Can You Get a Restraining Order on Someone Even If They Haven't Done Anything to You Yet?

Can you? Yes. Should you be able to?

No. All you have to do is lie and make up a story about how the person is a danger to you, and if the judge takes your testimony over theirs then it's approved.If all things were equal, then the answer to your question would be no.

There's corrupt judges. Corrupt plaintiffs. And a corrupt system to deal with.

Honestly a protective order is one of the least constitutional devices ever constructed. It's a civil suit that allows a judge to basically make a guess with very little evidence as to whether or not a person's rights should be abridged, with criminal consequences. The consequences can be quite severe for being guilty of doing something as harmless as sending junk mail, or even worseu2026 the petitioner can reverse stalk the respondant with impunityu2026showing up at the movies or the grocery store, or at a restaurant while you're out on a date, and have you arrested.

There's very little evidence that protective orders actually protect anyone or anything. Those who obey them are most likely law abiding citizens anyway who would never do any real harm, and those who would do real harm are often undeterred by them.They are an antiquated, knee jerk reactionary invention by politicians who want to claim they are tough on crime, but often the real victims who need protection end up dead anyway.

We are smart enough to invent a new comprehensive system that can do more to protect people and propertyu2026 while not diminishing the liberty of ordinary people who aren't likely to commit crime. In a u2018justice is blind' settingu2026 people would only seek a protective order if they needed protection. But because plaintiffs are not blind to the ramifications of a protective order, the system is ripe for abuse, and most often plaintiffs will seek them out as an end unto themselves, so that they can wield power over the respondant.

The real person needing protection in these cases is not the petitioner but the respondant.

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What are the differences between Trotskyism, Leninism and Stalinism?

Stalinism: Derived from the policies and ideology of Joseph Stalin, Stalinism is the u2018conservativeu2019 side of Communism.

It placed an emphasis on the power of the State, stating that it must become bigger before it can dissolve, and the subversion of u2018rebellious intent.u2019 It focused on rapid industrialization in a planned fashion, the forced collectivization of agriculture, removal of the kulaks (wealthy landowners) and a system of continual u2018purgesu2019 to keep the State u2018pure. u2019 Is often seen as a dictatorship due to the over-concentration of power in the State and the power of one man in this system.

Leninism: Taken from the writings and beliefs of Vladimir Lenin, Leninism was the u2018moderateu2019 side of Communism. Leninism placed most of the power of the State in a u2018vanguard partyu2019 that was to lead the proletariat in the coming revolution. It was an attempt to model Marxu2019s views and apply them to the agrarian society of Tsarist Russia.

Lenin considered Marx wrong in the fact that he failed to take into account Imperialism into his theory of Communism, imperialism allowing for another economic segway for capitalist nations to shove their labor needs to colonies, lowering the discontent of the proletariat. Only a weak imperialist state like Tsarist Russia could truly develop into a communist society. Trotskyism: Molded from the speeches and works of Leon Trotsky, Trotskyism was the u2018liberalu2019 side of Communism.

Trotskyism argued for the need of a u2018Permanent Revolutionu2019 in states that had not adopted democratic ideals, stating that the proletariat were to take up the burden of instituting revolution in those nations. There was to be no cooperation with capitalist nations and no compromises, it was Communism or nothing at all. Later devolved into a critique of Stalinism with the publication of The Revolution Betrayed, arguing that the Soviet Union under Stalin had devolved into a "bureaucratically degenerated workers' state.

" He saw Soviet Russia as no better than an authoritarian dictatorship, the centralization of the State bureaucracy taking power from the proletariat rather than giving it.What were the differences among Trotskyism, Leninism and Stalinism?.


Who is most popular Indian TV actor?

Shabir Ahluwalia (born 10 August 1979) is an Indian television actor and host. He is majorly known for portraying the role of Abhishek Mehra in Kumkum Bhagya Opposite Sriti Jha.

He debuted with the show Hip Hip Hurray, but gained recognition from the television show Kahiin to Hoga. Apart from this, Ahluwalia has acted in many television series such as Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (2002) Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat (2003), Kahi To Milenge (2002), Kkavyanjali (2005), Kasamh Se (2006), Kasautii Zindagii Kay (2007), Kayamath (2008), Laagi Tumse Lagan and many more.Ahluwalia won the third season of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi.

He has also contested in a reality show named Dhammal Express. He has hosted reality shows such as Nach Baliye, Guinness World Records u2013 Ab India Todega and Dancing Queen.Barun Sobti (born 21 August 1984) is an Indian actor.

He started his acting career in 2009 with Star Plus's Shraddha and later appeared in a negative role in Dill Mill Gayye. He portrayed his first lead role in Sony TV's series Baat Hamari Pakki Hai (2010). In 2011, Sobti played Arnav Singh Raizada in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Sobti made his film debut with the romantic comedy Main Aur Mr. Riight (2014) and later worked on the film Tu Hai Mera Sunday (2017). He starred in the Hotstar Originals web series Tanhaiyan (2017) and ALTBalaji's The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family (2018) and recently Asur (2020).

Sobti also starred in short films Dry Dreams (2015) and the Voot originals Derma (2019).Karan Singh Grover (born 23 February 1982) is an Indian model and actor known for his work in Indian television series such as Dill Mill Gayye and Qubool Hai. He has also starred in the Indian films Alone and Hate Story 3.

In 2019, Grover made a comeback to television with Kasautii Zindagii Kay as Mr. Rishabh Bajaj. In 2019, Grover also made his digital debut with BOSS: Baap of Special Services.

Karan Patel is an Indian television actor known for playing Raman Kumar Bhalla in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Mr. Rishabh Bajaj in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2.He participated in the dance reality shows Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6 and Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 10.

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Are the rays of solar eclipse dangerous? If so,why?

Technically In terms of energy, the earthu2019s energy is mistaking the amount of energy that is flowing on a regular basis from the Sun cause what happens in a regular solar cycle(energy is flowing from the Sun to out Earth ) is happening with a subtel way over the course of the x - hours of the eclipse, So seeing this what it leads to is certain things happen in the planet where anything that has moved away from its natural condition will deteriorate very fast . This is why while there is no change in raw fruits and vegetables, there is a distinct change in the way cooked food is before and after the eclipse. What was nourishing food then now deteriorates very fast .

. This is why you Mumma asks you not eat during the eclipse Let us come to your second point . going outLet us say you are out now .

If there is food in your body, in x hoursu2019 time your energies will age faster making you exhaustive. If it takes away to a certain minor level, that means you are dull. If it takes away your awareness to a certain depth, that means you are asleep.

If something takes away your awareness completely, that means you are dead. Dullness, sleep, death u2013 this is just a progression. So, cooked food will go through the phases of its deterioration much more rapidly in a subtle way than it does on a normal day.

Does that mean you can eat a raw food diet on such a day? No, because the moment food goes into your body, the juices in your stomach attack and kill it. It becomes like semi-cooked food and will still have the same impact as the cooked food.

The faster your energies are consumed you body will need more energy hence it is asked to stay home so that you are not wasting much of energy On a lighter note . It's fine to eat during an eclipse, during a rainstorm, during a dust storm , or during a meteor shower. It's probably not a great idea to eat during an earthquake, a flood, a fire, or while on a roller coaster going out .

. hmm let me leave that to you to decide . .

Are the rays of solar eclipse dangerous?If so,why?


Why do people bring up communism and Marxism when referring to Democrats today?

I mean the interests sort of line up and I am not saying that those interests were bad or anything.Support DiversityThe democratic party in the U.S.

are not big fans of Trumpu2019s wall or his administration from stopping mass migration like Hillary wanting Syrian refugees and him refusing it. Green EnergyHillary, Bernie, Alexandria Cortez and among alot of democrats support protecting wild life and green energy more than the Republicans.Stop RacismThe soviet union was against racism while it was very apparent to be strongly more supported in the U.

S. Freedom of religions is also present in the soviet union. Democrats have same supportive strong beliefs because many of their political adds like calling Trump a racist and hating Muslims because of his immigration bans.

FeminismThere were a lot of soviets adds empowering the support of women. Democrats also have shown stronger support for this than the Republicans and even accused of Trump being misogynist for his locker room talk. No War or ColonizationStrongly against the use of nuclear weapons.

Republicans support military spending and proliferation of nukes while Democrats not so much.Science Progression over ReligionWhen Scientists Donate To Politicians, Itu2019s Usually To DemocratsSupport TeachingDemocrats strongly support teachers and usually you would find college professors among others in such professions show strong support to this party. Such as Sanders wanting the youth to have educational support like free collegeSupport WelfareThe Communist Party was listed as a welfare state.

Democrat policies strongly support welfare programs along with attempts from Sanders wanting to raise the minimum wage. They do not like big corporations.ConclusionThe Bolsheviks have tried to legalize homosexuality, gender changes in the early 1900s but that did not work out so well so there is that.

Majority of Bolshevik leaders in the past were also Jewish and you can see strong support of that as well from the democratic party like Sanders, Bloomberg, Alexandria Cortez. also supporting the democrat party like Ex-USSR people with Jewish backgrounds like George Soros or madeleine albright. So again I am assuming these are the reasons Republicans like to crack jokes associating Democrats to Communism or Marxism.

But again there is nothing wrong if there were many relations showing what democrats and soviets have supported

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Is the Traditional Energy-saving Lamp Regulator Used for LED Circuit? Detailed Analysis of 11 Defect
Can the controller of traditional energy-saving lamp act on LED circuit?There are many options for buying LED bulbs, but compatible led dimmers are difficult to choose. Many users will confidently say that it is OK to use the dimmer of traditional incandescent lamps. Now the most commonly seen on the market is thyristor dimmer, which is divided into DC and ac. it is very easy to use in incandescent lamps.After selecting the LED lamp with appropriate color temperature, lumen grade and beam angle, the dimming requirements are met. Different from the random dimming method of ordinary incandescent lamps, dimming LED bulbs with thyristors may be successful, but many problems will occur in most cases.Four conditions:The most common problem is that there is a buzzing beep or a strong stroboscopic. Ordinary incandescent lamps only need to adjust the voltage to adjust the light and shade, but it may not work for LED lamps. We have done experiments and the following four situations have occurred:1. It can't be opened at all. It doesn't light up at all!2. It can only be on at 100% illumination.3. It can work normally, but the buzzing sound is very loud.4. Stroboscopic occurs when it is adjusted to a certain brightness.Dimming principle:During the test, sometimes the LED can be used normally after it is dimmed to a certain limit. We judge that the reason why it doesn't light up is that the applied voltage of the dimmer is too small to reach the required voltage.The internal circuit of LED is much more complex than that of incandescent lamp. The real led dimmer is not only regulating voltage, but also has three principles:1. Wave width control dimming: digitize the square wave of the power supply and control the duty cycle of the square wave, so as to control the current.2. Constant current power supply regulation: the current can be easily adjusted by analog linear technology.3. Grouping control: group multiple LEDs and control them with a simple grouping device.Note the strobe:The reasons for the most stroboscopic cases are as follows: the adjustable resistor itself is not a very reliable component. Often, due to the entry of dust or the lax manufacturing process, there will be an instant jump fault when operating the adjustable resistor, and the light source will flash. Therefore, we need high-quality adjustable resistance, or use linear technology to regulate current rather than voltage.In fact, the internal driving function of LED itself can easily adjust the brightness and darkness, but most LED manufacturers remove this function to save costs. Whether the LED lamp can be dimmed is usually marked on the box. If there is no mark on the box, please use the dimming function with caution or use a special LED dimmer.Dimming will reduce life:A reminder is that dimming can easily reduce the life of the bulb. Why? Simply take a dimming method: we divide one second into 1000 parts, each part is 1 millisecond, and then make the LED light work for 7 milliseconds and turn off for 3 milliseconds through the control chip. In this way, it only works for 0.7 seconds in one second. However, due to the fast flashing interval, we can't feel its brightness flickering with our naked eyes, and we will only feel that its brightness has darkened, which is 0.7 times the original, This achieves the effect of dimming. Similarly, we can achieve 50% brightness, 32% brightness and any brightness. Blink in this way, it's strange not to break early!In order to avoid various problems, try not to use the physical dimming method for the smart bulb. Take out the mobile phone and open the app to adjust the light and shade.In fact, I still like to use the way of grouping device to control the brightness, which is simple, safe and easy to use. It can be easily done by touching the key switch or independent grouping switch. It is not necessary to fine tune the brightness from 0 to 100% perfectly in the home. It is OK to realize several levels of brightness adjustment, which can fully meet the needs.Analysis and retrieval of 11 disadvantages of LED wick:Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, led filament lamps have higher requirements for packaging. It is reported that at present, led filament lamps have very strict requirements for filament working voltage design, filament working current design, LED chip area and power, LED chip luminous angle, pin design, glass bulb sealing technology, etc. it can be seen that the manufacturing process of LED filament lamps is very complex, and there are certain requirements for the financial strength, supporting facilities and technology of manufacturers.In the production process, due to different processes, the requirements for materials are also different. In addition, in production, many equipment need to be transformed according to the performance characteristics of LED filament lamps, which also makes the manufacturers of relevant materials of LED filament lamps miserable. The defects in the bulb material also make the LED filament lamp easy to be damaged during transportation. The complex process and low yield make the LED filament lamp unable to obtain high praise from manufacturers and consumers.1. Difficult process, poor heat dissipation and easy damageAlthough led filament lamps have attracted much attention in the domestic market in the past two years, at present, the problems existing in the production of LED filament lamps can not be ignored: the manufacturing process is difficult, several different processes need to be integrated, and the yield is low; More than 8W led filament lamps are prone to heat dissipation problems; It is easy to be broken and damaged in the process of production and use.2. Structure, performance and price to be improvedDue to the relatively late entry of LED filament lamps into the market, the market-related sharp bubbles, tail bubbles and spherical bulbs are mainly "patch type". In addition, the filament lamps that entered the market in the early stage are far from consumers' expectations in terms of structure, performance and price, which makes consumers have some misunderstandings about led filament lamps. With the breakthrough of key technologies, the maturity of packaging technology and the improvement of bubble sealing technology, the luminous efficiency, finger display, service life and cost of LED filament lamps will be improved to a certain extent.At present, the LED filament lamp needs to be improved in too many places. It is like a newborn "premature baby". It is not very mature in all aspects, with high cost, complex production process and low production capacity. Therefore, we should improve the raw materials, led beads and manufacturing process in the future, so as to improve the production capacity of LED filament lamps, reduce losses and improve delivery efficiency.3. Low power and poor heat dissipation are obstaclesAffected by the production process, there are many problems in LED filament lamps, such as high cost and high damage rate during transportation due to the defects of bulb material. In addition, the heat dissipation of high wattage led filament lamps has also become an obstacle for LED filament lamps to enter ordinary people's homes.Problem 2: high priceAccording to the market survey, the average retail price of a 3W led filament lamp is about 28-30 yuan, which is much higher than that of LED bulb lamps and other lighting products with the same power, and several times higher than that of LED incandescent lamps with the same power. Therefore, many consumers are scared away by the price of LED filament lamps.At this stage, the market share of LED filament lamps is less than 10%. Nowadays, as a characteristic product, led filament lamp restores the luminous feeling of traditional tungsten filament lamp and is loved by many consumers. However, the high cost, low light efficiency and small application range of LED filament lamps are also the problems that lighting manufacturers must face and look directly at in the next stage.1. Supporting materials increase product costThe market prospect of LED filament lamp is very bright, but there are difficulties in the promotion of LED filament lamp at this stage, mainly due to its high cost and the lack of large wattage, which makes the application of LED filament lamp limited to the flower lamp market. In addition, the matching of raw materials also increases the cost, because there is no standard in the specification and shape of filament lamp, and its market volume is small, As a result, the supporting materials are basically customized, and the manufacturing cost remains high.2. The cost of LED filament is too highAmong all parts of LED filament lamp, the highest cost is led filament, mainly because of its complex production process and high cutting cost; The production efficiency is not high and the degree of automation is low, resulting in the cost. At present, the cost of 3-6w filament bulb can be controlled below 15 yuan, of which the cost of LED filament accounts for more than half.3. The packaging of LED filament lamp is exquisiteThe packaging of LED filament lamps is more exquisite. The light effects encapsulated by each enterprise are different. Led filament lamps still have certain limitations in power and heat dissipation, resulting in higher prices than ordinary LED light sources.Problem 3: small marketAt this stage, the power of the best-selling led filament lamp in the market is basically less than 10W, which shows that at this stage, the LED filament lamp is technically trapped in the problem of heat dissipation and can not achieve high power. It also shows that it can only cover a small section of the whole lighting product line and can not be widely promoted. Even if it plays the "nostalgic" brand, the LED filament lamp market is only a small market, It can't become the mainstream for the time being.1. Low consumer acceptanceWith the shrinking incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp market, LED lighting products are slowly recognized by end consumers. However, at present, the market of LED filament lamps is still very limited. Due to the limited application and power of LED filament lamps, the acceptance of LED filament lamps by end consumers is not very high.In addition, consumers do not know enough about led filament lamps. Many people think it is just an improvement of ordinary incandescent lamps.2. The main demand comes from the projectAs LED filament lamps are mainly used in flower lamps, and their main demand comes from engineering lighting, general dealers will not mainly promote LED filament lamps. Even if a few businesses sell LED filament lamps, they won't have too much inventory.Problem 4: difficult to promoteEntering the terminal market, we can find that the LED filament lamp is not as hot as expected for two reasons:1、 Many stores do not promote filament lamps as key products, and consumers' awareness and acceptance of filament lamps are not high;2、 Compared with LED light source products such as bulb and sharp bulb, led filament lamp products have no qualitative change. On the contrary, the price is relatively high and it is difficult to go. Let alone replace the market position of LED bulb, energy-saving lamp and other products.Therefore, at present, the market advantage of LED filament lamp is not very obvious, and the market is basically waiting and trying.At present, the difficulty of pushing led filament lamps in the terminal market lies in:1、 Poor integration between traditional bubble sealing industry and LED packaging industry (concept and process integration);2、 It is not easy to reverse the concept of end consumers;3、 The acceptance of LED filament lamp products by society and government is not clear. In addition, the price of LED filament lamp is high, and consumers have not really distinguished the difference between LED filament lamp and incandescent lamp, which leads to the difficulty of LED filament lamp market promotion.1. Merchants are not active in promotionAt present, if led filament lamps want to achieve good performance in the market, they also need to strengthen publicity and innovation. The development of LED industry is increasingly fierce, and industry standards have been issued one after another, which has exacerbated the market development resistance of LED filament lamps. Especially at this stage, many consumers do not understand led filament lamps, and merchants are not active enough in promoting led filament lamps. Even most merchants are not very optimistic about their development prospects. In actual sales, customers usually see or ask, Businesses will push this product.2. High price makes promotion difficultAt present, it is difficult to promote LED filament lamps in the market. Because consumers do not know much about led filament lamps, the probability of purchase is very small. In addition, due to the impact of e-commerce, the transaction rate of LED in physical stores is lower. Some consumers pay more attention to the price when purchasing products. Therefore, there is still a long way to go for LED filament lamps to enter the families of ordinary consumers.3. Lack of new selling points of LED filament lampsAt present, led filament lamp is in the primary stage of promotion, and very few people know its advantages because of the appearance and original quality of the product
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