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Diffrence Between CNC Machine Parts CNCAre You looking for CNC Machine Parts or CNC Turned Parts VK India is a Leading Manufacturing Company of CNC Machine Parts & CNC Turned Parts Let see the Difference of CNC Machine Parts & CNC Milling PartsBoth the machine tools are commonly used in workshops and manufacturing industries work on wood, metal and plastic to manufacture products.CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Both the milling and turning machines can be operated manually but with the help advanced technology code programs can be used to operate these machines.

CNC Milling MachineThis includes milling machine that makes use of G-codes or commands to instruct the operation to machine via a computer software program. The CNC program entered represents the final finished product and the machine works accordingly along the axes to cut and shape the material to match the dimensions entered in the computer program.CNC Turning MachineThis is very much different when a compared to CNC milling machine.

It entirely relies on computer controlled machines that creates different end products. It is used on the outside material to create tubular shape. It is used to create objects with round or tubular shapes.

It has capability to complete project faster and with greater accuracy.For More Details Visit - VK India


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