For the Females in the Navy?

I just finished with boot camp, so no make up for graduation only trust me last thing on your mind is make up. no underwear they will give you white grama underwear but you get use to them so do not worry. . no face wash you can buy when you go shopping like one week after you get to boot camp and acne medication you can ask when you go through processing. no running shoes they will give you everything when you get there do not bring anything because you will send it home. NO DON'T BRING ANYTHING. You sleep in shorts and t-shirt during winter sweats. Do not worry about anything and do not give up first two weeks hardest weeks after that gets easier and study book that they give you at meps know all the ranks that will save you a lot of sleep time at night. Good luck

1. Back to school outfits? Help?

For you should choose the first one because it looks classy and really school girl which is really cute. The bow also makes it very stylish. For shorts you should pick the short above where you said As you can see I appreciate forever 21. Dark shorts are very cute.

2. do i have big feet? if so what shoes look good on me?

No offence, but I would say you have big feet. I am 17, around your height, and only a size 6. If you want to wear shorts or whatever, go with converses ;] I think converses go good with anything! (:

3. wut should i wear to warped tour!?

Wear a t-shirt/tank top with a bikini top under with shorts. Or just a bikini top and shorts. You can wear a romper if you want but this is not a beauty contest, everyone looks like crap by the end of the day. Wear old shoes that you do not mind getting dirty or ripped. Do not wear makeup because you are just going to sweat it off. Tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun because it will be hot. Oh, and wear sunglasses, but cheap ones that you do not mind if it breaks.

4. Going to an amusement park..?

definitely do not wear a denim skirt. cause you gotta keep in mind that it takes a long time to dry, and you said you were going to go on water rides. it would just make it more inconvenient. i think the best thing to do is to wear somthing simple so that you can take it off when you go on the water rides. i would recommend a tshirt and shorts. for the shoes, just wear flip flops. they wouldnt stop you

5. what should i wear with short shorts?

polo or tank top depends what color of shorts have fun

6. Is Hooters an apropriate place for children?

Its fine, we go there often. Its not the den of iniquity that people think it is. Would you take your kids to the beach? They would see more exposed skin there. Edit: There are OFTEN children there, they have a kids menu, and on certain days of the week kids eat free. I would challenge these other posters to actually GO to a Hooters on a night where kids eat free. You will see kids there, guaranteed. I wonder what people think is so inappropriate. Drinking? Chili's is a Bar & Grill, and you would take your kids there. There is drinking at every restaurant you would attend. Attire of the girls? Shorts and a tank top is inappropriate for children to see?

7. what supplies would be needed for a gym locker in sixth grade?

a lock for sure and maybe decorations :p and of course gym clothes(shirts, shoes, shorts)

8. I'll make outfits for 10 people! :D?

name- sara age- 14 fave color- anything really fave jeans/pants- skinny jeans or shorts label- idk maybe preppy?

9. Teen girl packing list for Jamaica?!?!?

8 pairs knickers 8 pairs socks 3 bras Swimming costume added bikini top or shorts, etc. 5 tops 2 shorts 2 jeans 2 skirts Formal-outing dress 3 cardigans 2 pairs tights Pyjamas x 2 Dressing gown Slippers Trainers Gladiator sandals Flip-flops High heels Sunny beach style dress Hat Sunglasses Paracetamol Wet wipes Pantyliners/Sanitary towels/Tampons Pill (if on it) Medication Tweezers (for eyebrows, orrr anything...) Make-up Shower gel Shampoo/Conditioner Flannel Travel hairdryer Handbag!!! Money inside of a Purse Mobile Mobile charger Diary & Pen Drinks bottle Teddy? Bug spray Hairbands Hairgrips (for doing hair nice) Straighteners Hairbrush Toothbrush Toothpaste Mouthwash Perfume/body spray Deoderant stick, spray, roll-on Razors for shaving Suncream and After-sun If you are tight for space then roll up the clothes instead of folding to prevent creasing and put socks inside of shoes and bring along small items of toiletries. Hope you enjoy your holiday, Girl! ;-) x

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Board Shorts VS Swimming Trunks?
i would just go with a bikini and board shorts. They are not real pricey if you do not buy the BRAND ones. Nice brands like O'neil and Roxy should not be too expensive and look GREAT. Men's swimming trunks are huge. And flappy looking. Women's board shorts are cute, and hugs the figure a lil better.1. Will standing topped off tree trunks work for holding up a building structure?The main concern here is not the load bearing capacity of the stumps, (which will not be a problem) but obviously the rotting of the wood over time. Essentially rot, is caused by moisture loving Fungi and Bacteria which feed off the wood. So if you can keep the moisture of the wood down, there is no real problem. With that in mind, if the stump was enveloped by the structure of the house, and there was no run-off onto that area from rain, I would comfortably say that the stump would last the lifetime of the structure. you can further improve the situation if the wood is of a rot-resistant species like cedar, locust, cypress, oak etc. and then the diameter of the stumps would also play a part. If you can, it may be a good idea to dig a few inches around each stump and lay a cement casing around each stump under the ground to ensure that any ground moisture does not affect the wood. termites, wood cracking, and new shoots may also be a hindrance if they are not controlled also. So the simple answer (and a bit of a cop out) . .. If you can control the moisture. it will work. if not. based on the lay of the land, wood species, stump thickness, climate etc... the stump will begin to deteriorate from the word go2. Why did future Trunks not encounter androids 19 and 20?They did not exist in his Timeline.Break the Sound Barrier, Sonic Boom. Break the Time Barrier, Time Boom. Ripples of distortion radiate through that point of impact, shifting everything just a tiny bit, but enough. Enough for events to happen slightly different.In Future Trunks' Timeline he only knew of Future Android #17, Future Android #18, and Future Dr. Gero. Although he did not know Future Dr. Gero was an Android himself. When Future Trunks' Time Machine lands in the past it creates another Timeline that branches off from the one he came from at the exact point the Time Machine lands/arrives (Time Boom), causing the events that Future Trunks forewarned the Z-Fighters about to occur differently.Goku was supposed to contract the Heart Virus 6 months before the Androids were supposed to appear, instead he contracts it on the day they appeared.In Future Trunks' Timeline Android #17 & Android #18 appear on May 12th at 10:00 am on the Island 9 miles southwest of South City hours after murdering Dr. Gero and destroying his laboratory. In the Main Timeline this happens on the same date at the same time except Android #19 and Dr. Gero appear in place of Android #17 and Android #18.Future Trunks did not know the whereabouts of Dr. Gero's Laboratory in his Timeline, but due to events changing he finds it in the Main Timeline where Android #17 & Android #18 are activated along with Android #16, and to Future Trunks' surprise they turned out to be stronger than the Androids from his Timeline.Conclusion:Whatever tragedy Future Trunks thought he would averted, Time found a way to replace it, and this one turned out to be much worse.Why did future Trunks not encounter androids 19 and 20?.3. I need help with swimsuits?the thing is guy swimsuits are made for GUYS. but instead of wearing a guys swimsuit with a t shirt over it why do not you wear board shorts and a bikini top that way you have the comfort and the cover up like boys swimming trunks but you still look like a girl4. Are these swim trunks hot, or not?I am basically a woman. So here's the deal: The first set definitely would look better in black. But even in black I do not like them. The problem with them is that they accent your male part too strongly. The eyes of any girl that sees you are going to be immediately drawn to your package. This pair is just not as tasteful. I like the second pair. It makes you "hot" while drawing less attention to itself. This will be less distracting and spreads attention more broadly across your entire body.
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Please Help, How Do I Break This Fetish of Queefing in Front of Strangers at the Gym While Working O
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