10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Washing Machine

Do you want to know about washing machine? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. about the washing machine?

Try adding 1/3 cup of detergent Then at the rinse cycle add 1/3 of a cup of all purpose vinegar along with a capfull of softener. The vinegar removes all the residue and left over detergent and it also makes the clothes smell sweet. You can even hang the clothes outside that even helps too by bleaching out any of the bacteria with the sun. If you have clothes that have stains try BIZ and add that along with your detergent. Then follow with the vinegar. The biz smells wonderfull

2. How does a washing machine tear holes in clothes?

Overloading an agitator type washing machine (top loader) can cause damage on/in clothing. If binding occurs while the agitator is doing it's job, going back and forth, a tear could result. Front load machines are more user friendly. They also thrive on less water, saving you energy and water, and are easier on the clothing while in operation

3. Why would my washing machine be leaking water?

loose tube

4. Can DC shoes go in the washing machine?

yes they can i throw my vans in there all the time and when i use to wear DC i did too but wash them alone and they will be fine but let them air dry dont throw them in the dryer

5. Can converse (the shoes) go through the washing machine?

Sure I do that all the time! Like the person above said- do not put them in the dryer, I did that and it totally ruins them if it gets too hot

6. Motor Oil out of clothes, and off of washing machine?

Try using a little extra detergent, this will help keep the oil in solution. Wash the clothes one water level down. Run an empty load back up at full water level with hot water (of course use soap). I would also consider washing those items twice, same as above, (usually those clothes are really tough so can handle the hot water as they are often cleaned via a laundry service). The first wash does not necessarily have to get the clothes completely clean as they will be washed a second time.

7. Horizontal Double Glazed Glass Washing Machine

Product Description Horizonal Glass Washing Machine, Horizonal Glass washer, glass washing machine, glass washer, washing machine, vertical glass washer, vertical glass washing machine, insulating glass washing machine, insulating glass machine, glass production line, Power voltage AC220V Horizonal Glass Washing Machine/Horizonal Glass Washer is equipped with High-press vapor washing, individual circulating water Feeding roller self-cleaning Horizonal Glass Washing Machine/Horizonal Glass Washer is equipped with Low-E glass examination High-quality stainless steel outer cover Horizonal Glass Washing Machine/Horizonal Glass Washer is equipped with 3 pairs of high-quality nylon soft brushes Horizonal Glass Washing Machine/Horizonal Glass Washer is equipped with 3 individual water circuits, water heating Easy cleaning water tank and water pipe Adjustable brushes distance Horizonal Glass Washing Machine/Horizonal Glass Washer is equipped with Motor lifting (500mm), easy brushes roller replacement structure Washing height digital display Horizonal Glass Washing Machine/Horizonal Glass Washer is equipped with 2 pairs of high pressure air knife Horizonal Glass Washing Machine/Horizonal Glass Washer is equipped with Stable gear wheel conveyance High-speed washing Horizonal Glass Washing Machine/Horizonal Glass Washer is equipped with Water wringing rollers installed Low noise and close air drying room Adjustable brushes rotational speed (selective) Anti-static electricity brushes (selective) Standard container load Technical parameter: Standard container load Max. Glass size 2200*3500mm Min. Glass size 300*200mm Glass thickness 320mm Washing speed 18m/min Work height 850 20mm Recycle water 0.5Ton/day Water standard conductivity 200 s max, hardness 18 degree max Air source pressure 0.5_0.8Mpa Overall dimensions 5800*2900*2200(mm)(L*W*H) Total power 18KW Technical parameter: Standard container load Max. Glass size 1800*2500mm Min. Glass size 300*200mm Glass thickness 320mm Washing speed 18m/min Work height 850 20mm Recycle water 0.5Ton/day Water standard conductivity 200 s max, hardness 18 degree max Air source pressure 0.5_0.8Mpa Overall dimensions 5500*2600*2200(mm)(L*W*H) Total power 16KW

8. Unbalanced washing machine?

it might be the drum, if not, just tilt the washer forward,and let it go back slowly,,

9. my washing machine wont run water?

Shut the water supply off at the spigot.Take the hoses off of the wall where the spigot is.Also take them off at the washer itself.Now open each valve and see if the water supply is plugged up right there at the valve.Now,if you have water coming out of each valve let's check the hose screens. Inside each of the hoses where they attach to the valve there should be a screen.Look in there and see if it looks like it's plugged up.If not,Attach it to the valve and turn the valve on. Did water come out? If not then your hoses need replaced.If it did come out of each hose and each valve then the problem is within the washer itself.You would probably be better off buying another washer instead of getting that one fixed. Hope this helps. Good Luck,Rusty.

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Some Questions About Washing Machine Answered
Do you want to know about washing machine? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. can you wash toms in the washing machine?No, do not do it you will mess them trust me. just clean them by hand2. Washing machine mold problem! What would happen if I use bleach spray on a rubber washing machine ring?Take some pictures and send them. I do not think that is suppose to happen either. Maybe your washer is a defective item and should be taken care of by the manufacturer3. Sneakers in washing machine?It's quite alright to do that, as long as you wash them alone with no other articles of clothing. My mom does this all the time and the shoes always come up out clean and unharmed4. second hand washing machine has a strange stink?There could be some sort of gross sludge underneath the drum...where all the little holes are....the last owner could have had a really dirty job....try putting a boil wash on having first poured bleach down the drum.5. Can i wash shoes in the washing machine?What kind? Tennis shoes... the glue melts often times6. What DATE and YEAR was the washing machine first invented?Check out this website. It has the history of washing devices7. My washing machine wont agitate or spinIf you smelled rubber you will have to replace the part from the back.It looks like a rubber washer with holes in it. its approximately 3/8 to half inch thick. Tilt your machine and check the bottom. If you see black rubber dust then this is the problem. Those washers wear down and break. It's common.You can buy them in the stores where they sell appliance parts. Not sure if Home Depot has them.About $10.00cnd8. What is the best, long lasting washing machine?Our first Maytag lasted us 22 years, It was used and 4 years old when we got it. The 2nd Maytag lasted 24 years. I researched and researched when we bought a new one. All the reviews had lots of problems. The one with the least problems turned out to be the Sears Kenmore. We've had it for six months and so far it seems OK. If it lasts 20 or 24 years, I am sure I will be dead by then!9. washing machine started to smell :-(?I always do a cycle with just bleach on the hottest setting possible, I have a front loading washer so I have to do it every time I wash clothes and get the extra out of the rubber thing at the door10. my washing machine is acting crazy?the different solutions are good, yet i contemplate whether you have tried to alter the point of the showering device. it frequently has an adjustable leg on each and each nook (that is like a screw with a pad that touches the floor). you are able to have a sq. or hexagonal component the place you need to use the two a crescent wrench or open ended wrench on. you purely alter the legs until eventually the pads all touch the floor and the device is point. yet rather, the duty is all the owner's. i am assuming the showering device got here with the cottage. ought to you ask the owner to come again over so which you should exhibit the concern? frequently seeing the concern motives a desire to restoration it11. will the blue pen in my washing machine explode?No but it is likely to leak blue ink all over the clothes in there. It is even worse in the dryer. Just stop the washer and pull it out before you wreck the clothes..12. Washing machine has a moldy odor! Help!?When you put in the soap add a cup of baking soda to a full load of towels to be washed. Or run a cycle of just water with a cup of vinegar in it.13. Who designed this part in a washing machine?just to clear things it was not me14. Can you wash uggs in the washing machine?Ugg Talisman15. Is there something wrong with our washing machine/dryer?Is it a front load washer? If it is, you need to clean the front seal. Put 1/2 cup vinegar in 2 quarts water. Using a cloth or rag, clean the seal, making sure you get behind it & inside all the folds. That should be done once a month or so
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Top 10 Questions About Washing Machine Answered
Here are top 10 questions about washing machine asked by people online.1. Washing machine won't stop filling with water?Sounds like a broken sensor, or broken water pump. Time to call the repair person2. Is it safe to wash comforters in your washing machine?If you bought it in a store, it will have a white tag (that you probably cut off and threw away). That tag has the cleaning instructions on it. Some comforters are, "dry-clean-only", and some say "machine wash", "air dry", etc. etc. If you did not cut the tag off and throw it away, read the tag. If you threw it away -- go to a store and find another comforter similar to yours, and read that tag. One other thing: If the comforter is a queen or king-size, it probably wo not fit in your waching machine anyway -- you will have to take it to a laundromat and put it in a 3-load or 5-load machine. The lady at the laundromat will be able to tell you if it is machine washable, or not, too. I wash our large comforters and quilts all the time in washing machines without any problems (the ones that are made to be machine washed). .3. water level pressure switch on washing machine?If your washer will not fill with water, there may be one of several problems: 1. Water level switch located behind the timer console, usually behind a water level selector. 2. Disconnected water level pressure hose connected to the water level switch and an air pressure dome. 3. Leak or perforation in the water pressure hose (activated with air) The hose must hold the air pressure to activate the switch. (normally resulting in over filling). 4. Siphon problem, if the drain hose is too low (lower than the water level), or if you had a sealed drain. The drain hose must have an air break where the hose goes into the drain.4. iPod went through washing machine and got frozen?try to re set it if that does not work it has no hope. water is no good with i pods5. something dead inside workings of washing machine?Run a cycle with a quart of bleach in the water in your washer and see if that helps. You can take the back off a washer and see if a mouse has died. Also consider the stink is coming from the drain pipe. It has no P trap, it could be sewer smell6. Do the socks disappear in the washing machine or in the dryer?I do not know that saying..but it's the dryer for sure7. Can you buy a washing machine that is not energy efficient?The top loaders still work good they just give you move choices. Instead of just small and large loads they my give you up to 5 load sizes. You can still wash your dirty jeans in a full load there's no laundry police looking over your sholder yet.8. Can you wash a cotton belt in the washing machine?I always machine wash them and machine dry them, too. To iron them place the rounded type under the iron and hold the iron still. then pull the belt down from the botton. You can iron the flat belts this way too, or iron it in sectioms as if you are ironing a pillowcase.9. Basement flooded from washing machine?Plugged10. Washing Machine Help?I was going to say it could just be the lid switch, however it sounds like whatever is lodged in the pump is causing your problem. Once you remove this material from the pump does it work ok?11. credit card went through washing machine?Should still work. You should still be able to use your old card until your new one arrives, as you are not reporting it lost or stolen12. Cell Phone in Washing Machine?All phones usually have a warranty on em when you first buy em. So , take it to an At&t store , and ask them if they can fix it for you. If not you might have to get a new phone. Ria Never happened to me but it's fine.13. Can I clean workout shoes in washing machine?Yes it's fine. I just threw a pair of my daughters sneakers in the wash with a load of whites (bleach and all). Put them in the dryer for about 15 min. then let them air dry, in the sun if you can, to avoid shrinking. I've done this with leather and canvas sneakers. If they are canvas and are anything other that white, then I put them in the wash with a few pair of jeans.
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Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair Center in Hyderabad
Whirlpool washing machine service center in Hyderabad. Home appliance. Our service is low budgets and good Whirlpool washing machine quality products are used. Whirlpool washing machine. is the most appropriate solution in such a situation would be to seek out an expert in appliance repair. If you call for of whirlpool washing machine repair and service in Hyderabad. Contact the experts at Home Appliance Service. We deal Front loader, Top loader and semi-automatic whirlpool washing machine. Our technical team is well capable and expert to current world-class Whirlpool washing machine Repair and services in Hyderabad. whirlpool washing machine service center in Hyderabad. We repair all types of Whirlpool washing machine. Educated and well placed in this field. Whirlpool washing machine service center in Hyderabad. Fault compressor, fault motor, Dirty condenser coils, we must maintain a good stock of genuine and quality spare parts are used in our service. You can now book a professional either for service and repair within minutes from home. Our Service technicians visit your home to provide first-class services at best competitive rates. . We have 24/7 hours service support in and around Hyderabad. We have than 14 years of Experience in this filed. Electronics hope is to provide on time quality service for your washing machine at your home. With us at just a call away, you need not worry for the defective washing machine• RELATED QUESTIONHow much does a roper washing machine lid switch cost? And can I buy one from Lowes or home depot?if the mach is older, just cut and twist the two wires [striped ends ] together, and tape them, its just a safty switch, Unplug it first yes u should be able to get a new one, cost around $20,,can i clean white vans in the washing machine with clorox bleach and how much should i use?Do not use clorox on athletic shoes. It can break down the glue and make them come apart. You ought to be able to wash them in regular detergentWill a washing machine fit in the back of an 09 plate Vauxhall Corsa?If its a standard size & you remove the parcel shelf & fold the seats down you may just shuffle it in. New m/c's are pretty well boxed up so you wont damage it, if you do not have far to go to fetch it i would give it a go. Take a bungee strap in case the hatch wont shut so you can fix it down as far as it will go. P.s. Do not give yourself a hernia humping that washer!Is it illegal to have your washing machine running outside?It's not illegal to use it outside, the only problem you could have is where the dirty water goes. If it goes through it's proper drain, it should be okay. Be sure to put the machine on something so it does not rust any faster. Your neighbor was probably just wondering what the weird noise was. Wear something she will appreciate on washing dayHow to bring back to the original size of shrinken woollen sweater which was washed by washing machine?You can not . Give it to a childwould a gift card still work after it has gone through the washing machine?this is unusual. replaced into it previous and expired? perhaps you probably did no longer enter the present card style wisely? Is the guy who gave it to you somebody you ask for the receipt withouth feeling humorous? Or does the back of the present card have countless call if the present card is misplaced or stolen. perhaps they could deliver you a alternativeMy washing machine making a clicking noise and not working, please help?you need to involve a qualified tech, not here on yahooMy iPod Nano got wet in the washing machine, how can I get it working again?Wait until the iPod is completely dry (at LEAST 48 hours). Turn the iPod on and hope for the best. If it turns on, your iPod survived! If it does not , well... your mom owes you a new iPodHelp on installing a washing machine ?As all the above solutions yet greater importantly ensure you do away with the transit brackets from the rear of the gadget in the previous you install it. they are going to be needless to say defined on the instructions. that is crucial you are trying this to stay away from intense injury to the gadget. maximum washer are chilly fill in basic terms now so in basic terms one connection is mandatory that's the blue hose to the chilly water supplyCan I buy a commercial Rug washing machine, with adjustable sizes and quick drying specifications. ??check on ebay. My husband just got one from therehow does changing the temp on a washing machine affect how fast the detergent will dissolve?the hotter the water the quicker it will dissolveam i the ONLY person who uses Shampoo and BodyWash to clean my clothes in the washing machine?No, I never heard of this. Why do not you use laundry detergent? It's a lot more economicalClothes left in washing machine with water?Rewash as long as there covered in water they wont moldMy kitten died in a washing machine, help me feel better please!?I hope your not joking,cause thats seriously not funny.But if your not,Im very sorry(u know the internet,lots of immature fools).Kittens get themselves into lots of weird places,as theyre very curious. If you feel OK,you should get another kitten and try again.Im sure youre a good pet owner and dont feel bad if it didnt work out this time.Just pay extra good attention this time :).How many silicone-breasted women would you trade for a good old wringer washing machine?y/a has no survivalist wacko department.?......... Zombie Apocalypse?....... and I thought it was “the worlds going to end Dec. 2012“ types that were the weirdo's.....How do I stop washing machine drain hose from jumping out of tub when draining?Ours is the same we've tied it so maybe you should do the same either with a rope or zippy tiewhat does d5 mean on the washing machine?it is a door lock codeI am looking for a washing machine whose width is at most 56cm and big enough to wash 5-6kg. Any suggestion?Go to a white goods store and take a tape measure with you. I am sure you will find what you needMy washing machine dispenses little water, how or why does this happen?Remove the cold water line from the back of the washer. There is a wire mesh screen to trap any dirt etc,. Clean that screen if dirty. If the screen is not dirty, then the solenoid is probably failing and needs to be replaced.Can I use the dishwasher to clean my clothes as the washing machine blew when trying to wash some old coins?The clue is in the name “dishwasher“ not meant for anything elsemy washing machine had strange clear sticky buildup?Sounds like old soap build up.. I know if I do not clean my machine once a month or so it will leave soap streaks on clothes - you can especially see it on black clothes... Run a cycle with 2 cups of distilled vinegar through it (no laundry) and then run another empty cycle with just waterMy neighbor told me that my landlord used my washing machine when I was on vacation, how do I approach him regarding this?I would say my temper and level of u201chaving some explainingu201d to do would raise for each point of offense. For example, did someone have to enter your home? was it in a public space? If I gave him the keys to water the plants and he washed some clothes, no big deal. If he is a neighbor who broke into my home to use my machine I would be very upset.PLEASE HELP!!! Where do I put bleach in a front-loading washing machine?do not put bleach in the washer it rots all the pipes and the door boot(rubber)how do u replace the spinny thing in the middle of a washing machine PLEASE HELP?you have to have tools, pull the machine out & w/ good lighting find where it's attached & undo it. You should post in the household repair categories--there are some good handy-men over there who can give blow-by-blow instructions. If not, google schematics for your particular brand & model machine from the mfr.Flash drive in my washing machine!?its too late to apologizeIs it a big differents on washing machine between 1200 spin and 1600 spin?buy a whirlpool or maytag,i have had 38 years repairing washers,,trust mewhat is more better for cotton clothes,to wash them hand wash or in the washing machine?I use the delicate cycle and use a detergent like Woolite for delicates for any hand washable. I hang or dry flatis jeff hardy's glow in the dark face paint just washing machine detergent. liquid.?probably not, it sweats off during matches so if any got in his eyes it could really hurt. It is probably just a special kind of glow in the dark fac paintDo headphones work after being in the washing machine ?They will probably work but their lifetime is drastically reduced and the quality will be reduces alsoMy washing machine keeps twisting up pant legs, etc., especially sheets, anyone know what is causing this?You might repack the items differently, and not cram so much in the machine. When my son does his laundry, he has the same problem...however when I do laundry, this never is a problem for me :) The secret is to shake out the clothes first and then instead of “jamming them“ into the tub, carefully lay them down so that they are flat and loosely wrapped around the base. This seems to prevent the clothes from getting tangled up and gets them cleaner as well since they have room to move around during the wash cycles.i need to clean my f 50 tunits but don't know if the washing machine because I got the climacool ones?Never clean the f 50 tunits in washer. That can really mess it up(the washer i mean). To clean f 50 tunits u should get a sponge and a brush like what u would use to clean off pots and pans and some dawn (u can also use towel) and scub at the tunits to get the dirt and stuff off of it. I hope i helped and good luck in soccerWhat is your opinion of a Front load washing machine?Potential problems.. A direct drive whirlpool or Kenmore are better. Kenmore, and whirlpool are the exact same washer, just different names. I work on them daily.. I am a major appliance repair person. The only difference is they look good and it make you feel like you are in the laundry mat. But in one years time, you will be calling a service person to charge you an arm and a leg to fix itCat pee detergent = washing machine ammonia disaster! Help me please!?This is interesting to me because I wash towels that have cat urine on them all the time and it does not make the washer stink. I wonder if you have some standing water trapped in the washer? Not that I would know how to get it out. And you even rinsed out some of the urine first. That is really puzzling. I wash mine just with detergent and bleach. Anyway good luck, I hope you get this resolved.My washing machine won't drain water or agitate but it fills up just fine. What could the problem be?sounds like it's broken. why do not you call a repair manMy washing machine trips the outlet but dry doesn't?The fact that your dryer is gas means you are only pulling enough electricity to spin the tub. Questions are, is there enough amps at the circuit for you to have both of these plugged in? Have you tried running it empty to see if it pops the circuit? Could be too much weight from water and clothes makes it work too hard to start spinning and that trips the switch. This would be a good place to start
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How to Clean and Maintain Your Washing Machine
Luckily, washing machines are not that complicated - a simple problem is often behind most issues. Learn how to deal with them, and you will save a lot of money on service and call-out fees over the years. • How to clean your washing machine • Do I need to clean my washing machine with a product? • How do you deal with detergent residue left on your clothes? • How do you deal with vibrating floorboards? • What should you do if you are concerned about colours running? • What should you do if you there's lint left in your laundry? • How do you minimise marks left on your clothes? • What should you do if you get mould in your washing machine? • How to unlock your washing machine • How can you stop your clothes from getting tangled? • What can I do to make my towels less scratchy?• RELATED QUESTIONNeed help fixing a Haier portable washing machine?Haier is cheap Chinese junk. I tried to buy one online and ended up calling Haier when the washer never arrived. They laughed at me over the phone. I had to complain to my bank and file legal complaints to get my money back. The HLP21N washer is made for apartments, it's a throwaway. If that's all the space you have get an Avanti W798SS site to store from Walmart. Mine cost me double what Haier was asking but it's a real machine. Mine does 4/5's what my old Whirlpool Roper did, but uses 1/2 the electricty and fits between the sink and wall in the bathroom. Walmart does not sell it anymore but it's available from Google online for about the same price as I paid, $450 including tax.Can i wash a 100% cotton sweater in the washing machine if it says dry clean only?Yes, you can but it ruin itWhat exactly happens if dry clean only clothes go through a washing machine?You will soon find out! Some clothes you can get by with washing on a gentle cycle but watch it when you dry them in the dryer they may shrink or lose their shape. I would lay them out on a table and block themPOLL: do you have a washing machine in your home?ROAR!!! I just ate your question!my Servis washing machine wont spin properly!?Michelle: Washing machine not spinning properly has to be something blocking pump, or keeping pump propeller from turning. You may try removing discharge hose, and using flashlight, you may be able to remove obstruction from here, and save removing pump. Good LuckURGENT: water is pouring out of washing machine?Actually it would... Better dry it up with cloth until no water pours from it then try drying it more by placing it behind the monitor upper cover.... The CRT monitor produces enough heat to dry it. Let it dry for 1 day... I repeat dry it first with a cloth until no water pours. ... But I can not assure you that it could still run.. If it is damaged after testing there is nothing I can do about any longer. If it is under warranty better contact your vendor first before doing my suggestion.Our washing machine will not fill up with hot water, the cold water is fine.?Check your mixing valve. It may be shot. To replace it yourself takes about 30-45 minutes and the part is under $30. To have a repairman in will run you about $100 totalSmall earrings in washing machine, help!?You will have to disassemble the unit to some degree. Most likely the back panel can pop off, either with screws or clips. This information should be listed in your owner's manual, if you are lucky enough to still have it. If not, you may be able to find it on the manufacturer's website. The cover must be able to come off somewhere, whether the back cover or a side...Once you get the cover off you will be able to determine where they would have dropped.buying a washing machine, what is the best kind of drum to buy?i've got heard this many cases related to the Maytag Neptune. have you ever contacted Maytag immediately? you may examine the telephone e book for a lawyer who makes a speciality of product harm circumstancesWow,,,,did I just insult my washing machine repair man?It does not sound like you insulted him. In an occupation not normally expecting a tip, I would say he would appreciate whatever you gave him. You went way above the reasonable 15% tip that is given to workers expecting one. You are in the clear.What would happen to a man if he was to die in a washing machine?Wow....is this a real assignment? Well, first he would drown. Then he would get internal organ damage from the action of the drum spinning him around. 3,000 rpm is a lot of centrifugal force. There would be broken bones, as well, most likely, as well as dislocations. Especially his neck. Tumble-dried at 180 centigrade? That's 356 degrees Fahrenheit. I think dude would be incinerated at this point. You might open the dryer and find some teeth and ashes among the other laundry, if there was any laundry left at that temperature. Would be a hell of a way to go!How to not forget the washed clothes in the washing machine [closed]Just put an alarm in your phone when you put in the laundry for approximately 1 hour. Snooze it or next time set it later if the machine is not finished yet.Good luckWhy do my clothes get pink stains from the washing machine?Hi Check the soap...sometimes there is hidden bleach included. S1lentWhy are my clothes still soaking in water after it's spin is done in the washing machine?The machine I think is blocked . This happened to me about 2 weeks ago .I pulled to machine apart right down to the littlle drain hole under the tub. There I found stuff blocking the hole.washing machine does/t power up enough to run it. hear it try then cuts off.?sure! Powwer = V x I uk = 230 volt X sixteen amp =3680 wats I (amps) = P over V Volts = P over I (amps) I dont be conscious of wat the Volts are interior the USA of a yet all you are able to desire to do is divide wats via volots- could inform you you on the lower back of the gadget the max wats- you are able to rather paintings out the aprox cutting-edge draw on the breaker you are able to desire to be directed via your individual countrys wirring code! interior the united kingdom kitchens are many times a radial circuit on a sixteen amp MCB (breaker) a showering gadget would be linked to a 13 amp FCU (fused connection unit) or a 13amp fused socket plug! The circuit is additionally secure via considered one of the two 32 milli amp RCD's (residual cutting-edge divice) on the buyer unit- customer unit is split into 2 sections -each and every area is secure via a 32 milli amp RCD (recent seventeenth version code)Do I have a problem im in love with a jewish washing machine that beat luigi at pingpong?My wife beat Mario not Luigi... Were both fine.Just started using g-diapers. Should I wash the cloth diaper in the washing machine before first use?I use gDiapers unlike the other two people who answered I washed mine before using them solely because I do not want any thing on my daughters skin that has been in plastic or touched by other people (except for disposable diapers of course!) There's no need to wash them however if you do not mind your baby wearing something unwashed because they are in a box as you know. Good Luck with the gDiapers, they are a little tricky but you will get the hang of them =]Is there such a thing as a washing machine that also dries?They sure do. We have them in Australia, but they are really expensive. I want one though. LolSomething staining daughters clothes in the washing machine, cant figure out what it is...Help please!!?Strange that its only on the little ones clothes, mabe you only notice it on hers because there are more of hers in the wash? Anyway , just for starters i would try putting a cup of vinegar in the washer and running it through the full cycle on its own. Its amazing the left over residue that builds up in the machine and if thats the problem , the vinegar will clean it out. I do this every 2 to 3 months and have done for years. . Give it a try , if no better after this I would think it could be rust in either the pipes or the machine itself.Go from there..... cheers :)Which front loading washing machine would you recommend??i have had 2 and they all leak around the door. mine came from sears and they refuse to fix it. the driers are good thoPlease help with my washing machine!!!!?One of the most common problems with washers are childrens sox or a small, dainty item getting sucked into the pump and causing a blockage. If you, or someone you know can investigate the entrance to the pump, you will probably resolve the problem. Not a quick fix for the non-repairman type, so as a previous person said, go to laundra-mat. ..good luck.Help! My grandma is stuck in a washing machine :S?To solve this problem you are going to follow these VERY IMPORTANT steps VERY CLOSELY. First, remove all personal ties you have with all of your friends and family Second, pack all your belongings Third, sell some of your personal items (Xbox, TV, etc) Fourth, Buy a plane ticket to Turkey Fifth, board the plane but do not buy any food (its not very good) THIS STEP IS VITAL: Do not reveal your name to anyone! And the final step: Settle down in the small village Köşektaş living off bugs and food scraps found in garbages, and live your life!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!What type of washing machine do you use now? ?Yah - made in Indonesia ... at Kedai Dobi Pelangi Damansara *yah tu orang tapi macam mesin ...Dry Clean Only pants shrunk in the washing machine?Take them to the dry cleaners tell them what happened. If they are good, they can stretch them while steaming so as to recover a bit of the shrinkage. Measure the inseam now and tell them to try to stretch them X inches/centimeters.Is draining water from your washing machine or dishwasher out into your yard illegal?Why did you rent it?Has anyone experience with removing a washing machine agitator?Kim and Aggie on hoe sparkling is your homestead recommends washing your device with a bottle of white vinegar and letting it run with nothgin in it on the main well-liked boil wash. this might desire to decrease the grease out. sturdy successWhich is the best method to disinfect my washing machine and eliminate its funky odor? Bleach,vinegar and how?Run an empty load with nothing but a couple cups of straight bleach and it should sweeten up the washer... just be sure it rinces everything wellMy boyfriend wants to have intercourse on the washing machine?It might be because it vibrates and it will feel niceWhat would be your reaction if your live-in boyfriend bought a lock-picking kit online and used it to break open the coin washing machine in your apartment building?Make him my ex-live-in boyfriend. Either by moving out myself (if the lease wasnu2019t in my name) or make him move out.Iu2019m not going to spend my life with a criminalDoes anyone Else's washing machine eat socks??We have a front loader. I've lost 3 socks to getting shut in the door. It spins them around putting black marks and holes in them. Very annoying. Never had one just disappear though
2021 07 08
Making It
TWO YEARS INTO THEIR MARRIAGE, Art Major's wife gave him an ultimatum: Your stinky hockey gear goes, she told him, or I go."I loved my wife," Art says with a laugh, "but I loved hockey, too."Luckily for his home life, Art came up with a sweet-smelling solution -- and a new business.When he couldn't find a Washington-area company to clean his hockey equipment, Art spent $80,000 of household savings on an industrial washing machine and started GearClean Inc.The firm quickly branched out into cleaning firefighting gear, horse blankets, gooey pizza delivery bags and anything else that needs disinfecting or serious sanitizing but won't fit into a regular washing machine. Even so, Art says, his core clients remain "hockey moms tired of driving their minivans around with smelly hockey gear in the back."The one-year-old business got an unexpected boost, he says, from local news reports about students and teachers getting sick from methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other potentially deadly staph infections, often from unsanitary sports equipment.Many local hockey players wait to get their gear cleaned until they travel to tournaments in Pennsylvania, Upstate New York and Canada, says Art, who still plays in a weekly league in Loudoun County. When he floated his idea, he says, "the hockey moms and the guys on my team said, 'Yes, yes. If you buy the equipment, we'll bring you the stinky gear.'"Art, 43, who lives in Winchester, Va., is used to dirty jobs. He'd worked for two hazardous materials cleanup firms and started his own consulting company in 2002. But consulting required frequent traveling, something he no longer wanted to do after the first of his two children was born in 2005.Around the same time -- and after his wife, Maggie, got fed up -- he found the specialty washing machine manufacturer online. The large machine -- it weighs 3,600 pounds and is the size of three refrigerators -- sits in a leased portion of a former apple-processing plant in downtown Winchester. Art usually picks up and delivers customers' gear at their homes, ice rinks or locker rooms.Robbie Souders, of Winchester, says he used to spray his 11-year-old son's "brutal"-smelling hockey equipment with fabric deodorizer before airing it outside. But he soon suspected the rash on his son's knuckles was coming from bacteria in the gloves.He says he now has GearClean sanitize the equipment every few months "just for the peace of mind that he won't get a staph infection." His son's rash, he says, is gone.Customers pay $60 for hockey equipment cleaning, $20 for a horse blanket and $70 for firefighting gear. The company, which also disinfects schools and locker rooms, averages about $40,000 in monthly revenue, Art says. He has yet to recoup his $80,000 investment but, since November, has drawn enough of a "mediocre salary" to pay the mortgage and basic living expenses.Maggie, a former power tool saleswoman, does GearClean's bookkeeping and marketing. She says she enjoys working with Art and the flexibility they have with their young children. Her nose is happier, too."Investing in the specialty machine was worth it," Maggie, 30, says, "just to get Art's stuff cleaned, let alone anyone else's."Are you succeeding with a new and unusual career, invention, business or creative endeavor? E-mail .
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I Want to Buy a Good Washing Machine. Which One Should I Buy?
"There are two types of washing machines.Top LoadingTop Loading and Front Loading and each one has its pros and cons. It's a fact that Indians prefer the Top loading washing machines over the front loading ones due to their washing habits.You need to learn about the different features and functionalities. So, you can make an informed decision and get a quality that meets your needs and budget.Semi-Automatic machines do the job halfway. Once you've washed the clothes, you'll need to take out the clothes and put in a dryer compartment next to it. You'll invest more time and effort in doing this task over and over again. The clothes would probably be massive.Fully automatic one works on its own with little or no human intervention. You put in your dirty clothes and some detergent. Then, water is fetched in, and your garments are washed and dried automatically.Front loadFront load washing machines now have massive acceptance in India and indeed across the globe. This is because of the efficiency and other important factors like durability and cost. The recent trend in front load washing machines boils down to the increased demand for the machine by more homeowners. Considering the fact that the features are impressive and different models from top manufacturers like Bosch, Samsung, and LG are readily available in the market, it doesn't come as a surprise that many homeowners would prefer front load washing machines over the top load version.The links shared here will definitely help you in purchasing the right washing machine for your priorities. I want to buy a good washing machine. Which one should I buy?. Related QuestionsHow to clean a washing machine?Don't waste your money on those special cleaners. You have a couple options to try and it won't matter if your machine is a front loader or a top loader. You may not be able to run an "empty" load if the machine automatically selects the load size for you. Wash some old towels, dog bedding, shop rags, anything to give you a full load.First, use hot water. Hot water will help kill any mold, mildew and help dissolve any laundry product build up. And select the longest running cycle you have.Truthfully, I'd try the white vinegar first. Add at least a couple cups, a quart is better of plain old white vinegar to the wash cycle. You can even shut the washer off for an hour or so and then turn it back on. This will kill any mold, mildew, remove hard water deposits, dissolve and remove laundry product build up. And what ever you wash will not get bleached and won't smell like pickles after they are dried.If the white vinegar doesn't do the trick, use dishwasher detergent. Yes, the powdered stuff for the dishwasher. Warning, this could lighten colors because nearly all those products contain some form of chlorine bleach. Hot water again.Don't leave clothes lay in the washer. Leave the door ajar a bit to help keep the moisture from building up in there and making the smell. At least once a month, run a load (works great on whites!) with hot water, your regular detergent and 1 cup of the white vinegar. More often if needed is fine. Won't hurt a thing.------Why are Bosch washing machines are not famous?Pls don't buy Bosch washing machine (In India), worst product ever & breaks down often, No proper service after purchase. 3 years ago upgraded washing machine (front load) for my parents from whirlpool (semi automatic top load) which they had for over 8 years & they had no trouble whatsoever. They needed no upgrade but we got front load Bosch fully automatic washing machine (they preferred Whirlpool) and in couple of months started to face trouble with many error messages and then stopping while in operation. Most pathetic part is their customer service which is difficult to reach and once you reach them and appointment is booked their service person will never turn up, Some time they call saying reaching in 1 hour and they never arrive. We have to repeatedly call them and book appointment multiple times and finally they show up.Recently in October the machine stopped working and the service person suggested to change 2 parts which will fix the issue & we agreed, it was fixed and couple of days later again the machine stopped working. Since then we have called the customer care multiple times and they haven't sent anyone to look into this. Its been over 1 month and they haven't sent anyone to look into this and resolve the issue.With Multiple changes with spare parts and spending thousands of rupees multiple times, there has been no hope. Ideally we could have put a bit more money and purchased a NEW WASHING MACHINE.Pathetic Service, Total Disappointment, Unprofessional Service staff, Big waste of Money and the result one big expensive JUNK.Why are Bosch washing machines are not famous?.------Which washing machine is best in India: front load or top load?Washing machines clean the different kinds of clothes without any physical effort being applied. You don't have to massage the clothes with your hand with a washer, or squeeze them to get rid of the mud. Alternatively, the washer is called a washer for clothing, or simply the washer. The washer helps you to quickly clean your clothes without having to supervise their operation. Two type washing machine loads are commonly available, one is front loading and another one is top loading.Front Load Washing MachineFront load washing machines can be a fully-automatic front-side washer that loads. Currently, these machines use less water and electricity, and usually deliver better washing outputs than their top equivalents. Current front loading washing machines spin the tumble during spin mode at very 1200 RPM and this high- movement can be heard or felt at times. Front loaders with clothes are much more gentle. Top-loaders also have a hard time washing bigger things, such as pillows or comforters, because they won't be completely submerged in the water.Top Load Washing MachineBoth manual washing machines and fully-automatic washing machines are available in a top load form. These quiet machines are loaded from the highest. Top loaders also have other useful features, such as the ability to feature mid- clothing, or probably right after cycle start. Top-loading washers can also help catch lint and spread softener fabric than can front-loading washing machines.This is the ultimate guide in/category/top-load/ to finding a washing machine that's best for you, your budget, and, ultimately, your laundry room when you're ready for an upgrade.Which washing machine is best in India: front load or top load?------How can i clean the fabric softener dispenser in an automatic washing machine?Cleaning Removable DispenserRemove the fabric softener dispenser from the washing machine by pressing a release lever, squeezing side tabs or simply lifting it out; the specific method varies by make and model.2. Rinse the dispenser under hot tap water, working some of the fabric softener free with your fingers.3. Set the dispenser in a bucket or wash tub. Add enough warm water to cover the dispenser. Mix in a tablespoon or two of liquid laundry soap, swirling it into the water with your hand. Allow the dispenser to soak for 10 minutes or so, touching the fabric softener buildup to see if it has loosened. If not, soak the dispenser for another 20 minutes.4. Rinse the dispenser under warm water to remove the fabric softener. Wipe it gently with a soft cloth if the softener does not rinse away on its own. Dry the dispenser with a fresh cloth, then put it back into position in the washing machine.Cleaning Unremovable DispensersPour hot water into the dispenser. Add a few drops of liquid detergent and allow the solution to sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Flush the dispenser with hot water. If fabric softener is visible inside the dispenser, wipe it up with a soft cloth and rinse again.Run the washing machine through a rinse cycle several times, selecting warm water for the rinse. If warm is not a rinse option, pour hot water mixed with a splash of laundry detergent into the dispenser between rinses to help loosen the buildup. TipIf unable to tell if the fabric softener dispenser is removable, consult the washing machine owner's manual.How can i clean the fabric softener dispenser in an automatic washing machine?------What is Fuzzy function in Washing Machines?Fuzzy logic washing machines are gaining popularity. These machines offer the advantages of performance, productivity, simplicity, productivity, and less cost. Sensors continually monitor varying conditions inside the machine and accordingly adjust operations for the best wash results. As there is no standard for fuzzy logic, different machines perform in different manners.u25cf Typically, fuzzy logic controls the washing process, water intake, water temperature, wash time, rinse performance, and spin speed. This optimizes the life span of the washing machine. More sophisticated machines weigh the load (so you can't overload the washing machine), advise on the required amount of detergent, assess cloth material type and water hardness, and check whether the detergent is in powder or liquid form. Some machines even learn from past experience, memorizing programs and adjusting them to minimize running costs.u25cf Most fuzzy logic machines feature 'one-touch control. ' Equipped with energy-saving features, these consume less power and are worth paying extra for if you wash full loads more then three times a week. Inbuilt sensors monitor the washing process and make corrections to produce the best washing results.u25cf The fuzzy logic checks for the extent of dirt and grease, the amount of soap and water to add, the direction of spin, and so on. The machine rebalances the washing load to ensure correct spinning. Else, it reduces spinning speed if an imbalance is detected. Even distribution of the washing load reduces spinning noise. Neuro-fuzzy logic incorporates optical sensors to sense the dirt in water and a fabric sensor to detect the type of fabric and accordingly adjust the wash cycle.Check out best washing machine buyer's guideWhat is Fuzzy function in Washing Machines?------Why should a washing machine be cleaned?If the washing machine is not cleaned for a long time, the bacteria will generally exceed the standard. Especially the interlayer of the inner and outer cylinders is the hardest hit area of bacteria.Its dirt is mainly composed of five types of garbage: scale composed of calcium ions and calcium carbonate in tap water; free matter of laundry detergent (soap powder); fiber of clothing; organic matter of human body; gray matter and bacteria brought into clothes; Other substances. First of all, the washings in the washing machine itself are accompanied by many microorganisms such as sweat, hair, human secretions, etc. These microorganisms are partially decomposed by washing, forming fibrous debris of the washed clothes, organic residues of the human body, and remaining in the washing machine. The inner layer; secondly, the difference in the washing supplies will also cause the difference in the dirty layer of the washing machine. The washing powder on the market today is divided into two types: ordinary powder and concentrated powder. Boric acid and fluorescent whitening agent are added to the ordinary powder. These ingredients are easy to condense with the organic matter on the clothes to form dirt and remain in the interlayer of the washing machine. The concentrated washing powder has enhanced the decomposition ability of the clothes stain due to the addition of some surfactants. Some, but some partially decomposed stains will adhere to the washing machine interlayer; in addition, some calcium ions in the water, combined with the organic matter on the clothes, easily form dirt, which is also a reason for the dirty layer of the washing machine.Why should a washing machine be cleaned?"
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My Washing Machine Is Leaking. Where Should I Start Looking to Troubleshoot It?
"All leaks are visual.All leaks are visual.All leaks are visual.Follow the trail of water under the machine. Tip it back, look under it. Look for the point where the water drips off the internal components.Then follow the trail of water vertically until you find the crack or seal from which water is emerging. An experienced technician has done this on other machines of the same design as the washer you have. Often s/he will have some good guesses before s/he even touches the machine. Occasionally there are other symptoms which accompany a leak from a certain place. But your technician has to follow the same process or s/he's just guessing.All leaks are visual.My washing machine is leaking. Where should I start looking to troubleshoot it? Related QuestionsIs a back flow valve needed to attach a washing machine?One way to accomplish this is; You can add one Inline spring check valve to each supply line. After the check valves you can tee the hot and cold together with one 1/2" copper pipe out into a 1/4 turn valve and then to the correct threaded piece to accept the washer supply hose. The check valves will prevent water from one pipe from pushing into the other. To regulate the temp of the water you could use 1/4 turn valves BEFORE each of the check valves and close them partially to adjust the temp of the water.Or just plumb in mixing valve made for the job of mixing and not allowing back flow. I have seen shower mixing valves used for washing machine supply in older homes.------Who is the best company for a fully automatic washing machine for under 20,000?Some of the famous washing machines brands are LG, Samsung, Haier, Onida, Whirlpool and Godrej. Each brand offers something new in different price range:Godrej company is perhaps the most mellowed in the brand list. It is a brand trusted by my Dad ! Check the features, current price of Godrej refrigerators here - Best Godrej Washing MachinesSamsung has better deals to offer this summer in lesser price range. Check them here - Best Samsung Washing MachinesHowever, Whirlpool offers the best customer service and performance. So take a look at these classy Whirlpool washing machines - Best Washing MachinesCheck the user reviews of other renowned brands on the link - Best Washing MachinesHope this helps you :)Who is the best company for a fully automatic washing machine for under 20,000?------COST OF USING WASHING MACHINE MONTHLY FOR TWO FAMILIES? TURNS OUT MY LANDLORD HAD THE COIN OPERATED WASHING MA?put in the money, get a cycle. Laundromats make different extra suitable income on promoting detergent and different laundry factors in merchandising machines, to not point out nutrients and beverages... the final public of the working costs would be electricity and water. funds plenty for every day maintenance of the premises, periodic maintenance of the machines (with a kitty for rolling replacements) and a brilliant line merchandise for maintenance. human beings frequently abuse the machines in numerous strategies, from placing in issues that stain the drum, chip the end (which starts off rusting), banging into them with carts, yanking on knobs, kicking the merchandising machines, etc. do not forget approximately something for a "caretaker" and for video surveillance and the mandatory recording device and symptoms and indications------What is Trump talking about when he starts in about toilets and dishwashers?Hes appealing to crotchety boomers who fondly remember when there wasnt a concern about wasting water and despite the realities of the present day think they should still be able to live that way now. Its just more of the MAGA, where people could be boldly racists and boldly unconcerned polluters. A while back I read a fellow Quorans comments about how much he supported Trumps rollback of burdensome regulations and aired his pet peeve about repeatedly having to flush his toilet due to changing building standards. This seemed to be one of his primary reason for wanting to vote for Trump in 2020. At the time I laughed at such a silliness, but maybe its a thing with Trump supporters------Will a washing machine work on the moon?The washing machine will work on the moon but one of the actions of washing, ie.rubbing against each other will be less due to less gravity.For your information, astronauts don't have a washing machine as the water is a very scarce and precious commodity in the space station . They wear clothes for almost one month and send it back to earth.I read recently that the space station made to rotate at one RPM at 900 M radius to create artificial gravity. I was wondering how the washing machine will work in an already rotating space station. Your question is really an out of box thinking kind as when other scientists are worrying about survival in the moon , you are thinking about washing clothes.good.Will a washing machine work on the moon?------Which washing machine can replace handwashing?Any front load or top load washing machine can replace hand washing with ease. As with a great washing machine, you no longer have to stress about cleaning various pieces of clothing.Here are some of the most important aspects comparing front load vs top load washing machine to help you make an informed decision that will work out well for the laundry needs. Front Loading Washing Machines:They are built to remove tough stains.The machines use less energy and water.Typically operate quieter when compared with the top loaders.They create minimal lint during washing.Higher spin speeds.Top Loading Washing Machines:Faster cycle times. More energy efficient when you use cold water.Often accommodate large load capacity.You can add garments mid-cycle.They respond a lot better when you add fabric softener.Which washing machine can replace handwashing?.------Why do we have different detergents for top and front washing machines?There are two broad categories for detergent formulations: high suds and low suds. Generally speaking, front loaders cannot handle high foam (aka high suds) formulations. Therefore, the active detergents are carefully chosen and combined with a couple other goodies to ensure your clothes are cleaned with less foam formation. This is not the case for top loaders. You can use pretty much any detergent in a top loader without worry (including front loader formulations). People generally like to see foam because they associate it with cleaning ability (although more foam does not equal a better product - other stuff in the formulation and amount of anionic detergent determines performance).Why do we have different detergents for top and front washing machines?Why do we have different detergents for top and front washing machine?.------Is it possible for all circuit breakers in a panel to trip in the same time (for one fault)?I checked the panel by myself and all CB were closed. It was just a small issue and he just thought that they are all open.I'm trying to interpret this - does he think CBs that are open (tripped) are actually closed (operational)? Does he not know which direction is which?I'm basing the following on my experiences with standard CBs in the US both residential and commercial buildings...CBs often appear closed (operational) when they are in fact tripped - the handle barely moves. One needs to cycle the CB to OFF then back to ON to get them to reset. Is it possible he saw the tripped CB (from the washer) and thought that all the other CBs were also tripped because they looked similar?------Are there any valid, and person readable, checksums possible?You could use a concept similar to the PGP Word List, which attempts to make a binary-representative equivalent of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, so that fingerprints (bytes) can be expressed vocally in a relatively unambiguous way.Of course, using per-byte words in the case of MD5 means you need 16 words to produce a readable checksum, which may be potentially excessive for your purposes. If this is the case, your options are to either truncate the hash (which is potentially not ideal from a security perspective) or to invent additional words codepoints to shorten the total string length. Unfortunately the required dictionary size raises geometrically ($2^n$) whereas the length only reduces linearly, which means you need much larger dictionaries to get slightly shorter strings. You'll have to work out a balance point------Transport a washing machine over stairs aloneYou can achieve this fairly easily, without needing to be the Hulk... Bruce Banner physique would be sufficient (i.e. An average person) He's NOT the Hulk - nor would you need to be to pull this off with a good sized dolly that has crank/lever tightened straps (fairly common and rentable at Home Depot)Once the machine is on the forks, apply straps, tighten securely, and go up backward...pulling the machine up, stair by stair. Most machines are actually not near as heavy as you'd think. Be sure to measure opening at the top before attempting...you would want to get to the top only to realize it wouldn't fit in. Carrying it down the stairs on a dolly would be much harder !would be harder. Much harder!------What is the most efficient / effective way of washing upThere are actually housekeeping classes - or were back in the days when our mothers (or grandmothers) were young. And that was way before dishwashers were ubiquitous household items.A lot of the rules become easier to understand if you keep a few points in mind:So what was your grandma taught?You may notice that if you have a larger pile of dishes that the foam will collapse and at worst see grease spots floating on the water. Then empty the sink and continue with fresh water and soap. (If you have lots of pots and pans, you can pre-wash them in the old water.)For drying,So to sum it up work from delicate to robust, from cleaner to greasier. Replace the water if necessary.------My passport was machine washed while abroadI did something very similar to my (Canadian) passport. Like you, everything was readable including (importantly) the machine readable parts. I was allowed back into my country, and in fact continued using it for several years ( including to the US), although several times those checking it recommended I get a new one. When I finally did come to replace it I was told it was a damaged passport and couldn't be simply renewed, and should have been replaced.So yes, you would probably be let into the US, and your passport should be usable as ID, but you should take steps to replace it as soon as reasonably possible. You should look into getting an alternate photo id for while your passport is being replaced.------What are the common problems of the IFB Washing Machine Service Center in Hyderabad?IFB Washing Machine available generally has fewer features and is lower rated than more expensive models. IFB Washing Machine Ok, so most of us don't use all the features and programs anyway but if you make use of quick wash and half load programs when necessary IFB Washing Machine Service Center in Hyderabad you will reduce your running costs and a cheaper machine might not have these options available. The ratings on a IFB Washing Machine refer to water consumption, energy efficiency and drying efficiency. With more of us on water meters and constant increases in electricity bills the benefit of a good rating on water and energy consumption is obvious.What are the common problems of the IFB Washing Machine Service Center in Hyderabad?------repair, fix or mendFrom your examples, the best one would be:The washing machine is broken, could you repair it? repair refers to some actions that bring some kind of complex equipment from not working to working. Such repairs are often performed by persons with specialized training (such as an auto mechanic who repairs your car).The washing machine is broken, could you fix it?You could also use this, but fix has a more general usage for most anything. For example: "I will fix the water faucet." This could be asked of most anyone, for example your neighbor, regardless of any experience in the matter.As already mentioned, "mend" in the US and at least my experience is only used when speaking of clothing or other materials related actions."
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for 6kg Washing Machine
"1. What is the best front washing machine in India?Buying a Washing Machine?all the different types of washing machines and the many features they offer, the time and effort they save definitely make them worthwhile.This guide helps make it easier to choose a washing machine, based on your requirement.Source - Top 10 Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India (2017)These include all models from top to front loading washing machines, all-in-one, unitized and one-off miscellaneous styled machines. Top 10 Best Front Loading Washing Machines in IndiaMerits of fully automated washing machines:There is minimal human intervention. The machine automatically pours water for washing and rinsing, drying the clothes and the cycle is turned off automatically after completion.These are equipped with the latest and most advanced washing machine technology. Machines today come with Fuzzy logic and other multiple washing functions.1) IFB TL-RDW 6.5Kg Washing MachineCheck the latest review here1) The best fully automatic washing machine in our list is from IFB that offers an excellent feature set for a price that is fairly affordable.2) The top loading machine has a capacity of 6. 5 kg that is sufficient for a small to medium sized family.3) The water level in the machine can be set for 8 levels and there are 8 wash programs as well.2) Bosch WAK24168IN 7kg fully automatic front-loading washing machineCheck the latest review herePros-Lot of features to give you the most convenient wash. Ability to add clothes after the wash cycle has started.Does not vibrate as much as other front-loading machines.Accredited with ECARF - European Centre of Allergy Research Foundation for its hygiene wash option. Top 10 Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing MachinesTop 10 Best Front Loading Washing Machines in IndiaThe Hygiene wash option sprays of all the detergent which is left on the clothes to prevent detergent stains and allergies3) Haier HWM58-020 6Kg Washing MachineCheck the latest review here1) Another major brand in the consumer electronics segment is Haier that is known for its quality products and service.2) The 5.8 kg top loading machine from the company is the only product that you need to keep your clothes clean.3) 6 washing programs make sure you are at the best setting that is just right for the clothes. Top 10 Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing MachinesThanks !What is the best front washing machine in India?"
2021 06 23
Why Does My Washing Machine Smell so Bad?
"There are several possible reasons why your washing machine smells. The most common reason is poor maintenance. Yes, this may surprise you, but many washing machine users have no idea how to maintain their machines. Simple maintenance steps should be taken periodically to guarantee the efficiency of the machine. Simply because your machine cleans things does not mean it does not need to be cleaned - or at least looked after. Your washing machine needs as much attention as any other gadget or machine!Another possible reason why your washing machine may be smelling is if some parts of it develop a fault. Like all electrical gadgets, washing machines are prone to damage and faults. A mechanical part of it may develop some random fault which may cause the smell. What you need to do, then, is to employ the services of professionals in the field who will inspect the machine for you and ascertain what the problem is. Although a washing machine does simple things, it is a complex barrage of circuits and wires so do not attempt to 'repair' it yourself if you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge involved.New washing machines have hoses and drains that let out used water in them. When those drains are clogged, some smells may be emanating because of the residue inside the drains. That, naturally, will cause such smell. There are many things that one can do to prevent such smell.Another reason could be the installation of the washing machine. Many washing machines are installed incorrectly. And though they may work in the meantime, such washing machines run high risks of developing faults which can then lead to the foul smell. This is why installing a washing machine on one's own is not entirely advised. Faults may occur as a result of such installation. Some professionals deal with washing machine installation and repair. The services of such professionals should be procured to avoid any disasters.Read More: Washing Machine Smells Like SewageWhy does my washing machine smell so bad?. Related QuestionsWashing machine keeps pouring water from hose.?I'd convince the landlord that it's in his best interest to have someone fix this because you have no choice but to keep using the washer. So if there is a leak, and it damages the apartment below and affects the tenants there, he may have bigger issues to deal with.As far as what you can do to try and limit the spillage, it sounds to me like you just tried to stick a PVC pipe OVER the other pipe. And as water goes down the pipe, of course some will spill out on the ground. If the PVC pipe were inserted INSIDE the washer drain pipe that might work better, except that it also constricts the size of the drain and water might fill up and overflow the PVC pipe because of it.The only suggestions that I have for you...1) You could try directing the water from the washing machine drain hose into some other drain, such as the toilet, or bathtub. At least temporarily until someone can fix this draining issue.2) You can go to Home Depot or Lowes and get yourself a rubber clamp or cowl, like they use for car radiators. Like the one shown below. Then you use the clamps so the PVC pipe stays firmly and tightly attached to the metal washer drain with no leaks. If it's tight enough, very little (if any) water should escape at the joint between the PVC pipe and the wall drain.I suspect the issue is that your washer drain may be partially clogged, which causes the water to bubble back up and over the drain because it is not draining quick enough. Likewise, if you don't have sufficient air coming in to help the water go down, or the washer is draining water faster than the flow rate of the pipe, it will back up and overflow.Maybe try pouring a bucket of water down the drain using a funnel and see how quickly it goes down? Just something to look into.------My washing machine doesn't have a soak option? How do I clean my whites without soaking?Many newer washing machines have specific wash cycles that stop for a period during the wash for soaking.I just got a new machine after fifteen years. I noticed all the cycles are twice as long as the fifteen year old machine I used to have. I was fascinated by this. The white cycle takes an hour and a half. The old machine took 45 minutes. I checked Consumer Reports before my purchase and read the reviews. So I began to take notice as the machine went through its cycles. It pauses a lot. It operates very slowly in some cycles of the wash. Mine is a front-loader, and I chose this because these are more energy efficient and use less water. I live in California, so everything, every decision around the home and yard is about water. Very important consideration.My brother-in-law has a top loader. He's in another state where it rains a lot. He's very particular about the way he does the laundry. He has an older model, probably around 15 to 18 years old. He fills the washer tub with the water first, adds the bleach, soap, and then the laundry. He stops the cycle and lets it soak for an hour or however long he can manage. Then he starts the wash cycle again.Many current washers are marvels of convenience and operation. My new one actually weighs the wash before starting, so it knows how much water to use. Imagine that! So although it's less efficient to wash a smaller load, I don't have to fret about wasting water. I also try to do my laundry at a non-peak operation time, such as early morning or at night to lessen the burden on the power grid. I line dry as much as I can, including towels and linens. Most Europeans don't have dryers, and I learned this there. Uses a lot less energy!!Happy washing!My washing machine doesn't have a soak option? How do I clean my whites without soaking?.------Robot floor cleaner/Dish washing Machine?Kombawa! hai!hai!my personal opinion please don't used all that because we will start be more lazy not only lazy we become fat not only that we complete set of disease like diabetes, high blood, blood pressure and anything because no exercise at all.BUT anywhere you like it please contact below the seller and you can make inquiry with them prices and everything you like it. Enjoy your staying in Malaysia and please check and you can make the compare the prices there's a lot shop around and you can survey before you buy.Found: 90 Dealer(s)Showing 1-10 (Page 1 of 9)Dealer(s)Website1. AEON CO.(M) BHD-Jusco Metro Prima Store, LOT 4086 FASA 3B(II) JALAN METRO PRIMA/JALAN KEPONG MUKIM BATU , 52100, Kuala Lumpur, CentralPhone: 03-625721212. AEON CO.(M) BHD-Jusco Mid Valley Store, 1ST FLOOR JAYA JUSCO MID VALLEY AT3 MID VALLEY MEGAMALL MID VALLEY CITY , 58000, Kuala Lumpur, Central3. AEON CO.(M) BHD-Jusco Taman Maluri Store, 1ST FLR JAYA JUSCO TMN MALURI JLN JEJAKA CHERAS , 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Central4. AEON CO.(M) BHD-Jusco Wangsa Maju Store, ALPHA ANGLE SHOPPING CENTRE JALAN RI SECTION 1 BANDAR BARU WANGSA MAJU , 53300, Kuala Lumpur, Central5. AMPANG ELECTRONICS, LOT 133-134 GRD FLOOR AMPANG PARK SHOPPING CENTRE JALAN AMPANG , 50450, Kuala Lumpur, Central6. AMPANG ELECTRONICS SYKT-JLN AMPANG, NO 439-441, JALAN AMPANG, 4 1/2 MILES, , 50450, Kuala Lumpur, CentralPhone: 03-425172997. BAN CHEONG ELECTRICAL, 62 JALAN PASAR BARU , 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Central8. Ban Hoe Hing Air Cond & Electrical Sdn Bhd, 3475, Main Street, Jinjang North,, 52000, Kuala Lumpur, Central9. Bangsar Boeing TV Sdn Bhd, 18, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Garden Bangsar , 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Central10. BENOVA (M) S/B, NO 24-1, JLN WAN KADIR 4, TMN TUN DR ISMAIL, , 60000, Kuala Lumpur, CentralSharp ContactSharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd (8394-W)No:1A, Persiaran Kuala Langat, Section 27,40400, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.Tel : 603-51925678Fax : 603-51925122Email : For prompt support, it is advised that all enquiries outside Malaysiabe directed to your respective region/country (Please visitwww.sharp-world.com for Sharp websites nearest to your region)------Where can I buy sand washing machine?Sand washing machine is widely used in material washing process in such industries as sand washing plant, mines, building materials, transportation, chemistry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete batching plant and other industries, which can be divided into two types, namely XS type and Xl type. It can remove impurities covered on the surface of sand and destroy the water vapor layer that coats the sand at the same time so as to dehydrate and play a part in effectively washing and cleaning the sand. The clay washing plant can also be equipped with coarse and fine powder separator and dust removal equipment if choosing dry production process. Configuration of natural sand is relatively simple, which can be simply equipped with sand washer and belt conveyor to carry out production.Artificial sand production line is composed of jaw crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, vibrating screen and vibrating feeder. Its production process is that the stone is evenly fed by vibrating feeder to jaw crusher for coarse crushing, coarsely crushed materials are sent to sand making machine through belt conveyor to carry out further crushing; the finely crushed materials are conveyed to vibrating screen for screening, and the materials that meet the granularity requirements of finished products are sent to sand washing machine for cleaning, the cleaned materials are called finished products. The materials that do not meet the granularity requirements of finished products will return to sand making machine through vibrating screen for re-processing. Granularity of finished products can be adjusted and classified according to requirements of customers.Highly efficient sand washing equipment is vital equipment in construction and building materials industry. Increase of efficiency of sand washer will be an important link of saving energy and resource. Sand washing machine which works coordinating with other sand making equipment plays a huge role in construction projects. The current efficient sand washing machine has more and more superior features like novel design and structure, large processing capacity, mature production technology and so on. Where can I buy sand washing machine?."
2021 06 23
What Is the Advantage of Using an IFB Washing Machine?
"Hi,If washing clothes with hands, then you must try IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine which makes you enjoy the best washing machine experience ever.This IFB Washing machine removes dirt , bacteria and unpleasant smell from the clothes while washing. Let's check out the key features in IFB washing machine that helps to operate smoothly. What makes so interesting is the presence of air bubble wash system which creates agitated air bubbles and then releases bubbles into the water stream for effective cleaning. Further, it activates detergents to remove grease, and dirt.The Aqua energy system is used to treat hard water by changing bicarbonates into crystals in water. During this process, soft water cleans the clothes better and more efficiently.3D wash mechanism uses nozzles to circulate water 360u02da in a drum. As the drum is of crescent moon shaped, moves water in swoosh pattern to protect clothes from getting attached to the steel walls. Foam control system identifies excess foam and deters immediately for effective washing. You can also add some extra clothes through the midway by pressing pause button, and again turn on the start button.If the load in distributed unevenly, then the machines senses and redistributes to bring a perfect balance by performing start and stop operations continuously. A protective rat mesh is provided at the bottom to prevent from accidental damages.To perform cleaning operation, it just utilizes 220-240 V of power supply along with a 50 Hz frequency. Besides, the manufacturer offers a warranty of 4-years on the product and 10-years on spare parts. You can get it repaired for free of cost within the specified time.To conclude, the performance of IFB front load washing machine is too good as it has exceptional features like bubble wash system, 3D wash, and crescent moon drum. It can also be used at homes (big family members) and other public places- dry cleaning centers. Amazing features of IFB Washing MachineTank capacity is 8 kg.Needs 60 liters of water.1400 rpm of spinning rate.4-years warranty on products and 4 years warranty on motor.03 kwh of power consumption.What we don't likeBit pricey.Utilizes more amount of water.Thanks & RegardsAmaritaWhat is the advantage of using an IFB Washing Machine?. Related QuestionsHow does a washing machine pressure sensor work?A pressure switch is used to determine water fill level.A shallow dished pressure sensor component has an aperture at its base which is connected via a small bore tube to the base of the main / outer bowl of the washing machine - the opening of the component is fitted with a thin membrane / diaphragm and surmounted by a top enclosure incorporating a switch - usually a single pole double throw - microswitch type 2 adjustment screws and springs.In one position of the switch power is directed to a fill valve / solenoid and as water fills the wash bowl pressure increases in the tube connecting it to the pressure sensor and the diaphragm distends until it urges the switch actuator to change position from 'filling' to 'full' > by conducting power to the alternate pole / contact. As mentioned above, the sensor may incorporate springs to counteract the distension of the diaphragm and thus the water level at which the switch is actuated - the level may be user adjustable on the control panel or preset and in the latter case the washing machine may incorporate more than one pressure sensor switche or a single sensor incorporating a plurality of switch selectable preset levels contacts. Another factory adjustment may include a 'differential' setting whereby the sensor indicates (i.e. returns to the fill position) to the main washing machine control that the bowl has emptied sufficiently such that the program may advance to its next function such as spin. The differential is the difference between the fill and empty switch 'changeover'.Some modern electronically controlled washing machines sense water level by measuring the current required to turn the bowl in a horizontal / front loading machine or actuate the agitator or impellor in a top loading machine - during fill the motor will briefly activate the washing mechanism - excess current will indicate insufficient water for the quantity of garments in the machine and if that is the case then washing will cease and more water added.Other water level systems have included a float valve, 'timed fill' and / or the machine literally weighing the quantity of water in the wash bowl. The above is a general description and variations occur.How does a washing machine pressure sensor work?------How does a centrifugal force principle work in a washing machine?I'll answer the question from the reference frame of the room and from the reference frame of a fixed point on the spinning drum.The room is an inertial referance frame to a very good approximation (It is not because the earth is spinning around its axis and around the sun...). In such a frame there is no such thing as a centrifugal force. The principle of a washing machine then is thu05e9u05d0 at high turn speeds the maximal froces between the cloth and the water molecules or dirt are not strong enough to turn the water molecules, and thus they fly off in the direction of their instantaneous velocityand will go through the holes of the drum. For low turn rates the forces required are lower and thus the water and dirt will turn with the cloth, and thus the cloth will not become clean or dry... The concept that the faster you turn stronger forces are required and when you pass a maximal force things break apart and fly off is beautifuuly illustrated in this slo mo guys video.In the spinning reference frames the water molecules are not moving as long as they are attached to the cloth as the reference frame is moving with them. If one wants to retain Newton's first law which requires that the sum of all forces to be zero when there is steady motion. This in turn requires us to invent a fictious force called the centrifugal force. It is called fictious becuase the force is relative in the senese that it depends on the reference frame we use to analyze the problem. For large enough turn speeds the centrifugal force becomes larger than the maximal centriptal force on the water molecules and they fly off and through the drum.When you try to turn something very heavy in the insanly high turn rates of the washing machine this requires very strong forces, these forces are exerted by the drum itself , as the weight is much bigger than the holes. According to Newtons third law an equal and opposite force is ecerted on the washing machine. This reation force can rip apart the washing machine as is illustrated in the following youtube video.How does a centrifugal force principle work in a washing machine?------How do repairmen bill for time and money spent on something only then to find out it's un-fixable?In my province, we have lots of mines and mills, and many of these sites generate tens of thousands of dollar per hour. The customers do not want any downtime whatsoever, but rarely want to pay for it. This leads to the hammar story.Someone was called out to a mine to fix a critical machine. The entire time it was down, the mine was losing over $50,000. It was unacceptable! So the repair guy came, looked at the machine, hit it with a hammer, and left them a $25,000 bill.Accounting was furious, and asked for a detailed invoice. Here's what they receivedSo knowledge and time have to paid for, no matter what. Materials should always be covered whenever used, as no one will ever purchase a used product. OK, maybe not "no one", but very few people would accept a used part in an industrial machine, unless they are extremely cheap people.Your time is valuable, and you need two separate cost factors: your time (non-refundable), and supplies used (non-refundable). But, if the client complains, or what you did didn't fix it, what do you do?This is where the cost of customer service comes in. Parts should always be charged (unless they're cheap enough you can "give them a discount"), but time is always negotiable. There is a reason there are quotes done, and that's to give an estimate as to the total cost of a service or repair.If the customer asks you to go ahead with the estimate you give them, you do what you can. As soon as you realize it's going to be too much money, STOP! This is when you contact the customer with your new findings, and new recommendations. If you just discovered this, then first step is to call the client, and explain what you found, in plain English. Your recommendation is to scrap it? Fine, tell them what the cost would be anyways, but let them decide.No one likes a surprise bill, so you need to make sure you are upfront, and tell your client as soon as you realize there's an issue. They will give you more respect, as they see it as you saving them more money, in the end.Hope this helps!------If we were to compare a washing machine from 20 years ago to a 2019 model, what major things have changed since then?I'm uniquely qualified to answer this question, because I just had to replace a washing machine a few months ago - and the old machine was bought in 1999, both front load machines.So what has changed?Surprisingly little. I had a to of the line model back then (AEG, their second to best model, if I remember correctly, they had one above with a higher spin cycle but it had a longer delivery time than I wanted or so). I replaced it with another high end model (Miele).The price tag was about the same, 1,800 DM, which converts to about 920 u20ac versus 950 u20ac now.Spin cycle is the same at 1,400 rpm.The new model has a few extra programs like outdoor or duvets. I've used a few but I don't really see much of a difference to the old standard programs.The new one can take up to 8 kg instead of 5 kg. That's kind of nice, but I rarely have 8 kg of the same kind of laundry.Energy and water consumption are more or less the same, I don't expect to see a difference in my bills.The old one got my clothes as clean as the new one does, not really a difference there either.The new one has a larger port hole which is nice. Easier to stuff in and drag out the duvet.Run time: programs have gotten even longer, up to 3 hours for the standard program in energy saving mode instead of the 2 hours from the old one. Usually I don't care about this, in a pinch there are a few time saving programs if necessary.The new one has a pre- ironing program: on the spin cycle the drum is heated so the clothes get or really warm and rather unwrinkled. If you hang them to dry immediately or reduces ironing quite a bit. I've used this for shirts, nice. But I don't have a lot of shirts to wash.All in all: if the old one hadn't died there would have been no big advantage in replacing it with the new one.If we were to compare a washing machine from 20 years ago to a 2019 model, what major things have changed since then?"
2021 06 23
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