Common Uv-c Light Sanitizer Questions

1. Are UV lights against the coronavirus a bad idea?

Germicidal UVC radiation is just another tool in the decontamination arsenal.It is very specific and is only suitable for use in a very limited number of applications.It is neither a good or bad ideas. It is just another idea which has a limited use.


2. Does UV-C light delivered through fiber optics diminish the UV-C sanitising properties?

Logically speaking, if there is no absorption by the optical fiber of UV-C then there shouldn't be any effect on the sanitizing effects. However, the absorption would depend on the transmittance of the optical fiber to the wavelength of the UV-C radiation you are using. Better transmittance lower absorption more UV-C passing through more sanitizing effect.


3. What communicable diseases can one spread from sharing virtual reality goggles?

You can read about which infection could be spread by makeup brush, as both makeup brush and VR Headset can transfer facial bacteria and viruses. Some of the possible infections are cold sores, pink eye or conjunctivitis, strep throat, staphylococcal skin and eye infection, various types of rash, but also influenza and meningitis. One of the worse would be methicillin-resistant strain of S. aureus (MRSA) eye infections can lead to blindness, but it takes less than 10 seconds to kill it (99.9% kill rate) with UV-C 254nm light.Disclaimer: I am the inventor of the VR Sanitizer which uses UV-C light to disinfect VR headsets


4. Is it safe to order food online amid the CoVID-19 crisis, and why?

As long as you sanitize your phone you will not be endangered by ordering your food online. It is up to the hygiene of the subsequent delivery chain that you may have a question over.if you are particularly vulnerable or worried, I suggest you buy a UV-C light and use that to disinfect you food, package etc.


5. Can a UV-C sterilizer wand sterilize a multi-layer mask filter completely?

It depends on the output power and the wavelength of the UVC sterilizer..The sterilization process is a time dependent process while the sterilizing effectiveness for a multi-layer mask filter is dependent and directly proportional to the power output and wavelength of the UVC sterilizer..One key note to understand is Not all UVC light can effectively destroy or sterilize the coronavirus... Only the UV-C with an wavelength output of 222 nm in particular!Also a wand sterilizer may not have the necessary power enough to penetrate a thick multi-layer filter.

.Which means you need to verify that the UV far C wavelength is 222 nm, and the power output can penetrate a multi-layer be useful for covid-19 applications..


6. Did you use UVlizer? Do UVlizer sanitizer work?

To make your device protected from germs, you will have multiple benefits using this particular device.As it is a rectangular type small box, you will have superb comfort to keep it at your suitable place.Strong UV-C light kills the germs completely within a short time.

It is easy to carry at any place and use it according to your needs.The light breaks down the DNA of germs at the initial stage.Just put the cord on the plug and use for sanitizingPlease visit homekitchenzone(.

in) to know more about this.

.Please Upvote, share and Click on follow to know more answers on home and kitchen appliance.ThanksCEOhomekitchenzone(.in)


7. If you wash your face many times with soap, will the skin have decreased immunity and protection from germs?

Yes Your face is an ecosystem with many beneficial micro-organisms included. muss them up too much and it's bad for your skin. The natural oils your skin makes is part of the ecosystem, the idea it is bad is ignorance.


8. Can COVID-19 be spread through food?

According to WHO, there is currently no evidence that you can catch COVID-19 from food or food packaging. Coronaviruses cannot multiply in food. You should keep at least 1m from other shoppers.Please upvote, if found helpful.Thank you


9. How do UV-C lights effectively sanitize spaces?

It can practically cover all spaces , sanitize all surface in a room at once with minimal labor and no hazardous chemicals.It works primarily by destroying the DNA inside the bacteria, viruses and fungi, of its antimicrobial technology.It uses mercury UV bulbs that run continuously and primarily emit light at 254 nanomer and the pulsed xenon UV bulbs emit UV light at several germicidsl wavelength.


10. Did anybody lose their job or still have it in the full body massages to men world?

Everyone lost their job in this field, no different than spas, hair salons, etc. considering it's very close contact, even with the air, getting back to work will be challenging. I, personally will require masks, and I've also bought a face shield. I've also bought a uv-c light to sanitize the room after each appointment. My state isn't officially opened yet, and these products arrive next week, hopefully in time to be able to work.

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