Does This Matter in a Golf Club?

They have a pretty good warranty department. They should either fix it or replace it at little or no charge

Does This Matter in a Golf Club? 1

1. What is the best brand for golf club for beginner?

Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

2. Whats a great first timer's golf club?

If you are just starting, I would buy a complete set at a sporting goods store. This will include a driver, 3 & 5 woods, 3 through 9 irons and pitching wedge. All you need to buy is your putter and a bag. This will run around $250 to $300 and is good enough for a beginner. After you have played a for few months and gotten a little better you may want to think about getting fitted and buying a more expensive set. I personally have about $1000 in my club set and could easily have spent twice that much or more.

Does This Matter in a Golf Club? 2

3. Where can i get a replacement golf club cover?

Ebay. Just look it up, should be no prob. Or try craigslist

4. Where can I find a left handed 1 iron golf club?

callaway sells single clubs of all their sets online

5. what does the W stand for on a golf club iron?

Probably a Sandwedge. Pitching wedges normally show "P"

6. pull out graphite shaft from golf club?

yes ofcourse

7. Golf club distance ? im a longer hitter a?

There's a LOT more involved than just "I hit my LW x yards". Everyone's different. Your swing speed, impact conditions, ball placement, weight of the golf club, loft of the head, your body weight... even the angle of your wrist c0ck and how far back you turn can effect distance. Go to a club fitter, or an indoor driving range with a launch monitor/simulator and find out. The only thing I can tell you, without seeing your swing or a bunch of numbers (like WCA, clubhead speed, etc.) is that your irons should ideally be 12-15y apart from each other. If they are not , take them to a fitter to find out why.

8. High-speed stroboscopic photographs show that the head of a 201 g golf club is traveling at 38.4 m/s?

The key concept here is conservation of momentum. Momentum is mass times speed. Also note the ball is at rest before impact, it contributes zero impact, so the total momentum before impact is equal to the momentum of the club head, which is (0.201 kg)(38.4 m/s) = 7.7184 kg m/s. So the total momentum before impact is 7.7184 kg m/s. Therefore the total momentum after impact must be 7.7184 kg m/s. But we know the speed of the club after impact, so we can calculate its momentum: (0.201 kg)(26.8 m/s) = 5.3868 kg m/s. So the momentum of the ball after impact must be 7.7184 kg m/s - 5.3868 kg m/s = 2.3316 kg m/s. Dividing by the mass of the ball (0.0459 kg) gives the speed, 50.8 m/s.

9. Best way to replace a missing golf club?

There is businesses have specialize in use clubs ,around the country mostly large cities .the second time sports is one and play it again I think is the other one be better off than the Internet

10. what does it mean for a golf club to be a "tour" model?

For irons, a tour model has a smaller clubhead than the non-tour model. Go to your local pro shop and check out TaylorMade's Burner and Burner TP irons. You will notice the Burner TP irons clubhead is smaller thant he regular Burner irons. It goes the same for drivers as well. The clubhead may be shaped differently and may not be as big as the non tour model. Drivers can be categorized as a better player's club and should not be used by a beginning player

11. What's the difference between stiff, regular and flex for golf club shafts?

I know this sounds obvious, but go to a pro shop and try both. Which you need depends on how strong your swing is. If you swing the club very hard/fast than with a regular flex or senior flex shaft the club head could lag behind causing your shot to not go where you intended. You can have the same problem if you play with a stiff shaft and do not need it. If you just want to guess, than I would suggest the regular flex.

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