Cold Room, Warm Comfort: Kanuk Gets a Makeover

The Kanuk parka is a sure signof winter in Quebec, appearing on city streets in multitude as the mercury plunges and snow falls.Much remains the same aboutthe iconic Quebec-made winter wear: certainlythe signature gold snowy owl logo on the inside collar - almost a badge of belonging in this province; the location of itsfactory and shop in the heart of the Plateau; the construction and materials designed for ultimate warmth in a cold, damp climate.But change is afoot. Nine months after Louis Grenier sold the company he founded in 1974, new president and CEO Richard Laniel is planning to take the brand to the next level with innovation in design, marketing and retail concept.Wednesday, the company inaugurated anewly designed flagship store on Rachel St. E., about 12,000 square feet of space split down the middle, with the left side a vestige of the linoleum-floored warehouse that was, the right side a sleek showroom-style space.And at the back of the store, there's a cold room in which to test those parkas to minus 25 degrees, plus a windchill factor generated by a ventilation system."In today's multi-channel world, there is such a thing as showrooming. Customers need a reason to go to a store," Laniel said. "The only reason you go to a store today is because it's exciting, it's memorable."I call it shoppertainment."The cold room, he said, is part of that experience, unique and memorable.The store is an investment: "It's an investment in the future ofKanuk, not only Kanuk and its coats, but Kanuk and its relationship with Montreal and its local manufacturing."Upstairs, the factory floor of 35,ooosquare feet has not changed -except for the presence of designer Philippe Dubuc, who is putting his cool, modern take on winterstylewitha capsule collection of about 16 parkas for fall/winter 2016.And the number of employees has doubled, to 120.Montreal-based private equity firm Champlain Financial Corporationpurchased the firm in February; Laniel, former senior vice-president of operations at Best Buy Canada, has an investment in the company. Grenier drops by and acts as a consultant, Laniel said. Terms of the deal were not disclosed and Laniel will not revealfigures on revenue or growth. He will say that the company should sell close to 30,000 coats over the next year.The annual Kanuk parka emergencefollows what has become a rite of fall: the arrival of the Kanuk catalogue in hundreds of thousands of Quebec mailboxes, doubled this season to 400,000, Laniel said.But that, too, has changed to a more sophisticated lookbook, with high production values."The web now is the biggest catalogue and the biggest store we have," Laniel said, explaining that the site is alsoredesigned and now fully transactional across all platforms.Laniel said web sales are still a small percentage; he hopes to get it up to 10 to 15 per cent of sales.The coats range in price from about $700 to $1,000, not including optional fur trims, which add another $300."We are re-evaluating our competitiveness," Laniel said.On the price point, Laniel said, Kanuk has an opportunity to segment more of itsoffering: "I believe we canappeal to many generations. To do that, there are many criteria -style, quality, price -but in the end it's all about value."Laniel says the changes are not a rebrand."I think every company has a maturity curve. And at a certain point you have to stop and reflect on who your customer is and where your customer is going and understand the changes that are also happening in the marketplace," he said.When Grenier, an outdoor enthusiast, launched the brand the urban offering was limited, theweb was not there and a world of competitors had not yet arrived, Laniel recalled."The québécois, the consumer, just fell in love with this brand -this brand that was well built, with quality materials, that had a certain fashion sense."What that did wasopen up the urban outerwear market very early and then a lot of people showed up in that market," he said.The brand will continue to evolve with the urban Kanuk customer, with designers working on the silhouette of the coats so that you can be both warm and fashionable."It's working the overall aesthetic, the overall look and feel of the parka," Laniel said. "Louis started (the trend), and a lot of people followed."Indeed, the market has been inundated with parkas in the past decade, notably from Canada Goose, which has soared globally, unlike Kanuk. Owl versus gooseEven in Kanuk's little corner of the Plateau, more winter wear specialistsare coming in: multi-brand Azimut is nearby on Rachel St. E., while success story Orage, with technical ski wearas well as transitional coats, is opening its first store, called Le Chalet, next week near Parc Lafontaine."It's just makes you better," Laniel said of the competition. "If Kanuk had been alone all these years, I don't think Kanuk would be where it is today. Innovation is definitely a trademark in this industry."Kanuk does not export, and there no specific plans are on the horizon."I will go where the consumer takes us," Laniel said. "But I will not compromise any of the foundations that have made Kanuk what it is today for the simple purpose of growth."Kanuk stands steadfast in its use ofpolyester fill rather than down for its cold-weather parkas.That's because syntheticstend not to absorbhumidity, says president and chief executive officer Richard Laniel. Montreal and many Canadian cities are on lakes or rivers and have damp climates.The coats are also front-load washable, with quality and workmanship that allows them to keep on going for decades, he says.The warmest coats are rated to minus 40.Bernard Tremblay, director of product development, names the characteristicsthat make Kanuk parkas winter worthy:

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cold Room
Considering that cold room may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about cold room for you to get started.1. will going to bed in a cold room burn calories?ya i have heard that is your house is colder it will help you burn some calories2. Do you like your oranges cold or room temperature?Cold because they are fresh3. cold or room temp?Cold usually. Try it with Red Bull!!4. Would you rather sleep in a cold room with a blanket or a hot room without a blanket?A cold rooom with curtains closed a cozy blanket5. Will cockatiels survive in a cold room temperature ?Can you place the bird into another room? Maybe wrap a heating blanket around the cage at night to keep cold out and warmth in. you probably do not want to shock your bird's system temperatures that are more than 15 degrees higher or lower than the temperature it is used to. That temperature could vary as the seasons change during the year. but the bird will adapt slowly like the weather changes as well.When birds are cold, they might fluff up their feathers to make good use of their natural down; they shiver, and they might tuck their beaks into their backs and stand on one leg, holding the other leg closer to their body to conserve heat.Cockatiels have a higher body temperature A bird's temperature is normally in the range of 104 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit Birds use a lot of energy to maintain that temperature in their relatively small bodies,, Some of the ways birds adapt to colder weather is to grow denser feathers or even to lower their body temperature. In houses that are kept quite warm, you might notice that a companion bird is continually molting, or that a drastic change in your home's temperature causes your bird to molt out of season If your bird starts to shiver, then it is not comfortable,6. PollWould you rather sleep in a cold room with a blanket or a hot room without a blanket?I would rather just sleep and never wake up7. Why does powdered hot cocoa mix dissolve in hot/warm milk better than cold/room temperature milk?The mix contains fat. The hot water softens the fat; cold water hardens it. It's the old "oil and water do not mix" phenomenon8. Is it ok for a hamster to be in a cold room?hamsters r really sensible , they should be in your room , and when it's really hot you should put it away from the sun and when it's really cold just keep him away from the heat too ! (average temperature)9. Why does my computer run faster when it is very cold in the room?There's a ghost inside it Lol that was fun any ways its old thats why..Get a new one10. Do ya like ur fruit to be cold or room temperature?Got to be cold, the colder the better11. Computer in a cold room?Computers are designed to operate at room temperature and using one in 40-45 degree ambient temperatures could cause trouble with moving parts (such as in a hard drive) even though it's not really likely. All material, whether it's metal or plastic, tends to lose elasticity the colder it gets. The rubberized insulators in a hard drive are not as pliable in the cold as they are at 70 degrees. Any of those factors could affect performance--even as far as causing your HD to crash. Oddly enough, the electronic components will "live longer" in colder temperatures (that's the reason for the fans in most machines)12. Is pate' served cold or at room temperature?Depends on what kind of pate it is. I prefer mine at room temp because there is much more flavor and it is softer13. is it ok to keep a ps3 in a cold room?yes, your PS3 should be fine. all of my systems are in my room and its cold, and they all work perfectly14. Can you vaporize a cold room?We have a Vick's vaporizer and we find that it gets the room rather warm on its own, so it might help warm it up a bit-- just shut the door. I feel for you here-- we had an ice storm that had us house-bound for 5 days with a toddler and two days into the storm we found out that the propane company had not filled our tank yet. (Amazing since they stop by all the time to top it off and bill me for it the rest of the year. ) Just run the vaporizer for an hour or two and check the room. I would suggest getting him in the bed with you and hanging our pioneer style-- everyone in one warm room
Tasco Expands into Cold Chain Logistics Business
PETALING JAYA: Freight-forwarding firm Tasco Bhd is marking its foray into cold chain logistics through the acquisition of Gold Cold Transport Sdn Bhd (GCT) for RM186.08mil. In a filing to Bursa Malaysia, Tasco announced it had signed a sale and purchase agreement with Chang Kok Fai and Chan Sun Cheong to buy 100% in GCT Group. GCT, which is one of the largest cold chain logistics players in the country in terms of storage capacity size, is principally involved in the business of transportation, cold room storage facilities, repackaging and value added facilities. GCT group currently operates from its warehousing facility in Shah Alam with a total storage capacity of about 25,600 pallets and has developed into a full-fledged chilled and frozen food transporter.Tasco, meanwhile, provides logistics services covering air, sea and land transportation. It also provides warehousing services and serves as a one-stop logistics centre to handle domestic and international shipments for its customers. On the rationale of the proposed acquisition, Tasco said the business environment which it operates in is very competitive. "In order to gain new ground, Tasco Group has to tap into the expertise within the Yusen network to venture into new areas of opportunity to further enhance its present strong logistics base. "One such venture is into the niche area of cold chain logistics, which is a natural step forward given Tasco Group's existing involvement in traditional ambient warehousing as well as the vast experience in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail industries," it said in the filing with the stock exchange. Japan-based Yusen Logistics Co Ltd is Tasco's holding company with a 55.38% stake. Tasco added that GCT Group owns a sizeable fleet of 174 reefer trucks and operates cold room warehouses. As such, the proposed acquisition would enable Tasco to enter the cold chain logistics business "in a significant way with its ready capabilities to cater to its multinational customers' needs and also to serve a wide base of industries, namely the food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics and other segments.""Combining Tasco Group's knowledge and logistics network with GCT Group's operating scale of sizable fleet of reefer trucks and cold room capacity, the proposed GCT acquisition will provide Tasco Group with advantages to be the market leader in the cold chain logistics industry," it said. It also said the GCT Group had been profitable in the last three financial years and for financial year ending Nov 30, 2015, recorded revenue of RM67mil and a profit after tax of RM6.8mil. "Furthermore, the vendors have warranted that the proforma consolidated earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation of the GCT Group shall be about RM20.8mil for the financial year ending Nov 30, 2016," it said.It added that the initial deposit for the proposed acquisition amounting to about RM3.72mil was paid and funded via internally-generated funds of Tasco, while the balance purchase consideration, together with adjustments, is expected to be funded via borrowings and/or via advances from Yusen Logistics. The exercise, which may result in a goodwill of RM114.6mil to be recorded in the financial statements of the company, is expected to be completed in the second quarter of this year. Tasco shares closed down 3 sen to RM1.60 for a market capitalisation of RM320mil.
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