Do the People in Australia Miss Their Homeland in the UK?

The UK isnt my homeland.I was born in Australia. While I have some British ancestry, and have visited the UK on several occasions, its not a homeland by any stretch of the imagination.

I suspect I could make a reasonable go of living there, but that doesnt mean the same thing.Australians have ancestry from all over the world.

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What are the best reference books for IIT JEE PCM?

I would recommend the following books-PhysicsPradeepHC VermaDC PandeyIrodovKrotovChemistry-Modern's abcJD LeeVK JaiswalN AvasthiHimanshu PandeyMaths-RD SharmaA Das GuptaCengage seriesArihant classic textsAlong with these you should also solve a large number of previous years papers and sample papers as they'll help you build you speed and accuracy.You can easily find these books at your nearest bookstore or online at sites like sastabooks at the really affordable prices with some amazing discounts


What do the u201cA B Cu201d ratings on fire extinguishers mean?

There are two types of fire classifications, i would say.

The British and American . With the British, class C is for gas fires while it is metal plus other industrial fires with the Americans. however, the methods of fire extinction are the sameAccording to the British, Class A is for Carbonaceous material fires, Class B for flammable liquids , Class C gases, D Metals and E Electricity involving fires.


How does a large company manage all of their subsidiaries?

They have many managers who know what is going on and they correct problem areas, collect data, make necessary reports and see that thing run accordingly.There can be top level managers down to Team leaders, Foremen, etc.

Today with the Computer World they can keep track of everything as it happens. Some companies track operations from one State to another or even in other countries


How did President Trump do tonight at his town hall?

It was a failed town hall to those folks who are not trump supporters.

To those that are trump supporters, they do not care and will cover for him with each other. So, all around it is sort of a waste of time because non trump supporters know beyond a shadow of a doubt every word out of his mouth is a lie. Trump supporters just dont care.


What's the funniest piece of code a TA and/or instructor has seen a computer programming student submit?

I've never been a professor or a TA but as a student, I once learned that my TA didn't look at our submissions, just gave everyone perfect, so test out that theory, on our lab that called on us to submit a program showing stack utility, I gave in a program of a basic tic-tac-toe game I found online and low and behold, I aced it!


Which are some good physics class 11th reference books to clear basic concepts?

Dude.Grab one reference book and just start solving that.Ex-S.

L Arora,ABC,pradeep,etc.always remembe:->Never underestimate the power of class 11th>11th class is your golden bird which put you high in12th>If you underestimate it then you get the got the effect of underestimation>Chemistry-NCERT enough>Physics-S.L Arora,ABC>Maths-NCERT-misc exercisesrecomanded>Go and if you stick only with these books you are in area of 90.


How do you solve this triangle: A30 degrees, b40in, and a10in?

Hopefully you can learn from this one and do the rest of your homework. nWhat's been asked is this:nYou can start by finding what B is using the law of sines:nfracsin(B)40fracsin30^circ10nOnce you figure out B (in degrees), C is just 180 - B - 30^circnAnd finally, you can use the law of cosines to figure out what c is


Which is the best biology book for class 11th: Truemanu2019s Elementary biology or Modernu2019s ABC?

I think you did better chose pradeep for biology . It has many details about the topic .But yoi u are asking between trueman's elementary biology and moderns abc i would recommend modern's abc .

it has many detailing views about inportant chapter as wellas it has many good questions comparing to trueman's book . I hope it will help youYou can also ask your another doubts


I have just recently started learning C, and I am familiar with most of the rules because of prior learning language experience. However, I want to learn Python as well.

Would it be unwise to learn two languages at once?

If you really want to learn both the languages I personally prefer do C first and go on to python. Because I have learned C first so when I started doing python it seems to be lot easier.

Right now if you feel like doing competitive programming go with C as it has a whole huge stuffs inside it. This is only an opinion as atleast for me it works


Is it worth choosing IIM Ranchi, Trichy for MBA in terms of placement and future scope?

These are relatively new IIMs but not as new as Bodhgaya, Amritsar and kinds.

So, I would suggest that if you are still working and simultaneously preparing for CAT, please wait for one year, prep harder and try getting into older IIMs. However, if you are looking for simply an IIM tag and decent packages. you may go ahead with the IIMs that you mentioned.



What u25b3ABC satisfies the relation ac/bcotB/2?

(ac)/b cot B/2> (2RsinA 2RsinC)/2RsinB cot B/2>(sinAsinC)/sinB (cos B/2) / (sin B/2)> 2sin (AC)/2 .cos (A-C)/2/ 2sinB/2.

cos B/2 (cos B/2)/(sin B/2)>sin(/2 - B/2).cos (A-C)/2 cos^2 (B/2)> cos B/2.cos (A-C)/2 cos^2 B/2> cos (A-C)/2 cos B/2 (A-C)/2 B/2 > A-C B> A BC > A BC 90 ( since sum of the three angles of a triangle is 180)> ABC is a right triangle right angled at A.


How do I solve this logarithmic problem 1/ (log xy(xyz)) 1/ (log yz(xyz) 1/ (log zx (xyz)?

beginalignP & frac1log_xy(xyz) frac1log_yz(xyz) frac1log_xz(xyz) & frac1fraclog(xyz)log(xy) frac1fraclog(xyz)log(yz) frac1fraclog(xyz)log(xz) & fraclog(xy)log(xyz) fraclog(yz)log(xyz) fraclog(xz)log(xyz) & fraclog(xy) log(yz) log(xz)log(xyz) & fraclog(x^2y^2z^2)log(xyz) & frac2log(xyz)log(xyz) & 2endalign


What percentile do I need to get into IIM Lucknow?

Percentile for getting the call from IIM Lucknow for PGP :For GENSectional cutoff :85 percentileOverall : 90 percentileNC-OBCSectional cutoff :77 percentileOverall : 82 percentileSCSectional cutoff :55percentileOverall : 70 percentileSTSectional cutoff :50 percentileOverall : 65 percentileWeights for Final Score calculationCAT score : 30%Academic performance ( 12th and Graduation) : 5%5%Diversity factor : 5%Work Experience : 5%WAT (Written Ability Test) : 10%PI ( Personal Interview) : 40%Final : 100%Note* 12/40 in PI is the minimum requirement for getting a pass in PI.

All the best for CAT 2017 :)Ayushi!What percentile do I need to get into IIM lucknow?


Why does it seem that very few people are taking Joe Biden and Hunter Bidenu2019s corruption seriously?

Simply because no one has proven that any corruption took place. This whole thing is just another Trump lie. All Trump does is lie.

No matter how many lies he tells his Cult Members suck it up, just like the idiots they are. No matter Rudy is about to confess everything to the world this week. Hell put an end to all of Trumps bullshit


What will be the other angles of a right angled triangle if one angle is 38 degrees?

Sum of all interior angles of a triangle is 180; irrespective of shape and types.In a right triangle, one angle is 90 and the sum of the other two angles is 90. The other two angles are acute angles; complement to each other.

If one acute angle is x, the other will be 90-x.If one acute angle is 38, the other will be 52.If one is 42, the other will be 48.

If one is 70, it's complement is 20


Is NCERT math enough for JEE Mains?

Definitely no.But yes for the basics ncert books are very good.

For maths you must consider M.L khanna.For physics H.

C Verma and D.C Pandey.For jee mains chemistry ncert book is enough.

You must do all the previous questions too for practice. Hope you you got your answer"Something else too, can be better used to solve your doubts- Toppr Ask. Check it out now!



How can I introduce myself in English?

How will you introduce your self in your first language (your so-called mother tongue, or the language you spoke during your childhood and before you started learning English)? The way you would introduce your self in that language is also the way you can introduce your self to people who don't speak your mother tongue so you will have to do it in English


What do you think pushed Roseanne Barr to say those racist comments?

Do you think ABC overreacted when it cancelled the whole show?

Barr deserved to be fired. I think that ABC should have done a little analysis on whether the show was good and original enough to go on without her.

Some shows have survived the loss of the star so maybe the one could have, too. Surely all of the probably hundred or so members of the cast and crew deserved at least a moment to think about the possibility.


What was something you didnu2019t notice in the Harry Potter films until the second time you watched them?

Snape.Of course, from reading the books and seeing how hard Rowling tried to make it look as a bad guy I suspected that he was actually the opposite (we all senior readers did). But, when you see Alan Rickman, from the very first movie.

The actor knew, and is almost like if in every movie he subtly winkles at you!Amazing performance. Amazing.


In ABC, mA 60u00ba, mC 30u00ba, and AB 6 inches. What is the length of side BC?

First thing I see is that Ajay S is, IMO, correct.

Another way of looking at the solution is that the given triangle is the classic 3060 degree right triangle, whose sides are 1, 2, 3, with the hypotenuse, ac, being 2. The side opposite to the 30 degree angle, side ab 6, is the short leg. The second leg, side bc, is 63, and to be complete, the hypotenuse (side ac) is 6 x 2 or 12


Can an average student get into the IIMs?

By average I guess you meant average /unimpressive past acads.Bro/sis I am pretty much on same boat. With decent to great board scores and below average graduation scores I am myself in same boat.

What can I say Grads is my weakest point and still rankle like crazy even till this day :(I can only suggest you to score on CAT as well as u can.


What is the sum formula in Excel?

Submission of the cells(SUM).

This command performs an addition between selected cells or a range of cells. this command is only for numerical values. this command can be used in any format for example SUM(2,3) or SUM(B1, A5) and SUM(B2: B9).

SUM(2,3): Sum of numbers specified in the bracket.SUM(A1, B2, C5): Addition between selected cells only.SUM(C1: C9): Addition in the range of cells.

Original Source.


What is the most horrifying death ever caught on camera?

This one happened in the 80s when I was a teenager.

I saw it on the news at the time and I've never forgotten it! - Ivan Lester McGuire Skydiving AccidentThe idea of jumping out of a plane and then realising that you've forgotten your parachute is utterly horrifying.

Especially when you have all that time to wait for the earth to kill you. Ugh!


How do I add apps to a VIZIO that are not listed in the app store?

Follow the below instructions for how to add apps to vizio smart tvPower on your smart tv and press the V button.Select either Yahoo tv store or CTV store.Press on OK button for launching the app store.

Browse your app in the app store and find out or select your app.Selection your app then press on OK button.Use arrow key to selected Install apps , then press on OK button.


Can you recall any of the three TV networks (ABC, CBS, AND NBC) ever saying anything positive about Donald Trump or his administration?

Yes, each of them many, many times. CNN in USA not so much.

MSNBC not so much. Fox falsely and often. Those are cable stations focussed primarily on entertainment and opinion.

BUT - PBS, ABC, NBC, and CBS always puts the most positive spin possible and, with Trump often they succeed. Trump is often his own worse enemy and his quotes are interpreted as negative.


Both the campaign staff of Clinton and Trump were trying to dig dirt on each other.

Why is there so much uproar over Trump's campaign staff?

The Liberal left publicly said to the right, youll just have to shut up and take it, once Clinton has been elected.Now that Trump has been elected, they cannot take their own advice.

Thats not to say that the Conservative right didnt whine about Obama and go on about his birth certificate and that he was a Muslim, despite not having any evidence of either.


How do you initialize memory with a new operator in C?

There are two ways:A class constructor (Required)A class initialization (Optional and under programmer control)Why the different?

Class constructors are always called starting with the most base class to the most derived class.Class Initialization is called after all the Class constructors are executed. The programmer control the order of execution.

The order can either in the base to derived order or in derived to base order.You should understand both


What are the most important bills that Joe Biden sponsored while he was a senator?

One thing that is certain is that drumpf-worshippers tell lies.

Bills Sponsored by Joseph R. Biden Jr. (-) (110th Congress - 2009 - 2011 , 89 bills)Bills Sponsored by Joseph R.

Biden Jr. (-) (109th, 41 bills)Bills Sponsored by Joseph R. Biden Jr.

(-) (108th, 37 bills)Bills Sponsored by Joseph R. Biden Jr. (-) (107th, 46 bills)And this continues way back for many years, with Senator Biden sponsoring significant bills.

Drumpf-worshippers are liars

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