Common Questions About Sports Rehab

1. Would RG3 or Manziel be a better backup for the Cowboys?

Update 2/5 : Unfortunately, Manziel's situation is getting worse from today's news (link below). Let's wish Johnny Manziel 'the person' will make it through this crisis and regain his footing as a promising football player. Manziel's agent drops troubled QB as his father voices concerns I second Bart's detailed response - neither of them are options, but Manziel has better upside IF Dallas has to go there.

The 2015 Dallas QB back-ups Brandon Weeden (now Texans QB), Matt Cassell, Kellen Moore come with considerably less "baggage" than either RG3 (ego, team diva, physical condition) & Manziel (inconsistency, attitude, work ethic), but they are struggling to distinguish themselves with solid performances or wins.

Ultimately, that's the most important measure of the QB - how reliably and consistently can he deliver those Ws along with a good team ? That's possibly the only reason why this question (RG3 or Manziel) has any credence.

I will add that Manziel does bring the Texas A&M fan base with him and that might be useful in the long run for Dallas (not that Dallas needs more dedicated fans...) & more importantly, for Manziel himself (gives him a reason/purpose to perform consistently), IF he can actually get his head down, IF he accepts professional mentoring by Romo over time and IF he stays outta trouble.

Then again, QBs with more "IFs" have lesser chances of delivering any success for the team/themselves.


2. Does it make you sad when you see your friends are way more richer than you are?

No it doesn't. I am being very honest with you. I learned very early on that the more you have the more ridiculous your life becomes!We had wonderful neighbors from the time I was very, very small. They had antique grandfather clocks in every room, sometimes two or three of them, like in the living room. An antique player piano, queen Anne chairs etc. They moved about four hundred miles away.They couldn't leave their house because when they would leave they would come back to find window screens removed where someone tried to break in through the window. Or marks on the door. Just all kinds of things.So I learned about that early. The Bible tells us about not keeping treasures for ourselves on earth where they rust and moths can corrupt it. We are to lay up treasures in heaven. It doesn't lose its value there. When I give something or too something for someone, no one but the Lord and I know . That works for me!A lot of people lost things thanks to Hurricane Harvey. It's been a year this week. Some are just now getting cabinets in their kitchens and bathrooms. I just heard also there is possibly a tropical wave that could enter the Gulf of Mexico by Saturday.What my friends have and what I havedoesn't compare. My husband and I have built a fantastic life together. Some of my friendsare on their second or third husband


3. Should I go to chiropractor or urgent care?

An urgent care or emergency department of a hospital are there for emergencies or urgent needs. Sure they can handle small quick issues as well, but they are not designed for people to stay or to receive prolonged treatment. The ED/ER will treat or rule out any immediate life threatening issues and then refer you to your primary care doc or another department in the hospital designed to handle it. Urgent care facilities are similar. They will take the X-rays and rule out or treat the immediate stuff, but if you need rehab or longer term care the best place to go is to a facility or provider that specializes in that type of care. In this case a sports chiropractor would be a great option as they work more often with extremities such as knees. Additionally you may consider a physical therapist, or orthopedist, but yes I would recommend a chiropractor first.

This answer is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional chiropractic advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or (in the United States) 911 immediately. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment. Quora users who provide responses to health-related questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service (I go to chiropractor or urgent care?


4. It has been 8 months post my ACL surgery. I didn't do the physiotherapy and exercises properly and my knee and my thigh are still weak and small. Can I start exercising now? Can I get back to sports now? If yes, what are all the things I should do?

Per Mikes suggestion! :)After any knee surgery, if you dont go thru the proper rehab, you will not get the proper results.With that said, to answer your questionCan I start exercising - YES - but you wont be able to do what you previously did before your surgery. Your baseline strength has changed and until you earn that back , you wont be able to run, jump, squat, lift like you did beforeCan you return to sports - its advisable not to so that you you dont risk re-injury. Of course this is a general recommendation - talk to your PT. The purpose of the surgery is to repair the torn ligament, but your muscles are the things that control your movement. Poor muscle strength poor function and performance.

Notice I said earn your strength - most people think that they can wait out something - pain, flexibility, strength. Out of those three, strength is one thing that thing you HAVE to work for - no one can give it to you. Dont be discouraged by your late start - you can still get a positive outcome! Im on my second ACL patient with a late start to flexibility and strength and they are doing GREAT!Talk to your PT, buckle up and get started. Work hard and youll see the results and be back to your sports in no time!Good luck!


5. What are the pros and cons when you learn something by yourself not be taught by someone else?

When we try to learn something on our own, we are not dependent on others if we have any doubt. And in case of doubt we will go to any extent searching answer for it and in this process of searching the answer for one single doubt, unknowingly you get to know about many other things related to the topic (off topic also sometimes)So did you see? You will go deep and deep into the subject and you will give your best to get the answer of that question meanwhile increasing your knowledge too. You can become more independent in learning and after that you will make more notes of what you study hence in the end you'll be able to gather more knowledge and you'll feel more satisfied as you did it all in your own.

But now coming to the cons of doing so is that, you'll probably need more time in learning a thing which if someone else teach you then you can understand in a lesser time. If you are taught by someone, then you can get quick answers to your question just by with the help of the person and everything will go easily. That's it.Also when you learn something on your own, you might tend to approach it through the longer method and more time consuming when a shorter version of the solution might exist with someone who knows it already.


6. How do I put my dad in an alcoholic rehabilitation center or AA without his wish?

The best things to do is to make sure he knows that there is help available it he wants it. He is responsible for his own life, not yours or anybody else. So when he is ready for help he knows where to go - such as a detox and/or rehab. It has to be his own decision to seek help for the help to be accepted most readily by him.Until then, do not enable him to drink alcohol. That is, do not get drinks for him, do not give him money, or a lift to the source of drink, or pick him up from that source, etc. Tough-love needs to be practiced here. He has to take responsibility for his own thoughts and actions like all other people ought to.Always be honest with him. If you feel hurt by his alcoholic behaviours and he asks you why you are hurting, then only speak your truth, that you are hurt by his behavior, nothing more. Emotional blackmail, and such, will only make him resist recovery even more. His recovery has to come from his own deep need for recovery or else he may use excuses to avoid recovery.Also you must realize that most do not even seek help and die as a drunk. Those that seek recovery also have a slim chance for a rest of their life recovery. Success ratings be rehabilitation centres, and even AA, dwindle as the years of abstinence increases


7. Can somebody help me in sorting out my life?


When we're messed up in life and cannot find a way, it is but natural to turn towards others for help because we feel that they can probably understand your problem and offer a solution. But the truth is, nobody but you know what exactly your situation is, what you want from your life and what will make you happy. The other person will give you an advice based on what his/her perception of success or happiness is, not yours. You will end messing yourself more. What you need to do is trust yourself and your instincts. Agreed that these are the very instincts and decisions that have created the mess in your life but the fact is, its your life. It doesnt matter if you made a few mistakes. Everyone does. You make your house dirty and then you yourself clean it up. Forgive yourself and put your shit together. You, my friend are the only person who can help yourselves. Not your best friend, not some career counseller, not your neighbourhood aunty, no self-help books. They may offer some quality advice but its you has to make the final choice as well as the final move. Trust me you will laugh at all this one day after you've survived the situation. Get going buddy! :)


8. Why do all sports players have "houses" in Florida?

Not every player has a home in Florida; but almost all should (if they make at least a million a year).No income tax (get season ending injury, healthy scratch , a starting pitcher with 0.0% chance to pitch; go to Florida and rehab and avoid state income taxes for your team. Also good if you make overseas commercials, have a signing bonus, or end up like Bobby Bonilla and get a check until 2037)Florida has one of the strongest "I'm an asshole and fled to avoid paying that debt" homestead exemption. Ask OJ about his really nice home in Kendall (at least until he was in jail in Nevada) to get out of paying the Goldmans. The Homestead exemption also makes property taxes, relatively, low after owning and improving the property value for a few years.

Many of the top sports doctors are in the sunshine state.Weather is really awesome.Relative anonymity when you want it, and celebrity when you don't. It's kind of like being on a tv show and living in LA. Most if the time no one thinks you are a big deal, but you can prop your ego up if you need it with charity events or weekends on South Beach.

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