Brighten Your Home in 64,000 Shades of White Through Wiz ...

There is no shortage of companies designing ways to light your home for your every need. Wiz Connected Lightsis hoping its voice-controlled lighting system will be the last one you ever need to buy.The system was rolled out in North America in late August and features smart LED light bulbs, recessed lighting, and sensors, among other things, to keep your home well-lit. No smart home hub is required to turn on the system, which lights up through an app that allows you to "pair and share" in 30 seconds.To activate Wiz Connected Lights, link up the lighting system to your home's Wi-Fi using an intelligent setup system that is quick and easy. All you have to do is screw in your Wiz light bulb or plug in a Wiz luminaire.Then, download the company's app, which you can find on Google Play and the Apple App Store, which allows you to "pair and share" by tapping on your screen once and quickly clicking your light switch three times. Wiz does the rest, identifying the lights and activating them in under a minute.There are multiple ways to light up the Wiz Connected Lights system, including through Wi-Fi on the app, remotely on your mobile network, using the Wizmote infrared remote control, through preset scheduling, or through voice commands via Amazon Echo or Google Home. You can access two preferred light modes with a simple click.You can also use the app to remotely set up and control different rooms for different lighting options. Guests are also able to control your lighting if you give them access to your Wi-Fi network and Wiz app.The Wiz Connected Lights system comes equipped with 64,000 shades of white and 16 million colors you can choose from. If you're away from home, you can use the app to access vacation mode and turn your lights on.The system can also connect and interact with a number of motion-detection cameras, sensors, mobile GPS, and even the weather app. One such example is the Nest camera, which can turn your lights on when it detects movement. It can also change the lighting to fit the mood when the temperature changes.In fact, the Wiz Connected Lights include various preset white light functions such as cozy, warm, daylight, cool, focus, relax, and bedtime. It also includes more dynamic lighting options such as fireplace, mojito, forest, ocean, romance, and sunset.You can buy the WiZ smart LED lights for $24.95 for a single adjustable white bulb, or $34.95 for a single full color and controllable white bulb.

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Stuff About Under-car Led Lights?
As long as the lights under the car are not on while your driving it is perfectly legal, if they are on while your driving expect a heavy fine and possibility of your car being towed1. Why is the NSA led by a General when CIA and FBI have Directors?The CIA and FBI are civilian agencies. The NSA is not. The NSA director is the commander of the U.S. Cyber Command. Department of Defense Directive 5100.20 states that the NSA Director must always be a U.S. military commissioned officer. Due to the unique reporting structure of the agency, with the exception of the earliest years of the agency and its predecessor, historically this has always been a 3-star (Lieutenant General, or Vice Admiral) depending on what branch of service they come from. Due to the creation of USCYBERCOM, starting with GEN Alexander, this has been a 4-star position (GEN/ADM) and will probably continue to be so in the foreseeable future. To balance this, the Deputy Director is always a civilian with technical expertise2. tell me about led lights?OPTICAL DESIGN LEDs are a directional light source, meaning they emit light in a single direction. Through carefully designed reflectors and lenses, light is directed only where it is needed, minimizing wasted light and energy. MECHANICAL DESIGN Because LEDs last for years, the materials and construction of an LED system are critical for performance. Careful mechanical engineering protects the LED system from corrosion and humidity to ensure long service life. THERMAL DESIGN Excess heat causes reduced life and colour shift in LEDs. With effective thermal management, heat is dissipated, thereby improving LED performance. ELECTRICAL DESIGN Electrical design determines the LED lifespan, light output and colour control of the LED system. Precise engineering ensures the right amount of electricity is delivered to the LED chip, enabling consistent, long-lasting LED system performance.3. HELp with led chaser circuit (no 555 timer)?This is a cool circuit. Try this - get a universal printed circuit breadboard from Radio Shack This will give you a way to connect the parts together. The resistors you have are too big for this circuit you need a few (maybe 10?) milliamps to light the LEDs. Surface mount components can be soldered to the board but you need a way to hold them in place while you solder. You can use different colors but be aware that LEDs are current driven devices and that the voltage specified is only given to allow you to select a resistor that will limit the current. I will repeat because it is important. ALWAYS LIMIT THE CURRENT THROUGH A LED WITH A RESISTOR4. What led to the downfall of the Tsars and the eradication of their whole family?It was not only Russia. Almost all Empires fell within a time frame of /- 10years of the Russian Empire, considering that these empires existed for centuriesI guess there rime was up from such a ruling model.We are now entering a new era when our ruling process is also expiring5. Is the United States led by extremely naive news reporters?Led by? Amazing the kind of mind-control power people seem to ascribe to the media. Newspapers for example are going out of business because only senior citizens read their still-profitable print product, while the digital product where all the reader growth is makes no money becuase digital advertisers would rather put online ad money in Google and Facebook than onine ads at Yet this same industry that cannot convince people to advertise is leading the US? Some mind control ability.6. Has love ever led you to madness?Love is a form of madness7. What factors led to Islamic Stateu2019s defeat?More than 1millon soilders and support staff fighting against 15000 Islamic state mujahideen.i think Islamic state will come back again,war is not over yet8. Can in wire led strips in my car's headlight fuses?yes u can but i would put an in line fuse in each of the circuits so if it dose blow the fuse when u were driving at night it would only blow the in line fuse and not ur headlight fuses and leave u in the dark they r easy to get and only pence to buy
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Top Lighting Companies in India
Shweta Led manufacture and supplier of every types of LED Lights mostly which is used in Hotels, Houses, Offices, Showrooms, Shopping Malls, Auditoriums, Showrooms, Hospitals, Gardens, Small & Large Industries, Farm Houses, Healthcare Industries, , Domestic etc.You are Intersting in Led Light Business THen YOu Have purchasing in Led Light #bestledcompany Looking For DealerShip , Sub-DealerAnd Purchase to Bought in Led Bulb Hole Sell Rate then You Should be Purchase From Shweta Led Company Best LED Brands Provide forAll India And For World . YOu have safe money And Eyes Light an increased LED lighting systems From Place by World Services Provider in Shweta Led Company . Purchasing for Led All Types of Led Lights. #topledcompany or #ledcompanyinindia .If you are Easily Purchase in Hall-Sale RateFor Shweta Led Company Provide Company All Kinds of Led .Kindly Visit:Name : Shweta LedCompany_Name : Adhyansh Trading And Services Pvt/LtdEmail : info@shwetaled. comFacebook_Id :shwetaled1985@gmail. comContact Us : 8851652755 ,8863842041. RELATED QUESTION Would anybody recommend a Linear LED light supplier in China? Honestly, there are a plethora of LED lights suppliers in China but you won't find many suppliers of Linear LED lights. I have been using LED linear lights for over a year now and I sourced all my linear LED lighting from China. Now, I'd like to share my pleasant buying experience with a China-based LED light supplier. Last years, I decided to replace my home-office lighting with specially designed LED linear lights since they possess special power-saving features. While researching I came across SeniorLED on Instagram. The brand is quite popular on the internet and recommended by global LED lighting buyers. After visiting their site and browsing a vast catalog of indoor-outdoor LED lights, I opted for Linear LED lights and bought 20 pcs. The product quality and technical specifications are great. AIG insurance and 5 years brand warranty are cherries on the top. Interestingly, my office's energy bill reduced by 15% in a month of use. Here are some of the features which I liked the most: Lamp efficiency of more than 130 lumens per watt Equipped with cold-forging aluminum with 3D structure IP65 water-resistant feature Special energy-saving features 7 kinds of reflectors Auto-dimming features Longer lifespan and superior illumination AIG Liability Insurance Made from environment-friendly materials Check out this Quora answer about the best LED suppliers in China Varun Sharma's answer to What companies in China sell the best LED lights?
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Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Led Light
Here are top 10 questions about led light asked by people online.1. Best Platform Bed with LED Lights | Change Up to 16 Colors by RemoteBuying the Best Platform bed with LED light may be seen as a small deal to some people, but it is actually a big deal to lots of people around the world. The build-in LED platform beds are not only vital, but they are also highly beneficial in diverse way. You can give your bedroom a Futuristic Feel with a Platform bed with LED Color Changing Light Strip along the Edges of the Bed. You can also change the Ambiance of the Room by Changing the Color of the LED Lights with the Included Remote. However, LED platform bed is also fantastic decorative for your lovely bedroom. Platform bed with the multi-color LED lights, its gives your bedroom a stunning looks. The majority people who see platform bed with LED light as a big deal, this article will find you the best platform bed with LED light. Additionally, you will find the essential features to look out before the big purchase. This Contemporary Wave-Like Curve platform bed is one of the best low profile platform bed. Low profile platform beds are trending now. It's mattress sets up 6 inches above the floor. It is Italian Premium Wave-Like Shape modern design. The venice Wave-like upholstered bed is a one of a kind addition to any contemporary bedroom. This platform bed constructed of faux leather, polyurethane foam and wood. This platform bed has 450 Lb capacity ( weight limit). It's comes with slats and does not need for bunk board or box spring. Bedding and mattress are not included. Additionally, this platform Bed comes with multi-color LED lights. White strip on the headboard is the light. You can change 16 solid colors by remote control. White strip on the headboard is the light. Lights This platform bed with has three available sizes is Full, Queen and King. The Full Dimension: L:81.5 X W:60 X H:24.5, Queen Dimension: L:86.5 X W:66 X H:24.5 and King Dimension: L:86.5 X W:82 X H:24.5. You can also choose this bed frame from 4 different colors. The bed available colors in Black, Grey, Red and Black & white. This bed comes with slats and does not need for bunk board or box spring. Bed with Color LED lights. You can change 16 colors by remote control. Bedding and mattress not included. The best fit Mattress 8 height. ( maximum 10) Venice is in Trending now a Low profile bed. Mattress bottom is 5 inches above the floor. Definitely, this platform bed is absolutely awesome. Everyone gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. But one customer gave it 4 stars for his packaging was missing a box of pieces used to secure the wood slats to the frame. So, make sure everything you need that comes with the box exactly. US Pride Furniture introduces a well crafted and designed bed frame with faux leather upholstery and an LED decoration strip. The queen size dimensions are 34.2 x 72.8 x 98.8 and a total weight of only 203 lbs., to present you with a comfortable and easy to fit bed frame. Crafted from a wooden frame and upholstered in faux leather material, this bed frame has been designed to be durable and long lasting for many years to come. With a modern touch, this bedframe features an LED decoration strip that has 16 statis colors. With 4 models of color jumpy and speed adjustment controlled by a remote, it is a complimentary and lovely addition to your decor. Compliment your home with a comfortable and practical bed frame and enjoy this faux leather upholstered frame. US Pride Furniture has been dedicated to creating quality furniture at an affordable rate for several years. As a growing company, US Pride Furniture continues to offer customers the latest array of quality-consistent, fashionable furniture styles and designs just for you. This Upholstered Bed Frame Has Been Made With a Wooden Base and Upholstered in Faux Leather Material to Present You With a Bed That Features an LED Light Function That Will Be Durable and Long Lasting in Your Home For Several Years to Come This Faux Leather Upholstered Bed Frame Features a Low Headboard and LED Light Function With 16 Statics Colors in 4 Models of Color Jumpy With Adjustable Speed to Provide a Complimentary and Elegant Addition to Your Bedroom Dcor This Bedframe Features a Headboard, Footboard, Rails, Slats and LED Light and Remote Control to Make This The Perfect Addition to Your Bedroom Dcor That You Simply Cannot Resist. This Listing Does NOT Include a Mattress Question: Does it come in any other colors besides grey? Answer: Mine is white. It's a separate listing; just keep looking through the beds and you will see the other colors. Question: can you use orthopedic mattress? Answer: As long as the mattress fits the size of the frame you purchase, I believe so. (i.e.; King-sized frame, king-sized mattress, etc, etc) Question: Can you use box Spring? Answer: Yes but it is not needed. Question: is there a way to turn on the lights? Answer: Make sure you a have the remote in line of sight of the lights antenna. If you do not , it wo not work. This is assuming that that the receiver is working correctly. This Modern, Button Tufted, Upholstered, Low Profile Bed is ideal for any home. This bed is designed to be durable and manufactured with the highest quality standards. Bonded Leather platform bed with Built-In LED lights in the headboard. The LED lights have 15 different colors with 3 levels of brightness. They also have 3 Light Pattern settings, blinking, fading and color change. Come with a remote control and it's perfect for replacing night lights and gives off a nice ambient mood light. This Platform bed does not require a box spring. The wooden slats have a metal support bar so that it can withstand any abuse Well Designed, Durable Construction that will last you for years! Bed is shipped in three (3) separate boxes. Simple Assembly Required.2. I bought LED Light to go under my motorcycle, i know how to run it to my battery, but it just came with wires?Go to the auto parts store and buy a 12 volt toggle switch.Hook the neg to the neg on the battery,then split the pos wire with the switch in the middle,then the other end to the pos on the battery.For safety you should wire a fuse between the switch and the battery-I used a 5 amp on my bike. you can add onto the positive lead so you can mount the switch wherever you want. Mine is in my trunk so kids can not turn it on
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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Led Lighting
Here are top 10 questions about led lighting asked by people online.1. Global LED Lighting Market – Industry Analysis and Forecast (2019-2026)Global LED Lighting Market accounted for US$ 1.05 Bn in 2019 is expected to reach US$XX Bn by 2026 at a CAGR of XX% over the forecast period. The report includes the analysis of impact of COVID-19 lock-down on the revenue of market leaders, followers, and disrupters. Since lock down was implemented differently in different regions and countries, impact of same is also different by regions and segments. The report has covered the current short term and long term impact on the market, same will help decision makers to prepare the outline for short term and long term strategies for companies by region. To know about the Research Methodology:- Scope of the Global LED Lighting Market: Inquire before buying LED Lamps LED Luminaires Outdoor Lighting Indoor Lighting Residential Lighting Railway Lighting Others Lighting Commercial Residential Industrial North America Europe Asia-Pacific Middle East & Africa Latin America General Electric Company Phillips Lighting N.V Cree Inc OSRAM Licht AG Virtual Extension Eaton Corporation Plc Zumtobel Group AG Dialight plc Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Digital Lumens Incorporations Toshiba Co Lighting Science Group Solid State Lighting Systems Mitsubishi Lite-On Technology Litecontrol Lowcled Epistar Everlight Electronics GYLED accounted for US$ 1.05 Bn in 2019 is expected to reach US$XX Bn by 2026 at a CAGR of XX% over the forecast period. The report includes the analysis of impact of COVID-19 lock-down on the revenue of market leaders, followers, and disrupters. Since lock down was implemented differently in different regions and countries, impact of same is also different by regions and segments. The report has covered the current short term and long term impact on the market, same will help decision makers to prepare the outline for short term and long term strategies for companies by region.To know about the Resarch Methodology:- Request Free Sample Report The Global LED Lighting Market is segmented into the type, applications, end user and geography. In terms of Type, Led lamps will be in higher demand due to rise in urbanization is driving the installation of new lamps, good temporal stability, declining manufacturing cost and rising awareness of environment protection will play crucial role for growth of led lamps in led lighting market. In application, Indoor Lighting will grow fastest due to due to rise in demand for energy at global, rising consumer awareness about cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly, innovative lighting solutions will be key factor for growth in Global LED Lighting Market. The driving factor for the Global LED Lighting Market are due to increase in energy efficient lighting solutions, longer life span, highly efficient, higher brightness and cutting the cost from huge invest in lighting system will provide better market opportunity in led lighting market. Government's norms and less price and entry of small firms will be the restrains for Global LED Lighting Market. Among region, Asia pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The market growth in the region can be attributed to the emerging economics, increasing in disposal income, changing life style and rise in urbanization will be key step in these region to boost the Global LED Lighting Market in the Asia pacific. Global LED Lighting Market share is consolidated, as the key multinational players occupy the major industry share. General Electric Company, Phillips Lighting N.V, Cree Inc, OSRAM Licht AG, Virtual Extension, Eaton Corporation Plc, Zumtobel Group AG, Dialight plc, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Digital Lumens Incorporations, Toshiba Co, Lighting Science Group, Solid State Lighting Systems, Mitsubishi, Lite-On Technology, Litecontrol, Lowcled, Epistar, Everlight Electronics and GYLED with brand portfolio expansion, mergers, collaborations and acquisitions are the key strategies adopted by the top players. For instance, in 2016, Apollo Global Management to Acquire Lumileds for US $2B. The objective of the report is to present comprehensive analysis of Global LED Lighting Market for automotive including all the stakeholders of the industry. The past and current status of the industry with forecasted Market size and trends are presented in the report with analysis of complicated data in simple language. The report covers all the aspects of industry with dedicated study of key players that includes Market leaders, followers and new entrants by region. PORTER, SVOR, PESTEL analysis with the potential impact of micro-economic factors by region on the Market have been presented in the report. External as well as internal factors that are supposed to affect the business positively or negatively have been analyzed, which will give clear futuristic view of the industry to the decision makers. The report also helps in understanding Global LED Lighting Market for automotive dynamics, structure by analyzing the Market segments, and project the Global LED Lighting Market for automotive size. Clear representation of competitive analysis of key players by type, price, financial position, product portfolio, growth strategies, and regional presence in the Global LED Lighting Market for automotive the report investor's guide. LED Lamps LED Luminaires Outdoor Lighting Indoor Lighting Residential Lighting Railway Lighting Others Lighting Commercial Residential Industrial North America Europe Asia-Pacific Middle East & Africa Latin America General Electric Company Phillips Lighting N.V Cree Inc OSRAM Licht AG Virtual Extension Eaton Corporation Plc Zumtobel Group AG Dialight plc Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Digital Lumens Incorporations Toshiba Co Lighting Science Group Solid State Lighting Systems Mitsubishi Lite-On Technology Litecontrol Lowcled Epistar Everlight Electronics GYLED2. Is there a system that would allow me to switch the power source of a device under certain conditions?I doubt the turbine will work--very well.. You would find a Gel Cell battery much better--as a re-charge power supply..useing LED Lighting.
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Most Frequently Asked Questions on Led Lighting
Considering that led lighting may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about led lighting for you to get started.1. Can anyone help me convert an electronic led lighting system from the UK to the USA household...?i do no longer even think of this question is relevent .... and infrequently clever! it rather is undesirable sufficient maintaining all human beings on our area real now and you are dreaming approximately conflict between 2 at the instant reliable allies. Britain is an exceptionally small united states of america in actual words and shall we so actual be over-run . .. we could retains the U. S. on our area for goodness sake .2. Broken neon light in my room?? What to do?!?Neon..? It is not dangerous. Vacuum it up. Then wipe up any residue with damp paper towels. Toss into trash. No big deal. Even the CFL 'problem' is mostly scare tactics from the dark-ager incandescent bulb competition. If I broke a CFL or other fluorescent bulb, I would do the same clean up as above. Then wash your hands & forget it. People have been using fluorescent bulbs for like.. 80 years. Besides.. led lighting is really coming o strong.. all the rest will be outmoded soon.3. Which is better for the environment: A Compact Fluorescent Bulb or energy saving LED lighting?Definitely LEDs. LEDs are made from tiny solid-state chips that are similar to those used in computers. These chips convert electricity directly into light without the need of a filament or glass bulb, as it is required with incandescent lights. Although CFLs are environmentally friendly due to their lower energy consumption, they do contain a small amount of mercury required for the efficiency of the light bulb. The amount of mercury found in a CFL bulb is only 5 milligrams; the battery in a wrist watch contains five times more mercury. The technology is advancing each day for LEDs. While there are LED lightbulbs, holiday lights, and now TVs, it will take some time for the prices of these to go down.4. does anybody know who sells strip led lighting encasements.Or how to make a nice one..For a motorcycle.?E-bay has all kinds of them5. What should be the name of my LED lighting company?"Halo" or "Mandorla" ligting Means a ring of light that surrounds a person . They have been used in the iconography of many religions to indicate holy figures and have at various periods also been used in images of rulers or heroes.You can add Room or House to it , having better meaningful.6. How do I wire footwell led lighting to ash tray light?That will work as long as the amperage of the led lights do not exceed the allowable rated fuse that protects this circuit. If it does then wire the led lights through a bosch relay and then to the ash tray light, there are many wiring diagrams you can find for the bosch relay on line.7. How to make pedal powered led lighting for a bicycle wheels....?you don;t want to do that batteries for leds last a long time and are plenty bright generator etc would weigh 2 lbs, cost $100, for no reason wle8. What Taglines can I use for new led lighting company?With LED...Light up bright & Low electricity Bills make you Delight !!!9. What scientific challenges prevent the widespread use of LED lighting technology?Cost of manufacturing is the foremost reason behind this. About scientific aspect i cant say. Sorry!10. planted aquarium led lighting help?Kill him, my precious dont listen to them they whisper lies. The yellow paint told me to kill the blue paint11. Are my makeup portraits not sharp because I'm just using indoor LED lighting?Many, Many lights, Simples :-)12. CCTV camera;LED Lighting;detector;alarm system factory manufacturer alarm system should keeps growing to meet worldwide needs13. led lighting for live plants?your best bet is to look up the kinds of water plants that are available to you in your area. each plant has different light requirements. I have two Beta tanks, and I chose a Bamboo plant and a water wisteria plant because both of them do not need direct sunlight and can survive on several hours of artificial light per day. It is also good to know what kind of plant will suit your fish. Some fish prefer a more broad-leafed plant, whereas other prefer seaweedy-types or grasses. all the information I have found so far has led me to believe that LED lights are actually better for live plants because there is no heat involved, just light. so, ya. do some research on what kind of plant will suit your fish, your tank, and your lifestyle.
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Analysis: Failing Firms Cloud China's Led Lighting Vision
HONG KONG (Reuters) - One in five Chinese LED lighting companies may fail this year as falling prices and oversupply batter an industry that Beijing bankrolled to try to build an energy-efficient future. About 4,000 companies in China are producing LEDs, or light emitting diodes, tempted by tax breaks, subsidies and offers of cheap land for factories. Now they are locked in intense competition that has halved prices over the past three years. Just as over-investment and sagging exports dragged down Beijing's solar panel and wind turbine champions, China's much-hyped LED lighting sector, the largest in the world, is now facing a drastic shake-up. "Everyone is making LEDs these days. The industry is a mess," Irving Pun, global marketing director of LED maker Civilight Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Co Ltd, said in an interview. "This is a typical problem associated with China," he added. "Whenever a new industry is introduced here, a huge swarm of speculators will descend upon it and quickly turn it upside down." Civilight's multi-story LED light factory in Shenzhen is surrounded by dozens of rival manufacturers. In 2006, when Pun and his colleagues set up the company, they were pioneers in an industry the central government was determined to promote as part of China's drive for green technology. Beijing has set a target for LEDs to account for 30 percent of the domestic general lighting market by 2015, more than triple the current level. That would cut annual coal use by 35 million tonnes, according to official estimates. If half of China's lights were LEDs, the electricity saved would be 2.5 times that of the annual output of China's Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydropower project by capacity, analysts say. But domestic demand is weak. Despite subsidies and the promise of reduced power bills over time, Chinese households have been slow to switch to LEDs because they are still much more expensive to buy than conventional lights. Quality issues have also hurt consumer confidence. At least 20 percent of Chinese LED lighting firms may be forced out of business, according to industry experts and even some LED company officials. "Many small LED lighting companies are suffering and may not see light at the end of the tunnel," said Wei Li, board secretary of Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co Ltd (002638.SZ), a leading Chinese LED street lighting manufacturer. "There won't be so many enterprises five to 10 years from now," she told Reuters by phone from the firm's headquarters in the city of Dongguan in southern Guangdong province, an LED manufacturing centre. Industry consolidation may temporarily disrupt the world's LED supply chain given 60 to 70 percent of China's capacity is built for exports, analysts say. But in the long run, the shakeout should lead to a healthier Chinese LED industry and hence better quality products. Shares of the more than two dozen Chinese LED players listed in China and Hong Kong, some of which attracted private equity investment before their listings, have tumbled as their profits evaporated. Ledman Optoelectronic Co Ltd (300162.SZ) is down 48 percent from a March peak, and Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co Ltd (300232.SZ) has lost 37 percent. Foreign lighting titans including Philips Electronics NV (PHG.AS), Osram - partly owned by German engineering conglomerate Siemens AG (SIEGn.DE) - and General Electric Co (GE.N) should emerge as winners due to their financial clout and technical expertise, industry experts say. Philips and Osram, which have traditionally focused on conventional lighting in China, have ramped up production of LEDs. Osram, which employs 8,000 people in China, started construction of its first-ever LED chip packaging plant in China in August, a 100,000-square-metre complex in the eastern city of Wuxi, using chips made in Germany and Malaysia. Domestic winners may include Kingsun, Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co Ltd (000541.SZ), NVC Lighting Holding Ltd (2222.HK), Elec-Tech International Co Ltd (002005.SZ), Shenzhen Unilumin and Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co Ltd (300241.SZ), analysts say. So far, LEDs are mainly used in street lighting, shopping malls, upscale hotels and office buildings. To accelerate a broader shift to efficient lighting, China in October started to phase out wasteful incandescent bulbs, joining other countries like the United States and Japan. The diodes, semiconductors that convert electrical current into light, are much more efficient than the two dominant products for home and commercial lighting, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and incandescent bulbs. LED lights are longer lasting and up to 10 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Some industry experts predict that within 10 years, these lights will deliver more environmental and economic benefits than any other clean technology, including high-voltage power transmission, electric vehicles, smart grids or renewable power. In North America, LED-based lights account for about 8 percent of the general lighting market, according to a 2012 report on the global LED sector from consultants McKinsey. The use of these lights in the United States alone has saved 2.6 terawatt hours of power per year, equivalent to the electricity needed to power over 200,000 average U.S. households, according to a 2011 research report prepared by Navigant Consulting Inc for the U.S. Department of Energy. In China, the world's top energy consumer and carbon emitter, general lighting accounts for 12 percent of annual electricity consumption. About 70 percent of China's electricity is generated from coal. Despite the anticipated shakeout, Beijing remains committed to the industry. The Ministry of Science and Technology said last summer it planned to create a 500 billion yuan ($80.23 billion) LED lighting industry by 2015. It also plans to nurture 20 to 30 technologically competitive industry leaders involved in LED chip making, packaging or fixture manufacturing, and nominated the sector - now with an annual output value of about 200 billion yuan ($32.09 billion)- to receive further government support. It did not identify the leading firms. Ben Lin, senior analyst at international LED consultancy LEDinside in Shenzhen, said they may include some listed companies as well as unlisted players such as Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics S&T Co, Shenzhen Collection Enterprises Co and French-invested Zhongshan Juneng Hi-tech Optoelectronics & Lighting Co. Chinese LED makers currently rely heavily on foreign companies for chips, which account for half of the production cost of the lights. Bringing that technology back home would help reduce costs. Lower costs and advances in technology are crucial if China is to meets its LED goals. Reflecting a global trend, the Chinese LED lighting market will likely see a compound annual growth rate of over 40 percent through 2016, making up 46 percent of the country's overall general lighting industry, the McKinsey report said. "I believe the LED era will come one day," said Zhu Jianqin, executive director of Hong Kong-listed TCOrient Lighting Holdings Ltd (0515.HK), which is mainly involved in LED road lighting manufacturing.
2021 07 18
A Walk in the Land of Never Was
There are so many reasons not to do a thing. Fear, laziness, lack of skill or resources, and stubbornness all come to mind. But this year, I found a reason more dangerous than all of them, worse because its lackluster sound gives it the camouflage of dullness among a deluge of new shiny things.The danger is in finding a great idea, but thinking it doesn't matter and tossing it aside. "No, obviously we won't do that," is the catch phrase. Spoken with enough confidence, especially by someone powerful and respected who uses logic well, and that idea enters the Land of Never Was.The Land of Never Was is the place where discarded ideas go to hang out. It's the bottom of the backlog, the coldest corner of the icebox, the bottom right hand corner of the kanban board. It's a mostly dull gray place; dusty, creased, redolent with the smell of crumpled and slowly disintegrating notebook pages and post-it notes that long ago lost their stick.Around this time of year I like to take a vacation there, and walk along the shore of the Sea of Could Have Been with my little metal detector skimming the dunes for something shiny that I might have missed. Whenever I do this I keep my expectations low, so I'm not necessarily expecting to unearth any treasures, but it gives me an excuse to stare out at the horizon.I've been working on my startup for nearly 5 years, and on startups overall for 10 years, so the sea has had a lot of time to break down and turn over the remnants. You'd think after all that time, walking the same stretch of beach, I'd find fewer and fewer items of interest, but it isn't so. I keep finding new ways to circle back on old ideas, as my little detector beeps and I dig up some shiny scrap that I didn't notice last time I wandered here."No, obviously we won't do that."Self-help books are abuzz with find the life-changing magic of tidying up, saying 'no' more often, giving fewer s, and startup culture rewards being stubborn in a "Jobsian" ideal of the creative genius persona. For those of us who already drank all this Kool Aid and are tough stubborn self-directed intensely independent motherers, I have a suggestion: take a walk on the shore of your own imagination, along your Sea of Could Have Been.Find something you said "No" to that should have been a yes, and make it right.It took us awhile to find this particular treasure, but we're so happy that Mattermark now offers the ability to look up contact email addresses!.·RELATED QUESTIONWere can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project?If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home's external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, it's significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?Outdoor LED lightingmay be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lighting's LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient.Whatever options you settle on, you're sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
2021 07 13
Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Led Lighting
Considering that led lighting may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about led lighting for you to get started.1. What is CRI?in-lite has been designing and perfecting LED lighting for over 10 years. When you choose in-lite, you are guaranteed the best LED's with the purest light output and most optimal energy consumption. On top of this, all in-lite fixtures have a CRI of 90. CRI stands for the Color Rendering Index and is used to indicate how much color is seen by the human eye. During the day we see all colors in the yard perfectly. In fact, daylight has the highest CRI out there. Whereas LEDs range of between 70 and 95. High quality LED sources have a CRI of at least 90. This ensures you see all colors and contrasts even when the sun goes down. All in-lite fixtures have a CRI of between 90-95, which means that not only is in-lite leading the industry in providing quality LED solutions, but our lighting is unmatched for landscapes, greenery, and decor. Did you know: LED's consume around 80% less energy than halogen light sources. Keep that one in your back pocket ;) See the difference: One of the best ways to see the in-lite difference is to try it out in person. Using the SCOPE, for example, will allow you to see the difference CRI90 can make through a rich, high-quality lighting experience.2. LED lights can damage your eyes: Should you be worried about blue light?New Delhi: You may have heard that excessive exposure to the 'blue light' in LED lighting is not good for your health. Now, France's government-run health watchdog warned in a statement that light-emitting diode (LED) light that is increasingly used in our homes can damage the eye's retina and disturb natural sleep rhythms. In a 400-page report, the French health authority recommended that the maximum limit for acute exposure be revised - even if most people would only rarely be able to meet such levels. According to the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), new findings confirmed earlier concerns that 'exposure to an intense and powerful LED light is 'photo-toxic' and can lead to irreversible loss of retinal cells and diminished sharpness of vision'. Earlier, the American Optometric Association has explicitly stated that the blue light damage to the retina is a cause of concern. Effects of blue light: What you need to know LED lights are becoming popular day by day across the world as they are less expensive and more energy efficient compared to traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. LEDs are used for domestic purposes as well as industrial and commercial ones. The largest source of blue light is sunlight, and other sources include - fluorescent light, compact fluorescent light bulbs, LED light, flat screen LED televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and tablet screens. This means you are exposed to blue light from your device - when you look at a screen for hours. The amount of blue light or high-energy visible (HEV) light these digital screens emit is just a fraction compared to the amount emitted by the sun. But, the amount of time people spend looking at the screens and the close proximity of the devices to the user's eyes is a cause of growing concern for health experts. And the ANSES reports also noted that children and adolescents, whose eyes do not fully filter blue light, are particularly susceptible to the harms of cold blue light. Earlier, a study suggested that children's eyes absorb more blue light than adults from digital device screens. Research has shown that blue light can interfere with the body's circadian rhythm - our natural wake and sleep cycle. According to Dina Attia, a researcher and project manager at ANSES, interfering with the body's circadian rhythm is also known to aggravate metabolic disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers. Eventually, ANSES recommended buying 'warm white' LED lighting for domestic lighting. It suggested that people limit their exposure to LED sources with a high concentration of blue light, and avoid LED screens before bedtime. The agency also recommended that manufacturers should limit the luminous intensity of vehicle headlights.
2021 07 13
LED Lights Not Faulty, Proper Maintenance Not Done by South Delhi Councillors
Moving towards his government's aim to conserve energy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a scheme for LED bulb distribution under the domestic efficient lighting programme in Delhi and a National Programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting.In Delhi, LED bulbs will be provided to all domestic consumers at an initial payment of Rs. 10 each and recovery of Rs. 10 each for 12 months from their electricity bill. Hence, the cost for an LED bulb to domestic consumer will be Rs 130 through this programme due to bulk procurement, compared to the current open market retail price in the range of Rs. 350-600 for LED bulbs. The estimated annual savings for households in Delhi per LED bulb will be Rs. 162. The LED bulbs will have a warranty of 3 years. Modi also launched a web-based system to enable consumers in Delhi to register requests for procuring LED bulbs under Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP). Consumers can register either through the programme website ( or by sending an SMS to a designated number. But proper maintenance of these LED lights is not done by the south Delhi councillors• RELATED QUESTIONThird brake light (LED) testThe fact that the light bar lights up means that it works. If the fault is consistent, I would be more tempted to look for the fault at the brake pedal - where the switch for the light is.As your existing brake lights work correctly, next step is to see whether they use the same switch, as per 's comment. It may be that the LED bar has been wired in completely independently of the original lightsWhere can i get a set of 720/15 metre LED multi coloured icicle lights?You can find in the Internet, a lot of LED multi coloured icicle lights made in guzhen zhongshan china our company offer too,you can contact us ,search “spark-lamps“ on yahoo and google is OKCRT TV or LCD/LED TV?Unless you live in a 3rd world country, there should not be CRTs for sale at all. LCE/LED, Plasma, or maybe projection, should be all that is available.Why did my LED flashlights stop working?Bet you a buck the batteries are in backwards. LEDs only pass current one way (and thus light up) - if the batteries are in backwards, no current will flow, and there will be no light (but you wo not destroy them either, cos a reverse-biased diode is just doing its normal job)Which booster for a battery powered LED?Not quite. You have 18 Wh of energy available. (Energy = Power × Time.)So, for a discharge to 50% of capacity (safety margin) you have 9 Wh available. To use that in one hour means your lamp and booster can draw 9 W max. If your booster is 80% efficient you can use a 9 * 0. 8 = 7. 2 W LED. Find a module that has the required input and output voltage specifications and adequate current rating for your lamp. Ideally it should have an automatic shutdown feature on low input voltage to avoid completely discharging the battery should you leave it on. Shopping recommendations are off-topic so you wo not get a product recommendation here.Why the bulbs are so common in villages, while in cities we use CFL and LED lamps?Yes, people are still using incandescent bulbs in villages. This maybe because they are not aware of it or they are not able to afford it. Though the use of CFLs or LEDs will benefit them in the long run, they are not educated about the importance of energy saving therefore, they tend to always buy normal bulbs only.Extending LED lengthAs the lower current, also smaller cables can be used. Be sure to isolate correctly, not for LED life, but for ARDUINO life: a short-circuit can be dangerous.Dim LED lamp with constant current power supply using resistorsThis is not really exactly what I asked for but I solved this by getting rid of the constant current power supply and used an of the shelve power supply with fixed voltage and a current limiting resistor which made it really easy to met my requirements.I've chosen a 15V Power supply and used a resistor in series with the LEDs:R = U / I = (15 - 13.58) / 1mA = 1420 OhmHow many LED pot lights per circuit?I found a bit more information and thought I would update this. The code has changed and I believe specifically section 8-304 of the most recent code has been amended for situations like this. The limit is 12, unless you are installing devices that have a known load. In the case of a LED light which is hardwired in, or a smoke alarm, you can put as many of these devices on the circuit providing you do not exceed the 80% load. This applies as long as you have no points on the circuit (such as receptacles) which would be an unknown load (since you do not know what someone is going to plugin). The moment you add a receptacle the limit drops back to 12. Hope this helps!.BEST LED TO BUY NOW... good features ... good brand.. suggest me as soon as possible with right choice........?The full HD (1080 x 1920) resolution Sony KDL32EX720 32“ 3D LED TV is one of those ultra slim 3D TVs you've been hearing so much about. Not only can it display 720p, 1080i and 1080p high definition signals, it can do so in 3D. Whether you are watching 2D or 3D programming you will enjoy an image with high contrast and natural colors thanks to the Motionflow XR 240 technology. But then this set was designed for the most demanding videophile. Its four HDMI 1.4 inputs ensure that signals will stay in pure digital form from source to set. And you can control components that are Anynet (HDMI-CEC) compatible from a single remote control.How do you solve the "half strand out" problem in a strand of LED lights?I just had this problem an hour ago. The first 50 worked but the second half did not. The problem was a broken or unplugged wire right at the 53 bulb. But you can not replace LED bulbs so we spliced the wire and only had to sacrifice that one light. Try jiggling each bulb that is out - you might get a brief connection at the offending lamp and be able to splice past itWill an LED in this situation light up.?When the tri-state is in it's high Z state it's effectively an open circuit. Your LED should not light up when connected to an open circuitBoard layout help: 64-output Mux! (for possible use in 8x8x8 LED Cube)This 5x5x5 LED cube for an XMOS device uses two STP16CPS05 chips and five BD140 BJTs. It's driven by SPI. Here is my version of the schematic, I was thinking of designing a PCB for it. It could easily be extended to an 8x8x8 cube. This XMOS XK-1 board that he used costs $59, including the XTAG-2 interface required for programming and debugging. I've got two of themis a Sharp 60" Full HD LED-LCD TV worth buying?Sharp AQUOS LC60LE632U 60-inch 1080p 120 Hz LED-LCD HDTV, Black Great color , good image quality . My sons use their xbox to play and with the 60 inch screen , they can play two players games without any problemWhich flashlight has 2 modes with LED and spotlight?I believe the flashlight you speak of is a Stanley Model SL3HS although that one has 4 modes which do include LED, Spotlight, light beam, dim beamHow can I power a simple waterproof LED inside a fish bowl without wires?drill holes where you want the LED, and then use silicon around the hole to waterproof that awell so there is no leaks!Is it possible, for an LED TV, to explode while functioning?Components in said LED TV can EXPLODE, by saying that I mean only the components called capacitors. These usually small time bombs do not produce a very large explosive yield, but they do sound impressive when they do go. They pop quite nicely with a loud bang usually sounding like a small caliber fire arm. When a CAP does go it can possibly damage other components when the little suckers go as they usually fly apart in all directions, however collateral damage to other components is very unlikely unless they were damaged by other factors that led to the CAP to pop itself.Now having said all of that it is VERY unlikely that a CAP will ever explode but it does happen from time to time with an average fail rate of 1 in 1 million. So odds are you will never experience a CAP failure in practical reality.Which watt is mostly used in LED street lights?90W to 480WLED Street LightsWatts: 480WLumens: 60853Practical estimate for a capacitor discharge through a resistor and an LED in seriesYour first RC formula is not right. You need to consider Vf=1.64V of the LED as an offset for the input voltages. This is the correct formula: RC = -t/ln((Vt-Vf)/(V0-Vf)) = -3/ln((2-1.64)/(3.87-1.64)) = 1.65 SecondsHow to drive an 100 mA forward current LED using STM32H743 Microcontroller to the collector without using external power supply?LEDs still work well when driven below their rated current. So if you only have 50mA, you can set the current limiting resistor in your circuit so that the current is only 50mAResistors with four pin LED?Look at the datasheet. The LED has only two pins, so the other two are parallel with those. You need to connect only to two pins. You do have the data sheet? You need the supply voltage, and the Vf and If of the diode in order to calculate the needed resistance.Nano onboard “test” LED blinks when powered via 5V pinSo, as per the comments on the question here's what I think happened:That "test" LED lights briefly when the board is first powered on, indicating I suppose that it's booted and setup() is either complete or about to run.It also lights briefly when the reset button is released.In the sketch I am using one of the digital pins is connected to RST -- the arduino is being controlled via UART. I have swapped some of the pin numbers and wiring around, so I tried leaving the one driving RST low instead of high and indeed, this seems to be the issue: It's resetting at 1s intervals.(I honestly believe I checked this before by removing all connections, but since I did not note that in the question, perhaps I never did...)Do LED screens cause eye strain?Whenever we look at near objects our eyes moves in , the pupil (black hole in center ) gets smaller and the natural lens in eye exerts pressure to focus clearly on near object.Excessive reading or using these visual display unit will build up the strain on eye muscles leading to uncomfortable feelings.It can be red eyes , mild to severe headache, nausea, fatigue and watering. Whenever we use these devices or read a book our level of concentration is extremely high and we blink infrequently leading to dry eyes.Be it LED LCD CRT or any visual display unit they will trouble you if used for long hours more than 3 to 4.SolutionBlink frequently and follow a simple rule of 20-20-20. I. e. after every 20mins of use look far 20feet away for 20seconds. Or get up and wash your face or simply stand at window for few seconds.Use specialized computer glasses.Maintain a healthy diet with plenty of water intake to keep your body hydrated.Can LED (fluorescent) lights harm a motorcycle's stator?I would say you need to find another mechanic. A stator is one of the most trouble free parts on a bike. LED lights would not cause a stator to go bad. They draw less juice than than your headlight by farDoes LED TV need stabilizer?Most of the modern Digital LED TVs comes with inbuilt Stabilizer , so you do not need any extra Stabilize for the TV.Check the manual for it and if does not have, Buy one Stabilizer
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