Heating Water with Fire

Ideally, the radiator circuit flow and return lines are contained within the walls of the house. This way, any heat loss is contained within the home and your pipes and walls get to act as a kind of radiator. This is only really feasible on completely new builds. If you do not mind the look, they could instead run on the outside of the walls, discretely along the skirting. The heat coming off these pipes then will rise off to warm the areas they run through, but might feel like an old hospital or school!

What is a fair price to put a new radiator into a 2000 VW Beetle GL?

I do not know much about VW's, but on most cars, the radiator is extremely easy to replace because there's not a whole lot around it other than the fan and the fan shroud. Hope this helps

The hose that goes from radiator to engine, got ripped as i was driving, why do this happened?

Radiator cap not releasing pressure. Just a thaught

My coolant is disappearing And I just replaced the radiator on my 2006 300C hemi?

Try bleeding the air out one more time as shown in the link below. Following the bleeding process, replace the radiator cap and allow the engine to come to operating temperature and pressure. Now, do a thorough visual inspection of all hoses and fittings to see if there are any pinhole leaks. What can happen with these small leaks is that the coolant can spray out in a fine mist and evaporate. This leaves no trace of a leak, and can be difficult to find.

We are recirculating fresh air with the help of an intercooler to the engine. Why do we need a radiator?

Radiator and intercooler are two different things.First let's talk about radiators.Radiator is the components of engine cooling system. The water/coolant circulating in the engine heats up as the engine start working. It is very much important to keep the engine at its working temperatures. Now the heated water/coolant in the engine needs to be cool for recirculating the same water/coolant through the engine for maintaining the temperature of engine. This cooling is done by RADIATOR by exchanging the heat with atmosphere. Now we will talk about intercooler. It is an intake air cooling device commonly used in turbocharged and supercharged engine to decrease the temperature so as to increase the density to provide more oxygen in combustion chamber.So RADIATOR cools the water/coolant of cooling system while INTERCOOLER cools the intake air. Hence we need both.I Hope this would clear your doubt.Thank you for reading.Be happy !!!We are recirculating fresh air with the help of an intercooler to the engine. Why do we need a radiator?.

Is it normal for the lower radiator hose to have pressure; it feels like it wants to burst.?

Th radiator cap maintains pressure in the radiator, to prevent heating. A new radiator cap may be in order. Some hold pressure at 4 lbs or so. Water under pressure comes to a boil at a higher temp

How do i get rid of radiator fluid?

it is very poisonous for animals. if you can try to soak most of it up or out cat litter on it, that will help absorb it out of the ground. then scrub the rest with some soap and rinse it really good

been having to add water/antifreeze in radiator and temperture gauge goes back and forth to 220?

Ca not give you a specific answer without knowing what the radiator is hooked to. You know, like make and model, along with year. But.... Thermostat Blocked radiator, external, leaves or debris Blocked radiator, internal Electric fan(s) not coming on Blocked hose, especially the lower Bad water pump, or vanes rusted off Do you have a mechanic? Go see him.

Is your car safe to drive if you accidentally pour oil into the radiator?

No it's not.First of all you should pour distilled or ionised water into the expansion tank, not into the radiator if the level is low, after that you should visit a garage to check where the liquid has gone from the closed system.If you did in fact put oil in the radiator you should call for recovery, your system has to be cleaned and filled up with antifreeze by someone who knows what they are doing. IF you did put the oil you are clearly not qualified to do this yourself. Is your car safe to drive if you accidentally pour oil into the radiator?

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Making Tutorial of Portable Radiator Air Conditioner
Step 1: tools and materialsMaterial Science1 x cheap polystyrene foam cooler (we provide cooler in the form of dollar storage, in fact, you can buy it at the price of US $:).adhesive tape1 x 15 inch 3 / 4 inch PVC pipe (we have some waste around the garage)1 x cheap high-speed fan. We have a Honeywell turboforce fan.tool1 Dremel rotation tool (we used Dremel 4000)1 cutting disc Dremel (we used a thin knife)scissorsMarker (Sharpie)Safety glassesTape measureStep 2: strap and cut off the cooler of the ventOn the cooler, locate the vent to be placed. For us, we just do this at the beginning of the flat part of the cooler. When this is done, now place a full length of tape on this side and position.Now, cut a section of a 3 / 4 "PVC pipe and draw three holes at approximately equal distances from each other,Pick up Dremel and put on the cutting head, and then pick up your trusted safety glasses. Cut the hole very slowly and carefully. If you are not satisfied with the cutting, try to change the drill bit to milling drill bit, and then cut by hand. Our cutting method is to cut a cut in the middle, and then cut perpendicular to the cut to form a cross, and then we can Cut it. Cut it quickly to remove the rest of the hole. Don't hang it too tight on the correct hole. In fact, you want it to be a little smaller than the drawn circle. If you do so, it will produce a good effectStep 3: install and cut PVCWith newly cut holes, you can test them with PVC at any time. I hope they fit well. If not, please don't worry. You can place them first, and then fix them in place with smaller tape strips to obtain better sealing.Pick up the PVC pipe and measure 5 inches, then mark it with a marker pen. Now pick up Dremel (don't forget to wear safety glasses!) and cut the PVC at the mark. Repeat this section twice so that there are 3 PVC pipes about 5 inches in size.Step 4: time to cut the coverRemove the cover of the cooler and place the fan on top of it. Make sure it is placed so that the fan (if open) will blow down into the top of the cooler cover. Mark the cover with a marker pen to record the size of the fan relative to the cover.Now that you know where it is, you need to tape the adhesive part. Make sure that the tape is laid in strips and cover all the places covered by the marking area. There are two reasons for this. First, when the cutting is carried out, the adhesive tape will add a little bit of structural support. The styrofoam is not the strongest material, and it will burst in an unexpected way:) The second reason is that it helps to make the cut work better with the edge, especially when we want to seal the part when we put it downAfter lowering the tape, you need to position the fan again and mark the cover with a marker to note the size of the fan relative to the cover.Now that you have the mark, put on your safety glasses and cut the cover. Remember to slow down.After turning on, put the fan on it. If you need to trim some cuts, please continue. Please be careful not to cut too much. You want the fan to fit in tightly, and then put it in.Step 5: put them togetherIt's time to put them together!Remove the PVC pipe and put it into the hole. Cut a small piece of tape and form a seal around each PVC next to the cooler.Pick up the fan, put it on the top, then seal it down with tape and cover it. The best. We don't intend to marvel at the engineering miracle here. Our goal is to put it in place and try to avoid losing as much pressure as possible when the fan blows into the cooler.Continue, please use this tape where necessary. As red green said, it is always tape!Step 6: all done, just add iceThat's it, you're done. Now, you just need to add ice to the cooler and turn it on. Better yet, add your favorite drinks and ice, and let the cooler work at the same time in your garage, outdoors or on the terrace, or even in a room where you just want to add more cooling.Simple, easy and very cheap. My daughter likes the speed at which we can do this, and we've started talking about what we can do to make it better, but at the same time trying to make it cheap and easy.
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