Can I See Dog Poop Under Black Light?

I do not think it will phosphoresce under a black light. Why not hire a neighbor kid to scoop every other day for a couple bucks?

1. Black Light party, what should i wear?

Anything white will glow under black lights. Good luck

2. Need help planning my sweet 16 black light/glow dance birthday party!?

my advice for you is to ditch the black light party idea. youre 16, face it . no one wants to know where semen was spread

3. *sUrRvEy22* Akuma's Awesome Boredom-Breaking Anime Survey: Designed 2 Cure Boredom In 10 Minutes Or Less!!?

Hello pipz of C&A how are ya doing? First of all I shall give credit to Michiru 's Takao!!: For making this awesome oh so true title for me ^_ YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL You bored? Hm? Hm? That's not good..we need to fix that. ^^ I am freezing cold Okay before we start I wanna give you guys some random stuff XD Didya know cats urine glows in black light? > O.o if you have cats you should check it out TMI The longest word in the English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokon... > O.o I would not want that in my spelling quiz Me neither There are more chickens in the world than people >Omigosh chickens are guna take over the world >_ have you ever...blown food out of your nose.. nope...never 6. Did you believe in the bogeyman? At what age? never 7. Can you name your favourite cartoon? [before or current dosnt matter] cartoon?not anime? Disney films! 8. How many times can you say "Six sick slick slim sycamore saplings." many as I want BQ: How long does it take regular cheese to expire?? (.") IDK...I am lactose intollerant

4. If the sun were a black light like the ones they use in hotel rooms, how dirty would the world look?

It would make Mexico look like a spotlight

5. whats the difference between the dark and a black light?

The dark is just pitch black, while a black lights makes very light colors (such as white, pale blue, tan, etc.) glow. It is dark, but not pitch black. But colors around the room glow like someone's shirt, or like tiles on a floor

6. Kids in Alaska that slept under artificial sun/black light?

that wasnt nat geo, it was the sci fi channel and they were vampires stay in school... study hard... dont do drugs

7. How does tonic water glow under black light?

Tonic water contains quinine. It is very sensitive to ultraviolet light (UV) and will fluoresce ( glow) even in direct sunlight, due to its highly conjugated resonance structure. Black light is UV light. Incidentally quinine was the first effective treatment for malaria appearing in therapeutics in the 17th century.

8. name for a black light theme birthday party?

Huh? How about calling it just "Black Light"?...maybe "Glow in the dark" or "Think Neon!" not worry about a name, you already have a theme, that's enough, everyone will figure it out.

9. Is it safe to sleep under a black-light?

err.. i would say no

10. 2 out of 7 diamonds turned blue under the black light, why?

that's a very good type of favorites you have there! I extraordinarily much constantly want the unique music yet I do love Jeff Buckley's conceal of Hallelujah and that i additionally rather like Mumford and Sons conceal of The Boxer. And The Cowboy Junkies version of candy Jane

11. I just bought a black light, what fun things can i do with it in my room?

Paint Ur nails neon colors, buy glowsticks, write all over yourself in neon markers... Just random ****

12. my mom thinks i master bate but i dont i shined a black light on my sheets and they are dirty i was wondering if dog *** stains fabric?

Your Mom is right.You do it,do not you?

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