C - How Do You Ask a User for a Sentence, and Create an Array with Every Word of the Sentence?

The scanf() or gets() function can be used to input a sentence.C offers some very flexible methods of parsing the string. Assuming that the string can be altered (or you are working with a copy of the string), one possibility would be to start with an array of character pointers. Using a temporary pointer, locate the start of a word and store its address in one of the array elements. Then locate the end of the word (the first space after the word) and place a NULL terminator in that place.Continue in this manner until you have reached the end of the string.

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#include int main() if (10 && 8) printf ("Hacker"); if ((5 & 0x000b) 10); printf ("earth n"); return 0;. What is the logic of this code?

In the first if condition...nexpression is 10&&8 which is true, because in c everything except 0 is true.nIn the second if condition ...nexpression is (5& 0x000b)10 which is bitwise and of 5 and 0x000b. binary of 5 is 010 and binary of 0x000b is 1011 which is written in hexadecimal form. so now bitwise and of 010 and 1011 will be 1010 which is 10 in decimal so condition gets true here also.nThat's why output is hacker earth#include int main() if (10 && 8) printf ("Hacker"); if ((5 & 0x000b) 10); printf ("earth n"); return 0; I run this code and got hacker earth as output, what is the logic of this code can you explain?.


What is the indirect speech of 'yet'?

To add to what Phil Petit said, "yet" on its own has no meaning. That is, it is not a sentence, and we do not have the full context of what the speaker is referring to.If Mr. Black says, "We do not have any proof!" and Mrs. Blue replies, "Yet!"Here you have the context of "yet" (Mrs. Blue is saying that at some point in the future, we WILL have the proof...).In this case, you could say, ...Mrs. Blue said they didn't have the proof yet (stressing YET)... Or you could say... To Mr. Black, Mrs. Blue replied yet (again, stressing YET).


How do you say "Whatever" in Dutch?

This is a little bit difficult. In Dutch there isn't 1 word as versatile as 'whatever' in English. It depends on the context.. One way would be to say 'boeiend'. That's like saying, its not interesting or captivating to me what is being said or done at that moment. But it can be taken as slightly rude depending on who you are talking to. With peers of the same age that word is no problem. You could also say 'laat maar', thats when you don't want to put any extra energy into a conversation or something you are doing. Those two words have less emotional weight than 'boeiend'


Who doesn't believe in the existence of God?

Its kinda like this: if you coin a word specifically for the air in your backyard, does it exist? Yes, because theres air in your backyard. But no, because the air in the backyard is not really distinct from other air. You made it up as an entity, so it exists as a discuss-able concept.

Like this, god is a word that describes consciousness. What exactly this consciousness is, or god is, no one knows (to my knowledge, at least). It certainly exists, since we all feel conscious. If you want to give more meanings to it, it gets more and more questionable


What is the difference between packaging and custom packaging?

Packaging - The Packaging refers to all those activities related to designing, evaluating and producing the container for a product. Simply, the box-like container, wherein the product is stored to protect it from any physical damage and at the same time attracting the customer through its appeal is called as packaging.Custom Packaging - Custom packaging is boxing that is specifically tailored to your company and the product your company is making and shipping. It is meant to fit the product perfectly and aims to protect the product better than standard and generic packaging. Custom packaging of a product increase brand awareness, value, and simply makes customer experience better than standard packaging


What is signed char and unsigned char exactly?

In C there isnt any dedicated char type ,but in C we have character type .

#includeusing namespace std;int main()char ch'a';chch*2;court

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