10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Night Light

Do you want to know about night light? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. Do you sleep with a night light?

no. i am able to't sleep with some thing on. I even ought to have darkness and silence. it really is extraordinary because purely a twelve months in the past i could not doze off with out the television on. we've an nighttime gentle contained in the lavatory so as that enables contained in the midst of the nighttime

2. Good macro shot, night light, shot sharp picture with blurry background?

You are going to have to use a large f/stop which is a smaller number such as f/2.8-f/4. If you are outside you can probably use a large shutter speed such as 1/500. On the other hand, if you are doing indoor portrait shots in low light even the large f/stops might not allow enough light so you might have to use a slower shutter speed. If you go below 1/60 sec you are either going to have to stay perfectly still when you take your shot, balance you camera on something wo not move, or use a tripod otherwise your picture may come out a bit blurry. Also, using a longer lens such as a telephoto lens will blur a background, but do not let in as much light as a normal lens. You will have to set your aperture and shutter accordingly using the largest f/stop.

3. Turtle Tank Night Light, Timer, Heat Rock Temperature?

I use a cheap 8 dollar timer that works great...it is a Woods and I got it at Walmart...I work shift work so I needed to be sure the lights were going on and off properly

4. Do leopard geckos NEED a night light ?

Leopard geckos are nocturnal. With my gecko, who is almost a year old now, I use a ceramic heat emitter, which does not produce any light, and during the day, I keep the blinds in my room open so it can determine between night and day. no night light is needed, because they do most of their movement and hunting at night, so a light would confuse it into staying in the hide, because it thinks it is day

5. what are the COMPONENTS used in this circuit? http://www.dandteducation.co.uk/images/night-light-circuit_000.?

Q1 and Q2 are mosfet transistors D2 is a fast switching diode R1 is a photo-resistor D1 is a LED B2 is a 6V battery or power supply

6. Do you need to sleep with a night light because you're afraid of the dark?

No, I have a lamp by my bed that I leave on and I have my TV on too :)

7. Newborn sleeping with blanket in crib?

You are not supposed to put a lose blanket in the crib. If it is very cold you can swaddle the baby if you must. They make baby sleep sacks so you do not have to use a blanket if you live in a cold climate. Leaving a lmap or night light on and have circulating air also helps lowers the chance of sids

8. Which energy consumes the most power in home? Least?

Most: AC, Plasma TV's, and Dryers Least:Night light

9. Is a night light bad for baby?

Our baby has always slept with 2 nightlights and sleeps for up to 15 hours a night so it does not affect her sleep

10. Best Humidifier for a Baby?

We bought the cool mist humidifier with night light by sunbeam for our daughter and it was great, her breathing really improved, but then again we bought it because she was getting over RSV. Whether or not your baby was sick, it's a good thing to have especially now that it's getting colder and the air is getting dryer. But make sure it's a cool mist, because to many accidents happen where children burn themselves with the hot humidifiers.

11. camp prank using fishing line in a doorway. is the line visible at night with the light in the room on?


12. whats cheaper to run as an all night light for kids?

The LED lights are very inexpensive to operate, unless you have to burn a whole string. But even a regular incandescent 4 Watt nightlight costs only a few cents to operate for 24 hours

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My Boyfriends 4 Year Old Sleeps with the Light On.?
Night light? Lamp with a little bulb in it? Lamp with colored (blue) bulb in it?1. What is the average monthly cost of 1 wall plug in night light?Only one way to find the correct answer to this question because there are several different wattage's of night lights being sold. Look on the light for the watts. That is the amount of electricity the light will use in 1 hr. Multiply the watts by the number of hours you think the light will be on each month. Divide the number of watts you use each month by 1,000 to get the number of "Kilo Watts" you are using. (1,000 watts = 1 Kilowatt). Look on your power bill to see how much you are paying for each Kilo watt of electricity. Multiply that amount times the number of Kilo watts you expect the light to use.2. What are the top ten things that a six year old boy needs to have in his bedroom?1. Hot wheels 2. Action Figures 3. night light 4. radio 5. flashlight (for going to the bathroom at night) 6. toy box 7. coloring books and crayons 8. small desk 9. clothes 10. bedroom furniture3. LED bulb and night light question?Hey Tony. I have two parts to your question. The first is "I do not know if this circuit would not operate properly using an LED bulb." The second is this: The lights you are talking about use a photo resistor to activate when the lights go out. Fundamentally they work this way: When light falls on the Photo Resistor (PR for short) their resistance goes low and in the dark they go high. This would be counter intuitive to the operation of the circuit (included below), so you need an additional NPN transistor. In the drawing below a 9 v battery is used along with the 2N3904 transistor. During the day the PR resistor is low, thus holding the base of the transistor low, and there is not enough current to switch it on. But as night falls and the resistance in the PR goes up more current is directed through the Transistor. As its base goes high the transistor turns on and activates the light. That's the basics to it. Now, from the simple diagram below it's easy to understand how this can turn on a light. But being that you are using an LED (which is just a diode that emits light), if the LED is in circuit the wrong way then the light wo not come on. But as long as the LED is in correctly then the light SHOULD come on. The transistor does not require a load. In this case it's providing ground. Keep in mind I found this diagram on line, you could have also found it. Since you understand something about electronics I am sure that you realize that if the diode was pointed towards the transistor then it should work. But if its pointed away from the transistor then it can not work. I hope this gets to the root of your problem. It's been a long time since I've stopped by and answered your questions. I find you always have interesting questions, and your answers are always good ones. XTX did not listen to (or read) your question fully. Jeanette was closer and Suzonka's answer was probably the best you've gotten so far. But nobody really read your intent fully, and you were clear enough in the outset. I just hope this gives you some hope. Let me know if this does work for you buddy. John.4. I cant stop crying about this?When I was 14, my mom's old boyfriend did the exact same thing. I am 20 now, and I will still say that he had no right to show authority like that. He came into my room, shut off my fan, night light & tv & told me I needed those all to be off if I wanted to sleep well. Hey buddy, I've slept the excact same way for 10 years, you messing up my pattern is not gonna help! I was able to convince my mom to talk to him about doing that stuff, and he eventually stopped. He was not in a position where he should have been doing that. If your mom is not willing to help then the only thing I can suggest is sucking it up for a little while & taking a Benadryl to help you sleep. I kind of regret going to bed at 3 AM and waking up at noon through middle and high school. I wish I had not slept my summers away. By the time I was up and ready, my friends had all ready been hanging out for hours... I had just stayed up too late playing on my computer.
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Related Questions of Night Light
Do you want to know about night light? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. The movie repo man has a great white shark projection night light . I can't find one. Help please!?it was a special effect, you cant buy them yet because the film was set in the future. I know because I want one too !2. Where can I find a night light that makes the whole room sparkle?That's a black light and there are some phosphorous spots on the wall. If you wanted that to be a night light, you should use a light-sensitive switch, a back light, and then put some paint on your wall (that will hopefully blend in when the black light is off)3. If light can travel for a long distance, why is it that if you light a flashlight at night, the light will only go on for about 30 meters?Light does travel for a long way, that flashlight on the top of a mountain can be seen for miles, that means the light is reaching your eye. In space it could travel very far, with no atmosphere to absorb its radiation. And a sensitive instrument, more sensitive than your eye? Who knows how far?4. Does the night light mode in devices such as phones and laptop help in improving the sleep schedule?Night mode tends to turn the background blue lighting to change to a more natural or tan shade. Physicians have noted that the blue light stimulates the brain and a tan shade or natural lighting tends to not. It is to help your brain slow down before bed to help you sleep better.5. POLL: Do YOU sleep with some kind of night light?I keep a piece of Radium close by6. Should my puppy have a night light?no unless you want to7. is it okay to leave my lava lamp on and use it as a night light?read the manufacturer's instructions. if you lamp is so dangerous that you can not leave it on for 8 hrs, toss it out8. i need some good chuck norris / vin diesel jokes?why does chuck norris sleep with night light? because the darks afraid of chuck norris lol!9. contact lenses shows outer colours at night light?I have the same problem with mine it just means you need to take them out in steed of sleeping in them if you do sleep in them10. How do you plan the day and night light cycle for your aquarium?There are a lot of variables to consider. When will you view it? What are your current daylight hours and how much natural light reaches the tank? Is this tank growing live plants?Algae growth will become a major problem if lights are left on too long. If you are home in the evening and the tank gets natural light all day adding the tank lights to that will cause algae.On the other hand if your tank is in a dark room then using it for a couple hours in the evening (possibly as a nightlight) will be fine. Most recomendations say you should not expose a tank to much more than 8h of light per day, and that seems to mostly be in the case of planted tanks.How do you plan the day and night light cycle for your aquarium?11. what are the COMPONENTS used in this circuit? http://www.dandteducation.co.uk/images/night-light-circuit_000.?diode, led,FETs (field effect transistor) and possibly a photocell12. Help with fixing LED night light that won't turn offCorrect me if I am wrong but it seems from the picture that the impact with the ground only created one fault: one O/C (open circuit) that you labelled: severed cable. The other components seem to be securely soldered onto the main PCB so I doubt the drop caused any other components to become faulty. It seems like the simplest solution may be the best here: strip, tin, re-solder (and maybe heatshrink) the broken wire to the correctly identified terminal of the PCB.13. Do you still sleep with a night light?No i sleep with the actual bedroom light. Night lights cast shadows and its the shadows that scare me so the whole room has to be lit up. I also dont like the stillness in a room so i usually leave my tv on as well but it has to be on mute
2021 07 19
10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Night Light
Do you want to know about night light? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Can I use a black light as a night light?I would not recommend it.A "black light" does not produce much visible light, so you would think maybe it would work as a night light.But what you need to remember is that a black light produces a lot of invisible ultraviolet light.This ultraviolet light can, with continued exposure, result in sunburns. It can damage your eyes. And it can disrupt your sleep cycles, which are regulated by the presence of ultraviolet light in the daytime, and the absence at night.A typical black light might not produce as much UV as a tanning bed lamp or a quartz halogen lamp or a metal halide lamp with a broken envelope, but it certainly produces more than a fluorescent lamp. It is made of a special type of glass that passes UV from the arc within. Fluorescent lamps use ordinary silicon dioxide glass, which blocks most UV.Can I use a black light as a night light?2. What is a good age for my child to stop using her night light?i still use a nightlight and im 15. im scared of the dark for different reasons. i know its stupid and im not a parent but my opinion is to let them stop when they want to. make sure they dont have a problem with it before you just take it away.3. Do you sleep with a night light?I enjoy the night and the darkness, it gives a bit of variation to the daytime4. Aggregating satellite night light data in RI am fairly sure that the error is associated with the FUN argument. R is case sensitive and the argument in extract is lowercase "fun". To understand how this works I would break down the components of the analysis rather than letting the extract function do all the heavy lifting. Understanding the specific components, in particular the resulting list object, will likely help you with more sophisticated analysis. Create some example dataHere we extract the raster values. Because you have multiple values associated with each polygon, the resulting object is a list. In this case, with a single raster, the list elements are vectors. Where this gets tricky is on a stack/brick object the list elements are a data.frame where each column corresponds to each individual raster. In looking at the list object "v" you will notice that the vectors are not the same length. Because of this coercion into a data.frame object is problematic. If the vectors were equal, you could use do.call to coerce into a data.frame object. However, if we apply it here it will return an error regarding a mismatch in row lengths. Since we have a list object one can use lapply to apply a function to the data. Here we calculate the max, which is the same as using the fun argument in extract. You can apply any function that is appropriate to the data class, in this case single vector. This type of operator is good to know in R. The vector remains ordered so, now you can add it to the data.5. why my outlet died after using night light?the house might be too old. That happened to me once. The whole house went into a black out. Hire a person to fix it6. My daughter is afraid of the dark. I usually keep a night light on so she can sleep without being afraid. Is this healthy or should I turn off all lights so she can grow from the phobia?if you have not already, have her eyesight checked.the dark is a lot less scary if you can make out subtle details, but when you can not , your brain does it's best to compensate by erring on the side of possible unknown danger.one way to test this yourself is to make a game of it. while driving at night have her call out the road signs as soon as she can make them out, and compare when she calls it to when you see it. obviously this is only a general indication, and assumes that your own eyesight or prescription are good.note that getting eye glasses probably wo not remove an existing fear, nor prevent one, only that the fear could be indicative of a need for glasses. as far as the nightlight, you do not mention an age, and solutions could vary depending on that.personally, depending on how dependent your daughter is in the light, I would find a way to slowly wean her away from needing it.whatever you do, remember that each step should be done with the goal of reducing fear, not increasing it, and without inducing any distrust of you as her protector, while also keeping her to a healthy path towards independence as an adult. many parents forget this. You could for instance learn to make a dream-catcher together to hang over her bed or in the window. laying on thick that it will keep the bad things away, and tell her she can turn the nightlight off when it starts working. A plush toy could also be a symbol of safety, but a dream catcher stays in one spot, you do not take it anywhere, so it wo not get lost at school or a friend's house, and because it's just hanging there, she will slowly forget about it. and back to being the Protector, make sure you are attentive if she wakes up, do not act annoyed or grumpy when you go to her, even if you really are, even if it means you woke up a half hour early and there's no point in going back to bed...because that sends the wrong message. You are there to comfort her and generate trust that she can sleep safe, with or without a light, or any other crutch.I knew one mother, who brought her child to spend the night at our house, and with him, she had to bring a car load of stuff, including his blanket, this big ole TV set with built in VCR, loaded with his movie which he would go to sleep to, and a host of other things in a bag and in the end he did not even spend the night and she had to come back to get him and pack all of that stuff back to her house. granted he was probably autistic, now that I think of it, back then I did not really know anything about autism, but still, once you go down that road of providing an emotional crutch, your stuck with helping maintain it, and you are not actually helping them in any way, because the only way they will give it up is when they finally choose to, and in the case of a severe autistic person, they may never be able to.My daughter is afraid of the dark. I usually keep a night light on so she can sleep without being afraid. Is this healthy or should I turn off all lights so she can grow from the phobia?.
2021 07 18
The Hottest Questions About Night Light
Considering that night light may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about night light for you to get started.1. Do you sleep with a night light?no,I keep the night light on so that if I get up in the night,I do not feel disoriented and can find my way to toilet etc2. night light in the shape of a lamp?Here's a link to over 500 night lights. Good luck!3. Do you still use a night light?Yes, I still use my Squirtle night light, it's a habit4. Did you have to have a night light when you were little to sleep?Yep and did right up untill my teens. I lived in the country with my parents and when the lights were out it was pitch black and deadly silent which i found really unsettling. Now i live near a town sometimes being able to hear traffic going by makes up for the lack of light. However due to bad eye sight anyways even when the lights are off they play tricks on me. So i always like a little light in my room.5. At what age should my child stop using a night light?My son needed a nightlight on until he was 7. Then one night he just said, "Would you shut that off? I do not want it on." A lot of kids go through being afraid of the dark. On the other hand, a lot of people just do not ever want to be in the pitch dark. I am a grown up, and although I am not afraid in the pitch black dark, I do not want to be in it. I like being able to see a little something. Since I've had my own house and kids, I've always made it a practice to leave a dim light on in the kitchen all night, a dim light in the halls, and a nightlight in the bathrooms. I hate a house that's pitch black, and I've always wanted my kids (and me) to be able to get up in the night without bumping into stuff. I do not think you have any reason at all to be concerned; and your daughter will either end up like my son and just say she no longer wants a nightlight, or she will end up like, and always think they are nice.6. Can a person use a black light light bulb for a night light for a Leopard Gecko?be careful with the kind of black light you buy. most of them heat up wayyy to quickly and smell like they are burning, many cases they can melt their holder, even if they are of low watt. id recommend using a red light bulb, by flukers, the reps cant see it, but you can see them. and it will give them adequate heat. geckos dont like sudden drops in temperature, they get really stressed from that and can loose their color7. Does Genesis 1:3-5 suggest that the earth already existed (e.g. day/night light cycle suggests rotation)?There is a theory that because of certain wording, ( The Deep ) in Hebrew means nothingness , very dark, not as any of us could imagine., that there is a gap of time between verse 1 and 2 This could explain the war that went on in the heavens with satan and his fallen ones, before the new earth was created and man set in the garden. Something to think on, or perhaps look into, I am peace a friend in Christ Jesus8. Should I give my hamster a night light?Hamsters do not need night lights! I can just imagine wild hamsters running miles-long extension cords to plug in their tiny lamps. :) A hamster's main senses are touch (whiskers), hearing, and smell. They are well adapted to living in the dark, especially in their burrows. They use their whiskers for navigation, their ears to alert them to predators, and their noses to find food. Those beady little eyes see very well in the dark, even with whatever light filters in through that window of yours. By the way, wild hamsters rarely see natural sunlight, either. They are safely in their burrows by dawn. You have provided him with a cozy little hide box, right?
2021 07 18
Related Questions of Night Light
Here are top 10 questions about night light asked by people online.1. Do you wake up with from a nightmare and sleep the rest of the night with a light on?Yes. But it always comes back! >.2. What the crap is the difference between a night light bulb (candelabra base) and an E12 bulb base?difficult aspect. check out with google. that will can assist!3. How old are they when they can give up a night light?We are using the Christmas tree as a night light right now4. how to wire a lamp with a night light?You dont have to do any wiring. Your local hardware store has an adapter that screws in to the socket( Where the bulb normally goes ) This adapter becomes a single outlet, which you can plug a night light into/ Or, if you prefer, there is also an adapter that has two outlets, as well as the bulb socket, so that you can use it as both a lamp and a nightlight. Both adapters a inexpensive, usually less that $ 5.005. Can I use a night light bulb with a candelabra base in a regular fixture that takes the same base bulb?Check the wattage rating on your fixture, usually a little sticker inside the fixture. If you meet or are below the wattage you will be fine. But if you are severely below, you may be unhappy with the light output, so there may be no point to it.6. Where can I find colored night light bulbs?Ikea,Canadian tire7. Do you sleep with a night light?What do i do about night sweating?8. watch friday night light tv episdoes online free?Try Hulu.com9. Should my puppy have a night light?where does she sleep? in a crate? if she has a nightlight and cries and cries in her crate, the best thing to do is get rid of the nightlight and put a towel over the crate. its comforting and she will know that once the towel is over the crate its bedtime. it helps quell the crying. if there is no crying and the dog doesnt seem to have a problem w/ the nightlight, then its fine.10. is it necessary to have a night light by my birds cage?If you buy a love bird,please buy a pair. It's kinda. ...and as for giving them a night light....think what birds do in the wild.....when the lights go out, the bird sleeps....when the lights on again, the birds awake and making a noise. Hope you enjoy the company of a pet bird/s.11. Should I give my hamster a night light?BY ALL MEANS YES! It can be very dark in Richard Gere's butt12. Turn on the keyboard backlight with Night Light mode?Of course , In my laptop (Lenovo ideapad 700) I use Night light and I turn on my keyboard backlight with fn space keys and as far as I know these two features are not related13. Can a person use a black light light bulb for a night light for a Leopard Gecko?yes you can they wont see the light and you can see the geckos doing their thing when they come out at night good idea14. Is a night light bad for baby?I have heard conflicting reports on it. My own children are in their twenties, and I did a little (admittedly unscientific and limited) research among them and their friends during a party at our home right after I read early bits on this... I found that the kids, including one of my own, who consistently needed glasses while in elementary school ALL slept with night lights when they were little. (My two kids who did not use a night light did not need glasses - and still do not .) Then the girls at the party started to name children that they had baby-sat who slept with night lights - coincidentally THEY also all wore glasses from very early ages. The really interesting part of this is that those who used night lights and wore glasses from the time they were small, vowed to NEVER use night lights when they had children of their own, because it was such a bummer to them to have had poor vision as kids. It did not seem to matter to them that the cause and effect was not yet scientifically proven - the possibility alone that night lights might have affected their own vision and could possibly do so to their offspring was enough to make them determined to avoid using them.
2021 07 13
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Led Night Light
1. Transistor with different voltage in colector and baseWhy does the transistor does not allow my LED to get brighter when the collector is connected to 9V source power?That's your problem - the collector is connected to the power source - you are using it as an emitter follower - the brightness will be totally governed by the base voltage from the arduino. Try operating it as common emitter with a 4k7 base resistor: -R1 330R or possibly a bit less to produce desired current thru LEDR2 - try 4k7------2. Illuminating the wall of a transparent tubeYou are asking about Edge lighting or Edge Lit. As a tube, it just means you have to make/fabricate a round ring of lighting. See How to make whole top side of project box glow uniformly? for a good primer on lighting plexiglas or acrylic sheets, everything applies. Including that the sides will not be highly lit, if they are smooth/clear. It would look like this, unless you go with opaque tube (meaning you won't see whatever is inside the tube):------3. Potentially unusual LED failureIt seems that circuit is originally just meant for a neon bulb, and the manufacturer has simply replaced the neon bulb with a LED.In that circuit, there is no protection for the LED from reverse voltage being applied over it. LEDs typically have a reverse voltage limit of 5V.So it will work with AC circuit like that for some time, but the LED degrades faster than in a proper circuit where the reverse voltage is prevented with another LED or diode------4. Reflect IR beam off reflector instead of emitting straight to TSOP receiverYes, it is very possible. You just need to arrange the LED and detector appropriately.IR is just light that your eyes can't see. If you were trying to do this with a visible LED, what could you do?For example: You could put the LED inside an opaque box with a hole at one end, you could make it more of a "pinpoint" type of light. You could put the LED and detector next to each other with a wall between them------5. ESP8266 module cutting connection with PC via USBAt which pins you connected the ESP8266?The pins pin 0 (RX) an 1 (TX) are connectet internaly to the FTDI USB-to-TTL Serial chip.If you using Serial.begin() to communicate with the ESP8266, you can't communicate with the pc at the same time.Use SoftwareSerial to communicate with the ESP8266 an Serial to PC.It is also recommed to feed the ESP8266 with an external 3.3V power supply and stabilize with an capacitor. This could produces the sounds of ejecting and inserting a USB.------6. Help with P-channel mosfetsYou have the P-MOSFET connected wrong. The Source (S) terminal should be toward the 5V and the Drain (D) should connect to the LED in your diagram.The condition where the P-MOSFET will be off is if the voltage between the Gate (G) and the Source (S) is less than the VGSTHR.The reason that the LED lit up in your drawn configuration is because the body diode was forward biased and letting current pass from the D terminal to the S terminal.------7. Unplugging power cord and holding the power button. PC won't turn onIt could be that your power supply died when you unplugged it (not saying it was because you pulled the cord but it also could be because of that). Try testing the power supply in the computer to make sure it works. If it fails the test then you need a new power supply.Go to howtogeek.com/172933/how-can-i-test-my-computers-power-supply/ to find how to test the power supply if you are hardware savvy or take it to somebody that can help you------8. Trying to understand this schematicIs there any benefit to separately buffering a common pin for each output?It's a best practice for daughter cards to buffer all input signals, and thereby isolate the "original" input signal from the "working" signal that's used by the components on the daughter card.Imagine having multiple daughter cards stacked onto each other, and each card tries to use the original signal. Connecting more and more digital loads to the same signal path can easily overwhelm the signal source's maximum fan-out specification.------9. SSH Connection refused / SSH disabled?Connection refused in combination with port 22 not showing up in a port scan generally means that SSH is not enabled on the system. Reinstalling SSH probably won't help you, but you could try to re-enable it.If you don't want to connect a screen, you can power down the pi, take the SD card out and mount in on a pc, put a file called ssh in the /boot directory and put it back in your Pi. This should enable the SSH server.------10. Vs1838B break beam problemIR receiver modules like you have typically reject continous 38kHz signal. You need to send for example a 500 microsecond burst of 38 kHz signal and then pause for some time - optimum value depends on how the AGC is tuned to allow optimum reception of certain kinds of common IR remote protocols. The datasheet of your module says it is tested with a signal of 600 microseconds of 38 kHz burst following a 900 microsecond pause, so it is a reasonable starting point for transmitting your signal.------11. Mosfet controlled LED strip not bright enoughBased on you mentioning noise, I'm assuming you are using a PWM control scheme of some sort? Are you sure you are driving the devices on 100% duty cycle. Also if you are switching with PWM, you may need a dedicated mosfet driver, the IO pin on your micro controller is not ideal for driving mosfets with a PWM like frequency. The gate acts like a capacitor that is charged and discharged. Doing this quickly requires more then the 20mA drive of most microcontrollers------12. What is the technical term for this style lighting?Indirect lighting.example hereUsually the light source is hidden by an archtectural feature, so the feature is constructed by normal building means and then the light source is hidden in it. At my house we have one strip light hidden in an open topped curtain pelmet and another hidden behind an one of the exposed rafters.These are 5' flourescent tubes with 40 year old iron ballasts.Led strips could be hidden in a cornice moulding. etc.it's going to be tricky to clean.------13. How can I use Charlieplexing with common anode RGB LEDs?In the following figure, the LED array consists of three common anode LEDs connected together.The PWM signal created by the controller is amplified by a transistor prior to being applied to the array. The amplitude of 5V is too low to drive the array directly. If the array size is increased, additional paths must be connected to the multiplexer and additional transistors may possibly be required for amplification. This circuit is from an OSRAM App Note: Driving LEDs with a PIC Microcontroller------14. Can I connect a single color LED string to a RGB DMX512 controller? closedThis was posted a long time ago but was never really answered.But to answer; Yes! this will work just fine. The LED doesn't care what kind of signal it receives because all it wants is power. Which is exactly what your DMX RGB bridge provides. It literally "bridges" the digital DMX signal and converts it into an analog RGB signal. Technically, it converts it into just an analog power signal, but in this case, the bridge has the outputs marked RGB. Handy.------15. Max bulb wattage for a lampThe construction and insulation of the socket assembly, the size and temperature rating of the wiring, the proximity and design of the shade... generally anything related to either electrical current or heat affects its wattage rating. Using a bulb of higher wattage than the lamp is rated for means that wiring may be overloaded, causing it to heat up, and/or the structure of the lamp will heat up due to conduction and radiation from the bulb. Either can cause burns or fires.------16. Can I install a photocell on a 3-way switched circuit?What I have noticed is the three way doesn't necessarily control the lights meaning when it is dark the switches are hot but when you turn them off or on the light will stay on but if you have the switch in the middle neither off or on the light will be controlled by the switch. I ended up taking out the photocell since we have lightning restrictions so I put in a timer switch so the lights wouldn't be on till dawn------17. Connecting LED to RO pin of RS485 TransceiverIf the baud rate is above a few hundred hertz, the LED flashing will be indiscernible to the human eye - it will merely appear dimmer.It's usually better to buffer the signal with an opamp, then use the buffered signal for 'other' purposes (like driving an LED) so that whatever else is connected to the receive line isn't influenced by the current drawn by the LED (I/O usually isn't stiff).Again, unless you're operating e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y you won't see any flashing.------18. Trying to set up wireless router, failingReset your router (and this will reset the default gateway back to Then reset your modem. Power down everything and start from scratch. Reboot your computer as well.Re-establish network connectivity and the ability to connect to the outside world and the internet.You may want to turn off all your firewall tools (and maybe AV software too) while troubleshooting this process.Do you have another computer you can add to the mix for pinging, like a laptop? This sometimes helps with troubleshooting------19. Optical measurement of CO2 with LEDIt turns out there was a mistake in the teardown. The "optical CO2 sensor" is in fact an RGB LED. The outdoor weather station does not measure CO2 at all. The 5% accurate CO2 sensor mentioned in the Netatmo documentation is this chunky module in the internal weather station:I reached out to Fictiv and they said they would update the teardown. I guess the lesson is, if something sounds too good to be true (eg measuring CO2 with an LED), it probably is!------20. Control Output Shock From Cockroft-Walton DoublerThere is, as I understand the question, a fairly simple solution.simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabOf course there is a slight problem - what sort of relay will hold off kilovolts?Ah. Well, it's called a vacuum relay. For an array of surplus vacuum relays, see here. Depending on how much you're willing to spend, you can easily handle 10 kV and 50 amps of discharge current.They are physically big and way expensive, but you didn't say that would be a problem------21. Is white a single color? duplicateIt is simple :Newton demonstrated that white light could be broken up into its composite colors by passing it through a prism, then using a second prism to reassemble them. He also discovered that sunlight is composed of light with wavelengths across the visible spectrum. Concluding that since all colors produce white light then white must be made up of all colors is a common logical error called affirming the consequent, which might be the cause of the misunderstanding.Source : WikipediaSee picture below :------22. How to set up WiFi with Raspbian wheezyBoth those approaches you've linked are WPA based. If your network really is WEP, it's a slightly different process. Try editing the /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file and adding something like this:If that doesn't work you can try configuring it manually from the command line with the iwconfig utility:Drop the "s:" if your WEP key is a hexadecimal code rather than a string password. (In the wpa_supplicant example use "" for a password and without for a hexadecimal code.)------23. Connecting SSR module to raspberry pi or arduino (HCMODU0115) closedHere is the easiest way to make this work- add just one part (per output):simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabThe internal schematic of the module is something like this (from here):The Omron SSR gets about 0.7 or 0.8V less than the supply voltage, and it needs 4V minimum to work reliably so it really needs a 5V supply. It starts to turn on a couple diode drops below the supply so more than the maximum output voltage of the 3.3V MCU.------24. How to improve my curve fitting for an LED in spiceI assume that the blue curve is your actual LED device and orange is trying to predict its characteristic. The blue device is clearly an LED in series with a resistor so your model needs to be put in series with the model of a resistor.Here's a picture of the forward characteristic of an LED with resistance added in series: -As you can see, adding the resistor linearises the response above the basic point where forward conduction begins. Picture stolen from here.
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