which they didn't almost zero, with low level IQ and intellect also previous corrupt govt did nothing for improvement instead of busy in corruption------What is the ethnicity of Austrians?hmmmmHuman, European, Central European, Austrian, ...Austria is more like a country consisting of a couple of ethnicities. There are at least as much as we got provinces and those don't always stop at the province or nation borders.All of those would see themselves as Austrian, but I got no Idea if Austria itself would qualify to be called an ethnicity itself.------How do I add two numbers in assembly language?First of all, there are many Instructions Sets (assembly language) for each architecture. To do something like this:Three-operand architecture (RISC - PowerPC);A: BClwz r2, num1lwz r3, num2 add r4,r3,r2orTwo-operand architecture (CISC - x86 ):;A:Bmov eax, num1mov ebx, num2;A:AB add eax,ebx------What can I infer from people who don't say hi?I can Hi to you. Just open you mind that maybe he/she doesnt have time or there's another reason for them, just dont be upset necause people are all sifferent.Or I should say just leave it other wise your making yourself stressful.No worries its not a big deal. Hi to you! Be happy and enjoy life------I have an idea for a startup, but I don't know coding, what do I do?Having a well composed team is the first step of starting a startup. Think about it. what are the key skills that you will need for your startup? Sales, marketing, app development, data science?Build a team that is well balanced with all the skills. As a startup founder, your first win is finding great cofounders. The second, building the first team. Product and funding and everything else comes only later------What should you never say to a born again Christian?There are many topics in the Bible that are not wise to raise. Examples are: approval of human slavery; approval of beating children; executing women who have sex before marriage, executing gays and lesbians, etc These are all immoral by today's standards. Discussing them with a believer in the Bible may cause them to lose faith.------Did Roman women really not have first names?In the roman empire/republic, men had three names: the first name (for Lucius Cornelius Sulla, it would be Lucius), the cognomen, which was the name of the family (here, Cornelius) and the name (Sulla) which was to prevent confusions with another Lucius Cornelius. Women didnt have that last one, so they had titles (such as the Young, or the Beautiful for example)------Is winking an eye another way of saying hello?In short, No.It can mean that someone is interested in you sexually.It could also be a sign to not take someone's words seriously in a joking situation. A person may (in a joking manner) proceed by saying something cheeky to someone to provoke them, while winking at somebody else, implying that its a joke.------I am a beginner programmer. How do I get better?First, start with a good teaching language. See Richard Kenneth Eng's answer to Which programming language should I start learning with?Second, practice writing software. Lots and lots of software. Lots and lots of practice. This may take years, so youll need to be patient and determined.There is no substitute for hard work and practice------What is thank you in Bengali?Bengali culture is very much awesome they know how to respect other and a big part is the language #kemon atchen dada #ami tomake valobasi #koi go suncho etcand also a big part is women wearing SAREE its look amazing the women in saree..and bengoly weddings it just awesome so many colours too many rituals just loved it..one of my friends click some snapsBimal Photography.------How do you say "yes" in Arabic?(Yes) in Arabic is pronounced as (Naam) or ( Na m) & this is the word which most people use in all Arab countries .The Arabic dialect word for (Yes) is or pronounced as (Aywa)and also used by all Arabs.It means also in both cases (yes, I agree with you) ! in response to statment by another party.------What does MA mean in Tamil?If we use word ma while calling women then it is way of respect that is short form of amma which means mother.if it is used in fruit shop then it indicates the fruit mango which is shortly called as ma.in simple ma can be tamil translation of english word MAM.------How do I print without spaces in python?Simply convert list to string.a1,2,3astr(a) #converting and replacing list with stringprint(a) #printing string.This should give the output in required format. However, this will replace list by string. If you want to retain list, then try this one:a1,2,3 #listbstr(a) #b is now stringprint(b) #print string.Hope this helps!keep learning; happy Programming :)------What is Electric Light Orchestra's most successful song?Whether it sold more than any of their other songs or not, their most successful song without any doubt at all is Mr Blue Sky.This joyous song, the final movement of Concerto For A Rainy Day, is so well known that I feel I need to say little more about it------Can you recommend any slice of life kind of Asian dramas like Age of Youth 1 & 2 or My Mister?One Korean drama came to my mind when I read this question.Because This Is My First LifeThis is an excellent drama about relationships, one very unique that involves our lead actress, Jung So Min as Yoon Ji Ho, and two others. I would highly recommend watching at least the first episode to see if it might be of interest to you.It can be streamed from Viki or Netflix.------What is the best language to learn after C and C?You should learn Java because Java is more easier than c after learning c,c you'll be able to learn java easily and quick.With Java you can learn web designing,desktop application,hibernate, etc.And also it helps to code into Android OS.To start java from your home and for easy notes reffer------How should I introduce myself without using "I" ,"MYSELF"?Always introduce yourself with Hello or Hi, My name is (enter your name), or I am (enter your name).Never use myself (your name) to introduce yourself its a wrong english. Always introduce yourself with a Smile that will make the other person comfortable. You can also say Hey Wassup, I am (your name) shake their hand with a firm grip with smile on your face------C - How to ask user for a sentence and create an array with each word of the sentence?Have you looked at how to read a line using C? Pretty basic, second-week-of-freshman-programming stuff. Creating an array of words is about that same level. It would surprise me if there werent several hundred examples of this findable via Web search.Sorry, I was wrong in my estimate of several hundred examples. I gave Google the search phrasec program count words in sentenceand in 0.64 seconds it found 48,600,000 solutions.------What are some programming paradigms other than object-oriented? What are their pros and cons?Since no one has mentioned it: Aspect-oriented programmingObject-oriented programming is the umpteenth iteration of making programming more modular. Aspect-oriented programming turns this on its side: it specifies that certain actions need to be attached to certain "aspects" of the code. In its simplest form you can say that a certain code fragment needs to be done at the start of every routine. The standard example is adding instrumentation to a code------If someone who knows me doesn't say hi to me, does it mean that they don't like me?No, it could also mean they don't have much energy. For example, in the past year, I have had so little energy that I don't say hi to a lot of people I know, because I am too tired to start a conversation or anything. Just say hi to them and see if they respond!.------How do you say 'How are you?' in Punjabi?In Punjabi language, we say, ki hal aa/ey / / and its classical version is kehda hal aa/ey /. In my boyhood,40years back, the women of old flock used to say souna khabra(n) means tell what is the news, it was a beautiful way to learn about the condition of the other person------What are Serbian men like?I know quite a few Serbian dudes, who had migrated to Australia after the collapse of Yugoslavia. They were nice dudes, but hated the Croats, Bosnians & Macedonians and always insisted the Serbs got attacked first, and so the others deserved to be ethnically cleansed that it was either them or usOther than their political views, they were good friends------Do you ever get these weird moments where you think, "This is real life?"?I wouldn't worry about it. I often feel as if I were a character in a novel, a bit removed from reality. I have an intense dream life, which my go toward explaining this feeling.As for getting dizzy, who knows. Could be flashbacks, or could be some physicalcause. Have you ever had a concussion?------Why should I learn Esperanto?It takes about 10 years to learn to speak any language fluently, (or 10,000 hours) so you have your work cut out for you. It takes one to two years to speak Esperanto fluently, so when you have given up your pipe dreams about German,Spanish,French, Japanese and Portuguese then at least you'll still be speaking Esperanto------Why my python code snippet is printing none along with the answer?When you are doing print fact() it would print the return value from fact() method.But the fact() method isnt returning anything and thats why its printing None.If you have done return ans instead of print ans . your snippet would have print the result without printing None.Hope it works !!------How do I say "What is your name" in Russian?Russian is a beautiful language and it it circumscribe a wonderful world of astonishing diversity and heritageComing to the languageif you just want to ask someone what is your namesimply sayKak vas zavoot.Which roughly translates to what are you called..And it's reply is given asMenya zavoot..followed by your name------How can I print my name in C language without using printf and scanf?Those are two different functions If you want to print without using them then I think you have to write your own function with the definition that instructs the program to display the data on screen Go ahead read the function definition in stdio.h and tell me if you find any help------Are Czechs and Slovaks considered white?Yes, they are Slavic White central Europeans. I can understand this question being asked to the Mediterranean, Southern European type people like the Italians, Spanish and Greeks. But why these people? They pretty much look like any default White European just a little darker haired compared to the Nords but pretty much same colour as the Anglo saxons/Celt Western Europeans with slight different facial features.------I like this guy, and he texts me things like "Hello Sunshine." What kind of texts should I send back?You sound try to be as authentic as possible. Send something back that sounds good to YOU. If you are already getting hung up on the little things like a response to a text, that doesn't bode well for any future to this relationship. Be genuine, be yourself and hopefully he will like you more for that reason------How do you say "I love you" in Serbian?You can either use the voljeti/voleti or ljubiti. Ljubiti usually means to kiss but can also be used to mean to love.To say I love you: Volim te - Ljubim te.Use both verbs with accusative of the noun you love.Example: Volim tebe / Volim mamu / Volim au.Conjugation of Voljeti and Ljubiti
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Why Does My Dog Always Greet Me with a Toy?
He wants attention after being somewhat bored all day and thinking about how you will play with him when you get home. My Doug really wants me to get down on the floor with him and engage in a tug of war with that toy he drags over, and I can tell this because he always carefully picks out one that is big enough for both of us to grab. Even as he has gotten older (12) he brings the toy and waits for me to do the game. He is not as strong as he was when he was five, but he is just as enthusiastic• Suggested ReadingWhy do emails need a .com at the end?Emails don't "need" a .COM at the end but emails based on URLs that are NOt .com tend to have a couple of common issues.Auto correct and human instinct tend to lead toward .COM. That leads to lost emails. Those emails COULD be new clients, new investors new employees that are lost OR angry clients and missed opportunities that cannot be recovered.Then there is the aspect of .com that creates the appearance of age or success. Two things that are terrific for gaining client trust and confidence.So don't need a .com but some would say you can't do without...I am founder and CEO of M2C digital------What happens when a C program compiles?Compiling isn't quite the same as creating an executable file! Instead, creating an executable is a multistage process divided into two components: compilation and linking.Compilation refers to the processing of source code files (.c, .cc, or .cpp) and the creation of an 'object' file.Linking refers to the creation of a single executable file from multiple object files.An assembler is used to translate the assembly instructions to machine code, or object code. The output consists of actual instructions to be run by the target processor.Linking is the final stage of compilation. It takes one or more object files as input and combines them to produce a single or executable file------How many characters can the c_string char str 128 contain?Each ASCII character takes 1 byte. A char array of length 128 is a contiguous memory of 128 bytes. So you can store exactly 128 ASCII characters in the above char array.Most of the standard library functions that deal with character strings expect that the characters be located in contiguous memory bytes. Also they expect that the last memory byte be filled with NULL ('0'). This is a design decision made to avoid passing around the length of the arrays or passing start pointer and end pointer in order to handle strings. So if you reserve the last byte (str127) for NULL character, then there are 127 memory bytes (str0 to str126) for user to store characters.------What assembly program can allow you to input 3 numbers, sums them, and displays the output?While admiring Ken Ronohs answer, I have to say it is a bit of a nonsense question. This is a question for a higher level programming language that lets you reads input from a console and then displays it. its not the sort of thing you should do in assembler because its usually tied to a particular Operating System.To do that in assembly requires an operating system that has an API that lets you get input from the keyboard and output text to the display.Write it in Basic, Python, C, C, Delphi, C#, Java and a few other programming languages but not assembler.Kens answer by necessity doesnt specify what Os it would run on as the original question didnt.------When do we say "nice to meet you"? Is it said during first introduction or while leaving?A2A:Upon meeting: "Nice to meet you."At the end of the meeting (if it was the first): "It was nice meeting you!" "It was nice to have met you (today)."At the end of the meeting (if it was the first, but you had been in contact with the person over the phone or otherwise): "It was nice having met up with you!"At the end of the meeting (if it was not the first, and especially if it was with more than one person): "It was nice meeting up with you (people, folk, or guys)."------Which artist sang the song "Turn Down For What"?DJ Snake and Lil Jon are the ones that recorded the most recent and fairly popular song "Turn Down For What" in 2013.Video:Lyrics:Fire up that loudAnother round of shotsTurn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?Fire up that loudAnother round of shotsTurn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?Fire up that loudAnother round of shotsFire up that loudAnother round of shotsFire up that loudAnother round of shotsFire up that loudAnother round of shotsTurn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?Turn down for what?------How do I make perfume oil from scratch?Most perfumes are made by distilling plant parts. I was researching this as a way to create my own essential oils a few years ago, and while it is possible to do, the process would have involved more money than I was willing to invest into it. You also need vast amounts of perfume making material, i.e. flowers, twigs, leaves, etc., than most people have ready access to normally if you want to make a lot. Here are a couple of links to help you along: Distilling Essential Oils - An Art and a Science?How to Make Your Own Oil Based Perfume at Home------Why did you learn Machine Learning?Machine learning is currently one of the hottest topics in IT. The reason stems from the seemingly unlimited use cases in which machine learning can play a role, from fraud detection to self-driving cars to identifying your "gold card" customers to price prediction.More Than an Education: Machine Learning Course gives you the knowledge, confidence, and experience to help you make your professional career better.Stand Apart in the Crowd with Certification: Machine Learning Course makes you more selective in the eyes of future employers and helps to increase your earning potential.Better Career Prospects: Machine Learning's knowledge can significantly increase your job possibilities at the same time provide you with professional skills and knowledge to compete in industry. Read More------How can I start in quantum computing programming?Just in case it is of any use to you, here are some notes that I have made in my annotated index of past issues of the New Scientist (NS) magazine on the subject:The Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information, at the University of Bristol, has become the first establishment to make quantum computing available to the public, via the internet (NS, 30-Nov-2013, p10). Indeed, the UK aims, though the Quantum UK programme, by 2020, to have built a parallel network of twenty 20-qubit quantum computers (Q20:20) and to have a Bristol-London-Cambridge QKD network (NS, 17-Oct-2015, p10). IBM has also made a 5-qubit superconductor-based device available to users over the internet (NS, 13-Aug-2016, p14).(Please note, though, that I have not tested out either of these networks.)------What is signed char and unsigned char exactly?Parallel to signed and unsigned ints (either short or long), similarly there also exist signed and unsigned chars, both occupying one byte each, but having different ranges. To begin with it might appear strange as to how a char can have a sign. Consider the statementchar ch 'A' ;Here what gets stored in ch is the binary equivalent of the ASCII value of A (i.e. binary of 65). And if 65s binary can be stored, then -54s binary can also be stored (in a signed char).A signed char is same as an ordinary char and has a range from -128 to 127; whereas, an unsigned char has a range from 0 to 255------Is it true that Dutch people would talk to you back in English although you can speak Dutch? I have never been to the Netherlands before; is this true?We are taught that english is a world language, it is obligatory in highschool. If you go to university, most of your books will be in english, and our classes. All our movies are in original language with subtitles (no surprise here-mostly english). So depending on age and level of education, we are used to speak english, all the time, good or bad at it. Only with native dutch, we speak dutch (that is how we are raised). For everyone else, we assume that we understand more english than you dutch, whether that is true or not. It is meant to be somewhat polite.Hope this helps you understand why.------How are people who believe God exists, and people who believe God doesn't exist, so sure of their beliefs?Is there anything you're sure of? The same way. People arrive at their core beliefs through a variety of different routes, what they're taught as children, in school, by their community and peer group. Some folks search and think independently. They may change their religion or decide they want no religion at all. Or their parents may be atheists and they decide they're religious. I have a second cousin who's a Christian missionary. His grandparents were committed atheists and members of the Communist party. So you just never know. The point is people should have the freedom to believe what they want. Either way people may find themselves challenged. So they get stubborn about defending their opinions. So my advice is live and let live!!------What is best website to learn cybersecurity free?You can learn some basic concepts in cyber security from below websites, however cyber security is vast and challenging field. To qualify as a competent expert in the information security field, I suggest you to pursue a degree in computing and IT which help you in starting a career successfully in cyber security.Free sourcesCourse Name: Cyber Security Basics: A Hands-on ApproachWebsite: edx.org/course/cyber-security-basics-a-hands-on-approachCourse Name: The fundamentals of cybersecurityWebsite: Name: Cybersecurity FundamentalsWebsite: Name: Numerous CoursesWebsite: cybrary.itCourse Name: Introduction to Cyber SecurityWebsite: its helpful to you Luca Sigsimund and Arjun Reddy------How should I address an email to multiple people?I am going to assume that you mean how to address the salutations instead of how to send to different email recipients. If so, then it really depends on the group of people you are sending to. If it is an informal group of people, such as friends, then you could put:Hi Everyone,Happy Friday Everyone,Hello All,If for a more formal group then you could include:Dear Members of the Committee,Hello Team:Hello Sales/Marketing/IT/etc Team:And of course, there is always the very simple way of addressing each person while addressing a small formal or informal group. For example:Dear John, Bob, and Sally:.------Why does my fun buddy always wants to cuddle and kiss me hello and goodbye?Because they feel affection for you. If you have any sort of relationship, even something you describe as fun buddy, its important to be clear and open about expectations.It appears that your partner wants or expects some level of affection as part of the connection, while you dont. This may be a point of incompatibility, and its important to talk about it.If you want a sex partner who isnt interested even in a friendly level of affection within the connection, this may not be the sex partner for you, however good the sex is. Theyre human too, and have a right to only be in relationships which align with their needs and desires, same as you------Which careers do the smartest people (highest IQ) go into?High IQ people can and do go into the full range of job categories, but most of them tend to select professions that require a lot of education and which are beyond the reach of people with average intelligence. They are found in large numbers in STEM fields and a few others, such as law, accounting, and medicine.The usual impact of supply and demand drives the salaries of these fields up, so they can and do attract people on the basis of pay. But they also gain career satisfaction from their complex jobs and from working with other bright people. Naturally, these careers carry high job status with them
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Hello! Could You Assist Me to Get in to BEng in Aeronautical Engineering Program?
Aerospace engineering consists of four broad disciplines. A) aerodynamics -- study of flow physics that makes the vehicle fly. This is particular important for aeronautical engineering. There is not air in space. B) structures -- the dynamics of the airframe. It's interaction with the air (aero elasticity), load bearing capacity, fatigue, crack. C) propulsion -- working of engine. Propellor, turbo prop, turbo jet, scramjet, rocket propulsion, etc. D) dynamics and control -- ensures perturbations about nominal flight is stable. You can focus on any part. UG programs give you a breadth. Higher degrees let you specialize in one topic. These subtopics are mathematically intensive. Particularly calculus. It is one of the harder engineering fields. Most schools in India with aerospace program require you to clear an entrance exam. You may consider online programs. Not sure if there are Moocs offering such program.• Related QuestionsWhen my cat is trying to get my attention it sounds like she is speaking and saying hello. Is this a common thing?while I was still in school, I was working on a group project and had one of my teammates over to help finish the video we were making. We were using aftereffects (I'm a bit ambition, windows movie maker and iMovie would have worked) and if you ever used after effects, it can take ages for the video to render.So my teammate and I are waiting for this damn thing to render, so we decide to play stratego in the interim. I kick my cat out of my office and shut the door to keep him out, because you know, cats and board games can't coexist at the same time.So as we are playing my teammate looks at me with this puzzled, terrified look on his face.What? I ask.Isis your cat saying hello?! He stammered.Oh yea, he does that.What the ? He replied.My cat angry that he got locked out of the room was out side my door howlering hello until someone would let him in.Eventually I relented and let him in and went back to playing stratego. For about 30 seconds, then Barney pounced on the red guys and I won (thanks cat!).------Why do people continually insist on using 'what up', or 'what's up' as a greeting instead of a simple 'hello'? I find it very infuriating so much that I've answered 'the sky' or 'everything over your head'!There are many ways varying cultures greet others, even within the same language.Hello is just one of them. Its usage appears to have become standardized only within the last 140 years. Prior to that it might be used to sort of shout toward someone you saw at a distance to let them know you were approaching, not so much to initiate conversation per se.Most Romance languages use some variant of whats going on? or whats happening with you? or hows it going? Whats up fits within that standard Latinate European pattern.So its not wrong.Might I suggest you take a deep breath the next time you hear a variant other than Hello, and remind yourself the diversity of ways we begin conversations even in English is a great gift and a sign of just how generous our common language is, and so we might be, too, as we use it with one another------How do you reply when some stranger says hello on a jogging track?Exercising is like meditation for me.So i will be deeply involved in exercise and i wont give attention to other people during that time.But if while joggin someone says hello, my reply would be a simple smile towards him/her ,and after that i will continue my jogging.And after finishing my workout, i will go and talk to him/her if that person is available.If not, then no problem.Because my purpose is clear, i am there for exercising in first place.Making friends, socializing etc is secondary.So i would suggest you to do the same, focus on your exercise and dont let any stranger distract you from your exercise routine of that day.And when you finish your workout, go to him/her directly, and say hello by yourself.Believe me that person will admire you, for your dedication towards fitness and get along with you faster.Good luck!------Much like Adele's "Hello," certain songs are overplayed for quite some time when released. What songs do you remember being overplayed in the past?I am a k-pop fans, therefore I only knew kpop songs that are overplayed. It was Love Scenario by iKON. that song is a big hit. the song is great. but this song is so overplayed everywhere i started to get sick of it.Also ddu-ddu-ddu by Blackpink. This song goes everywhere you went. This song is a big hit in Indonesia too, as it used as a song for Shopee also. And Solo by Jennie (a member from Blackpink). Every non kpop fans/listeners only knew these songs, and keep playing it as it's the only kpop songs they know and made them feel cool. Lol.Another song is from BTS. Either Fake Love, or Idol. Now, I do love these boygroup/girlgroup and I also keep updates from them, but there are so many other great songs that people never knew (because they weren't a kpop fans in first place) and overplayed these songs only.------What would I be considered? Hello, I need help identifying what I am: I'm a heterosexual female, but I prefer to dress and act like guys. What am I?If that's how you're explaining yourself then I think you're just that! Not everything has to have a specific label. Focus on just loving the you that you are! ud83dudc95Now, this isn't to say you can't change how you express yourself over time. It's important to explore and experiment with styles, who you're into, and how you like to be referred to. Try not to be scared of switching it up just to try things out. Go crazy as long as you're not hurting yourself or anyone else.There's plenty you can find about sexuality and gender with a simple Google search. Researching is how you gain knowledge and knowledge is an incredible tool. I wish you luck figuring out who you are. ud83dudc9bEverything Teenage LGBTQWhat would I be considered? Hello, I need help identifying what I am: I a heterosexual female, but I prefer to dress and act like guys. What am I?.------Hello guys, I'm 27 years old pharmacist but to be honest I'm not stasfied with the pharmaceutical career options. Is too late to study psychology? Is it worth it? And which is better psychology or psychiatry to persue a career in mental health treat?Not too late at all. My father went back to university at the age of 65 and got a degree in psychology. Just as a pastime, mind you, but shows that its mentally possible.As for careers, there are many psychology type careers that have elderly people so the young, young age of 27 isnt a problem.As for pay, hmm, not so good. Not that the market is saturated but not many people can afford it. It depends how good you are and whether you have a passion for it. Youd be charging high hourly rates to enable to pay yourself a wage including all the hours youre not with clients. E.g. you might charge a client 70 (or $70) for a 1 hour session but that might be the only session for that day. Bear in mind youd probably have to do a few hours write up after each session to record the necessary data so you or any other psychologist can pick up where you left off. Then there is also self analysis that needs to be done to make sure your own psyche isnt compromised. And thats not even the all of it.------Hello sir, I am also preparing for UPSC.I want to ask weather you opt for online mock test or any other source?Hi,Thanks for the A2A.Attempting mocks is an important part while preparing for UPSC Civil Service Examination. The question on whether to opt for online mocks or not has been frequently pondered over.If you are just looking to solve questions to test your knowledge online sources would have the same effect as that of the offline sources. But in case you are trying to get an idea about the environment of the examination, it is important to attempt at least one mock in the offline mode.The mock tests available for free by different sources can be taken for the same.As an aspirant, I took the paid mock tests provided by Sleepy Classes as I found their material to be quite helpful during my preparation last year.You may opt for the same. As due to the pandemic there is no option available to take the test offline, one may attempt the same, while making oneself in almost exam like condition with a timer and OMR sheet which can be downloaded online.Hope this helps------What is the correct, or more acceptable, thing to say when someone says "how are you" when they mean "hello"?You say:'Fine thanks! And you?' (semi-formal to formal)Or'Hi!' (casual)Or'Doing okay; what's up with you?' (casual)If you know the person well, and perhaps they actually DO want to know how you are doing then you can say something like:'I've been better' or 'As well as can be expected' or 'Not too bad'. If you say one of those things, it is a hint (strong) that there is more to say, and that you are not indeed 'fine' (which means 'I'm in good condition' OR it means 'I have no intention of telling you').Then, if your friend has time and wants to, he can THEN ask: 'What's the problem?' and you can have a proper talk.But as a social greeting, the proper answer to 'how are you?' is simply 'I'm fine', followed by the reciprocal question: 'and how are you?' (short form: 'and you?')------What is the output of this code: "#include int main() int x2; if (x2 & x! 0) printf ("Hin"); printf ("Hellon"); else printf ("Bye n");"?Question: First off, in your conditional(if statement) you need 2 ampersand(&)s. What you have there is bitwise 'and' and you want boolean/logical 'and'. Now technically upon thinking about it in this case it will probably do the same thing but not always.Secondly the output/results are:HiHellobecause you start out w/ x equal to 2. Then you proceed to compare x with 2 and if x is not zero(0)...Well if x is 2 it is not zero.Disclaimer - I do not feel like starting up my Visual Studio Community IDE just to test this code out so that single ampersand may prove to be more problematic than I estimated. Try(Code/Type in and try to run) it yourself to see - That's how I determine if something will work - I code it into a test project and see the output------Why is PHP so complex?I agree with you. PHP is complex.Complex doesnt mean hard to learn or hard to use.It means confusion.Confusion comes from:weak typing(0 '0')php > if ("15 years ago" 15) echo 1;1 / result is 1function naming(strlen,str_repeat) or parameterss order to call functions(array_walk, array_map).And there are many places you can change your php.ini config, even in apaches .htaccess.so many version that provide: VC6, VC9,ts,nts, x86,x64before 5.3.0, you must install libmysql before you can use php to connect to mysql.safe_mode & Magic Quotes (DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0 and REMOVED as of PHP 5.4.0)some extension is hard to install and cant follow PHPs version(php7s redis, memcache and so on)extension writing using C language, totally different language. Hard to understand and debug.without Databases, PHP has a very limit usage
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How Do I Write a Simple JavaScript Code Function to Return Either "Hello, Name!" Or "Hello There!" B
We'll!..if you are talking about front end JavaScript, either you can take input from input forms or alert window input!..use getElementById(input_id).value to get the value from input field and you can store it in a variable and later display it.And in backend JavaScript(Node.js) you can get the arguments store them in variable and display it!.• Related QuestionsIs it okay to not to say "hello" to an acquaintance every single time you meet him/her if you see him/her often? Some people get offended if they don't get a "hello"every time they encounter someone.Some people get offended at anything and everything. Sometimes its not a good time to say hi e.g. when picking up child at school, waiting in line, mid convo with someone else etc.. if they get offended they can also take accountability and say hi to you too. I dont think we should carry the burden of someone elses negativity and insecurity------Is Hi a slang word meaning hello?Variants of hey! have been used for greetings since long before the English language existed, or even the Indo-European language group since we find it widely distributed in other language families: the Hebrew letter heh h originally derived from a Semitic pictogram of a waving man, although the Hebrew pronunciation shifted to heah. Hello is a suffixed form of hey with the attention-getting particle Lo! which we now only find in poetry; hi is an unsuffixed form------Is 'yello' a portmanteau of 'yeah' and 'hello'?Perhaps - but as any fan of Swiss electronic pop music or Ferris Buellers Day Off knows: Yello is the name of a band formed in 1979. They had success in the 80s, including being used in the soundtrack of the film above. They still play together I believe.Their name arose as a portmanteau - the contraction of yelled hello. This might be the norm in mountain greetings.Yello: yelling------Is Hello Kitty a sign of the devil?No Hello Kitty is not a sign of the devil, Hello Kitty is just a fictional character for kids to enjoy and love. The stuffed animal of her, the merchandise, and everything else. All of that stuff of Hello Kitty being satanic or demonic is a straight up lie its a legend of her being a symbol of Satan. Hello Kitty is only what you make her out to be------Have you ever said "hey" or "hello" accidentally?We were shopping. I went somewhere looking for my own things. I went searching for my mom as I lost her (gotta get her opinions!). I saw my mom up in a distance, so of course I went to her and said 'mom!'.Turned out it was my mom(I know it ain't hello or hey, but it was a good twist. I had to!)------Should I say hello to my professors when I see them outside of class?I find Good morning or afternoon (as may be applicable) a little bit more on the formal side suitable to convey your acknowledgement, and that is what I use. Usually my professors reciprocate, either verbally, or by the touch of a smile. And I don't take it as an issue even when they do not, in fact usually I forget within a few minutes whether (s)he did.------What is the most simple Helloworld code equivalent in AI/ML?If you have strong programing skill and some basically knowledge in machine learning , Digit recognized is the good first try to learning AI . That is computer vision problem . You can learn some skills as do feature engineering , training model One of the best practice for hello world in AI is Ditgit Recognizer competition in Kaggle. You can download data and learn much from any kernel in Kaggle. Good luck!.------How do I respond when a guy texts, "Hello there"?firstly ensure whether you know him (if you are not okay in talking to strangers) but if the answer is positive, if you are comfortable, you might reply with Hi or Hello as well. Replying to an unknown guy is at your own comfort and of course if you have that free time to do so :-)upvoting might not take much time though ;-) (if the answer helps)------What is the connection between hello and hell?like mr. aquistapace had said before his answer disappeared (i'm not going mad) 'hello' is one of thomas edison's inventions, to use as a greeting that would be carried clearly over telephone. it might not be entirely coincidental that it's got 'hell' in it, maybe he put a swear word in it because it sounded very strong and clear to him. or maybe it is just a coincidence------Why most of the programming language tutorials starts with"Hello World!"?Its because before starting to learn the language, you need to make sure - Your system has been properly configured with the language of your choice and you can continue coding with it. To test the same, we just use this simple program as a handshake with the compiler, that we are going to have our interaction with you (the compiler) from now.Well the other answers are equally correct.------Are there other products similar to Hello Bar?Now in wordpress directory you can found many plugins that works similar like Hellobar.If you are searching for FREE but similar to hellobar. Then you can try manycontactsbar. (its free).Here I Listed down 10 best hellobar alternative.Now if you are searching for a premium plugin that have similar features like hellobar.Then I would love to recommend you Thrive Leads.Thrive leads have many more features than hellobar.------Why is "hello world" famous for programmers?For each programmer, 'Hello World' should be the first program they typed although this is a toy program. However, I don't think it is a easiest piece of code for a newbie code if you would like to totally understand it. But it is one the fastest ways you can see what you do to your computer. Generally speaking , 'Hello World' is the best example which is used as introduction to tell differences form each programming languages------What does "it don't matter"in Adele's Hello mean?It means that the she can't turn back the hands of time. To put this into perspective: the song is about herself reconnecting with her former self. In this context she is sorry that she hasn't spend much time with her friends back in the days but at the end of the day what happened, happened and there is no point in beating herself up about it.------Why do Chinese people (girls) seem to be afraid of hugs or even hello-goodbye cheek kisses?Everyone else has already provided sufficient responses but I'd like to point out that in Chinese cultures it's very common for close female friends to hold hands or link arms with each other with no romantic implication, whereas I do not see this much past elementary school in the West. So, it's not just a case of Chinese culture having less emphasis on physical closeness, but also there is a difference in expressions of physical closeness------Which is correct, "Hello all" or "Hello to all"?They both could be correct. If youre just arriving, as one of a group into the midst of an assembly, you might greet your fellow group-members with Hello, all ! Maybe youre about to address a group, who have gathered, specifically to hear what it is you have to say, in which case an appropriate opening greeting would be Hello - and welcome - to all of you------How do you say 'Hello animals' in French?There are a few ways to greet your animals I give you two. The first one, the polite one would be "Bonjour les annimaux" meaning good day my pets, the second one the familiar way would be "Salut les annimaux" meaning Hi annimals' as I said there are alot more examples I could give but these are the most popular------Why do programming languages intro with Hello World?Theres no necessity, its just a custom. Perhaps the best-written programming book of all times was the short, The C Programming Language, by Kernighan and Ritchie, and when introducing Cs i/o, the function they used was printf(hello, worldn);This little book was quite a success, arguably the best-selling such book ever. Its little wonder if many of its small quirks were not copied.------Why would a narcissist say hello after he destroys you?Two reasons. To remind himself, and to remind you. If there are other people, there will be more reasons. This is an example of monopolizing your attention and shaping your perceptions (as well as others) to suit their needs. The need is validation of mental/emotional state. Its false; its always leaking air.This is the motive inherent within narcissistic interactions: to maintain the delusional state, and at your expense------What are the words for hello in Native American languages?Just to make this clear: there are over 1,000 recognized "Native American" languages (presuming we restrict "Native American" to mean those tribes inhabiting what is now the USA only), and they are just as linguistically diverse as saying "Asian Languages" or the like. We can give samples in various Native American tongues, but there's no real answer to this question as a whole, because the scope is far too large------Back in the punched card era, did people write "Hello, World!" programs?I generally started with something simple in a new environment, but it was enough of a pain to punch a deck, walk it over for processing, and wait for printout that I never bothered to code something that just printed a constant.Once you are sitting at a workstation with an interactive command line and a short wait for feedback, it's not a bad test for compiler setup------Is 'hello dear all' a correct phrase to start a sentence?No!!If you're talking to someone specifically, you can use hello dear but not all.Else if you're addressing a mass, it'd be nice yet attractive to say hello/good morning (afternoon or evening) followed by one and all. In this way, you'd be able to address everyone irrespective of their age or designation.P.S. it'd be more impressive to use words like greetings, etc in case of formal speech, etc.ThanksBonsi Verma------When should I use "Hi", "Hey", "Hello", and "Dear" in an email?The first three - H-words - are an INFORMAL form of greeting with which you may care to address a friend/colleague/someone you know quite well, whilst Dear is more FORMAL, which you should use when addressing you do not know, or have not met, in relation to, say, a business proposal, a request for professional services, or anything, really, addressed to someone who is not usually within your circle of contacts------Why did this C code compile with line: z"Hello"; although it includes using assignment operator with array?line 3 works, cause it is initialisation and not assignment. It should be equivalent to char arr 'h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o', '0';Passing as array or char* is syntactically different, but semantically the same. In both cases you pass a pointer only: &z0If you have char*p that points to some valid buffer, then *p, p0; *(p1), p1 are equivalent. You can sometimes even use a negative index------How many ways are there to print "Hello World!" In C/C?We must infer, or even deduce, the answer is .No matter how many different version of the Hello World! program you have, someone can always come up with another one. So the answer is given by the equation:n n 1and thus n .PS There are an infinite number of infinities that satisfy the equation, I have just chosen one to keep things simple. :-)------Why don't people say hi or hello on London trains?It's a massive dose of urban tribalism. We're forced to share the same spaces but we don't have to interact with people outside our chosen tribes. It's a huge part of what I love about London. London isn't a lonely place, it's a place where you can choose to be alone. I get far more peace in London than I ever had in the countryside------How do I display "Hello World" in Java?Compiling and Executing Java Program1. Compiling source code into bytecode using javac compiler.2. Executing a bytecode program using java interpreter./*This is a simple Java program.Call this file "Example.java".*/class Example/ Your program begins with a call to main().public static void main(String args)System.out.println("This is a simple Java program.");More Information about Hello Word Program in Java at java Point Tutorial------What songs have "Hello" in the title?You all lose.By which I mean I have the most "Hello"s here."Hello, Hello, Hello" by Stormy Petrel. This song alone caused me to seek out and purchase a double-CD reissue of a mostly obscure singer. Unfortunately, I cannot remember and generally do not care to listen to any of his other songs. It is also finally on YouTube.It's such an easy word to say.
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Hello I Have Completed My 10th and I Am Interested in Computer and Science Engineering in Polytechni
I really like your desire to study AI. Its really great that you know what you have to do with your life.Now coming on to your question, I believe there are a lot of things you need to study and you must opt for Computer Science in 1 and 2. It will help you build you base for the learning you wish to grab moving forward.Also, seeing your clear thought process I would say do get some introductory certifications from say Coursera, EdEx, Udemy etc. This will again help you broaden the horizons of your mind and you will have things more clear in front of you.Since you ask about whether working in AI domain is a good path to chose, I would say definitely, as data and technology grows the need for qualified AI specialists will certainly grow.If you wish to know more, do checkout my blogs where I talk about some FAQs in this domain and specifically the career options in the field of AI.What the is Artificial Intelligence ?Data Science Blog - The Data Science learning spacePlease upvote if you find this helpful.Artificial Intelligence• Other QuestionsAs a Chinese person, what do you think of someone saying "Konichiwa" (meaning "Hello" in Japanese) to you after telling him or her that you're Chinese?I remember the first time someone had said "Konichiwa" to me believing it was the hello in chinese. I was around 6, these were big kids in my eyes (4-6 graders) and they just kept laughing and making fun of me while sticking up their pinkies towards me.How I reacted:Confused. Sorry but what the hell does Konichiwa mean? I asked them that and they continued laughing and saying "Stop denying it, you know what it means it's chinese hahaha". Oh really ... hmm i understood both Chinese and English so I knew it wasn't chinese.Scared. These were BIG, TALL, BUFF guys! I was still a first grader! It's my first year riding the bus! What did these kids want from me?Embarrassed. I knew I was getting made fun of and I just simply didn't know what to do. Pre school wasn't like this ... kindergarten wasn't like this ... what am I supposed to do?Now when I look back, I just want to laugh at the whole situation. Seriously? Are they really so weak that they had to pick on a little first grade girl? Their ignorance is just a part of daily life and it just doesn't bother me anymore------Hello! I want to join IAF... Will you please tell ne the entire process from AFCAT to selection? I owe you for the help!To join IAF as an officer there are two ways which you can opt. The first is through CDS ( COMBINED DEFENCE SERVICES) Examination and the second one is by clearing AFCAT ( AIRFORCE COMMON ADMISSION TEST).Both these examination requires the same level of eligibility criteria i.e candidate should be a graduate in streams specified by the IAF.After clearing any of the above examination the candidate is shortlisted for the 5 days SSB ( SERVICE SELECTION BOARD) Interview which is conducted at any of the IAF SERVICE SELECTION BOARDS.On the first day of SSB interview all the shortlisted candidates go through Phase - 1 i.e, screening process, anyone fails to clear the 1st phase is sent back home the same day. The candidates who clear are further allowed to stay and go through Phase - 2 i.e, Group discussion, Group Task, PPT and Personal interview.After going through all the above process at the end of the day conference is held in which all the board members of that particular board sits and scrutinize each candidate. The candidate clearing all the phase is selected and the rest are sent back home.The selected candidates futher go through medical examination and after clearing the medicals an all india list is prepared based on the cut-offs and interviews marks. The candidate who makes in in the list is then finally selected and sent to IAF Training Academy------Hello Friends give me some unique ideas for organizing exciting activities in college?Im not so sure about this but ill suggest what i feel may work.Dance : organise flash mobs like events to create social awarness , so that youl cover your excitement and also youl do something useful for society. Without saying you know how cool is to dance and even super cool to do it with same minded people.Music: join the band in your college or create one and try to stage some shows reguarding social issues so that itl be educational among the students and even fun if you do it right way.Culturals : covers all.Blood donation camps: Organize blood donation camps by combinig with NGOs .Magazine: start to prepare student magazines and indulge students to contribute for it.Quiz competitions : Brainy is sexy ! There are a lot people wanted to show off their talent and quiz may serve this just well enough.Excursions : just flock out with friends to different places like study your or something.Animal welfare : Allocate a small place in campus for feeding those stray dogs or cats roaming in the campus. Can collect food from students and can feed it or can voluntarily donate or collect donation and can feed them. Same can be done for those pigeons flockinh near highest building in our campus.Hope this helps. Forgive me , if this is not what you expected.Happy living.hello Friends give me some unique ideas for organizing exciting activities in college ?------What will be the output of the following Python code snippet? 'hello', 'morning' bool('')That isn't a valid code snippet - in it's current form it is a expression, but let's walk through it.It is a list literal (the first pair of ) containing two string literals ('hello' and 'morning')That list literal is then being sliced (the second pair of ). normally a slice is a number, but in this case the slice is bool('').The inbuilt function bool() returns the Truthiness of the argument - Essentially for the built-in types:All numerics equivalent to 0 are considered FalseAll empty containers (set,dict,list,tuple) are considered FalseEmpty strings are considered FalseNone is considered FalseEvery other value for a builtin-type is considered TrueSo we know bool('') Falseso we now have'hello', 'morning'FalseThe big question is now since on normally slices with integers, and not Boolean, what integer will False be converted to - that is a question you can answer for yourself.You can of course run the whole snippet in the Python console :>>> 'hello', 'morning'bool('')'hello'But hopefully if you understood my explanation, you can now just say what it returns but also why it does it------Must retirement be bye bye to 65 and hello to 70? There are today's 66-year-olds that are stronger than 66-years-olds before 1970.I would not say,"Must" . It is hard to say about old age. It was not long ago the lifespan of the average American male was 65 years old.My brother in law waited to file for early social security retirement after suffering two heart attacks while at work. According to his fellow workers he kept that fact from his family but on the night of his retirement he celebrated but in fact died that very same night before ever receive a single social security retirement check. That was before it became mandated that social security retirement payments be made by either a loadable credit card or by direct deposit.I mean it is within the power of congress to decide and vote on it but in my opinion that decision should be put off for a least 2 more generations in order to have more substantial proof we will all truly live much longer lives.I filed for early social security retirement at 62 but already at that age I was 100% disabled, and I did not qualify for SSI. What would I have done? Luckily for me I also got a 100% service related disability rating and compensation from the VA but that is not most Americans------Why do the Mennonites in my small southern town never make eye contact or say hello?Disclaimer: I don't know the Mennonites in your town but I was raised horse and buggy Mennonite in Ontario. I lived as a member in good standing till about age forty. Socializing with outsiders was very strongly discouraged. You might want to read some of the articles in Anything Amish, especially regarding separation from the world and how this is achieved with excommunication and shunning.Another point: Do you make eye contact with total strangers and say hello? Mennonites see you not only as strangers but as a spiritual threat.As for making eye contact. I'm not sure that eye contact is considered polite and respectful by Mennonites. In some cultures, direct eye contact can mean rebellion, insubordination. Mennonites believe very strongly in being meek and humble, even subservient. As a person born with low vision, I have never been able to observe things like eye contact in others but I heard comments like, "I looked him straight in the eye and told him..." From this kind of comment, I take it that for Mennonites, direct eye contact is confrontational, threatening, bold, etc.As stated, I don't know the Mennonites in your town but those are some of the reasons I can think of as to why they don't mingle with the rest of the people------How could I get in contact with someone from the "Hello Games" company's game development team?If you're looking for a job....You can use the twitter info and the email for the company below, but a very realistic answer is honestly that you really need to have an amazing portfolio already, an internet following, or know someone on the inside of that office already.If you have an amazing portfolio then you can submit it and hope for the best. If you have an internet following in the same way that some modders get for their amazing mods (or concept art or whatever really) then you can use that fame and get wherever you'd like to go. If you don't have any of that already established then you need to know someone on the inside the way the rest of the industry really gets in.Getting into a specific studio means you need to put everything that you are into that specific studio. You need to design and make things that that studio would love and you need to show that you are what they need. Otherwise, you're like everyone else who just needs to apply and get lucky.If you're just looking for general info to ask a question, don't really bother. There's no real question that is that inventive that the developers haven't heard before.------Hello... I'm 26 and I have been diagnosed with Narcissist personality disorder which... How can I be normal? I don't want to continue this path. I'm tired . Im Nigerian so basically people don't understand this issue over here.Referring to Romantic NPD.It said if you have to lie about something then your probably doing something wrong, but with NPD often theres no damn reason to lie other than trying to impress, pretend etcEvery single time you go to tell a lie Catch yourself and dont . just dont! tell one, two, three.Confident / genuine people dont need to lie.You will fail to begin with, just dont quit, it takes 22 days to change a habit.Listen people will care for you YOU not the fake persona you change with everyone you meet.Its perfectly normal to differ from another person your tastes, likes, together People grow into one couple.Why do you grow so bored ??? Why is the lover the person you chose at any given time turn out to be unsustainable?write down what you ideally would like from apartnershipBe HUMBLE surprise people with the stuff your good at.There is no normal ok everyone had something they are overcoming.with you its so important you alter these deep distinctions you have made up in your automatic thinking responses.Begin with the compulsive lying begin there, then move onto the next objective mirroring. (be true to yourself)You have the rest of your like to sort this condition out, your young
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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Hello
Do you want to know about hello? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. "Hello, World!”So I am still developing this and it is still a beta , but I though I would post this anyways (Note : The language was made after the challenge,)Other possible alternatives : ,*,/,%. No numbers just operators.Try it2. Obfuscated Hello WorldTo obtain the WS program, substitute a Space, Tab, or Linefeed character for S, T, L, respectively, in the following string:or download the "raw" whitespace-only program in the text-file hello.ws.When executed by this WS interpreter, this program prints "Hello World".Explanation (ignore the whitespace here!):The "middle" strings (e. g. TSSTSSSL) are the ascii codes (in binary, with S denoting 0, T denoting 1) for the successive letters in "Hello World". The prefix SSS pushes the number that follows it (terminated by an L) onto the stack. TLSS outputs the character whose ascii code is on top of the stack. Finally, according to this tutorial, a program must end with LLL for a clean exit by the interpreter.NB: I am entering this as a separate answer, because the other WS program entry is a 1287-character program that prints "Hello, world of spaces!" instead of the required "Hello World"3. Hello, I have natural curly hair..?does it take longer to curl your hair than to shower, gel it and let it air drY??4. Hello Again: Night-time in the DS?I do not usually EVER get on at night. I did once though... You wanna know whats in the DS at night? Complete MORONS!!! You think the daytime is bad...you havent seen anything... I am usually only here during the day monday through friday. I occasionally check answers on my phone..but I dont have a home computer and typing is entierly too time consuming on my phone. Unlegit questions? I have asked a few. Sometimes they can be a great stress reliever I tell ya what!! Some of the more common sense oriented DS regulars need a break like that every once in a while.5. Hello kitty seat covers, car accessories.?Well, I only know two places you can go to find rather cheep Hello Kitty seat covers....Target sometimes sells car mats, steering wheel covers, and the seat covers....And a Sanrio store near you would pretty much have anything you want....I provided a link for you to see if anything catches your eye.6. Hello SHAKESPEARE FAN, I need your help?The Globe Theater audiences The Elizabethan general public (the Commoners) referred to as groundlings would pay 1 penny to stand in the 'Pit' of the Globe Theater. The gentry would pay to sit in the galleries often using cushions for comfort! Rich nobles could watch the play from a chair set on the side of the Globe stage itself. Theatre performances were held in the afternoon, because, of course, there was no artificial lighting. Men and women attended plays, but often the prosperous women would wear a mask to disguise their identity. The plays were extremely popular and attracted vast audiences to the Globe. The audiences only dropped during outbreaks of the bubonic plague, which was unfortunately an all too common occurrence during the Elizabethan era. This happened in 1593, 1603 and 1608 when all theaters were closed due to the Bubonic Plague (The Black Death). The Shakespearean actors were therefore temporary out of work and left London to stay in other parts of England. William Shakespeare no doubt used these periods of closure to write more plays and go home to Stratford. Pax - C7. Hello Hello =3 Cosplay Ideas? Game, anime, whatever!?Hello Hello =3 Cosplay Ideas? Game, anime, whatever!? Hello helllo fellow Yahooers! I am a bit tired of my Riku Kingdom hearts cosplay, so I was hoping to maybe spice things up a bit and bring in something fresh and new. I would love if you would list some of your cosplay suggestions for me to wear to the next anime convention. I would prefer a girl character (can be guy though), something pretty pretty, but modest and not extremely revealing. You can list as many as you want (I know many characters already, but that's okay, I wo not be limiting!), please try to include links if you can, but it's not necessary! Also if you know of any characters that off the bat have light brown hair, that would be great, and would save me the trouble of finding a wig! xxx Thank yous!
2021 07 17
How Do I Text/introduce Myself to a Girl I Mutually Connected With?
There's this girl I saw at the Bar, we didn't actually interact directly but the next day a friend of mine say she's interested to me and gave me her number.Normally, Im not a fan of texting, but in this case I think it will be better than calling. Its a courtesy to give her time to react and think about how (or whether) she wants to respond.Be very, very polite. A little extra formality is a good idea. Identify yourself, remind her of how she knows you, and tell her the name of the friend who gave you her number. This is important. If she authorized it, then its good to remind her. If she didnt, she deserves to know who is giving out her number. Then say something encouraging and gracious, and hope for the best.This could look like, Hello, Im (your full name). I was at (name of the bar) on Tuesday (or whenever it was) and I was sorry not to have a chance to talk to you. (Friends name) gave me your number and said it would be all right to contact you. I hope we can meet again sometime soon.• Related QuestionsHow do Native Americans feel about black people?they are actually ok with black people and they as well as Asians are currently standing in support of black people. 'Not just a black and white issue:' Montana tribal members react to death of George Floydalso native americans did marry descendants of slaves and black freedmen and women. and native americans fought beside African americans to protect florida in the Gullah wars. yale.edu/sites/default/files/files/Black%20Seminoles%20.pdfso while some native americans sent back escaped slaves to white owners others actually fought with them. the black Seminoles and gullah/geechee nation are living proof of that.the fact is that the native americans were never racist and never had that intent. they only fought ignorance and hatred from whites. they never had anything against black people and the only reason they ever had black slaves was because the person was born a slave. they never held innocent children as slaves and thought that a tribe member who married a slave had to bear the burden of slavery with them so often these tribe members who married slaves were looked down on but it also set the slave free. they treated slaves like family, servants or prisoners of war, similar to how Africans treated their slaves. at some point, some slaves were given freedom and allowed to be a honorary part of the tribe as well.------How can someone walk back in time, even hypothetically?You can literally go back in time, psychologically. The technique is really simple.You know when you hear a song, or smell a certain scent, and it takes you way back? That, my friend, that right there is walking back in time.Play that song you haven't listened to for several years, and feel how you suddenly become the person you were back then, just for the moment. You will remember a lot of things. The friends you had back then, the club you were at when you were dancing to it's tune, the boy/girl that kissed you when the song was playing.Buy that perfume your past friend used before she moved away, and suddenly countless poignant memories will flood your mind. Make that dish your mother used to make when you were younger. Buy your then favourite hair product you used when you were in high school I had recently bought hair oil I used about six years ago, and the memories hit me hard. Buy that body cream you used back in the 90's. Let the scent do it's job.This, my fellow Quorans, is walking back in time.Trust me, it works. Be warned, you will experience extreme nostalgia. Try this at your own risk------Is it possible to believe in God without affirming his existence?It depends on what you mean by 'believe'.You can believe in Santa, never tell anyone, but always just believe that he's real in some sort of magical way- there are millions of adults who feel this way about Santa and totally feel his presence during the Christmas season but very few of them would 'affirm' this belief with others- assuming they wouldn't understand.That is one way to 'believe'- and if you believe in God like that- as this force you know you can feel and recognize as real- then yes, you can believe in God without the affirmation.But often when talking about God, people use the word 'believe' in a much different way. 'Beleive' starts to take on the meanings of trust, obey, and worship- and to do some of that, you would need to affirm that belief.To trust means that you would need to at least affirm your beliefs to yourself to recognize what your trusting in.To obey means that you would definitely have to affirm your beliefs to yourself and probably to others when they want you to make a different decision.And to worship by nature is an affirmation. Maybe you can do it completely privately, but worship in itself is an affirmation.So in conclusion , it all depends on what you mean by 'believe'.------Both Java and Python are interpreted languages. Do they have the same performance?Java *IS NOT* interpreted in the strict sense; it is compiled into a virtual machine language that is then executed on the JVM. Since this machine language is finite in size, unlike traditional interpreters, it is much faster than any purely interpreted language (including Python).There is a small cost here; it takes some time for the JVM to "boot." So, if you are running one-shot programs, you have to pay this startup cost each time you run the program. If the program is long-lived - like a web server and the web apps that run on it - you just pay this cost once, typically at time of the host system's booting.The clear winner is Java!In measurements that I've made for apps, I ended up in using Java, because Python runs at one fourth the speed of Java (or less). When you add in the better error handling and the prevention of a compiled language, plus static typing and other software engineering features, Python is a very very distant second to Java for serious apps.The difference is so large that if I ever considered Python for life-critical apps, I should be fired for professional incompetence at best or, at worse, brought up on criminal charges for manslaughter when the bodies started piling up.Both Java and Python are interrupted? Do they have the same performance?.------Why should I learn Esperanto?The truth is that the patriotic Anglo-Saxons will see Esperanto as a potential threat to the dominance of English. Of course, they will state that it is not much of a threat and will laugh at the possibility.The truth is that they know that English has a spelling system that is a mess and that causes all kinds of issues. Many studies and research point out that 40% of their Commonwealth citizens are illiterate and 40% of students are reading disabled or dyslexic. In one research, 60% of kids could not read correctly a list of words that students from other languages (in their own language) could read. Most students from these countries could read those words. So, it is not the teaching and not the kids who are dumb. So, what is it? Thats right! The English spelling system IZ!Esperanto Iz NOT!Given that the proud Anglo-Saxons do not want to fix their glorious creation, they will of course scoff at the idea of using another lingua franca, world language.If Esperanto was introduced as a second language around the word, English would vanish as a lingua franca.The Brits have had 250 years to fix their language. What have been doing? Drinking beer and watching football? Maybe they cant, as in they are not smart enough to do it. They sure messed it up the first time------How is the output of the program (2, 2) tried on GeekSide int main() int i 97, *p &i; foo(&p); printf("%d ", *p); return 0; void foo(int **p) int j 2; *p &j; printf("%d ", **p); ?Consider Following code that you have asked. I have Modified Some Code to get the flow of the program.#includevoid foo(int **p);int main() int i 97,*p &i; foo(&p);printf("%d ", *p); return 0; void foo(int **p)//printf("%d",**p); int j 2; *p &j; printf("%d ", **p); First we will understand the Pointer Concept.In the main function we have assigned *p&i.If we print value of p, it will print the address of variable i.And if we print value of *p, it will print value at that address.In foo(&p) we are passing address of the variable i, and we are printing value at that address at Line 11 which is 97.Again we are assigning the address of variable j to pointer p, which will replace the address of variable i to address of variable j.At Line 14, it will print the value of variable j, i.e, 2coming to the main function after execution of foo function, now the pointer variable holds the address of variable j, and we are printing the value at that address i.e, 2Hence, the output is 2 2If we remove the comment at line 11, the output would be 97 2 2Hope this would help you.Thank You :)------Why are people using Hello Kitty and saying they like it when they know nothing about it?I'm not sure that I understand the question. There really isn't much to know about Hello Kitty to like it. Hello Kitty started out as a marketing mascot for a coin purse in Japan in the early 1970s. She has evolved from a single item to an empire: Sanrio has countless items for sale, there are video games, manga and anime, and it's rather challenging to navigate the fandom without having some awareness about her, her sister, and the other characters. I mean, how many people know that Gudetama and Aggretsuko are also Sanrio characters? Probably more than don't. Besides, if what they like is that it's cute stuff, what's the harm? I know a lot about the characters because I grew up with Hello Kitty in the 1980s in the U.S. and our exposure to her was a few toys; there have also been books about Hello Kitty that I used to read at the library, and I learned even more by reading about them online as I got older. Others may not get that invested in order to like it, and I'm not sure that they need to know more. I'm also not sure that it's a lie to like it when they know nothing about it. What is the lie? That they like the character? That they don't know anything beyond that? And why do they need to? I'm not sure it's all that important that people know more than just the cursory to enjoy it
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