Abhishek Kajaria Latest Bridal Jewellery Collection at Avama Jewellers

Abhishek Kajaria Latest Bridal Jewellery Collection At Avama Jewellers

Indians love to celebrate every occasion in a special manner and Indian wedding is never complete without adorning bridal jewellery. Indian wedding jewellery is very special and tends to grab the attention of everyone with intricate design and beautiful making. The beauty of each jewellery piece lays much deeper and is the blend of beauty, spiritualism, cultural essence for an auspicious occasion like a wedding. Without decking up, a bride's look is not complete which renders a majestic look. Bridal jewellery includes various kinds of jewellery right from the engagement ring, diamond jewellery set including Maangtika, chandeliers, cocktail ring, polka or traditional motifs and many others. When it comes to bridal jewellery collection of Avama Jewellers, the list of wedding jewellery pieces go on and on. At Avama Jewellers, you can find the latest collection of exquisite jewellery pieces to add a touch of effervescence to the look of the bride and all the exquisite jewellery pieces to be adorned by an Indian bride to complete her look.A wide collection of latest jewellery set of 2019Donning a beautiful jewellery piece has more to do with making a statement rather than adding glitz and glam to an ensemble. The kind of jewellery you carry ultimately speaks a lot about your dressing and style sense. Abhishek Kajaria, the director of Avama Jewellers introduces hundreds of choices in Maangtikka, earrings, nose pins, bangles, diamond engagement rings and pieces that are a blend of conventional and contemporary style. The leading jewellery brand caters to the wardrobe needs of a bride from top to bottom. There is jewellery for every bride and her bridesmaid here. The jewellery combos like Kundan earrings, sparkling diamond Maangtikas, head gears, dashing bangles are an absolute hit among the brides.Jewellery for all days of wedding celebrationA bride wears jewellery not only on the day of a wedding but other days too. They include pre-wedding photoshoot, 'Mehendi', 'Sangeet', wedding day and reception party. There is an entire range of adornments right from brooches and earrings to the dazzling necklaces and bangles. Jewellery pieces are available for the exact designer lehenga, and they are Kundan Bollywood inspired. As per the design and work on the designer bridal lehenga, make your selection of pieces. You can get everything from gold plated antique jewelry to match Zari entrusted lehenga to complete the look, multi-stringed charming pearl necklace, bangles, maang teeka, waist belt, and many others.Plenty of options in the jewellery piecesAs per the wedding occasion or event, you should match the jewellery pieces. You can also procure heavy traditional wedding jewellery from head to toe. While an ethnic style pendant set goes well for Mehendi, a gorgeous engagement ring is a center of attraction on the day of engagement. For the reception, a diamond choker and cocktail ring go well.Do not forget to match your wedding attire with the jewellery pieces. Abhishek Kajaria, the trustworthy supplier of bridal jewellery, does not leave any stone unturned to supply the finest-in-the-line wedding jewellery to complete the contemporary and ethnic attire. A modern bride is sure to carry a royal look to steal everyone's attention.There are hundreds of options in bridal jewellery set in Avama Jewellers. Abhishek Kajaria has years of experience in Indian wedding jewellery industry who can also help Indian couples to choose the perfect jewellery sets

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Did anyone catch this weeks " Gean Simmons Family Jewels ? If so, what was your reactions to the show??

I think that parents should take thier children to VA Hospitals and Military installations so they can learn what to appreciate and not take for granted and meet some REAL heroes that have some pride and dignity. I am a veteran of the first Gulf War myself and I take my kid to visit the troops all the time, especially holidays. I want her to understand her little jeans and cell phones are not whats important. Some of the BEST people in this country are serving and they are wonderful role models and examples to our kids. Gene is a great father and this episode furthers my belief that he is.

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Gemstone Guide - Osborne's Jewelers

Known in the jewelry trade as iolite, this mineral is known as cordierite to geologists and mineralogists. Iolite is strongly trichroic, meaning that it shows three colors when viewed from different angles. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone of the kind that might have come straight out of the Arabian Nights: a deep blue with golden inclusions of pyrites which shimmer like little stars. Stone of friendship and truth.

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