Airflow Design for Healthcare Facilities | Part 5: Construction & Renovation Risk

Snapshot of the Healthcare Industry:The business motivators for ventilation in healthcare are infection control, energy savings, maintenance-free operation, pandemic readiness, and the flexibility to control ventilation throughout the facility for varying uses over the lifetime for the building. These subjects can be grouped into four main topics important to running a hospital:Patient HealingLiability & RiskOperational Cost ReductionConstruction & Renovation RiskThese main topics will be discussed next in more detail, moving on to our last topic, Construction & Renovation Risk motivators.Construction & Renovation RisksNew construction and renovation projects face challenges associated with dust.

Aspergillus and Legionella are two major challenges that come with building construction and renovation. Aspergillus is a major concern since it is a mold that is common to the surrounding natural environment. Dust is what effectively carries airborne diseases.

Contaminated dust can be brought into any clean environment via clothing or movement. From there, the dust can be transported throughout a facility via the ventilation system. The contaminated dust puts high-risk patients in jeopardy and places hospital personnel and construction workers at risk as well.

Special ventilation needs in isolation rooms must be maintained, and other ventilation needs must be considered in areas where exposure to contaminated dust may occur.Recent discoveries linking patient deaths directly to contamination from construction dust have heightened national awareness about this problem. Now the engineering community is being asked to help hospitals take precautions to stop the spread of construction particles in healthcare facilities, primarily with sophisticated pressuriazation techniques (Schraag, Jennifer.

Upholding Infection Control Principles in Hospital Construction and Renovation Projects, Infection Control Magazine Today. 2005)Other patients at high risk are those in intensive care units, newborn nurseries (especially neonatal intensive care and dialysis units), operating rooms, and invasive procedure areas. Clearly, these patients must be protected from dust sources that could spread bacteria.

Infection Control Magazine TodayHealthcare Industry SummaryTo meet the needs of modern new construction and retrofit in healthcare, designers must look at new approaches which include products and systems into healthcare facilities that address the key needs and motivators of facility owners.Effective healthcare design incorporates components and system features that:Ensure health, safety, and comfort for all occupantsReduce facility risk and liabilityImprove patient healingEnhance employee job satisfactionReduce operational costsMeet local, state and federal regulatory requirementsBelnor Engineering is the official multiple consecutive award-winning distributor of innovative architectural products around the globe. At the forefront of sustainability for over three decades, we specialize in laboratory & building automation & controls, IAQ & HVAC systems, renewable energy & architectural solutions, and technical services building green cities one green building at a time.

For more information, contact us. Dont forget to read our Sustainability Manifesto: Decade Of 2020 while youre at it. Cheers!

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Domestic Hot Water Systems for Hotels
Hotels, hospitals and other businesses with centralized hot water delivery face special challenges with regard to the safe and consistent delivery of hot water to their clients and residents, especially during peak periods. The hotel guest stuck with a cold shower will almost certainly give that hotel the cold shoulder next time they go to book a stay.Operators of hotels and resorts face the common problem of delivering domestic hot water to clients during peak periods. They must provide this to all rooms and areas in all locations while ensuring that excessive boiler duty cycles do not run up heating bills. This is achieved through the installation of state-of-the-art domestic hot water control systems. These commercial hot water systems allow you customised, flexible control over hot water distribution throughout your resort, hotel or multi-family building at a constant, set temperature while optimizing energy costs. A Guide to Tempering Valve ProductsThese can be ordered in any standard size to fit your buildings plumbing, and include:Thermostatic Tempering valves: These valves operate reliably, automatically and rapidly in response to a temperature set through a thermostat, requiring no electronic control. This makes them ideal for hotels and resorts.Electronic tempering valves: This valve can operate as a standalone unit or can work as part of a larger, remote-monitored system. It is designed for accurate monitoring and control of domestic hot water temperature, providing a set point control of the mixing valve so that water temperature fluctuations are rapidly corrected and the right temperature hot water is supplied even during times of high demand.Electronic Tempering Station: Responding to the needs of HVAC contractors for quick installation, Heat-Timer provides a pre-plumbed electronic tempering implementation that makes installation of valves and ESV controls a snap. Just connect the hot and cold water supply, power, and you are done. For High-Quality Domestic Hot Water Control Systems, Speak to Commercial Heating Control SpecialistsHeat-Timer is a dedicated commercial heating system controls company with a reputation for the finest heating control products in the industry.Our team of technical experts in to help you service commercial buildings of any size, from hotels, apartment buildings and office buildings to schools, resorts and retail centers. While the self-learning, wireless, mobile enabled technology we employ is as good as it gets for building manager convenience, its the money you save on heating bills that will make you really love us. Please contact us today and speak to a qualified commercial heating controls advisor or visit our website at Posted on
Connected Things Report: Using Extended Reality in Smart and Connected Offices Market for 2023 ($46
Smart Office Market by Product (Smart Lighting/Lighting Controls, Security Systems, Energy Management Systems, HVAC Control Systems, AudioVideo Conferencing Systems), Software & Service, Office Type, and Geography Global Forecast to 2023The smart office market was valued at USD 22.21 Billion in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 46.11 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 12.94% between 2017 and 2023. Factors such as increase in demand for smart office solutions and sensor networks for energy efficiency, advancement of IoT in smart office offerings, growing need for safety and security systems at the workplace, and favorable government regulations in several countries are driving the growth of the smart office market. ABB and Cisco Systems are the Top 2 Players in the Smart Office MarketSome of the major companies operating in the global smart office market are ABB, Cisco Systems, Crestron Electronics, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Philips Lighting, Lutron Electronics, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and United Technologies Corporation.Top 2 players in the smart office market:Siemens is one of the major engineering companies in Europe with branch offices located worldwide. The company is primarily engaged in the electrical engineering and electronics business. It offers products, services, and solutions for the effective use of resources and energy. The company operates in the following segments Power and Gas, Healthineers, Energy Management, Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives, Mobility, Building Technologies, Wind Power and Renewables, and Financial Services (SFS). The company follows both organic and inorganic growth strategies to advance in the smart office market. Download PDF Here: marketsandmarkets. com/Market-Reports/smart-connected-offices-market-254310598.htmlIt has been a key player in the automation sector for several years. The company invests considerably in the R&D of new concepts and technologies in smart office market and focuses on improving its existing product portfolio. The companys strategy is to deliver integrated architectures, solutions, and outcomes to help customers grow, manage costs, and mitigate risks. Moreover, its strategy is also to make customers more dependent on technology, especially on smart technology, to meet business objectives and ensure market competitiveness.The company was formerly known as Schneider SA and changed its name to Schneider Electric SA in May 1999. It mainly operates through four business segments Buildings, Infrastructure, Industry, and IT. The company engages in the design, development, and sales of products, equipment, and solutions related to the metering, management, and use of energy in France and internationally.Its buildings business segment provides assistance for industrial or commercial buildings to become more energy-efficient using automation and security systems (programmable regulators, centralized building management systems, camera sensors, and security monitoring equipment). The segments product offerings include security systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) controllers, sensors, valves and actuators, programmable regulators, centralized building management systems, space optimization solutions, access control, video cameras, and security monitoring equipment. The company also focuses on strategic collaborations, agreements, acquisitions, and partnerships to strengthen its core businesses.For instance, in August 2017, Claroty (an innovator in Operational Technology (OT) network protection) and Schneider Electric entered into a partnership to address safety and cybersecurity challenges for the worlds industrial infrastructure. For more information visit: marketsandmarkets. com/Market-Reports/smart-connected-offices-market-254310598.htmlContact:Mr. Shelly SinghMarketsandMarkets INC.630 Dundee RoadSuite 430Northbrook, IL 60062USA : 18886006441
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