Air Condition Leak Passenger Side Mustang Gt 1998?

Most probable cause is a plugged condensate drain in the A/C condenser. Humidity in the air is removed at the condenser where it is supposed to drain outside the vehicle but if the small tube gets plugged up it fills the small reservoir then overflows onto the floor on the passenger's side floor. Usually you can clear the blockage with a piece of stiff wire or even a shot of compressed air.

1. how do i get copper out of the metal of an air condition coil?

Like foggy said cut the ends off and ant steel on the coil. leave all of the aluminum attached to the copper

2. My dog keeps pooping in our basement an no matter what I do the smell travels upstairs. ?

Get him a dog house with air condition & keep him outside

3. I need to air condition a camping tent in summer. I cant use a "swamp" cooler due to humidity!!!?

Sears has a couple of different models (on wheels) that vent and exhaust through a hose that you run outside...they just sit on the floor in the room of your choice. Should work great for a tent. The 50amp service would be plenty

4. Air condition is freezing... Why?

This sounds to me like the system has been neglected. When have you changed the filter? -or cleaned the inside & outside coils? If the thing has not been serviced yearly, then its neglected. The freezing, then blowing heat is also a possibility of a low refrigerant (air conditioners DO NOT use 'coolant') The bad news: if it has a leak, it went somewhere and HAS to be repaired or else you will be feeding it refrigerant over and over. -and at around $600 for 30lbs of R22, you get the picture. It ai not cheap. Your cost: at least $25 per lb. The other conditions that would freeze an air conditioner are a malfunctioning fan running at a lower speed or a refrigerant metering device problem. The reality is replacing the thermostat was probably not the original problem and it probably did not need to be replaced. What you need out there before sundown tomorrow is a competent a/c tech you can trust.

5. Air condition in my car emits white gas (frozen vapor?)?

If it is taking a long time to cool your car, your system is probably low on refrigerant. When the refrigerant is low, it sometimes causes the evaporator coils to freeze over. When the air is circulated through the coils to cool and back out into the car, it melts the ice. That is what is blowing out the vents is the melted ice vapor. Nothing to worry about as far as the mist in the car other than it may accumulate and get stale and give off a musty odor in the car. If you will get your A/C system repaired that will most likely fix the other problem.

6. I have Prius car 2005.. the problem is the air condition?

because its a toyota and they always have problems with that

7. how to fix air condition freezeup?

hard matter check out using the search engines it could help

8. How much power is needed for operating one ton of air condition unit?

The simple answer is based on SEER and COP:Seasonal energy efficiency ratio - WikipediaOne ton of cooling capacity equals removing 12,000 BTU's per hour. SEER is the number of BTU's removed per W-h. So a 1 ton unit with a 12 SEER is(1 W-h/12 BTU's)*(12,000 BTU's per hour) = 1,000 W-h/hour or 1 kWh/hour. In power terms, the unit would use 1 kW. In general, power usage per ton is SEER/12 kW. In monetary terms, running a 1-ton, 12 SEER A/C costs $0.08-$0.20 per hour depending on your rate.A bit longer explanation:A/C units do not create new heat but move the heat from somewhere colder to somewhere warmer. For most things (furnaces, power plants, etc.) which take a fuel and convert it to useful energy, there is an efficiency which is always less than one. Air conditioning is different because it moves heat. The heat moved is usually 3-5 times more than the energy used. This is the COP, or coefficient of performance. The 12 SEER unit above is actually a COP of 3. 52. 3. 52 kW of heat is removed for every 1 kW used.In practice, at least in America, inconsistent units are often used in Engineering. So cooling capacity is expressed in BTU's/hr. 1 "ton" of capacity is 12,000 BTU's per hour. Supposedly this accords with the capacity of a ton (2000 lbs) of ice, but I have no idea how accurate that is.For efficiency, EER, or Energy Efficiency Ratio, is usually used, which is in BTU's removed/kW used. SEER is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which adjusts for the fact that Air Conditioners have worse efficiency the hotter it gets outside. A 12 SEER unit would actually have an EER higher than 12 in fall/spring and less than 12 in the summer and the manufacturer/regulator tries to weight it based on typical time of usage.How much power is needed for operating one ton of air condition unit?.

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