10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Sports

Do you want to know about Sports? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. Which is the best place for adventure sports?

If I talk about Himachal in India, I'd suggest in Manali.The following adventure sports can be pursued there -ParaglidingZorbingSkiingParachutingHorse ridingDuring winters when Solang is covered with a blanket of thick snow, Solang valley becomes skier's paradise. There is a vertical drop of around 500 metres from the top station to the base station. Skiing at this place ensures a fully exciting and adventurous skiing experience to you. To enjoy unlimited snow fun you can also purchase day ski passes. If you are not experienced in skiing then there is a button lift at the base station with a soft slope at the centre of the valley. Have you ever wondered how it feels to fly like a bird in the clear sky?If you really wish to fly like a bird then Solang is the perfect place to experience your dream. The experience is really breathtaking and no words can describe the wonderful paragliding experience in Solang Valley.If you are an expert in paragliding, then Solang holds many surprises for you. You have two choices to do paragliding in Solang i.e. there are two jump stations, one on a lower and one on a higher. To experience paragliding from higher jump station, you need to take the gondola to reach the top station. For the less experienced, there is tandem paragliding in which they have well trained monitors and you can experience the sensation of flying. There is no need for any previous experience except for the challenge to jump off the hill. You can enjoy paragliding in both the winter and summer seasons. Zorbing Downhill at Solang ValleyIf you are an adventure lover, then you will surely love Zorbing which involves two people superman-diving into a giant ball, getting strapped in, face to face and zorbing down hill. Believe me trying this on your own can only be the best way to experience this thrill and you will really enjoy this wonderful and memorable experience.How to Reach Solang Valley?Solang Valley is located at a distance of around of around 13 kilometers from Manali. Manali can easily be accessed via roadways, railways as well as airways. So, you can hire a taxi from Manali and witness the picturesque Solang Valley. Manali is one of the most popular hill stations in India and tourists from different parts of the country visit this beautiful place. Best Time to VisitFrom December to FebruarySolang Valley is a fun place. It'll totally be worth the money spent.Happy travelling :-)Which is the best place for adventure sports?.

2. What is the company of this sports car?

most likely an Audi

3. Energetic son, too young for sports?

I think any age is a good age. he is well old enough to join a team. Maybe enroll him in swimming. that way there are plenty of kids and plenty of people to look out for him. There are also mother son or father son classes. that way you guys can be together than he will eventually grow to like other sports to, He will be tired when he gets home so no more holes in the wall. Good luck,

4. Good padded sports bra?

i like playtex, but everyone has their own opinion

5. Fastest sports car for my budget?

Go for the bmw m5, audi s5, wait till 09 and get the new nissan skyline, an acura tl type-s, saab 9-5 areo, a used viper with low miles-(these have big *** engines, v-10), or go old school wit a 60's- 70's muscle car

6. Gatorade the worst sports drink on the market?

Well considering the professional sports leagues use it, cant be that bad bro. Corn syrup is not a main ingredient though, I dont know where you got that. But for my money, cant beat good old fashioned water!


There are sports sedans (touring cars) mostly of European flavor. There are sports coupes (two door cars with a top). There are sports roadsters (cars with a rag top). Now the above is subject to interpretation and is not universal. My argument is that just like beauty (it is in the eye of the beholder), so is the feeling of if a car qualifies as a sports car (it is in the hands of the driver). It has nothing to do with over all horsepower, 1/4 mile times or even one mile times. It is how well it snakes through a turn and how comfortable the driver is while doing so in regards to handling. For when racing a sports car, it is in terms of hours and miles on winding roads, not in straight lines or races that are over before a real one begins. Added: To the truest definition of sports cars (two seater top down cars), many Porsche's, Lotus, Ferrari and other high dollar rides do not qualify. But I did notice that the RX8 beat the Porsche's, Ferrari's, Camaro's and BMW's at Daytona this week end! Now that was a race!

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Tiger Woods Greatest Sports Icon EVER?
HE IS RIGHT UP THERE WITH: ALI JORDAN RUTH1. What causes home field advantage in sports?Some sports do not have standardised fields. Cricket and Australian Football allows various shaped grounds within limits. The Sydney Swans play on almost circular ground 152m long whilst West Australian AFL teams play on an oval more than 20m longer but one of the narrowest in the league. That converts to a direct tactical advantage to the home team.In many sports the ground surface can differ and together with a better understanding of the local weather both these factors can hand the home team an advantage.The home team does not usually travel so it can be more settled than a travelling team. A boisterous home home can provide an emotional spur to lift and skew refereeing perceptions in the home tams favour. As well, teams try harder to win at home games as home attendances matter more long-term than away attendances2. Martial Arts, Martial Sports or Self Defense?When you study martial arts you are learning Self Defense. Many have capitalized on the term "self defense" to make some fast money creating abbreviated courses touching on easy basic techniques. These are NOT self defense. Self Defense is what you can do from long term study of Martial Arts. Using Martial Arts as Sports is for me, a sacrilege. Even the two words being used together makes me cringe. To use martial arts as sports means you have to exclude the true martial content of the art. If you do this, all you have is punch/block/kick, and occasional sweep... whooptie - doo!3. Teens: Do you play any sports?basketball baseball track football cross country4. Will the sports card collection market ever recover?Absolutely! We may not be alive when it happens -- figure 30-40 years for the kids that got hooked at their peak to get enough cash and time to start chasing that item that got away. And for the vast majority of them to go to landfill to create scarcity5. What does BPN stand for in sports cards?I've heard BPN means back page number dunno if that helps6. Why are Sen's Fans Such Poor Sports?The fact of the matter is whoever threw the first punch Her or Him. You do not punch a girl! End of story. Every team has those "Drunk" Fans! I am a Sabres fan but no way do I think that "ALL" Sens fans are jerks! We all love the same sport just different teams! That could have happened anywhere!7. Does Wii Sports always come with the Wii?Yes unless you bought it from Japan!! Japan is the only country who must actually buy the game!!8. Help with what jobs are out there in sports industry ?Here are some jobs in the sports industry as followed: Journalism Sports journalists attend sporting events and report on what happens. They may provide written stories for newspapers, magazines or Internet sites, or broadcast the event for television or radio. Journalists interview coaches and athletes, and often travel to games. A four-year degree in journalism or a related field is usually required. Coaching Coaches instruct individual athletes and/or teams, and they develop and implement strategies with the goal of winning games or matches. Coaches are employed at the high school, college and professional levels. Coaches at schools are usually required to have a college degree, and many coaches have previously achieved a measure of success while playing their respective sport. Athletic Trainer Athletic trainers work with athletes to improve their conditioning and help in the treatment and prevention of injuries. They attend practices and games to quickly treat injuries. A four-year degree in a field such as sports medicine is typically required, and an advanced degree may be necessary for certain jobs. They may also need to be certified by the American Medical Association. Sports Facility Operations Sports facilities need workers for a variety of tasks. Maintenance workers keep the facility in order and ensure the playing surface is configured properly. Vendors sell food, drink and merchandise to fans, and management personnel oversee the facility operations. Education requirements will vary, depending on the type of position. Sporting Goods Sales Sporting goods salespeople work in retail stores that sell equipment for a variety of sports or that specialize in one area, such as a golf pro shop. They may also work for manufacturers and call on retail establishments that carry their products. Sales positions may not require a college degree, but a knowledge of sports is essential.
How Does Acupuncture Work on Sports Injuries?
If your pain feels gone, I would say your pain relief is real. There is nothing there to mask your pain. What has happened is the needles inserted into you body have activated the circulation of energy and blood in your knee. Your pain was a result of blocked flow, but now that the flow has increased you feel good. Movement is the natural state of life, when that happens tissues can repair themselves. Your acupuncturist just encouraged your body to do what it naturally wants to do. .. have movement and circulation. The needles provided a stimulus to your brain and nervous system to direct more flow to the injured part of your body... viola ...healing happened. I would say it is okay to keep moving, run if you feel up to it, but listen to your body, do not over do it1. Is 5 acres enough for an irish sports horse?I think that he will be fine. He has the ponies and other horse for company so really he has everything that he needs!:)2. Are the Yankees the most racist team in all of sports?Yo Machinehead! Are you slow or something? Mommy drop you 0n your head when you were a baby?3. Is 200 horsepower in a sports car good?No it is not. Mustangs in the late and early 90's were making up to 220 at the flywheel and around 190 at the rear wheels. 200hp is typical for a stock engine. I do not recommend the ECU chip though like the previous poster suggested. For what you pay for it you could pay a little more and get a professional tune done which should free up more HP. If you want to make horsepower you should get a better set of heads first. You can check American Muscle for a good H/C/I setup. If you can not afford that, first put in a set of rear end gears like 410's and the car will really give you that seat of the pants feel. You can also go with a K&N filter that might free up a few HP. You can also get a cold air intake which will make the throttle response feel better. A good set of flowmasters will make the car sound better, which is good for the mental effect it has on the driver. Improve the rear end suspenion for better launches at the street light.4. What is a good first sports car?ford escort not really a sports car, but looks cool if you put a body kit on it and stuff got my 99 escort with 101k- 5 speed for 12005. Why is wrestling under the "sports" section?It does not matter whether it's professional or amateur wrestling, since all of it is grouped under the same category (wrestling), they have to put it in the sports section instead of the entertainment section. And I do see quite a few questions related to High School and amateur wrestling6. Who is the KING of the Body Slam ? ( Sports Entertainment )?jbamert is right, that body slam will be almost impossible to beat. he also slammed yokozuma. but andre was over 600lbs7. Will the sports card collection market ever recover?No.The sports card collection market went into an ever deeper and steeper slide than the comic book industry, which contrary to John Phileas claim has in fact not recovered, but has seen sales of individual issues continue to decline.The market will never recover simply because kids today have little of any interest in them and there is not any way they can be successfully marketed to8. What is your opinion of ESPN sports casters?I dont like ESPN sportcasters at all except boomer. And stonewall you moron, do you think a station that hires Rush Limbaugh is actually liberal?! Are you really that stupid?9. Parents, if your family was a sports team?I would be the pitcher, because I am always throwing my opinions out there. My hubby would be the catcher, he tends to catch a lot of shi*t. my 19yo would be the center fielder, she likes to be the center of everything. my 5yo would be off in left field, that is where he spends most of his time. my 11 would be in right field, very little every comes her way, but she's still important to the team. my 17yo would be on 1st, he likes to be a part of every play, loves being involved in everything my 12yo would be on 3rd, she's very smart and a little mean, she would think of a way to keep people from getting home. my 16yo would be on 2nd, even though she's not a middle child, she acts like one.....that was the only position left available. my 4yo would be my short-stop. She's quick and loves all the attention a short-stop gets.
The Hottest Questions About Sports
Considering that Sports may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about Sports for you to get started.1. sports bra for running?nike ones are pretty good2. Do you agree that these major "sports" aren't really sports?i agree with you other than boxing...but do not they show cheerleading sometimes os ESPN? That should DEFINATELY be on your list3. contreversy in sports? read details?!?!?you have hit on one of the hardest questions to answer! why , because it involves too many things to make the say it one way or the other! There is a point that has to be made here though , if what you or i are doing is against the law, then we will pay for our crimes no matter what ! It shouldnt make a difference what your status in life is , rich -poor , if you did the crime and got caught and proven guilty , then do the time! but in this country , if your rich you get club med if convicted and if your poor you will find yourself in jail for a very long time! I find it appalling that one person can shoot another in the face and get away with it just because of staus. if i did that im in jail for life! ! the same goes fo rdrugs use, dog fighting , or even as low as fixing a game! ! Fixing a game is one that is usually very hard to determine that is actually was going on! Ref's have been known to favor one team over the other , but that never made it a fixed game! How many times did you actually see a bad call and nothing was done!! i am and always will be a MLB fan! ! ! but its a place where its not the game any more its all about money! At a Baseball game i was warned if i didnt stop making jokes about the ump i was going to be ejected..i didnt stop and i wasnt thrown out either , making fun of the umps has been going on since the game was invented! its all part of the game . good and bad calls alike. rapping this up ...IF YOU DO THE CRIME >>>DO THE TIME just like the rest of us would have to! ! ! ! ! ! !4. Is it a sin to play sports?It's not a sin to play sports but , you have to watch it ...Your grades , what if there was a game on a Sunday or during mid week services ??? Why yell or argue with your parents ? It is something you will regret . They are responsible for you to God .If you are a so called " Big Christian " then you should obey them and this verse . Colossians 3:20 " Children , obey your parents in all things ;for this is wellpleasing to the Lord ". Sports are not the only thing in this world . Are you serving the Lord ?? Witnessing for him ? Do you even know how ? I know it is hard to take right now but , earn your rewards in heaven that will last forever . James 4:14 ,life is just a vapor.5. Conditioning for sports (XC, soccer)?Run, a lot. I recommend distance-running and short sprints. Leg work-outs - Google it.6. are cheerleading and gymanstics considered sports?baseball is a sport football is a sport soccer is a sport hockey is a sport basketball is a sport these "sports" have several things in common 1) a ball 2) offense & defense 3) numbered uniforms with names 4) a point system to determine winners and losers 5) referees ...gee...cheerleading & gymnastics has NONE of these !!7. Consequences of not doing sports?Not entirly sure what you mean here....is your project coming rfom a health & fitness angle or from a team sport socialising type angle? If it is from a health & fitness angle then I guess you could start with the obesity epidemic across most developed nations. Kids (& adults) are not getting enough excersise & are eating too much. Team sports are great for kids as they teach them about interaction with other kids, taking instruction from adults & also health & fitness. If you are already an actve persno & you suddenly stop playing sports but do not alter your diet to reflect the change in activity then the weight will creep on.
Do I Have Sports Asthma?
Well, this all depends. Do you exercise a lot? Do you do the same amount of physical activity? If you are do something new, then probably not, you might just be building up your lungs. I suggest seeing your doctor because over 40% of americans have exercise induced Asthma and do not know it. If it is not that bad you can overcome it by training your lungs.1. What are the pros and cons of extreme sports?These are some pros and cons of extreme sports:Advantages:Keeps one FitRejuvenating to the MindNew Experience and Sense of AchievementDisadvantages:DangerousHigh Possibility of InjuryExpensive2. Why is United Kingdom not united in sports?In the words of the famous, infinitely wise Yahoo Answers 'other - United Kingdom' contributor, Angel....The UK is England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It's interchangeable. It's a bit like the Americans having a World Series that involves no countries in the rest of the world other than themselves. The UK is only the UK when it is of benefit to England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are terrible at football and cricket so there's no need to rope them into our national teams. When Andy Murray does well, he's British. When he messes up, he's Scottish. Thankfully, no one really cares about tennis.3. Ball Sports Vs Martial Arts?Learning a martial art is better because in ball sports you cant use those skills in an everyday fight4. Why is it legal to overprice sports tickets?Did you buy them out of state? I heard you can sell them for as much as you want in other states5. What are the sports of the 5 branches of the miltary?To harrass soldiers and see how much they can get away with and teach the soldiers not to speak out against it. The army differs from the air force like that I guess6. whats so fun about sports?its the joy of competition. its having fun with you are friends by playing a physical activity. it makes you feel good both emotionally and physically. it keeps you in shape and it gives you something fun and exciting to do. just becuase sports wont help you in the real world doesnt mean that they cant help you have fun7. Freshman Year... and doing sports?I did Softball & Cheer & currently and its a lot of fun it gets you away from school and stuff. I personally think its a good expirence and a lot of people have regreted not doing them when they graduated. I say you should try at least one typically all freshmans make the teams unless you dont try at all & act like you dont want to be there.8. Are you tired of celebrity involvement in sports?I think it's more shocking that Billy Crystal is still considered a celebrity. There are ways of doing this without making it a total farce....way back in the day, a star for the WHA Cleveland Crusaders, Ray Buchanan, would suit up with the Indians in the regular season to take BP and warm-up with players. It is different than spring training, but it was not even an "event" until one of the daily newspapers ran a photo of him at the ballpark. But doing something like that in spring training keeps a situation from being absolute buffoonery, especially when the celebrity is not an athlete and may be older than the franchise.9. Which would be a good sports bike?Differences would be: sports bikes have really good handling, acceleration and braking but you also have to take into account the negatives, around town your wrists tend to hurt on a sports bike, your back (depending on how old you are), some people say your legs hurt but I never noticed that myself (I am only 5'8" though), I personally notice on sports bikes with clip ons in traffic your right hand/wrist (throttle) can get rather sore after a while, mainly due to constant movement and the angle its at, I am not trying to turn you off at all, I am just letting you know a few things I noticed when I made the switch to sports bikes, I would recommend (if possible) test riding one in traffic, that will give you a better idea of what it will be like, Its different for everyone, personally I enjoy them so much that the negatives dont even bother me but for someone else that may not be the case.
Any Recommendations for a Cheap Sports Car?
A lightly used G35 or Pontiac GTO would be perfect for you. You can find 05 or 06s under 20K for both. The G35 will have brand prestige and a nicer interior and the Goat will perform better(400 HP V8 from Corvette).1. Why do people like sports?Well if you do not really play football (or any other sport) than it wo not be interesting to watch because you do not really see or know what is going on. I play basketball and volleyball and I love watching people play because I acknowledge what is happening like for example blocking the ball in volleyball would be interesting to me because I know how hard it is and I am impressed. It's just all about being able to follow what is happening.2. Are sports hurting your town culturally???!!!???I think we have some culture in our beautiful city..Liberty Bell(which is ironic our best feature is cracked), Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed and alot others so if it can happen in Philly it can happen elsewhere. Our sign- WELCOME TO PHILADELPHIA MAKE SURE YOU LOCK YOUR DOORS AND YOU REALLY DONT NEED HUBCAPS THAT BADLY SO DON'T CHASE AFTER THE THUGS THAT STOLE THEM. Its wordy but sound advice.3. What are the sports of the 5 branches of the miltary?I am completely clueless as to what you are actually asking... there is no single "official" sport for any of the services. Each Academy has many competitive and intra-mural sports. Each base I was stationed at had several sports for inter-ship / squadron recreation. My FAVORITE in the Navy was always Volleyball... every Friday on Coronado Beach. While at sea, we even used to play in the hangar of several different Oliver Hazard Perry Class FFG's... interesting game with a high sea-state and the ability to play off the walls. GOOD LUCK with whatever your question was4. Do you play any sports?I play football for my high school, baseball for my high school and a traveling team, basketball for my high school and an Elite team, and do MMA5. Why are fighting games not sports games?fighting is violence, but some games are sports such as boxing, UFC, judo, to know why some are not read, the definition of what a sport is.. for instance what about snooker or darts or virtual reality and simulations, drone racing for instance?, or hunting etc.. actually there is a huge argument going on right now as to what a sport should actually be, and some of these entries may even make it to the Olympic games.6. Losing passion for sports, what to do?You are burned out, if it is not fun anymore then find something else that you will enjoy. Playing for sh!tty coaches does not make you wanna be there. Stepping away from the game for a while may revive the passion and dedication you once had. There are many other sports or non-sport activities that may interest you; swimming, bowling, golf, lacrosse, hunting, fishing, surfing, music, art, public speaking, a part time job for example. Go and find what is your "calling" in life7. What are the 5 best sports cities?1. Detroit, Michigan (red wings, pistons, u of michigan, michigan state) 2. Boston, Massachusetts (red sox, patriots, celtics) 3. Los Angeles, California (dodgers, angels, lakers,chargers, ucla, usc) 4. Everywhere, Texas (rockets, spurs, mavericks, cowboys, u of texas) 5. Everywhere, Florida (magic, rays, u of florida, florida state, u of miami)8. Question for parents with kids that play sports?It might be worth relaxing the rules slightly so that they can miss say 1 session within a set period of time. I was a single parent for a long period of time to 3 children who all take part in different sports and sometimes the logistics meant that try as I might I could not do everything. I would always do my best to ensure they could all attend anything even when it meant having to rely on other parents but sometimes that was not possible if for example I had to be at an event many miles away which meant going for a weekend or something. If my child had to be dropped because of that I would understand but I must admit I would be disappointed and feel that my child was being penalized because of my marital situation.
Who Is the Hottest Female Athlete in Sports?
Heather Mitts, U.S. soccer player1. What websites shows sports bikes prices?Most manufacturer's web sites display specs and suggested retail prices for their products. Do a Google search for the brand of motorcycle that you want to look at, and go to the manufacturer's official web site2. High School problem, sports? preferably guys?I was in your same position when I was in 9th grade, I am a junior now. I chose swimming. You will get in the best shape of your life, and it works prettymuch every muscle3. Martial Arts, Martial Sports or Self Defense?Alright... Just because everyone's taken all the good quality answers already, I will just add this (with a slight amount of sarcasm): Martial Arts -- codified systems teaching combat methods via interpretive dance (I add this last part to differentiate from what I call "Fighting Systems") Martial Sports -- Taking two martial arts students (not martial artists), handicapping them with rules, and watching all the grace and principles be taken out of the art to entertain others (be it through points, judges calls, or "Hey, that guy's bleeding and not moving. Everybody run.") Self-Defense -- What you plead when brought up on trial for using either of the above two without some government sanctioned entities approval. Just thought I would throw that out there :)4. what sports do your kids play?my 5 year old daughter plays t-ball and my 12 year old plays any sport known in this world5. Sports physical with a male doctor for the first time?Just remember that the doctor does this stuff probably at least 5 times a day. If he does "feel you up" just remember that he's a medical professional. It's his job. Plus if there is any of that, it's usually brief unless he finds something abnormal.6. What Happened to EA sports MVP Baseball?Think of it as karma. Remember how EA got the exclusive rights to the NFL license for 5 years (which has now been extended to 7 years) and other developers can not make an NFL game using the official NFL license? Well, Take Two struck back and made a deal with MLB. With the exception of Take Two, only first party developers can use the MLB license, thus EA can not make a baseball using the MLB license, so EA stopped making MVP Baseball. Who's going to play MVP Baseball if it does not have the MLB teams, players, stadium, etc.7. I really suck at sports? Why is that?I am not very good at sport but I do enjoy it. The problem is you can not really play team sports unless you are good, which is kind of a shame because I really enjoyed playing netball in PE lessons when I was at school. I like individual sports like swimming, gymnastics and trampolining because I do not have to compare my performance with others. I can compete against myself to get better at what I am doing. It is good to get some exercise too and going to the gym or aerobics seems kind of repetitive and boring to me8. Copyright question regarding sports teams?I would guess you could do "Go Seattle" safely. Major league baseball can not put a trademark on a city. You probably could use the team colors on the blanket, althought that might be a tough one. And make it a generic font. This is a pretty dangerous area, because major league sports have bulldogs as lawyers, and they have deep pockets. Even if the Mariners lose, they can eat up your bank account with legal manuevers along the way. So I would invest in a meeting with a lawyer on this one before you do anything potentially damaging.9. People to People Sports Ambassadors Program?I just got this dude! Saying I would be coach by legendary coach Rollie Massamino, represent USA etc10. Which sports city should I support?Boston..all sports teams have won a championship in the last 10 years11. Why are all sports on tv sexist?if the women skated in thongs, maybe12. Is Hank Steinbrenner the biggest idiot in sports?We should all be such idiots,Stienbrenner turned the yankees into a 1 Billon dollar franchise.And he you are calling ol George and idiot! What do you do for a living? Sling burgers at Mcdonald's? When you surpass George in dollars then you can come in here and call him an idiot!
If There Was One Person in Sports You Wish Wasn't in Sports Who Would It Be?
OUT- Brett Favre OUT- Ray Lewis IN- Sidney Crosby IN- Tiger Woods IN- Joe Paterno I would have said Ovechkin, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, etc. But these players actually make it fun to watch as bad as I hate them...1. hate doctors -----> sports physical?I even have the specific comparable predicament. even with the incontrovertible fact that I paid for the course myself. i think of like quitting, even with the incontrovertible fact that i am attempting to get rid of each and every undesirable concept and expertise on winding up the effing degree. a minimum of I maximum effective have till next 300 and sixty 5 days. cling on and at last you would be waiting to be happy approximately the time you spent looking out :)2. Are sports important for college?sports are important if you basically want a free ride through college. Other than that, no they are not . Your employer is not going to be impressed by how well you play a sport. Most students are there to get there degree and leave. And yes, any of those colleges you specified will accept you just as easily as any other college even if you are not good at sports. It's not like they are colleges training you for the Olympics or anything. :)3. Women's sports are a joke?They are good for the women to keep in shape4. Draw or tie in sportsI would like to add as a native American English speaker, it has been my experience that "tie" can typically be used to describe a sporting event during and at the end of a game; whereas, "draw" is rarely used to describe an event that has not yet finished5. Team sports for Expatriates in Riyadh?look in arab news on fridays sports page, you will have the results and the name of the teams and probably the names of the rooms they play their games, that would be a good start. usually expat sports are played on a corporate level, i mean by that that you will find the sony team playing the ALJ team etc etc. check in your place of work and within the philippino community because they are the most active in expat sports, you will probably hit something soon. otherwise just join a gym. (top hotels have good gyms as well as compounds if you live in one) once again check with the expat community6. Playing sports with makeup?I would defiantly say bring make up wipes! They are really convenient, and they have a whole variety of different removers that could either to great for sensitive skin or something that help the skin's condition. The first day is kind of important because it is your first impression on people. I would say instead of using a foundation, maybe a BB cream or concealer. Something minimal that you could build up if you want some extra coverage7. Why is Wrestling in the sports section?shouldnt you have something better to do?8. Poll: Which of these 10 "sports" do you not consider sports?They are all sports, if you say sport fishing instead of just fishing. Rhythmic gymnastics, however is not a sport.9. Poll for sports fans what was your most disappointing moment is sports?In high school , we lost our basketball championship because our best player had to sit out because she found out she was pregnant10. What is the best rivalry in sports?packers vs bears classic football....11. Are sports bras considered indecent?Exercise is what those bras were made for. Besides, they cover up more than regular bras do. Wearing a sports bra is sort of like wearing a tank top that's been cropped, whereas with a regular bra, cups tend to runneth over.12. Are you a big sports fan?not really, usually i hate watching sports i mainly like playing them the only sport i watch is soccer and thats only wen my country or background country is versing xD13. Which lenses of sports goggles are better for basketball or sports orange or yellow?If you are playing indoors, clear lenses. Outside, copper lenses14. Sports with boots please help!!!?Go to a good boot shop, get a pair of high performance boots and have them heat molded to your foot, also get custom foot beds and be checked for alignment canting. You have about 30# on me but the difference is my feet are supported with foot beds that keep me comfortable. Expect to spend about 4 hours getting the boots set up for your feet. Well worth the time and trouble.
Why American Sports Fans More Fun and Less Violent Than European Sports Fans?
Americans enjoy themselves more. We like to drink and laugh and have fun at our events. Our rivalries are done in good cheer1. Need for a Medical attendant at youth sports???I too am a NREMT-B and do stand by for little league as well as high school events. And Athletic Trainers are mostly at the HS level. In our area we do not see them at little league or Junior High levels. At the HS level we provide additional resources to the trainers. We carry back boards and spinal immobilization gear (as well as other medical equipment) and we treat the fans as well as the athletes. At little league events where there is no other medical personnel (typically) we provide all services. The going rate in our area is $40 per hour per medical responder on site. Depending on the event is dependent on how many folks we send. If you ever doubt the need for medical folks at EVERY sports event google the name Zachery Lystedt. An 8th grader in Washington State who suffered a concussion in a game last year and the coaches did not recognize the warning signs2. Are sports "uniting a nation" and "dividing nations"?Nations were never united to begin with. Wars used to be fought on borders. Sports have just provided a new battlefield.Relations between the nations are the same, minus the bloodshed. (Purely speaking in terms of Indo-Pak relations)3. sports car question related to cylinders?no the rates are set for the car and the drivers age and the address where its parked/a 17 year old male living in a high crime area with a corvette is going to pay a lot more than a 45 year old guy driving a cobalt 4 dr in the rural area and he has good driving record4. What sports are covered by Setanta Sports internet chanel Setanta-i?basically every sport , i think i think its bout average but am not sure5. Why do people watch sports?I watch sports because i love football, basketball and baseball. Another reason most people watch it because it's entertainment and fun to watch. Just like the WWE. Although WWE has been boring to watch lately.6. Why are all sports on tv sexist?Uh, no. I do not really watch sports but I play them, including hockey. Women hockey players can move the puck well, which is necessary since they can not really play the body, which can be fun to watch. However, men can move it just as well and everything is just much faster in general which makes it way more fun to watch to most people. Then again not many people seem to watch hockey, so I think before even thinking about making an WNHL, the public's interest in hockey in general needs to go way up.7. Is rugby and American football different sports?I think in some ways they are same.. but sometimes I am a bit confuse with this sports... :)8. Why are sports fans so dumb?Because they are FANATICS. 'Fan' is just a shortened form of the word 'fanatic'9. How can I be better at sports?Well if your in highschool maybe during your lunch period after your finished eating rally a few friends and play some sports? Also, I do not know abou this but, your highschool might have a gym which you could get a pass for, if your not in highschool, the most safest way is practicing, practice practice and getting fit. If you do that not only will you be better in sports but in your general life because you will be healthy and active which is the ke to long life. Cheers :)10. The Bigs 2 or Wii Sports Resort?Get sports resort for the Motion , and im sure the game will be good as well save up and purchase the Bigs later ( that game looks great) Good luc *11. Why am I terrible at sports?First of all being good at school and being good at sports are two different things. Just because you are good at one does not mean you will be good at the other. Some people are just not good at sports and that's ok. The world needs smart people especially at this day and age when people act stupid to get attention. At least you run and you are trying to do judo so you are not doing nothing. Second of all, maybe judo is not your sport. Maybe you will like something different lie soccer (since you run and soccer includes a lot of running) ,swimming, basketball, baseball, gymnastics (do not be fooled it is an extremely hard sport), karate, taekwando, or maybe mixed martial arts. Thirdly, you've only been doing judo for a year. Practice makes perfect so practice a little each day and maybe you will get better. Another thing, before you take your belt test if you get nervous, close your eyes, breathe, shake out the nerves and say "I can do this. Everything is going to be ok because I can do this." That's what I say before I have to do a scary trick in gymnastics it works all the time.
Zumiez Drops Bid to Acquire West 49 Inc.
BURLINGTON, ONT. - West 49 Inc. stock is back to where it was less than a week ago after a U.S. sports apparel retailer decided against making a bid for the Canadian sportswear firm.Shares of West 49 tumbled nearly 10 per cent on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday to close down 13 cents at $1.28.The stock is now near the level it was at before Zumiez Inc. entered the picture last week and flirted with the idea of becoming a potential acquirer.Zumiez said Friday it might be prepared to top a $99-million takeover offer that West 49 had received from Australia's Billabong International.However, Zumiez changed its tune late Tuesday, saying it's no longer interested because it wasn't able to agree with West 49 on a due diligence process, which would have provided the U.S. company with an insider look at the firm's organization.Zumiez had initially said it would consider offering more than Billabong's bid if it did a successful due diligence review.But West 49 expressed concern that Zumiez could be playing the role of an interested bidder in order to gain detailed information about the organization that it could use for its own competitive purposes.It cited Zumiez's previously announced plans to enter the Canadian market as tangible evidence that the bid was suspect.West 49 said it offered to open its books to Zumiez under the same conditions granted to Billabong, but the U.S. company declined to go ahead with a review under those terms.Alongside Billabong, all three companies target similar customers with sporting goods such as skateboards and snowboards and related clothing and fashion accessories.As of January, Zumiez had 377 stores in 35 states - mostly in malls.Billabong has grown rapidly in recent years through "tuck-in" acquisitions and now operates more than 300 stores across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The West 49 transaction will add 138 mall-based stores and boost the Australian company's bottom line in 2011.The Australian company said in its original announcement that it plans to keep key West 49 management, including West 49 president and chief executive, Sam Baio, who will continue to lead the business.Despite the decline Wednesday, shares of West 49, based in Burlington, Ont., are still up sharply from June 29 when Billabong's friendly takeover offer of $1.30 Cdn per share was announced.West 49 has about 63.8 million common shares outstanding, which would be worth about $84 million, as well as 5.1 million preferred shares that would be worth $6.6 million at Billabong's price.The Canadian Press
Is It Normal for Teenage Guys to Dislike Sports?
I am exactly like you too. I dislike sports too, but still play only like 3 sports and I suck hardcore. I listen to metal too especially Motorhead and I like playing on my ps3 and I also watch TV. So, hell yeah it is normal for teenage guys to dislike sports. If anyone makes fun of me for sucking at sports. I get them back by playing guitar riffs1. Fictional characters of a real sports team?Does it have to be a pro team? When you harness your story to a professional sports team-or any legitimate organization for that matter-you automatically invoke collective public memory in the form of lore, sentiments, perceptions, and history. However if your character development can still occur in the context of minor leagues, you will avoid all of this.For example, I would be shocked if anyone could recall players for the 1994-95 Houston Aeros off the top of their head. However, as a hockey fan, even though I am not a Dallas Stars fan, I know off the top of my head that the 94/95 Stars included players like Mike Modano and Derian Hatcher. So a story about that team in the middle 90's would be off-putting if those characters where given zero treatment and entirely overlooked.So with the above in mind, my suggestion would be that you give your story some kind of anchor in reality. Research and recognize a few nuggets that naturally link your story to the collective consciousness, and I think you will have a stronger narrative. Fictional characters could be called up for some reason, or they could already be a minor pros elsewhere in the BoSox farm system watching from a distance and hanging on the details. But I think outright eliminating legitimate, historical connections and characters that our public consciousness expects to be present in a given context would be a mistake. In fact, for me it's almost insulting somehow2. Sports Tattoo Idea, Need Help?I am half way around the country soooooo3. Is the university of arkansas relevant in any sports?Same question same answer Yes We have awhole lot of titles in track(mens) we just dominated the 90's in that and our last title was in 06 i believe. Our women track team is good or once was recently Last time i checked we were ranked in a couple of different things, Baseball(we made it to the title series the year before last and made a run this year) gymnastics(womens) we are nationally ranked We had a nice run in volly ball at a time We do not get noticed because we do not hold any national power in the 4 major sports(with it looking like we are finally get some credit in football) but overall arkansas's sports programs are very good4. Would sports entertainment fans believe it?hahahaaha that would be awesome george bush vs undertaker and kane in a buried alive match5. Have Americans invented any sports?that's funny. in america they teach us that americans invented baseball and basketball6. Biggest Jerk Owners on Pro Sports?Dan Gilbert should be up there somewhere7. Should sports fix rookie contracts?Yes, i agree with you. but they can degrade the contract if they dont perform to the level on how much they are paying them. look at Jamarcus Russell, he was paid a butt load but lost a large butt load of that original butt load because he wasnt doing good at all. now he lost his job in Oakland. Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, etc. should all swap contracts with these past 2 seasons top QB contracts. i found it insane too. eventually every rookie will say i want to be the highest paid, then what? in the 2014 draft the 1st overall rookie is going to get 100M guaranteed,,, its absurd. there needs to be a limit and i hope an NFL person sees this post and suggests it.8. running in a sports bra?Well, there might different laws in different places, but where I live (Canada) people run in them all the time, myself included. :) When you think about it, they cover a lot more skin than a bikini top would!
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