Connecting the Drain Hose of a Clothes Washing Machine to a Wider Drain Pipe

After trying a lot of time to figure this out I eventually went to a specialized shop and this is what I've got back from there:The drain hose of the washing machine goes into the black gasket. The gasket is made of a soft rubber, slitely smaller on the inside diameter and with a pattern on the inside to hold the end of the hose with no glue.Then the black gasket slitely larger on the outer diameter gets forced into the one end of the large pipe while the smaller pipe goes into the drain. No glue needed there either since the drain has a conic gasket holding the pipe in place.Still need to install all of this, but it should work :)Thanks for all your help

1. How do you solve a washer/dryer closet outlet issue which lacks a 110V outlet (electrical, dryer, washing machine, washer, etc.)?

If your talking electric dryer your going to need 220 volts for that,you need to get with a handyperson capable of running not only the power,but water and drain for plumbing as well as gas if needed and do not forget the vent for dryer which both types need.How do you solve a washer/dryer closet outlet issue which lacks a 110V outlet (electrical, dryer, washing machine, washer, etc.)?

2. What are some cheap, easy and healthy recipes?

Lunch 1 can of tuna made with water and drain Mayo to taste tomato salt and pepper to taste Drain the tuna place in a bowl add your mayo salt and pepper. Clean your tomato and cut the stem out, Cut your tomato in half but not all the way through, on both sides. Your tomato will open and you put your tuna in the tomato. Add a fruit and you have a nice lunch or dinner.

3. Why am I cooking MOSFETs?

The point about the gate voltage is valid, but if the MOSFET is not heating up, I am not sure that is the actual culprit here.16 meters of 12 V LED strip driven at several amps is going to have a significant inductance at typical PWM frequencies. This causes voltage spikes at the drain every time the MOSFET turns off. These spikes are short in duration, but the voltage can be many times that of the supply voltage. The solution to this particular problem is to add a freewheling diode (Schottky) in antiparallel with the LEDs, between 12V and drain, just like you would with an electric motor or other inductive load

4. Clogged Sink Drain, tried EVERYTHING!?

It seems to be seeping through. You might try toilet bowl cleaner. It should have HCl (hydrochloric acid) in it and help with the clog. If that does not do the trick, it may be further out than 100'. It all depends on where it meets up with the main. It could be in between where you ran the snake from and where the drain is. Good luck, and I hope you get it.

5. French Drain PVC Size

The drain will work but it will not work very well. The larger pipe provides more surface holes for water to enter. The smaller area inside will not have much area for water flow and will fill up with silt more than 4x faster (pie R squared ). Slight variations in slope will affect the drainage. Do not go with small pipe. Most of the cost in a good drain is digging, and rock. The pipe is a fraction of the cost and trying to go cheep will cost in the long run.

6. What habits drain focus?

These are some among many habits that drains focus:Not getting priorities right could significantly drain focus and could further lead to procrastination, it can distract us from our prime goal, that's why it is very necessary to get priorities right.Fretting over bad decisions made, I mean its obvious that there is very little that we can do for the bad decisions that we made, upto a certain level we will have to suffer the consequences of that decision. On the contrary we can choose to focus on what is at hand, consume our thought process and energy on what we are now passionate about, and thus we can capitalize on that. It's never too late to change your life. Skepticism can also drain focus, because you have to be certain about your passion, your ultimate goal. If you are skeptical then you will keep going back and fourth, its important to get direction, and head towards it with unwavering focus.Inferiority complex makes you live your life in sheer despair, you will always be doubting yourself, never reaching a satisfactory conclusion, you will be comparing yourself with almost everyone, which will make you see yourself down to nothing.

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Handheld Drain Augers
Handheld Drain Augers
Handheld drain augersHandheld drain augers are typically designed to clean portions of a drain within 8 metres (25 ft) of the drain opening. The cable of a handheld drain auger is driven into a drain by the mechanical force created when the operator rotates a drum that anchors the cable. Many handheld augers have cables that are thin enough to pass through common sink traps, though some manufacturers do not recommend using handheld drain augers in toilets because of their potential to scratch ceramic surfaces. Instead, a special closet auger (from "water closet") should be used. Similar to handheld augers, drain rods can be used for clearing blockages in long, straight pipes. Advantages of handheld drain augers include low relative cost and ready availability through hardware stores. However, drawbacks include a reach that is normally limited to 8 metres (25 ft), and the potential for the twisting cable to scratch the ceramic surfaces of plumbing fixtures. They are also only effective on small-diameter pipes - 40-50 mm rather than main sewer pipes of 110 mm.— — — — — —is this drain location for shower okay?if you are tiling the shower floor it generally gets pitched (even if it's slightly) towards the drain. It is best to center the drain as close as possible or you may end up with standing water in the shower— — — — — —DrainDrain may refer to:— — — — — —can a shower drain be ran into the bottom of a 4 inch sewer pipe drain?In addition to the trap on the drain, you will also need to install a vent— — — — — —Which acid or material to unblock a big drain?You would always be better off snaking a large drain, but if you want to try a chemical; try and buy commercial lye. This is really effective, really evil stuff, and may not even be legal in your state. If you can get your hands on some, do wear rubber gloves - and not the cheap ones. Follow the directions. If you think you might have tree roots clogging the drain, Home Depot has several root killer chemicals that are effective.— — — — — —Penrose drainA Penrose drain is a soft, flexible rubber tube used as a surgical drain, to prevent the buildup of fluid in a surgical site. The Penrose drain is named after American gynecologist Charles Bingham Penrose (1862-1925).— — — — — —Oil down the drain? Help?!?Hot soapy water. Do not use (DRANO). Use dish soap, laundry soap, it does not matter. Twice a day run hot soapy water for a week. Problem solved. Soap cuts through the oil and breaks it down.— — — — — —Bathtub & Sink drain maintenance?They make screen drain covers in three sizes. Just set them over the drain and clean out on a regular basis. They come in small, medium and large. I use the small over the tub drain and the large size over my kitchen sink drains. The sink strainer catches all kinds of food debris and the tub, hair. Easy to clean and inexpensive. Prevention is better than expensive drain cleaners— — — — — —installing a bathtub...where should I put the drain?Standard drain lines are normally plumb in the wall centered (or as close to center of the fixture as possible. Tub drains are below the bottom plate and as close to center). You will have a drain assembly that comes with the tub or purchase one that matches your decor. It should have attachments with a trip lever / tub vent and then the drain connection to the tub. Underneath the tub, dry-fit the P-trap assembly to make sure everything will fit properly. The P-trap should have slip adjustments allowing enough play for a standard installation. Install the brass adapter fitting to the drain tailpiece, and loosely connect the brass adapter to the bottom of the tub. Install a horizontal pipe to the P-trap, and attach the other end of the pipe to the main drain line. You may need to use a reduction fitting for a proper connection. After you are sure the P-trap assembly will fit, complete the installation. So, to answer your question where. centered on the tub. Do not connect the drain without the P-trap. The P-trap will prevent sewer gases from coming into your home. Also make sure you have the proper venting for the drain lines besides the tub vent.
Can an Alternator Drain a Battery While the Engine Is Turned Off?
Can an Alternator Drain a Battery While the Engine Is Turned Off?
How old is the battery? It is not uncommon for a rebuilt auto part to be defective. Should be still under warranty.1. Sewing Machine Help!!! My Brother SQ 9000 presser foot is turned approximately 30 degrees to the left.?It's probably time to take it to the repair shop, or replace it. Is it still under warranty? The only possibility I can think of that you could fix at home is that you may have put the foot or shank on incorrectly, but it sounds like the machine is broken.2. Hi I have Nissan sentraec 2004 1.8 ..I received notice passenger airbag if impacted could cause bits & piece metal,glass,etc,etc?The problem is when the air bag deploys...NOT when it deflates. If you are worried about air bag deployment before the air bag is replaced under warranty Disconnect the yellow connector for the air bag that's under the seat. That will shut off the SRS air bag system so there is no chance of the air bag hurting anyone before it gets replaced3. Uhm. My ipod got ran over by a car. Is it covered by apple?Sorry to say but that's only if your under there warranty. but i do not think it is4. Display goes blank after a minute of non-use..Laptop?Send it back under warranty5. complaint on my warranty?Nothing. They did not throw out the food (it probably was not covered anyway), nor did they tell you to throw out the refrigerator. Most people would repair such a high value item, especially if it was new enough to even be close to still under warranty6. in realestate difination of home warranty?Home warranties vary but, mostly they cover appliances the heat/a/c unit. Get a copy of the warranty or ask a REALTOR for a recommendation. There are several with national reputations.7. What is a legal warranty?the written words in the warranty not what any sales person has told you about a product8. How much are laptop monitors in best buy?You cannot buy a new LCD monitor for your computer yourself. You would have to send in your laptop and they will replace it for you (quite expensive though). You can buy an external screen like you would use on a desktop but you have the usual portability issues with that (not being able to take your laptop anywhere you want). It is not very common for screens to do that, you might have dropped it and now the backlight is broken. You should at least send it in to Sony and they can open it up to see what happened and either fix it if it is under warranty and it is a defect, or give you a price quote for fixing it. Many people would suggest buying a new, up-to-date laptop if the screen is truely broken because replacing the screen is pricey.9. How To Fix The Two Red Rings On The Xbox?!?! HELP PLEASE!!?If it is under warranty then call microsoft and let them deal with it. If you have NO warranty then pull up the secondary error code. If you get 0013 then you need the gpu reflowed. Anything else, then you can remove the cpu and cpu's heat sinks and reapply thermal paste.10. $1800 to rebuild my car transmission, is it reasonable?"In response to the recurring problem, the manufacturer extended the warranty covering the transmission to 109,000 miles (175,400 km) or 7.75 years for all 99 to 02 models and 03 partial per VIN. Acura dealers replace the transmissions under warranty. Transmissions replaced prior to March 2005 usually fail again. Transmissions replaced 3/2005 and later include a redesigned 3rd gear clutch pack reported to fix the problem." SO CLOSE...yet so far away! Reasonable if they know what they are doing...otherwise if it's a manual (do they exist?) I would just swap in a used transmission with under that limit...usually the limits are based on endurance testing.11. My window air conditioner AC stopped working after heavy!?If the RCD button on the plug wo not reset then it is probably doing exactly what it is supposed to do, you probably have an earth fault in there caused by the water. My advice is to take it back and get a new one under warranty as there is a problem if some rain messed it up, it should not need to be tilted, most I see are perfectly horizontal. Those units are not worth repairing so hopefull they exchange it but once out of warranty if they break down then replace it. I have repaied loads only to either have the customer complain that as I warned them the bill was more than a new one was worth or something else break within 6 months
Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board
Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board
Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage BoardTamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD Board) is a public agency formed by the Government of Tamil Nadu, under the Ministry of Local Administration and Water Supply, assigned with the task of implementing all water supply and sewerage schemes to the state of Tamil Nadu (except the Chennai Metropolitan Area). TWAD Board coordinates with the Government of India's Ministry of Rural Development and Departments of Drinking Water Supply, Ministry of Water Resources, National River Conservation Directorate, Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, Central Ground Water Board, Non Government Organisations (NGOs), academic institutions, etc., to implement the water supply and sewerage schemes in Tamilnadu.— — — — — —Microcredit for water supply and sanitationMicrocredit for water supply and sanitation is the application of microcredit to provide loans to small enterprises and households in order to increase access to an improved water source and sanitation in developing countries. While most investments in water supply and sanitation infrastructure are financed by the public sector, investment levels have been insufficient to achieve universal access. Commercial credit to public utilities was limited by low tariffs and insufficient cost-recovery. Microcredits are a complementary or alternative approach to allow the poor to gain access to water supply and sanitation. Funding is allocated either to small-scale independent water-providers who generate an income stream from selling water, or to households in order to finance house connections, plumbing installations, or on-site sanitation such as latrines. Many microfinance institutions have only limited experience with financing investments in water supply and sanitation. While there have been many pilot projects in both urban and rural areas, only a small number of these have been expanded. A water connection can significantly lower a family's water expenditures, if it previously had to rely on water vendors, allowing cost-savings to repay the credit. The time previously required to physically fetch water can be put to income-generating purposes, and investments in sanitation provide health benefits that can also translate into increased income.— — — — — —Water supply and sanitation by countryWater supply and sanitation in Afghanistan Water supply and sanitation in Algeria Water supply and sanitation in Argentina Water supply and sanitation in Australia Water supply and sanitation in Bangladesh Water supply and sanitation in Belgium Water supply and sanitation in Benin Water supply and sanitation in Bolivia Water supply and sanitation in Brazil Water supply and sanitation in Burkina Faso Water supply and sanitation in Cambodia Water supply and sanitation in Canada Water supply and sanitation in Chile Water supply and sanitation in China Water supply and sanitation in Colombia Water supply and sanitation in Costa Rica Water supply and sanitation in Cuba Water supply and sanitation in Denmark Water supply and sanitation in the Dominican Republic Water supply and sanitation in Ecuador Water supply and sanitation in Egypt Water supply and sanitation in El Salvador Water supply and sanitation in England and Wales Water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia Water supply and sanitation in France Water supply and sanitation in Germany Water supply and sanitation in Ghana Water supply and sanitation in Gibraltar Water supply and sanitation in Greece Water supply and sanitation in Guatemala Water supply and sanitation in Guyana Water supply and sanitation in Haiti Water supply and sanitation in Honduras Water supply and sanitation in Hong Kong Water supply and sanitation in India Water supply and sanitation in Indonesia Water supply and sanitation in Iran Water supply and sanitation in Iraq Water supply and sanitation in the Republic of Ireland Water supply and sanitation in Israel Water supply and sanitation in Italy Water supply and sanitation in Jamaica Water supply and sanitation in Japan Water supply and sanitation in Jordan Water supply and sanitation in Kenya Water supply and sanitation in Lebanon Water supply and sanitation in Malaysia Water supply and sanitation in Mexico Water supply and sanitation in Morocco Water supply and sanitation in Mozambique Water supply and sanitation in Namibia Water supply and sanitation in the Netherlands Water supply and sanitation in New Zealand Water supply and sanitation in Nicaragua Water supply and sanitation in Nigeria Water supply and sanitation in Pakistan Water supply and sanitation in the Palestinian territories Water supply and sanitation in Panama Water supply and sanitation in Paraguay Water supply and sanitation in Peru Water supply and sanitation in the Philippines Water supply and sanitation in Portugal Water supply and sanitation in Russia Water supply and sanitation in Rwanda Water supply and sanitation in Saudi Arabia Water supply and sanitation in Scotland Water supply and sanitation in Senegal Water supply and sanitation in Sierra Leone Water supply and sanitation in Singapore Water supply and sanitation in South Africa Water supply and sanitation in South Sudan Water supply and sanitation in Spain Water supply and sanitation in Syria Water supply and sanitation in Tanzania Water supply and sanitation in Trinidad and Tobago Water supply and sanitation in Tunisia Water supply and sanitation in Turkey Water supply and sanitation in Uganda Water supply and sanitation in the United Kingdom Water supply and sanitation in the United States Water supply and sanitation in Uruguay Water supply and sanitation in Venezuela Water supply and sanitation in Vietnam Water supply and sanitation in Yemen Water supply and sanitation in Zambia Water supply and sanitation in Zimbabwe
How Can I Freshen a Smelly Drain?
How Can I Freshen a Smelly Drain?
How can I freshen a smelly drain?There should be something in the stores you pour down the drain when you use a septic tank— — — — — —Have you found a good drain declogger?There may be hair and other things stick stuck inside. I've found that hair is usually the big culprit. Pour half a box of baking soda into the drain. The pour half a bottle of vinegar in. Wait 30 minutes. Then pour scalding hot water down the drain. Repeat if necessary.— — — — — —Najafgarh drain or nullahThe Najafgarh drain or Najafgarh Nallah (nullah in Hindi means drain) is just another name for the River Sahibi which continues its flow through Delhi, it is a tributary to River Yamuna in which it outfalls here. Within Delhi it is erroneously called "Najafgarh drain" or "Najafgarh Nallah"', it gets this name from the once famous and huge Najafgarh Jheel (lake) near the town of Najafgarh in southwest Delhi and within urbanized Delhi it is the Indian Capital's most polluted water body due to direct inflow of untreated sewage from surrounding populated areas. A January 2005 report by the Central Pollution Control Board clubs this drain with 13 other highly polluted wetlands under category ''D '' for assessing the water quality of wetlands in wildlife habitats. .— — — — — —Is it OK to Drain Pool Water Into a Yard?Your home's outdoor pool successfully withstands the hot summer sun and cool winter nights for many years, but weathering and age contribute to paint chipping and equipment failures over time. It is necessary to drain the pool periodically for specific repairs, such as reaching a crack near the deep end. Discharging the water into your yard is a permissible choice in some areas, especially if your home is not located close enough to the pool to allow you to drain the water into something like a sink, and thus the sanitary drain, through a hose.— — — — — —I spilled noodles down the drain!?HOT WATER and a lot of it. If the noodles stay in the drain they will set-up like concrete— — — — — —can you drain your washing machine water in to a yard drain?It feels like the main significant sewer stack is plugged, besides as a results of fact the drain is not large sufficient for the addition of the dishwasher to the circuit. Why the water is backing up from the lavatory could desire to be greater info of the blockage. Open the catch on the stack, and positioned a snake down it, If that does not restoration it, you had greater suitable call in a professional.— — — — — —How do I close off the bottom drain on my pool. I need to drain my pool to fix the light. I do not need to kno?The drain on the bottom of your pool is not a drain. You need a pump to drain it out Camie— — — — — —Electric drain cleanersElectric drain cleaners, also called plumber's snakes, use the mechanical force of an electric motor to twist a flexible cable or spring in a clockwise direction and drive it into a pipe. Electric drain cleaners are commonly available with cable lengths of up to 40 metres and can go as far as 80 metres. Advantages of electric drain cleaners include the ability to clean long sections of sewer drain, the ability to remove solid objects such as tree roots and jewelry, and ready availability through hardware stores and tool rental counters. Machines using springs can easily negotiate multiple 90-degree bends while maintaining their effectiveness and without damaging the pipe. Disadvantages of electric drain cleaners include high relative cost and weight, and the considerable physical effort that may be required to control the cable. Safety considerations for electric drain cleaners include the requirement to wear work gloves and eye protection, to carefully control the cable during operation to avoid overstressing it, to use appropriate caution when working around rotating machinery, and to use properly grounded electrical outlets.— — — — — —Drain, OregonDrain is a city in Douglas County, Oregon, United States. The population was 1,151 at the 2010 census. Drain is named after town founder and politician Charles J. Drain, who donated 60 acres (24 ha) of nearby land to the Oregon and California Railroad in 1871.— — — — — —Can I drain a basement sink to the outside lawn?Every county has its own code. You need to check with environmental health. They will probably say "no...tie it in with the septic system." If you are sincere about only water from dirty hands going down the drain it wouldnt be a big deal. You could do the same thing at the outside spigot.
Heater Core Or Just Blocked a/c Drain Tube in 99 Ford Escort?
Heater Core Or Just Blocked a/c Drain Tube in 99 Ford Escort?
sounds like a stopped up ac drain unless you can smell antifreeze.also check the cabin air filter while you have it in the shop plus you also have what they call a rain hat on the passengers side you may want to have that checked as well i know they had a recall awhile back on the rain hat leaking water in the passenger side and they had to put an extension on it.go to cars .com and see if there are any recalls on that model. want hurt anything and if there is a recall they have to fix it no matter what the year1. How To Unclog Bathtub Drain?Try using a drain cleaning or unclogging liquid, you can usually find them in the detergent isles2. What habits drain focus?Libido - The constant feeling of fulfilling your sexual desire can turn on you to masturbate, which is fine, but masturbating frequently can mislead your focus.Spending time with unworthy folks - We often are surrounded by people who are negative. Spending time with the bad ones can decrease your value, waste your valuable time and can give you a chance for smoking marijuana. And once you are into the pit of bad people its hard to get out of it.Using Facebook / Whatsapp / Quora / Instagram - There are people who use this sites as a source of income or to benefit their businesses. But there are people who frequently check notifications on this sites. While some benefit, others detriment thy time. Thus, misleading their focus.Following opposite sex even when it's a "no" - I know it is not easy to move on, neither I am advising you to stop loving him/her. But what could make her love you back, should be the query/concern.? And once you get the answer start working on it. But simply chatting with her wo not work, it will waste your time and since you did not grow successfully, you will still be an undeserving person for her. What did you get in return? Nothing! Hence, wastage of time, misleading your path.3. Marshmallows stuck in my sink drain?grab a rifle and aim closely at the drain . fire4. My boyfriend loves mashed potatoes but does not like gravy how can I spice them up from boring to loving it?Garlic-Chive Mashed Potatoes Ingredients- 3 1/2 pounds russet potatoes, peeled and quartered 3 cloves garlic, peeled 1/8 teaspoon paprika 1 1/2 cups fat-free sour cream 1 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth, warmed 2 tablespoons minced chives 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper Preparation- Place the potatoes, garlic and paprika in a large saucepan or Dutch oven; cover with water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and cook for 15-20 minute or until potatoes are tender. Drain. In a large mixing bowl, beat the potatoes and garlic. Add sour cream, broth, chives, salt and pepper; beat until smooth.5. Is it good to occasionally drain a battery completely?If you mean lithium ion as in phone battery, no, it isn;t.It does not improve anything and uses up the battery's finite number of cycles for no reason6. Further question, parasitic electrical drain?It could have shorted out from an EMP pulse from an alien mothership. I would play it safe and wear a tin foil hat from now on7. Identifying bugs in basement drain?I had the same problem - found by my wife tonight. White little bugs around the drain. We used bleach and also sprayed some Raid there afterwards (not necessary I think, Bleach is good enough). We just have to monitor it and "Bleach" it once in a while. No wonder we noticed 1 or 2 fruit flies when our house is kept super clean all the time, we were searching fhard or the "source". Turns out to be some maggots as mentioned by people here near the drain. I guess where there are moist, wet, dam area these things may appear.8. Can Alternator Cause Battery Drain?of coarse it can (some will still charge but, have a dead cell and wont hold charge long) but, it sounds like a slow draw on power is your problem, check all lights.... trunk, under hood, visor mirrors. any new installs like.... speakers, radio, alarm, auto start? good luck.
I Need to Disconnect the Garbage Disposal From the Drain, How Do I Cut the Power? the Object Is Not
Have you tried actually forcing the object with the disposal tool before you did anything else? In addition, the bottom part is the motor. The area where the blades are is pretty much the only place the object can be. I strongly suggest you Google this project before you go any further. Or call a plumber, Lowe's, Ace, or Home Depot to help you. Cutting the power is to shut off whatever circuit that you are dealing with or all the power to the house. Hope this helps!!!1. My garbage disposal quit working..why?to stop the stink pour a little bleach in the drain It sounds like it is jammed try using the tool that came with the unit to back it up if you don t have it my wife uses a broom handle not recommended but it works some units also have a reset button on the bottom you have to push if it overloads like a lil circuit breaker Hope that helps Good Luck2. what could cause a garbage disposal to flood back water and food when the dishwasher is used, and there is...?You have 2 different problems. The first one is that your disposal is jammed. The second one is you have a partial blockage in your drain below the dishwasher causing it to back up through the drain into the disposal3. What to do with a clogged sink, garbage disposal not working and dishwasher flooding?my mom just had this problem and i watched hubby fix it...if your dish washer runs into the sink then what you need to do is...unscrew all the pips make sure to put a bowl down. .and the pipe that is in the wall you need to take a plumbers snake or a not sure what its called but you hook it up to the water hose and blow water threw your pips to clean them out...this did the trick for moms pipes...her dishwasher and garbage disposal did not empty and the dishwasher would over flow4. Problem with hard-wired garbage disposal?It sounds like you need a new one but, I would hire some one to replace it if you have never done this before. Wiring it is the easy part so if your not sure about doing that you will want help from some one who has done this before. Taking the old one off can be a real pain but if you decide to do this yourself be sure to find the right breaker and turn it off at the breaker box. Good luck5. How do you clean a garbage disposal that doesn't work?Get some rubber gloves and shove your hand down there. You will have to pull out the yucky smelly stuff that is stuck in there. After you do that.. Get some lemons and juice them (can not throw then in there cause then you will have smelly problems again when they rot) and pour it down into the disposal. Do not run the water and leave the juice to soak. 30 minutes later rinse with cold water. It will be better but I can not promise it will be perfect. Also, why do you have to replace it? You do not own the home, your landlord does and its his/her responsiblity to have it work properly. If he/she does not want to pay for a new one, they have to remove it.6. Is it prudent to put my hand down a garbage disposal?As long as you do not turn it on, you will be okay. Some (most?) garbage disposals also have a plug you can unplug to be totally safe. So long as you do not get your hand stuck and do not turn it on, you will have no problems.7. Can I use a receptacle and switch for a dishwasher and garbage disposal?If you are using 12/3 with ground, non-metallic sheathed cable from the panel to the outlet, you will have no problem doing what you want.If the breaker will not switch on, there is a ground-fault, the wiring is wrong, or the breaker is bad. Detect and correct the fault, and reset the breaker.Here is an image showing what the finished circuit should look like. Click for larger view
I Have a Sump Pump Question. I Have a Sump Pump in My Basement and the Drain Is Completely Filled wi
Mine got some trash in it. I took it apart and cleaned it. After putting it back together, it has worked fine for the last 10 years. Does yours have a float switch? It may be the switch itself. Since you have called a professional, your biggest expense will be labor. Most of the things that go wrong with them can be repaired yourself. There is not a whole lot to them1. which sump pump is efficient and economical and reliable as back up : water powered or battery charged.?You could get a small generator and hook that up to your sump pump if you want to. Sewage pump stations maintained by your city or sanitary district has big generators for when they lose electrical power. When they lose power, the generators kick on and power the pumps.2. Switching From Saltwater To Freshwater, Should I Keep The Sump?This is a fairly controversial subject, but in my opinion the kind of sump filter you have is highly desirable. Pros are it's efficient at removing ammonia and other wastes from the water (and also particulate matter, if you use a prefilter, which you should) and it allows you to add other devices and filter media to the sump, if you choose to. It also usually oxygenates the water to saturation levels, and can cool water (somewhat) that may be overheated by use of lights and other appliances (by means of eveporative cooling). They are also more expensive and take up more space than some other kinds of filters. Another minor drawback is that if you use an overflow drain (the "big black thing in the corner"), it's hard to use floating fish foods, because they tend to get sucked into the filter before the fish can finish eating them. On the balance, though, I would use the sump filter and feed sinking foods.3. Sump Oil used to coat timber?Back in the day, it was common for farmers to dip the bottoms of fence posts in used motor oil as a preservative, The main two draw back to this system, was a] it did not really work all that well and; b] it is an environmental nightmare. If you want that dark dark brown almost black appearance get some modern fence paint from you local farm store and thin it down (mineral spirits for oil based or water for latex). I think you will be very happy with the result and wo not have to worry every time you use the taps.4. New Build, sump pump question.?Concrete is very difficult to drill through, especially a large enough hole to accomodate a drain line. He did it the way he did to prevent running it through the foot-thick concrete basement walls. It COULD have been run through the concrete wall but would have cost a LOT more. If it is a new build they should have put a conduit in the wall when they poured the concrete but since that did not happen he probably did it the only practical way he could. It should not be a problem for the pump. Bert5. Does a Refugium replace a sump filter in an aquarium?You are describing a wet/dry filter if it has ceramic or plastic rings. Yes, it is often called a sump, but there is also many different setups that apply to a sump (like a refugium sump). I use refugium sumps on many tanks. They allow for a protected area to grow plants, hide heaters, and add in as many different filter elements (like carbon, uv sterilizers, etc) that keep the display part of the tank clutter free. The plants provide natural biological filtration and are very efficient natural filters themselves, helping control nitrate. The wet/dry setups handle ammonia and nitrite very well, in addition to the other benefits mentioned, but do little to stop nitrate (need plants or anaerobic areas for anaerobic bacteria to handle the nitrate). Water changes still are primarily how you remove nitrates, just as with any other filter. A sump is just a more versatile and customizable filter. The concept is the same as the hang on back filter or a canister filter, just is allows for more customization, more additional volume, the ability to raise plants and hide heaters, increase surface area and oxygen in the tank, etc. Plus it helps limit all the stuff you have handing around the tank so you see the tank and fish and not all these tubes and wires! you can use a sump in addition to a HOB filter, or can replace it.
Dishwasher Drain Is Clogged - Leaving About 2" Water in Bottom?
every dishwasher i have ever owned always had some water in the bottom after washing. as far as i know, this is normal1. Do old sepia photographs fade to neutral gray, or is something else going on here?I think this image is printed on double weight paper. Photo papers are made from mostly wood pulp. This stuff has a relatively course structure with the cells of the wood somewhat intact. Likely the photographer had a darkroom on premises and did his own film developing, enlarging, and paper processing (this was the norm). Likely this is pretty standard paper, not resin coated (RC). Archrival stability is easy to achieve provided the paper was properly fixed and then thoroughly washed to remove the residual chemicals of the process. Particularly difficult because residual chemicals are trapped in the wood cells. Thorough washing is the key. Double weight papers required about 1 hour in running water. If a washing agent (hypo clear) chemical bath is used, wash time is cut considerably. Given that few darkrooms in that era were concerned about water conservation, I will bet this print was improperly washed ---meaning residual chemicals remained.After the print was processed, many photographers toned their prints. This is a chemical treatment that was done for aesthetic reasons. To many, a brown or sepia tone made a more elegant presentation. There were many toning methods. We cannot say which one was used.Most common was a twostep "Sepia Toner". The print was bleached in "Farmer's Reducer", a solution of potassium ferricyanide (not particularly toxic). Next, the print was bathed in a solution containing the sodium sulfide which re-developed the silver image giving it sepia (red brown) color. Besides the warm tone, when properly done, the print became super archival ---meaning the image likely will outlast the paper it's printed on. Note I said properly done. The typical silver in gelatin print, properly washed and fixed, is stable. However, the silver will eventually be attacked by airborne sulfur or other agents. Sulfur was a plague in the coal burning era. It gradually attacks the silver causing it to tarnish. The problem was, the tarnish is brown or yellowish and uneven. The sepia method uniformly pre-tarnished the print. Now a print properly treated this way has a nonreactive image.By proper, we are talking about proper fixing, proper washing then toning and then re-washing. All papers exposed to the air and humidity are subject to chemical fading. The edges of the paper are clean cut with a knife. Airborne chemicals can freely enter the paper from the edges. Framed pictures are vulnerable because the frames are painted -- thus chemicals leach out and into the print paper2. extremely dry, cracked, bleeding hands?I work in stained glass with chemicals and wet grinders, my hands will bleed from the knuckles because of the dry cracks. The best product I have used is Neutragena Norwegian formula fast absorbing hand cream. It does not leave your hands greasy, and if he can apply it several times a day, it protects his skin even in water. I swear by it, have a tube in my coat pocket, and by my bed. Bed time application is the most important because you are not using your hands while you sleep, and the lotion can work undisturbed by washing or friction. Good luck!3. I need advice on an electric heater for my home.?Get econ 7, do washing at night on much less costly value. Hoover and do what ever you could on the night value. look at changing your electric business enterprise to Ebico. they have not any status can charge and there rates consistent with KWH is below others. definite you could positioned a timer in for warm water tank electric grant4. Please tell me about cloth diapers? ?pros - once you buy them, you never have to buy more. - your only expense is electricity, water and detergent. - less chance of allergic reaction - toilet training is easier when the time comes because chn can feel the wetness of their actions - you an reuse cloth diapers as shade cloths, spit up rags, emergency bibs etc. - it's better for the environment. Less waste. cons - you have to wash them - this takes time and energy out of your day. If you do it every second day it's not to so bad. If you have a diaper service in your area its not problem at all ... but might eat into your finances. - space. Cloth diapers take up alot of space in your house as you need a diaper-bucket to put the soiled ones, and another bucket for the urine ones. This is used for soaking purposes. - mess. cloth diapers leak more then the disposables. - smell. SOME people have had issues with the smell of cloth diapers in their house. Others do not have that problem at all. Keeping up with the washing helps with this. And putting a dash of white vinegar in the rinse load of the washing helps remove the ammonia smell in the diapers. - cost. In queensland australia (where i live) it is far more costly to use cloth diapers due to the high cost of water. We are in a drought and the cost of water is very, very high. The expense used in washing far outweighs the cost of buying disposables. - travel. you have to cart wet/soiled cloth diapers home with you when you are out in public. Pack large reusable snap lock bags so it's no hassle really.
How Can I Install the Drain for My Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?
I do not see any problem with installing it horizontally on the run between the two sinks. You will probably need a new slip nut (the part that goes on top of the trap) but otherwise it can probably connect into the existing union that's there now. Just keep the piece that goes to the RO on the top (facing up).1. My water at home taste terrible. whats a good inexpensive water filter ? one that doesn't attach to the faucetThere is a under the sink mountable filtration system sold at Home Depot that works really well. Its made by Hague Quality Water.... its a three stage reverse osmosis system2. What is the best water filter for really hard, high mineral water?i do not know for sure but an activated charcoal filter should help out a lot. they may lots of different filters and the normal one is a rope wound type and that will take lots of minerals out but i am not sure about hard water. they make water softeners that will remove some hard water and once i had to use what is called an iron out filter that used a chemical called potassium permanganate and you had to recharge it about once a month. took a few hours to do and if yo got the chemical on you it took days to get the dark blue/purple off your skin. these are the only filters i know that may work for you. or check with a company that does water treatments like culligan. good luck.3. What are those black specs that float to the top of Brita water filter containers?Brita Filter Floats4. Can you improve alcohol by running it through a water filter several times?people will still overuse or overdo what is the use?5. Is it ok to use a PUR water filter past the time it says red or to replace?probably nothing bad would happen i am sure the performance of the filter would get worse until it did finally stop working6. What are the best sources of drinking water? Bottled water, tap water, Filter Systems, Culligan Publix.?We have good tap water here. I drink it. My dogs drink it. When we are on the road they get tap water from all over. My rule of thumb is pretty much if it looks & smells & tastes OK to me, it's OK for the dogs. If the water looks & smells & tastes OK to you. Just leave it be. They will drink. Like you said they are coming around.7. What happens if you drink the water from a brita water filter before it's ready?You might get a couple of crunchy bits of charcoal in your water. That's about it8. Water filter pours out water each time refrigerator runs.?a new filter should work9. Do you submerge the "water filter" in a fish tank?Well, a number of have trace on just a few abilities sources of the color, however the surely purpose is the driftwood staining the water yellow. This could be faily innocent to the fish. The opposite primary source of yellowing water is a build up of protein within the water. It will eventually become a obstacle for the fish. Altering 25-30% of the water every week will hinder that and also would hinder the staining if it is from the timber. I would start with a 50% water trade asap then do a 25% or so exchange each other day unless the water is clear again then once a week there after to hinder the return of the concern. No chemicals, no additives for clearing the water, just trade it out. Oh, do b definite to make use of declorinator though :) Too dangerous you needed to read up to now right down to get real answers .. Geesh10. Water filter in fishtank is too loud?Raise your water level or lower the filter11. Does anyone know where I can find a Frigidare Gallery water filter?Just Google something like "replacement refrigerator filters" and you will find lots of online stores that sell filters for all brands. Have you are model number handy, but there is one particular filter that fits many of the brands. Ours for a Kenmore is about $50 at Sears, about $40 from an online store and there is a $25 low-buck brand that does not filter quite so fine. But we've decided that we can not tell any difference, our tap water is great, so we are gonna run without a filter from now on.....the owner's manual says you just pull the old filter out and put the cap back on
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