Could Chuck Norris Beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1?

there's only two ways Chuck Norris can win. The obvious, Michael Jordan does not turn up or... Michael Jordan uses his insane skills and goes up in the scoreboard but as he chooses to go for a flash slamdunk Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks him in the face and pays a foul point. Then rseumes the game while Michael Jordan is sleeping on the floor.

1. jordan 1's release dates?

May: 19 - Retro 1 LS - Stealth Grey(*) 19 - Retro 1 LS - Red(*) 26 - Retro 1 Low - East 26 - Retro 1 Low - South 26 - Retro 1 Low - West 26 - Retro 1 Low - Black/Red 26 - Retro 1 Low - North June: 2 - Retro 1 Alpha - UNC

2. Buy or Sell : NO ONE CAN BEAT MICHAEL JORDAN 1 v 1...?

Rose has a good chance, since he is fast and can shoot Why do we all have thumbs down?

3. Air Jordan 1 vs Lebron Zoom V?

get a pair of each...put one air on one foot and one lebron on the other...set a fashion statement

4. Jordan 1 Retro or Jordan 1 Original?

the original! the look good and they are a great fit, as I am wearing them at the moment

5. Could Chuck Norris beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1?

could u ppl stop asking such idiotic questions??? the FINALS are going on and the best question u can come up with is this..... RIDICULOUS

6. Lebron james would beat jordan in a 1 on 1?

hell yea, lebron the best 2 ever play the game

7. jordan 1 vs jordan 5?

the 1's they better.....and prettier!lol

8. NBA: James VS Jordan! 1 vs 1! PRIME! Your 2 Cents?

All he has 2 do is go right and fade Lebron wo not be able to stop it

9. Are these Jordan 1 Flight (gs) suitable for playing basketball?

I saw somebody in basketball tryouts wit does I would say yea

10. Are Jordan 1 Flight good for basketball?

All Jordans are good for basketball. Especially the 1's. If you do not want to wear does try the 3's, 6's or 20's.

11. Where Can I Get Jordan 1 In Black/Gold With The KeyChain For About $75.00 to $100.00?

So go to and theres free shipping to all items. And the sizes are from 8-11. Every shoe cost 85 dollars. So that should be good. But make sure to read the policy first. Oh yah sorry for the wrong site the site changed to

12. Kobe vs Jordan 1 on 1?

your crazy if you think kobe would beat michael. And your crazy to think jordan did not have a shot when he had the best post game in the NBA when he came back from retirement. And your crazy for thinking the big men today are better defensively then the big men then.

13. Who is the 2nd greatest NBA player of all-time? Assuming Jordan is #1?

I would say Earvin "Magic" Johnson is not 2nd best but more like 1A. Jordan is #1. Magic is #1A

14. prime shaq vs prime jordan 1 on 1?who would win.?

Jordan has more agility. Shaq has the size advantage but size does not determine everything It's all about da skill

15. how can you tell if jordan 1's are fake?

If they dont have the little jordan on the back or sumwhere then they are defanitly fake

16. prime shaq vs prime jordan 1 on 1?who would win.?

I believe no one can beat MJ in his prime , and I mean NO ONE !!

17. jordan 1 vs jordan 5?

the Grapes! Grapes are worth more than the Old Love New Love Package.

18. how can you spot a fake jordan 1 sneakers?

if jorand is faceing the other way not right but left

19. Which Jordan 1 colorway is better?

If your talking personal choice, my all time favorite Air Jordan 1 would have to be the laser 1's that came out in 2015.But if you are talking value wise the best air Jordan 1 is...The infamous Banned 1's(A.K.A Bred 1's)

20. Do any of you know where to find size 6 or 7 Jordan 1's in gold and black???

At footlocker or at or go michael jordans website

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