10 Signs Cancer May Be Growing in Your Body

It would be easier to detect cancer in our bodies if humans had an electronic sign that would light up when cancer may be growing in our bodies, but instead we have to be vigilant in finding it before its too late.Its not a tumor! Arnold Schwarzenegger said emphatically to the kindergartener who suggested this possibility when Arnolds character mentions having a headache, but we will tell you about 10 signs that cancer might be growing in your body if you keep reading.Headaches happen too often to always be a sign of a tumor, but some headaches may be worth a visit to the doctor for screening. We will look at headaches, and 10 signs that cancer may be growing in your body.10 SIGNS CANCER MAY BE GROWING IN YOUR BODYFirst, before we talk about the signs of cancer, let us be clear on what a sign is. When you have a sign, it is something that someone else can detect with their senses too. For example, a doctor could detect the shape of an irregular mole that could be cancerous. Continue Reading


How to draw a traffic light sign?

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Turn Light Signal Blinking Fast but the Bulbs Appear Intact, Just Dim. What Can Be the Problem?
Turn Light Signal Blinking Fast but the Bulbs Appear Intact, Just Dim. What Can Be the Problem?
Bad ground wire some where1. How would Bitcoin/blockchain protocols work with a space colony where speed of light signal transmission delay to Earth would be significant?I think a sidechain can be the solution. A sidechain is a chain with two way peg to Bitcoin on Earth. You send bitcoins to a smart contract that does atomic swaps between the colony sidechain and Bitcoin. Once the swap is confirmed - your bitcoins are owned by the smart contract on bitcoin network, but a smart contract on colony sidechain sends you corresponding amount of colony coins to your local wallet. This operation will take a long time, as in addition to confirmation times it will have to include the dual trip time to earth and back with the speed of light2. Is a faster than light signal possible given the following?CT's answer is correct. I would only add that we have a name for the speed at which a mechanical disturbance travels down the length of a string or a wire or whatever. It's called the speed of sound. CT explained why the speed of sound can not, in theory, exceed the speed of light in any physical substance. In any _real_ substance, the speed of sound will actually be orders of magnitude less than the speed of light.3. Where do you get the reverse light signal from?The reverse switch is in/on the transmission, look for the wire or the switch in the linkage4. where do you connect head lights tail light and signal lights on a motorcycle?For the headlight, you hook it to the headlight switch.. For turn signals you need to hook it to the reostat (blinker unit) for the turn signals. You should look for a wiring diagram on the net for a similar bike.5. How does a traffic light signal works?Eh? It's just a set of electric circuits and relays. It's all connected into one traffic grid, there is a global timer, each traffic light is synched with it and switches the appropriate lights on and off in a circular pattern. There are people whose work is to measure approximate traffic and create optimal patterns for each and every traffic light, according to the expected load and the nearby lights.6. What would happen if I put many antennas very close together to receive a weak signal? Would they receive the signal worse than only one antenna due to the light signal "collapsing" in many antennas instead of just one?And how are you going to combine the signals from multiple antennas?What you are talking about is called "space diversity", and actually farther apart is better. And the spacing should always end up with 1/4 wavelength difference on simple quarterwave antennas. So 1 1/4 wavelength, 1 3/4, 2 1/4, 2 3/4, etc. In this arrangement, the two antennas are never at zero signal at the same time.But you can not just twist the wires together. You need something called a muliticoupler. This one is the wrong frequency, but they all look the same.Receiver Multicouplers, Passive and Active, HF to VHF/UHF7. What would happen if I put many antennas very close together to receive a weak signal? Would they receive the signal worse than only one antenna due to the light signal "collapsing" in many antennas instead of just one?I can provide an answer from the radio communications perspective.When many antennas are placed in close vicinity, they form an "array antenna", and their apertures will add together.If this array is situated sufficiently far away from the radiation source that the waves reaching it can be considered as plane, each array element will capture its share of the waves and if properly phased, they will be added in phase and increase the received signal power. As a side effect, a directional pattern will be created, with one direction favoured and the other suppressed.The same reasoning can be applied in an optical scenario8. Jethro might be right, especially if it works the same, parking lights on or off. If it's different with the parking lights on, I would suspect a dual-filament bulb. Trial and error for front or rear.
10 Signs That Your Intuition Is Powerful Enough to Guide You in Business
If youve been paying closer attention to your inner voice but are still a little apprehensive about giving over the reins to your intuition in business matters, then this is for you.We have this powerful resource of knowledge and wisdom within us, and its not limited to our personal relationships and day to day lives, but it is also our greatest business tool.You may be thinking, My business is too important to leave to my hunches.I would argue that its too important not to!Dont underestimate the power within you. Its like autopilot on an airplane, you have to trust in the inner workings.Your intuition is ready and willing, and more than capable to take over at the steering wheel of your business and guide you to success.Still unsure? Here are ten clear signs to prove it.1. Intellect informs your intuitionSome business gurus may try to tell you that knowledge gained from data analysis is the only trustworthy knowledge there is. Others will say, ditch the research and focus on what your gut tells you.But I believe that everything in life is based on balance. The yin and yang effect. Intellect and intuition can work together in harmony, or what writer, teacher and yogi, David Ursillo calls metal-emotional synergy. Our conscious mind is the car, and intuition is the driver.When it comes to business situations you have probably experienced an instant feeling, a gut reaction. Maybe you also analyzed in some depth, poured over data, figures, reports, and numbers, yet you just couldnt help shake that feeling.Know that your intuition is speaking loud and clear. Using exploratory methods, such as asking yourself the question, What would it take? (WWIT) to help bring your intuition to the forefront can be particularly effective in such instances.2. Sureness of direction, no second guessingOne attribute of a great leader is decisiveness. No one has faith in someone who dithers in making decisions. To-ing and fro-ing in business waste time and money.Do you over-analyze, second guess your choices, constantly change direction? Or, are you able to quickly absorb the information and assess the situation to take swift and confident action in a clear direction?If you put yourself in camp two, then your intuition is already in the driving seat.3. Accuracy of future predictionsHave you ever predicted the correct outcome of a business deal or job interview, or perhaps youve predicted the next big trend in your industry? If so, then chances you are able to pick up incoming energy subconsciously from the environment.Being able to intuitively sense future events means that you can guess what is going to happen and then plan how youll deal with it. The SAB (Spiritual Advisory Board) is useful in this situation, to bring your intuition to fore, by consider what your advisors would do in this future situation.4. Personal awarenessAs Kay Robinson explains in her blog, Leadership- A Journey in Self Awareness, intuitive managers should lead from their upper chakras.4th for affinity for others, 5th for clear communication, 6th for clear seeing and reading the energy then the 7th to show leadership and vision.Being aware of your own actions and how they affect others, enables an environment of happiness which encourages and invites positivity and growth.One way to master this is to keep an intuition journal, where you write your decisions, important notes and refer back to in order to learn more about yourself and improve.5. In tune with othersIntuition isnt just about the Self, its also about being able to connect with others. Picking up on energy, subconscious clues such as body language and being aware of personality types allows you to anticipate behavior and reactions.An intuitive manager recognizes and understands the strengths and weakness of staff and colleagues, and knows how to get the best from the individual and the team.6. Good judge of characterIm sure weve all experienced instances in life when we have said, I knew they were no good!The point of business intuition is about listening to that inner voice and applying the knowledge we gain from it in the present time in order to make a better future.If you find that youre first impressions are accurate all the time, then you know you can trust it, and start to take actions based on this advice.7. Calm spiritDr. Weston Agor, author of Thinking Allowed said, Intuition is a brain skill that can be particularly useful as a tool in decision-making when a manager is faced with a crisis or emergency situation.How do you react when things go wrong? Do you panic, or do you react with a calm spirit? Being calm doesnt mean inactive. It means composure, focus and channeling your emotions into productivity. For example, TLC the problem. To the Light, Connect (TLC) is a way to bring more light to the issue and find solutions, rather than reacting in the usual panic-stricken way.8. JoyfulnessFeeling happy at work shouldnt be a foreign concept. If youre one of the lucky ones, then you will already experience a deep sense of job satisfaction, and enjoy getting up and going to work every day.Its not because youre weird. No its because you have followed your heart. The knowledge that youre on the right path towards a future you have envisioned and are in the process of building for yourself is an amazing sensation!9. Problem solve using intuitionWhat Would It Take (WWIT) is my own intuitive approach to running my business and dealing with any issues that arise. WWIT is a daily practice which allows me to focus my energy and intuition on finding solutions rather than focusing on the problem.You may have your own system in place to help you do the same thing. Maybe you keep an intuition journal, to help you review the effectiveness of your intuitive decisions.10. Youre energy awareYou may not know much about quantum physics, but you do know that positive energy attracts and creates positivity.Sometimes I walk into a room and can instantly sense an atmosphere, a tension in the air. Or, I feel giddy with the buzz and electricity in the room.Being receptive to such energies in the world around us provides an amazing opportunity. By aligning your personal energy as needed, or using intuition to investigate and unblock energy allows the light in.If you recognize and relate to any of the above signs, then its time to let intuition be in control.Learn more about this powerful technique and how it takes only 10 minutes to learn a new technique that makes running your business 3x easierOriginally published at intuitiveleadershipmastery.com on March 2, 2018.·RELATED QUESTIONNeed a Room Indicator light/sign when motion sensor switch is triggered inside the room?For the best answers, search on this site Outside...which causes some trouble. For some reason, my family members think that it is hilarious to turn the light off while people are taking a shower.
The Effectiveness of Vehicle Wraps for Advertising ...
Zebra Signs Inc.in Grimsby points out the significant opportunity business owners may be overlooking when it comes to promoting their brand on cars, trucks, vans and other work vehicles.Mobile billboards through the use of vehicle wraps for promotion offer one of the most effective advertising tools in todays' market with a 97 per cent recall rate.Vinyl is produced today specifically designed for use in advertising wraps on vehicles. Unlike paint, it provides a cost effective way to promote your business while allowing the flexibility for changing aspects of the signs as your business changes.The vinyl produced for wraps uses bubble-preventing air channels and microscopic glass beads that allow for the wraps to be lifted and reapplied without damaging the vinyl until the final adhesive is applied. With the use of heat guns or a torch, the vinyl is heated and molds itself around most surfaces for a seamless finish. Using the proper adhesives and techniques is important for the longevity of the wrap so it is always best to find a professional.Zebra Signs explains the other practical advantages of vinyl wraps for advertising aside from the cost savings. The wraps offer a lot more flexibility in finishes such as chrome or wood grain and provide a perfect solution for leased vehicles since the wraps can be removed when the vehicle is sold or exchanged.These new techniques in signage solutions make it easier than ever to promote your business. Working with Coach House Studios they can turn your concept into a concrete image and brand for your product or service.Zebra Signs has been offering affordable advertising solutions for customers in Grimsby since 1998 and provide a variety of services including vehicle wraps, lettering and magnets, to light sign boxes, cut letters, and wide format printing.They can help create the vehicle wraps you require from conception to the finished product while adhering to industry standards for mobile advertising.Visit their website here and discover a key advertising tool that you may have overlooked for maximizing your business's exposure.
: Know the Types, Warning Signs and Effective Treatment Options
If you are having mild fever, abdominal pain, yellow skin, itchiness or light-colored feces, dont confuse these symptoms with a mild flu. Check with your internal medicine physician as these symptoms also apply to all types of hepatitis. Hepatitis refers to an inflammatory condition of the liver that is commonly caused by a viral infection. While there are different types and causes, the symptoms can be similar.From storing vitamins and minerals to detoxifying the blood and producing bile essential for digestion, the liver performs various critical functions that affect the metabolism throughout the body. Hepatitis can disrupt these processes and lead to various health issues. However, you can prevent certain types of hepatitis by understanding its types, causes, warning signs and effective treatment options so that you can take the best lifestyle precautions and immunization from your internist.Types & Causes of Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E are five types of hepatitis that are caused by different viruses and affect your liver. Some of the symptoms of each type may be similar, but they are transmitted in different ways and have different characteristics and treatments.Hepatitis A It can be an acute and short-term disease that can be caused by an infection with the hepatitis A virus (HAV). People with poor sanitation are at risk of contractive HAV. The effective vaccines recommended by internal medicine physicians can protect against this virus.Hepatitis B It can be transmitted when a person contacts with infectious body fluids like semen, blood or vaginal secretion containing hepatitis B virus (HBV). People having sexual intercourse with affected partners, using injection drugs or sharing personal items are at the risk of getting this virus.Hepatitis C Originated from the hepatitis C virus (HCV), it is also transmitted through direct contact with infectious body fluids and can lead to cirrhosis or scarring of the liver. There is no vaccine to prevent it, but treatment by the doctor of internal medicine can cure this virus.Hepatitis D This serious liver disease is caused by the hepatitis D virus (HDV). The virus spreads through direct contact with infected blood. It is a rare type of hepatitis that only occurs in coexistence with hepatitis B infection. It happens if you are already affected by hepatitis B.Hepatitis E This waterborne disease mainly affects people with poor sanitation and results from ingesting fecal matter that contaminates the water supply. This is an uncommon disease in the United States and is caused by the hepatitis E virus (HEV).Besides, there are a few causes of noninfectious hepatitis. Excessive consumption of alcohol, overuse of medications and exposure to poisons can infect your liver and causes it to get inflamed. These may not be the main causes of hepatitis but can aggravate inflammation and make symptoms worse.Warning Signs & Symptoms of HepatitisSince this liver disease shares signs similar to mild flu, it is possible to not realize and diagnose hepatitis at first. You may not have symptoms in the beginning for a chronic and infectious form of hepatitis B and C. Symptoms occur when the damage affects liver functions.Symptoms of Acute HepatitisLoss of appetiteFatigueDiarrheaJaundiceMild feverMuscle or joint achesVomitingNauseaAbdominal painWeight lossSymptoms of Chronic HepatitisLight-colored fecesDark urineItchy skinBleeding inside your bodyMental changes, such as coma or stuporSymptoms of acute phase are not generally dangerous. However, it may result in liver failure and death in certain people. The disease may also progress to a chronic infection.The type and severity of hepatitis can be diagnosed through laboratory test as the symptoms of different types are similar. Your internal medicine doctor will first understand your history to identify any risk factors and conduct a physical examination to note down the symptoms. If hepatitis is suspected, your internist will perform the following tests.Liver BiopsyBlood TestsElastographyAbdominal UltrasoundSurrogate MarkersNucleic Acid TestsParacentesisOnce the type of hepatitis and the severity of infection is diagnosed, your primary care doctor will provide proper treatment and adequate care of your hepatitis.For hepatitis A, vaccination is available for both children and adults to prevent this infection. If you experience diarrhea or vomiting, visit your internist for hydration and nutrition plan.Hepatitis B can also be prevented with vaccination. Acute hepatitis B doesnt usually require specific treatment while the chronic disease can be treated with antiviral medications.People with chronic hepatitis C are usually treated with a combination of antiviral drug therapies.The vaccination of hepatitis B can prevent the occurrence of HDV as infection with hepatitis B can lead to this virus.The internal medicine doctors generally advise hepatitis E patients to take plenty of fluids, nutrients, and adequate rest.If you have any of the symptoms of hepatitis and are looking for the best internal medicine clinic in Brooklyn NYC, visit Artisans of Medicine today to get the right treatment. Our highly-skilled internists are competent to provide absolute care for all types of hepatitis·RELATED QUESTIONHow to draw a traffic light sign?Just in case you need an animation but without the Adobe Reader window
When You Turn Right on a Red Light and There Is No Sign of U201cno Turn on Redu201d, Can the Photo E
No.As long as you made a complete stop before turning, you are good.That's why photo enforcement does not report on those right turns.They are not movies - so they do not knw if you made a complete stop or not.1. Would I get ticket if I turn my car in intersection at yellow light?there was sign turn only at green arrow?If you were in the intersection on the yellow light, no2. I took an ept test last night and the results was a light sign whats that mean?The dark like is the control group line, basically the test is working correctly and the faint line is you being pregnant. If it is early in your pregnancy the line normally will not be very dark at all since the test is based on the level HCG in your urine and that is not that high in early pregnancy. Now go to a real doctor and get a real pregnancy test done and start the medical care you will need for being pregnant.3. In New York, can I still make a right on red if there's a wait for green light sign?According to the MUTCD, a "Wait for Green" sign applies to pedestrian traffic only and is mounted so as only pedestrian traffic can see the sign. There is no "Waif for Green" sign authorized or even identified. Wait for Green can mean different things to different people. Wait for a green before proceeding through the intersection - duh - that's what the red light means. If intended for vehicle traffic, it's redundant. The red light itself says to wait for the green signal regardless of the direction you want to go except right turn on red. If they do not want you to turn right on red, they must put up a sign specifically stating "No Turn On Red". But remember this, NYS is not a state of this union, but a country with its own laws. It does not recognize the laws of other states. Get out while you can!!! I did.4. my 2000 bmw 323i oil light sign on?If its a yellow oil light and the oil level is OK (on the dipstick)the oil level sensor may be bad, those things fail often. Its a simple repair on your car, just 3 10mm bolts on the bottom of the oil pan. The older E46 3 series did not have any reinforcement plate covering it so its easy to access. DSC and brake lights will come on if the battery is low, so thats something to check. If the brake and DSC lights stay on however it could be a bad DSC module and/or wheel speed sensors. Hope this helps5. Need a Room Indicator light/sign when motion sensor switch is triggered inside the room?If you pigtailed the wires within the old box: Purchase a LED light which has a threaded barrel with a nut and washer: Electronic store (ie; Radio Shack) should have them. Make sure they are 110 volts rated and have short wires attached. Purchase a blank cover for the double light switch box. Drill a hole in the blank cover just slightly larger than the barrel of the LED. Attach the LED to the blank cover. Attach the two LED wires to the appropriate electric wires which operates the lights. Attach blank cover to box.6. Pulled over in a school zone...made a left on a stop light, no sign for a school zone, but was in the middle?Anytime something is regulated by a sign, the sign must be reasonable visible. If there was a sign before you made your turn, it would seem reasonable you are not leaving the zone simply by making a turn unless you covered some distance7. engine oil "light/sign" has been on in my car for the past 2 days.?When the oil light comes on, you usually need to pull off to the right and call a tow truck. You are unbelievably lucky8. How would you rig a neon LIGHT sign to make it work?Neon lights require a high voltage power supply that hooks to those two wires. You can buy them online, but you better know what you are doing as they can produce upwards of 5000 volts. That is assuming there is still neon gas in the tubes.
Governors Indian Health Council Shines Light on Health Disparities and Historical Trauma
This week Governor Inslee is signing into law Senate Bill 5415, the Washington Indian Health Improvement Act.The bill enacts recommendations from the Governors Indian Health Council.Created by the Legislature in 2018, the council brings together representatives from tribes, urban Indian health programs, state agencies, the Governors office, and legislators to address health issues affecting American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs).This may be the first committee to bring together executive and legislative branches with urban Indian health programs and tribes, said Jessie Dean, Health Care Authority Tribal Affairs Administrator. Legislative perspectives on bill writing and enactment as well as hot topics have been invaluable.Stephen Kutz also emphasized the importance of having many stakeholders at the table.This is a unique partnership that exists nowhere else in the country and shows Washington States commitment to addressing the health care access and disparities issues of our American Indian and Alaska Native citizens, said Kutz, an elected Cowlitz Tribal Councilmember who also serves as Executive Director of Health and Human Services of the Cowlitz Tribe and Chair of the American Indian Health Commission for Washington State.In addition to making recommendations to the Legislature, the councils December 2018 legislative report also addressed the complex health challenges American Indians and Alaska Natives face in light of historical trauma and severe federal underfunding of health care.For example, AI/ANs have a 67 percent greater risk of premature death than do non-Hispanic whites. Also, the completed suicide rate for AI/ANs is much higher than for any other race.These disparities are a direct result of more than a century of state and federal policies that damaged tribal economies, social structures, and cultural protective factors.To my knowledge, this is the first legislative report that includes a substantial discussion of American Indian and Alaska Natives health disparities and the relationship with historical trauma, Dean said.About Senate Bill 5415The Washington Indian Health Improvement Act:· Creates the Governors Indian Health Advisory Council, which includes tribes, urban Indian health programs, legislators, and the governors office as voting members. Nonvoting members include state agencies, Indian health service areas, and the American Indian Health Commission for Washington State.· Directs the advisory council to adopt an Indian health improvement advisory plan. The plan will assess Indian health care in our state and make recommendations about how to increase culturally-appropriate health care services in tribal communities.· Establishes the Indian Health Improvement Reinvestment Account, which will be funded with savings to the state general fund from federal guidance enabling the state to receive 100 percent federal match for services provided through Indian Health Service or tribes to AI/AN Medicaid enrollees.Learn more about the Governors Indian Health Council.·RELATED QUESTIONNeed a Room Indicator light/sign when motion sensor switch is triggered inside the room?For the best answers, search on this site Outside...which causes some trouble. For some reason, my family members think that it is hilarious to turn the light off while people are taking a shower.
Signs of a Good Vehicle Repair Company
In case you are experiencing some vehicle issues such as minor collision damage or an engine warning light, you definitely need to have your vehicle inspected by a reputable garage. Many drivers face these problems but are confused as to what should be done; the best way is visiting the closest vehicle repair center in their area. Even though you might feel that this option is very convenient, many a times, you might see that this isnt quite beneficial. Different garages charge different prices for the same work, dont you agree? Hence, it pays dividends to find a reputable mechanic that offers a good and reasonable price package for garage services. Given below are some signs of a reliable vehicle repair center in Swansea;· Personal referralsThis is definitely a very straightforward option when it comes to finding a good local garage. When you take referrals from friends or families who have recently had a repair by a reputable garage, you are definitely minimising the chances of problems. The cost would also be reduced significantly and you should face no issues whatsoever.· Less complaints from customersWhen you look for a good vehicle repair company in Swansea clutch replacement or other services, you would obviously like relying on the internet for checking customer complaints, Quick searches online can surely help in finding a reliable repair center. Many a times, if the garage is reliable, you will find that there are no, or very few complaints by customers. Sometimes, the only issue which is likely to be complained is about the cost which the company charges for repairs. If significant complaints are seen on their website, then it is a good decision to switch to another garage.· Upfront estimatesBefore starting your work on the vehicle, you would definitely like to know the price of the repairs upfront.If a garage doesnt give a repair quote in advance, it is a matter of concern. Without getting firm estimates, you wont be able to get the idea of the cost. No none likes a nasty shock on the price after the work is complete. If you find that the final price is very excessive, you will lose your confidence. So, it is better to find a satisfactory estimate well in advance. Ensure to get all-inclusive quotes, which include cost of parts and labor too.So to conclude, it can be said that if you are ready to invest your valuable time and check the vehicle repair company qualities, you will certainly be able to find a company which is of high standards and also get a price which is highly acceptable.Signs of A Good Vehicle Repair Company appeared first on www.medium.com·RELATED QUESTIONNeed a Room Indicator light/sign when motion sensor switch is triggered inside the room?Room Occupied Light
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