Can I Run a Outlet From a Ceiling Light Fixture?

Yeah. Can tie into that line, just wire it up correctly and use a junction box

1. How do I get my recessed light fixture flush?

As Jack explains in his answer, the problem seems to be that the rough-in deflects upward as you are pushing the trim in and then returns to its at rest position after the trim is in place.The trick is to keep the rough-in from moving upward.Consider drilling two small holes about an inch above the bottom lip and on opposite sides of the rough-in. Attach an eight inch strip of flexible strapping or something similar (flat, strong, and not prone to stretching) using sheet metal screws through each of those holes. Allow the straps to hang down.Installation will be a two person job. Have someone pull those straps downward and then outward to hold the rough-in at its lowest point. Then you push the trim kit in while your helper maintains the tension. the rough-in may even slide upward a bit once the trim is in place and the straps are released, pulling the trim even snugger. You can then trim off the pieces of strap sticking out with a utility knife.You could make this a one person job if you are willing to put two anchors in the plasterboard of ceiling to hold the straps in place. Once the trim is installed,the anchors can be removed and the holes filled and paint touched up

2. Is it safe to use a 130v 60w light bulb in light fixture that specifies 120v 60w ?

Usually 130v lamps are long life, low light output, intended for 120v systems. Safe, but smart? I have "green" questions about long life, the GE catalog will show you can get the same light for less watts using non long life bulbs. That seems better. But what is the environmental effect of manufacturing more shorter life bulbs?

3. My fluorescent light fixture flickers. Whats wrong?

First of all, is the fixture in a cold area? If it is, you need a preheat ballast or a high output ballast and tubes. If the light is not in a cold area, is it an old fixture with starters? If it is, replace the Starters. You will know if a starter is bad because when the light is trying to come on, and you twist the stater out, then the light will light completely. If it is not old, but uses T12 tubes, you can not replace the tubes with T8's, which all fixtures are now using. If it is none of these and the connections to your sockets are good, then your ballast is the only thing that is left to be replaced

4. I am trying to connect a light fixture that doesn't have colored wires, whats the best approach?

The bare one is indeed the ground. Of the other two that come out of the light fixture, one of the wires should have writing on it. That wire goes to the white wire from the house. Electricity is only designed to run one way through a circuit. If you have the wires reversed, you wo not be in a smoldering crater. It just wo not work. You reverse the wires, and then you are fine. Please make sure to turn the power on/off at the breaker as appropriate.

5. what could make an overhead light fixture flicker?

it is the ballast and it is cheaper to by a new light

6. i want to put a light fixture in a home i moved into.?

Older homes were wired with an "Interrupt" style light switch setup. Here's a picture of what goes on. Power goes to the light fixture. The black is wired to the lamp (depending on which wire is the "Hot" leg) while the white wire coming from the lamp goes to the other black wire. From there THAT black wire (with the white wire attached to it) runs to the light switch. There the black wire is connected to one side of the switch and the white wire to the other. That white wire runs back up to the box where the lamp is to be mounted, and is connected to the other white wire in the box. So, you tie one black wire to the lamp black lead, the other white wire is tied to the OTHER black wire and the two white wires are nutted together. JUST BE SURE TO SHUT THE BREAKER OFF BEFORE YOU MESS WITH THE WIRES. YOU CAN GET A NASTY SHOCK, CAUSE AN ARC THAT CAN LEAD TO A FIRE OR YOU CAN JUST FLAT OUT KILL YOURSELF. You would not want that. Hope this helped. '')

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Birds Keep Building Nests and Perching on My Light Fixtures and Knob and Tube Electric. How Can I Re
Do not remove the nests, it's illegal and someone who has a grudge against you could report it (I've seen it happen to people). I've always found this to keep unwanted birds away: get a kite shaped like a hawk or some other bird of prey and hang it where it will bob around on the wind. Birds of prey do bob around and it foold the birds. Birds also do not have a sense of smell1. Wiring two 3-way switches with 2 light fixtures and 1 outlet [closed]I do not have enough reputation to be able to comment, so I have to do this as an answer. but is missing something. The fourth wire, which is simply the ground wire. It is common place to find 14/3, or 12/3 etc wire bundles to have a black (typically hot), white (typically neutral), red (typically traveler), and bare copper (ground). His picture shows all but the ground2. Finding the best deal on light fixtures?Lowes! Unless you have a huge Ace Hardware store around3. What type of light fixtures create compromises in the heated envelope of the house?Every fixture that is mounted on a wall or ceiling that is adjacent to the outside can compromise the building envelope. We usually examine the envelope from the inside of the building, but exterior lights, because they may penetrate the air barrier, can be a problem. By far, the worst fixture is a recessed light that penetrates an attic (suspended ceiling or cathedral - does not matter). They are easier to fix when installed in suspended ceilings, but it is still possible on a cathedral ceiling.4. I just bought a house and am remodeling it from the floor to the ceilng where can I find all the bargins?Habitat for Humanity Restores are great, if inconsistant , for doors, windows, tile, older appliances, light fixtures, etc.5. I would like to change garage light fixtures from 2 bulb to 4 bulb. Would this require new wiring?Sure. the only wiring you will have to do is in installing the new fixtures (unless your existing ones are plug-in)6. What's the weirdest thing you have seen at school or in the classroom?This was not something I saw, at least not until I would been smelling it for several days. The classroom had dome light fixtures, like this one:One evening someone broke into the school. They stole some antiquated computers, an overhead projector and the maps from some of the classrooms. Weird, right? These master criminals had also shoved those thick industrial rolls of TP in all the toilet bowls and flushed until the water overflowed. They broke some smaller pieces of furniture and rearranged the string of letters decorating one room to spell " you bithces" [sic]. The police were pretty sure that the real motive was vandalism, because desktop computers from 1995 and pull down maps of the Soviet Union are not going to be worth a lot of cash. School was cancelled for one day but by Wednesday everything was cleaned up (we thought) and things went back to normal. A few days after the break-in I started to notice a bad smell in my classroom. It was an old building and I thought maybe the plumbers had stirred up some sewage when they fixed the toilets, and that it was somehow being vented into my classroom. The smell kept getting worse, though, and the students started teasing me. They said I must have been farting constantly for the room to smell that bad. One smartass kid gave me a flyer about irritable bowel syndrome. By Friday I was begging the vice principal to investigate the problem, and he promised to call maintenance. When I opened the door to the classroom on Monday morning the smell was still there, I knew it was not going to work. It was overpowering. I think it even made my eyes burn. We were fortunate that this happened in April, so it had not gotten too hot to be outside yet. I told the vice principal to get maintenance here right away, and that I would be holding class outside until the smell was gone. By lunchtime the maintenance guy had yet to show, and I needed to collect materials from the classroom.My husband is a commercial contractor and I happened to mention the mysterious smell to him when he called me that day. He was close by and told me he would be right over. When he showed up, he had two guys in tow. They had a ladder, masks, goggles, gloves and a biohazard bin with them. I was very confused but he refused to explain. He led the workers to the classroom and they put the ladder next to my desk and one of them climbed up and began to unscrew the light fixture. The other guy was carefully holding the biohazard bin directly under the light, and I soon learned why. When he took it down the smell went from unbearable to toxic. The light fixture was basically an upsidedown bowl, and someone had taken a dump in it.The guys disposed of the bowl and the turd, and cleaned up around it. Meanwhile, I was in awe of my brilliant husband. How did he know? Was he a psychic? At the very least, I thought, he must be a genius to have guessed where the smell was coming from. He just kept smiling and refused to explain how he would known. We stopped by the vice principal's office where my husband explained that the school had allowed a biohazard to fester for nearly a week, and that he'd fixed it but would be sending them a bill. The principal was also curious to know how my husband had been so quick to see what the problem was, so he finally explained. He was not a psychic genius. Apparently it is not uncommon for people to shit in lightfixtures (or even within the walls) and his guys had encountered many turd bowls when they remodeled hotels. What is the weirdest thing you have seen at school or in the classroom?As a teacher, what is the weirdest thing you have seen in your school or classroom?
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