Are White Fluorescent Light Bulbs Better for the Eyes Or the Yellow Incandescent Ones?

white light is brighter, , but fluorescent tubes have a tendency to flicker... maybe thats why people say bulbs are better

1. Do we want our Government forcing us to use fluorescent light bulbs?

I live on solar and have for about 16 years now. I have started with my first cpf light bulb way back then when it actually cost over 20.00. However , I still have it and it still burns brightly. I have about 20 or so in my house, and not one of them flickers. The long tube kind sometimes do as bad ballasts etc. If your epileptic, then yes , a flickering light, most usually a strobe can trigger a seizure. But these generally do not flicker. As far as the Mercury, give me a break. There is not enough mercury in one of these to shine a dime. Do not believe everything people would want you to believe. I used to play with mercury all the time when I was a kid, as did so many others. I am still alive, well and over 60. I also painted houses with lead paint which holds up far better then this junk the tree huggers are making us use. I had a bow and arrow and a .22 rifle before I was 12 and nobody ever lost an eye to one of my arrorws nor was wounded from my gun. What I do not like however , is someone telling me what I WILL use and what I wo not use. That is no longer a democracy, but communisium. Pure and simple.. If more people would use their heads from something other than a battering ram , we would not be in this mess.

2. Is there anywhere around the house where you should NOT install a compact fluorescent light bulb?

They are not supposed to be used in enclosed light fixtures. If you are worried about a specific spot, just leave the old bulb. They save electricity but a few old bulbs will not make that much of a difference.

3. Do I need a new fluorescent light or a new starter?

if one end of tube is discoloured it's probably a dud but try a starter first

4. I replaced my fluorescent light bulbs in my kitchen and today they will not light up as bright. how co?

make sure the pins are completely seated in the tombstones(sockets)

5. Why do my freshwater fish freak out with a fluorescent light? Don't want to hurt them...?

I hope you turn on the light in the room first instead of just turing on the tank light, since it will be like you being blindfolded then looking at the sun and removing the blindfold. Its just too fast of adjustment so if your doing that stop if not let them get used to it

6. Do fluorescent light bulbs conatain UV?

I do not know about turtles, but your standard fluorescent bulb does not emit any appreciable UV during normal operation. A typical bulb emits light at its greatest intensity at wavelengths greater than 500nm. There are a few small peaks near 435nm, but nothing significant. So-called "natural sunshine" bulbs do emit light in the UV spectrum at moderate intensity, at around 365nm, though most of their emission spectrum is still above 400nm

7. How do I diagnose fluorescent light flicker?

Flickering and buzzing where bigger problems with magnetic ballasts and cheaper type T12 Fluorescents. These are becoming obsolete, if you have these types of lamps and ballasts you can retrofit them out to the newer High Power Factor electronic ballasts and type T8 lamps, or LED tubes. T8 fluorescent lamps are about $3.00 each and A ballast is about $17.00. LED tubes are about $8.00 a tube but you still have to retrofit the fixture. Good luck.

8. How long is the standard lifespan of a typical compact fluorescent light bulb?

The average compact fluorescent light bub lasts about 7500 hours, which is about a year, depending on the type of compact fluorescent and the manufacturer

9. I broke a fluorescent light bulb in my bedroom, will I be okay?

Ya you will be fine, you will just **** out your knees and piss out your elbows for a few weeks. ******

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Market Lighting Affects Nutrients.
Many people reach toward the back of the fresh-produce shelf to find the freshest salad greens with the latest expiration dates. But a new study led by Agricultural Research Service scientists may prompt consumers to instead look for packages that receive the greatest exposure to light--usually those found closest to the front.The study was led by postharvest plant physiologist Gene Lester while in ARS's Crop Quality and Fruit Insects Research Unit, in Weslaco, Texas. Lester and colleagues Donald Makus and Mark Hodges found that spinach leaves exposed to continuous light during storage were, overall, more nutritionally dense than leaves exposed to continuous dark. Lester is now with the USDA-ARS Food Quality Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland.For the study, the researchers exposed spinach leaves to light similar to the 24hour artificial fluorescent light received by spinach in packages located at the front of the display case. A second group was enclosed in two-layer-thick brown grocery-bag paper to represent the "dark treatment." Both experimental groups were housed in market-type, light-transmissible polymer tubs with snap-tight lids and were kept in walk-in storage chambers at 4[degrees]C--the same temperature at which markets currently display packaged spinach. The light reaction of photosynthesis is not temperature dependent and can occur at 4[degrees]C in the right type of light.The researchers found that the continuous light affected the leaves' photosynthetic system--resulting in a significant increase in levels of carotenoids and vitamins C, E, K, and B9, or folate.While the simulated retail light conditions actually helped the stored leaves gain in content of several human-healthy vitamins, some wilting occurred after 3 days of storage in flat-leaf but not crinkled-leaf types.Continuous light exposure during retail display combined with specific cultivar selection (crinkled-leaf types) and leaf maturity (baby-leafed size) appears to be the strategy for preserving and enhancing the concentration of spinach-derived human-health bioactive compounds.Results from this work were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.--By Rosalie Marion Bliss, ARS.Gene E. Lester is with the USDA-ARS Food Quality Laboratory, 10300 Baltimore Ave., Beltsville, MD 20705-5129; (301) 504-6128, .*
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