Hair too Short to Put Up While Playing Sports!?

1. let your hair grow out 2. let it fly 3. cut it even shorter and grow it out during the off season 4. bun it up (if you have not already tried) 5. Deal with the fabric headband

1. Do you think a person should have a guinea pig if they play sports?

it does not effect your sports.. i think you should get one as long as you take care of it. feed water and play with it as long as you can do this you should get one

2. should govt./sports ministry take over and nationalise the cricket ?

Theres 100 Lalit Babas in our Govt./Sports Ministry.Nothings gonna change. Just Curious!!!!!!,Do you guys (one above me & questioner) know "Bingalee"

3. What's the REAL reason that Beyonce did the Sports Illustrated Cover?

$$$ money

4. what is dk yarn. is it sports weight?

What Is Sport Yarn

5. Easier to ride a sports bike or stick shift car?

There is no logical answer for the two examples you want answers on.... it is two very different vehicles. I will say stick to your car until your comfortable enough, have you ever been on a bike before(Riding, not Passenger) ???? firstly gain experience. get on a dirt bike probably your buddies and go from there, but just to think that you can "ride a bike cause you can drive a stick shift" you wo not get far with that attitude. Bike riding requires confidence, respect and disipline. All the best Derick

6. If i start playing sports will this help my breast?

Just cut out from dairy products

7. Start up costs of starting a sports bar and grill?

It will take at least a 50k and probably more like 200k to open a nice one. Liquor licenses are not cheap. The person applying will need a spotless background

8. What are the best and worst sports to watch and why?

worst - golf best - basketball where "The Lakers" happen .

9. Is it common for girls to change in and out of sports uniforms on the court?

It is completely common. Most girls from where i am do the same thing and i do too. We are in sports bras and they cover us up. And usually we arent to insecure about or bodies because we wear spandex :).

10. If you had at most $35000, would you purchase hybrid vehicle or a sports car?

I would prefer a down payment on a house. But I would go with whatever I could get the best gas mileage

11. Hey how do sports arenas change the "logo" marks on the floor? ?

Is called stickers?

12. what's a good sports car for a tall guy?

Sports Cars For Tall Guys

13. Are there any sports you can start at 16?

basketball softball volleyball

14. Why do broadcasters need to ALWAYS make comparisons when it comes to sports?Especially women sports..?

I get the idea they make the comparison so viewers who are unfamiliar with these females can relate them to something they are familiar with. HMMMMMM....... BQ* How wacky are bed bugs? ^ ^

15. Politicians and NCAA/Pro sports? What do you think?

Yes, that's what called spending our money easy come easy blow

16. Why do most sports fans not realize how great a game hockey is?

The media basically tells us what to watch and who to cheer for. There's no individuality anymore

17. Ovechkin Theories by Sports Illustrated: Do you buy into any of them?

Do I bleeping CARE what people think of Ovechkin? Guess what? NO!!! HE'S the face of the NHL, and not Crosby. GET OVER IT, DUM-DUMS!!!

18. Is buying a used sports car a bad idea?

With the exception of ultra prestige brands like Lamborghini (where it's potentially important to have something that's really new in order to turn heads), the calculus here is not any different with sports cars to how it is with non-sports cars.There are pros and cons to buying used:Pros:You are able to afford a car that you otherwise could not.You avoid the worst bit of the depreciation curve. Cons:You will have to spend more on exceptional maintenance, as your warantee period will be shorter (if you have one at all)You will have to spend more on routine maintenance, as you're more likely to approach milestones like changing tyres, brake pads etc. Or the more important milestones like timing belt.You won't have the very latest in-car technologyOnly you can assess whether the pros outweigh the cons. Personally, I think the pros massively outweigh the cons and that buying a brand new car is normally a worse decision than buying used.Is buying a used sports car a bad idea?

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