Fill Me in on a BMW 1 Series?

The new 1 series sold in US are actually pretty nice cars like almost any other BMW.

The 135i has the same twin turbo 6 cylinder engine used in 335i coupe and 4 door that produces 300 HP.

High milage is a different story. This engine can go easy over 250,000 miles if properly taken care of and in most cases it is not.

Must have all maintenance records. If the car is broken - do not buy it. You will end up spending lot's of money for somebody else to fix it. I fix my BMW myself and it costs me thousands each year in maintenance.

YOu will be better off with a non-turbo version - much cheaper to maintain. If it runs well and has all records then go for it. You will enjoy driving it.

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2006-2008 BMW 3 Series vs 2007-08 Acura TL Type S?

BMW is overpriced all-around: purchase, maint & repair. And their reliability is only Fair for many models.

For 2011, Honda in general rated #1 in CR. BMW was down rated there for reliability.

Dont buy anything w/o reading Consumer Reports, CR. A non-profit testing organization. Free site for basic info. Also @ libraries & bookstores.


Honda ranks #1 in Consumer Reports for 2011. Subaru, Toyota, Volvo & Ford follow in order.

BMW and Mercedes were down-rated for reliability, with Mercedes in 10th place.

GM & Chrysler were 12th & 13th.

Vehicles were rated for performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and other factors. Wall St Journal.

-------------------------------- /mercedes-gm-chrysler-nissan-business-autos-worst-cars. Forbes' "Worst Cars On The Road" list.


Why do people say BMW are expensive? ?

well, they're expensive new, and 25k for 5 year old car is pretty expensive in my book, when i can buy a BRAND NEW car with many of the same features for that price.

When you buy a BMW, it comes with a few years of free maintenace. The people who buy used, do you know how much oil changes are? 250 dollars. if you buy a higher end one, like the 7 series, the tires are 5x more expensive than the regular tires on any other car (they use pierelli sport tires).

NEVER in my life would i want to pay 250 dollars for an oil change, or pay 25k on a new car, AND pay for premium gas. To me, its just not worth it.

BTW: look up the price on BMW parts, and the labor costs, and tell me how you feel


has anybody seen a BMW 1-series (128) in US yet?

I've seen it, I'm not a big fan of it. I work at a dealership and we just got a few of them in last week. While there are a few who like the look of it, overall most of the people I work with don't like it. the 135i looks better than the 128, the 135's got the sport aerodynamic bumpers and 18inch wheels and probably the biggest overdone 6piston fixed front calipers you'd ever seen on a small car which look cool. Other than that its taller in height and shorter in length than the 3 series and the styling just doesnt look right in my opinion. To me the 3 series coupe is a simpler, more sleek looking car with an actual usable back seat and it only costs about $4K more with comparable options than the 1.


who agrees with me that BMW 2007 models totally sucks ?

I am a BMW enthusiast who is moving away from the newer models. I almost got over the new designs but I absolutely can't get over the lack of water temp gauge and an oil dipstick.

Even on the new M3, BMW can't even offered a water temp gauge and the dipstick. What right do they have to market it as a car with a historical background in racing when they can't even be bothered to include a dipstick?

Not to mention the use of force induction in a gasoline setup is absolutely ghastly. BMW has always pride itself as one of th leaders in NA engine for mass-production cars. Turbo-charging an engine is just a cheap and eazy way to get hp/torque. Trust me, 10 years down the road, no one will buy a used 335i, 135i, 535i, or that half-wit X6.


Do you think that the current BMW designs are crap?

i admit, i wasn't exactly convinced that BMW was headed in the right direction with the 7-Series...but now, im happy with the overall direction

i admit, the 5-Series is messy, but if the flame surfacing hadn't existed, it would be much better

6-series lookes great from front...just the rear needs sum work, and looks a bit wide

7-Series: its grown on me and defently has a 'look-at-me' factor

X3...ok, though front could be more refined

new X5: fantastic, looks sporty, bold and luxurious all at once

3-Series...great front and modern interior, though the rear needs to follow more in the coupe's direction

1-Series: my favourite...fantastic proportions, simple interior. i love it...though it def need more rear interior room

it pushes BMW into a new age, grabbing a younger imagination while (usually) keeping the sports car looks


Will a BMW 1 series be too much on insurance for a new driver?

If you go out and buy any of the magazines that have reported the 1 vs. 3 series (since they have the exact same engines) they all say the 1 series is a better value if you don't mind giving up the space both in cargo and seating. Being a new driver I suspect that you don't care about either right? Also the 1 series looks way cooler than the 3 series. It has that "come get some" look to it, while the 3 series appeals more to the typical BMW owner. I'm in my late 30's but act like I'm still 20 something and I'll tell you that "I" want a 1 series 135 with all the bells and whistles plus a Dinan kit so how I could steer you any other direction?


Is it me or is Bavarian motor works dying?

They've been dead to me for a long time..... since the early 2000s when the Bangle Butt cars came out (Chris Bangle was responsible for the terrible looking cars of that era.... specifically the E65 7 Series, the E60 5 Series, the Z4, and the E90 3 Series).

Also, BMW rather than recognizing the marginalization of its market by making cheap cars like the dreadful 318i of the 90s and the effect of the Mercedes C-class hatchbacks, it has gone ahead whole heartedly with more credit poser mobiles like the 1 Series.

Again it followed Mercedes into the middle class suburban market with the sedate X5 and X3 to compete for sales to realtors and soccer moms with the M Class and A Class.

My fave BMW has and always will be the 8 Series. It is just so unique. Not like the 3 Series which I see more of than Honda Civics it seems.


is BMW 3 series a dependable and good car?

Yes its a good car, not great but overall well assembled. Performance in most BMW's tends to be on the slow side and they view there reputation more as "handlers" than as performance cars.

Service and repair work is at the top of the scale (generally 1.5 up to 2X the rates for American or Japanese product) and similarly replacement parts are also very expensive.

Dependability ratings are fair but certainly not outstanding and therefore you have to understand general maintenance and repairs will be much higher than average.

Certainly they will last for a long while if properly maintained (but no better or worse than a Honda, Mustang, Volvo, etc etc....longevity is only a function of care, attention serving and repairing and with a BMW the older it gets the more expensive it gets to maintain).



What is a good car for a 18 year old english girl?

To be honest, it would do her no favours if you bought her an expensive prestige car. It would just irritate her friends, rather than impress them.

The reason the insurance for young drivers is so high is because of the high accident rate. It is all to common to read about tragic accidents involving teenagers and young 20 year olds. In some cases the driver and all the passengers have died. Passers by have been killed too. Our roads are very crowded and some are narrow.

Having said that, most cars are quite powerful these days. Even ordinary family hatchbacks can top 100 mph. If you are really set on getting something special, a Mini would fit the bill. It's small, easily handled and comes with plenty of prestige. However, insurance may be astronomical.


I am dying to know which BMW u think is the best?

BMWs of today, while very nice, are certainly not what they used to be.

Personally, out of my rather vast experience with BMW for someone my age, I chose to buy an E34 M5.

There were many reasons for my decision, the biggest being that the E34 M5 is, in my opinion, the quintessential BMW. Understated, but at the same time menacing and sexy. Luxurious enough to carry 4 average adults on a LONG road trip comfortably, with the performance and handling of a supercar(of the same time period) hidden underneath. Exclusive, with only 1,485 cars total brought to the United States.

The car seems to have a personality, a soul. It speaks to you, and you speak to it...almost telepathically. This is a quality shared with almost all BMWs of these days gone by, and it's sadly absent in the newer cars.

Runners up: E30 M3, E28 M5, 850CSi.


What are the differences between the BMW 3, 5, and 7 classes?

It's no different than any other auto manufacturer, they are just different models with different sizes and price points. If you compared the BMW lineup to a Honda lineup, it would look something like this:

BMW vs Honda

1 Series Fit

3 Series Civic

5 Series Accord

7 Series no match, Honda doesn't make a car larger than the Accord.

Basically, a 3 series is an entry level BMW with cheap prices and not really a luxury car, more of a luxurious economy car, so to speak, but alternatively, they also tend to be the more sporty models that are actually fun to drive. The 5 series is more middle of the road and more of a family sedan, and the 7 series is what BMW luxury is all about. The 5 series, being bigger and heavier, is more boring to drive (M5 excepted), and the 7 series is even more so, at least in my opinion.


A cheaper newer BMW ????

well the 1 series came out in 2008, by the time you're actually buying one, they should have 128's or a 135 for 25k or less. If i could have one BMW right now it would be a sedona red 135i coupe.

3 series are abundant. there should be plenty for under 25k.

but the higher you go in the BMW hierarchy the more expensive itll be. dont plan on getting newer 5's, 6's, 7's, X5's or any M's. but you might be able to find a Z4 or an X3 as well by then.

like the first guy said- a Certified Pre-owned BMW is a used BMW thats less than 5 years old, less than 60,000 miles (or 50,000) and it goes through a strict inspection to make sure theyre the best used BMWs you can get. Ask about them at your dealer. They come with a 50,000 mile 4 year warrenty... im pretty sure.


Cadillac CTS or BMW 3 Series? Which car would be better?

The BMW 3 series and the CTS are very similar with a few distinct differences. They both have 300HP engines, RWD/AWD, and are about 40k. The CTS is bigger. It is the size of a 5 series. The 3 series handles better because it is smaller. If you need the space, get the CTS. If you don't maybe lean towards the 3. The CTS has a nicer interior. Many people are biased against Cadillac because for many years their cars were atrocious. This is no longer the case, and the CTS should be reviewed objectively. To quote one review, "Crisply-tailored sheetmetal. An automotive interior that makes a mockery of sterile Japanese and dour German cabins." But the BMW 3 series is an amazing car performance wise. If you don't need the space and can live with the 3's interior, get the BMW

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Is the Bmw 1 Series a Hybrid and Is Lexus Coming Out with a Hybrid Specific Vehicle?
The BMW 128i and 135is coupes soon to be sold in the US market are NOT hybrids.The 123d sold in Europe and the UK is a partial hybrid. The engine shuts off when you come to a stop and starts up when you put the clutch in. The alternator only turns on when you are coasting or braking. The rest of the time, the electrical system is powered by a battery.• Suggested ReadingIs a BMW 3 series or 1 series better for a first car. Or is the lexus is a better first car?I have a BMW 3 Series and love it. I would rather walk than drive a Lexus. One thing that a lot of people don't understand about BMW is that it is a performance car. It WILL require more maintenance than a Lexus and will be a lot more sensitive to that, but it is sooooo much more fun to drive. You will never look back if you buy a BMW I promise that.------What is a good car for my sweet sixteen!?$50,000-$80,000 for a car.ok for starters get a cheap brand new car for now since you are still learning to drive. I'd say around under $30,000. I've seen people with $40,000 cars mess up the car since they were new to driving. I'm not saying that you are a bad driver but think about it first. But in my opinion I would probably opt for a lexus is350 or a Bmw 1 series. Good luck.------2012 BMW 3 series or 5 series?I'd go with the 5 series for a couple of reasons, 1. It's more luxurious than a 3 series. 2. At 19 you might want to try looking older, richer and more high class (At 19 I wanted to look 25, you get more girls at a richer looking 25 than 19) 3. Almost anyone who can afford a BMW gets a 3 series, A 5 series says look at me I'm not like every one else. 4. Better resale price. Hope this helps :) P.S. A BMW I'm Soo Envious.------Which car is the best value?BMW is a fun car, but the maintenance/repair parts are through the roof, and resale value can drop a little low for what you pay for it.Personally, i like the VW GTi- german engineering- fun to drive, fast, but not too fast, and pretty stylish, not to mention the maintenance is a quarter of the BMW's, and parts aren't as bad either.Also check out:VW Jetta GLIInfiniti GLexus ISNissan MaximaGood luck!------BMW DRIVERS READ THIS NOW!!!!!?its clear to see that you have some insecurities. but aside from that, BMWs are nothing like Bentleys. the mazda V6 is a very good car no doubt about that. but i cant help that you are only looking at the smaller BMWs like the 1 series and the 3 series. i own a model 2000 BMW 760 with a full Alpina performance and body kit. can you really compare your mazda with my B7? thats like comparing BMW to Bentley :P.------I'm thinking of buying a BMW convertible - which one should I buy 1 series/ 3 series/ M3?ugh thats a pretty far distance in price between the 1 series and m3. obviously if you can afford the car itself and the gas it will suck up you should go for the m3. the 1 series is a lot cheaper but i think the 1 series looks like sh*t. if you want something in between, the looks of the 3 series with decent to good performance you should get 335i. 300 hp and its a convertible and its looks cool------IS a '98 BMW 7 series w/ 150K miles for $5000 a good deal?NO, No and no.,'s in general and 7 series in particular are at low end on dependability /reliability scale.this car is already beyond 1/2 life of which it will require major repairs and more than regular maintenance - all at shop rates that are right at the top of the scale.You are well advised to search out information on 7 series dependability and overall maintenance costs before you purchase this this car....and also assess your other sport sedan options.------Are there any fees/penalties for cancelling a lease on a 2011 BMW 3-series and buying/leasing a 2012?You owe the entire sum of the remaining payments less a small amount of interest that will be reversed.In other words, you might as well keep the car, you are going to pay for it either way.There is no cancelling a lease.You are free to buy it but that price would pretty much be the predetermined price plus the remaining payments. You could then sell the car but you would probably be upside down many thousands.------In the bmw, lexus and mercedez family what R the top notch vehicles in each family in order 4 door cars only.?Lexus-Actual Models-LS, GS then ESVariations-LS600H, LS460 then GS460H.BMW-Actual Models-7 series, 5 series then 3 seriesVariations-760, 750 then 740Mercedes-Actual models-S Class, E Class then C ClassVariations-S65 AMG, S63 AMG, S600Have you thought about Audi's?Audi's-Actual models-A8, A6 then A4Audi Variations-A8 6.0 W12, S8 then A8 4.2 V8Of all of those, the Mercedes S65 AMG would be the best, because it has the most pioneering techology of any car and is extremely ccomfortable and safe.------What cars are similar to/competitors with the BMW 3 series?I would definitely test drive the new Infiniti G37. The G35 was nice, but the G37 is nicer still. Sticking to coupes - I would also look at the RX8, and the new Audi A5 (not sure if it's available yet).And the BMW 1 series will be around soon - similar performance, but smaller and cheaper, should be a great deal (for a BMW).As for non-coupes, the new C Class, the Lexus IS, Audi A4Personally, I'd go for the G37------when does the 2012 bmw 1 series coupe come out?A definite release date yet announced for 2012 BMW 1 Series. However, rumors are circulating around that 2012 BMW 1 Series will go into production during the second quarter of 2011. On the other hand, Theres nothing quite like the 2012 BMW 1 Series, the closest comparable vehicle would be the BMW 3 Series. While there are other cars in its class, the 1 Series is truly a breed all its own. If the 2012 model doesnt suit you, waiting one more year might be a good option------Is a BMW a good car for a 17 year old?This would be horrendously expensive, and no. BMW quality has really hit a low recently, as well as the fact that they're a PITA to service. Spring for an older 3 or 5 series (maybe closer to 10 years old); plenty of fun, still has the badge (if that's all you're after), looks better (pre-Chris Bangle design), while still being easy to service in your driveway. Avoid the automatic transmission if you can, that's where the majority of the problems come from------Lexus ISF or BMW 5 series WHICH SHOULD I BUY?You cannot compare the two cars, The 5 is awesome, as a luxury sports sedan, the IS-F is a great performance sedan, they are two different cars.Let's say he decides he likes the is-f, then he should take a look at the m3. I had an opportunity to try both at BMW's proving grounds in SC and while both were awesome, the BMW M3 is unmatched. The is-f is the best Lexus ever, but still not as good as a BMW.------What Mercedes or BMW should I get my 17 year old son?Personally I would not buy a car like that for a 17 year old. BUt I'm not hear to lecture.I would buy him a 3 series BMW. If you can afford it buy an M3. If he wants to stay in an SUV buy him an X5. I can't see any young person in a Mercedes Benz. I don't think they are appropriate vehicles for teenagers whether you can afford one or not.------how much will the bmw 1 series be when it comes out in the U.S.?bmw hasnt released exact numbers yet.but considering its slotted in the lineup below the 3 series, then it will be cheaper than the 3. however, they have the same engines, and the 1 series will be faster than the 3 series, so it wont be too much cheaper.the 328i starts around 32900the 335i starts around 36900so im GUESSING the 128i will be around 27and the 135i around 33but as with every bmw expect them to climb up an additional 10k or so when you add all the options!------2004 bmw 330 ci good car?in general, yes. but there is always exceptions.the car will cost alot to ensure, alot to fill with gas, and alot to maintain and repair.before you buy it, 1. look at a blue book value for the car. i wouldnt pay over 13,000 depending on the mileage. (hopefully its under 100k). and 2. its absolutely vital that you have a bmw technician inspect the car and tell you what the problems are before you buy it.------Which BMW should I get?I have went in all bmw's from the 1 series to the m6 convertible and the one series is a great looking spprts car with premium leather seats but is a 4 seater NOT 5 if you have a bit more money you can get a 3 series convertible which has a lot more room from the bumper to the spoiler. If you want a SUV that is a bit bigger than a sedan and is sporty and roomy get the new bmw X 1 for about 30-35 thousand------What do the class series of BMW 3 series mean?BMW 3 series is the model name of the car.The 25 in 325 means it has a 2.5 Liter engine.The 18 in 318 means it has a 1.8 Liter engine.Right now, the BMW 335i has the largest and most powerful engine in a BMW 3 series at 3.5 Liters if you do not count the performance car BMW M3, which is the V8 version of the BMW 3 series.The i in 330i means base model or RWD.The xi in 330xi means it is means convertible or coupe.------MINI Or BMW ... I can't make up my mind !?BMW for sure I have a mini cooper s and I make seats for bmw's so i get to see them a lot. bmw and mini are both great luxury cars. Mini's supercharger is pretty nice considering how lite the car is but the bmw 1 series with the turbo is amazing. either way your getting a good car. just don't mess it up cost way more than any other car to fix.------What are the differences between an 04 bmw 3 series and an 05 bmw 3 series?ok... The e46 is from ninety 9-05 yet! The face raise became into given in 2002 it is why you notice the difference in the two front and returned lighting fixtures furnishings. The lighting fixtures furnishings are curved up. Then the e90 became into presented in 06.(new physique variety) and the face raise became into given in 09-12. Many complained relating to the rear tail lighting fixtures furnishings of the 06-08 that they made the opposite gentle lots smaller. And positioned clean alerts interior the front.------Is the BMW 1 Series a good car?The 1 series is incredibly nice... everything you mentioned in your true. It gets pretty good gas mileage, it looks good, it has heavy steering (good thing), many features packed in for the money (but BMW wouldn't let you drive off any other way), quality build, inline-6 engine (soooo much better than the average v-6), and countless other pros...almost zero cons.and yes...wait for the 2012 model.If you want it (and can afford it)...GET IT!!!It is worth the price------why bass isnt traveling in my 5 series bmw?If you are tapping the Hi wire from the panel speaker in the rear, choose the biggest one. That will contain unfiltered bass signal.But the problem with most BMW vehicles is that the trunk is so well insulated that a subwoofer in the trunk needs to pound REALLY hard to get any kind of bass into the passenger compartment.If your 5 series is equipped with a pass-through ski hatch, opening it will help.------Facelift for BMW M5 and M6 in 2009?The M cars are just the elite models for each series....not different cars....just like Chevy has SS, Mercedes Benz has AMG, and Dodge has SRT...M stands for motoring....they take models like the 325i...tweak the engine, transmission, suspension, and exhaust...supercharge them....add a huge list of options and charge a extra 5 to 10 grand....the most radical M coupe was for the BMW Z3 roadster...they turned into a low hatchback looking monster that was fast as a jackrabbit.
$50,000 Budget on a Sports Car?
50k for a 1 Series BMW? I can not think of a dumber purchase and that tiny car is not going to get you any azz. You'd be better of getting a proper M3 a few years old. It will have depreciated some and you won't take the new car hit. You can also look at used Porsche 996's · Suggested Reading what xenon HID kits fit a bmw 1 series? The cheapest I've seen is from Most cheaper aftermarket kits (including these most likely) are from Taiwan. And for some reason, 8000k kits (bluish white) is more expensive than 6500k ("factory" white). You'd probably be able to find some higher quality kits from well known manufacturers such as Bosch. But they of course will cost more. ------ bmw with chevy 350 crate engine needs better tansmition? You need a Chevy trans to fit your engine. Probably best would be a 700R4 due to the overdirve and lock up torque convertor functions but a smaller trans may be required due to space. If smaller is needed you could go with a 200R4 but it probably would not last. A TH350 would be nice but provides only 3 gears. It is strong, small and light ------ Should i get a 2008 or a 2009 BMW 1 series? 1. Yes the 2009 1-series coupes (128i & 135i) are currently available. 2. If you can find an '08 model equipped to your satisfaction, you should buy it and take advantage of BMW Financial's 0.9% APR, which is NOT offered on the '09 models. 3. There is no appreciable difference between the '08 and '09 models except that the '09's are a little higher in price - approx $500-$600, I believe. ------ MINI Or BMW . I can't make up my mind !? I would go with the Mini, My girlfriend just got a mini and she loves it. She says she will never drive another car. I like it as well it's like driving a street legal go cart, she got the John Cooper works package and like I said she loves it! And for numb nutts there BMW is the dealer here in the USA that handles Mini!. ------ How long does a BMW 3-series typically last? Assuming one owner with complete maintenance records, all highway miles and an automatic transmission, I'd say you'll need a new transmission at about 160,000 miles. If it's the original transmission, that will be an above average lifetime for it in my opinion. ------ Why do people say BMW are expensive? ? Because average sedan (such as Toyota Camry or Honda Accord ) priced around 20-30k. but average BMW (735) model starts at $76k.(up to $124K). When people say it's expensive. they are talking about if priced as new.not used. anything can be whole lot cheaper if you buy used. Most car drop $5000 in market value after you take it home and drive it for 1 month only. ------ How can BMW better market the 3 series? I agree, defining a certain customer will help market it. Unfortunately, they are taking a fairly high risk (i.e. marketing to a businessman in a suit may take away attraction to women), so it's not an easy topic to discuss. I'd say marketing to the business elite will get it done effectively, as the BMW cars do carry an aura of prestige and class around them ------ How much does it cost to buy a second hand car in Greece? Go to and scroll down to "websites" (all you need do is click on the address I have printed above) Normally when people write website addresses on this site the whole address does not appear - but it's still there so as I said, just click on it. ------ Best used BMW to buy? The BMW 3-Series line up is top of the charts according to Auto Express, and with lots of them hitting second-hand forecourts, prices are now more attractive than ever.BMWs tend to have good service histories, giving extra confidence. The 3-Series finished in a steady 26th place in the Top 100 of our Driver Power satisfaction survey, so the ownership experience won't hold any nasty surprises. ------ what is a good luxury durable car? I should think that if she has been pleased with the Corolla, then a fully loaded one w/ leather and a V6 would be within budget. She could look at the new Buick Verano. Easily within her budget. It's new for 2012 and will better in the 2013 yr as they refine it further. They will also offer another engine choice. ------ Honda, BMW, or Mini Cooper? Well, I'm not sure I would really even put a Honda Civic in the same category as a 1-series or even a Mini Cooper. I think the 1-series would be the most fun (and possibly expensive) to own, but the Civic would be the most intelligent decision financially. Unless, you've already owned the new designed Civic then it would be quite step up from your previous generation Civic. ------ BMW 3 series maintenance schedule? The car computer will remind you when it's time. The first oil change is due 1 year or 12,000 miles. Within the first 4 years, anything wrong with the car except the tires, the dealer will take care with no charge. Try to be good to your service writer, he/she can hook you up with so much free stuff even after 4 years or 50,000 miles ------ Some cars are considered "chick" cars (see sorority), doesn't the new BMW 1 Series fall into this category? most girls are poseurs and they want Munstang's, or Civic's. they are too blonde and dumb to know any better but if i knew a girl who appreciated BMW for what kind of company it is and what kind of products they make, without worrying about looks, speed, reliability, gas mileage etc. and she wanted a 135i, then I'd marry her ! ; ) ------ whats the differance in the number series on bmw? The first number refers to the series- there are only 5. The 1-series, 3, 5, 6, and 7. The last two numbers refers to the CC's that the car can pump out. The higher the number, the more powerful it is. So a 535i will be faster than a 528i. The newest M-series is the 1-series M; there's a M3, M5, and M6 but there is none for the 7-series. ------ what is your favorite type of BMW car your like? I've owned 4 BMWs and driven many other examples. By far, my favorite is my current daily driver, a 2000 E39 M5. If you get a 2001-2003 model in either gloss black or carbon black metallic, you'll have one of the fastest, smoothest, 4-door sedans on the planet, and you can get a decent one for the mid $20K range these days. ------ all 2010 modles bmw 3 or 1 series mecedes c350, g37 coupe, lexus is250 which one should i get im 16 guy? i personally like lexus IS250 the most lexus IS fit guys, look very sporty and very good car overall but from this list the best bang for your buck car is - bmw 1 series another good one is 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX here is my ranking list #1 Lexus IS 250 #2 Subaru Impreza WRX 5-door #3 BMW1 Series 128i coupe g37 coupe & mecedes c350 are wayyy overpriced ------ Will BMW release the 2009 318/320 in America? Definitly not in 2009, maybe in 5 or so years. Yes they are bringing diesels into the USA this year. The reason for not bringing 4 cyl's over is because the way BMW's are marketed in USA. They are marketed as luxury cars with power. Introduce a 4cyl and that image is gone. I think in time BMW will realize there is a high market for them and bring them over ------ 2006 BMW x3-6,165 miles and problems? No, this is normal operation of a bmw which owners grow to love. once you buy one you will never go back to a junk japanese or american car. you may have heard the grinding noise because the brake pads were cleaning off the rust on the rotors since the car sat so long. 6100 miles are extremely low. i would buy it. ------ bmw 1 series coupe or bmw 3 series sedan? 135i would be my choice. If you are looking for a compact car with a ton of zip, the 135i is a better choice. If you would rather have a mid-sized sedan and are going to be carrying around more than 2 people at a time often, I would opt for the 3 series. Don't forget about how much both of these will cost to insure for a 19 year old. ------ Wise to buy BMW at 17? 460 a month is re-god-damned-diculous! a lot of stupid people think you need a specific brand or model to be cool. BMW does not make you cool. it will not make your dick longer. it does not go faster than all cars that cost less than it. if you lived in europe i would say go for it. but not in america. ------ Any BMW clubs in Lancaster, PA for 1 series? You need to join the BMW Car Club of America. You can find their website to join. It is an excellent club and has local chapters in most large cities. You will automatically become a member of your local club if you join the national club. They also have an excellent monthly magazine. It has great articles and lots of technical information every month. The magazine is worth the cost of membership. ------ Why should I prefer a BMW Series 1 to a Series 3? It's all personal preferance. Basically it should come down to what you expect in a car. the BMW 3 series has been around forever, and have built quite a good reputation in their time, while the 1 series is new. I wouldn't be to worried about the 1 series being any less reliable than your average BMW, they tend to make great cars year in and year out, regardless of the series. ------ Is my 1st Gen 6 Series BMW the M version? The best and most definitive way is to check over the car and look at the VIN number that is in various places, especially in the sheet metal. Make sure that that looks intact, then take the VIN to a BMW dealership and they should be able to determine both the build date and wether or not the car is an M car ------ Which is the Best car to get at 18? I want a quite expensive car aroung 10,000? From what we Yanks can see here, insurance rates in the UK are horrendous compared to ours, so you'd be wise to set your sights somewhat lower for several years and avoid the "babe magnet." The insurance would eat you alive until you turn at least 25, maybe 30 years old. There is simply no cheap insurance for expensive cars for an 18-year-old in either country. ------ Are 2003-2005 BMW 3-series reliable? overall, BMW is not that great in reliability. If you plan to purchase one, be sure you would be able to afford to replace it in a few years if worse comes to worst. If you want a luxery car that lasts, I would suggest an Acura or Lexus. BMW isn't terrible, but they are certainly not the best. Good luck with your decision either way. ------ Which bmw series is faster? 1 series 135 and the M1 series they just came up with a new one. 3 series 335i 3.0 twin turbo 300hp. 550i V8 4.0 has like 400 ponies. M5 v10 5.0l 500 ponies. X6 M V8 550hp. Alpina B7 biturbo hp 507, i call this the space ship . Oh and almost forgot X5 M 4.4L V8 555 HP lovely. All these beautiful bmws give me an erection. C63 is the top dog C class from the Mercedes ------ Is there anything such as a BMW m135 four door sedan? There was an M coupe made for the 1-series, but no sedan. Given the predilections of some, I'd guess someone ordered an M logo from a parts house and glued it in place -- especially since the practice at BMW is to keep the M designations short: there's an M3, but not an M335 or anything like that ------ 2004 BMW 525i or 2005 Audi A6? I sell cars for a living and I bought a BMW.Audi is a nice looking car but is a VW ,which have a lot of problems.Also the resell value is better for the BMW.Rear wheel drive etc. But if you consider Audi A6 you should look for a 540. My advice buy the one you like because you will pay for and you have to be happy. ------ Why does the BMW 7 series get poor review and harsh comments? Yeah, I agree it does take quite some grilling from most motoring jounalists.Problem is a basic model will set you back 52,500 and people expect more.ALOT more. However, the seven series is a great car. Talk to many BMW enthusiasts though and they will tell you that it is the best thing since sliced bread. Take a look at the Top Gear review below
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