German Things to Fir the ABC's?

With Z? That's easy. Zeitgeist.

1. Why won't NBC or ABC air ads critical of Obama's healthcare?

General Electric owns NBC. GE were HUGE financial supporters of Obama. (I thought it was the GOP that was in bed with Corporations) GE also stands to make a ton of money on cap and trade. ABC = Always Barack Channel

2. Is this melanoma(don't list the abc's of it I know them)?

It is not possible to diagnose you over the internet regardless of your detailed description. Given your age, a melanoma is not likely

3. Melissa and Joey on ABC Family?!?

May 30th

4. Did you watch the ABC global warming special last night?

I watched it. I thought it was stupid. They were predicting devastation in as little as 5 years. That is not realistic. Also, they made it seem like we are set where we are at and no one can come up with new ideas, new approaches, new inventions. They had a message to deliver. They did what they could to deliver their message. But, they did not present a complete picture. I do thing we need to be aware of the environment. It makes me want to go out and buy a scooter to replace my car, or perhaps start riding my bike to work and back. But that was stuff I was already thinking about.

5. Your Abc name list (Boy Version)?

A- Aiden B- Brayden C- Corvin D- Dwayne E- Elden F- Falcon G- Gavin H- Harleigh I- Iann J- Jace K- Keegin L- Landon M- Machi N- Nehemia O- Omar P- Phillip Q- Quincee R- Raymin S- Shawn T- Tatum U- Unden V- Vance W- Will X- Xaiden Y- Yonis Z- Zaiden

6. Do I have what it takes to be on ABC's Extreme Makeover - Home Edition?

it's not too far off a lot of the stories they have. try it and see what happens

7. Google Analytics: recording successful conversion from website to

Assuming that "controlled by a vendor" means you do not have access to the code on, then the best you can do is track the button clicks to as outbound links with events.As indicated here, outbound links are not automatically tracked by Google Analytics, so you would need to manually tag them using JavaScript, which will then allow you see them as one of the event categories:Because links that lead away from your site are not automatically tracked by Google Analytics, you will need to manually tag all outbound links you want to track. To do this, you will add some custom JavaScript that uses the _trackEvent method to record these links and then modify the links you want to track.With this structure in place, you could then see Outbound Links as one of the event categories and drill down to see which particular outbound links are the most popular.The steps for tracking button clicks as outbound links covered in the example here (edited for your needs) are:Delay the outbound click by a fraction of a second (to provide the browser more time load the tracking code) by adding this JavaScript before your tag:Then you can log each button click by adding an onClick event to trigger the trackOutboundLink function above:As specified there:The example above uses the category label Outbound Links. This is a useful way to categorize all outbound links in the Event Tracking reports. It sets the specific name of the website as the second parameter in the call.So change above to whatever external site you want to attribute the button click to.

8. Given three positive numbers $a,,b,,c$ . Prove that $(!abc a b c!)^3geqq 8,abc(!1 a!)(!1 b!)(!1 c!)$ .

Hint: By AM-GM, $$(abca) (bc) geqslant 2asqrtbc2sqrtbc = 2sqrtbc(1a)$$Now multiply three such inequalities (after cyclical shift).

9. Prove that the triangle ABC with vertices at A(1,1) B(3,5) and C(11,-4) is a right triangle.?

Prove that the triangle ABC with vertices at A(1,1) B(3,5) and C(11,-4) is a right triangle.? Length of the side = Distance between the two vertices = [x2-x1)^2 (y2-y1)^ Length of the side AB = [ (3-1)^2 (5-1)^ = (416 = 20 Length of the side BC = [ (11-3)^2 (-4-5)^ = (6481) = 145 Length of the side CA = [ (11-1)^2 (-4 - 1)^ = (10025) =125 from the above lengths we can observe that (BC)^2 = (AB)^2 (CA)^2 i.e. (Hypotenuse)^2 = (side)^2 (side)^2 Hence pythogorous theorem is verified So the triangle formed by given vertices is a Right angled triangle

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Why Not Teach the Alphabet As QWERTY Instead of ABC? As Keyboards Are so Common Nowadays.
That would be really unfortunate. Our next generation will entirely miss the ecstasy and fun to recite the alphabet in the amazingly simple rhythmic tone like we all did- ABCDEFGHIJK-elemenopi1. what would be a good title for my abc book?How about something simple like "Alphabetical Geography."2. Have you learned your fib-abc?Sometimes I sigh and think, "Is this even worth submitting? It does not win, so why bother?" In response, I think, "Heck. It was fun. Besides, this is really fancied-up brainf*** anyhow. Not too shabby."3. Why would ABC do this?fox news reported it............who are you gonna trust?4. x-box keyboard from ABC to qwerty?T9 is physically powerful while you are solid at it,and it is a quickly thank you to textual content fabric,yet once you are kinda new abc is physically powerful on the grounds which you could take a while in typing what you want, execs of T9:cant remember be conscious,it's going to make the closest tournament Con:each so often it spells the incorrect be conscious execs:of ABC:many times mistake loose Con: might take longer to make a textual content fabric5. Who want's to join me in banning "The View" on ABC for being too biased?It's about time Sherri came to her senses. I only see the beginning of the show occasionally, but Elizabeth is out of her damn mind. I can not imagine this country being run by the far right who think like Elizabeth. I am glad she gets shut down. She can speak her peace, but to have someone to balance it out just to agree with her, the show might as well be on Fox6. Can you believe ABC News blamed the midwest flooding on Global Warming?There is global warming its nature as well as man , we have gone thru climate changes even b4 man populated the earth . Look up at your skies ..see the chemtrails? are they there ?Government says to create fake clouds to cool the earths temp ..WTF when the sky was filled with the most gorgeous clouds ive ever seen, i saw spraying begin ? With in 2 hours ALL the CLOUDS WERE GONE!!I dont know the reason government is spraying them , but they are .I live by a base .... in all my life (im 40 ) they NEVER sprayed stuff in the air like now . YES i know the diff between a chem trail and a con trail . I watch planes all the time , Im amazed by how they work . So i know whats going on is wrong !! look up in the sky people and see the planes making the lines across the sky . why do you think its happing ?7. ABC ACB = BCA. What are A B and C?ABC ACB = BCA ABC ACB - BCA = 0 ABC (1 1 - 1) = 0 ABC = 0 As long as A, C, or both are 0, this holds true. B can be any number except 0, as stated in the conditions.8. Writers Strike - Only for ABC?It's all the writers in Hollywood. That's writers for all network and cable shows as well as movie writers9. Which institute is better in Hyderabad, QSpiders or ABC?well me you will learn concepts as well as you will be placed in a company.qspiders, panjagutta10. Baby Name Game!! ... Do you know your ABC's? :)?A- Ashton and Alexander B- Blaire and Blake C- Cadie and Colten D- Danielle and Denver E- Elise and Ethan F- Faith and Finn G- Grace and Gavin H- Hayden and Hunter I- Isabel and Ian J- Jenna and Jaxson K- Kendall and Kale L- Lilly and Lucas M- Mikaela and Mitchell N- Natalie and Noah O- Olivia and Owen P- Payson and Parker Q- Quinn and Quentin R- Reiley and Rylan S- Shiloh and Spemcer T- Tahlia and Thomas U- Uriah and Urban V- Victoria and Vincent W- Willow and William X- Xena and Xander Y- Yvonna and Young Z- Zara and Zachary11. $ABC=Iimplies B$ is invertible and $B^-1 = CA$Using the fact mentioned in your question we see that $A$ and $C$ are invertible and so $B$ is also invertible and that $$B=A^-1C^-1$$ Can you take it from here?
What Are the Chances of a Good Student From a Non-elite Engineering College Getting into IIM ABC?
It depends on a whole lot of factors, and not just your engineering college. I came from a rather less known engineering college, but got into IIM-A. I owe that to what I did during my undergrad years and my own capabilities than the renown of my college. Eventually, while those from elite institutions have a slight edge, in that they have a halo of academic competitiveness above their heads, those from other institutes are not at any great disadvantage solely because of their "non-elite" nature.What are the chances of a good student from a non-elite engineering college getting into IIM ABC?What are the chances of a good student from a non-elite engineering college to get into IIM ABC?1. Which is the best book for chemistry, 11th Modern ABC or Pradeep?Go for modern ABC.There is no comparison between the 2 books, you can compare the text and know yourself2. What is that constant humming noise heard at the opening game of the World Cup (USA vs. England - ABC Network)?the soul of all the dead meerkats killed in burrow raids3. Why did democrat ding bat Rosie O'Donnell get canned by ABC????Rosie and ABC can lie all they want, when she got in front of those young ladies who won the scholarships the other night, used the F word and pointed to her crotch and yelled EAT ME, that was the last straw. The lady is nuts and they used this as a way to hide firing her4. If the perimeter of the triangle ABC is above 16, what is its area?The perimeter of a triangle can be whatever you like and it wo not tell you a thing about the area of the triangle until you know a bit more information. The perimeter could be a trillion and you still could have an area of almost zero5. Why is it that CNN, NBC, CBS & ABC will not tell America the truth about whats going on in Washington?Cause they kiss up to the people in politics, its always been that way. Fox news gives you a fair and balanced report, I may not agree w/them, but they do tell us and let us decide6. Which book should I go for , Pradeeps Fundamental physics or Modern abc or HC Verma Concepts of Physics?HC Verma is best among these7. Why doesn't CNN have affiliate stations like Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC?You sort of miss the point of CNN. CNN was the first 24 hour cable news channel ever. Founder Ted Turner was a visionary who used the resources of one broadcast television station to launch CNN at a time when none of the other broadcasters had a presence on cable. The others were originally broadcasters before deciding to invest in cable long after CNN had become successful as a cable television pioneer. CNN sister channel TBS was the first "superstation" in the country. CNN founder Ted Turner first started transmitting his television station WPCH-TV in Atlanta, Georgia nationally on cable in 1976 as TBS. Turner Broadcasting owned the station until 2017. CNN actually has around 900 broadcasting affiliates that use their news resources on their local stations through the services of CNN Newsource.Although you may now be watching CBS, NBC, and ABC on cable, they were in the broadcasting business long before that. Their roots go back to the earliest days of broadcasting, nearly 100 years ago at this point. Fox Broadcasting started about a decade before there was ever a Fox News Channel. I actually worked for them in their earliest days. Fox Broadcasting is not an "affiliate" of Fox News. Aside from some shared news resources, the two operate independent of each other8. Why do liberal news outlets (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, etc) greatly outnumber conservative ones (FOX)?Because only MSNBC is a solid liberal network. The others, until Trump claimed they were picking on him, were just normal news. In Fact, many people turned to the network anchors on 9/11 because they were just regular news. In fact, the New York Times is not even close to being liberal. It is a 100-year-old newspaper and it would not have survived had it been a solely liberal mediumFox is now, in essence, a state-run news agency that appeals specifically to Individual 1
I Live in Aus and Cant Watch Grey's Anatomy Off Abc..?
by ABC, you do not mean "our" ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) I take it? You probably can not watch Grey's using the American ABC because it can tell you are not in the U.S, and many of these sites are restricted to their own countries. You could try going to a proxy server website based in the U.S. and then navigate to the ABC from there - I've never done it myself, but theoretically it should think you are in America, and allow you to watch the show as a result.1. polish abc's???????????we use the same latin alphabet as English. There are some additional letter such as: , . , , . Q and X are rarely used. We pronounce the letters exactly as they are written.2. Might go on the ABC diet?105 is the lowest weight someone five two is supposed to weigh. I think you are already 2 lbs underweight. You should discuss this with your dr. People who weigh to little have heart problems among other disorders, hair falling out of their head, downy hair covering their abdomen. ...Your doctor can advise you best.3. Your Abc girl name list?A- Anna B- Brooke C- Chloe D- Dana E- Elizabeth F- Faith G- Grace H- Haley I- Isabel J- Jenna K- Kate L- Lauren M- Miranda N- Nicole O- Olivia P- Paige Q- Quinn R- Rachel S- Shelby T- Tessa U- Ulani V- Violet W- Whitney X- Xandra Y- Yanise Z- Zoey4. Prove that H is orthocentre of ABC using inversionObserve an inversion with center at $C$ and radius $r= CH$. Let $Amapsto A'$ and $Bmapsto B'$. Since circles (Y) and (Z) have equal radius and go through $C$ they map to a lines $CA'$ amd $CB'$ which are at equal distance from $C$. So $HC$ is angle bisector for $angle A'HB'$. Now we have $$angle HBC = angle B'HC = angle A'HC = angle HAC =:alpha $$By simmetry we have $$angle HBA = angle HCA =:beta $$ and $$angle HAB = angle HCB =:gamma $$Now it is clealry $$alpha beta gamma = 90^circ$$ so we are done5. $ABC=Iimplies B$ is invertible and $B^-1 = CA$Using the fact mentioned in your question we see that $A$ and $C$ are invertible and so $B$ is also invertible and that $$B=A^-1C^-1$$ Can you take it from here?6. Should Disney/ABC, which contributed to Hillary & Obama, Be Able to Omit Candidates from a Debate?I do not know about banning debates. But perhaps, something as sacred as democracy, should be given a government-sponsered platform. I am a libertarian but perhaps the presentation of candidates is one thing that perhaps the government should deliver. I do not think anyone has the right to tell Disney/ABC what to do, as sick and anti-American as their little "debate" is.7. Solve this boolean expression... -- Q=A'BCABC'ABC?Not sure what you mean by "solve" the expression. You can simplify it into the fewest logical functions that produce the same logical output; You can convert it so that it is expressed entirely in terms of NAND functions; ..... or entirely in terms of NOR functions; or Or you can construct a truth table that represents every possible state of the Boolean expression, as shown below, as well as constructing Venn diagrams or Karnaugh map. A B C Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 ..... [ this line represents A'BC ] 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 ..... [ this line represents ABC' ] 1 1 1 1 ..... [ this line represents ABC ] It is possible to use Boolean Algebra to show that: Q = A'BCABC'ABC = B(AC) i.e. the expression simplifies to B(AC) Quote: " Q=A'B'C'A'B'CA'BC'A'BCAB'C'AB'CA... " ; Well this expression is incomplete so it is not possible to do much other than suggest that it looks like it is attempting to combine every possible logical input using OR functions, in which case, it simplifies down to: Q = 18. Don't you love the way ABC on line spins this story?Anything for the liberal media to help their canidate. We may as well start calling them the democrat media because that is exactly what they are
String S New String (ABC). How Many Objects Are Created After the Above Statement?
Java creates two objects for this stmt. One object is created at the heap and one is at the string static pool. You can prove this by getting the total memory at runtimeConsider ABC stores a string abc. Now checklong used Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory() - Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory();before and the above stmt. If you get the used memory twice to that of required for string ABC then it means that java has created two objects• Suggested ReadingAbc is a three digit numbers where abc^2 and bca^3, what solution does it have?1.Since a and b are digits (that is if abc does not indicate multiplication), the largest that a^2 can be is 1 or 8 and so a is one of 1 or 2.Now, bc^2-aa^3-c from which c^2c-a^3-a0. Then the discriminant must be the square of an integer. We write 14a^34a is a perfect square. However, a is 1 or 2 giving us a1, c1. Since b is a function of a and c and (a,c) has but one solution, so does b------How come Fox News is still so popular, even though they have been proven to be making up facts and are clearly very biased (conflict of interest-Rupert Murdoch)?Because Fox is one of the very few places where you can hear both sides of an argument and make up your own mind. Most people don't want to hear 24/7 Trump bashing. Just because the socialist left doesn't like the facts doesn't mean that Fox made them up. Fox mistakes don't hold a candle to the false reporting and mistakes of CNN and CBS who have both fired and suspended reporters for doing that.Please cite your source that Fox made anything up------How is abcabcabcbbb? If it is not 0.abcabcabcbbb3abcbbb3acb^2Since b^2 is a multiple of 3 so is b. Therefore b3k and ac3k^2.So let's test this with a random example: k1 than b3 than ac3and abc9 and of course 3×93^3.Ok k2: b6 and ac12 therefore abc72And 3×726^3In fact we construct an induction proof from here.But what about irrational ks like ksqrtpi? Well ac3 piabc9 pi sqrtpi and 3abc27 pi sqrtpi and b3 sqrtpi and b^327 pi sqrtpi.So big any value k and a, b, c will follow------Is KodNest in Bangalore better than ABC and Jspiders?Out of Kodnest, Jspiders or Abc for technology training, always pick the reliable Kodnest. It is the best training institute in Bangalore. From Java to Front end To testing to database, all taught at Kodnest for a mind-blowing course fees and also completed at a shorter time than the other institutes. Ample drive opportunities and no overcrowding of students makes Kodnest the training institute every job seeker must go to if they want to land their dream job and support their family. Choose Kodnest------In a China-Taiwan war, would America intervene and force the ABC population into internment camps?The USA and Taiwan have a mutual defense treaty and a good portion of the USA's Navy and Marine Corps are kept close to Taiwan year round. Internment is no longer likely due to advancements in e-survelaince but under the National Defense Act as well as the remaining portion of the Sedition Act of 1805, the USA can intern and deport enemy nationals and intern its citizens under certain conditions such as martial law, insurrection, treason, and suspension of habeus corpus------How can I download ABC iView and ABC Australian videos?Youre recommended to use GetFLV to download any ABC iView - ABC Australia videos. The downloader is a user-friendly application which requires no costly codecs. Its a professional program that can effectively record, download and convert ABC iView - ABC Australia videos to any video/audio format at terrific speed. With ABC iView - ABC Australia downloader, you can always download non-downloadable videos with extremely high quality. You can also download videos from Youtube etc websites.Please follow the detailed step by step tutorials to download videos from ABC iView - is better to join for Java placements, ABC or JSpiders in Bangalore?Jspiders is Fake.they will not provide any opportunities , they will claim we will give so much of opportunities but they fail to give opportunities to the students .Just see above image they are claiming every 4 min we will place one student practically think is it possible or not and again they are claiming in a single month 3600 to 4000 students will get job biggest joke ever if they will place 4000 students every month there will be no unemployment in india.Please think twice before joining this institute. You will never ever get back your precious time and your money also------What are the lyrics to the ABC hand game?This is how I know it:Abc its easy as 123momma sings do re miabc 123 baby you and me girloh II wanna piece a piepie too sweet I want a piece of meatmeat to red I want to go to bedbed not made I want some lemonadelemonade too sour I want to take a showershower to cold I want a piece of goldgold too shiny I want to kick your hineyhiney to fat and thats the end of thatso close your eyes and count to 10whoever messes up has to start all over again------If 2048, 50313, 30511 and 90725, what is 705?In 1) 204 8 replace 0 with 2 and add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 8Likewise in 2) 30511 replace 0 with 3 add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 113) 50313 replace 0 with 5 and add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 13As like as in 70519 replace 0 with 7 and add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 19and in 90725 replace 0 with 9 and add all the digits in 204 it is equal to the value 8This like the logic is confined------Which is better, 2 years of M.Tech at IIT or 2 years of work experience?When you reach a stage where you have to select any option from two option then you analyze the both option and findwhich option comes in your life multiple timeswhich option you have not get again and againso , from both option by the doing mtech from iit you got various thing that as,you have opportunity to do job in your dream companyyou got higher salary if you do better in mtechyou are able to open your own startupIIT option not comes again and again in your lifebut you can work whole lifeso better is to join iit then do else------If the midpoints of the sides in a triangle ABC are P(1,1) Q (1,-3) and R (-3,-5), then what are the coordinates of the vertices ABC?Let the vertices be A(x, y), B(p, q) and C(r, s). If P is the midpoint of AB, by considering the x-coordinates : (xp)/2 1, if Q is the midpoint of BC, (pr)/2 1 and finally if R is the midpoint of CA, (rx)/2 1 Solving these we get x - 3, p 5 and r - 3. By considering the y-coordinates : (yq)/2 1, (qs)/2 - 3 and finally (sy)/2 - 5 Solving these we get y - 1, q 3 and 3 - 9. Hence the vertices are A(-3, -1), B(5, 3) and C(-3, -9)------In a triangle ABC angle, C 3 angle B 2 (angle Aangle B). What are the three angles?C is already simplified in terms of B so let's see if we can do the same for A. If we can get all three sided as proportions of the same side our work gets easier later.3B2(AB)3B2A2BB2AAfrac 12BSo that means our sides are frac 12B, B, and 3B respectively.Summing them we get:frac 12BB3B180B2B6B3609B360B40So our angles are 20, 40, and 120 for A, B, and C------Is ABC Institute better for Java or testing?I am ex-student of ABC For Java & Testing, now named as ABC For Technology Training Few things I want to mentioned about ABC For Java & Testing. It is really a very good training institute for those people who wants to do hard work and spend time on technologies. Teaching and placement wise ABC is really good. I was from Mechanical background, under influence of one my Friend, I joined in ABC (BTM).Frankly, I want to say for getting the best knowledge you cannot precise the location. In any condition you will have to move on because of the it's all about the carrier.------When will FMS DU be at par with IIM ABC?Why they have to be on par with any college at all. FMS has carved its own identity just like the IIMs. FMS gets the candidates it needs & deserves just like IIMs. FMS has a unique selection process just like all IIMs have. FMS also has in store great opportunities for its students like IIMs.Rather than comparing colleges that have a legacy of more than half a century it is any day better to find the right fit institution for yourself. Find out which institution will fulfill your expectations from MBA and work out a way to land there eventually------Who do you think will win tonight's town hall, NBC or ABC?Who do you think will win tonight's town hall, NBC or ABC?Well, Im not sure how one would define winning in this case, but I suspect that NBC, CNBC and MSNBC are about to enjoy their highest viewer ratings historically for the 8 pm to 10 pm segments.I plan to tune into MSNBC. Carl Bernstein is already freaking out so I'm thinking it should be worth a watch.'Manipulated by Trump': Carl Bernstein on NBC town hall - CNN Video.------What would it be like if an American born Chinese (ABC) person became an American president?Sure, there's this LA born guy who graduated from Harvard and who is currently playing NBA basketball who will likely run for Congress in about 2024 and have a shot at the presidency at some point about a decade later. Some people will think it is Linsane to elect a former NBA player to the presidency but a fogey like me will remind them that Minnesota actually elected a former rassler to serve as its governor. When this actually happens, I hope all you readers will remember that I called it first.------Where can I find PDFs of Shinichi Mochizuki's proof of the ABC conjecture?The proofs are posted among Shinichi Mochizuki's papers, under the title "Inter-Universal Teichmller Theory". At the risk of stating the obvious, if you're an amateur, you will unfortunately not be able to make any sense of those papers, even if you read up everything else Mochizuki has written about these topics. Immense amounts of background knowledge are required to just make sense of the technical terms, and I don't expect anyone to be able to acquire that knowledge just by reading.------What is ABC in first aid?Airway, breathing and circulation. But it has been recently changed to CAB with the same letter meanings. Its just that the priority has become circulating the blood, for several reasons.First and foremost you dont have to do mouth to mouth in the middle of an opiate epidemic and a covid pandemic.Second you are getting some gas exchange without breathing.Third and finally you can survive without breathing but if your heart flatlines it aint like the TV, you are not coming back------In a triangle ABC, the medians intersect at G. The area of ABC is 27cm^2. How do I find the area of BCG?As we can see that AE,CD,BF are the medians in triangle ABC then BEEC,ADBD, AFCFArea of (GBE)0.5* BE*hArea of (GEC)0.5*EC*h , here height is same for both triangle and BEEC also so the Area of triangle GBEArea of triangle GECWe know that median divides triangle into equal areas so Ar(ABE)Ar(ACE)then Ar(ABE)-Ar(GBE)Ar(ACE)-Ar(GCE) Ar(ABG)Ar(ACG)similarly ,Ar(ACG)Ar(BGC)Ar(ABG)So,finally Ar(BGC)(1/3) * 27 cm^2 9 cm^2------Is Modern ABC of Chemistry a must for NEET if I read ALLEN and NCERT? Which chapters of Modern ABC are important?Right now if you are thinking to open Modern ABC ,then please don't because it's so time consuming!Btw I have been a keen lover of MODERN ABC Organic part, they have explained it very well! If you know nothing in Organic chemistry, then MODERN ABC will make you master of it, but at the cost of your time!So think and then act, what is more important! Rather I don't suggest you any other chapter that you should go through this book, it is like entering into universe and finding a planet exact like earth!All the best
What Is the Use of End' ' in Python?
Simple example by which you can understand the end operator in Python.print(1)print(2)print(3)What you think the output is ?123One output in every line.print(1,end',')print(2,end',')print(3,end',')Output is : 1,2,3, .So the end operator is used when you don't need your output in each line do we use end operator and this parameter take a string so I passed a , (comma) as a string so that every output is separated by comma.Useful to use when apply for loop that execute 100 times.Thanks . Follow me• Suggested ReadingIf every class in Java extends object class and then a user can extend it with any other class, doesn't it make multiple inheritance applicable in Java?Its a good question but if you had thought a liitle on it you wouldnt have asked it. The inherited class then extends Object Class. It seems as if the multiple inheritance occurs instead multilevel inheritance is actually occuring at this point. This type of questions seems good but has basic answers to it which you yourself would have thought if you had given time over it.class abcclass xyz extends abcHere Object class is inherited by the abc class by default abc extends Object internally to JVM. Thus multilevel inheritance occurs, this is what Java supports and not multiple inheritance.------Which king or queen had the most brutal death?King Richard III of England (reigned 148385) died brutally in battle as he was hacked to death, including a pike stabbed through his head. His body was recently discovered under a carpark and they completed an autopsy. He died at the Battle of Bosworth Field, and his injuries are described here:King Richard III died brutally during BattleHowever, you would have to go some way to beat the death of Marcus Licinius Crassus (11553 BCE). While he was not a king he was the Roman Republic's consul. He had molten gold poured down his throat to symbolise his excessive love of gold:Marcus Licinius Crassus------Why are some people upset with Trump trying to curtail illegal immigration?Because it's being done out of trump's sheer hatred. Trump is blocking and deporting to shamefully inflict his sadistic cruelty on the races/religions he hopes we'll join him in blindly hating. Trump has high hopes we'll blind ourselves with hatred of 'them' so severely we'll stupidly imagine that the enemy Trump of my enemy 'THEM' is our friend. Trump's insulting the hell out of us by imagining we'd be that ing stupid. Certainty there's environmental rational to keep our population low enough to prevent us from outstripping our resources but launching a Trump-led, festival of blinding hatred is beneath every American's dignity------President Trump has announced his intention to challenge the broadcast licenses of ABC, NBC, and CBS, and "if appropriate" revoke them. What do those who voted for him think of this?Those who voted for Trump doubtless applaud such an announcement. But they also tend to be low information.Trump doesn't control the FCC. And he has no power to review licensing. He could ask the agency to review licensing for the networks (if they had licenses) Trumpian attack would result in suits which would threaten to bankrupt Trump Inc. He is a little fish threatening sharks, or at least barracuda.------Determine whether the triangle having sides (2a-1), 2√2 a and (2a1) is a right angled triangle?To test whether a triangle with sides of length (2a-1), (8^0.5)a and (2a1) form a RAT, we can use the Pythagoras theorem which says(2a1)^2 (2a-1)^2 (8^0.5)a^2, or4a^2 4a 1 4a^2 -4a 1 8a^2, or8a^2-8a 0, or8a(a-1) 0, hence a 0 or 1.Hence if a 1, then the triangle will be a RAT. If a0, you get just a straight line of unit length and not a triangle.Again let us see the three terms: (2a-1), (8^0.5)a and (2a1)Let a 2, then the three terms become 3, 5.65685425 and 5. If they are the three sides of a RAT, then 3^25^2^0.5 5.830951895 which is not the same as 5.65685425. So the three terms do not represent a RAT.------How easy is it to tell the difference between an ABC (American Born Chinese) and someone from China?Pretty much everything about them.Clothing is not trendy generally that ABC people wear as a lot don't care about trends.Music taste is diffrent and the way they veiw China is diffrent. A lot of Chinsse veiw China as a great Comunist/Dictatorship while American Chinese a lot see China as the devil in countries next to North Korea. In the sense that they American Chinese are raised by diffrent beliefs and one of them is freedom of speech while they think Chinese don't have that therefore China is bad.Now not all Chinese think like that but it is clear in other ways too------I have 63% in 10th and 47% in 12th. Also, I got 59% in graduation. Is there any chance to get admission in IIM and FMS Delhi?Hi Shubham,The best thing that we need at this moment is an opportunity to believe and prove that what works in the industry is not only academic performance but an extremely hard-working attitude and some fantastic intrinsic qualities like humility, acceptance, learning ability, and seriousness.Academic performance will make the journey difficult for FMS or the IIM's but won't destroy your chances to make it to MBA college. At this moment what you need is the start which will help in regaining your confidence.Prepare well, appear for all the exams from CAT to MAT, and hope for the best.Strategies well & Best of LuckLearning From Ant------What is the area of an equilateral triangle, if a point inside the triangle is at a distance of 5 cm, 6 cm, and 7 cm from the vertices?The author of this question has copied from other questions, like What is the area of an equilateral triangle if a point inside the triangle is at a distance of 1, 2 and 3 cm from the sides? and A point inside an equilateral triangle is 3 cm, 4 cm and 5cm respectively from each of its sides.What is the area of the triangle?However there is a small change: not the distances from the sides, but from the vertices. The same methods can be used, except that Heros formular should be used for the area of each triangle on the side.I hope someone has got a triangle solver to do the math in detail------A triangle ABC with the median BD such that anlgle A 3 angle C, and angle ADB 45 degree. Can you find the measure of angle ACB?No, we can't as we need more information for the triangle to be defined, we can only define limits, namely0°
Is It True Pat Robertson Founded ABC Family?
Yes in 1977 Pat Robertson--crazy, senile human being--launched it calling it the Family Channel. Then it was sold to Fox and they renamed it Fox Family, from Fox it was sold to Walt Disney Company (owner of ABC) and they changed the name to ABC Family1. Which one is grammatically correct? "I would like to apply for the position of XYZ in ABC" or "I would like to apply for the position of XYZ at ABC"?Which one is grammatically correct? "I would like to apply for the position of XYZ in ABC" or "I would like to apply for the position of XYZ at ABC"?It depends on what you substitute for ABC. I would like to apply for the position of XYZ in army. I would like to apply for the position of XYZ with the Reserve Bank of India.2. Find all integer solutions to $abc|abbcca|abc$Your original 2-variable problem can be written as "find all polynomials of the form $x^2u x uv$ with all integer zeroes". The conditions on what $u$ and $v$ must be come from the requirement that the zeroes are integers -- in this case, $-u pm sqrtu^2-4uvin 2mathbbZ$. This is satisfied when $u^2-4uv$ is a perfect square. In your case, $u=(alphabeta)^2gamma$ and $v=alphabetagamma$ satisfy this condition.Your full problem can likewise be reduced to "find all polynomials of the form $x^3ux^2uvxuvw$ with all integer zeroes". I am not sure this is closer to a solution, but it somehow seems a better posed problem. It seems to me that it should also be reducible to matrix algebra, but I do not quite see how3. What are your thoughts about the article that claims Trump made at least 22 false or misleading claims at ABC town hall?My thoughts are that I am disappointed in our Birther-in-Chief. Usually he is able to tell a lot more than 22 lies in a town hall or pep rally4. Why are they (Fox, Cnn, ABC, and who ever else) over analyzing Steve Irwins Death........?Would you expect any less? Look at the John Mark Karr situation, they gave that complete overkill and even when they found out that the guy had nothing to do with it - they've CONTINUED to talk about him. We live a time when stories get complete overkill, they do not care about anything but getting ratings. When they know the public will watch it, they will keep talking about it until it makes us throw up. However, I did love Mr. Steve Irwin's show and thought he was an amazing guy. I would not count it yet as overkill on the story because he was such an iconic figure, but I do sense that overkill is on the horizon.5. Is ABC News, MS NBC, CNN, and the other alphabet news networks FAIR AND BALANCED?Atleast Fox covers relevant things. MSNBC runs a whole program on Mrs. Obama's shirt and how her speech "inspired the whole audience"... lol. FOX OWNS6. What does it say about how big media views U.S. citizens and the country itself when ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC cancelled their coverage of the 4th of July?Not true. All media covered the 4th of July, just not all broadcasted Trump's speech. And the reason is that he has consistently used such situations to promote himself and put down others rather than respect the national values. Sorry but there are consequences to constantly lying and spreading misinformation and Trump has lost any shred of credibility.7. What do you think of the ABC poll that 73% of Americans don't trust Trump to vouch for the safety and effectiveness of a coronavirus vaccine?The 73% of Americans that won't take DJT's word on the safety of a COVID-19 vaccine are being rationally and correctly cautious. DJT has been pushing the government regulators to allow all sorts of shortcuts to the time-tested 3 stage process of developing a vaccine because he desperately wants to say that his administration came up with the solution for COVID-19 before the 2020 election day November 3rd, in hopes that the "good news" would cause people who have been badly burned by his botched handling of pandemic response to decide that he is competent POTUS and deserves a 2nd term.But like most of his self-serving decisions, DJT's push to remove all regulatory hurdles to the release of a vaccine before Nov. 2020 has backfired, causing the vast majority of US residents to refuse to become willing guinea pigs for DJT's self-serving experiment in vaccine development, especially since we have all been the unwilling guinea pigs in DJT's self-serving experiments to see if he could win the 2020 election by allowing COVID-19 to rampage through "democrat" cities with no federal government effort to constrain the spread of the disease (and federal sabotage of governors' and mayors' efforts to get sufficient supplies to fight the disease), as well as DJT's experiment to see if he could force an economic recovery by pressuring governors and mayors to lift stay-at-home orders when the numbers of new COVID-19 cases were only starting to dip downward and were very far away from the low level at which epidemiologists would say it is safe to begin re-opening an economy during a pandemic for which there is no vaccine.Consequently all the progress the governors and mayors had made towards defeating the disease was lost and USA disease cases began to trend upward in exponential growth again. It has become very clear that our lives mean less than nothing to DJT, and that he has no scientific knowledge from which to judge a vaccine's effectiveness and safety, and that DJT makes his decisions based upon what will most profit himself, so we are not going to take his word on whether to trust a vaccine. Nor are we going to line up for the vaccine that Putin has rushed to market by means of a similar callous shortened development timeline that probably took many shortcuts
ABC: Model Datasets for Geometric Deep Learning
This research summary is just one of many that are distributed weekly on the AI scholar newsletter. To start receiving the weekly newsletter, sign up here.Big data and deep learning networks are transforming many areas of machine learning (ML). To achieve more accurate models though, adequate data is crucial. Good news data availability is increasingly being made possible by the ubiquity of acquisition devices and massive data sharing on social media.However, the situation is completely different for 3D geometric models. Even with growing 3D sensors availability and improved 3D design tools, acquiring or constructing high-quality geometric techniques is still difficult.A Big CAD Model Dataset For Geometric Deep LearningScholars have introduced a new and massive ABC-Dataset comprising a collection of 1 million Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models for research of geometric deep learning methods and applications.Each model is represented through a collection of plainly parametrized curves and surfaces that provide ground truth for differential quantities, patch segmentation, geometric feature detection, and shape reconstruction.The researchers have performed a large-scale benchmark for the estimation of surface normals, comparing existing data-driven methods and evaluating their performance against both the ground truth and traditional normal estimation methods.Potential Uses and EffectsWith so much data on the table, its time for the AI community to dig deep into geometric deep learning research and applications. The available 3D dataset can be implemented for data-driven processing and applications of geometrical data.The dataset is available hereRead more:for reading. Please comment, share and remember to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for the most recent and interesting research papers! You can also follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Remember to if you enjoyed this article. Cheers!.·RELATED QUESTIONWhy do we need to study T.O.M. inspite of studying mechanics and machine design?In designing of anything first we have to analyse all the factors which affect our design.Tom is divided into two parts kinematic and dynamic.For designing of any machine of machine parts, we have to analyse diffrent parameters when there is no motion and then when there is motion. As if we design any machine it will have motion, for this we have to analyze it's parts motion by velocity and acceleration.When there is motion in every part it generates viberation. So we have to deal with every small part of a machine so that it didn't fail before it's life cycle. Our design must be able to handle unpredictable things so we do tests on many softwares for safety.Mechanics only deals with the forces when body has no motion and machine design is an application subject in which the analysis are taken from som, tom etc.Why do we need to study T.O.M. inspite of studying mechanics and machine design?.
ABC ABCABC=CCC. in This Syntax Three Equal Numbers in Hundred Are Sum Up to Produce a Result in Hund
The first thing to see is that C must be 5. Otherwise, there is no way the last digits could work out.So that means we need to get 555 as our final answer. Since ABCABCABC=555, ABC must equal 555 divided by 3. 555 divided by 3 is 185.So A must be 1, B must be 8, and C must be 51. Obama's communist "czar" had to quietly resign. Will NBC, ABC, or CBS report this story?Seen it on NBC, ABC, CBC, CNN,, and local stations Has been on almost every web site around related to politics Of course it is reported...and point being?2. How many different license plates can there be if there are 3 digits and 3 letters (001 ABC)?The number of 3-digit combinations are 10^3The number of 3-letter combinations are 26^3.So the number of 3-digit3 letter combinations are 10^3 x 26^3You can calculate it.OK, I get 17,576,0003. How do you prove (a b) (b c) (c a) = (a b c) (ab bc ca) - abc?How do you prove (a b) (b c) (c a) = (a b c) (ab bc ca) - abc?In this case I am satisfied with Wolfram Alpha returning True. Manually I would properly expand and simplefy both sides4. Can one get into ISB/IIM ABC if they have an average score (75-80%) throughout their education?Yes, if you have a good profile then they will accept you for sure5. A conjecture with connection to the $abc$-conjectureA list of triples $(A,B,C)$ (for $C6. Baby name ABC's. What are your favorites?Aaliyah Bianca Cassandra Danielle Elaina Felicity/Felicia Gina Heather Isabelle Jennifer/Jacqueline Kate Lilly Michelle Natasha/Natalie Olivia Pearl Quinn Renee/Rose Scarlett/Sophie Theresa Uriah Vivienne/Vanessa Wendy Xena Yvonne Zoe Woopie! :]]7. What does ABC mean in Roblox?ABC in Roblox can mean just a simple alphabetBUT will also mean if player types eg. "ABC for sister." player who will type ABC back may be its sister.This is highly common with online daters and I do not recommend you to answer back to that.8. How do Chinese with ABC parents or half-Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year?Well,I am a ABC and we usually clean up our houses do and say lucky stuff and most importantly, be with our family. - Hope this helps!9. During LOST (ABC TV SHOW) Season Finale Jack had a news clipping of someone's death. Who died?ooooooh i will discuss "lost" all day and night... i think it was ben(hope) nah he's nuts but okhe was right, they should not have called the boat...go to "" if u r a big fan... pretty good site10. In ABC order, would Lucas or Lucaas go first?Lucaas would go first, but if you are thinking of using that as a child's name, think about what his peers will do with the second half of the name11. how to decorate my class with abc letters?Well, you could by some cardboard and cut them into the letters. Then, use paint to color the cardboard. But cut a sponge (no special type, just the type you use for the kitchen) into 4 equal squares and dab it in paint so that you color the whole letter with it. Afterwards, use glitter to outline animals or stuff that begin with that letter.12. If a! b! c! =abc, where a, b, & c are distinct decimal digits, how can I find B?If abc is a*b*c , then b =013. ABC baby name game -- please take a look!?Yafit. (I am ignoring David.)14. What was Biden talking about on ABC when he promised that Obama would face a generated crisis?Sounds like Obama is setting himself up for his first of many broken promises15. Why don't ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and PMSNBC report crimes like this?They are heavily bias toward the left and want Muslims to take over. That would be difficult if Americans stood up against their invasion of the country, so they do not report, or downplay crimes they commit no matter how heinous. And will even have the nerve, in some instances, to try to spin it as our fault.
Aaron Hernandez Destroyed Home Security System and Phone, Sources Tell Abc News
Police plan to go back to the home of New England Patriot's tight end Aaron Hernandez today with another warrant based on evidence that "he destroyed his home security system,'' an investigator close to the case told ABC News.The investigator, and other law enforcement sources, confirmed that the security system - which included video surveillance - was smashed intentionally.And a cell phone used by Hernandez was handed over to investigators "in pieces'' by his attorneys, the sources said.Police also want to know why a team of house cleaners were hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez's mansion, sources told ABC News.The revelations come as multiple sources tell ABC News that the star NFL player has not been ruled out as a suspect in the murder of a semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, 27, who was Hernandez's friend.Hernandez has been at the center of the investigation since Lloyd's body was found shot in the back of the head in a scrubby clearing of an industrial park roughly a mile from the Patriots star's million-dollar mansion in North Attleborough Monday.Police believe Lloyd was killed between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. Monday, but his well dressed body was not found until 5:30 p.m. by a teenage jogger, several law enforcement sources told ABC News on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the case."He [Hernandez] has not been ruled out. We are not calling him a suspect, but he is definitely not in the clear," said one police official close to the investigation.An attorney for Hernandez, Michael Fee, has not commented on the investigation but released a statement saying: "It has been widely reported in the media that the state police have searched the home of our client, Aaron Hernandez, as part of an ongoing investigation. Out of respect for that process, neither we nor Aaron will have any comment about the substance of that investigation until it has come to a conclusion."State Police searched the Hernandez home that he shares with his girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins, the mother of his infant daughter, with a warrant several times. Hernandez was seen going inside the house Wednesday with his mother and has not emerged since.Jenkins' sister, Shanea Jenkins, was dating Lloyd, who played for the semi-pro football team Boston Bandits, several law enforcement sources told ABC News.Shanea Jenkins could not be found in the aftermath of her boyfriend's murder, and investigators were concerned for her safety. Police were able to locate her Wednesday, the sources said.Investigators have also searched three Enterprise rental cars that were registered to the NFL star, including one that had its silver mirror knocked off. That vehicle, sources said, was recovered at an Enterprise location in Boston Wednesday, a day after police issued a BOLO [Be On The Lookout] for it. The sources said it had been dropped off abruptly sometime Tuesday with the broken mirror.Another rental vehicle was recovered not far from Lloyd's body. A third rental was stopped from pulling out of Hernandez's driveway Tuesday by state police and its two occupants were questioned and released. Police were seen searching that car Tuesday night.In another development in the case, ABC News has learned from investigative sources that Hernandez had partied with Lloyd at a Boston nightclub Friday night into Saturday morning. Police reviewed surveillance video Wednesday that was taken at that club.Police are also investigating "other incidents of violence" that Hernandez is suspected of being involved in, two sources told ABC News.Hernandez is being sued by a former friend who lost his eye after he claims the Patriots player shot him in the face in February. A lawsuit in that case stated that Hernandez "possessed a gun he was not legally licensed to have."In the lawsuit initially filed in federal court on June 13, attorneys representing Alexander Bradley, 32, said that Hernandez and several others were at Tootsie's strip club in Miami on Feb. 13 when Bradley and Hernandez got into an argument. The group then left the club, and while driving towards Palm Beach, Hernandez's gun discharged inside the vehicle."It fired, and a bullet went through my client's arm and blew out his right eye," attorney David Jaroslawicz told "It has been enucleated -- replaced with a prosthetic eye. He has also lost use of his right arm."The victim, however, apparently did not tell Palm Beach County sheriffs who responded that the shooter was his friend Aaron Hernandez. The tight end's name is not mentioned on the police report.The Patriots have been tight-lipped about the investigation into Hernandez, who has spent the off-season recovering from a shoulder scope. A team official, Stacey James, said the team would not be commenting on the case citing on the ongoing investigation.
ABC Family's "Jane by Design" Spoiler......Jane's Mom?
Personally I think it s a bit of a stretch to believe that Gray would not immediately recognize Jane as possibly being her daughter. I cannot believe anyone can be that shallow. How could someone forget having a daughter named Jane by a man named Quimby. Now I could believe that Gray did indeed recognize Jane, choosing to keep the information to herself, but I did not see any sign of that during the interview. Had Gray recognized Jane I would have expected an offhanded question about the name of Jane's father or some additional queries about Jane personally for example. Add to this I would expect that Jane would also know her mothers first name. If Jane's mother were named Gray we should expect some comment about about the coincidence of Gray Chandler Murray having the same first name as Jane's mother. Yeah, I know that perhaps Jane's father never told Jane her mothers name. As for why Jane was not fired, I believe the fact that Jane Derailed India's plot is more than enough reason for Gray to keep Jane on. Jane may not have followed Gray's specific intentions about the new items but Jane did recognize the attempt by India to take Gray's job and correctly react fulfilling another ambiguous instruction from Gray. After all is not the ability to do exactly what Jane did one of the attributes most desired in the young people at that firm? .1. ABC's of Astronomy. Tell me if you like it?Not zillion years old! How about i for intellegence? Intellegence lifeforms like us.2. ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan?What and cut into GE's profits? That's unthinkable3. Am I the only one who thinks Scrubs on ABC sucks?Me too! Although Scrubs is great, but I definitely feel a totally different vibe about it now. It's just not the same good ol' Scrubs4. Abc dude party help please?Shits for the toga. Try a paper plate and bowl for the necklace. You can cut the inner circle of the paper plate and cut one side so it can tie around your neck; just punch holes and use string. Next, glue strips of colored red or blue Solo cups (or whatever color cups you can find) or strips of another plate to make a big medallion for the necklace. The hat you can probably use white cardboard. As for the spikes for Rhi Rhi's video try to use a plastic cup and punch holes and add string. then just mold aluminum foil into the shape of a spike over the base of the cup then just tie the spikes on your shoulders/underarm. hope this helps.5. ABC boys and girls name?ayden brady cayden dominick ethan fiona gianna harper isabella jade kaleah lilyana matthias nathaniel owen parker quinten ryder savannah tatiana uri vincent wyatt xavier yuri zoey6. ABC process of Rational Emotive Therapy examples?Hi Kimberly. RTE is a form of therapeutic psychology that emerges from behaviourism. It attempts to use reason and rationality to recognize self defeating cognitive processes and learn to emote more appropiately. "ABC" offered insights into how to overcome self-defeated behaviors and cognition. The "A" stands for adversity, which can mean the everyday obstacles and difficulty that everyone is forced to deal with just as a consequence of interacting with the world. The "B" stands for belief, and concerns whether or not the individual in question believes that a positive outcome is possible, or whether or not the adversity really can be overcome. The "C" represents the consequences that arise as a result of the belief. Generally speaking, an individual undergoing some form of rational therapy would be taught that having negative beliefs reinforces and contributes to negative outcomes, and that having positive beliefs about confronting adversity naturally leads to good results.7. how to decorate my class with abc letters?just dress up the letters and hang them up funky do something a preschooler who went wild neatly with letters would do I would ask the kids for ideas too im sure theyd love to help it be fun8. What channel is ABC on Direct TV?how about here in philippines?i want to watch dancing with the stars tnx
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