Compact Fluorescent Light Flickering When Off.?

hey!! you answered my question about a project, you suggested a forklift which is what i was thinking too! but i was wondering if you would go into more detail with the forks thing, that's the only thing i am stuck on!! (sorry i had to leave this here but i couldnt email you!!) cheers!

1. How do you remove wires from fluorescent light sockets?

You do not remove the wires, you cut them close to the ballast. Then you strip them and use little blue wire nuts to connect the wires to the new ballast. By the way. The wires that come with new ballasts are NOT long enough to reach the sockets.

2. What causes fluorescent light bulb to light up when it is near a plasma globe? Can this phenomenon be used to generate electricity in a circuit?

FLORESCENCE AT WORKA couple of things about florescence first: Florescence is a quantum phenomenon that works something like this. The florescent atom absorbs high energy photons, usually UV from a discharge, and an electron makes a transition from the state $n_1$ (usually the ground state) that has energy $E_1$ to a higher metastable state $n_3$ with energy $E_3$. Immediately below the state $E_3$ there is a level $n_2$ with energy $E_2

3. have fluorescent light on three-way switches?

The only other suggestion if the other answer does not work would to make sure they are properly grounded

4. What's the difference between incandescent and fluorescent light?

an incandescent bulb glows from the heating of the filament and requires current commiserate with its wattage and they burn you. a fluorescent bulb requires a jolt to start a flow of electricity through the neon gas contained in the bulb. they are cool to the touch, cheaper to operate. better but more expensive to install or replace

5. I like daylight fluorescent light bulbs,so I put two of them in the garage light, and now it won't turn off.?

light switch itself is worn out. Replace

6. I broke fluorescent light bulb on floor. What should I do to make floor safe for cat?

Vacuum it, but you know that the remainder of that bulb should not go in the general trash, do not you? It is hazardous waste

7. Will the fluorescent light bulbs poison our world with mercury?

the government is not telling us which easy bulbs to purchase, we would desire to continually purchase incandescent easy bulbs constantly if we so elect. the only factor the government did replace into to assert we can no longer manufacture incandescent easy bulbs interior the U.S. after 2014. i am continually surprised when I hear questions like this by way of fact we've maximum of alternative problems that are incredibly worth of our attention. This one replace into purely trumped up by way of hate radio and hate television to maintain little minds remote from the genuine problems

8. I'm setting up our classroom in the basement with little natural light, should I use fluorescent light?

A lack of natural light causes depression, and that is not conducive to study. Is it necessary to have your classroom down there? Perhaps it would be better used as a library, somewhere to keep everything when it is not in use. I agree about the flickering, I had to drop classes at Tafe (like American Community College) when they changed to a building with flickering lights. On the other hand, if there are not windows, normal globes might not be enough. I think if you need to work down there, you need to be prepared to come upstairs into the natural light very frequently. That might prove to be more of a hassle than just working upstairs.

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Market Lighting Affects Nutrients.
Market Lighting Affects Nutrients.
Many people reach toward the back of the fresh-produce shelf to find the freshest salad greens with the latest expiration dates. But a new study led by Agricultural Research Service scientists may prompt consumers to instead look for packages that receive the greatest exposure to light--usually those found closest to the front.The study was led by postharvest plant physiologist Gene Lester while in ARS's Crop Quality and Fruit Insects Research Unit, in Weslaco, Texas. Lester and colleagues Donald Makus and Mark Hodges found that spinach leaves exposed to continuous light during storage were, overall, more nutritionally dense than leaves exposed to continuous dark. Lester is now with the USDA-ARS Food Quality Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland.For the study, the researchers exposed spinach leaves to light similar to the 24hour artificial fluorescent light received by spinach in packages located at the front of the display case. A second group was enclosed in two-layer-thick brown grocery-bag paper to represent the "dark treatment." Both experimental groups were housed in market-type, light-transmissible polymer tubs with snap-tight lids and were kept in walk-in storage chambers at 4[degrees]C--the same temperature at which markets currently display packaged spinach. The light reaction of photosynthesis is not temperature dependent and can occur at 4[degrees]C in the right type of light.The researchers found that the continuous light affected the leaves' photosynthetic system--resulting in a significant increase in levels of carotenoids and vitamins C, E, K, and B9, or folate.While the simulated retail light conditions actually helped the stored leaves gain in content of several human-healthy vitamins, some wilting occurred after 3 days of storage in flat-leaf but not crinkled-leaf types.Continuous light exposure during retail display combined with specific cultivar selection (crinkled-leaf types) and leaf maturity (baby-leafed size) appears to be the strategy for preserving and enhancing the concentration of spinach-derived human-health bioactive compounds.Results from this work were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.--By Rosalie Marion Bliss, ARS.Gene E. Lester is with the USDA-ARS Food Quality Laboratory, 10300 Baltimore Ave., Beltsville, MD 20705-5129; (301) 504-6128, .*
How Would You Feel If the Government Forced You into Using Fluorescent Light Bulbs?
I already use only CF bulbs so I would not give a damn. If you dispose of CF bulbs correctly what is the problem?1. Can you take indoor photos with fluorescent light?Sure. If you have a steady hand, good lighting and a good lens, you can even use 100 ISO film. Just the colours may turn out competely crap, especially flesh tones. Nope, switching to another film type (tungsten vs. daylight) usually wo not help you there, either (unless you have 965 tubes). In fact, the colour rendition will depend a lot on the type of tubes you got. If you have no influence on that, all you can do is hope for the processing lab to make the right decision regarding colour compensation/filtering when making the prints. In any case, steady lights for studio setups now often use fluorescents instead of tungsten/halogen lamps - much less heat that way.2. I have a room with 15 fluorescent light fixtures in the ceiling why does it take 30 min. for them to light?Temp effects fluorescent and they can have issues if the voltage is not exact. My guess is the ballast going most often due to age3. How much damage is done to ascorbic acid vitamin C content by sunlight and fluorescent light? [closed]Ascorbic acid in solid crystallic form is much less sensitive to light and oxidation, compared to its solutions ( especially if in ascobate form ). Another lucky consequence is only the outer layer has been exposed to the light, the inner bag content is not disturbed.It is hard to quantify the impact. Empirical evaluation could be if it changed the colour of the outer layer. But even if it did, the change of the overall acid content in the bag would be negligible4. Statistics- A random sample of 56 fluorescent light bulbs has a mean life of 645 hours with a population stand?a 95% confidence interval of the POPULATION mean will lie within /- 1.96 * POPULATION SD of the sample mean thus interval = 645 - 1.96*31 to 645 1.96*31 = 584.24 to 705.76 say, 584 to 706 hours5. Does my fish aquarium fluorescent light need to always be on 24/7?hello, fish only need 6 to 8 hrs of light during the day. fish need that time at night to relax. also leaving the light on all the time can cause unsightly algae growth6. how do i fix my fluorescent light?At this point most like is the ballaster gone, cheaper just buy complete new than try to change the ballaster7. I have a new fluorescent light and an open ended light cord, how do I connect the two?Each set of cords should have two wires. If these two wires are not two different colors then one wire's insulation (plastic covering) should have a rib (protrusion) and the other does not . The other set should be similar. If there is not any ribbed sides, then you do not have to be concerned. DO NOT PLUG IN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED Make sure about 1/2 inch of bare wire is stripped on all the pairs of wire. Match the two ribbed wires and twist them together in clockwise motion. Twist the connector onto the twist you just completed until it is a little tight (DON'T TRY TO MAKE REAL TIGHT). Do the exact same to the other plain pairs of wires. Make sure you do not have any lose pieces on your fluorescent light. Most fluorescent light fixtures have what is called a balast, which is a metal cylindrical device which screws into the fixture; make sure this is not loose. If it is not you are ready to try the light. Now you can plug in the light to see if it works.8. Why do my new fluorescent light bulbs flick when I turn the switch off?Start by replacing the switches, simple job, two wires, your done. It sounds like the switch is going bad and is not completely turning off. If you do not understand all the safety concerns about working with electricity, find someone that does and get them to do it.9. Formula for annual energy cost of 12W fluorescent light bulb?((12 watts x 8 hrs/wk x 52 wks/yr)/1000) x .08 = equals the number of cents it will cost you to run this light per year. By the way, a 14 year old should be able to set up the formula.
What Does the Starter Thing on a UVB T8 Fluorescent Light Fixture Do? Am I Suppose to Unscrew It and
i am not an electrician yet those i've got mounted have been extraordinarily basic. you in basic terms could desire to get rid of the bulbs and the panel from the fixture. The ballast is a black metallic container with wires going out and in. The ballast would be related in some trend to the real (ceiling part) of the fixture - could be some sort of clip device or screws. With the potential off (that's maximum secure to show it off on the circuit breaker), clip the wires or get rid of the twine nuts on the splice and get rid of the ballast from the fixture. connect the hot ballast and re-twine. in basic terms undergo in strategies how the wires have been related initially and do it the comparable way - the twine colorations could or will possibly not tournament so be certain you be conscious how they have been related in the previous you get rid of it. you are able to could desire to strip the ends of the wires to splice the wires from the hot ballast into the wires from the fixture. you apart from mght could could desire to shorten the wires from the hot ballast somewhat so which you do not have a team of extra twine to handle - needless to say you do not % to decrease plenty which you would be able to not connect the wires. Twist the ends of the ballast wires to the ends of the wonderful wires from the fixture in a clockwise direction and screw on a twine nut. Re-connect the panel and replace the bulbs turn the potential decrease back on after which turn the sunshine on from the change to verify it works. The kit you are able to need are a screwdriver (probably Philips head yet have a flat head in basic terms in case), twine strippers, twine nuts, a flashlight if there is inadequate gentle on your artwork area, and doubtless electric tape. it somewhat is recommended to have somebody show you the thank you to do it first just to be secure. you are coping with electrical energy in spite of each and every little thing1. How long do I have to leave my high wattage light fixture on per day to feed my inverts?For the button polyps and mushroom, leaving the light on for about 8 hours a day would be sufficient. You have a problem with the sebae anemone though. A 130 watt compact fixture really is not strong enough for them and especially if you do not want to leave the light on long it will most likely die. They require very strong lighting more like metal halide with the light on about 8-12 hours a day. When an anemone dies it makes a big mess and could kill everything in the tank since you do not seem too eager to do maintenance, so I suggest getting rid of it before it croaks. And it will grow too big for a 20 gallon. You should not leave it on all the time though, it is not good for anything in the tank, they should have normal daylight hours.2. I replaced the light fixture in my kids room and it doesn't work.?First, good idea and ideal methodology for the first two posts. If you open up a junction box, put it back just like you found it. Look, think, act. If you found two grounds in the box, it has been rewired, they were not running ground wires in the 19th century. It can be a royal pain to install fixtures in old boxes, with long screws, so next time, test the light before you put everything back together. Best of luck3. aquarium hood vs light fixture?i've never been a fan of those fluorescent hoods because they do not give you much flexiblity. But a new light depends on a lot of things like your budget, how much wattage you want the light fixture to the, what kind of look you want, if you want LED's or T5HO's. My planted tank does not have a glass canopy so i have to add water to it every day but it's not that bad. I would start to look at light fixtures and think about what kind of brackish plants you want and what requirements they need. That's a start
How Do I Get a 48" Fluorescent Light Fixture From Flickering for Several Minutes When I Turn It On?
used to, fluoresced bulbs had an attachment called a "ballast" i think. when that part needed replacing, you got a lot of flickering. But if you are using a newer bulb, that looks a lot like a regular light bulb, this is not the answer.1. i have an old light fixture made by kentucky brand lighthtbulbs with 3looping elements 50 w 115v?How proud you must be. ;) Now what is your question, please? I doubt that this is the right place to ask, as you are probably looking to date it or find sale value. I would suggest googling for the name of the company, or for that of a lighting historian (they have specialists on everything else) or an antiques dealer specializing in lighting. You might find one with a store on ebay, I've never researched lighting, but there are a thousand ways to find anything. Good luck!2. What kind/style of light fixture is this called?It may be considered as crystal chandelier. I agree, the light seems so elegant that it can make a grand statement to your room or dining. I think it's perfect if the chandelier is located at the dining room. In that picture, it may look good because the room has enough space to contain this kind of lightings3. I removed a ceiling fan with a remote control.I want to install a regular light fixture and switch need wiringCall a qualified electrician. Burning the house down is very expensive. If you need to ask something so basic, you really should not do your own wiring. No offense meant, just giving you good advice.4. how do I get into this light fixture to change the bulb?Looking at the pictures it seems a ceiling mounted porch light to me. And to replace the bulb inside the only remedy is stop twisting and turning the glass but BREAK it with a hammer....No way Just joking. All you have to do is to look for three screws hidden just behind the brown ring above it and at the the recessed part. Once you find them be careful to support the glass from below and unscrew them. the lower part will come out easily and you can change the bulb inside. Next you have to replace this the same way.5. I bought two ceiling medallions for my kitchen to cover old light fixture markings, do I paint them?yes you should unless you want the unfinished look6. replacing a ceiling light fixture?You need a fixture stud or strap. Go to the website in my source for what that looks like. Good luck!7. how to wire a new light fixture and switch using the power from an exsisting switch?If there is only one black and one white wire you can not use that present circumstance to run your new fixture without putting both lights in series. If you wish to run both lights from this one switch you will need to bring a power feed into the switch box separate from the switch run that presently exists. The existing wiring arrangement in the ceiling light will have to be changed.8. I'm replacing a vanity light fixture in my bathroom but the copper wire wasn't connected, help?Yes. If your new fixture has a ground, connect it to the copper wire. You do not need the ground until something goes wrong. Luckily, nothing did. In a bathroom you really do need it if something does.9. Weird light fixture problem. Have I killed my kitchen lights?Did you check the circuit breaker?10. Rewiring between a light fixture & switch where the wires are hidden behind a wall.?I would have to agree with C T on this one if you are not sure sometimes you are better off going through the hasssle of cutting holes between the studs rewire what you need to then patch the drywall. seems like a lot of work, but may save a lot of aggrevation11. Electricity keeps going off in one room only !?Would the living room portion that is going out be on a shared wall with either the kitchen, or this one room that keeps going out? Kitchens are one of the few rooms in a modern home that typically have multiple circuits run to them. Any outlets near a water source (countertop within a few feet of the sink), for example, have to be GFCI outlets, and these are usually run independent of say, an outlet on a seperate wall. Also, if there is a dishwasher, or refrigerator, those are usually on their own circuits. So its pretty common to find a wall outlet (or light fixture) sharing a circuit that actually powers another room. In fact, having 2 rooms of wall outlets on the same circuit happens quite a lot, especially if they are on the same shared wall...its very easy to wire them all together. From what little youve described, my first guess would be that youve got too many things running at the same time. You would need to remove some high amp item(s) and use a different outlet circuit (space heater for example, would be easy to relocate). If you really need to have the items you are using where they are located, then simply have an electrician or handyman run a new circuit for you (provided youve got an extra slot available in the service panel for the additional circuit breaker). The next item I would suspect, if the above checked out ok, would be a loose wire. Third item to check would be to look at the breakers themselves. When you look at the circuit panel, inside the door, there should be a list of all the circuits...which breaker controls which. If the breakers arent listed, then some detective work will be necessary, hehehe. The first thing I would look at, is that list...Is one breaker supplying all the power to the affected areas? If so, then I would do a quick check on the items plugged see if you are exceeding the breaker's limit. Good Luck
How Do You Know Is Fluorescent Light Bulbs Are Burnt Out?
Since it is a Fluorescent light, it could be several things. I will try to put them in order of likely problems. The way a fluorescent light works takes several steps. The bulb is filled with a gas. It has a starter (ballast) that ignites the gas. (Sorry for a long answer). Most likely scenario in order: 1. the bulb is burned out ( normally the glass has a black ring near the ends) 2. the ballast is bad (inside of the fixture) 3. the power is off (breaker) 4. the switch is bad1. Do low energy light bulbs emit fluorescent light?There is no such thing as "fluorescent light". A fluorescent bulb is named such, because an electrical charge causes excited electrons to hit the phosphurous coating the inside of the bulb, causing it to glow, or fluoresce. You might mean do they emit ultraviolet light? A tiny amount, not harmful "sitting under fluorescent lights for eight hours is equivalent to only one minute of sun exposure."2. Which one bears a resemblance to sunlight, fluorescent light bulb with color temperature 5,000K or 6,500K?6500K would be good for a task light, or a reading light. I would not use it for general room illumination3. Fluorescent light bulb still blinking after turned off.?just guessing that the ballast is leaking current4. How does one dispose of a compact fluorescent light bulb ? Apparently, they contain mercury.?Compact fluorescent bulbs WILL NOT leak mercury while you are using them. But you should handle them with care so that you do not break them. Like most things, there is a trade off. If you are worried about global warming and energy security, the benefits will far exceed any risk from toxicity. Just make sure to recycle them. IKEA now accepts old CFLs, and Environmental Defense is working with Wal-Mart to start a similar take-back program. If you can not find a store in your area to do this, Just do not throw in your trash!!5. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and Hybrid/electric cars. Is it all a green lie?As for the mercury bulbs, are completely's gotta go somewhere. Hybrid cars are the best alternative right now, because hydrogen is more costly (energy wise) to produce and then burn, than it would be to just burn gasoline as it is. Think about the energy required to make the glass bulbs much longer to the CFLs last? I am sure the math works out. The only permanent solutions to our energy problems are those that increase efficiency, or decrease use. Nuclear and hydroelectric plants are more efficient. Other than those two options, using electric cars that run off a hydroelectric power grid is probably about as good as it gets right now. As for the disposal of batteries...lithium ion batteries can be recycled, as can Sodium Nickel one uses lead acid batteries in electric cars - they can only be discharged to 65% and retain a useful life cycle. The typical electric car's batteries would be useful for well over 100,000 miles which equates to 7 years for your average driver, and battery technology is getting better all the time. You can take off your tin-foil hat. The oil companies' profit margins are falling. Our democrats successfullly stopped them from building new refineries and digging for more abundant oil sources, so prices will only go up until we run out in a couple hundred years. They are not trying to maximize profits, they are trying to usher in an era of new technology (unsuccessfully). Wolf Harper, I would like to talk to you about this over a cup of coffee... About the forests: we do need to plant more trees instead of cutting (or worse, burning) them down. However, saying that we are better off because there are fewer coal plants is ridiculous....we are still polluting at a disturbing rate...and how are we going to keep up with the growing population - by polluting more. There is no immediate solution to our energy and pollution problems. The amount of CO2 put out by factories > The amount exhaled. By a whole heck of allot. Tungsten and glass is biodegradable? This is news to me. Besides, CFL's are not the lamp of the future, oLEDs are.
What Foundation to Wear Under Fluorescent Light?
If you have not tried it-go to a place like Ulta store & buy a $60 Bare Minerals ID makeup starter kit. It will have all the brushes you need & they will match your skin tone-fair,medium, dark etc with the samples. It has a dvd to watch & you will be a pro the 1st time you use it. Will be no gooey,wet makeup to gloss. The kit has-3 brushes, 2 color jars of mineral makeup powder, 1 jar of the veil-applied over makeup to seal it, & a container of blush & a container of warmth should you want more color on forehead or nose...I love this stuff!! There is enough mineral makeup in the kit to last a year if not longer. My mom is 72, she raved at my makeup. I showed her my kit & she got one. Now no guessing on her part if its too much or if the color is right, it will adjust to your skin in minutes & is all minerals, so lite & feels as if no makeup is there. Mom can do hers in 5 minutes-same as I can.1. Compact-Fluorescent light bulb broke/smashed into bits... a month ago?I easily have a keenness for difficult-power storage instruments and programming, the compact fluorescent easy bulbs supply off a "happy" temper easy that I crave, so I stay close to them2. Which one bears a resemblance to sunlight, fluorescent light bulb with color temperature 5,000K or 6,500K?you are going to grow cannabis. This is what those bulbs are for3. Why do compact Fluorescent light bulbs last so much longer than incandescent ones?I think it is the poisonous mercury and other heavy metals in them. So much for going green, huh? A big disposal problem, polluting the landfills4. How do you know is Fluorescent light bulbs are burnt out?The smaller/shorter ones like what would be in a closet or above your stove simply will not turn on at all if it is burnt out. You get nothing, no flicker, no black ends. Replace the bulb is the problem5. How do you dispose of fluorescent light bulbs that contain mercury?broken unfortunately right now just throw them away. maybe pack them so the do not break, Let me start off by saying we (my family and I) live 100% off of the grid and are completely self-sufficient with a 0% Carbon footprint. I believe this is the first step anyone can make "help the environment". Once you convert your own life style to a greener more eco friendly route, you can start helping others. Compact fluorescent light bulbs, right now, are more " eco-wise" then anything else most consumers can get a hold of (ie. incandescent) and currently save over 2000 times their own weight in greenhouse gases. But since my house is completely on solar / wind and we REALLY need to watch usage, every light is fitted with screw type (typical 110v lamp socket style) LED bulbs. They emit the same luminosity (typically 45) but at only 1watt rather then a 45w compact or 10w CFL. However they usually cost twice as much as CFLs which is twice as much (or more) as compacts. Still LEDs would be the way to go by far. As for the second part of your question... Mercury IS the lesser of the evils, without getting toooo elaborate discussing specifics (ie. which burns ozone faster, other layer's besides ozone, disposing locations, methods, wind conditions, etc), one needs less mercury gas then most others, to obtain the same luminosity in a vacuum because of mercury's longer agitated spectral wavelength. Mercury's wavelength is more blue which is a longer more "luminous" or brighter light to say sodium, which is a more light orange or shorter less bright (red being the shortest) wavelength. so you would need more sodium or other, in the tube or more electricity to the tube, to create the same luminosity as mercury. so mercury wins out only because the sheer volume needed is less then the others. I've written several how-to DIY guides available at www agua-luna com on the subject. I also offer online and on-site workshops, seminars and internships to help others help the environment. Dan Martin Living 100% on Alternative & Author of How One Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Resource Is Transforming The Lives of Regular People From All Over The World... Instantly Elevating Their Income & Lowering Their Debt, While Saving The Environment by Using FREE ENERGY... All With Just One Click of A Mouse...For more info Visit: www AGUA-LUNA com Stop Global Warming, Receive a FREE Solar Panels Now!!!
Are White Fluorescent Light Bulbs Better for the Eyes Or the Yellow Incandescent Ones?
white light is brighter, , but fluorescent tubes have a tendency to flicker... maybe thats why people say bulbs are better1. Do we want our Government forcing us to use fluorescent light bulbs?I live on solar and have for about 16 years now. I have started with my first cpf light bulb way back then when it actually cost over 20.00. However , I still have it and it still burns brightly. I have about 20 or so in my house, and not one of them flickers. The long tube kind sometimes do as bad ballasts etc. If your epileptic, then yes , a flickering light, most usually a strobe can trigger a seizure. But these generally do not flicker. As far as the Mercury, give me a break. There is not enough mercury in one of these to shine a dime. Do not believe everything people would want you to believe. I used to play with mercury all the time when I was a kid, as did so many others. I am still alive, well and over 60. I also painted houses with lead paint which holds up far better then this junk the tree huggers are making us use. I had a bow and arrow and a .22 rifle before I was 12 and nobody ever lost an eye to one of my arrorws nor was wounded from my gun. What I do not like however , is someone telling me what I WILL use and what I wo not use. That is no longer a democracy, but communisium. Pure and simple.. If more people would use their heads from something other than a battering ram , we would not be in this mess.2. Is there anywhere around the house where you should NOT install a compact fluorescent light bulb?They are not supposed to be used in enclosed light fixtures. If you are worried about a specific spot, just leave the old bulb. They save electricity but a few old bulbs will not make that much of a difference.3. Do I need a new fluorescent light or a new starter?if one end of tube is discoloured it's probably a dud but try a starter first4. I replaced my fluorescent light bulbs in my kitchen and today they will not light up as bright. how co?make sure the pins are completely seated in the tombstones(sockets)5. Why do my freshwater fish freak out with a fluorescent light? Don't want to hurt them...?I hope you turn on the light in the room first instead of just turing on the tank light, since it will be like you being blindfolded then looking at the sun and removing the blindfold. Its just too fast of adjustment so if your doing that stop if not let them get used to it6. Do fluorescent light bulbs conatain UV?I do not know about turtles, but your standard fluorescent bulb does not emit any appreciable UV during normal operation. A typical bulb emits light at its greatest intensity at wavelengths greater than 500nm. There are a few small peaks near 435nm, but nothing significant. So-called "natural sunshine" bulbs do emit light in the UV spectrum at moderate intensity, at around 365nm, though most of their emission spectrum is still above 400nm7. How do I diagnose fluorescent light flicker?Flickering and buzzing where bigger problems with magnetic ballasts and cheaper type T12 Fluorescents. These are becoming obsolete, if you have these types of lamps and ballasts you can retrofit them out to the newer High Power Factor electronic ballasts and type T8 lamps, or LED tubes. T8 fluorescent lamps are about $3.00 each and A ballast is about $17.00. LED tubes are about $8.00 a tube but you still have to retrofit the fixture. Good luck.8. How long is the standard lifespan of a typical compact fluorescent light bulb?The average compact fluorescent light bub lasts about 7500 hours, which is about a year, depending on the type of compact fluorescent and the manufacturer9. I broke a fluorescent light bulb in my bedroom, will I be okay?Ya you will be fine, you will just **** out your knees and piss out your elbows for a few weeks. ******
How Do I Fix This Fluorescent Light?
First, replace the two bulbs. 2nd, verify connections, then replace ballast. competently of path. Kill the ability. those style of lighting fixtures will knock you down, so be careful. The ballast run the voltage as much as approximately six hundred volts. If I undergo in innovations precise, it takes an analog meter to verify the voltage on the bulb socket. Set the analog meter at 1000v on the dial till now you touch the outcomes interior the sockets. If this is been a month, you are in all probability out of guarantee.1. how long do regular light bulbs last? and how long do fluorescent light bulbs last?It says on the end of the lightbulb silly. Oh yeah and also a website. It varies though, a regular bulb is approx 6000 hours and a flourescent could be 11000 to 20000 hours so in other words they last for years. Flourscent bulbs are allegedly better because they use less power. They use about 13 watts compared to a 60 watt bulb which is a regular light bulb. So count the lights in your house and multiply that by 60 watts or by 13 watts and you will see the power you will save using flourescents. The one downfall of flourescents that most people do not know is that they have mercury in them which is not very good for then environment either. Do not put that in your assignment lol. Any other questions?2. how do i fix my fluorescent light?I see you asked the same question, but with a new title They contain a starter, and this will have died and got stuck shorting the cathodes out! Try looking for a small plastic can sticking out of the light fitting, twist it anti clockwise and the pull it out. Get down to the local hardware store and look for fluorescent lamp starters and buy a new one. If you really need that lamp working this instant that switch it on first, wait for the ends to glow and then twist the starter out with the lamp still on and it should come on!3. I broke fluorescent light bulb. What should I do to make floor safe for cat?firstcover it up before the cat goes near it.and when it is not near it clean it up sweep it and then use a damp sponge to clean it and then dry it so the cats dont get wet hope this helps good luck4. My fluorescent light in my room makes buzzing noises when I turn it on. Does anyone know what is wrong with it?Sounds like it needs a new condenser5. Why would a fluorescent light turn on/off by itself?I suppose that the vibrations could be causing light switches to flip on and off, especially if they are old and/or have lose connections inside. Radio waves have to be really strong in order to wirelessly power a light, so unless you live next door to the station, I doubt that radio waves are cutting the lights ON. Vibrations could also be shaking the old CRT picture tube in your TV, causing it to flicker, and mechanical vibrations could be momentarily causing electrical connections to be broken, so that you are not getting any power to the critical circuits in your TV. ==edit== A dieing bulb will flicker, and old ballast circuits (usually contained in the fixture, but could be in the bulb itself for screw-in) will make the bulb flicker also.6. Very simply. I broke a fluorescent light bulb in my hand and the mercury went everywhere as well as the glass.?You are probably ok. Wash your hands and look for symptoms such as paresthesia or itching, burning or pain, skin discoloration (pink cheeks, fingertips and toes), edema (swelling), and dead skin that peels off in layers. You get these see a doctor or if you are pregnant, see a doctor. It's reversible. Interesting side note, when Lewis and Clark went west, one of the only medicines they had was a mercury based compound they gave to members of the expedition when they got sick from drinking river water, etc. Campsite along their route were identified by looking for concentrations of mercury in old latrines. Natives did not have "Thunder Pills".
Pictures: Fish Light Up in Neon Colors
Coral reefs are full of flamboyantly colored creatures. But a new study finds that even the more subtly hued camouflaged species hiding in nooks and crannies have their gaudy side. You just have to know how to look at them.Some 180 species of fish and sharks have unique structures in their skin that enable them to glow neon red, green, and orange under blue light-a process known as biofluorescence.Unlike bioluminescence-a phenomenon whereby organisms produce their own light by way of a chemical reaction or harbor bacteria that produce the light for them-biofluorescence is a passive process that animals can't turn off and on. (Learn more about the difference between biofluorescence and bioluminescence.)PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER AND VINCENT PIERIBONEPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER AND VINCENT PIERIBONEBiofluorescent animals constantly absorb blue light and re-emit it as different colors, like the brilliant green of the deep-sea-dwelling chain catshark (Scyliorhinus retifer) above. But in the absence of a yellow filter to block out the blue, the neon colors are invisible. Researchers found that some biofluorescent fish do, in fact, have green-yellow filters in their eyes, presumably for just this purpose."We were completely surprised to find how widespread [this ability] was," said David Gruber, a marine molecular biologist at City University of New York. "And it was most widespread in cryptic fishes," he said.Gruber, a National Geographic grantee, and colleagues published their findings online January 8 in the journal PLOS ONE.People don't really think about the importance of light in these environments, said study co-author John Sparks, curator of fishes at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Only a small portion of the ocean is lit by the sun, he said, so animals rely on other ways of generating light to communicate with each other.The fact that this ability is so widespread across so many fish and shark species "tells us organisms are using light in ways we don't even see," Sparks noted."It's a hidden world that we're just now beginning to tune into," said Gruber.Triplefin BlenniePHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYGruber and Sparks are no strangers to glowing marine creatures. Their previous work culminated in a bioluminescent display at the American Museum of Natural History from March 2012 to January 2013.Their interest in biofluorescent fish was sparked by a green eel who happened to swim into a photo Gruber and Sparks were taking of a biofluorescent coral wall for the museum exhibit. Gruber was looking at the fluorescent coral when he noticed there was also a fluorescent fish."We were photobombed by a green eel," said Gruber.They went to look at the eel in the wild, and soon discovered that all these other fish species, including the triplefin blennie above, were also biofluorescent.Ribbon of GreenPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYGruber and Sparks speculate that fish fluorescence is a way for the fish to communicate within and between species."The ones that are biofluorescent are [mostly] the cryptically colored fish," said Sparks. To an organism that can visualize it, "these fish must stick out like a sore thumb."The different patterns and colors of fluorescent light would be a good way of communicating secretly, since only organisms with a yellow filter in their eyes could see the flamboyant colors.The shortfin false moray eel (Kaupichthys brachychirus) above may look unassuming under normal lighting conditions, but put it under a blue light, photograph it with a yellow filter, and it lights up like a glow stick.Red LightPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYThere have been many anecdotal reports that fish can fluoresce, said Edith Widder, senior scientist at the Ocean Research and Conservation Association in Fort Pierce, Florida.A few papers mentioned red fluorescence, such as that seen in the scorpionfish above. But nothing pulled together evidence from so many different fish species.To see a formal paper putting it all together and suggesting the widespread nature of biofluorescence makes Widder happy."It gives [biofluorescence] a lot more credence as a phenomenon that has adaptive value," said Widder, who was not involved in the study. Being able to communicate privately is "hugely valuable," she added.It could enable individuals of one species to signal to each other without making themselves vulnerable to predators or competitors.Neon Hide-and-SeekPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER AND JOHN SPARKSPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER AND JOHN SPARKSOf course, fish aren't the only ones that fluoresce. So even if an animal lit up like a stoplight-like the scorpionfish above-it could still manage to blend in with the glowing corals and algae around it. (Watch a video about coral reefs that glow in the dark.)Nico Michiels, a marine biologist at the University of Tuebingen in Germany, also studies biofluorescence in fish, but has concentrated on those that give off red light rather than green. Though he wasn't involved in the study, he's excited about its findings. "[It's] setting the scene."Now, he'd love to know the intensity of flourescence in the fish that Gruber and Sparks studied. This ability is a continuum that ranges from "virtually nothing-where we have difficulty deciding whether it's fluorescence or not-up to where it's glowing like hell," Michiels said. Knowing that could help figure out the function.Glowing SeahorsePHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER AND VINCENT PIERIBONEPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER AND VINCENT PIERIBONESome species even give off more than one color of fluorescent light. This seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) glows mostly red with green highlights concentrated around its eye.FlatfishPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYThen there are species, like this flatfish, that have it both ways. They display mainly red fluorescence patterns on their back (shown) and green fluorescence patterns on their belly.BreamPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER, JOHN SPARKS AND ROBERT SCHELLYThe yellow stripes running down the side of this bream as seen in normal lighting are reminiscent of racing stripes. But when seen from the top while fluorescing (pictured below), those yellow stripes glow green.PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER AND JOHN SPARKSPHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID GRUBER AND JOHN SPARKSResearchers will need to do more work before they can pin down the functions behind fish fluorescence patterns.Follow Jane J. Lee on Twitter .
How Do I Fix Fluorescent Light?
First, replace both bulbs. Second, check connections, then replace ballast. Safely of course. Kill the power. Those kind of lights will knock you down, so be careful. The ballast run the voltage up to about 600 volts. If I remember right, it takes an analog meter to check the voltage at the bulb socket. Set the analog meter at 1000v on the dial before you touch the leads to the sockets. If it's been a month, you are probably out of warranty.1. Can I wire a fluorescent light to a normal wall outlet?You obviously need to get someone who understands what they are doing, and in any case, you would be better off putting a flexible cable and an appliance plug on this light, and just inserting it into the outlet when required. Still, do not monkey with electricity, it can bite hard!2. Why is there concern about breakage and improper disposal of fluorescent light bulbs?Because they have mercury inside them, and mercury is poisonous. Exposure to mercury can affect your brain, spinal cord, kidneys and liver, causing symptoms such as trembling hands, memory loss, and difficulty moving3. Fluorescent light does not start unless it is shaken?Fluorescent bulbs work by electrical current "exciting" the phosphorus gas that is within the tube. It is very possible that the bulb is coming to the end of it's life, black ends or not, and your shaking simply helps the excitation of the gas. If there is a starter, (a small cylindrical component that is usually silver or white) then it may be going bad as it provides the initial excitation current. Obviously a loose connection could cause this as well. The ballast would be the last option, but is unlikely as I've never shaken a ballast and it work thereafter.4. How do I change this round fluorescent light bulb in my kitchen?pull down and away from the clips and the bulb plugs into a socket with 1 or 2 small pins......just take ur time5. Why do fluorescent light tubes require a starter ?Modern tubes need a balast more than a starter6. What do people think of "daylight" style compact fluorescent light bulbs?Well, the store wont take them back. Generally no one takes back light bulbs or batteries, at least they dont if the packaging has been opened. I can understand your frustration with the lighting quality. I installed dimmable CFLs in my house, and although the color is sorta close when they are all the way on, the color is too pink when they are dimmed. If you really want the right color, and I have bought these before, but they are pricey, look for LED bulbs. They cost 2 or 3 times more than CFLs, but they use even less energy, wheras a 100 watts of light equivalent in a CFL uses like 25 watts, LED bulbs consume as little as 10 watts, give off less heat and their color is more accurate, at least I think so. But, dont bother looking for them at Lowes or Home Depot as you wont find them there. I've only been able to find them on the Internet from specialty sites. Do a Google on "LED bulbs".7. Why would a fluorescent light turn on/off by itself?Good questions. i would like to know about that too. thank you8. Why do environmentalists favor the fluorescent light bulbs when they contain mercury?Fluorescent bulbs use less energy and last longer then traditional bulbs, and while their is mercury in it, it is only in trace amounts9. How do you wire two ballasts together to supercharge a fluorescent light to make it twice is bright for grow l?Do not mess with trying to boost the output of the components. The fire danger will cancel any benefit of saving money of adding more lighting10. How do I wire a fluorescent light bulb so that it can be freestanding?They do not work that way. There are 'PL' lamps that only 'plug' at one side, but they have a narrow 'U" configuration and you would have to put a translucent tube around one to get the appearance you suggest.11. Trouble with my fluorescent light - only turns on when I touch the bulb?Always check to see if you have a starter that is good and sized correctly. However, most fluorescent fixtures do not have starters anymore. I've changed ballast only to find out it was a grounding problem w/an easy fix. This problem plagued me until an electrician who maintained office buildings showed me a way to make sure your ballast is being grounded. It's worked on several lights that only came on when I touched the bulb, sometimes even getting hand close to it. Take out the lights, take off the cover, loosen the ballast. I sanded or scraped some paint off of the ballast where the screw goes in to hold it. Most of the time it's an electrical grounding problem w/ballast & fixture. This should alleviate it. The paint sometimes interferes with grounding. Often when the ballast is screwed into place the screw takes off some paint off of fixture. Voila, problem solved. When I do this I usually put in new lamps(bulbs). If they are Alto fluorescent bulbs, I leave them on for a day to go through their break-in period. Alto bulbs are common & they work better for me after I leave them on for an extended period the first time they are turned on.
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