Finding Replacement LEDs for Commodore Gear?

(This question is a bit close to 'what to buy', but examples given are just such, as there are other suppliers)These are not wide ones, but two within one package. Looking at the back will show that each pair is wired separate (AFAIR simply in parallel). Such dual package LED were already back then special types. Nowadays they are no longer needed, as LED became much brighter, able to lit up a long slot as well.Best way to replace then is using two standard rectangular LED adding up to the same size - after all, it's exactly what they are :)For example:There is a rather large selection around that sweet spot. But be careful, sometimes sizes vary between colours for the same series.

Useless Knowledge:Above pictured LED assembly (250754-04) for the 1571 did cost, as spare part, 8.96 Mark (tax) in 1991

Around 1984, Commodore transitioned from using round LED bulbs for power and drive indicators to rectangular ones. Some of these could be quite wide, like the ones pictured for a 1571 disk drive. They measure about 15mm in width and have four through-hole leads. C128 uses the same. Some Amiga gear has smaller rectangular LEDs, and some same size as pictured (A500).

Where can replacements for these type of LEDs and similar rectangular varieties be found? (Looking on parts sites I've only seen two and three lead versions of smaller size).

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What Are the Types of LED Lights and Their Uses
What are the types of LED Lights and their UsesWhat are the types of LED Lights and their Uses Introduction: Since the LED light bulbs have been invented, there has been a drastic change in the industries of lighting technology. Many have adopted the new LED lights over the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. This is because LEDs give more light, less heat and have a longer service life when compared to incandescent bulbs. Even with all these advancements, LEDs could be only used in particular cases due to the limitations in their designs. But over the time with advancement of technology in LEDs, now there are different types of LED bulbs available which can be used for a particular purpose/place. With the availability of such a wide range of designs, it becomes a very difficult task for choosing the right LED light for home and which suits the right for your purpose. To ease this work, we have brought this ultimate guide article in which we have listed different types of LEDs and to what purpose they are best suited for. Let's get started, LED Strip Lights: LED strip lights also known as Ribbon lights have a flexible circuit board on which the LEDs are mounted. The LEDs come with adhesive on their backside to ensure they do not separate from the circuit board. These LED strip lights are very easy for installing anywhere you want. They can also be cut into different sizes and customized to fit in the required areas. This makes strip lights a very much adaptable and flexible lighting tool. DMX controller, wall switches and/or dimming systems can be used for the controlling of these lights. Since these lights are bright and also customizable, they can be used for many different applications such as cabinet lights in the kitchen, ceiling lights, or also in conference rooms in offices, making them a perfect led lights for rooms to make them look more live. Further, these led strip lights are capable of working at low voltage. Also, these lights are budget friendly which makes them a perfect choice as led lights for home during festivals. Uses: These LED strip lights are used in Kitchen cabinets Decorative ceiling lights Mirrors Picture frames shelving Decorative lights: Decorative lights or also known as the LED Christmas lights are mainly used during festival times for decorating purposes. Unlike the traditional decorative lights which use filaments for emitting light, the LED decorative lights mainly use the light emitting diodes for producing the light. Due to this, these decorative lights are more efficient, long-lasting and more efficient when compared to the traditional fluorescent lights, making them a perfect choice as led lights for home. As LEDs are used in these lights, they do not not burn out as the other decorative lights do. Apart from this, these decorative lights do not get hot even when they are kept On for a long period of time. This makes them pretty safe to touch without burning your hands. These lights come in different sizes, colors, styles giving you an option for choosing the right type which suits your needs. Further, comparatively these led lights are higher energy efficient than the traditional incandescent decorative lights. Hence, they also aid in saving your electricity bills. Furthermore, they do not require any special type of packing systems to store them until the next time. When you are done using them, you can just put them in a box and store them in a place. Decorative lights are the best led lights for rooms making them look more beautiful. Uses: They can be used for Lighting the roof Wrapping the outdoor trees As colorful and decorative ceiling lights Decorating the walls during festivals Outlining the yard Wall Lights: Since the invention of LEDs, their technology has improved to an extent that now there are LED lights which can be particularly used as the Wall lights. No matter how boring your walls are, these LED wall lights are the best choice which adds some life into those walls. Unlike the traditional light bulbs which waste 90% of the total energy as heat, the LEDs only waste a mere 5% as heat and utilize the rest 95% for emitting light of the total energy supplied. As there is soo less heating, these wall lights merely get hot even when they are kept On continuously. Also, these LED lights have a lifetime of upto around 50,000 hours (approx. 5.7years) even when they are used for 24hours everyday. Even when they are used for 24hours, these LED wall lights will not have any much impact on your electricity bills, making them a perfect led light for home. LED wall lights are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes along with different types of colors. Due to this, you can choose the right wall light which suits the best for your wall and match with your ceiling lights. Furthermore, these wall lights are easy to install on the walls which makes them perfect for led lights in home. Uses: Wall lights can be used for Indoor walls Outdoor walls Above the main doors of the house On compound walls to give a rich look Emergency Lights: LEDs are not only used for decorative purposes but are also used as emergency lights. Emergency lights are mainly used when there is a sudden cut in power supply at night time. Emergency lights are mainly used for assisting you in dark and letting you carry out your basic chores. Emergency lights generally come in handy when there are sudden power cuts in home, in any industrial areas or in any commercial buildings and shops. Unlike traditional incandescent lights, LED lights are very powerful and have a longer service life as they come with a strong battery backup. Also, LEDs are reliable as they are more durable. The LEDs come with a design of base lamps as they can be easily kept on floors. Moreover, they can also be hanged on walls, as ceiling lights and can also be used as portable devices. Uses: Emergency lights can be used in Homes during sudden power cuts at night times During your car-breakdown in any unknown areas Commercial buildings and industries during power cuts LED Tube Lights: LED tubes are shorter and slimmer than the traditional tube-lights. They are very easy to install and give a very elegant look to that room. Unlike other traditional tube lights, LED tube lights do not produce heat. LED tube lights are much more eco-friendly and come with a long lifespan than the regular fluorescent tube lights. Moreover, these LED tube lights do not radiate any UV rays which are harmful for the human eyes, making them a perfect LED light for homes. LED tube lights come with a life span of 30,000 BH which is more when compared to the traditional tube lights. Also, these tube lights consume less power and give more light ensuring to save your electricity bills. Moreover, these lights need not require more maintenance. Uses: LED tube lights can be used in As ceiling lights in halls or any other rooms Office rooms Industries as these lights are more bright compared to the regular tube lights Conclusion: Well, this is the ultimate guide article regarding different types of led lights available in the market and their uses. So what are you waiting for?? Make the best use of this article and choose the right type of led lights for rooms or your home, making them look more beautiful. 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