Dirbike Question 250 Vs 450?

Light weight is a big advantage in the dirt. The 450 is going to be heavy. If you are tired of the 250, you might be ready and able to use a 450. If there was a 2-stroke 450, that would be a real monster. our-strokes ride way differently from two-strokes. Try it out. You will see

1. how heavy can a rider be on a light weight road bike?

Depends on how "lightweight" you want to go. As someone else pointed out - spoke count is important. So is a cassette vs. a freewheel hub. So is double walled rims vs. single walled rims. A cassette hub & double walled rims would be better for heavy loads. Compare the two bikes listed below. The Raleigh Sport is the lower end bike but will most likely hold more weight at $625 vs. the Raleigh Competition at $2600. Visit a real bike shop in your neighborhood. Express your concerns. They will fix you up with what is right.

2. Best brand foundation you've used?

I've tried all of them, let me give you the break down of each $- dirt cheap $$ cheap $$$ fair $$$$ expensive $$$$$ overpriced Sephora Brand- $$, has nice colors, medium-good coverage, smells good, easy to apply, non irritating, smooth, oil free, slightly natural finish MAC (matchmaster is the best)- oil free, $$$, full coverage, traditional mac smell, easy to apply (does not reacquire a lot of product to cover) no animal testing, light weight, has a formula that matches the foundation to your natural skin tone, natural finish Urban Decay- $$ oil free, medium-heavy coverage, smells like vanilla, easier to apply, lighter weight, natural finish Bobbi Brown- light-medium coverage, $$$, smells like sun screen, reacquires a sponge to apply to cover blemishes, light weight, natural finish LORAC- more matte in finish $$$, has known SPF 15, reacquires a "quick hand" because it tacks up if you leave it, feels a little heavy Clinique- $$ Their foundation doubles as an acne treatment, colors are limited, fuller coverage, a little heavy, natural finish Makeup Forever- no animal testing $$ oil free, fuller coverage light weight, dewy finish, easy to apply Estee Lauder- $$$-$$$$, more for older ladies, full coverage, heavy feel, matte finish, sponge application Lancome- $$$$-$$$$$ more for older ladies, fuller coverage, heavier feel, matte finish, sponge application Now in order of favorite 1) MAC 2) Makeup Forever 3) Sephora 4) Bobbi Brown 5) Urban Decay 6) Clinique 7) LORAC 8) Lancome 9) Estee Lauder

3. What is the best light-weight CRM to use together with Drupal Commerce?

There are different solutions out there (as usual ;-)). There is a small backend for commerce called Commerce Backoffice. Also there is CRM Core which is an entity CRM Framework based on Drupal. If you are looking for a distribution that already integrates Commerce with CRM Core, you may be interested in ERPAL Platform - Flexible business applications So your decision depends on your requirements, if you want to build your own tool and have maximum flexibility (use Drupal with contrib modules or distros in this case) or if you want to start with a full featured CRM (try to connect an existing CRM solution with a REST API to talk to Commerce).

4. Why am I such a light weight drinker?

alcohol controls you. thats the way it seems. aww wah i wanna drink lots im soo goal oriented! seriously? please realize that if you need to drink alcohol to have a good time things need to be rearranged.have some self respect. im done......... HEY drink slow. i guess you forgot that alcohols expiration date lasts longer than 5 minutes

5. Will placing objects on the top of my 360 cause any harm? The object is a light-weight Cable/DVR Box. Thanks!!

The 360 generates an awful lot of heat. I would not place anything on top of it since I want my 360 to breathe as free as possible so it does not cook itself. I even have it propped up on a couple of empty game cases to allow air to flow underneath

6. good exercises for knocking off fat and gaining lean muscle without losing mass you already have?

Push ups and running. Stick to heavy weight lifting to gain mass. do not go light weight, not even to kill time, stick to heavy lifting to build mass. do not do cardio or anything, it will end up making you lose the mass you want to have.

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How to Levitate Any Light Weight Object Without the Help of the Other Objects?
How to Levitate Any Light Weight Object Without the Help of the Other Objects?
You must meditate until you are in a completely free and open state of mind then you must think of the object as an extention of your own self. Only then will you be able manipulate it without touching it1. Moved to 4th floor, what is a good quality very light-weight stroller?Holy cow! I thought third floor was bad! Try the Chicco, Peg Perego and the MacLaren. Head over to Babies R Us to see which one works best for you. I believe the Chicco has a carrying strap.2. What's more essential in a Crit race; light weight wheels or a light weight frame?really good wheels are not only just light they are stiff. This equals to a higher transfer of power. They will typically have high quality bearings which roll better. lower rolling weight is a huge advantage. That being said you put high quality rims on an entry level bike it is like putting lipstick on a pig. Literally High quality rims work better with a high quality bike. I would choose to wait until I could afford both. However I would choose bike over rims because a high quality bike will be speced with decent wheels worthy of the machine3. Do light-weight,less-muscle,slimmer guys better than heavy-weight,muscular guys in NBA(FOR PG SG)?They each have their own pros and cons. It all depends on the player and how well they can use their physical attributes4. How's this for a good bug out bag?Here's the items I would leave out that you mentioned. The tarp, magnesium fire starter, the glow sticks, water purification tablets, and the machete. I would replace the tarp with a two person "free standing" ultra light tent. ( If it's winter or rainy season, a tent will be warmer! ) The magnesium fire starter should not be needed with the lighter and matches. Neither should the "fire starter" blocks. Replace the glow sticks with a good "LED" flashlight. It's more durable and will last longer. The glow sticks can not be turned off if you need to avoid detection or do not need light at the time. A "LED" headlamp is also an option or addition to the flashlight. I would replace the water purification tablets with a field cleanable water purifier. The tablets can cause health problems if used extensively, ( more than several days ). The machete should be replaced with the "multi tool" of your choice. The machete will be considered a weapon and thus a threat by some people. Unless you figure on chopping down trees, a smaller knife/tool combo should suffice and be more handy. You can wear it on your belt without attracting the attention a machete would. Also some fishing line and baits for getting some fish to eat. Do not forget a small cooking pot and utensils for when your food supply runs out and you resort to killing small animals to eat. Make sure you know how to clean and prepare small rodents, squirrels, rabbits, birds and fish. Do not forget a basic first aid kit and any medicines a family member will need. If you have the space, I would also suggest a down sleeping bag ( mummy style ) for each person. The down bags can be really compressed, are light weight, and can keep you warm in the tent. That's about the only changes I can think of off hand. Search some of the urban "survival" web sites for more suggestions5. Military Care Packages? Military Personnel opinions plz?i would defiantly throw in some card games and magazines... remember it's really expensive to send things out of the country so think light weight!!!! and you can only ship using the USPS. what a nice thing to do!! bless you!!!6. What are the most light weight laptops out there?Here is a great netbook that would work well for college use. It is under $300 and more importantly, is highly rated by owners of the machine. See link for more details7. The Best African American Hair Product For Thinning Sides?It might not be the products. Your edges might be thinning if you put your hair in tight ponytails regularly. If this is the case, try wearing it out a couple days out the week. The constant brushing straight back might be the problem. If your hair is relaxed make sure you wrap it every night. I use optimum care anti-breakage therapy 'featherlight hairdress'. It's light weight smells great and works wonders. I grease my scalp with it once a week after I wash as well as moisturize my ends with it. Luster's Light Pink lotion is also pretty good.
What Does Light Wheigh Lower Reps Do ?
light weight means light weights. easy to lift high reps means greater number of times the weight is lifted.. that would be 10-12 reps or even greater light lifting builds more definition but if the weight is too light.... its too easy1. Which fabric does not fray?Knit fabric (like t-shirt material) does not fray and is light weight, so the patches wo not be bulky2. Should I omit CD/DVD hardware for a new light weight laptop?Only you can answer this question. Do you still own and use CD/DVDs? I no longer own either. So I buy laptops without CD/DVD drives. If you still own music CDs and movie DVDs and plan to continue using them for the foreseeable future you may want a player on your laptop. But if you only plan to use the drives for data storage. Then USB drives and SD cards are a much better option3. Should I workout with heavy or light weight to train for the USMC?you should do both, but lean toward more reps with less weight because conditioning is huge4. Moved to 4th floor, what is a good quality very light-weight stroller?Any maclaren strollers are great -they fold up like an umbrella and are incredibly light5. What is the best laptop for a college student? My price range is $500-1500 and I need a good laptop for school?It's hard to find the BEST laptop, but the good brands are HP and Dell. What I did was search on Walmart.com, Bestbuy.com, and target.com to see the ratings, comments, and details. Walmart has the best quality and prices. Best Buy has better quality but are a little more expensive. I would choosse a laptop that has a high battery life, 3GB, and light weight.6. Is it feasible to build light weight solar panels over large parking lots to provide shade and electricity?Parking lots are already too expensive to build and maintain. This would make them 10 times more expensive to build7. childs car seat; can anyone recommend a light weight one to travel with?See if you can rent one from a car rental place once you get into the US. Then you can go to a Walmart (they are easy to find, you can not throw a stone without hitting one) and buy one for around $50 (that would be maybe 30 euros) and then donate it to a pregnancy crisis center when you go back to your home country8. Why is Nike making soccer (football) boots which are so "light weight and thin" and offer no protection?you are obviously buying the wrong boots... nike is only a brand name... try looking elsewhere for cheaper and better quality boots." why?). it is time for a change9. What is the appropriate age for a kid to start light weight lifting?It's been proved that children as young as five can weight train safely, but I would recommend around age 1210. Bend-tolerant fiber optic cable for data centers and space-constrained applications introduced by OCCJanuary 20, 2010 -- Optical Cable Corp. (OCC) in Roanoke, Va., is introducing high-density bend tolerant fiber optic cable for data centers and space-constrained applications. OCC's HD bend tolerant fiber optic cables are for trunk, LAN, data center, 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet and other high-density applications that require small size, light weight, and small bend radii. The small diameter of the optical fiber cable saves space and increases capacity in tray systems, improves cable management, increases cooling efficiency, and reduces cost for under raised-floor cabling systems in data centers. OCC officials say.The cable is non-ribboned fiber, which eliminates the bend axis that plagues ribbon cables, OCC officials say. This cable design allows for bend performance with negligible dB loss at a small bend radius. The 3-millimeter 12-fiber sub-cables also can be ribbonized for MTP/MPO connectors. With the HD design, singlemode fiber cables exceed ITU-T-G.657.A2 standards for bending performance, and OM3/OM4 multimode cables have tight bend performance. OCC's bend tolerant Cable Design in HD construction is available in 2 through 72 fiber counts. Individual cables are colored for ease of termination, and fiber counts greater than 12 fibers will be 3-millimeter 12-fiber sub-cables. They are UL Listed OFNP in accordance with NEC 770.179(a). In addition, the HD cables are available in standard fiber types.
A Traffic Light of Weight 100 N Is Supported by Two Ropes As?
complex aspect. search with google. this may help!1. Am I a light weight?????????not relly that perfectly normal for a guy, i go gym and whilst am there i drink about 500ml of water withing 2hrs, and when i get home 20 mins later or so i need to go toilet, either way its not going to kill you :) hasppy drinking2. can light weight engine parts increase hp?u want an engine to play with get a v8 either a chevy or ford. big blocks are easy to find now with the gas being like it is3. Am I light weight? what bout yuo?I would definitely be hammered if I drank a bottle of 9% wine alone in 2hrs. So I guess I am a lightweight (and a cheap date)4. Light weight C Signals/Slots or Event SystemSink arguments (objects we want to make a copy of and store internally) are generally passed by value, then moved into place, so the add function can take its parameter by value rather than const&.We could perhaps make fp public with a name like Function, and use it for the add function parameter.raise will make unnecessary copies of the arguments. We can avoid that with perfect forwarding.We do not need to copy the weak_ptr in the raise lambda, we can use a const&. We also do not need to specify the return value.5. Bicep workout should be done with heavy or light weight?Light weight or heavy only depends on your strength. But the main thing is to concentrate and release your bicep muscle in right manner6. What is a better design a light weight user or a heavy weight heavy user model?Well, this is a question, answer to which heavily depends on what requirements should the model satisfy. But in a general case I would vote for solution 1 (lightweight objects) because of the following reasons:By complexity here I understand generic human-perceptible complexity. If you are building some puzzle for a six year old, it can contain quizzes like 22=?. You can, of course, make it 223-114/216 and it will still be ok. But when it becomes something like sqrt(4)2*16^2 it tends to unnecessarily overcomplicate matters ;)When you design a small application, putting everything into one model does not matter much since the code is still easy to understand. But when application grows, putting everything into one bowl will strike you with unmaintainable code soon. Performance-wise it's faster to query/update small chunk of dataUsually you do not need every single piece of model data for each and every operation so small chunks are ok. Of course, your persistence layer should be able to work with related data, but then again, every more or less mature ORM now can do that well7. How do I get enough weight on a light weight bass fishing lure. I could not cast without backlash.?Is it a spinning reel? It depends what action the rod is, but it should be able to cast the lightest weight listed on the rod, with the suggested line and get good distance8. What's a good light weight foundation for fair skin?CoverGirl NatureLuxe! It does not even look like you are wearing makeup and feels so lightweight. I have it in Alabaster because I am very fair9. When will they develop much more light weight long lasting batteries for electric vehicle s?Lots of major universities, battery makers, and car manufacturers are working on a solution to this problem. Several prominent ones are Tesla, Toyoda, Dyson, and VW. The problem is that numerous battery characteristics must be met all at once. Here are a few: ruggedness, toxicity, flammability, energy density by weight, energy density by volume, voltage, materials availability, ease of manufacture, materials cost, manufacturing cost. Optimizing all of these characteristics all at one time is no mean engineering accomplishment10. Why do Maruti Suzuki cars have the best resale values in used car market?Maruti's don't just have best resale value but also are the most fuel efficient, widest service networks and lowest maintenance, all kinds of BS. If all this BS is to be believed then, why are other car brands even selling or surviving? The truth is that Maruti's are very very dangerous machines on road and will definitely kill the whole family in case of an unfortunate accident because they are built with very thin and weak sheet metal so as to save costs to make them fuel efficient by virtue of light weight. Above all, Maruti' dealers will treat you like dogs once you have purchased because it's the largest selling car brand. One of my friends purchased a Maruti from Asir Automobiles Pvt. Ltd at Madurai but, refused to purchase any accessories along with the car because they were way too expensive as compared to other sources. This proves that Maruti Dealerships don't give a shit about customers because they are the largest selling car brands
Light Weight Linux to Go on Windows 7
I would go with the Debian netinstaller, and tell it to install a minimal system. Then apt-get install the pieces you need1. Does anybody know of a good light-weight foundation that I can wear daily? For normal/dry skin?Revlon Nearly naked foundation is amazing on dry skin Covergirl Whipped cream foundation Loreal true match Lumi foundation Maybelline BB cream Yves rocher Pure light foundation2. In your opinion, what's your favorite drugstore foundation?neutrogena healthy skin liquid. it's light weight, but it covers enough for me. i would say the coverage is light-med. it evens out my skin tones and hides redness. easy to blend. runny consistency. i would also recommend the revlon colorstay. it gives good coverage. med to full. stays on really long compared to the neutrogena3. Need advice on carrying a heavy baby?Sweetie avoid carrying him as much as possible at least until your neck and shoulders get a bit better as well as your leg. I would invest in a good quality stroller and one that is preferably light weight and use that as much as possible. My 2nd born was not heavy but she sure started to feel it by 10 months because she was a lot more sturdy than my eldest. She did the bum shuffle as her crawl and did not walk till she was 19 months so yeah by 19 months she was getting very heavy and pulling my back out of alignment quite frequently. Mind you she walked in a day much to my shock and disbelief but it certainly made life a lot easier when I invested in a lightweight stroller to get her around. Try and treat yourself too sweetie to a back massage, you deserve it too okay so do not forget about yourself :-). Good luck and all the very best of wishes. Edit: any sling sweetie, think is still putting pressure on your spine, keeps your arms free but still hurts your baby eventually, I would still go for a stroller. Good luck tho with whatever you decide xx4. I found a Light Weight, Black, rock on the beach.?might be hard compressed sand, or a cave rock, which is black because of traces of granite5. Do you believe that from light weight to Strawweight that is 9 weight classes that?Honestly, what did you expect? America is the richest country in the world and the majority of our athletes are tall and weigh much more than 135 pounds, which is the lightweight limit. Even when you look at the general population, there are hardly any fully grown men who weigh under 135 pounds- the majority of the champions and top fighters in the lower weight classes are from second and third world countries who did not have the proper nutrition while growing up to be as tall and weigh as much as people from America (such as Asian, African, and Hispanic countries). The majority of the top American fighters weigh at least 140 pounds, and that is evidenced by the fact that in each division up from junior welterweight, with the exception of middleweight, there are American black fighters rated in the The Ring Magazine's top 10. People are also not racist against black people from America, they are racist against black people in general and that cannot be said about The Ring Magazine because they have multiple black fighters rated in the lower weight division, it's just they are not from America, they are from poorer countries. Hekkie Budler (South Africa) is ranked 10th in the junior flyweight division. Zolani Tete (South Africa) is ranked 9th in the flyweight division. Moruti Mthalane (South Africa) is ranked 7th and holds the IBF flyweight title. Simphiwe Nongqayi (South Africa) is ranked 3rd and holds the IBF junior bantamweight title. Silence Mabuza (South Africa) is ranked 7th in the bantamweight division. Joseph Agbeko (Ghana) is ranked 5th in the bantamweight division. Jeffrey Mathebula (South Africa) is ranked 6th in the junior featherweight division. Cassius Baloyi (South Africa) is ranked 5th in the junior lightweight division. Malcolm Klassen (South Africa) is ranked 4th in the junior lightweight division. Mzonki Fana (South Africa) is ranked 2nd in the junior lightweight division. Paulus Moses (Nambia) is ranked 7th and holds the WBA "regular" lightweight title. Anthony Peterson (U.S.A.) is ranked 6th in the lightweight division. Ali Funeka (South Africa) is ranked 3rd in the lightweight division. As you can see, there are many black fighters rated in the lower weight classes, it's just that most of them are from African nations.
How Many Shots of Whiskey Dose It Take a Light Weight to Get Drunk?
depends on tolerance. im 165 but i drink whiskey all the time so i can down a good 6 shots before i start feeling tipsy. if you are not a drinker, 3 shots will get u pretty buzzed, then wait it out, take another 2 in a row and ur set. u should be pretty good. keep a beer to sip in between and ull be nice and drunk.1. how do i get bigger thighs and butt?your not doing squats heavy enough. You need to do them heavy and to failure or near failure... Ditch leg lifts and other such exercises. dont do too much exercise. Stick to mainly squats, deeper you go the more they work your legs and butt, but going lower stresses your knees. Id stick to lowering until thighs parallell with the ground. Just 3 or 4 sets heavy till failure , near failure. No point doing it light, your wanting to make ur legs and butt bigger by adding muscle , therefore you wont manage it with light weight. Lay off cardio , fitness stuff, till your legs and butt get to the size you want , if your metabolism is very high2. Light-weight emergency overnight-gearThe most pressing points are good ground insulation(mat to lie down on) wind protection and then dry clothes. We lose 80% of body heat through the ground. Evaporation of sweat or humid clothes cool at an extremely fast rate too. The amount of heat transfer depends on the evaporation rate, however for each kilogram of water vaporized 2,257 kJ of energy are transferred. Remember to bring a good hat, that covers your ears and cheeks. Always makes a big difference. You might not be comfortable like with a sleeping bag and tent, but you will get through the night. Expecting rainWhen you expect rain things get more complicated. You have to stay dry at all cost, else you lost the battle against the cold. I never used a tent, just a rectangle piece of sturdy fabric, about 2 meters by 1 meter. I wax it regularly. Construction possibilities are many, depending on conditions, especially wind. Standard position is this:You do not need metal poles, just use some sticks. As a habit from military I keep my tent as low as possible when I am only confronted with wind, so I can close the sides with some equipment, rocks, or vegetation. Imagine the previous diagram with the metal poles/wood sticks shortened and moved to the right 1/4 of the fabric length. When it rains hard, steeper tent sides will make it more efficient in throwing off water. You might consider bringing an aluminum field shovel to dig a small 'canal' around your Bivouac. If it rains hard without this canal bringing the water away, you will find yourself lying in a swamp quickly.3. Newbie question: Light weight, temporary power?The only possibility would be a MN27 but at 7 grams, not likely. aka 8LR732, A27, A27BP, G27A, L828 At 0.31" in diameter it's close to the right size. I do not know the diameter of a nerf dart.MN27 is only 1.1" length4. i bought an expensive gold ring but it is very light weight heavy and i am wondering why?expensive does not mean heavy. it could be hollow or there is a part of it thats really valuable5. Really fast light- weight operating system?Some lightweight version of Linux. Crunchbang Linux (based on Ubuntu, but using a lightweight desktop environment and apps) Xubuntu Linux (Ubuntu Linux, but with XFCE desktop environment instead of the standard GNOME) Puppy Linux Linux generally gives a lighter RAM usage than Windows. I have 2 GB of RAM on my laptop and my Ubuntu 9.04 with GNOME desktop environment takes up only 260 MB or so.6. how many shots of whiskey dose it take a light Weight to get drunk?probably 2 or 3 to get tipsy. 5 or 6 to be moderatly drunk. 7 to 8 to not remember what you did, be sick and class it as a great night out. I would stick to 4 or 5, If I was you. I am no light weight. I can have 9 shots of sambucca or whiskey and few beers and still remember the night before.
A Volcanic Rock Is Light-colored, Light Weight, Very Fine-grained, and Contains Some Pieces of Pumic
That would be a crystal-ash tuff - the type of eruption would have been very violent, and those are called pyroclastic1. I need to know if there is a thin, light weight material which will block magnetism.?no thats impossible2. Are Colt Commanders good?The Colt Commander was Colt's first venture into making the venerable 1911 Government smaller for military officers to carry. According to Wikipedia: "The pistol that would eventually be named the Colt Commander was Colt's Manufacturing Company's candidate in a U.S. government post-World War II trial to find a lighter replacement for the M1911 pistol that would be issued to officers. Requirements were issued in 1949 that the pistol had to be chambered for 9 mm Parabellum and could not exceed 7 inches in length or weigh more than 25 ounces." Might as well continue the Wikipedia article...I would only be rephrasing what it already says: "Candidates included Browning Hi-Power variants by Canada's Inglis and Belgium's Fabrique Nationale, and Smith & Wesson's S&W Model 39. Colt entered a modified version of their M1911 pistol that was chambered for 9 mm Parabellum, had an aluminum alloy frame, a short 4.25-inch barrel, and a 9-round magazine. In 1951, Colt moved their candidate into regular production. It was the first aluminum-framed large frame pistol in major production and the first Colt pistol to be originally chambered in 9 mm Parabellum. The first year's production included 45 ACP and 38 Super chamberings. In 1970, Colt introduced the all-steel "Colt Combat Commander", with an optional model in satin nickel. To differentiate between the two models, the aluminum-framed model was renamed the "Lightweight Commander"." So there's your start from Wikipedia. Why are these guns so good? Because they were some of the first super-reliable auto pistols of the 1911 line designed by John Moses Browning. In comparison with other pistol designs of the time, the 1911 was the epitome of the fighting handgun envelope. The Commander was an offshoot of this, and retains the 1911 design and thus, reliability. In later years, the Commander was sought after because it could take 1911 size magazines (unlike the Officer's ACP, which took a shorter mag) while being shorter than a full size 1911 and, in the aluminum frame, light enough to carry all day without sagging a regular leather belt. In many ways, it was one of the first "practical" fighting handguns. Since then, the 1911 has undergone some radical changes and iterations, and now exists as one of the most customizable pistol platforms in existence, mostly due to longevity, which is in turn due to how many people over the years loved the design and staked their lives on it. A Commander can be carry-comped with a short compensator, which can bring it up to the length of a full-size 1911, but with a compensator for muzzle flip/recoil control, while again, retaining full magazine capacity of the 1911. Further, it can be customized with beavertail grip safety, extended slide stops, thumb safeties, and magazine releases, ambidextrious safeties, accurizing packages, custom hammers and triggers, custom sights, and custom checkering/serrating/stippling. All of these options make for a the potential for a very personalized pistol. Why do people still love the Commander? Because for going on 3 generations, people have loved it, carried it, and used it to "get through the night." The Commander was not, to the best of my knowledge, a general or even special issue pistol to the US Military. However, it is rumored that some officers who could afford their own carried them due to the magazine interchangeability and light weight for carry. The Commander in 9mm started general production in the 1950's and has continued sporadically to this day. I know they were discontinued temporarily in the 1990's as Colt reorganized their line and dropped a lot of their handgun products. With the 1991 version, the Commander is back and most folks who loved it then, still love it now.3. A novel decision-making approach for light weight environment friendly material selectionSince the last few decades, the use of light weight automotive is increasing day by day to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Now days, the automotive industries are emphasizing more on the use of light weight environment friendly materials (LWEFMs) including aluminium, polymers, magnesium, steel blends and composites due to their several inherent advantages, environmental concerns, government regulations and consumer demand. Light weight metal alloys are much preferable for their low density and high specific strength, as well as other attractive characteristics like high corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, energy saving ability and sustainability. However, deciding on the most competent LWEFM for a distinct application considering multi-perspective criteria is not an easy task to perform and restrain a great challenge for the design engineers. On the other hand, improper material selection often leads to premature product failure with reduced efficiency and poor product performance, thereby negatively affecting the productivity, profitability and status of the organization. In this paper, a humble endeavour is taken to propose a novel and contemporary decision-making approach for LWEFM selection in which criteria weights are computed using the Entropy technique and ranking of the alternatives is determined by an almost unexplored multi-attributive ideal real comparative analysis (MAIRCA) method. Seventeen candidate materials are considered as alternatives for the evaluation with respect to thirteen criteria for an automotive application. It has been observed that Ultra High Strength Steel emerges out as the best material for the considered case study. Comparison with other existing well established methods has also been performed to prove the feasibility and validity of the proposed approach
What Hpa Tank Should I Buy for a Spyder Victor?
PE Basic 48ci 3000PSI HPA Paintball NITRO N2 Air Tank Product Description Description It is a brand new Compressed Air/Nitrogen Tank. It is 48 cubic inch tank with a 3000 psi capacity. Output is a standard HIGH PRESSURE (around 800psi). This is a high quality, light weight preset nitro tank. 5 Year hydro date with a 90 Day warranty. Manufactured by Pure Energy. .....................1. Looking for a light weight website monitoring toolIf you write a small script to ping your website and then add that script to indicator-sysmonitor2. Do light-weight,less-muscle,slimmer guys better than heavy-weight,muscular guys in NBA(FOR PG SG)?shaq was def. a light weight!3. Heavy weights low reps, or light weight high reps?absolutely do both. You work the smaller muscles with higher reps and low weights and work the larger muscles with lower reps and more weight. But do not alternate one week for each. Depending on your fitness level it takes 4 - 6 weeks for your body to adapt.4. Can someone help me figure out what camera I should get?Nikon D3100 camera, of course, is targeted to those entering the DSLR world. I am myself just beginning to take the baby steps and I got a really good camera to get me started! This camera is amazing. The pictures are crisp, and I definitely love the "Guide" mode. The camera is light weight and not so big like other DSLR cameras5. what is the best affordable and light weight tripod for digital SLR photography?If you do not need heavy-duty, there are a number of $25-30 tripods by Sunpak and others that are adequate. If you consider a couple hundred dollars affordable, look into the Flashpoint tripods at Adorama. You can get a carbon fiber tripod and ball head for under $300 the last I checked. I've had mine for 3-4 years and it's been great. Some will tell you not to waste money on a cheap tripod. ULTIMATELY you may want a nice $300-500 tripod, bug in the meantime, I am telling you that almost any cheap aluminum tripod that will hold at least 5 pounds is going to work. Look for legs that are rectangular in cross section instead of round. I have a cheap Slik that I've had for at least 20-25 years. I have a Sunpak that is almost identical to the Slik. I now use these tripods to hold my off camera flash units in place, but when it is more convenient, I still use them for my main camera. Yeah, I take off the battery pack and I do not use my heaviest lens, but they work. Do not plan on years of hard professional service out of this type of unit, but if that's what you can afford, that's what will serve you just fine for the average shooter.6. Where can I find stroller clips that bind two light weight strollers together?You can get them at babies r us and they are about 10-12 dollars. I got some for my strollers and the clips are wonderful and very easy to use7. Can anyone recommend a light-weight Asset Management Tool for a Small Organization (25 assets)? [closed]OCS Inventory NG8. Where can i find a light weight servo, geared or ungeared motors that are fast but strong.?Is this a home made RC car or a kit, because you know this is actually a very popular hobby and they sell tons of motors at your local RC hobby shop. So if you do not know about it or have not looked there try it! ... although it may be expensive.. :(9. Should I omit CD/DVD hardware for a new light weight laptop?They do not omit CD/DVD for weight issues. It's to reduce the size of the laptop that they do. But you can buy an external CD/DVD drive to plug in via USB if you really need it.10. What distribution for light weight server?So choose Debian or RedHat or anything you know. Every distro that has "minimal" installation profile and can be installed without X will be good. If I remember correctly minimal Debian installation is about 500-600 MB of HDD and 512 MB of RAM is enough to run console environment.
Im Looking for a Light Weight 12volt Battery?
You need to select a battery that meets the specifications of the trolling motor. A deep cycle battery is the appropriate type for steady long term use. You also need to match the the amps per hour requirements. Many of the light weight batteries are made for automotive starting. They provide a high current for very short periods of time, cranking the engine. Then are recharged. They would not be appropriate for trolling motors of boat house batteries.1. Why are items being made light weight now?why not? would you carry a phone the size of a brick or a phone smaller than your hand? would you buy a computer the size of a room or one you could put in your pocket? technology also is increasingly complicated, and as it improves it just tends to become physically smaller. i suppose it needs to, for practical reasons.2. Will a boxer that starts lifting light weight with more reps start losing weight?Hey man, 4x12 workouts are not "heavy." I would consider that a solid routine (I always did 3x10s). So, if you were to tone down the weight and increase repetitions, I think you would lose some muscle mass, but not a lot. Your muscular endurance would increase at the same time. I would suggest lifting every other day. If you want to test out lifting at lower weight and higher reps, go for it (I would just do the same workouts as before). I recommend that you lift your 4x12s for 6 weeks and then do higher reps for 6 weeks, or in whatever intervals you like. That way, you wo not lose muscle mass and will still be able to work on muscle endurance.3. Best brands/models for light-weight snowboarding jackets?Snowboarding Jackets Brands4. Your thoughts on submachine guns?A submachine gun was designed to be light weight easy to control and cheap people figured that a submachine gun could lay suppressing fire while a rifle could them off. Also in WW2 man battles were urban where a submachine gun is a Godsend it's compact high cap and a has a better fire power than a rifle at close ranges many used pistol ammo like 9mm (mp40) and .45ACP (Tommy gun) in urban areas they can be even more effective than a assault rifle the bullets hit with more energy and less chance of penatration killing civilians.5. Which MP3 player would be a better buy?I say instead of getting a small i pod shuffle or a Zen go for the ipod nano..the price has been reduced to 100 dollars for a 2 gig since it will be discontinued soon. I had one and it really was a great buy...it holds up to 500 songs and the color choices are blue, pink, silver...and i am not sure if there are others or not. The i-pod nano is a really nice thing to have and i never had probloms with it but someone stole it when i was a freshmen last year but i really liked it. it was light weight...easy to carry around and had the rite amount of songs that i could put on it. And if it does get full you can take some songs off but they wont be gone from the list of songs you have bought and if you wish to put them back on again you can. I hope i helped. Jasmine6. Will placing objects on the top of my 360 cause any harm? The object is a light-weight Cable/DVR Box. Thanks!!The 360 generates an awful lot of heat. I would not place anything on top of it since I want my 360 to breathe as free as possible so it does not cook itself. I even have it propped up on a couple of empty game cases to allow air to flow underneath7. Why does the Saturn V have standalone inter-stage rings?As Organic Marble's answer points out, avoiding the 'natural' simplest solution of the "fire in the hole" is a good idea. As to why this is different, its worth noting, the falcon has a "pusher" assembly to mechanically separate the stages to avoid the same problem. So its not just that one is better than the other. What changed? Its a little hard to say exactly, in part because all such decisions are complex and interwoven with other design choices, but the most obvious is re-usability. Pyrotechnics are light weight and pretty reliable but if you want to fly things again, cutting your rocket into ever smaller pieces is a practice best avoided
Would You Pay 60$ for a Dog Pen? OPINIONS!?
That's just an X-PEN!! Light weight & collapsible,for travel or puppy "play",NOT permanent containment....not a "dog-pen". & No,I already have two. No,it is NOT the same & YOU were daft enough to put in the DOG SECTION!1. Minimum horsepower requirements for a high mileage dual sport bike.?Look at the Paris/Dakar BMW 850 to 1000 models- big tank on a aircooled flat twin at start, maybe the liquid cooled engine now. the current GS BMW models are the production street models that the Paris/Dakar models started from- and the 650 is narrower with its single cylinder and has a large tank option of just under 5 gallons. Suzi S40 seen more now as street cruiser- but the dual sport model is still sold - 30 hp, light weight, good mileage, racks and bags available. The 30 hp is about the minimum if you plan to go on highways, top speed of 80 will keep up with moderate traffic doing speed limit. Kaw 650 has some more power, Suzi SV650 has about 60 and there is a dual sport model noted as alternative to the semi sport model- or might be made by the Suzi Korean partner Hyosung(sic?) was some feature article last year about a military courier/dual sport/offroad capable model of SV 650 that was in couple races, had the model to order, met most American markets with exception of California because of gas tank vent rules and a note that California approved gas tank was in works for approval. If you want more power- consider a big twin Harley with the old SuperGlide style and set of trial tires. Remember the original super glide was a successful desert racer before it got back on the street cruiser market. Pushing the weight you wanted- but hill climbers and endure racer have made long offroad trips on the big twins and spoties, some of them show up at Sturgis2. Heavy or light weight bullets?It depends on what you are hunting. The bullet you are using will work very well for deer at any reasonable range. The Palma Match ammunition in .30-06 and .308 has normally been loaded with a 155-grain boattail bullet, so that weight can certainly be accurate enough out to 1000 yards. I would go with something heavier for moose or bear, especially bear.3. What are you favorite baby items?For the baby moniter it depends on the size of the house you have, I got a cheap one that works fine that everyone gave bad reviews, but I also live in a small house. I love this thing called a bouncer, very cheap and works great, you can use it at birth, it doesnt take up a lot of room and its a God send!! I love diaper genies, they helped me out a lot. I use the evenflo travel system, light weight, folds up nicely and really easy to use! I got the swing as a gift and havent used it as much as the bouncer. I got the high chair that fits in a chair, it has adjustable levels, really cheap and you can even put an infant in it so they can sit with you while you eat! I suggest buying a lot of crib sheets, I wouldnt worry about the fanciness of it, they will pee and spit up on it reguard;ess what it looks like. I bought a cheap 20 play gym at wal-mart that I love, I was going to buy the 70 dollar ones but people suggested using that money for diapers. Get a really nice diaper bag, I would spend a little time trying to find one you like the best. I got a tub that folds up and sits in the sink. its really nice and really cheap-got that at babies r us. My favorite brand is evenflo for babies!4. Can anyone recommend a light-weight Asset Management Tool for a Small Organization (25 assets)? [closed]OCS Inventory NG5. What brands of cosemetics sells light weight foundation "tints"?Mary Kay has both a tinted moisturizer and a sheer pressed powder that can be used as a foundation6. What print is on your plates or cups in your kitchen?I have Corelle plates and some are plain white and some have yellow and blue flowers to coordinate from back when I was displaying blue Copenhagen plates on my wall in my kitchen and also had yellow plaid curtains with chintz china patterned blue dishes on the curtains. What I really like is Phaltzgraff sunrise pattern which is a beige with pink and teal stripes around the eges.d I found a few pieces of it in thrift stores but not enough to get rid of the Correlle. I like the correlle since it is light weight and does not break or chip easily. That cannot be said for Phaltzgraff but Phaltzgraff is completely led free while other types of plates have trace amounts of led that are allowed to be on them legally. I also have some glass plates that have flowers etched into them. I have had them for over twenty years. I received them as a gift and had thought that they were expensive but come to find out they are very cheap and still can be found in some Walmarts. I keep them since they have deepness to them making them good for more saucy dishes such as curry. my glasses I could choose cobalt glass and have only a couple that were not broken and have some plain glass which is good anyway for drinking colored iced flower tea. I have some other phaltzgraff coffee mugs which I found inn thrift stores f varying patterns. one has a picture of an outdoor scene which includes and apple tree with birds in it and some other critters. I also keep a couple of Oneida mugs which look like restaurant style with a snazzy plain design on it. I believe Oneida also gets good grades for not having led in the glazes as does Hall
Does Anyone Have Any Ideas for Painting Cabinets to Make Them Look Like Old Barn Wood?
I do not know about barn wood, but if you want the distressed, weathered look try beating the crap out of them with a light weight dog chain, you know the type. light weight with twisted links, or a large very full key chain then look around for just the right stain. Another thing you might look for is "pecky cedar" or pine of the same variety. It has been partially attacked by a wood eating worm that leaves behind bore holes. Looks really cool and rustic. I do not know if you want to get that rustic with your cabinets though. Good luck1. How do medical staff stand wearing masks for 10-12 hours?Masks are worn daily in operating rooms...we are used to wearing them for several hours at a time...but disposable surgical masks are light weight and easy to breathe through. The average number of hours for all surgeries is about 3 hours or less. I usually do not even remember I have a mask on. It would be rare to have to wear a mask for 10-12 hours as the majority of operations do not take this long... but concentration is on the surgery, not on our masks. Standing in one place for many hours is much more difficult than wearing a mask for many hours...:)2. Light weight bike for fat me?Most bike frames will support you without any problems...... even many of the much lighter road bikes. The problem at your size is the strength of the wheels. Decide on the type of bike you want to ride first. After that, get a set of nice custom built wheels that can support your weight. You should look into wheel builders. One I personally use is wheelbuilder.com. They do excellent work. I had a pair of Zipp race wheels built by them and also a pair of Velocity Deep Vs built by them too. Those Deep Vs will easily hold your weight. If you are not looking at road bikes, there are a number of wheelsets that will do well under you. I am a fan of Velocity wheels because most of their stuff is made with larger riders in mind. Not to get too far aead but if you go with a hybrid or commuter bike, just use the wheels it comes with. Make sure that the wheels are trued and properly tensioned. then you should be okay. you might not even have to replace the wheels. If you start having issues with them, then look at wheel builders for options3. what are light weight bmx bike parts that are strong and reliable?Fork- munity wand or odessey Rear wheel- g-sort rollcage birdcage or rimcage wheels with g-sport hubs Or get either proper demolution or bsd Headset- either salt plus or mankind or colony or odessey Grips- odi long neck or proper team Seat- shadow or wethepeople or clat Seat clamp- does not matter Cranks- odessey, shadow conspiracy , clat4. Can anyone recommend me a good light weight foundation that won't break out my sensitive acne prone skin?Oh, no you must visit the local Dermatologist to make the best treatment for that! Only they know the dosage and name of medicine.5. Is thery any light weight text editor like notepad but with text colors [closed]Who says Notepad does not allow you to modify the text colour, background colour, font, font style etc.? Just go to Settings / Style Configurator and you can either set global or per language (file type) styles:6. Is an Afro hard to clean? Is it noticeably heavy? Do you feel cultural pressure to wear your hair naturally?Is an Afro hard to clean?Not at all.Is it noticeably heavy?Just like with any hair, if there's a lot of it, it gets heavy. Afros can be light weight or heavy, depending on how much hair there is.There's a difference, at least to me, between having Afro-texture hair and having an Afro. "Afro-textured hair is the natural hair texture of certain populations in Africa, the African diaspora, Oceania and in some parts of South and Southeast Asia. Each strand of this hair type grows in a tiny, angle-like helix shape. The overall effect is such that, compared to straight, wavy or curly hair, Afro-textured hair appears denser. ""An Afro is a hairstyle, not a texture. It's a thick hairstyle consisting of very tight curls that sticks out all around the head, like the natural hair of some black people."If you are talking about pressure to wear our hair naturally, in it's Afro-textured state, then yeah. Employers sometimes view our natural hair as unprofessional, kids have been threatened to be suspended from schools because of their natural hair textures, sometimes in our very own community, either we get disparaged for our natural hair or condemned because we choose to straighten it. As far as an Afro, back in the day, styling your hair that way, would get you arrested by the police, they assumed you were with the Black Panthers. Now, the Afro is pretty cool, not as popular as it used to be, apparently the high top is in but it's still a pretty darn cool hairstyle and if it's done well, not too many people complain about it
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