Could a Monkey Drive a Bus?

Well, there are many problems to overcome among monkeys. First, most monkeys would not be large enough. Monkeys tend to be much smaller than Humans. The largest monkey is the Mandrill, and I think an adult male would be big enough to both reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel. Their legs are not as long, but it would be workable. So we will look at them. nnHow about intelligence? Well, in order to drive they would need to understand that the actions they are taking with the wheel and pedals are affecting the actions of the bus. Mandrills use of tools is not as sophisticated as Chimps (which are apes, not monkeys), but they have been observed using some tools. nMandrill makes 'pedicuring' toolNow that's a long way from driving a bus. I think it would take a fairly intensive training routine to get them to understand what is going on--especially since they would not be able to see the mechanism, only the results. (the steering column goes through the firewall, and they would not be able to see the wheels turn). I had some trouble determining if a Mandrill would be trainable. in my search I came across this interesting tidbit about a Mandrill supposedly trained to steal things (though from the story I doubt that was the case)nGordonGrice. com: Mandrill Attackapparently training them is rare--but someone has. nWild About MonkeysnKevin and Martina Keith claim to have successfully trained Mandrills and other types of monkeys. Some have appeared in movies. I watched their routine and I think the behaviors were fairly complicated. They seem to be very receptive to training. They also seem to be smart enough to communicate:nMeaningful Gesture in Monkeys? Investigating whether Mandrills Create Social CulturenMilly the Mandrill uses gestures to send commands, but no one has taught the any extensive language. . All in all, Mandrills are not smart enough to pass the written test, but i bet with some training they could operate a bus enough to drive it around and crash it. I am not sure they could ever be totally responsible drivers, as driving is rather complex activity (much more so than stealing a hat) and to fully communicate it to the Mandrill would require extensive language. I am not sure it would completely understand what we wanted it to do. I am going to say, yes, but I would not want to be on the road at the same time.

1. In your opinion, which female wrestlers don't get nearly enough credit and recognition for what they have?

Madusa never gets credit for re-establishing the WWF women's division and training as many Women wrestlers as she did. Too much I would have to say Trish Stratus

2. Information on Boston Terriers all will be appreciated!?

Boston Terriers are wonderful dogs but they must be socialized at an early age to prevent aggressive behavior towards new people and animals. They can become very very protective of their primary owner. That is why group obedience and training classes are highly advised. A good no preservative food if you are on a budget is Nutro Natural Choice which can be bought at Petsmart or Petco. A better brand called Blue Buffalo can also be bought there. If cost if not a concern then Wellness, Innova, Canidae which are all natural (no fillers or preservatives) but are a little harder to find. I suggest doing some research on food so you can make an educated decision. Most BT's are high energy so fetch is a good game to teach/play. I also suggest Kong's to everyone because they are definitely a lifesaver. It keeps most dogs occupied for hours which prevents destruction when your not home. One of their downfalls is they snore like freight trains because of their snort noses. They are very intelligent which would make training easy if they were not so stubborn. But overall if trained and socialized I think Boston Terriers are marvelous pets.

3. I have a tomb thumb bit?

Please throw the Tom Thumb AWAY as they are terrible bits. I will not own one. So a snaffle would be your best choice for training. That is my best training aid

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