Are There Any Specific Dog Training Groups for This?

working class dogs do not mature until 2 years of age. do NOT try doing bite work or protection work before that. light obedience OK under a year ... meaning not jumping up on people, etc. leash breaking, and simple stuff. you can teach tracking to young dog as well you can start with retrieving and fun work. Find Schutzhund Club in your area and visit their meetings and get to know what they do. Highly recommend that.

1. I need help with dog training?

Dont tolerate it take him somewhere where he cant run away

2. Best colar for dog training?

i have seen in shows that they use a harness that goes on their face which controls them a lot better.. its kinda like a bridle on a horse. i have seen it done with professional animal trainers on animal planet. - h !!! why am i getting thumbs down. look at Victoria Stilwell she does the same dam thing .... ....

3. Is a dog training class a good option here?

It sounds from what you wrote like you have a dog that feels he is the MALE in the household. Not your husband. I think you all need training, not just the dog. He's got you and your dh trained well. I would strongly suggest you learn about Clicker Training, and also speak to a trainer. Good writing, good FREE information on clicker training and the guy is great if you have to phone him for advice. He has some great videos for sale that are easy to follow and most important WORK. Good luck with the dog, and the family! :)

4. is petsmart dog training worth my time?

No, they are not. I have stories about Petsmart training that are not good. Those instructors are trained to only teach positive methods. You are never told to correct your dog for disobeying a command it already knows. You are never given a prong collar, even if your dog needs ones. And they sell treats at six bucks for a five-ounce bottle. Yep. They are NO GOOD. Do not waste your money, please. There are plenty of good dog training agencies out there. Most of the time they are small and hard to find, but you will know a good one when you see it. Go to professional dog shows and ask around. Professional people know what they are doing and can recommend a good dog trainer to you. Good luck!

5. Dog Training && Pack Mentality, Training in a Dogs Language?

Thank you for the Informationn

6. What is your reason for opposing Cesar Milan's methods of dog training?

I just responded to a Q earlier about him.....I have personally known a family that employed his services, and within 2 hours, dog no longer pulled, and displayed no more aggressive tendencies. This was a stray pip/lab-something else dog that was tied to a PetSmart post. They could have simply used the choke collar as he does all of the time, but they did not have the skills to use it, or they could not read the body language of the dog prior to him displaying aggression. He has been a wonderful family dog since Cesar worked with him. I would love to go to his center and work behind the scenes with the truly "out of control dogs" and watch his methods. I suppose all of us have opinions on methods, but each individual dog responds and accepts training methods differently. I have used his methods on dogs that I have picked up, rehabbed and found homes for. He certainly commands respect from the animals that he visits, he himself is fearless. I also applaud his creative approach to animals that have been traumatized to the point of shutting down. He is a relentless behaviorist, IMHO and seems to truly care about the plight of pits and homeless dogs. The controversy is about positive only training vs. correction/punnishment methods. I am glad that my dogs mainly needed positive, some in the past needed a firm hand. All lived happily ever after

7. Dog training tips PLZ help!?

Uhhh, you must pimp slap your dog once in a while to show that you are the dominant species. Thank you and God bless America

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