1966 Mustang Air Conditioning?

If you are concerned with the performance implications of A/C, then there is a simple answer: leave it turned off. People often overlook the fact that when the A/C is turned off, a clutch disengages the compressor. Meaning the A/C is nothing more than an idler and requires practically no power to drive. Removing the A/C will not make the car run better. While the A/C is off, you will get the same gas mileage as you would with it removed. Leave the A/C on the car. You will enjoy the convenience.

1. window air conditioning's smell?

There should be a switch or slide something like that. It will say outside air or circulate air. You want to circulate the air already in the house. May not completely cure it, but should help. Mine had that setting on it. Now we have a heat pump and no problem, and are saving $ too.

2. Does your car have air conditioning?

Yes it does, it's great when you are sitting at the passenger seat. ahhh, it's heaven. But as of lately, I've been using the heater.

3. automobile air conditioning?

Yes, you can add R-134A yourself if you have the gauge, and connectors, but make sure you know which is the "low side" of the system, and never add or try to add refrigerant to the high side. You can purchase a Haynes manual for that year and model, and it will explain how and where to fill. They are about $25.00 and contain much usefull information other than air conditioning.

4. Outside Air Conditioning Unit Has Ice Build Up...?

im assuming this is a heat pump operating in the heating mode..... a properly working heat pump will develop a relatively even frost pattern on the coils up to 1/4" thick or so,,then will defrost every 1 or 2 hours....if defrost isnt working,then usually the entire coil will get thick frost / ice. ....if the ice is mostly at the bottom,it might be that the heat pump is defrosting normally,but the water isnt draining away for some reason [ clogged drain holes,,unit not raised off of the ground enough,etc].....also possible that the frost / ice is only forming at the bottom because its low on refrigerant [ freon or puron ]....does the heat pump seem ok other than the ice at the bottom?. ..does it turn on and off and supply decent heat when its around 40-45 degrees outside?,if so its probably working ok except for the ice buildup at the bottom...if heat pump runs all the time even on mild winter days [ 40-45 deg],then its probably low on refrigerant........you could pour warm water on the ice to melt it,,then see if it returns. ..dont use scalding hot water,it could damage the unit,or hurt you if you slipped and fell while holding it...and dont chip the ice away using any tools.....dan

5. Air conditioning thermostat wiring help

I am guessing B is common in your case. In that case Y and B. I have drawn a line though the terminsals you will not be using since you have straight cooling and are using the air handler like an electric furnace. R goes from the thermostat to the air handler but not the condensing unit as does W1 which is your heat strip. O is not used since you do not have a reversing valve. Y goes from the thermostat to the air handler then carries on to the condensing unit. Note the common 24 volt is labeled B or B/C (this is typical with Trane products). The B is likely labeled C on your wifi thermostat. So C from the thermostat goes to B on the air handler and then on to the condensing unit. It does not matter which wire from the condensing unit goes to B or Y. I hope this edit clears up any confusion.

6. What design data is used for indoor air conditioning?

One they neglected to include at my college is number of people in the room. So, crowded lecture halls were always hot, and almost empty lab rooms were always cold.Heating from sunlight is also important

7. Air Conditioning in Developed Countries?

I am not sure what you mean by "used freely by students." We were never allowed to touch the thermostat, in fact the A/C may have been centrally controlled. I grew up in Florida, USA and had both air conditioned classes and non-air conditioned classes (in portable buildings). I do not think I noticed how hot it was in the lower grades, but I think that having A/C was better in secondary school. The sweltering heat could certainly be a distraction, and I think you learn better when you are physically comfortable.

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