If you can swing $189, they have a nice Brother at Costco

1. What sewing machine should I get?

Look at a few dealers and check WalMart etc. singer is awesome still, Sears has their brand- kenmore I grew up on one! there are alot of fancy, expensive machines out there. Good thing about singer is you could get free lessons.

2. Whats wrong with my sewing machine?

It sounds like the timing is off on the bobbin or it could be you have dust, durt or thread fibers in the bobben area. I would take it to a repair shop cause it needs a good cleaning and adjustments

3. Advice on purchasing my first sewing machine?

Congratulations on the new machine. The number one problem we see is "there must be something wrong with the tension"! Number one thing to remember - always thread the machine with the presser foot up. This opens the tension and lets the thread in. The tension just wo not work without thread. Be sure the bobbin thread is feeding in the correct direction in through the proper guides. Keep the instruction manual handy and refer to it all the way and all will go well. Now for the notions! While you are at Walmart, pick up: Simplicity's Simply The Best Sewing Book. Titanium coated scissors (large and small) Pinking Shears (Fiskar soft handle) for finishing seams/optional Dritz (blue handle) seam ripper Magnetic pin dish Thinnest straight pins you can find Measuring tape Seam gauge Extra package of machine needles Package of hand needles. A few spools of thread in basic colors A sectioned container for storing the thread and other notions. Do not buy extra bobbins until you check the instruction manual for size - it will probably be Class A/15. For quilting, you may want to add a quilting ruler, rotary cutter and mat. JoAnn Fabric has simplicity patterns on sale for one week, beginning Sunday (Mar 8) for $1.99 Some, not all JoAnn stores have sewing classes, if you are interested.

4. Zig Zag Stitch with a Brother Sewing Machine?

you have it set to do a blind hem stitch not zigzag

5. Best Sewing Machine for sewing Clothing?? Help!?

The only thing I would add is avoid mechanical one-step buttonholes! And I will reinforce the idea that you will get a far better pre-loved machine for $200 than you will a new one. You may NEED a very light weight machine for some reason (some folk do), but it wo not be as robust or as good as a decent weight pre-loved heavier machine

6. Is this a good sewing machine for someone that has never...?

you make your decision but, maybe , i mean yeah yeah i guess any sewing machine is good , i've never used one though but i've sewed by hand . ^_^ hope helps!

7. How can I make this with a sewing machine?

It depends on the machine you are using. If your machine has a zig zag stitch that you can control the width and length of I think you could. Especially since badges tend to be small and do best with simple graphics. Hoop and stabilize your fabric first. You could start out doing designs where each line is of a single width. Then maybe experiment with changing the width as you sew to get more expressive lines. You could also do slightly overlapping lines side by side to fill in shapes. The edges could be done with a thick button hole stitch--either before or after cutting out. They make rayon threads that give a shiny finish--I've never sewn with them but I get the feeling that they are used as a top thread only. Some machines have a free embroidery foot. You lower the feed dogs (the jagged teeth that move the fabric) and manually control the material--moving it around--that takes lots of practice though. Consider applique! You can get double sided fusible sheets that allow you to make any shape you want and then iron it onto another fabric. Then you could zig zag around the edge. Finally, you could do fabric paint.

8. HELP! I need to buy a sewing machine that does monogram as well.?

Sewing Machine With Monogramming

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