Has Anyone Here Torn Their Meniscus in Their Knee? (I Already Have an Appointment to See a Doctor, b

I ruptured my meniscus and tore my ACL. I had the exact same symptoms as you. I had my knee surgically repaired using a section of my patellar tendon as an ACL replacement and had the meniscus resurfaced. The surgery was not bad but recovery was another story. My quads atrophied a lot from being immobilized. Once rehab started I thought I would never get back into playing condition but I think I got to about 80% of where I was before I started playing sports again and I am still working on it. Just remember the older you get the tougher recovery is going to be. If you want more details about surgery or physical therapy. ..feel free to ask.

1. What physical activity do you like doing?

working out on a gym, playing sports like tennis, and also by simply walking around school... It's fun... ^_^

2. There is now an online news source that only shows "good news". Do you think many will watch it or will people continue to watch news shows with "bad news"?

While websites are not rated the way TV and radio stations are, I can tell you that historically, every effort to provide nothing but "happy talk" has failed, ratings-wise. People say they want it, but then they do not watch. That's why most news stations try to provide listeners or viewers with balance: they report on the hard news (crime, natural disasters, political feuds, etc) first, then move on to weather and sports, and conclude the broadcast with a lighter or more positive story (it used to be called a "kicker" but there may be a newer slang name for it these days). In other words, the goal is to provide a balanced newscast- neither all sad, nor all happy. Whatever the biggest news-makers are doing, whatever issues are on people's minds, and whatever is happening in local weather and sports, that's what news reporters cover. But as I said, at the end of the cast, many stations try to close on a somewhat more positive note, with a story that is amusing or inspirational. Online sites that offer happy and uplifting stories do have their place, and can provide a welcome respite from a day of depressing stories. But I doubt anyone will watch these sites to the exclusion of everything else that is going on in the world

3. Is judo a viable martial art for defense?

Depends what you train. If you train sports then of course it most likely will not be as good in a self defense situation. If you pin your opponent face up like you do in sports then that is a problem too. The mindset in a sports event is very different too than in a self defense situation and most people really underestimate that. I happen to believe that Judo can be trained for self defense but that that kind of training would be very different than what you train if you compete. I also believe that you will have difficulty finding a teacher who really knows how to teach it for self defense as most jumped on the MMA bandwagon to be able to keep their school open.

4. How Much Do Olympic Athletes Earn?

As eyes are on the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, the answer still surprises me. Most Olympians earn nothing for Olympic competition. Many countries' Olympic teams, including the United States', provide travel expenses to Olympic competitors, but even these funds do not come directly from the government, rather a pool of private and corporate donors. The only direct income a few Olympians receive for their competition is from corporate sponsorships. For an A-list Olympian, like Shawn White, that means plenty of dough to support himself while training and competing. White reportedly earns $10 million a year. This is all thanks to his many tournament winnings, but mostly because of his endorsement deals, which include brands such as Burton, Kraft, and Red Bull. Another two-time winter Olympic medal winner, Lindsey Vonn has made roughly $3 million by reaching the apex of her sport. She has sponsorship deals with Under Armour, Head, Red Bull, Oakley and Rolex, and is now heading to South Korea to build on her already successful (and lucrative) career. So how much do less famous competitors get paid? All U.S. athletes can earn a "medal bonus" from the U.S. Olympic committee for each medal won. The Committee pays American medal winners 25,000 USD for gold, 15,000 USD for silver, and 10,000 USD for bronze medals. Some countries, though not all, pay athletes similar medal bonuses: While the UK does not offer specific medal bonuses, it does devote 125 million ($162 million USD) of government and lottery funds to Olympic and Paralympic sports each year, some of which goes to annual athlete stipends. UK Olympic medalists get a stipend of $36,000 USD per year to train and compete. But what about athletes that compete but do not medal? Other than the thrill of competition, they have to fight hard for other compensation. In the US, track and field stars, each in the top 10 nationally in their events, make an average of only 16,553 USD per year. Many of the over 500 US Olympians have to find other ways to make ends meet. Meanwhile, IOC members get paid more to watch the Olympics ($7,650 USD for 2.5 weeks of work) than most athletes will make competing in the games. According to the Washington Post: Even USOC officials concede that, with the exceptions of the handful of megastars such as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte who rake in big endorsement money and those who play sports with lucrative professional leagues, most U.S. Olympic athletes cannot earn enough from their sports to make a living. While medal bonuses are a nice way to reward (both summer and winter) athletes financially for a big, big accomplishment, many will never enjoy the steady income that comes with a corporate sponsorship, making what they endure to compete all the more impressive.

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