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1. do different watt light bulbs produce different amounts of heat?



>I'm doing a science fair project on how hot does watt

light bulbs get

-How much heat a bulb releases and how hot it gets are different things.

-There is more than one kind of heat!

-Measuring the temperature of a light bulb can be tricky. I guess you could use an IR thermometer or small contact thermocouple to measure temperature, but each has it's limitations. (In other words it's easy to get the wrong reading.)

Some approximate numbers to get started with:

Common incandescent bulbs

40 watt Overall luminous efficiency 1.9% so it produces 0.76 watts of usable light and 39.24 watts of heat

60 wall Overall luminous efficiency 2.1% so it produces 1.26 watts of usable light and 58.74 watts of heat

100 watt Overall luminous efficiency 2.6% so it produces 2.6 watts of usable light and 97.4 watts of heat

CFL bulb

100 watt equivalent 26 watts used Overall luminous efficiency 10% so it produces about 2.6 watts of useable light and 23.4 watts of heat

But a lot of the heat produced by an incandescent bulb is in the form on IR light, which radiates away from the bulb and heats the materials that the IR light strikes.

In the case of CFL & LED bulbs do not give off much IR light, so the heat stays in the bulb.


2. What is the cleverest scam you have ever done & got away with it?

During our winter holidays we used to fly kites along with our friends, this used to be our daily routine during those days.We used to compete with each other to see whose kite is going to fly high, every kid in our locality used to come to the empty space beside our home and used to fly the kites there competing with each other. So here comes me who don't know how to fly the kite but in order to compete with my friends I used to go to the ground along with my other two besties early before others, watch the kites of others sitting aside and then after a while when the kites are at the peak we are going to the person whose kite is flying at the top position and used to make a deal of selling the kite to us. Usually the deal used to start @ 5 INR for the kite and we used to buy it for 710 rupees before the arrival of others and then when the others come we used to boast proudly that our kite is the highest flying one than others and no one know the cheat behind that. Thus we used to win the competition.Cheers


3. Congress has banned the sale and manufacturer of 75 and 100 watt light bulbs. Why are the products that?

I bought all LED lights for my whole house too, seeing they save money on electricity bills, they were $15 each and come with a 5 year guarantee. They might cost more than the others, but when I got my first electricity bill after replacing them, I was totally gob smacked.

Changing those old bulbs to the mercury ones my power bill, never changed. With the 18% rise in electricity last July, was the reason I bought them. Getting my power bill after changing them half way through the billing period, it was down almost $110, first bill.

With the saving, I also went out and bought a new fridge, all the new Samsung fridges now all have LED lights in instead of the old fridge lights in them, and also use half the power consumption of the old fridge I bought 2008. It will be interesting when getting my quarterly power bill next month to see how much actually I'm now saving on a full billing period.

With food, gas and utility's bills all going up all the time, and paying a mortgage you have to become energy efficient. I got my LED lights from this company who gives you a 5 year replacement on them. Not many company's do this anymore either.


4. How many watts do i need ? PLEASE HELP.?

You do NOT need a power supply supplying exactly 5A/60W. Even if the power supply is rated higher on amp/wattage, your electronics would draw in ONLY what it needs.

You DO NEED a supply that is at least rated that much (5A/60W), and then some to add some cushioning; so e.g. you would get something like 75W. You cannot get a supply good for 1 A or say 10 W only; because if you connect such a supply to your electronics either the power supply would burn off, OR it's voltage would drop off to low levels and your electronics would not work.

Think of your home supply. It can power your heating/cooktop which draw in lot of power (> 1000 W). But your home supply also powers a 100W light bulb, safely. The bulb draws only the power it needs.

A 12V automotive battery can supply that much power (and more). The starter of a car draws much more current (though for a short duration only).

The battery would not last long though. It depends on the rating of the battery. A battery rated 200 amp-hour will give you little more than 3 hours of power at the consumption that you describe. The amp-hour means the batter has that much charge - to deliver 1 ampere for 200 hours.


5. Nitrite in Flourite Burning my Aquarium Plants?

It may be that you fixed the problem with the massive water change and other changes, but the damage is done to the plants already and the vegetation is going to die. I only casually grew aquarium plants, but I am a serious vegetable and flower gardener, and sometimes plants will come back from the roots even if the vegetation is seriously damaged. also, some of your plants may have bulbs and the bulbs may have enough energy to send out new foliage shoots and recover with proper care.

I suggest seeking out a forum where hobbyists specialize in growing live plants. I used to be very involved in an aquarium club, and that is where you are going to find knowledgeable people. You can also contact the manufacturer of the fluorite. I am not familiar with that product. I think there is a good chance that you mismeasured or miscalculated the ammonia. Ammonia can burn the hell out of plants, even for flowers and vegetables. It is a common error with chemical fertilizers. It may also be that the manufacturer made a mistake, and the ammonia is more concentrated than it is supposed to be.

sorry for your big mess.. . .your actions are exactly what I would have done, putting the plants in a bucket of water etc.


6. how much energy do light bulbs waste?

If they are not being used 100%, if you mean an incandescent vs. a CFL you can have 4 cfl giving off four times the lumens ( a light rating) and it is equal to 1 incandescent bulb's power use. LED is around 10 to 1. Cfl and LED lighting is a real no brainer.

Below is a calculator set up for lighting choices.

A light bulb as a heat choice in winter is as efficient as using a nuclear bomb to weld with. If anyone really thinks that incandescent light bulbs offer an advantage in winter because of the heat they give off try it out this winter using nothing but light bulbs to heat your house. Unless you have lights like a pro baseball team 's stadium you will freeze and if you do have enough to keep warm your electricity bill would be in the thousands. Sorry Thor.

Edit: ok then one 100 watt incandescent bulb left on for 24 hours uses 100 x 24 2400 watts or 2.4 kw (kilowatts)

An equivalent CFL bulb that produces the same amount of lumens (a light rating) uses 23 to 25 watts for this example let's say worse case 25 watts x 24hours 600 watts

In summary incandescent 2400 watts CFL 600 watts Difference 1800 watts per full 24hours per bulb.


7. Problem with Shortening a string of GE LED

A few things that may help. LEDs only conduct in one direction and they can't handle more than about 5 volts in the reverse direction, so my guess is that the pairs in parallel are wired opposite so one conducts in each direction. So there is no rectifier, the string is operating on 120 VAC.

25 pairs means each pair sees 120/25 5 volts. so there must be some current limiting component somewhere. That 5 volts is actually a half wave AC of about 6.7 volts peak.

If the rated wattage is 3.2 watts then the AC current is 27 mA, but half of that goes through each half of the parallel pair.

Adding resistance would work, but where is the current limiting component? It could be a capacitor. Is the plug large enough.

If the plug is heating, I suspect you damaged the current limiter, whatever it is, that may be in the plug.

Ignoring that, from a resistance point of view, you want to drop 32/50 ths of the total, which is 77 volts. at 27 mA, that is a R of 2.8k, so your 2.7 is ok. Power level is 2 watts, so you need a 4 watt resistor. But this ignores the current limiter, whatever that is.

Hope this helps.


8. Is flexible Oled ready for primetime?

OLED TVs have available for several years now - primarily from LG and more recently Sony has come on board in the U.S. and Panasonic in Europe.OLED TVs are the only technology currently that can display absolute black - and have a wider viewing angle that LED/LCD - However, they are still more expensive than equivalent screen size LED/LCD TVs.The closest technology competitor is QLED (Quantum Dot) technology which, when incorporated into LED/LCD TVs produces a color quality that is very close to OLED.

Also, OLED TVs are not as bright as most LED/LCD and QLED TVs which mean they look best is a slightly darkened room.Another issue with OLED is that, just like Plasma TVs (which are no longer available), they are susceptible to screen burn-in if static images are displayed on the screen for long periods.Current development in OLED technology include the ability to make panels so thin that they can be rolled up - LG is coming out with a Roll-up OLED TV this Spring, and more screen sizes below 55 and larger than 77 inches are being introduced. Also, 8K OLED TVs will become available beginning later this year (2019).OLED TVs are available retailers, such as Best Buy and Fry's Electronics as well as Amazon.


9. Why did the BJP oppose the emergency led by Indira Gandhi when Modi himself should announce the emergency in India to improve the condition of the country?

The Allahabad Court on June 25, 1975 in a case filed against Indira Gandhi by Raj Narain, who unsuccessfully contested the election against Indira Gandhi, pronounced that the election of Indira Gandhi was not valid as she has used corrupt practices to win the elections. In view of this historic verdict Indira Gandhi had to resign her membership of Lok Sabha. Instead, she imposed Emergency and put top leaders of opposition parties like Atal Behari Vajpayee, L K Advani, George Fernandez, Madhu Dandavate, Ashok Mehta, etc behind bars. Press censorship was imposed. All these were done only to remain in power as PM of India.But under Modi India has become the 6th largest economy in the world and the ease of doing business has come down from 142 in 2014 to 77 in 2018! The retail inflation, which was 12% in 2012 came down just to 2.01% in 2019. Modi had controlled the prices of essential commodities admirably well. Both the World Bank and the IMF had said that India is the largest growing economy in the World. Indias GDP growth was higher than China.There has not even one bomb attack in India since the last 5 years since Modi took over as PM!There has been no corruption charges against any of the Union Ministers during the last 5 years. Then why Modi should impose the Emergency DR M J SUBRAMANYAM

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