Full-frontal Aussie Soccer Babes

Dec. 6, 1999Even their fuzzy flesh down under is exposed in the Australian women's soccer team calendar that will unveil 12 photos of pretty players in the buff."There's full frontal, the whole business ... It's very exciting," claims Miss June, topless right back Amy Taylor. "I wanted to prove we are not all big, butch lesbians. We are attractive, feminine girls," she explicitly informed the Dec. 1 Daily Record.The buck-naked footballers are trying to raise cash and their public profile so that corporate sponsors will assist them in next year's Sydney Olympic Games. But critics are hissing that the only big boost they'll see will be in the pubic zone of men's trousers.Crotch-baring Katrina Boyd, a 28-year-old striker, disputes the notion that her genitalia display is offensive. "I'm proud of what I've done and happy with it," she revealed to the Nov. 30 AAP Newsfeed.Forty-five thousand calendars are expected to streak out of stores, netting a profit of $1 per item. The goal-slamming gals also hope that their bared buttocks will put additional fans' butts in the stadium seats, when their clothed contests are in progress.Upcoming kick-fests include skirmishes with international all-stars from the Czech Republic, Sweden and the world champion United States. Obviously, Brandi Chastain will have to show more than her sports bra to outdo these au naturel Aussies.The media-spanking inflicted on the flesh-peddling punters has stung, notes nude defender 21-year-old Tracie McGovern, who growled, "There's been a few people upset by it and we have to respect their opinion but they need to show us respect as well."Calendar haters are foaming most foully about an underage page: bottomless player Alicia Ferguson was only 17 when her skin shot was snapped.What's next, critics whine. Topless ping-pong Nude cricket Sumo porn Can't anybody keep their togs on

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The Difference Between Pain and Suffering
The Difference Between Pain and Suffering
This month, during the final few miles of the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon, if all goes to plan, elite U.S. marathoner Des Linden will be in a world of pain.Pain is, after all, necessary for Linden or any athlete to get the most out of herself. But, Linden says, I wont spend time negotiating with myself about ways to relieve it. Instead, when the pain arrives, Linden will check in with her body, relax her arms and jaw, and dial in her breathing pattern. When Im hurting, I check in with the physical sensations of my body, she says. But I also remind myself that this is what I signed up for.Linden doesnt fight the pain. She embraces it. And in her trade, the ability to do so is one of the fundamental elements of success. A 2012 meta-analysis published in the journal Pain found that athletes possess a higher pain tolerance that is, they can endure more of it until they reach their breaking point compared with the general population.Pain can be a bit of a catch-22: often the more you try to wish it away, the worse it becomes. According to modern psychology (not to mention ancient Buddhism), therein lies the difference between pain and suffering. Pain is pain, and its bad enough. Suffering which features distress and misery layered on top occurs only when you try to fight that pain.Pain can be a bit of a catch-22: often the more you try to wish it away, the worse it becomes.Consider the work of Steven Hayes, a well-known clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Reno, Nevada. Hes shown that the more you resist or try to avoid unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and sensations, the stronger and more frequent they become. If you cannot open up to discomfort without suppression, he writes, it becomes impossible to face difficult problems in a healthy way.Hayess work is based on acceptance and commitment. When youre in pain, be it physical or emotional, you need not make it worse by resisting it. Its better to accept the pain and commit to accomplishing your goals, and often that means carrying the pain with you.In the midst of pain, thoughts like This is killing me, I cant stand it any longer, or How long will this go on may all move through your mind at one point or another, explains Jon Kabat Zinn in his seminal work, Full Catastrophe Living. You may find such thoughts coming and going constantly. A lot of them are fear-based, anticipatory thoughts about how bad the future may be. It is good to notice that none of them is pain itself.Zinn, who is a professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and a world-renowned meditation teacher, has helped everyone from cancer patients to elite athletes deal with discomfort. Its not always the pain per se, but the way you see it and react to it that determines the degree of suffering you will experience, he writes.Much like Hayes, Zinn recommends that instead of fighting pain you should acknowledge it and hold it in your awareness even curiously explore and warmly embrace it. Treating pain in this manner, hes found, almost always makes it easier to bear.If you cannot open up to discomfort without suppression, it becomes impossible to face difficult problems in a healthy way.Embracing pain may sound nice conceptually, but that doesnt make it easy to do in the heat of the moment. One way to build this facility is through meditation. Studies show that individuals who meditate regularly feel the same amount of pain as those who dont, but they respond much differently. Instead of reacting to the pain with a massive stress response (i.e., suffering) they accept the pain, sit with it, and then move on. In the words of Zinn, instead of fusing with the pain they are able to cradle it in their awareness, which in turn dampens its effect.Another way to prevent pain from turning into full-blown suffering is to have what my close friend and collaborator Steve Magness calls a calm conversation. Magness, who is a running coach at the University of Houston and also works with many top pros, says that the conversation, which should be deployed when workouts or races start to get really tough, goes something like: This is starting to hurt now. It should. Im running hard. But I am separate from this pain. It is going to be OK.Similar to regular meditation, Magnesss calm conversation gets athletes in the habit of creating space between the physical sensation of pain and their reaction to it. Obviously, the calm conversation can be applied outside of sport, too.If you fight the pain, or freak out at its onset, thats when you really suffer and tend to crumble, he says. But if you learn how to somewhat dispassionately observe your pain, you increase your chances of working through it.Want more tips on health and peak performance? Sign up for Outsides Bodywork newsletter to get the latest on fitness, nutrition news, and training plans sent directly to you twice a week·RELATED QUESTIONAre sports bras not supportive?carrying events bras are passable to placed on they do no longer look going to motive you to sag anymore than a typical bra. classic or workouts bra they are each and every for help yet a workouts bra holds you in tighter
Is It Wierd Ive Only Worn a Sports Bra?
its not weird but since you didnt wear training bras your breast are more likely to sag because they wernt trained i did the same thing and mine dont sag all the say because i started wearing regular bras young so their like in the middle1. Does wearing a sports bra affect the way my boobs will look? What are the cons about sports bras?A sports bra will make your boobs be flat, because it is meant for you to exercise in so while you are running your boobs do not bounce all around and what not. Learn to love a bra my friend (:2. Just gave birth26th.Dr.told me to bind and wear sports bra, breasts rock solid, and very painful. Not helping?Yes I have herd that cabbage leaves will help also take ginger tablets they can help to dry up milk. But what ever you do dont express or squeeze out any as it will only make you produce more3. GUYS!!! what is more sexy, tight short-shorts & sports bra or bikini?you asked this question in different ways ten teimes. Poor you. Ca not get girl, right?4. Is it bad for my boobs if i wear a sports bra 5 days a week?Bras support your breasts and prevent them from moving which reduces trhe strength of the natural support system and lowers their overall health. They need to move to stimulate blood flow and exercise the Coopers ligaments. Breast cancer is rampant in countries where bra wearing is highest although no figures have been published on this relationship. (no money in it) I suggest you take it off when at home and practice dancing at home to reverse the damage you are doing. Otherwise sagging is inevitable and maybe worse5. Sports bra recommendation for a 36D?Depends how much support she wants...department stores (the Bay in particular) sometimes has a decent selection. If support is not as major an issue for her then Old Navy has a couple each season. I just saw some new ones at LaSenz for that size today which also look great. If she's a serious runner and wants good support though I would go to a large sporting store and see what they have to offer. Good Luck.6. How do you buy a sports bra to fit a size 44DD bust?Yeah, Lane Bryant does have ALOT of good sized bras. Also, JUST MY SIZE... I have seen many sports bras for fuller figures.. If there's no luck with just one, try two. . That will give you the added support.7. What should I wear to cheer practice?Loose fitting t shirt, sports bra, soffe shorts (optional spandex under, most girls wear it), and cheer sneakers8. Where can I buy workout clothes like the one the girl in the picture is wearing? (sports bra, loose fitting ta?Well you can try any store9. Girls only poll, please answer for cancer research?1. 36C 2. Yes 3. Push up, underwire, or sports bra 4. Alaska 5. 17 6. Nope!10. can i go running in just a sports bra and shorts with no shirt?Why not? People do it all the time11. If you wear a size 34D bra what size sports bra do you need?i need a little more information, could you post a picture of your breasts so we can get a better idea of what we are talking about. unless your under 18, then forget it, that would be just too creepy.12. How do i cover my nipples when wearing a sports bra?You are suppose to not wear anything. Do not let glances front you. Breast are not suppose to be sexualized. Men will look at small, ugly, or big boobs. They do not even care as long as they are boobs13. Do you think I can wear a sports bra with this?You could wear a sports bra with this. :) But yeah, they would look huge in this type of shirt14. Is there some kind of trick for putting on a racerback sports bra?thanks for this A2a. I do not blame for asking what would seem to be obvious - but as sports bras have got more and more technical - they seem to be targeted more and more at full time sportswomen! Sometimes it feels like you need to be a gymnast or contortionist to get into one! The easy way of wearing a normal bra if your hands could not reach back was to put it on front to back i.e. put on the hooks in front and the rotate the bra around your body and pull the straps over your shoulder and voila - you have it on.But with racerback bras that is not possible as there are additional anchor points. Hence once you are in the bra it feels well cosseted but getting into it can be painful. Ideally you should consider ease of putting on a bra at the time of purchase. Most racerbacks have a clasp or hook which links the 2 back straps together - so see how easy it is to put on and its position. It is easier it is between the shoulder blades instead of being lower back. There are some bras which have the underbust band with a clip - these are easier to manage. But I find that the easiest is to put then on over your head and they try and put the hooks on. Nowadays I prefer to go the seamless options which do not have any hooks etc - and also avoid boobs bouncing. The problem I find with seamless ones is getting a mono boob and sometimes a bit of chafing on the nip.Is there some kind of trick for putting on a racerback sports bra?.
9 Best Sports Bras to Take You From Treadmill to Triathlon
We may earn some commission if you click on a link in this article and buy a product or service, but we never allow this to influence our coverage.Two words: nipple chaffing. Whether you’re a beginner runner trudging it out on the pavement or an experienced triathlete boasting a sub-seven minute mile, all sporting aficionados will attest to the sheer agony of “runners nipple” – irritation as a result of the friction of clothing against the nipple during physical exercise.While lubrication (think handfuls of Vaseline) and nipple guards can offer assistance, the best place to start with prevention is a well-fitted, supportive sports bra.While women in ancient civilisations are believed to have bound their breasts with leather, sports bras didn’t come into commercial circulation until the 1970s with the growing popularity of jogging in the US, the women’s liberation movement and Title IX, the federal law requiring equality between the sexes in education and sports.However, despite it being around for more than 40 years, a survey conducted at the 2012 London Marathon found that 32 per cent of women indicated they experience breast pain while running. And it’s not hard to see why.During exercise, most notably running, the motion of movement puts the Cooper ligaments (the connective tissue in the breast that help maintain structural integrity) under strain and incorrect support may lead to soreness and lasting damage.As a result, the type of sports bra you require largely depends on the type of activity you’ll be doing.The majority of bras offer three types of support: low (walking, yoga), medium (cycling, dancing), and high impact (running, aerobics). As a result, their construction will vary, with some featuring a cupless-design, no wiring, and more elasticated fabric to restrict movement (medium), to defined cup structures, with wiring and hook-and-eye closures to compress and maximise support.When it comes to the fit, it’s important to remember a sports bra should feel tighter than a usual bra (after all, who knows how your body will be contorted in a yoga class), but shouldn’t be restrictive. Equally, underwiring should lay flat against the ribcage, and the sweat-wickening band shouldn’t ride up when you raise your hands above your head.We tried a range of sports bras, ranging in support, design, and structure and put them to the test during a variety of sporting activities ranging from yoga and pilates to boxing and running. From Victoria’s Secret to Lululemon, here’s our top pick of the best – and most comfortable – sports bras to invest in.In 2016, Victoria’s Secret announced its new athleisure division, Victoria Sport, with bras coming in widths 30-40 and A-DDD, catering to a plethora of gym-goers in search of functional, supportive bras that don’t compromise on design and affordability.With moulded cups that sculpt the breast and compression fabric that provides extra support, this bra delivers when it comes to flattering busts of all sizes and providing security during intense workouts. Its integrated wire is stiff but not constrictive, giving its wearer support and structure. Likewise, its racer back is narrow enough along the spine for exaggerated arm moments, be it dancing or boxing.We were slightly conscious the under arm cut might irritate the skin but were pleasantly surprised to learn it was soft on the skin. Following a 20 mile run on a hot spring afternoon, the bra proved comfortable, didn’t chaff, and was lightweight thanks to its moisture-wicking fabric and thin lining. The adjustable straps are ideal for those needing an extra bit of bounce control, and its back closure is malleable enough to slip on and off. Better still, it didn't loseits structure after five machine washes and was one of the quickest bras to dry among the lot.As one of the most reasonably priced sports bras we tested, we are seriously considering investing in this bra in all seven of its colourways.At first glance, this athletic garment may seem like your run-of-the mill sports bra, with its mesh lining, sweat-wicking band and adjustable straps, butit’s only when we slipped on the bra that we understood just how well-crafted it is for high-impact activities, be it running and court sports, or aerobics and yoga.Ranging from sizes 32A to 38DD, the design compliments all shapes and sizes, with its foam pads providing the ideal amount of coverage during sporting activity, tightly sculpting the bust just enough to provide an hourglass shape without overly-exaggerating an individual’s cup size and becoming restrictive.Contrary to many bras with stiff metal under wiring, the bra boasts a gel-coated alternative which provides extra comfort and flexibility, and still offers the rightsupport required for an arduous long run or intense boxing class.One of the bra’s best feature is it’s seamless-like design and sweetheart neckline. This means you can wear it underneath a sports top without contrasting colour ways and compromising on style. The bra also cuts low enough underneath the armpit to avoid the dreaded gym-goer skin irritation.We found the hook and eye closure proved challenging when securing the bra on the first few wears but we did get the hang of it in the end. However, this is a small price to pay given that its fastening leaves you safe in the knowledge the bra won’t come undergone in the middle of a run or worse, an exercise class. At this price, we would say it’s worth the investment.Buy nowIt’s rare for a sports bra to tick all the boxes when it comes to providing comfort and sartorial prowess.What stands out from the bra initially is its branded metallic logo emblazoned across the front of the chest. Metallics proved popular on the autumn/winter 2019 catwalk earlier this year, with brands ranging from Mark Howard Thomas and Helmut Lang all showing the opulent sheen on designs. As a result, this medium-impact choice of bra is ideal for those in search for a fashion-forward option to wear in the gym. As for its functionality, given the bra’s elasticated sweat-wicking band and narrow straps, we would advise wearing the bra during low-intensity activity. And while the lack of underwiring may prove a turnoff for those with larger busts, it is perfect for those with smaller cup sizes on the search for compression support.What it may lack in rigidity, it makes up for in its mesh panelling and NB dry fabric which helps the perspiring conscious among you stay dry and cool during a workout.Buy nowFabletics is the brainchild of co-CEOs Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and actor Kate Hudson. Despite the plethora of activewear brands, few offered the stylish, high quality designs at an affordable price. In 2013, Fabletics launched and last year it announced to bring its total number of US and international stores to 100.Business aside, this Fabeletics sports bra delivers on all fronts when it comes to what you need for a workout. It has thick adjustable straps and a front closure with two additional hook and eye fastenings meaning you feel the upmost security, no matter when you’re in a downwards dog position or in the middle of a Zumba class. From our experience, this is a rare yet essential design feature in the sphere of athleticwear and definitely puts this bra ahead of its contemporaries.In terms of design, its choice of 10 colourways will suit all tastes and it has removable cups for those who prefer less padding. We also found the breathable mesh inserts, while not essential during a workout, provide a modern aesthetic twist.We wore this sports bra for a long-distance run and a 45-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) class and did notice a slight bit of movement. As a result, we would suggest wearing this bra for low to medium-impact activities.Buy nowAnyone who has ever battled with a piece of Lycra sportswear in the gym will know that when you’re pressed for time, you need a sports bra that’s easy to slip on and off without having to worry about an impending visit to Accident and Emergency.Beachbody caters to time-sensitive individuals, with its elasticated polyamide microfiber yarns making it easy to slide over your head before and after a workout, and compression bands that wrap the muscle zones to improve muscular elasticity and comfort and prevent excess friction.We wore the bra for a 70-minute vinyasa yoga class and it felt soft against the skin and its seamless construction meant it was near invisible underneath a vest top. However, we would say its sweat-wickening band is thick enough so it can easily be worn on its own without layering and provides enough support. The design is cut low enough under the armpit and narrows in towards the spine, make it unrestrictive – a perfect design component for wide arm movements, whether it’s warrior II pose or a deadlift.It’s worth noting the bra doesn’t have underwiring, so those with larger cup sizes may want to steer clear of this option.Buy nowFront-zip sportsbras have long been the choice du jour for women wanting support and convenience when quickly changing out of daywear into gymwear.This bra from Dorina is the perfect option for those wanting to partake in a medium-impact activity, with its front closure and non-wired racer-back providing the perfect amount of support.While it doesn’t have the double hook and eye clasp that the Fabletics option does, it still felt secure during three 5km runs. The bra also comes in a variety of sizes (medium to 3XL) and is made with thick mesh straps providing the perfect level of breathability and support.We must admit, it’s not often that we would choose a non-padded bra to workout in, but after trailing this alternative we found the lack of cushioning is not only comfortable but minimises the fullness of a cup size. In addition, the unusual leaf design, coupled with the colour block micro and jacquard mesh, provides a modern take on athletic wear. Better still it was the most competitively priced bra out of all the garments we tested.Buy nowVelvet and sweat don’t usually make for a blissful marriage in the world of sport but for this design, we are making an exception. In February 2018, Asos launched its in-house active wear range, Asos 4505,following on from its activewear campaign “more reasons to move”. The aim? To empower their customers to get fit with affordable and functional sportswear.Blending the boundaries between sport and daily life, this bra could be easily worn in a gym class as it could at a summer festival. As for its sporting suitability, the high neckline and elongated torso design tightly secures the bust for low-medium activity.Its crossover straps are lightweight and secures the top to the body, while its low cut under the armpit to the spine avoid friction between the fabric and skin. However, in our opinion, its narrow cut at the front makes it more suitable for those with smaller busts, especially as it lacks the underwiring required for those needing more support.After an hour’s boxing and HIIT class and a 45-minute run, we found the compression fabric was soft on skin, while its non-stretch bra straps kept everything in place. Our favourite feature? The velvet back panelling. It’s smooth, soft, and, oh, so luxurious. Coming in as the second cheapest bra we tested, we think this one wins overall on fashion rather than functionality.Buy nowLaunched by fashion industry veterans Joanna Turner, Sarah Donnelly and Donna Harris in 2015, LNDR has become one of the most sought-after London-based active wear brands, taking sporting aficionados from Pilates to brunch, thanks to its practicality and clean aesthetic.Given each LDNR garment is made with temperature regulating technology and antibacterial and waterproof fabrics, we expected the black Raid sports bra to deliver (especially as it’s the second most expensive bra we tested), but not this much.The double layer lining offers optimum support, as does its wide, elasticated sweat-wickening band, cut-out racer design and straps that come together just below the nape of the neck. When testing this bra out during 10 mile run, we instantly noticed it didn’t rub on our shoulders or collar bone, as some bras often do, which definitely made it a serious contender for our best buy option.With available sizes ranging from extra small to large, the bra fits a broad spectrum of sixes and stretches to fit. Our biggest critique would be that we noticed a slight bit of bust movement during the long-distance run so would advise wearing the bra for bodyweight exercises such as front squats and glute bridges. While the price tag does demand a lot, we think it’s still worth a consideration.Buy nowDesigned specifically for running, the lightweight, breathable built-in cups allow for soft bounce and aren’t too restrictive on impact. Contrary to many designs, its bonded underband (which is so seamless it looked like we weren’t even wearing a bra) was fitted, without being constrictive or digging into the breastbone.While its cross-over back straps are non-adjustable, the bra sits firmly in place and has a stitch-free hook and eye closure making it easy to secure and tighten, depending on the fit. With six colourways to choose from and sizes ranging from 32B to 34 F, the bra is perfect for runners starting out on the pavement or marathon veterans of all sizes.As the most expensive bra we tested, it’s definitely worth asking yourself what you need from a sports bra. If it’s comfort and support, this is certainly one to keep in mind. Our only frustration was that the cut of the bra meant it was quite tight around the armpit, so you might want to consider what type of exercise you want to wear this for (our advice would be for weight training).Buy hereOverall, the lightweight max bra from Victoria’s Sport came out on top as our best buy after several workouts. The one-piece foam pad is lightweight, the wiring is supportive, while its structure limits bounce making exercise not only more doable but also comfortable (a rarity in our experience). Alternatively, we would suggest the Under Armour heatgear armour (that gel-coaed underwire alone made us want one). For those wanting to spend a little bit more cash on their choice of bra, we would also suggest investing in the Lululemon enlite bra, given its seamless design and comfort.IndyBestproduct reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.
5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Joined the NWHL, with Bray Ketchum
Celebrate the good days. Take a moment to celebrate the successes in life, whether theyre in business or sports. Many people are too quick to move on to the next objective. Ive been guilty of this in the past, especially in the fast moving startup culture, but as a team weve really tried to collectively take a minute to savor and appreciate the big and small wins.I had the pleasure of interviewing Bray Ketchum from the plant-based nutrition brand Upwild. Bray is also a professional womens hockey player for the Metropolitan Riveters. Bray just finished her fourth season with the Riveters, who just recently won the Isobel Cup in the playoffs finals.Thank you so much for doing this with us! What is your backstory?Growing up in a family of five siblings meant that my three brothers were always getting their sisters to fill in spots on their driveway street hockey team. I quickly fell in love with the game, and at six years old found my way to the ice rink. I went on to play Division 1 college hockey at Yale before getting the opportunity to play professionally. The National Womens Hockey league was founded three years ago and it is the first professional womens ice hockey league to pay its players a breakthrough for womens hockey. The league started with four teams and I was drafted to play for the NY Riveters (now the Metropolitan Riveters). During my professional career with the Riveters, I have worked for SoulCycle, Chelsea Piers and as a substitute teacher. For the past two seasons, Ive been working full-time for Upwild, a plant-based nutrition company founded by my brother Dylan. Upwilds main product is a line of organic plant-based protein shakes sold in retail stores around Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as direct-to-consumer online. Im involved in many parts of the business, but my focus is on sales, distribution and partnerships.Can you share the funniest or most interesting story that occurred to you in the course of your sports career?One of the most interesting experiences Ive ever had was playing hockey in Japan. The NY Riveters traveled there during our first season because our goalie Nana Fujimoto was on the Japanese National Team. It was incredible to explore different cities and to learn more about Japanese culture. The food was so delicious and playing internationally was an experience Ill never forget.One of the funniest and most embarrassing stories of my NWHL career happened at a NY Rangers game that I was attending with my teammates from the Riveters. During the game, the announcers started talking about our team and they broadcasted us on the jumbotron. Normally, that would have been great, except we were all happily stuffing our faces and photographing our food for social media, completely oblivious to the fact that we were on TV! The embarrassment set in when we all started receiving texts with photos of us from friends and family who had caught the whole scene on TV.What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now?Most days at Upwild are fun, exciting and interesting since we are such a new company, but one project that we are very excited about is a new line of products. I cant give out any secrets, but stay tuned for more updates at www.drinkupwild.com!Who are some of the most interesting people you have interacted with? What was that like? Do you have any stories?Ive had some wonderful teammates over the years and many of them are some of my closest friends today. The hockey community is really special. Although it might seem big at times, it is an incredibly close, tight-knit sport.One person that has had a lasting impact on my life is Mandi Schwartz. She was a teammate and close friend of mine at Yale. In April 2011, she passed away after a 3 year battle with leukemia. She was one of the most selfless and hardworking teammates Ive ever had. She was also an amazing friend. I now wear her number, 17, in her honor. Her legacy lives on through the Mandi Schwartz Foundation.What would you advise to a young person who aspires to follow your footsteps and emulate your career? What advice would you give?Go for it! If you have a passion, continue doing it. One of my childhood coaches always said to me, You dont want to have any regrets when youre done. Keep doing what you love for as long as you can. I always told myself that as long as I was having fun playing this sport, I would keep going.How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?Coaching young girls and talking to our fans after games always brings me the greatest joy. To hear those little girls telling you, I want to be like you one day and play in the NWHL is a very humbling experiences. We all play because we love the game, but more importantly, we play to inspire future generations to pursue their dreams.Is there a particular person that made a profound difference in your life to whom you are grateful? Can you share a story?My parents. I have them to thank for all my successes. I can probably count on one hand the games that theyve missed during my career. I am so grateful for their support and dedication. They sacrificed a lot for me and my other siblings who also played sports, and with five kids, thats a lot of games!Can you share your favorite Life Lesson Quote? Why does that resonate with you so much?I would have to say the one from my childhood coach that I said earlier. You dont want to have any regrets when youre done. Keep doing what you love for as long as you can.What are your 5 things I wish someone told me when I first started and why. (Please share a story or example for each)1. Look for the silver lining. In athletics, business and life, there are going to be failures, but some of the best lessons come from those bad days. Ive learned that if you persevere through the tough times youll grow a lot. When Ive changed my mindset and looked at those failures as opportunities to grow it has totally shifted the way Ive experienced them.2. Nothing will come easy. In todays world of instant rewards, people expect things to come quickly and easily. Achieving life goals takes grit, determination and patience. I learned that both in my hockey career, but also in starting Upwild.3. Celebrate the good days. Take a moment to celebrate the successes in life, whether theyre in business or sports. Many people are too quick to move on to the next objective. Ive been guilty of this in the past, especially in the fast moving startup culture, but as a team weve really tried to collectively take a minute to savor and appreciate the big and small wins.4. Share ideas, collaborate and keep an open mind. As siblings, Dylan and I have a very close relationship and were really comfortable being honest and open with one another. This is critical for any team. We also appreciate the differences in life and work experience that each of us brings to the table and constantly try to learn from one another.5. Find good mentors. Upwild was our first experience in the beverage business so reaching out to industry veterans early on helped us avoid many pitfalls and mistakes of people who had done it all before. While we still made our fair share of mistakes, it was really helpful to have mentors to help us navigate those challenges.Some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this. :-)I would love to meet Serena Williams. She has reached the pinnacle of her sport and has been role model for me throughout my career. She really embodies the attributes of competitiveness, grit and sportsmanship that I try to bring to my game·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some sports bras that work like a binder?Three different types of sports bras, when do you have to wear each of them?Gone are those years when you used the same sportswear to go jogging as to do a Pilates class. With the development of the technology applied to sportswear we have been able to find in the stores different garments specifically designed for each sports practice. And yes, sports bras have also had their evolution. In the same way that you would not wear trail running shoes on asphalt, you should not wear a bra with little support for high impact training. Each garment, like each shoe, is designed for specific needs.Knowing this, let's see what are the three types of sports bras that we can find in the market and when we can use each of them to get the most out of them. High-grip sports bras for high impact activitiesThis type of bras works by compression, collecting the chest well and giving priority to the fastening function ahead of the aesthetic, although we can already find very aesthetic models also in these cases.READ MORE:What are some sports bras that work like a binder?
Kate Hudson Shows Off Her New Baby's Nursery
Kate Hudson may already be a mother to two beautiful boys, but that doesn't mean she's any less excited about her third child-a girl-with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. Their little one is due any day now, and Hudson and Fujikawa have been dutifully getting their home ready for baby-in more ways than one. Hudson shared a series of video clips to her Instagram stories on Tuesday, showing how she and Fujikawa have been putting together their baby's nursery, everything from picking out wallpaper to unpacking the bassinet to modeling the baby carrier. In the clips, Hudson can be heard making remarks about the $1,160 Snoo Smart Sleeper the parents-to-be selected for their little one, telling Fujikawa, "Oh, look at this. You sort of strap the baby in." In yet another post, Hudson shows Fujikawa putting the finishing touches to the bassinet, which he built himself. "He loves a project," the actress captioned the shot. A final, hilarious post shows father-to-be Fujikawa donning the baby carrier while checking his phone. "I think someone's ready to go," Hudson wrote, along with a number of heart emojis.Hudson also posted a photo of herself with some friends lounging on her living room couch, feeling her growing baby belly and laughing hysterically. "To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with," she captioned the shot, adding the hashtag "girlfriends." In addition to spending time with her gal pals, Hudson has also been enjoying nights in bed watching TV, as she showed in a post to Instagram last month. "Working all day today and realizing that I should probably be sharing some work life because that's a huge part of my day to day but... I'm too pregnant and too lazy so here's a picture of what I wish I was doing all day!" she captioned the shot, which included a photo of her pregnant belly and a glass bowl full of watermelon.And back in June, Hudson shared a very zen image of herself lying face up on a yoga mat with her limbs and head supported by pillows. In the photo, she shows off her already-large belly in a matching sports bra and leggings set. Early in September, she showed off the progress of her baby bump since then in a bathroom selfie in which she donned a colorful brick red kimono with an orange bikini top underneath. "Outie," she captioned the image, in reference to her protruding belly button.
Here's the Best Athleisure Swimwear to Be Both Sporty and Stylish at the Pool
It was once reserved for the gym. But now athleisurewear dominates every waking moment of our lives - it's Lycra and leggings from dawn 'til dusk.From Lululemon at Waitrose, Fabletics over brunch and Sweaty Betty on the high street, you cannot escape the sports bra and Lycra-clad.And now, atheleisure has hit the beach. This poolside take on the sportswear-as-daywear trend is insanely chic right now and actually kind of practical if you like doing more than posing in the water.And, as athletic brands are diving in, traditional swimsuit brands are upping their athleisure game to appeal to an altogether more sporty-minded crowd. Here are our top picksHere are our top picks of swimwear that looks as good stretched out poolside as it does in action.A name that is synonymous with stylish athleisurewear for day and night, this brand, beloved by Pilates-honed women everywhere, can now enjoy their aesthetic poolside.While the entire collection is drool-worthy, try their Dolphin and Free Dive for great beach looks that are both functional (you can actually swim laps and do yoga in them) and cute.A name long synonymous with sporty swimming, Speedo has branched out in a more fashionable direction.Their newH2O Active Collection is an eco-friendly workout range designed for women to wear both in and out of the water.The fabric is innovative - makers say it keeps its shape and elasticity twice as long as standardswimwear as it's designed with Powerflex Eco, regenerated fibres made from waste from fishing nets, manufacturing by-products and even carpet, that have been transformed into top-grade nylon fabric.So, it looks hot it's kind to the environment.When it comes to bikinis, Animal is one of the coolest brands around.Known for their fun prints and sexy styles, the brand is now heading in a more athleisure-friendly direction with their new Finn Zalabikinin (with full support and back detail - almost like a super stylish sports bra for swimming) with bottoms with extra coverage for sporting activities like surfing and volley ball.Once the domain of actual surfers, right now wetsuits are also leading the athleisure as swimwear trend. NYC fashion darling Cynthia Rowley has created a super cute wetsuit for those who want to look sporty and ready for anything without losing out in the style stakes.Her geometric wetsuit has 2MM Fiber-Lite Neoprene and a covered back zip. Also the fabric is helpfully SPF 50 .Even Miraclesuit is getting in on this action. Known as the swimsuit that can take off pounds instantly, this fan favourite is moving in on the athleisure market with a Miracle Swim Performance Range set to debut in 2018. Swimwear that makes you look sporty AND holds yours tummy inSwimwear that makes you look sporty AND holds your tummy inYeah, I'm into it.
Heart of Sports: Father, Sons, and Baseball
By Michael KasdanThe Heart of Sports is a weekly column that curates the stories, pictures and moments that provide a window into the beating heart of sports:The moments in and around the game that are bigger than the game itself.The speeches to teammates and fans that are larger even than the game itself.The moments when sports is used as a platform for bigger social conversations.The thrilling moments from your childhood that you never forget.The tender moments among teammates.Its why we watch. Its why we play. Its the stuff that rises up out of sports and settles down into us.June is Fathers Day month. This June, it was recently announced that MLB is going to have a (shortened 60 game) season, starting by the end of July. (Fingers crossed!)In the vein of dads, sons, and baseball, we present this feel-good content:The story was previously published on The Good Men Project·RELATED QUESTIONWhat if female tributes wore only sports bras or two-piece swimwear in the Hunger Games?I doubt the Capitol would do this in the first place, not because they're not evil enough, but because that would mess up the economy and power balance.Think about it. There's a huge betting circuit for the Hunger Games, and we know this because of Katniss cites it as the reason for the existence of sponsors. That can definitely make someone very rich, considering the popularity of the Hunger Games, so several wealthy elites probably rely on this to increase their fortune. Send half of the tributes in at a disadvantage, and the tributes that have a huge advantage will be betted on more, thus making payouts less valuable.In addition, this would make the Hunger Ganes less interesting for the Capitol, because it wold take away from some of the suspense, as half of the tributes would be almost certain to die. While some number of them would be pedophiles who enjoyed it, for the population to be stable enough to last 74 years, most of them aren't. They might even be disgusted, and definitely bored, because it would be less suspenseful if half of the tributes were at such a disadvantage. Why do you think they keep it so even? We know that being bored is the worst-case scenario, because Katniss explicitly says this in the first book. The Capitol citizens only permit the Hunger Games because they are entertained by it. Yet another reason is that this would probably cause rape. The Career tributes especially are bloodthirsty. We know that that would lead to pregnancy in the arena. And the Capitol would be disgusted by this, as evident in Catching Fire when Katniss fakes pregnancy. Then it would lead to the same trap as earlier.Finally, the last reason is that it would surely be the tipping point of rebellion for the districts. To see some of their loved ones put into the arena in demeaning clothing that is also a disadvantage for them would surely be worse than the Hunger Games themselves. That might cause rebellion, which is obviously the last thing the Capitol wants.What if female tributes wore only sports bras or two-piece swimwear in the Hunger Games?.
15 Stylish Workout Pieces to Inspire You to Hit the Gym
We may be fighting our way out from under the covers each morning and struggling through the first week back at work, but if anything can motivate us to start that new exercise regime, it's stylish workout gear.We've put together our top picks to keep you going wherever your New Year's fitness resolutions may take you.Keep cold air out with this cool graphic printed windcheater. The front pockets can hold your phone and keys, while the wind- and water-resistant material will protect you from the elements. Looking for something livelier than boring black, but every bit as functional and comfortable These stylish leggings should do the job. If you're heading out for an evening jog, a long-sleeved but lightweight hoodie is an essential for the crisp January weather. When you're working up a sweat, workout clothes made from "wicking" fabric absorb moisture to keep you cool and comfortable. And don't be afraid to add some colour to your fitness wardrobe, like this burst of lemon. Half the battle of going to the gym is packing a bag, but this fabulous design by Stella McCartney is one you'll definitely want to show off. Time to upgrade your running shoes - inject some energy into your workout by swapping tried-and-true colours for this bright pair, an ideal way to punctuate an otherwise neutral outfit. We can't wait to take these cool print tights out for a spin. Not only are they super-soft, but the wide waistband is designed to sit higher on the waist to keep you covered when bending and stretching. Gone are the days when sports bras were hidden under a tracksuit. We fully support flaunting this colour-blocked number for all the world to see.The new metallic version of the minimal Air Max Thea is sure to stand out. We'd be tempted to wear these outside of the gym too. A unique yoga mat is an excellent way to express your sense of style during practice. We love this marble effect design - made from anti-slip material for good grip, it also has a handy carrying strap for easy transport.Not one to put much effort into your workout wear Make a statement in these Beyonce-worthy leggings.If you want to go retro with your activewear, check out the ZX Flux, a throwback to the classic ZX 8000 silhouette from the 80s but updated with a modern, streamlined design. These bright shorts are sure to get you out the door and into your workout. As well as adding the burst of colour we need during a dreary winter, they are designed with built-in anti-microbial briefs for comfortable and chafe-free support. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is expanding her lingerie range for M&S to include activewear, and it seems the British bombshell can do no wrong - we love this super-comfortable and supportive sports bra. These stylish and eco-friendly bottles have achieved a cult-like status for their minimal design and ability to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. With plenty of different colours and designs, you'll be sure to find a new on-the-go essential.Online Editors
The Eulogy for Muhammad Ali
Brash, outspoken, controversial, flamboyant, a force of nature, a revelation, a Black cultural icon, a man of principle and power, a man born twice, a revolutionary and transformative individual, a poet, the greatest battle rapper of all time, The Greatest to ever lace up a pair of boxing gloves, trunks and shoes, whatever you want to call Muhammad Ali, he is undeniably that, and much more.The passing of The Greatest leaves an unfillable void in our cultural and social lives, one of the last links to Malcolm X and one of the most powerful voices against White Supremacy who ironically told crowds of young White people the unrefined truth, and they would laugh because they were used to his gregarious and candid character to sell fights. However, in these exchanges, Ali was not being a showman, but an activist. In his fight against the United States government who stood in direct opposition to his consciousness, he revealed that his tremendous heart was not just on display in the ring. In this battle, Muhammad Ali transcended boxing and he transcended sports, in his fight with the United States Army, Muhammad Ali became a legendary figure in not just sports history, but in American history. He became someone who Black America could collectively point to and say, look at his courage and his conviction, there is someone who we can strive to emulate. Even Martin Luther King Jr. (similarly a target of White silence and erasure after his death) who certainly did not share Alis religious beliefs was moved and inspired to voice and pen his own opposition against the War in Vietnam and the United States by observing The Champs constitution.Muhammad Ali was our hero wrapped in melanin and he did not transcend race, he was only accepted by White people en masse when he could no longer brag and boast of how pretty he was, nor call to attention their racism and comfortableness with participating in oppression. It was only after Parkinsons Disease had rendered his booming voice silent that the accolades from White America were dumped in his lap, and that is no coincidence. White America loves the concept of a humble, sweet, and docile Black athlete. God forbid they embrace their confidence, call themselves The Greatest, and call out American Imperialism and Global Interference in the lives of Brown skinned peoples. Ali rapped us verses that foreshadowed the confidence and the brashness of Tupac Shakur, Ali told truths that had all of the power and conviction of Malcolm X, Ali was the personification of the Black Experience in front of the cameras, especially during his exile from boxing when he could most freely express his most controversial thoughts. It was here that he took his fiercest stance against the hypocrisy of sending him and other Black people out of the country to give their blood and lives for a country that would not fight for him, and willingly oppressed Black people at every turn, demanding that Black people go out and oppress other darker skinned people because of patriotism.The unvarnished, unbleached version of Muhammad Ali aligns him with Malcolm X, with the last years of the Martin Luther King that he inspired, with the Black Panther Party, with Angela Davis, as a product of and an exemplar of Black resistance against the hypocrisy and lunacy of the White media who attempted to cover him as though they knew who and what they were witnessing. To us, to Black people all across the world who are acquainted with the spirit, with the fight of Muhammad Ali, he was our education in the school of what confidence looked like in the face of distrust, with what courage looked like in the face of death, if not actual death then certainly the death of career and potentially his legacy in the hands of the American media. Muhammad Ali was a warrior in every sense of the word, an indomitable spirit, much like Malcolm Xs spirit that should be looked to as an inspiration as we continue to navigate this world that still wishes to squelch our fight against this corrupt and racist criminal justice system. Ali may have transcended to another life, but his legacy in this one will inspire us all to fight until our last breath.Rest well, Muhammad. You will always be The Greatest.PayPal·RELATED QUESTIONDo sports bras cause breast cancer?Not unless they are made of radioactive material like uranium
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