Every Body Stares at My Little Sister. How Should I Feel As an Older Brother?

How should you feel as a older brother? That varies from individual to individual. Some feel anger , some tease their sister that some one want to talk to her, some feel the need to put their arms round her to convey she is protected and has nothing to worry about etc etcI can't say what you should feel as you are different human being but I can say you what one should do.

Don't get all Macho and get into a fight unless she is visibly uncomfortable or asks for your help indirectly or directly. Usually brother knows a stare which sisters give when they really need help or they are in a situation where they desperately need to get out. Till that stare is on her face hold your emotions and observe the situation.

Why should we do that?We have to accept the fact that we are not gonna be around her 24/7. There will be a time when she has to face this world alone which has creeps , rapists , molesters , manipulators and many of such pathetic shit.

No matter what you do they are gonna exist. Why is that so, is a different answer but that is the truth I believe in. I don't believe in a day when women can walk naked at 12 am safely.

Trying to protect her 24/7 is useless as it is not possible no matter what you do. The next better alternative is to let her improve her game in dealing with the shit around. What is better way than observing her in the real situation?

Observe her and suggest her things to improve. Make her a stronger person who has no need of protection. She is always a little kid to their brother but well, she is a grown up as per society.

So let her act like one. When you are doing the above thing keep your senses very very active. Make sure you observe things really well.

P.S : Feminists (or what ever fancy name they call themselves) , who believe women need not be protected and blah blah, don't comment. Keep your views to your views to your self.

Not interested in knowing them

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Why would Harvey Weinstein not be arrested or charged in court for his crimes?

A2ASlate has complied a list of u201cmore than 60 accusations of varying degrees of harassment (including at least 16 allegations he exposed himself) and 27 accusations of sexual assault.u201d (Emphasis in original) Dates of the alleged activities range from the late 1970s to 2015, with some having an unknown date.

As Wikipedia states concerning criminal and civil rights investigations (footnotes omitted):In October 2017, the New York City Police Department (NYPD), London's Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) were reviewing allegations against Weinstein following the reporting about his conduct. The MPS investigation concerns allegations made by seven women about alleged assaults between the 1980s and 2015, in London and outside the UK. The LAPD investigation concerns an allegation of rape by an unnamed actress.

In New York, the NYPD said on November 3 that they were preparing a warrant to arrest Weinstein for his alleged rape of Paz de la Huerta. On October 23, 2017, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman opened a civil rights investigation into The Weinstein Company, issuing a subpoena for records related to sexual harassment and discrimination complaints at the company.So, answering this question directly, Harvey Weinstein has not (yet) been arrested or charged criminally because of the following combination of reasons, different reasons applying to different charges:Investigations have not been completed.

Some acts occurred too long ago (the statute of limitations precludes prosecution). Some victims may not feel comfortable pressing charges.Prosecutors may believe that they cannot prove the alleged crimes beyond a reasonable doubt.

This answer is not a substitute for professional legal advice. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship, nor is it a solicitation to offer legal advice. If you ignore this warning and convey confidential information in a private message or comment, there is no duty to keep that information confidential or forego representation adverse to your interests.

Seek the advice of a licensed attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction before taking any action that may affect your rights. If you believe you have a claim against someone, consult an attorney immediately, otherwise there is a risk that the time allotted to bring your claim may expire. Quora users who provide responses to legal questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service (http://www.



Why didn't Thranduil want Legolas to marry Tauriel? Elrond did not stop Arwen from marrying Aragorn, who was not an elf.

As Tolkien describes it, the Elven-kingdom of Mirkwood was basically a colonial state. The native people were Silvan elves, who had lived almost in a state of nature until the end of the First Age: they had neither writing nor metal-working. Their ruling class, the kings and nobles, were elves of another race: they were Sindar from Doriath, a much more advanced civilisation.

Thranduil's father Oropher led his followers east where they set themselves up as rulers over their more primitive kinsfolk.That's where Tolkien leaves it; he doesn't go into much more detail on the social attitudes and customs of Mirkwood in the Third Age. We do know, however, that the kingdom is still a strongly class-divided society.

Thranduil has many servants, who (we are told in The Hobbit) are not allowed to drink his best wine, from the gardens of Dorwinion. Cheap wine is good enough for the lower classes; only the nobles drink the good vintages.Given these details, it is entirely predictable that the king would not want his only son to marry a lower-class woman from a different (and inferior) race.

Such prejudice is sadly all too common in the real world; why should it be absent from Middle-earth?The case of Elrond and Aragorn is not entirely dissimilar. Elrond effectively did stop his daughter from marrying Aragorn, by imposing a seemingly impossible condition on them before they could receive his permission for the marriage.

Telling his potential son-in-law "To marry my daughter, you must defeat Sauron and reunite the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor under your rule" is not quite the same as "You can't marry my daughter", but barring divine intervention, it might as well have been. There is precedent for this kind of thing in Middle-earth. Lu00fathien's father told Beren to bring him a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth as a bride-price.

Whether Beren or Aragorn had the harder task is difficult to say: Morgoth was more fearsome than Sauron, but Aragorn had to not only defeat his enemy, but unite the Free Peoples of the West under his leadership as well. Elrond knew that story, of course (he was the great-grandson of Beren and Lu00fathien, after all), so maybe he thought Aragorn was in with a chance after all; but he can't have anticipated it was good odds


Why are some teachers so rude? What is the best way for students to deal with teachers who will yell for any reason, and donu2019t know how to handle children?

This question troubles me. I know that you qualified it by saying u201csome teachers,u201d but it still feels a little degrading to my profession. So please excuse me for taking this personally.

First teachers are human, we have good days and bad days, just like the children do. Second, as humans, we sometimes respond to rudeness with rudeness. As adults, we can usually tell when we are being rude.

Children are not always aware that what they are doing is rude. They may think they are being cute, funny, showing how smart they are, or something else. Children are not always aware that their actions can hurt someoneu2019s feelings or can u201cget under someoneu2019s skin.

u201dThird, some children crave attention, and have learned that being disrespectful, defiant, disobedient, sullen. and other negative things will get them attention quicker than u201cdoing the right thing.u201dAs teachers, we know that some children do that, but it is hard to teach, which is our primary responsibility, when a child is displaying negative behaviors, attitudes, or language.

Just because the child doesnu2019t know, understand, or accept the reason; most teachers do not u201cyell for no reason. u201d My favorite response to u201cI didnu2019t do ANYTHING!u201d Would be: u201cYou are correct, you didnu2019t do ANYTHING I asked you to do!

You didnu2019t begin working when I asked. You didnu2019t stop talking when I asked. You didnu2019t follow any of the directions that I gave; and that is the problem.

u201dChildren come to school with a lot of baggage, not necessarily more than years ago, but without the family/community support systems of years ago. Teachers are expected to take the role of parent, without having the authority to parent. Teaching children u201cright from wrongu201d and u201ctreat others the way, you would want to be treatedu201d and u201crespect those in authorityu201d is very difficult, when at home, they are taught to fight back, that they are never wrong, and only a parent can tell them what to do.

Being a teacher is a thankless job. It is a profession that doesnu2019t get any respect. If anything goes wrong, it is the teacheru2019s fault.

The only profession I can think of that is treated worse is law enforcement. We are the used car salesmen of years ago


Are non-American women more desirable and easier to deal with than American women?

Well i will talk about my experience.

Born and bred in Africa,worked and lived in other continents around the world, met the girl of my dreams on one of the assignments abroad, counted myself the luckiest guy, why? cse "she is American". I had finally met someone with whom we would live life as equals, do the chores together, have intelligent dialogue,with equal income potential, I needed someone who would be direct and upfron with me blah blah,,,.

Oh how I dreaded those local African girls.I hated their servant like submission towards their husbands. Yes they are taught to treat their husbands as kings from early age, and I hated it all.

The man is the boss, and divorce is not an option else you face eternal social-stigma and isolation from the very society you have grown up in.Its the culture and the girls like it believe it or not. Back to my American girl, we are now 3 years into marriage and I am like, " What did I get myself into?

", I do 99.999% of all the housework, i mean everything.Very abusive, I am literary on egg shells around the house, one slight mistake in my speech and out thru the roof.

She will jump from 0 to 60 when she doesnt get her meals on time, or if the laundry is not done. She can spend 3 hours talking on phone with a friend, and the minute she is done, i will be blamed for not caring enough even when I am running all over the house trying to make things happen. I threw my diginity and self worth out of the window long time ago.

When and how we have sex is purely on her terms, but average frequency is once in 2 or 3 months.We dont yet have children , but I am asking my self what will it be like at this trend. Anyhow, I commited to this, it was my choice and I got what i believed was the right choice for me, thou at times I cant help but wish for at the time I called the "local breed" of girls who I never let any close, or even allow to go out on a coffee date.

I wont make any judgemental conclusions but I hope this helps someone out there.

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