Design-led Is a Fallacy. Integrated Design Isn't.

Cultivating design leadership is hard when you don't fully understand what design can do for a business. Ask an entrepreneur what they think of when they think of "design" and you might find they get a bit uncomfortable. Is it branding? The look and feel of their product? Or perhaps it's the UX and UI?Daniel Burka did just that.

A design partner a GV, the investment arm of Alphabet (formerly Google Ventures), he helps a portfolio of more than 300 companies solve their design challenges. Prior to that, Daniel spent over a decade helping technology companies with product design, from Mozilla and to Google.A few years ago, when GV first began eyeing European investments, Daniel set up a week-long series of brunch meetings.

Each one started with a simple question, "When you think of design, what do you think of? "The entrepreneurs often looked nervous," he recalls. "Like we were putting them on the spot, asking about something they didn't feel comfortable with."He noticed a dramatic shift when he asked his next question: what keeps you up at night? "They visibly looked more relaxed, sat back in their seat - now we were in their wheelhouse.

"The entrepreneurs would talk about hiring and retaining talent, about moving into new markets, raising new funds, about changing features and how that was going to affect their user base."They would talk about all these things that were really important to them, that didn't have anything to do with "design". But we can apply design to all of those problems," says Daniel.

"Most people - including designers themselves - don't consider these to be the problems of design."In a recent interview with Stewart Scott-Curran, who heads up the Intercom Brand Studio, Daniel shared his thoughts on what design leadership can do for a business.Click the play button to listen below, head to our blog for a transcript, or keep reading for some highlights.

Design leaders should always be in a prototyping mindsetIn a meeting where everybody is debating over strategy and abstract ideas? As a designer, even a junior one, a simple prototype in InVision or Marvel can quickly bring these ideas to life."All of a sudden, you're the person who can give the meat to something. You can put bones on it, and no longer is everyone confused because they're all talking about an abstract concept," says Daniel.

"Now they're talking about a real thing.

"Through prototypes, designers can quickly test theories and bring value to the whole company. "The biggest risk to businesses is that there's a great deal of uncertainty," he says."Design done right can be the scientific method for business.

" Designers are perfectly placed to not only listen to key concerns, but create certainty about what direction a company should take.Use fewer tools, build more relationshipsToo many designers see design as their whole job, and end up frustrated when their work never sees the light of day or gets dragged sideways.Young designers need to put more focus into their relationships with product managers and engineers and building their credibility than the tools they spend their days in.

"Even if you work in a company of six people, working with those other five people is extremely difficult and you should consider that to be part of your job," says Daniel.Don't put design in a bubbleDesign is most effective when everyone considers their job to be design in some way, and not when creativity is seen solely as the remit of the design team."This idea of a design-led organization where design makes all the decisions is a bit of a fallacy," says Daniel.

"Even the companies that are famous for being design-led aren't really. They're most effective when design is deeply integrated into all of the teams."Designers have argued for a seat at the table for the last decade - and in the past five years it's becoming a reality - but Daniel feels they risk squandering it by focusing too much on design as a craft, and not enough on solving fundamental business problems.

"Entrepreneurs have heard that design is important," he says. "They've seen that companies like Apple and Airbnb are famous for leading with design, and they understand that there's this pixie dust that can be applied that's called 'design', but they don't really know what design can do."By bringing Design Thinking to fundamental elements of the business, designers can not only cement their position at the leadership table but make a positive impact across the entire company.

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What happens if you inhale carbon dioxide for just a second?

One day when I was young and foolish (still in graduate school), we'd gotten a shipment of something on dry ice, and we were playing with it. We'd put some into a lab sink (which are fairly deep) and run hot water in to create a thick fog, which filled the sink and slowly flowed over the edges. The gaseous part of the fog was mostly carbon dioxide, of course, and the mixture was dense enough that you could see waves in the surface if you disturbed it with your hand.

So far, not so foolish. Then I thought it would be interesting to stick my head in the fog and see what it looked like. And while my head was in there, I inhaled.

You know that burning sensation you get in the back of your nose when you burp after you've been drinking soda? That's carbon dioxide reacting with the moisture in your nasal membranes to form carbonic acid. I had that same feeling, but all the way from my nose down into my lungs. It triggered a cataclysmic coughing fit that brought me to my knees, hanging on to the edge of the sink for support.

So that's what happened when I inhaled carbon dioxide. Your mileage may vary.

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Best LED High Bay Light
The introduction of LED High BayLEDs have been a popular choice for lighting since the 1990s. However, LEDs are heating up the market with their superior quality and cost-efficient benefits.The introduction of LED high bay lights is now a common sight in many factories, warehouses, and retail outlets. These high bay lights allow companies to save energy while still maintaining enough light to see clearly at work.LED High Bay LightsTips for LED High BayThe best lighting for an LED high bay is a combination of diffusion and edge-lighting.The most common way to light an LED high bay is with a single light source in the center of the ceiling. This approach is not ideal because it does not diffuse the light properly and also has the potential to create shadows on the walls.To solve this problem, you can use two lights - one at either end of the ceiling - that will create a more uniform light distribution.How to use LED High Bay?LEDs are becoming the most popular type of lighting technology in the market due to their unmatched efficiency. An LED high bay is ideal for use in offices, warehouses, retail stores, and other commercial spaces.LED lighting has become a popular option for many commercial applications. In today’s world, one of the biggest drivers of change has been LED lighting technology that can deliver up to 80% greater energy savings compared to conventional lighting.To learn more about how to use LED high bays effectively in your business space or office space, consult with an LED expert who can help you determine which type of fixture will work best for your needs and your budget.The specifications of LED High BayThe specification of LED High Bay is to produce light that has a color temperature between 3000K and 4000K. The color temperature is measured in kelvin which can be converted to degrees Kelvin.The specification of this light is 3000-4000 Kelvin and it uses an RGBW LED cluster with a CRI of 80. The average power consumption of this type of LED High Bay is 2,500W.This article will discuss the specifications for the type of LED High Bay used in some retail stores.Lighting experts consider LEDs as the best option for illumination because they are cheaper than conventional lamps, last longer, consume less energy, and have a lower carbon footprint.The product instructions of LED High BayThe LED high bay is a new source of light that has been gaining popularity in the market. It produces light beams without heat and is energy efficient.The products instructions of LED High Bay are as follows:1. Install the LED high bay at least 3 feet above the ground.2. Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet or extension cord with GFI circuit breaker on it, and then plug into one of the four outlets on the side.3. Unpack only one light per package, then install it by following manufacturer’s instructions and placing it next to an electrical outlet that can support up to 15 amps per circuit (15A).4. In order for both lights to work at once, make sure you connect both powerThe application of LED High BayLED High Bay is a type of lighting that is used in outdoor lighting, meaning it can be seen from a distance. It has some benefits compared to traditional high bays.LED High Bay can be more efficient than the former since it uses less energy than traditional outdoor high bays. It also has a lower cost and comes with other benefits such as hydrophobic coating and enhanced color rendering index.LED High Bay are more popular for outdoor uses because they provide a clear light source that does not have any shadows or glare that the former types of lights may produce
Why Are Hitler and Stalin Widely Abhorred in the Countries They Ruled, While Mao Is Praised by the C
Because the interests of Germany and Russia, to a certain extent, are consistent with those of the West led by the United States after World War II.After World War II, Germany quickly realized that they had to re-enter the mainstream society of the west to survive and develop, which was right to some extent, so the pro american faction quickly occupied the political commanding height, and because the Jewish consortium had a huge influence in the world through the United States, the German anti Hitler performance once reached the extreme.Russia's leaders are easily influenced by the West because of the lack of an inherent culture that can really confront the West. The opposition between the Russians and the west is purely beneficial. There are few fundamental cultural conflicts. They worship Western gods in their bones.In China, the profound historical accumulation of Chinese culture determines that this nation will not be influenced by the superficial ideological preaching of the West. The Chinese people clearly know that they should follow their own path, they have their own mission, and there is no future for them to be assimilated by the west, so they can maintain their reflection on the mainstream culture. So in this sense, China is the only hope for human cultural diversity and even species diversity. The extinction of Chinese culture means the extinction of human culture, and ultimately the extinction of human beings• Related QuestionsWhy was Dumbledore sorted into Gryffindor but not Slytherin?Much emphasis is placed upon the sorting process at Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat is a legacy object, imbued with the methods the four founders of Hogwarts employed each academic year at the facility.The purpose of sorting is complex. It is about living space, classroom structure, and competition. Each founder had characteristics they prized, the individual mind contains many characteristics. The hat seems to seek the dominant characteristics, without overlooking the potential to develop recessive ones.The question is about Dumbledore. We learn toward the end of the series, Dumbledore had ambitions, goals, and high aspirations as a youth. These were interrupted by family issues, which his loyalty decided his path. He chose his family, above all. That did not just appear in his heart and mind, it was always there. Even the distraction of Grindewald was not enough to change the roots Dumbledore grew from.I think this is a hallmark of Gryffindor House. Regarding Slytherin House, there is a nod to goal-oriented success. Slytherin strikes me as a place for minds who set upon a destination, and stop at nothing to achieve goal. Slytherins often overlook consequences, and will press forward regardless of this.Dumbledore spent the entire story mindful of consequences. He understood blind ambition, free will, and the wisdom of letting the story unfold, rather than rushing to judgment. Most important: with leadership and power comes great responsibility. Dumbledore took responsibility for his endeavors, and often accepted responsibility for actions not his own. Dumbledore's Army?You better believe that man had style. He had the scars to prove it.------Why was Michael Jackson so weird?I dont think Michael Jackson was weird so much as misunderstood.Not to mention his upbringing.If you do research youll clearly see that he didnt have a normal childhood. Been at it for a very long time. Starting out at a very young age.I dont know if he could have acted any other way. He was definitely in a league of his own. I dont think anyone could touch him.His style, originality & yes his weirdness along with his dedication to his craft. He was a true artist. A musical bird in flight.I remember when I was younger & seeing him do the moonwalk for the first time on TV. No one had ever seen a move like that before. It was totally original, graceful & he executed it flawlessly.And of course everyone perceives the world around them differently, so maybe what seemed weird to most, was normal to him.Plus almost all great performers have their quirks about them. These are the things that set them apart from everyone else. The things that make them great! Michael was for sure one of them.I am glad I was around when he was in his prime. I remember Thriller when it came out & it was awesome!!! Sold 50 million copies!! Effected the world! Wow!!!RIP Michael & thanks for all the great music & inspiration!!!Sincerely, Dwayne JenkinsDwayne Rocks Guitar - Experience the fun of learning guitar------Is it true that President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal funding of several major cities which are led by Democrats?Sort of.The threat is here: Memorandum on Reviewing Funding to State and Local Government Recipients That Are Permitting Anarchy, Violence, and Destruction in American Cities | The White HouseNote that this is not a memorandum removing funding but rather, a memorandum reviewing how potentially to remove funding.This is another great example of the Art of the Propaganda. Trump and the cronies put forth what amounts to a piece of legal toilet paper. The right wing media hail it as a great achievement and a blow struck for law and order. The left wing media portray it as an assault on freedom and decency, and those in the middle of the road point to how limited the Presidents actual authority to rearrange the Federal budget to his liking is actually supposed to be.The piece of toilet paper is a distraction. The Don knows you dont threaten first, you hit first. Thats why there was no paper trail for how CBPs SWAT team showed up in Portland to do domestic law enforcement and attack protesters. Thats why there was no formal justification before hand for the removal of aid to Ukraine, and the timeline for the extortion scheme had to be teased out over weeks of testimony. Thats why we found about about the administrations internment camps at the border only after.The question really is - how are he and his friends actually scheming to rip off the country while we focus on this?Original question:Is it true that President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal funding of several major cities which are led by Democrats?------What are the top-10 wallpapers programmers love?Like others have stated, my best wallpaper is no wallpaper. Period.Having said that, let me point to the type of wallpapers that I absolutely hate! And not just as a programmer, but just as a user of any computing system that may display icons over it.Sometimes friends of friends, or some distant relatives, learn that Im a software developer and assume (or translate it for themselves) that it means that I fix computers. So the first thing that they ask me to do is to get malware out of their Windows system. (And that, I guess you can imagine, is the second thing that I absolutely hate. But that is beside the point here.) So when I cant say no to them, thats when I meet most of the abhorrent wallpaper images.So the first thing that totally drives me nuts in a desktop image is when it is usually taken at some family picnic or at a kids school recital, or a birthday party. So basically what youre greeted with is a bunch of faces staring at you from the desktop. But what make it even more annoying is not just faces alone, but the color splash or the busy-ness of the desktop image that turns finding any icons on the desktop into a total headache.So my favorite desktop image is a contrasty solid color. Usually light blue to keep me awake. Or in some cases an image that your OS came with. Really easy to use. No distractions------Why does Israel continue to win their wars when they are outnumbered fifteen to one?Firstly, Israel isnt outnumbered on the battlefield 15:1, just in overall population. During the War of Independence, at the worst moment, Israel was outnumbered 3:1. (1948 ArabIsraeli War) and Six Day War was 2:1 (Six-Day War)Now, population wise, yes, were at a severe disadvantage, there are more people in the city of Cairo (Cairo population) than in all of Israel (Demographics of Israel).So how do we beat such odds?We Know Our Enemys Weakness and We Make Sure it Doesnt Exist For USThis article Why Arabs Lose Wars is one I bring up a lot, because it discusses key weaknesses in the countries surrounding Israel that simply do not exist for Israel. For instance,Iraqi prisoners in 1991 showed a remarkable fear and enmity toward their officers. Why Arabs Lose WarsIn Israel, officers are expected to remain prisoners of war till the enlisted men go free. That increases soldier morale.2. We Use Our ResourcesIsrael also has made use of the Diaspora community, who often supplied arms and money. Pictorial History: Acquiring Arms & Personnel gives an excellent history. The Diaspora Jews were willing to risk their lives, their jobs, their citizenship to help IsraelWhy? I often give this parable. A dog once failed to catch a rabbit for his master. The master sighed. I cant blame you, pup. You were running for my dinner, but the rabbit was running for his life. Jews in Israel and worldwide knew we had to win or we die. Hence, they organized well.------Have you gone to church in the past year?I am an attender of a Bible-believing church, and youll find me there most Sundays. Its not a perfect place with perfect people, but these are people who love Jesus, who teach, preach and share the gospel, and who love each other.No one holds a gun to my head demanding that I go to church. I like to go, and even if Im not in the mood, I go anyway. Some things are just important, and attending church is a priority for anyone who is serious about following Christ. But, its no burden. I love the people I fellowship with. I also attend a small group that meets on Sunday nights from the church. Time with fellow believers is an important part of what it means to walk with and live for the Lord.Its interesting that churches in this day and age tend to fall into two camps - dying, or thriving. Churches that marginalize the truth of the Bible and that try to accommodate society and societal trends are, for the most part, bleeding members. There is no life in them (there are many, many spiritually dead churches) and the members have figured that out. The buildings of these churches are being turned into houses or restaurants. Or the compromising churches become social clubs (seems like one of your answers alludes to that).So there are churches, and then there are churches . . . .And the difference between churches is enormous
What Are Some Unnecessary Things That Marketing Has Led Us to Believe That We Need?
Apple products, Microsoft products, soft drinks, alcohol, fast food, certain pharmaceuticals, television programming, junk food, most hair care products. flavored coffee beverages, most travel resorts. The list is endless.Joanna Margulies, the actress on The Good Wife, was not allowed to watch television as a child, by her father, who was in advertising.• Suggested ReadingWhat would be the down-side of outlawing organized religion?One of the biggest potential downsides would be discovering how many people decide that the law of God (or Gods or whatever) is greater than your human law.Plus, you wouldn't stop religion - just push it underground.Also, when trying to do this - it will be interesting to see how you'd get elected members who happen to belong to organised religions to vote in favour of the law.------Could Steve Jobs have been nice to his employees and still led Apple to where it was?Having witnessed many of his tirades, yes. The key employees worshipped him, much like the Old Testament God. They were all extremely gifted folk that did not deserve the abuse. They only stayed because they knew he was an ass. They did believe in his vision, and moved to make it happen. Jobs was really good at coming up with good concepts. Not good at implementation.------Can I use an LED as a light sensor? I got this circuit,it was not working only led can't be used as light sensor........ to sense light we use LDR (light dependent resistor ) .nA Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) or a photo resistor is a device whose resistivity is a function of the incident electromagnetic radiation(visible light). Hence, they are light sensitive devices.n LDR working and principle follow link :nLight Dependent Resistor | LDR & Working Principle of LDRCan led be used as light sensor?------What was your reason for not succeeding in UPSC CSE?I have given one attempt.Reasons -Over confidence about preliminary exam. (Might have missed it within range of 5 marks or even less).Discarding many topics as not relevant, but came in the question paper.(Basically not able to judge )Love affair which I was not able to handle (That too at crucial point of time). Dont try out a new business------Can an IAS officer sack or even start a procedure for sacking a CM or MP or any Minister based on corruption?IAS officers aren't senior to politicians. Instead they work together for the betterment of the society. An administrator cannot sack an MP or MLA on charges of corruption or any misdemeanor. Instead a complaint can be registered the way an average citizen of a country can alert the concerned authorities about the lawless situation------How do rational and civilised people of India support a communal party like BJP whose senior Leader LK Advani led to demolish Babri Masjid which eventually followed by many communal riots?The BJP is a large party and not all of it are extremist nutjobs.It does represent a large section of Indian society, including those who would rather vote for anyone who stands a chance of beating Congress.I'm not a fan of the BJP, nor do I support its aims, but in office it has been less insane than its stated policies, at least so far.------Was the "final solution" what lost Hitler the war?No. What lost him the war was military defeat.It is true that the Final Solution required manpower, but many the notion that the extra manpower could have staved off defeat is fanciful. After all, a lot of those actively conducting the Final Solution were not German and were not considerable suitable for military service.------How many commands can an LED execute?It can be with two method:digital which is set it 1 or 0 for off and on depending on the Micrcontroll you using.Analog which is the kind of alternating voltage range ( 5v- 0v ) and that can be using A/D voltage with using help function called PWD pulse with modulation and set it 1.7v as an example. Which that method used mostly to allow you to make dimmable LED.------Why did Australia or Poland or other countries contribute to invade Iraq with USA and UK in 2003? What were their interests in it?For more or less the same reason we joined the US in another ill-fated foreign war (Vietnam). Australian Govt has always highly prized the alliance with the US and been keen to, almost slavishly, join in on perceived righteous overseas wars. Our friends down in New Zealand have chosen a different approach, more discriminating in participating in military action, and even banned US ships and subs from docking because of a no nukes policy.------How big is K-pop in Korea?Pretty big, although K-Pop has had an influence on many other asian countries just as much. More or less the K-Pop is associated with a number of Korean industries such as the beauty/modelling industry. I can only say that K-Pop is huge in Korea, although many of my friends who have lived in Korea before tell me that western influences are more popular like movies and tv shows.------When connecting 2.8V LED and capacitor in series: will the capacitor still have most of the voltage?Depends on the frequency of the voltage you are driving them with.If you drive with DC then the capacitor will take virtually ALL the voltage (over time), leaving none for the LED.If it is very high frequency AC then the LED will get virtually all the volts (depending on the size of the capacitor, and any other parasitics in the circuit).------Why can BTS be popular in the US, while many K-pop acts before them fail to do so?I don't really think that only BTS is popular in USA. You can see many other Korean bands who are popular like Bigbang, Got7, SNSD etc.. BTS won billboard award and that's why they are talked almost everywhere. However, if you see in India, the most popular kpop bands are Bigbang, EXO, SNSD and Blackpink------Will Robert Mueller get Donald Trump impeached?NO. It will only make him look stupid. President Trump has not done anything to warrant an impeachment. Democrats are trying to take Trump down since he was elected. They had plans to help Clinton with a complete take over the country. Thank God she never got elected and never will. 65 million Americans cant be wrong------How on earth was Hitler able to take over most of Europe and literally half of Russia? Did he have an ultra advanced and super superior military?Germany today has about two thirds of the old German Reich. Its population was highly disciplined and strongly nationalistic and militaristic. German in Hitlers time was the power house of Europe. Germany since the Middle Ages had expanded East. To most Germans at the time, Hitler was fulfilling centuries old nationalist and racial dreams. He had a great disciplined army. They were famed in winning battles and losing wars.------Would it be fair to say that math is a part of the universe, considering humans are a part of the universe and we created math?Do you mean as in:Going against natureIs a part of nature, too-- Love and Rockets, "No new tale to tell"Because in that sense, I kind of agree. But I think mathematics is a model we invent that describes the universe. We invent that model within the universe, but the universe (in my view) doesn't itself have the intention to model itself (see also the Chinese Room problem).------Where are Donald Trump's core capabilities that led him to the presidency?Trumps core competencies are lying, bullying, self-aggrandizing, and propagandizing.Many of us are smart enough to see through him to the evil core. Its not that hard, because his ugly surface is just as evil and repellent as his core.Many of us are not smart enough to see through him. Those who cannot see through him are fools and dupes. I had no idea there were so many in this country.------Is it a mistake for Hong Kongers to be againstMistake? Some people are ideologically opposed to military dictatorships. Some people believe democracy is the only proper way to run a country. Such people will always be opposed to the Central Peoples Government, perhaps because it can hardly be a Peoples government when the people have no say whatsoever in who is in it or what it chooses to do.That does not mean they disagree with all its decisions------Who led the Israelites back to Jerusalem?You mean in the future or just now? the Israelites arent in Jerusalem there are a mixture of people in Jerusalem some of them are Israelites,there are arabs and other races in Jerusalem. They came of their own accord it is Elijah who is prophesied as leading the Israelites back to Jerusalem or the Branch of David as he is called in Jeremiah 23 and Zechariah 6------Does anyone actually believe Trump is religious?There has never been any indication that Trump is particularly religious. His statements during the campaign seem to be those of someone wanting to appear religious but not really getting the idea (such as his statement that he has never needed to ask God for forgiveness; that's not something any even moderately devout Christian would say .I personally doubt that Trump is able to conceive of a greater power than his ego.------Could the Confederacy have won the US Civil War if its armies had been led by Vo Nguyen Giap?They would not have understood a word he said!Seriously - maybe? Lee and Davis were attack-happy. Giap seemed much more skilled at recognizing how to fight an asymmetrical conflict.The North came close to losing its stomach for pressing the conflict; maybe if the South had spent less time attempting to achieve a decisive battle and put more effort into a war of attrition, they would have prevailed.------What's the difference between "this word is no longer used" and "this word is no longer being used"?Using a state of being suggests that the condition is subject to change, so it is more a comment on a current condition.Consider:He is not nice.She is not being nice.Neither one is currently nice, but she may have been nice in the past, and she might be nice in the future. Him? He's a lost cause------Is Tommy by The Who an overrated album?It's not a bad album, but it suffers from bad production. If you listen to live versions from the time it sounds beefier and more energetic. I was a bit underwhelmed by it when I first heard it, it's a fantastic collection of songs, a great concept, just poorly executed. Conversely, the movie soundtrack of it is over produced! You just can't please some people can you?------How did Qui-Gon immediately know Maul was a Sith?The red lightsaber. You can only acquire one by corrupting a jedi Kyber Crystal with the dark side of the force. Also, the jedi had a very black and white mentality when it came to addressing things. Very few jedi have ever looked past that. To Qui-Gon, Darth Maul was either a sith or a jedi. And he was no Jedi------If you were going to open a theme restaurant based on a Led Zeppelin song, what would you name the restaurant and what would you have on the menu?If you were going to open a theme restaurant based on a Led Zeppelin song, what would you name the restaurant and what would you have on the menu?I would have a desert theme and serve exotic and spicy foods from the local areas. I would name it The Oasis and decorate in a mystical style with open skies. The song that would be playing is Kashmir, my favorite Led Zepplin song.------What is it like to fail the 'Sally-Anne' test? What is it about the test that leads (many) people with autism to answer 'Anne's box'? Why can people with autism not see that the answer is 'Sally's basket'?Autists often have trouble with *automatically* realising that other people may be in possession of different information from themselves, so they tend assume that if they know a thing other people also know it.But they're not the only ones. Many writers who are probably not autists nevertheless get confused about which characters know what and assume that if they, the author, knows a thing so do their characters, without bothering to explain how------I have a 2.0 GPA in my university, with 730 on GMAT. I want to go to a top 10 MBA such as Wharton or Stanford. Is that feasible? There were extenuating circumstances that led to a poor GPA, but what are my realistic prospects?I am in the opposite category: I busted my ass to get a 3.83 GPA in a STEM program and I have no interest in taking the GMAT whatsoever. What are MY chances of getting into a Top 10 MBA?Im guessing ZERO. Since there isnt a Top 10 MBA program that waives the GMAT. A sluggard like yourself is sitting much better off than someone like me - count yourself lucky------What do flashing LED lights do to your eyes?Makes your iris shrinks in the rapid light change. Could permanently damage the tissue if the light have a lot of energy or you are exposed for too long. Your vision will recover if the energy is low is about 2 weeks. Lasers could make you blind no matter what, so dont play with that------What led the Soviet Union to blockade land traffic to and from Berlin?The desire to force the western Allies out of Berlin - which was well inside the Soviet Zone of Occupation leaving governance of that shattered city completely in the hands of the Soviets who would have made much of the abandonment of Berlin and its populace by USA Britain and France.See these friends have left you to fend for yourselvesOnly the USSR can help you rebuild your nationOr something like that------What was the best episode of Star Trek (The Original Series), and why?From The Next Generation; Peak Performance. Probably not my overall favourite but the one that comes to mind. Its very entertaining and contains my favourite star trek quote. It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose, that is not a weakness that is life. Two other great ones dealing with xenophobia and being captivating, Measure of a Man and The drumhead
SaltStack Announces $15.5M Series a Round Led by Mercato Partners
Folks, the salt has been stacked. I mean it, just when you think there's no more salt to be stacked, SaltStack comes out of the mountains and announces a $15.5 million Series A round. It reminds me of that old tongue-twister we used to say 5x fast in grade school: SaltStack salted the stack down by the seashore.But enough with tongue twisters. Here are the details: $15.5 million led by Mercato Partners. In addition to prior investments from Peak Ventures, Epic Ventures, and Deep Fork Capital, total funding for SaltStack is now at $28 million.Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO and co-founder:SaltStack is poised to take advantage of a significant market opportunity and our partnership with Mercato Partners will help accelerate our success. In a software-defined world SaltStack automates the management of everything from mission-critical data center infrastructure at scale to distributed networks of IoT devices. Complexity compounded by increasingly sophisticated security threats has created substantial demand for SaltStack intelligent automation to manage and secure the modern infrastructure of digital business.For Mercato, this represents the second $15 million Series A investment they've announced in a month, joining their funding of St. George-based PrinterLogic. And for SaltStack - whose client base includes Lyft, LinkedIn, Adobe, and Intuit - it represents an opportunity to hire more employees and continue building their organization. Carry on·RELATED QUESTIONCan I use projector lamps of i20 active in my i20 elite?Projector lamps are used in vehicles to light the road ahead. These are considered as main accessories of automobiles. Today, every vehicle comes with projector lamps, so you can use the Panasonic projector lamps to your i20. In Hyundai cars, you can get the option to install projector headlamps.If you want more details about Panasonic projector lampsand its installation, so you can ask for your car dealer, because he can give you exact cost and other information about these lamps. You also enquire about the quality of lamps to your car dealer.
Best Iphone Charging Dock Comes with the Smart Led Lamp!
There are many different types of devices that we use these days in order to make our life simpler and less hassling. These devices are what helping us to accomplish a wide range of daily works and official works and making life simple for us. In this fast-paced world, having these devices means a lot for sure! Without these advanced devices, we cannot even think about a less hassling lifestyle that helps us to cope with this fast-paced world in a more productive manner. One such device is the iPhone! It's a kind of device that helps us to accomplish a wide range of tasks even on the go. This device is not only helping people to stay connected with others but also allowing them to do their office works and other works even on the go. So, when you have an iPhone, you also need to make sure that your device is charged properly and completely every time. When you have a fully charged iPhone, you can start working with this device without any worry. So, the time has come to get the best iPhone charging dock that comes in the affordable price range. Well, here we are not talking about a separate iPhone charging dock. Rather this charging dock for iPhone comes with the smart LED lamp. This is a handy product and it comes with a wide range of advanced features that can make life simple and hassle-free for you. As here we are talking about the best iPhone charging dock USA that comes with the best-LED lamp, you also need to know more about the whole item. Actually, this is a LED lamp and it is best known for the light it can produce. The light produced by this study lamp is not harsh for your eyes. It also comes with the dimmable like an option. That means you can adjust the brightness of this lamp to receive the required amount of light which is perfect for your study time. However, the best iPhone charging dock also remains attached to this study lamp so that you can charge the iPhone easily. There are phone battery charges along with two different USB ports attached to this LED lamp. This provision allows the users to charge a wide range of devices that they need on a daily basis. In order to charge different devices, you may need to buy different charging units. But when you buy this LED lamp, you are not needed to do so. This is how the smart LED lamp is going to help you save more money. This might be a big reason why this is called as the smart LED lamp. It's a kind of study lamp that you will surely like to get for your home, office or work area. This lamp also comes with the best iPhone charging dock USA and height adjustment feature. You can adjust the height of this lamp and can receive light from the desired height easily.
Use LED Signs to Improve Your Brand Visibility
Are you repairing the road that is in worse condition? Then, you need to immediately hire green signage services. These people will bring the right Signs Adelaide required to divert the traffic in the right direction while keeping accidents at bay. Ideally, this signage is used while carrying out road work, to manage traffic and other purposes. These companies will provide superior quality, safety Signs Adelaide at an affordable price.Also, these people sell retail signage which helps you to create awareness about your brand to the target audience. These boards can be placed in the high traffic areas to catch the eyes of the motorists to know about your business. Undeniably, when they are in need of a product, they would evoke you immediately and take your services.Today, many businesses are evincing interest in hiring digital signage boards to promote their products to the audience. In fact, this is considered to be the cost-effective way to garner the attention of customers to take a desired action of buying your product. It is admit able fact that, digital signage is the best way to pull the eyes of the passing traffic. The popularity of this signage is increasing day by day in the marketing world. In fact, people are vesting interest to use LED signage over the other ones, since this offer high brightness, clear visibility and great look.In fact, the motorists who are passing from a long distance can view the board clearly and even in darkness. This LED technology let the audience to view the signage from close and far distances. Unarguably, no individual can miss to view the hoarding equipped with LEDs. These boards are ideally placed in the shopping malls, concerts, promotional events, office buildings, retail stores and other places where there are chances of audience viewing it. This gives high brand exposure.These boards are mostly used by the retail stores to pull in more customers and improve their sales figure. In fact, this LED signage will create a wonderful ambience and sophistication that customers will gain trust towards your brand.Here are a few benefits one can reap by using LED Signs Adelaide as part of their marketing strategy;· Do not need to make a huge noise to spread a word about your product. Ideally, the brightness will do it· Easily catches the eye of the audience to go through the brand message and product· Increase impulse buyers· Best way to engage the potential customers· Can change the messages and colors in a matter of minutes· Visually appealing way to engage customers· Highly durable and requires minimal maintenance unlike the posters· Easy to operate from remote locations· Can customise the size of the advertisementThe LED signage will help all the businesses, irrespective of size to reach the audience by spending a few bucks. In order to boost customers and sales, you would need to create the advertisement to post on this signage in a creative way.·RELATED QUESTIONWatchdog timer stuck in restart loop? (green led flashing)Remove watchdogs flag at init is one solution. I am using optiboot 8.0 and it works perfect
If Resume/CV Is Re Imagined, What Would It Look Like?
In my honest view, Recruiting talent is becoming harder and harder. Number of people joining the workforce is growing at a tremendous rate each year. At this rate, recruiters cannot keep up. I think a resume which data driven, machine readable with smart tools can help recruiters in finding a needle in the haystack. Even employers spend a lot of time and money conducting phone interviews and multiple rounds of on-site interviews. This is very expensive. By the time, the candidate is ready for an on-site interview, it should just be a matter of testing cultural and team fit.I am working on this idea and started out with twittume.Check it out• Related QuestionsCan the United Kingdom truly still be considered a superpower?UK is still a superpower but all the dirty work is done by the USA on her behalf.UK has 2nd highest value of external assets - meaning she owns large portions of real GDP of Asian nations.During 200010, the Dollar share of reserve currencies fell to 62% (from 71%) while the Yen fell to 4% (from 6%) but the Pound Sterling rose to 4% (from 3%).UK is a major source of Nobel or Olympics winners - no sign of brain or brawn drain.In 2014, UK overtook France in all formats of GDP (forex, PPP, real) for the first time in almost 50 years. CEBR study forecast UK economy to beat Germany by 2030. Brexit seems to be the beginning of a return to 1890 prosperity !Source - UK Europe's 'largest' economy by 2030------Is a hamburger really unhealthy?Hamburgers don't have to be unhealthy, it's how they're cooked and what's on them that truly add to how unhealthy they can be. A normal sized, lean (90%-95% fat content) burger might not make the best one that you've ever tasted, but it'll also be decently healthy. Avoid griddling or pan frying it (so much fat is used to lubricate the pan/none can drip away) and try to grill over an open fire. Also avoid using too much cheese or sauces.A simple burger with some nice whole wheat rolls and a slice of cheese can be a great part of a meal if you have something like a salad or veggies on the side.Avoid fries, there is no way to make those healthy.------Who thinks Joe Biden is not capable of beating Donald Trump?Me. All it will take is the debate stage between Trump and Biden which the left is already trying to avoid. Say what you will, but clear communication of intentions for such a position is paramount. The worst thing a presidential candidate can do is not sound like hes sure of his self and Biden unfortunately sounds like Porky Pig when he speaks. Backtracking and scrambling words is not effective when selling yourself to lead a country.I am an individual who has been a registered voter from the age of 18 and Ill say its been a few decades since. I have never registered with any political party and have voted for both democrats and republicans for many different offices.------Why is China not involved in the Syrian war so as to test its weapons like Russia?China dont throw bombs into other countries unless its a defensive response to direct military threat.China is developing military super-power, but very careful to use it. This is because China learnt lot from its long history. All Chinese should know this words: Even for a super powerful country, it will towards declay if the country love to involve in wars; and the country will be in dangerous if it forget the possible war may come tomorrow.So, China will never initialize a war, acturally will try best to avoid involving in wars. Only response to military threat when necessary. So, to work with China in right way, is never use military power and fire the first bullet to them------What are your religious beliefs?Agnostic! Yeah!Is there a god? I don't knowIs there an afterlife? I don't knowWhat would you do if god came down ? I don't knowHow many gods are there? I don't knowWhats it like being an agnostic? I don't knowIs there a higher power? I don't knowWhat is your stance on reincarnation? I don't knowWhat about Ghosts? Theres very little evidence but I don't knowWhat about Zenu? Probably notBascially my entire belief system revolves around me not knowing whats out there. I personally believe pretending to know is kinda dumb, but guessing is fun! It's the most scientific approach. Theories can arise but without any real evidence the best answer to lifes greatest questions is currently I don't know.------What secret societies is Donald Trump a part of?The main secret society is the Trump Organization. He won't release his tax filings. He is still using the same bullshit excuse he had when he started running. IMO, this is because he doesn't want people to know that he isn't anywhere near a billionaire, let alone 3.5 billion. The Trump Organization is so secret Trump can't remember the names of his own kids, except for Ivanka. But that is because his is trying to date her.I would also, venture a guess that the Russian mob owns Trump. The interest rates are pretty high for a man with very little income. Trump may have to make Melania and Ivanka work the streets to pay Putin's gang of thugs. But that's the way of secret societies.------What is it like to have loved someone but having had to marry someone else?If you would have told him before you got married you could either get rejected or made the most important/best decision of your live. Of course rejection is hard and painful but it would probably help you get over this person.What if (love those) the person is also in love with you, you would have spend 20 years being married to someone who is not that person.On the other hand: I am not completly sure how to handle it. Telling someone you love them while being married to someone else feels like cheating and 'keeping the old one at hand' if that person tells you they don't love you, which is a shitty thing to do. But if you do tell your husband first it will result in at least one divorce.------Why do the Dutch look like Mongols or Africans?Because "Dutch" is an ethnicity, not a race."Ethnicity" is a social and cultural concept. What you look like has very little to do with it.As long as you share any or more of Dutch traditions, language, history, nationality, common ideology or religion or partake in Dutch society, you can be Dutch.For all I care, a chicken could be Dutch, as long as it:n- Lunches with sliced cheese on whole-grain breadn- Loves to make money but hates to spend itn- Thinks being average is the most worthwhile ambitionn- Prides itself on not being BelgianHonestly, this is of course a ridiculous question, but it's a good opportunity to teach about old-fashioned multi-culti society:Anyone can be Dutch, no matter what they look like------Is it weird to be a teenager who likes opera and classical music? I've been told that it isn't normal for kids my age (14) to like such music.Im 17 and have been in the same position for 2 years. I started listening to Beethoven symphonies and absolutely fell in love (what a way to be introduced into the world of classical music ey?). Anyway, in all honesty if you consider being different weird, then it is very weird. I dont know anybody my age, or even grown up (really) thats into classical music. My advice is to take absolutely no shame in enjoying it, if people ridicule you, just accept it, and be like yeah, i am into classical music, whats your problem with that? I was never by any means popular, or cool at school and this worked for me %100. People dont bully you if youre confident and sure of yourself and what you believe, its just a fact.------In what order would you rank Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones?Theyre all completely different to each other, so hard to compare.In my younger days it would have been Led Zep, Floyd, The Stones and then much further down Queen. The thing is for me Queen come well behind Deep Purple, Yes, ELP, SAHB, The Allmans and many others. Their first 3 albums were good and then they went totally pants after that, just my opinion.If you want a good mix of some very heavy music contrasted with some lighter pastoral Folk then Led Zeppelin are what you need. If you want intelligent music that is like no other then it has to be Pink Floyd. The Stones are more or less balls out rocky Blues. Different music for different moods but all pretty excellent------Was there a particular reason why President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?The Nobel Peace Prize is for people who work toward peace or (this is often forgotten) those who promote the establishment of peace conferences, in the previous year. Obama was a huge breath of fresh air on the international stage. After Bush's disastrously impolitic remarks ("bring it on" and "It's a Crusade" -- a term that to Muslims implies being exterminated by Christians) and the baseless Iraq war, Obama's plans to reach out to the world's Muslims were very heartening. In fact, he turned out to be much more of a hawk than people realized at the time. But from the standpoint of the things that he had said in the previous year, especially during his campaign, he was an obvious candidate. Certainly no one else on the world stage had had as much impact as he had at the time.------Did Jesus Christ know about Gautama Buddha?It is barely possible that Jesus could have heard of Buddhists and Buddhist teaching, which was known in Athens and Alexandria in his time, and seems to have affected the Skeptic and Cynic schools of Greek philosophy. Hellenized Jews such as Paul would have been more likely to hear about the Buddhist monks sent by the Bactrian Buddhist kings and King Ashoka in India, but would have had no real idea of their teachings and no interest in them. They were known as Sarmanoi in Greek, from the Pali Shramana, disciple.Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain teaching and practice became slightly known to Greece from the conquests of Alexander the Great in India. Bactria, modern Afghanistan, created the first Buddha statues, including the famous Bamiyan Buddhas------Who was a better general: Von Manstein, Rommel, or Guderian?Von Manstein defintely. He was , as many have pointed out here, a Genius. His mobile defence strategy paid off in Kharkov when the Red Army was lured into a trap, suffered heavy casualties and lost the battle. Had the Germans followed his policy of strategic retreats and pincer encirclements , the Red Army would have lost the war. He correctly understood that the Red Army had to be destroyed and it could be done with mobile defence given the Red Armys monolithic structure and mass attack approach. At least if would have given the germans more time. Unfortunately for the Germans their ex corporal dictator had begun to think himself as a military wonder and did not take Mansteins advice.------Can a married man love both his wife and another woman?If the married man entered a monogamous relationship knowing that he was polyamorous, then he is hardly a loving person in any sense of the word.Lying to someone, using them, is antithetical to love.However, it is possible (though unlikely) that he may only have discovered his natural orientation later, after marriage. If this is the case, then the honourable thing to do would be to separate/divorce and allow his wife to be free of this situation. She has a right to pursue her own route to personal happiness rather than be tied to someone who has such a fundamentally different orientation towards adult romantic relationships.So yes - it is possible that a married man may feel emotionally connected and/or physically attracted to two women. But, in the situation you describe, it is unlikely to amount to authentic adult love
Is It Hatred for Donald Trump That Led to the Hanukkah Party Stabbing?
I'm glad you asked! When I learned of the terrible horror that had befallen the Orthodox Jews last night just trying to have a simple celebration of the 7th night of Hanukkah in their own home that was THE FIRST thing that popped into my head! Not that he directly caused it but that he has created a culture in which it's ok to be anti ANYTHING! And be vocal and gross and decisive and hateful and violent about it! The Mayor of NewYork last night detailed how many attacks there have been on people in the Jewish community since Hanukkah started last night and it is outrageous! Then, just today, in Texas you have another shooting. This time in a church. Yes, trump has incited anger and hatred and divisiveness and violence in this country and I, for one , don't know why more people AREN'T Pointing fingers in his direction! Thank you for the question!1. What led to your spiritual awakening?My Vaidya(Ayurvedic Doctor) told me to meditate. I tried 15-20 mins at a time..but could not do it consistently because of busy schedule. To be frank I was doing it for mental peace, I was not aware that there is something like spiritual awakening!So he told me to meditate only once a week when I have time to sit for one hour. I started doing on every Sunday. Did it for 2-3 weeks/ 2-3 sundays then we went on a vacation and I had more time so did meditation daily. And got addicted to it, nothing seemed more important than finding time to meditate. This lead to my spiritual awakening2. If ancient generals led charges, wouldn't they be targeted and quickly killed?Well yes and no.Killing the general is obviously going to break morale and break the chain of command ultimately causing some units to flee or make bad tactical decisions. However when the generals protected by his own personal guards as well as several a whole army charging at you, going for the general is the least of your worries.Your worries are firstly going to be how to deal with the vast amount of troops, cavalry and gunfire and keeping (assuming you are the general) yourself safe. Once you have eliminated vast portions of his army THEN you can think about how you are going to finish off the rest and capture the general.Sometimes of course the general might get caught in the line of fire and die but of course most of the time you will be focused on not getting your troops slaughtered - you need those to capture the general :D3. Am I being led on? Help!?I know this sounds crazy but he might be gay have you ever done anything besides kissing if you've kissed you might just be his beard (cover up gf cause he's gay) I'm not sure talk to him about that and address your other problems, you never know4. What is the one habit you changed that led to healthy weight loss?It started with just one habit. I did not change what I ate or how much of it. All I did for 30 days was to change my eating style. I slowed the whole process down. I paused for a couple of seconds before taking my next bite. Then I chewed longer on my food. Digestion, I learnt, starts in the mouth not the stomach. This one habit led to weight loss. It also gave me some much needed confidence. I felt more able to deal with more challenging habits such as cutting soda and refined sugar etc.5. AC/DC or nirvana or led zepplin?led zeppelin. you spelled it wrong in your question.6. Has skepticism by and in itself led to any reasonable scientific breakthrough?I do not know that I can point to any one breakthrough where a researcher explicitly stated, "I am a skeptic generally. So that means I will test this claim." On the other hand, the scientific method depends on skepticism.So in some modern usages, 'skeptic' can mean, atheist' or "skeptical of religious claims'. So far as this meaning is concerned, no, it really does not drive scientific breakthrough.However, I imagine Benjamin Franklin heard lightning described as 'an act of God' and chose to test that claim. He may well have chosen to see if God were a sufficient or useful explanation of lightning. His studies, and others, showed that lightning, and electricity in general, is a natural phenomenon. This does not mean God does not exist but merely God is not necessary or God is not a useful explanation to use when looking at where lightning will strike.I wrote a lot about God and I know that skepticism is not equivalent to atheism but there is a lot of overlap. In places where they do not overlap, the connection between skepticism and breakthroughs is less explicit
How Do I Believe in God and the Bible?
Start by being indoctrinated by your family and friends. Next, succumb to the enormous peer pressure to be like everyone else. Finally, ignore the enormous quantity of evidence that the bible cannot be taken literally, ignore your mind when it says a dead man coming to life after 3 days dead is possible. Become a sheep. · Suggested Reading Was Jimi Hendrix a better guitarist than Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page? In all honesty it would be difficult to compare the two. Hendrix was a real virtuoso and groundbreaking in one way and Page was breaking new ground in another with his amazing riffs.Hendrix could play solos better than Page but Page was more rounded I think. So at the end of the day you cant compare the two ------ Why did Led Zeppelin stop naming their albums numerically? To piss off the press!According to Rolling Stone magazine, guitarist Jimmy Page had been quoted as saying that After all we had accomplished the press was still calling us a hype. That is why the fourth album is untitled. The band did include four symbols on the cover, one for each member of the band. That is why some fans refer to the record as Zoso or Led Zeppelin IV ------ What is the difference between Raw and Smackdown in WWE? RAW is live, Smackdown is taped; that's the only difference since they merged the two shows together. Before the merge, there was a separate RAW roster and Smackdown roster, and there was a "draft" every year to see who would be on which show. They also mostly had separate top-level championship belts, though they did cross shows on occasion. ------ Should Martin O'Malley be held to account for the level of police brutality that existed in the city he led as mayor and the state he led as governor? If the rules were not followed, hold those who did not follow the rules responsible. If the rules were insufficient then hold the person who wrote the rules responsible, e.g., the Police Chief. If the Police Chief was incompetent then hold the person who appointed him accountable, e. g. , the Mayor. If the Mayor was incompetent then look in the mirror ------ Was Jimmy Page a sloppy player, especially live? Yes, Jimmy Page did have some issues during his live performances. Thats why there are not a lot of live Led Zeppelin albums. Still, his legacy and brilliance as the founding member of Led Zeppelin and his incredible body of work stands at the top of the Story of Classic Rock. All About Classic Rock - ------ Why do you believe in the word of God according to the Bible? Why will you believe the Rules of the Road book when you learn to drive? Because it was written by people with the knowledge and authority to teach about operating a vehicle.The scriptures in Bible were written and then compiled by people with the knowledge and authority to teach us about our relationship to God and the life, teaching, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ ------ What would be the down-side of outlawing organized religion? That it would be futile and counterproductive. U.S. Constitutional issues notwithstanding, kept within realistic boundaries organized religion has actually served as a social glue, and so long as it is kept out of politics and the executive/legislative purviews it is Ok.Far better to outlaw corporate campaign financing and lobbying and reform the campaign financing corruption. ------ What rock band is led by Bob Dylan's son, Jakob? The Wallflowers have recorded six albums since 1992 and they just completed a summer tour of the east coast. Their most well-known songs are u201cOne Headlightu201d and u201cSixth Avenue Heartbreaku201d from their second album u201cBringing Down the Horseu201d (1996). Jakob is the only member remaining from that lineup. The groupu2019s last studio album, u201cGlad All Over,u201d was released in October 2012 and reached #48 on the charts ------ What is the saddest thing? Why do some girls commit same mistake again and again just to be killed in the end ?Importance of education is lost when you cant differentiate between what is good and what is not . Either love or hate , this game has destroyed the lives of many young women in the country .This is the saddest thing ------ Referring to the Holocaust, what is the final solution? The Final Solution was a euphemism used by the Nazis to denote the murder of all Jews in Europe-for starters.Long term, it meant the murder of all Jews on the planet-about 16 million people in 1939.The project was finalized at a meeting of Nazi officials,chaired by Reinhard Heydrich, held at Wansee on Jan. 20,1942. However,by that date, the Einsatzgruppen had already been in action for over half a year in occupied UkraineBelarus ------ Is there a device that I can hook up my computer/laptop to, to check if my I/O devices (keyboard and mouse) are working properly if my GUI is unresponsive, so that I can conclude whether it is a hardware or software issue? Hardware issue on keyboard and mouse can be easily detected. As mentioned by other, for keyboard, simply check the led (numpad, capslock). For mouse, it isbhard without gui. However, usually it is the buttons who got broken, usually detected by double click occurance or hard to scrolling. If you are unsure, try to re-plug the usb and check again ------ It seems like automation and AI should take more jobs than they create, yet the U.S. still seems to be at full employment. Why? Give it time. Its all a matter of cost/benefit analysis. Robots and AIs are rapidly declining in price/performance. Humans arent.The capabilities of machines are also rapidly increasing. We should see many holes being carved into professions, like swiss cheese, by 2030. Some of those will become unrecognizable, while others such as professional drivers and retail clerks (high-end excepted) should disappear ------ What's a chain restaurant you'd like to try but there are none by you? I live in Scotland so there is a lot of American chains or franchise we don't get. Taco bell did open in lobster would be the one I would love to have but you know at American prices $28.99 for the ultimate feast. Maybe more 50 here.The best thing is I don't even know if I would even like lobster, I like sea food. ------ What historical factors led to Malaysia being more prosperous and developed than Indonesia? Economic Stagnation during the Old OrderFour years of independence war & 16 years of civil wars (PRRI, Permesta, PKI, etc.), political failure (Cabinet changing less than one year in parlementary system), nationalization of foreign company, building of glorious project (GBK, Monas, Istiqlal, and Statues), and refusal to accept US foreign aid.If we are already stable since the time of independence, our economy now will be like 20 years in the future. ------ Does anyone actually believe Trump is religious? Actions speak louder than words. Let's see putting money on a communion tray, how about saying 2 Corinthians instead of Second Corinthians. Obviously he is not a regular church goer. I know this link may be questionable but there are other, all essentially the same. Donald Trump does not know what to do in a church ------ Why do people give their children weird names like Shanequessa? Because some parents only parent for themselves, not for their children.They don't think the effect those names will have on a kid. They care about how cute the name sounds or whatever. Not too surprising. They are a lot of parents who aren't concerned with their children's social life, as long as it doesn't make them look like terrible parents ------ How many wives did the Prophet Muhammad have? I think they were eleven (or thirteen according to s0me) total (not simultaneous). Their age varied greatly, Aisha is believed to have been 9/10 y.o at the consummation and the oldest ones were 40 y. o. , widows I believe. They're mostly married to strengthen ties with other families. Perhaps some specialist in Islamic studies could add more insights into this question ------ Why in 2003 did Canada opt not to join the US-led coalition against Iraq? Canada did not join against Iraq, but certainly punched above their weight in support of its allies. Hospital Ships, supply ships, escorts for imports/exports, training, intelligence, transport, resolution diplomacy. Just because our buddy makes a bad decision about getting into a fight, doesnt mean we are going to let him find a taxi home all on his own. ------ What was the best book in your life ever? The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas.I have read the whole book ( unabridged version ) twice.Both the times, I laughed, cried, marveled, wondered and learned valuable lessons of life. An extract :-For until the day when God deigns to unveil the future to mankind, all human wisdom is contained in the words - wait and hope. ------ What factors led to Islamic Stateu2019s defeat? The military took over the strategy instead of Powers, Obama, and Rice playing soldier with our menu2019s and womenu2019s lives. They were making the decision on every bomb dropped. When Trump loosened the bonds on the hounds of war, the core of the problem was destroyed. Since Obama gave it time to metastasize, our military has to fight the next phaseu2026to get small cells all over the world ------ Where can I buy LED glow lights in Manila? The idea for Glow Lighting came from a simple desire - to help people step away from mass produced lighting and create something unique for their homes or workspace. The basic use of the Glow is pretty straightforward. You turn it on by flipping it over, and it fills your room with warm LED light. To know more about the reviews of latest glow lights,click hereu2026u2026u2026>>>>> ------ Why is WWE no longer mainstream? Why is it so uncool and lame to be a wrestling fan nowadays? Why has WWE declined so badly? Fox and WWE Close to Massive Five-Year, $1 Billion Deal for 'SmackDown'I'd say WWE is doing pretty well these days if the product is worth a billion dollars. Prowrestling is actually experiencing a resurgence with the new AEW prime time show bringing more exposure, New Japan Prowrestling opening an American division and a thriving indie scene ------ What single episode of Star Trek perfectly epitomises the franchise? I do not think that a single episode can do that. Not without understanding the larger universe in which that episode exists. Which means watching a lot of other episodes!And an episode that epitomises the franchise, may be the best single ST episode. And do you mean Star Trek (original series) or all of Trek?Original series: Balance of Terror (?)All of Trek: Inner LightLooking forward to see what episodes others suggest ------ What was your first impression of the Led Zeppelin IV album? Cant remember that far back, but my first impression probably wasnt much as I was just a stupid kid. Impossible for a stupid kid such as myself to have appreciated the brilliance. Fast forward many years to now, and I think it should be on everyones Top 10 list of greatest rock and roll albums of all time. Every song is a gem, and a few are masterpieces ------ Will Robert Mueller get Donald Trump impeached? That is wishful thinking. Donald Trump is clearly an a-hole, and probably a traitor, along with his staff and family. But this a country of laws no matter how The Donald flaunts, dodges, and tries to subvert them. We will just have to wait for Congress, especially so-called Republicans to Grow a Pair. Im not entirely sure that will ever happenthats MY wishful thinking ------ Donald Trump says I.S. leader Abu Al-Baghdadi u201cdied like a dogu201d and a u201ccowardu201d. Is it appropriate for an American president to say this? I would say no and simply for the same reason you do not mutilate the bodies of enemy combatants - high moral ground aside - you dont want your troops put in a position where they are made to grovel and die like a coward and dog.All this does is further show Trump to be a bloviating petty man-child ------ How did the Hebrews end up as slaves in Egypt? Why did they leave Canaan? There was a famine that caused every people near Egypt to run out of food thus causing them to go where the food was for survival. Egypt was that place and they were given great favor by the second to pharoh in this time until his death then the Hebrews were made into slaves to serve pharoh until Moses lead them from Egypt by the power and will of Yahovah ------ The top intelligence office informs congressional committees it'll no longer provide in-person briefings on election security. What could have led to this decision and are you in agreement? Why send a person to speak when you can send each legislator a hand written assessment? It would seem like this is a better system since everybody will have an opportunity to read the updates at their leisure and not be forced to be at a specific location at a specific time in order to receive the briefing. It will also free up the intelligence officer to do their actual job ------ What led Churchill to believe that Indians are a beastly people? Winston Churchill logged many great and good deeds, but in addition Churchill was a British imperialist racist of the old school. He was from one of the oldest aristocratic families in Britain, born and raised and first elected to Parliament during the reign of Victoria, and his commitment to freedom remained along those lines. Honestly considering Churchills career is an intense exercise in taking the bitter with the sweet.
Impressive Strip Lights to Enlighten Your Place Like Never Before
LED strip lights have become one of the most liked products in the lighting domain nowadays. The extensive range of applications of these lights permits the customers to use more of their minds eye, decorate, and generate new moods in their home or office. Places like clubs, bars, restaurants, and stages for live performances or bands prefer using strip lights to give a lively effect to their events. In addition to commercial usage, the household application of these lights is common in kitchen, bedroom, or the living area.How to set a Mood?When talking about mood lighting and picking up different colors of lights, strip lights are the foremost ones to strike ones mind. These lights can enlighten the edges of furniture, ceilings, TV panels, worktops, in order to give a touch of color to your house. Besides, you can also use them to highlight your corridors, staircase, or any party, you are hosting at your end.What is your purpose?Strip lights are available in different colors, incorporating cool white, warm white and interchangeable RGB. They are useful to enhance the look of the bedroom by adding accent lighting or you can utilize them for task lighting to assist work. Usually, for a decent atmosphere people prefer to have cool and warm whiting lights in their bedroom. On the other hand, RGB LEDs find widespread use as disco lighting that offers several programmable effects. Hence, the type of strip lights that you want to buy depends largely on your specific purpose. Buying Strip lightsAn important point to keep in mind before opting for strip lights is the exact length that you need. It depends on the set-up of the area where you want to fix it and on the complications associated with the concerned place. Normally, the lighting arrangements consist of just a string strip. You can get strips of 5 meters and 10-meter reel, and if you wish, you can even choose for customized length as per your requirement.Strip lights are readily available at your disposal online. Before finalizing your decision, check if the portal is offering authentic products. Moreover, you need to be sure about the technical details of these lights before purchasing them. The controller determines the act of strip lights when connected to a specific external device.Nature of strip lightsThese lights are available in diverse materials such as PVC and plastic. You should be accurate about the material you want to buy. Though these lights are durable, come with low maintenance costs and power consumption, but you need to decide about the material.Bring home exciting strip lights todayStrip lights are easy to install and if you wish, you can use them for outdoor space as well. They look trendy, exciting and energetic enough to make your place lively. So, whether it is a happening party, or a simple get together, strip lights from Philips Hue could make a significant difference to your occasion. So, dont wait, place an order of these lights today and add essence to those memorable events. RELATED QUESTION Were can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project? If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance. You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your homes external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, its significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes? Outdoor LED lighting may be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lightings LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient. Whatever options you settle on, youre sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
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