Anything Wrong with My Light Box Design?

If all of the heat of the lamps was being transferred directly to the air, moving 240 CFM through the box would result in approximately a 9C temperature rise.The problem is that the air itself will absorb very little of the lamp power directly; instead, most of it will be absorbed first by the box, and then subsequently transferred to the air. The temperature rise of the box will be dependent on the thermal resistance between it and the air, which will be fairly high unless you take special measures (think heat-sink fins) to control it.

1. How Many Types of LED Backlit Lighting for Advertising Light Box - Manufacturer of Advertising Display from China Suppliers |Adhaiwell

With the continuous development of the LED industry, various types of LED products have gradually entered various industries, especially in the current commercial field, and are widely used in lighting, lighting decoration, and advertising. As a traditional advertising medium for advertising, the advertising light box is more and more selected on the light source of the light box. ADHAIWELL believes that in addition to the need to understand the light box picture materials, it is also important for customers who specialize in light boxes to have a certain understanding of the types and applications of LED light boxes. Since the earliest time, the light source of the light box used fluorescent tubes and modules as the main illumination source. Later, with the continuous development of the light source of the advertising light box, the staff who made the light box paid more and more attention to the simplicity and long-term use of the installation, and led under the premise of the same brightness and effect of the light source and the fluorescent tube, there is almost no difference. Therefore, in comparison with the advantages of LED strips and fluorescent tubes and modules, no customer chooses fluorescent tubes as the light source for light boxes, and led strips have officially replaced modules and fluorescent tubes as the mainstream light source for light box lighting. The LED Backlit Lighting is mainly divided into three types: the shutter light backlight, the high-power side light source, and the diffuse reflection backlight. According to the brightness, the light-emitting mode and the light-emitting angle, there are also differences in the application of the light box. Let's briefly introduce the three LED light boxes. Roller shutters, also known as curtain LED lights and grid LED lights, are widely used in advertising light boxes because of their simple installation and convenient maintenance. Currently, there are 2835/5730/5050/5630 models on the market, which can be selected according to different needs. The unique feature of the roller blind lamp is that the spacing of the light bar can be adjusted arbitrarily. As long as the light bar spacing is not greater than the thickness of the light box, it can meet most lighting requirements of the light box. The high-power side LED backlit lighting is a kind of LED light box light source that emits light from the side. The power of the high-power side LED backlit lighting can reach more than 1W. For the installation of the light box, it is only necessary to install the light bar up and down or left and right, directly connected to 220V electricity, compared with the roller blind The lamp requires a small number of light bars, and the installation procedure is simpler and has a wide application prospect. The diffuse reflection led backlight is a kind of light box light source with a lens. The illumination angle is larger than that of the roller blind light and the side light source. Generally, the light can reach 170, which is because the light-emitting angle of the diffuse light strip is large. The number of light bars can be appropriately reduced on the light box, which can effectively save costs. The LED Backlit Lighting of the led light box is different according to the different light boxes. For single-sided light boxes, it is recommended to use the roller light strips. The brightness can be selected according to the different places where the light boxes are located. If the indoor light boxes are selected, the brightness can be relatively moderate. 2835 light bar, if it is outdoor, you can choose the 5730 curtain light with relatively high brightness, and the outdoor light box should pay attention to waterproof. It is recommended to choose waterproof shutter light. If the thickness of the light box is below 8cm, the diffuse light bar of 3030 can be selected, which can effectively save costs and improve efficiency. For the double-sided light box, it is recommended to select the side light source, the light bar is arranged above or below the light box, and the farther the light bar is from the light box screen, the better the lighting effect is, and it is suitable for the light box with the distance within 3 meters. LED Backlit Lighting should pay special attention to the brightness is not the higher the better, in general, the LED light bar can only work within the rated current working range, beyond this current is overloaded for the LED light bar, Of course, in the high current working state, the brightness of the LED light bar is definitely improved, but under long-term overload working conditions, the light decay of the LED light bar will be greatly accelerated, which is why many people use the LED light bar. The light box that was made was just brighter at the beginning, and it was not so bright after a while. At present, many products on the market increase the brightness by increasing the current, and the life of the LED strip and other stability are exchanged. ADHaiWell is manufacturer of customize indoor and outdoor advertising media solution products. We provide products made of the highest quality materials, offering an outstanding value for our customers worldwide. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

2. There are bare copper wires in the light box?

You have at least two non-metallic (NM) cables coming into that box. Each NM cable (and other types) must now have a ground wire. In the US, most of these cables have a bare copper ground wire. Sometimes you will see ground wires with green insulation, and occasionally on fixtures you will see a bare stranded wire with tinned (silver) coating.At least one of those cables leads back to the main panel box which houses the main ground connection. The goal is to have every fixture and device (including any metal boxes) connected to ground. This is accomplished by attaching the all of the ground wires of the cables and devices at each downstream location together. This is totally correct. These wires do not normally carry any current. Ground only would carry current if there were a failure of the other wires, and then it would serve as an emergency connection to carry the current literally to the ground rather than letting it shock a person or cause a fire. In most cases, this would trip a circuit breaker.To be properly connected, most modern switches and fixtures should also have a ground wire. These might be bare or covered in green insulation. They also should be connected to the bare wires from the cable.While attaching bare wires to screws is acceptable, it is generally not proper to put two wires under one screw. Usually several bare wires are connected with a wire nut or a push-in connector and an extra short wire (called a pigtail) is also bundled in. The pigtail's other end is then put under the screw of a device, switch, or box. An exception is when the wire is actually continuous, and the wire under the screw is really just a loop rather than two separate wires (which may be your case)

3. Possible to trap light in a box having mirrors inside?

Holy crap!!! That would be freakin awesome! I think u can! Capture the light, then go into a pitch black room and open the box. Sick as!

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Application Analysis of Constant Current Ic-nu510 for LED Light Box
Application Analysis of Constant Current Ic-nu510 for LED Light Box
1: IntroductionLED modules are widely used in blister words, luminous words and other advertising light sources with the characteristics of high brightness, high luminous efficiency, low cost and easy installation. The traditional LED backlight module generally adopts the scheme of DC12V / 24V power supply, 3 / 6 LED beads and a current limiting resistor. This scheme has the advantages of low cost and simple manufacture, but it also has obvious disadvantages:A: The brightness consistency of the front and rear modules is poor. Due to the voltage drop on the conductor, the front modules are relatively bright and the rear modules gradually darken. Although it can be improved by adding power at both ends, the method of adding power at both ends will cause the phenomenon of bright at both ends and dark in the middle, which increases the construction difficulty; Especially when the module current is large, the defect is more prominent.B: The number of LED modules that can be connected in series is small and the length is short. The length of traditional resistance current limiting modules is generally about 5m. If the number of modules is increased, the power interface needs to be increased; At the same time, the difficulty of installation and construction is also increased.C: The LED module is ordered to be short. The LED module generally works in a sealed environment, with difficult heat dissipation and high working environment temperature. The LED is a current driven component, and the VF of the LED decreases with the increase of temperature, resulting in the increase of voltage on the current limiting resistance. The working current of the module will increase with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the increase of temperature will accelerate the aging of the LED and reduce the service life of the LED module. With the development of technology, LED modules are developing towards higher brightness and higher current, and the market share of modules with high current and 24V power supply is increasing. However, under the condition of high current and high voltage, the above disadvantages of LED modules with resistance current limiting mode will be more significant.2 advantages of using nu510Nu510 is a low dropout linear constant current IC very suitable for LED module applications. The module developed with nu510 has the following outstanding advantages:A. The brightness is highly consistent, and the use of nu510 can ensure the current deviation between modulesB: The number of LED modules connected in series can be extended and the installation is more convenientC: It can prolong the service life of the module. The LED module with constant current IC scheme works in the constant current state. Therefore, even if the temperature increases, the working current of the LED is always constant, and there will be no problem of accelerating aging and reducing the service life. In case of abnormal overheating, the constant current IC also has overheating protection function to automatically PWM dimming the output and reduce the temperature.3 function introduction of Taiwan digital energy nu510Nu510 is a low differential pressure linear LED constant current drive chip, which provides a single channel constant output current. The current output range is 10 160mA. The current value can be set through external resistance. It has a wide power supply design of 1.6 16V. It is easy to obtain power from the power supply. It has a single output channel and can be combined in parallel.It is convenient to drive medium and low-power LEDs. A resistor can be used to control the output current value. (current output specification: 10 160mA), low channel cross voltage, improve system efficiency and reduce mass production cost. Support high-speed power PWM dimming applications. Support series connection applications to withstand higher voltage fluctuation range. Built in overheating protection function.Advantages of nu510 linear constant current IC: minimum starting voltage (0.4V); Current accuracy - 3%. Settable current / fixed current fqj
What Is the Difference Between Light Box and Fancy Box in a Website?
Difference b/w Light box and Fancy box with the unique features.Light box means it is a lightweight j Query plugin used for showing images in overlay on the website.Following features are in Light box.Show image in overlay,Show the Title of image in Overlay,Show image gallery in overlay with "Left", "Right" Button,In Image gallery, It support image movement with "Left" & "Right" keys,Open Iframe in overlay does not support. Fancy box means it is j Query plugin used for displaying images, videos (like you tube) on i frame and map etc in overlay on the website.Following features are in Fancy box.Show image in overlay.Show the Title of image in Overlay.Show image gallery in overlay with "Left", "Right" Button.In Image gallery, It support image movement with "Left" & "Right" keys. Open I frame in overlay - You can play you tube video in overlay.Support Ajax Processing Data.Play SWF Files in overlay.Google Map in I frame.Support callback function when open pages in overlay.Handling "Not existing URL/Image" by plugin itself. What is the difference between light box and fancy box in a website?1. Can you put a large light box over the Profoto Softlight Reflector ?Sorry, I misunderstood your question before so I've edited to change my reply. I think you must mean softbox not lightbox. I guess it would be possible to fit a softbox over the Profoto Softlight Reflector, although it would normally be used instead. I can not see that combining the two would benefit you much, soft boxes usually already have an internal reflector/diffuser panel so it would just be overkill IMO.2. New ceiling fan wiring. no existing light or box in ceiling?Wire A Ceiling Fan3. How about laser engraving machine to process slim light box?i presumed in the past that MJ's skin grew to become into made via a physique bleaching technique. i grew to become into certainly questioning that MJ does not have a ailment observed as Vitiligo (i do no longer understand the authentic spelling).. throughout his loss of life, then there i found out that his skin's transformations wa via that ailment. ... i do no longer understand precisely what made his skin pigmentation honest4. If you were travailing the speed of light in a box and you turned a flashlight on would you see light ?Yes you would. The speed of light is constant in any reference frame5. Brake light box on '02 Maxima?I will bet it has an aftermarket stereo. Check those connections first6. can you trap light in a box of mirrors?thats a good question!!!!! omg i never thought of that7. Would a light box be helpful for coin photography?Yes, as long as the lights are not too powerful, and the coins are not too shiny. it is recommended to take a picture at an angle, or else you will end up with a silhouette8. how to build a seasonal affective disorder light box?I am not sure you can build your own, since they use a different type of light than the standard household light bulbs. If you have the money, it would be much easier to just buy one. Depending on what brand, they are about $100-200.9. Using a light box and a large piece of polaroid film shows what (in photography) ?like the other people who are asking, a POLARIZER kind of concentrates light into distint lines, versus the scattered light we see with out eye....depending on the direction of the polarizer to the different light patterns, you will see different things. A circular polarizing filter on a camera lens allows the photographer to turn the polarizer until all the reflections disappear in a body of water, or a store window display. Drivers use polarized glasses to cut down on glare.. fishermen use polarized glasses to remove surface reflections on the water surface so they can actually see quite deep into the water.10. What is the best type of light bulb for small objects in a light box?A MR bulb with a 6400K color tone would be the best for jewelry. It will make it sparkle. That one you would have to purchase through a lighting showroom or on line. They are popular in jewelry stores, enhance the appearance of the products.
How Do I Improve the Results of Photos Taken in a Light-box?
I think you really need more light. Do not be afraid to pump up the wattage there, you can use shutter speed and aperture to effect the exposure. My setup is fairly similar:But the lights on the side are very bright and the softbox on top is even more so (it's a Westcott cheapie continuous light). That light is bright enough to really take the shadows down from the side lighting. You have to experiment though, move things around a bit to get the shadows where you want them and try to avoid hot sides. Notice that the sides of my panels do not have a circle from the light? Your light is harsh and harsh creates hard shadows and specular highlights1. how to build a seasonal affective disorder light box?google the keywords "lightbox" and "build." below is one of your results.2. is light in the box reliable?I brought twice from them before (12/2013 an d01/2015), it was good. But I ordered a CCTV camera and cable on Jan 22, 2016 from them, I heard nothing them after 18 days (they do taken my money!), I am still waiting.... .. why they do not have that info? what they are afraid for? so just be careful3. I want to build a light box out of plastic. Where can I get sheets of semi-transparent acrylic?Home Depot and Lowe's has this they are used for florescent light covers that are recessed in the ceiling. You will also ned the special type of glue for this type of plastic4. New ceiling fan wiring. no existing light or box in ceiling?I am assuming you do not want to run a new line to the breaker box. In that case you need to know where your feed is located. Is it at the switch or does it come from the outlet. If your feed is at the outlet then the switch may not have a neutral. If the feed is at the switch then they both have neutrals. I am going to assume your feed is at the switch. At this point you should turn off the juice at the breaker. that feed must get past the old switch unbroken in order to serve the fan. after you decide where you want the fan see which way the ceiling joists are running. The feed has to pass through the wall's sill plate into an empty trough to the fan. If there's an attic above without a floor things are much easier. If there's living quarters above then you will need to insert a drag line to pull in the feed across the ceiling to the fan. At this point you need to decide if you can fit a double switch in that box or is it too crowded and you need to install a double box for two separate switches. Remember the original switch controls the outlet both of which you want to save and the hot leg (black) now up at the fan must first come back to the new switch before it serves the fan. If you lay in a 12ga. 4 wire it will save drilling another hole in the sill plate. You need 4 wires at the fan, the black or hot leg, and the white neutral, the other two wires regardless of color will take the hot leg to the switch and back. Do not forget to mount that ceiling box securely. those fan motors are quite heavy. A 2x4 between the joists would not hurt.5. where can I buy a SAD light box in Australia?what is a light box??? i do not live in aussie, mate lol6. There are bare copper wires in the light box?They are connected to keep continuity on the protective (AKA ground, earth, etc) part of the circuit. No, it wo not cause fire.(I do not know if it is typical where you are located, but in the UK, it is usual for the bare protective conductors to be covered with plastic sleeving, which is slipped over the exposed copper wire)7. Can you trap light in a box?Theoritically, yes, but in truth the light with have reflected of the mirrored walls billions of times before you open it, and the small imperfections in the mirror coating will have absorbed all the light, so by the time you open it, you will not see a flash of light
What Can You Use to View Old Photo Negatives?
They are called light box. They sell them at professional photo stores. You can make a mickey mouse one yourself with a piece of frosted plastic and some light1. How do I improve the results of photos taken in a light-box?You've got a couple of problems here. The highlights on the product are already blown out in places, yet the background is not white at all, but more of a light grey color. If you want a lighter (whiter) background your going to have to put more light on the background and less directly on the product. Then when you take the picture expose for the product, so the background blows out. You could do this by placing another light in the back shining through the background (I am assuming the back of your light box is somewhat translucent like the sides and top).Simply doing a tone curve adjustment this case is not going to work since that will further blow out the whites on the product2. where can i buy a drawing table with integrated light box in laval for under 250$?buy drawing table integrated light box laval 2503. If you were travailing the speed of light in a box and you turned a flashlight on would you see light ?The theory of relativity states that time stops when an object is at the speed of light. However it also states that you could not approach the speed of light without the mass of the flashlight crushing you and the box being crushed4. How to Create a 3D Paper Cut Light Box | DIY ProjectAbout: Hi! My name is Marija and this is the Creativity Hero channel! I make a variety of videos like DIY projects, crafts and lifehacks that anyone can complete with just a little time and creativity. My mission... Inspired by the artists Hari & Deepti and their beautiful artwork I decided to create a 3D paper cut light box. It can be used as a wonderful home decor, or a unique birthday or wedding gift. You can mount it on a wall, or place it on a desk and enjoy its charming beauty. Basically, this light box consists of paper cut outs layered on each other in a box with a glass panel. LED lights are placed behind all the layers, which makes each layer glow, giving this 3D look. In this video I will show you how I made this light box step by step, and also I will give you some tips that will help you achieve the desired effect. I created the design for this light box and made a template. You can download it on my website. Here's the link: How To Create A 3D Paper Cut Light Box | DIY Project So, the first thing you need to do is to download and print out the template. It's made for a 20 x 25 cm light box (8 x 10 inches), but you can scale it up and down if needed. You can also make your own unique design. I recommend using 170 grams white card stock, because it's stiff enough to stand up and thin enough to let the light pass through. So, draw the first layer of your design onto the card stock and add a border on each layer, around 1 cm. This will help you glue the layers much easier. You will never see anything here. Step 2: Cut the Layers Using an X-Acto Knife. Once you are done with the first layer, cut it out using an X-Acto knife. X-acto knife is an original cutting tool designed to deliver the sharpest, most accurate cut on your projects. I did not have one at home, so I used this utility knife, and it turned out quite well. After that, place the first layer onto another piece of card stock, and draw the next layer. Remove the first layer and finish the second one. Cut it out, and repeat this process until you are done with all the layers. The more layers you make, the better the effect you get. As you can see, my 4th layer is without design with one half missing. This is because I wanted to create a water reflection effect. This is how it works: this layer will be placed behind the layer with a horse and in front of the "upside down" layer. The paper left in the 4th layer will hide the reflection at first but it will appear when the light is on. I cut the upper half of the layer because I wanted the moon and the stars on the last layer to be brighter. For this layer I used an 80 grams copy paper, for a better transparency effect. Step 5: Reassemble the Layers and Glue Them Together. The layers are reassembled with foam spacers in between each one. This gives the image the appearance of depth and creates a 3D effect. I cut out the foam spacers. They are all 1 cm wide. I cut 12 spacers 25 cm long, and another 12 spacers 18 cm long. There should be 4 spacers on each layer. Then, I glued the layers together. I am going to glue spacers around the edges of the first layer and then glue the next layer on top of it. Make sure the layers are properly lined up. Repeat this process until all the layers are glued together. To get a reflection effect, you do not have to separate those three layers with spacers, instead you should glue them together. The water layer goes behind the horse layer, and then the upside down layer goes behind the water layer. Now, you have all the layers! Now, it is time to build the wooden box. You can also buy pre-made boxes, but I like working with wood, so I created mine. Measure the thickness of your paper layers plus about 2 cm space for lights, frame and a glass panel. The depth of my box is 8 cm. You can leave more space if you want, because mine was a tight fit. I used a hand saw to cut 2 pieces 27 cm long, and 2 pieces 20 cm long. Then, I glued the box with a wood glue and used some clamps to hold everything in place while it dried. Step 11: Put Some Lights in the Box. Now, let's put some lights in the box. I had 200 grams card stock, and I was not sure how much the light will pass through all the layers. So, I decided to put a light strip all around the box. I cut the lights to the right length, around 90 cm and stuck inside the box. You can put them wherever you want! You can use different light sources, for example fairy lights, or LED lights, it depends on you. I highly recommend using RGB LED strip lights because they are self-adhesive, flexible, you can cut them to size, and you can easily change colors, which will provide better effect. Also, they barely generate any heat. So, they are perfect for this kind of project. Once I am done with the lights, I tread the power cord through and glued the back down. Now your 3D paper cut light box is complete.
Buying a Light Box on the Web Is Easy, Just Make Sure That You Do Some Research Before Buying
Photography is a great hobby to take part in but there are a few pieces of equipment that you may need while you're developing photos. A light box is one of the major parts of a photographer's equipment and it's always a good idea to find good deals on the web. Buying online does require a bit of research but it's totally worth it if you want to save money and find yourself a cracking deal.Buying online is really simple these days but no matter what you're looking for, you'll need to do some research in order to get yourself a bargain. It may take some time and you should probably set aside a few hours at the least to find deals that are suitable for your needs - a lot of people tend to find that buying online is easier than buying in retail stores.You can find a huge range of options on the web but this can sometimes be the biggest problem. There's so much to choose from that it can get confusing. Make sure that you're able to find a range of products so that you can compare prices etc. This is one of the reasons that research is so important.A light box should be quite easy to find on the web but it's important to have a pen and paper with you so that you can make notes while you browse the web. Make sure you're aware of everything available on today's market so that you can make informed decisions about the purchases you're going to make.A lot of people will find it very easy to get what they need but have they saved money? Doing your research properly will answer that question for you. You will only know where the good and bad deals are if you make the time to do your research properly.Overall, buying a light box on the web is really easy as long as you do your research properly. Take your time while you're browsing the web and don't ever feel like you need to rush yourself. You don't want to miss out on any good deals so make sure that you're comfortable before you part with any cash.
If You've Got Brown Eyes You're More Likely to Suffer the Winter Blues'
STRUGGLING to stay positive now that Christmas is over and it's still bleak outside?Maybe that's less to do with the weather and more to do with your eye colour.You're not alone if colder weather and longer nights make you feel down.This well-known phenomenon, called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), might explain why people feel low, irritable, and lethargic in the winter months.Experts are still divided on what causes the condition, with some even arguing it doesn't exist.But my own research has found that your eye colour might actually be one factor determining whether or not you develop SAD.A survey I conducted in 2014 found that around 8 per cent of UK people self-reported as having SAD.Another 21 per cent reported symptoms of sub-syndromal SAD, which is a less severe form, often called the "winter blues".Though many people might suspect they have SAD, the condition is usually diagnosed using the seasonal pattern assessment questionnaire. This asks people to answer a number of questions about seasonal behaviour, mood and habit changes.The higher people score on the questionnaire, the more serious their SAD is.Some theories suggest SAD is triggered by decreased exposure to sunlight during the winter.This suggests that SAD should be more common in countries that are further from the equator (such as Iceland). However, a number of studies have failed to support this theory.Another theory suggests SAD happens when our circadian rhythm is disrupted as the days grow shorter.Other theories propose it happens due to an imbalance in serotonin and melatonin in the body.Serotonin makes us feel energetic, while the release of melatonin makes us feel sleepy. Since melatonin is made from serotonin, people with SAD may potentially produce too much melatonin during the winter months, leaving them feeling lethargic or down.SAD is likely due to a combination of many biological and physiological factors working together.We have uncovered evidence that a person's eye colour can have a direct effect on how susceptible they are to SAD.Our study used a sample of 175 students from two universities (one in South Wales, the other in Cyprus).We found that people with light or blue eyes scored significantly lower on the seasonal pattern assessment questionnaire than those with dark or brown eyes.These results agree with previous research which found that brown or dark-eyed people were significantly more depressed than those with blue eyes.The reason that eye colour may make some people more susceptible to depression or mood changes might be because of the amount of light an individual's eyes can process.The retina is the part of our eyeball containing cells that are sensitive to light.When light enters the eye, these cells trigger nerve impulses that form a visual image in our brain.Eyes with lower pigment (blue or grey eyes) are more sensitive to light. This means they don't need to absorb as much light as brown or dark eyes before it reaches the retinal cells.That means that people with lighter eyes release less melatonin during the fall and winter.Two theories have traditionally been used to explain why blue eyes occur in Western populations living farther from the equator.First, it might be seen as more attractive to the opposite sex, so it might provide a reproductive advantage.Second, blue eyes may be a side effect of the same mutation that causes lighter skin colour.This mutation evolved because it helps the body make more vitamin D from the sun's ultra-violet light in parts of the world that receive less radiation, especially during the winter.But given that blue-eyed people in our study reported lower levels of SAD than their brown-eyed counterparts, this mutation may have occurred as an "anti-SAD" adaptation as a result of the considerable variations in light exposure that our prehistoric ancestors experienced as they migratednorth.Eye colour is, of course, not the only factor here.People who spend too long indoors are also more susceptible to both winter blues and full-blown SAD.Fortunately for those with SAD, simply going outside for a regular walk, especially at times when it's sunny, will help improve their mood.If that doesn't work, "phototherapy", which involves sitting in front of a light box for an hour daily, could also help.People I have advised to use these methods (whether brown or blue eyed) almost invariably have reported a noticeable improvement.However, people with SAD are advised to consult a GP regardless, especially if their symptoms do not improve, or if the condition becomes difficult to manage.This article originally appeared on The ConversationWe pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at or call 0207 782 4368. You can WhatsApp us on 07810 791 502. We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours
How to Beat the Winter Blues
As the nights draw in, millions of us feel gloom setting in. But there are ways to lift your mood in the colder months, says Rebecca Armstrong.The summer of 2007 has already gone down in history as the wettest since records began. If months of grey skies, rained-off barbecues and ruined trips to the seaside weren't depressing enough, this lack of sun could also be having an effect on the happiness of millions of us. Whether you are a signed up sufferer of seasonal affective disorder or simply feel your mood dip as the nights get darker, the consequences of a lack of sun can leave people lethargic, depressed, anxious and more likely to get colds and infections.There are a number of theories about exactly what causes SAD but the common theme is that light triggers messages to a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This controls sleep, mood and appetite so it's thought that the lack of sunlight in winter has an impact of how effectively it manages these functions.However, there are a number of ways to combat SAD and one of the most effective is simple to use and can have results within three days. Exposure to bright light - phototherapy - helps 80 per cent of SAD sufferers, according to the mental health charity Mind. Ordinary light bulbs aren't strong enough, though, as the average domestic or office light only emits an intensity of 200-500 lux while the minimum dose necessary to treat SAD is 2,500 lux. The easiest way to get this kind of light is by investing in a light box - prices start from about €85 - and sitting in front of it for around one or two hours a day. Boots has seen sales of its range of light boxes soar by 147 per cent this year.In the depths of winter it's easy to stay indoors and shun any unnecessary trips outside, especially if the weather is foul and temperatures are freezing. However, leaving the house can have a huge effect on mood. According to experts, anyone who suffers from SAD or low moods associated with winter should try to get as much natural sunlight as possible.Research published earlier this year suggests that during winter, 90 per cent of British and Irish adults suffer from a shortage of vitamin D. The study's author, Dr Elia Hypponen, says that "a sensible outdoor lifestyle... will make adequate vitamin D." If it's impossible to leave the house or office during daylight hours, Mind recommends sitting near the windows in light-coloured rooms. According to a study by the University of Essex, being closer to nature increases well-being and even looking outside through a window, especially on to a view of nature, can have a significant effect on moods. Although the shorter winter days don't have the same light intensity that occurs in summer, if you suffer from SAD it's important to spend as much time in daylight as possible. But while being outside can help ease the symptoms, it's not a total cure - many farmers and outdoor workers suffer from the disorder despite spending their working hours in natural daylight, as Mind points out.One way to keep on top of the winter blues is to exercise regularly. A 2001 study by the Duke University in North Carolina found that exercise is a more effective treatment for depression than antidepressants, with fewer relapses and a higher recovery rate. The reason why exercise has such a profound effect is that physical activity increases the amount of endorphins in the body and endorphins boost feelings of happiness. "I can't believe how obvious it is but people really need to get out and exercise," says Emer O'Neill, chief executive of the Depression Alliance. "But when you're feeling permanently tired, fed up and sluggish, being told to exercise is really irritating. It's a catch-22 situation, but if you can start exercising at the start of the season and just try and build in a regular routine it really helps."If you're loath to jog in the dark or join a sports club, an exercise video, trip to the gym or a yoga class are extremely effective ways to improve energy levels and boost moods. In fact, any physical activity lasting between 20 and 60 minutes can help to improve psychological well-being, according to a recent report from the Mental Health Foundation.Comfort food tends to be the standard fare during winter, but craving carbohydrates is a symptom of SAD and although eating stodgy foods can be soothing in the short term, it can lead to lethargy and weight gain. "People often gain weight when suffering from SAD and putting on between 5 and 10kg is quite common," according to Dr Jonathan Johnston, a lecturer in neuroscience at the University of Surrey who specialises in seasonal biology. Nutritionist Patrick Holford recommends following a diet that keeps blood sugar levels even and provides plenty of omega-3 fats to keep your moods and your weight under control. "Avoid sugar and sugary snacks and try to reduce your intake of stimulants - tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol and cigarettes," he says. "Increase nutrient-rich foods - fruit, vegetables and wheatgerm - and eat tuna, mackerel, herring or salmon three times a week." Holford also advises eating nuts and seeds - go for flax, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame. "It's also important to minimise your intake of fried and processed food and saturated fat," he says.In severe cases of SAD, some doctors may suggest taking serotonin re-uptake inhibitor antidepressants (SSRIs) during the winter months. "For some people it is useful to go on antidepressants - obviously after going along to see your GP," says O'Neill. "At the diagnosis stage it's important to recognise if the condition has happened before and if you always have symptoms of depression that start to kick in around this time of year. A low level of antidepressants can lift your mood and break the cycle." But combining treatments can be even more helpful than simply relying on prescription drugs. "Taking antidepressants while using a light box can be very effective. Just remember that when you go to your GP it's important not to think that antidepressants are the only way - there are lots of other treatments that work."For those who don't want to take prescription pills, there are alternatives. "St John's Wort is known worldwide as an effective antidepressant - in Germany it's the most frequently prescribed antidepressant and out-prescribes drugs like Prozac," explains Jayney Goddard, the president of the Complementary Medicines Association. "There are new formulations that include passion flower, a herb that has anti-anxiety properties." Goddard has successfully used this mixture to treat a number of her patients. "The herbal approach is one of many ways to help deal with SAD," she says, "but from what I've seen it's very effective."Another possibility that is beneficial to health as well as helping to lessen the blues is taking cod liver oil. "Taking cod liver oil every day can strengthen the immune system," explains GP Dr Sarah Jarvis. "You also get a healthy dose of vitamin D that can protect against depression." During the summer, people usually build up a store of vitamin D in their bodies but it will only last about 20 to 29 days. Once it has been used up, it's necessary to increase the store by taking supplements or getting some winter sun.If you're feeling unhappy, it's important not to suffer in silence, says O'Neill. "We recommend talking about how you feel - be really clear with your GP and talk to your friends." Some SAD sufferers find Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be helpful, she adds. "Your GP can refer you but there is usually a waiting list. Computerised CBT is an effective tool for people, especially those who recognise that they do feel down at this time of year. Once you buy it, you use it when the time is right for you."Another alternative is group therapy. "Some people find support groups helpful," says O'Neill. "For most people, feeling like this isn't life-threatening but it's a very uncomfortable thing that you don't have to go through alone. There's help available and talking about how you're feeling can really make a difference."People who live within 30 degrees of the equator seldom suffer from SAD, thanks to long hours of daylight and bright sunshine. Head further north or south, however, and SAD symptoms become more prevalent. An estimated 10 per cent of the population of northern Europe suffer mild SAD thanks to a combination of dark days and infrequent sunlight. "Some people have suggested that SAD is like a human form of hibernation - perhaps it's a vestigial link to animal behaviour," says Dr Johnston. It's hardly surprising that we're sluggish and sad in winter if our bodies would rather curl up for a three-month nap. So what can people dwelling in the dark north - or south - do Booking a holiday in January or February not only gives you something to look forward to but can give you much-needed exposure to sun and light. Or if your funds are unlimited, says Dr Johnston, "moving to somewhere sunny for three months over the winter would be great for everyone!" Not an option Stick to a daily walk, a blast of the light box and a healthy diet.
Most Frequently Asked Questions on Light Box
Considering that light box may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about light box for you to get started.1. Is there a difference between a lamp light and a specialty light box for people who have SAD?You can do a few minutes a day in a tanning bed2. How can I get around not having a light box with common household items?use more than one light source, front and side should work to avoid shadows. two lamps perhaps? or a flash and a lamp MIGHT work3. What is the difference between toolless light box and tool light box?Toolless light box is installed by pressing the quick institutions,tool light box needs to use screwdriver to tighten screw to achieve installing4. Best color fabric for background in Light-box pictures (ebay)?A medium grey color works with practically everything. steve5. What kind of light do I use as a basking light for a box turtle?You need two lamps. The normal household bulb and the specialized turtle bulbs which contain UVB or UVA. If you want to lessen the budget needed, dig a little pond in your backyard then fill it with water and it's done. If you use this type of environment, you will save a huge amount of money. If you prefer a glass aquarium, use your creativity in your turtle's basking area. You can use a glass or wood decorated with pebbles (large enough to avoid being eaten by turtle). Normal house bulb serves as a heater while the specialized bulb supplies your turtle with Vitamin D and it serves as a miniature Sun.!!6. Can get A $25 Enguaugement Ring on Wish or Light in The Box from China would a woman love no payments for her ring?i will tell ya what. go to walmart. in the front there are little toy machines that you can put a few quarters into and get the toy. find the one with the ring. put the quarters in, twist it, and get your enguaugement ring for this woman you supposedly love. bet she would love it, since you are so damn cheap.7. what is a good light box for traditional animation?Large stack of tracing paper n u cn make ur own lightbox. Might have a tutorial on instructables.com8. Decrease the size of "light box” image in product view pageTake a look at How to fix the width and height of jquery lightbox or jQuery Lightbox Image Size : Limit the max size of ImageYou could try to set the max width by doingPlease note : this will not change the physical image size and you may want to use magento to resize the image using9. what is the light box thing in the vitamin water commercial with kelly clarkson?it is just a 70s type light board behind the keyboard player10. How do I replace the flourescent light box above kitchen sink?When you buy a replacement light box it will come with instructions. Always make sure you have the breaker turned off so that you do not get electricuted. Take the screws out of the old light box so that you can pull it away from the cabinets. Once the wires are exposed you may be able to untwist them or you may need to cut them depending on how they were connected to the house wires. Once you have disconnected the unit just connect the wires of the new box with the same color wires coming out of the wall. Put caps on the end of the wires that are connected and make sure you also cap the nonconnected wires. Then screw the light box back into the cabinets, turn the breaker on and then try the light switch once you have installed a bulb. Have you checked the breaker to make sure it is not flipped before trying to replace the unit?11. Where's the best place to buy a cheap light box?Just make one. You need: Light source Clear glass/plastic sheet Frame These can be anything you can get. A couple of books a the corners, a desk or table lamp with the shade removed placed on the surface between them, a clear sheet on top. A cardboard box with your light in side and the sheet on top. Or actually make a nice one, get some wood and make a square frame your sheet can sit on top of, a soft light (fluorescent works well, and does not get hot, though any sort of light source will work) inside. If you really want to be fancy, make it at a tilt like a drawing table. If you really want to buy one, try ebay or other auction sites, they are usually quite expensive first hand.
Jaya Wears His Art on His Sleeve
"IT'S like a butter knife, dipped in hot water, running along the skin."Jaya Suartika should know. He got his first tattoo at 21; the name of his daughter. Now he's lost count of how many he has."I would have no idea. It's probably easier to tell you how much space I have left," the 30-year-old says.The artist, musician, and father divides his time between Adelaide and Bali; tattooing, drawing, DJing and building.He's either in the shed working on something or in the chair working on someone."I don't really stop. I have this desire to not waste time. I like getting stuff done and doing things, being productive and creative. If I need something around the house, I will build it." Did he study carpentry A trade"Nah I just got some tools and I started building stuff. I've just built a light box so I can stand when I draw. I don't want to spend my life sitting down."A self-taught artist, too, he fell into drawing off the back of a full-time music career. A guitarist and singer, one day he dropped the guitar, picked up a pen and didn't look back."I felt like it was more me. When I was trying to express something, it came more naturally. And also, I was getting really over the pub scene."He spends his nights perfecting his works for a new wave of people that want more than a standard tattoo."People are getting more conscious of tattoos as an art form. It's switched from being getting a tattoo of just a cool image, to having something from an artist."It's pretty amazing to put your art on someone. It's humbling ... you can paint a painting and it can last lifetimes. But this piece, you put onto someone and they carry it around with them 'til the day they die. It sees everything they see, and everything they do. It's a really weird concept."He shuns TV, radio and newspapers, preferring to discuss philosophy, play chess and listen to some Elliot Smith with his 10-year-old daughter.He wants for nothing, but if he could have anything, it would be an extra day in the week - to draw, to build, to create.His life philosophy is simple."Make the most of your time, there's always a way, you just have to find it."Originally published as Body of work gets under skinwindow.vidoraConfig = "isProd": true,"product": "AdelaideNow","articleId": "4084ef34e73368b01af12ea19a755492"
Everything Comes Alive We Are Messengers
In the evening when my bones are tiredYoure my strength and my hearts desireYoure the light when the sun expires I remember how far Ive come Im not lost with You Im homeI didnt find You on my ownI was listening to one of my favorite songs on the way to work this morning Everything Comes Alive by We Are Messengers and I was reflecting on a sermon I heard on one of my favorite stories in the Bible The Valley of Dry Bones. In this story, God gives Isaiah this vision and commands him to prophesy to a valley full of human bones. Isaiah trusts God and does what he is commanded. The bones begin to connect and form bodies, then the bones become covered with tendons and flesh. Lastly, God breathes life into them and they stand to their feet.This is one of my favorite stories because I can relate to it on a personal level. In my experience, I started out as the bones. Broken, separated from true life, and feeling hopeless. We have all been there at least once in our lives. I used to put my worth into a human relationship, which is never a good idea by the way. Ironically, the hardest times of my life are what brought me back around to God and closer than ever. Fast forward to today and I feel so blessed that I can now relate more with Isaiah than the bones! Now I can focus on spreading Gods love to others so they can have the same joy and peace I do.Thank Godliterallythat He is so gracious and merciful. So many people only see the bad in the situation they are in the valley if you will. They allow the enemy into their minds and they become convinced that their situation is some sort of punishment from God or that He has forgotten about them. Sometimes God allows us to be broken in order to rebuild us; and He always makes things even better than they were before. Its like He takes us apart and puts us back together as an upgraded version. How many times have you heard people talk about the fact that they are who they are because of the trials and mistakes in their life? Im sure you even feel that way yourself. In fact, I would say it is better to be raised from the dead than to never have died at all. What an awesome illustration, isnt it? It truly is all about perspective. And Jesusits always about Jesus in the end.Colossians 3:13 Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God..·RELATED QUESTIONDo light boxes effectively mimic the effects of natural sunlight to produce vitamin D?Only two things affect the synthesis of vitamin D, and those are the amount of UVB photons penetrating the skin and the person's age. See my previous answer for an explanation and citations.So if we disregard age the only question becomes do light boxes supply adequate UVB to synthesize adequate vitamin D? From what I can tell from a review of the products out there, the answer is probably not. Lights adequate to treat SAD aren't adequate to generate vitamin D, and a light that supplied adequate UVB would be dangerous if misused. But in my mind the final nail in the coffin for light therapy is this study:All subjects receiving vitamin D improved in all outcome measures. The phototherapy group showed no significant change in depression scale measures. Vitamin D status improved in both groups (74% vitamin D group, p
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