10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Light

Do you want to know about light? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. when you make an oil panting, which colors should go on first? light or dark?


2. if you have a flashlight on and your pointing it straight forward and your traveling the speed of light.?

since the energy produceing the light is moveing with you it already has the kenetic energy equal to the speed of light so when turned on the lights speed is powered by the kenetic and electrical energy from the battery so it would go twice the speed of light.... its like if you were to throw a ball inside a car the ball would still go forward( as long as the windows are closed but light unlike a ball wont experience friction)

3. Why is it that bugs are attracted to light?

Hi: To answer your question you must go back in time : Before 1896 there where five light sources , The Sun, The moon ( technically it not a light source at all, because it really reflecting the sun light off space.) lighting, and fire, .Okay with that out of the way. bugs or insect use light for navigating ( just a fancy way of saying getting from point a to b) since there only one light at night which is the moon most insect have no trouble navigating by that light. However when man developed electric lights. The insect navigation system is confused by it and thinks that the light bulb is from the moon and lacking the intelligence to know the difference. They start use it to navigate by and become trap by it. Around and around they go until they die or when the light is turn off; breaking it from the spell. Other insects use sunlight to know when it time to wake up or go to sleep. when the light bulb is turn on. The light confuse them into believing it time to wake or sleep. Those that are wake; think they are following the sun. Because they lacking the intelligence to know the difference; follow it . Certain moths have heat sensor in there bodies to find a male moth to mate with. Those sensors measure can a trace amount of heat. During a cool summer moon light filled night without any light bulbs in the area usally means a male moth to mate with. However electric light blubs give off a lot of heat. and the poor moth thinks it is a lot of male mothes in one area and lacking the brains to know it's not , Here she comes. I hope this explain it:

4. my remote control for ceiling fan/light is missing can i put it in manual connection, how I can do it?

The receiver is up in the fan canopy. Make sure the power is off. Take it down, disconnect and remove the receiver. Take the blue wire and the black wire from the fan and put them together with the black wire coming out of the ceiling. Connect the white fan wire to the white ceiling wire. Put it all back together. Now when the wall switch is on the fan and light will work from the pull chains.

5. will maroon puff paint show up on a black shirt?

a sturdy/military blue ought to look super to function some colour with the aid of fact which you have quite black and white textiles and furnishings. the army blue with the white grant a clean summer season experience to the room. The toile variety of the comforter jogs my memory of the blue french toile. in case you do not decide for to do the completed room blue i might do purely 2 partitions the blue and different 2 basic white. i might propose dusk from fix Hardware with the suited suited White as your white paint. I definitely ought to assert nevertheless, that fix Hardware's paints are pigmented so consistent with how lots common you get contained interior the room and what style of light it quite is, (which incorporate photograph voltaic common, fluorescent etc. ) the paint will decision. in case you are not getting a stunning variety of light contained interior the room i might bypass with Shore that's the subsequent darkest paint contained interior the Shore sequence. if your gonna bypass with Shore do all 4 partitions in Shore and the ceiling contained interior the suited suited White. as quickly as you have any crown molding paint it superb White. The white will make the blue incredibly pop and look clean

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The Dangerous and Colorful Lie in Your Visual Identity Document
This story is based on the chapter Light and Color from my book The Articulate Marketing Designer. Click here to learn more about the book and get the Light and Color chapter free.Chances are that if you work at a company, your company has some kind of identity manual. They go by a lot of different names and variations: typography guides, brand guidelines, design bibles, and style manuals are just a few of these names and variations. Some companies have one giant document, others multiple small ones. But the ultimate purpose is to dissect the brand into component prescriptions that can be followed to ensure a consistent look (and feel). If your customer gets an e-mail from your company, you want them to immediately recognize that its from your business, without even having to see your company name. By ensuring consistency, you ensure that you can be recognized, a thoroughly valid objective.The idea isnt anything new. For as long as humans have been coalescing into groups, weve sought ways to make ourselves consistent with our group and recognizable to each other and to outsiders. Weve adopted flags, uniforms, colors, anthems, seals, banners, you name it. In short, weve been branding ourselves with some measure of consistency for a long long time.Over the last few decades, however, the concept of visual identity has been warped into a worryingly formulaic and potentially destructive form of business pseudoscience. Its a plague spreading across the entire business world, from the largest corporations to the two-man startups. Whats most frightening is that the people who are supposed to be the experts on the ambiguous and context-driven nature of creativity, we designers, are the ones generating these absolutist and number-thumping documents. I know because Ive done it.I actually first realized how ludicrous things have gotten when I was building visual identity guidelines for a small business I was working with. It was never a comfortable thing for me, something about making these documents always made me feel like a charlatan. Then one day, as I was sitting in front of my laptop carefully listing out the precisely selected primary and secondary colors for the company, translating color codes across different color systems, I suddenly remembered that famous checkerboard optical illusion by Edward H. Adelson. In it, the tiles A and B are the same grey, but look completely different. Its a remarkable reminder of how our perceptual processes work. If you dont believe it, grab a color picker and check it yourself:The truth, as you can see for yourself, is that how we perceive light and its color is at the mercy of the context we see that light in. We know this because weve all seen various optical illusions. We know because weve seen how our photographs under fluorescent lighting look green, while our own eyes saw something more neutral. The color we see is not a physical property of the real world. It is a construct of our brains, based, often rather loosely, on information collected from the world around us. In physics we are taught that the wavelength of light determines color. But really, the wavelength of light is the wavelength of light, nothing more. It gives our brain something akin to a suggestion on how to construct the color we see. If we had some kind of photoreceptors in our nose that connected to the olfactory centers of our brain, the wavelength of light could have been smells rather than colors.Yet there I sat, specifying a particular shade of green with dictatorial precision. The implication to any person using that page: if you select this exact color code, customers will see it consistently no matter what. Oh and deviate from the color codes on this page and you risk death.It was a profound lie. And a dangerous one, because it mistook the nature of visual design for something that its not: an absolute and precise science with correct and incorrect answers. It creates a binary mindset. If you are using this color value, youre using the right color. If youre not, youre using the wrong color. That this preposterous concept has embedded itself into corporate design is a reflection of the business worlds attempts to reduce the vast, complex, and rich domain of design into a series of cells in a spreadsheet. Designers play along with it, because in order to be paid, they have to be able to fit into the corporate formula.In reality, a particular shade of a color, say pink, can look darker when surrounded by some colors, lighter when surrounded by another, crisp in one context, and difficult to read in another. Picking one absolute value for it doesnt actually deliver what its supposed to: consistency. The job of the good designer is to deliver a great design based on context. If the goal is consistency, then the designer should have the freedom to adjust that color to get that to happen, again working back from the context to the solution.Prescribing color codes is only one example, though particularly powerful because we can point to a rich library of physics, biology, and cognitive science to show that its completely flawed. And yet open any visual identity guide and youll find color prescriptions, promising consistency, but providing absolute values.Prescriptive absolutism in design shifts the focus away from customer and context, which will reduce the effectiveness of business-related designs. But more importantly for the long term, it discourages experimentation and flexibility which can then lead to stagnation, frustration, and nitpicking. If your design team is getting to the point where theyre pulling out eyedroppers to check that a particular color is correct numerically, youre sailing in the wrong direction, if not outright sinking.An organization that treats creativity and design like a quantifiable formula that can be distilled into a set of prescriptions in a booklet is fundamentally missing the business benefits its creative people can provide. Worse, in an age where the customer and their contexts matter more than ever, treating design and creative departments like the finance department may end up doing more harm than good.If you enjoyed this story, you may enjoy my book The Articulate Marketing Designer.·RELATED QUESTIONColor(Light) Absorption duplicateIt's possible but not likely.It's possible to have an orange object that reflects a very narrow band of wavelengths, say 589 to 591 nm, and absorbs all others. This object would be difficult to see if illuminated only with narrow-band red light (like a HeNe laser). Of course, absorbtion is also never perfect so even if illuminated with blue light it would likely be possible for a sufficiently sensitive sensor to detect the object.But for natural objects it's much more likely that it reflects a relatively broad range of wavelengths, but reflects most strongly in the orange band. For example, an object reflecting wavelengths between 570 and 640 nm, peaking around 590 or 600 nm, would likely be perceived as orange. But 640 nm is well into the red band, so this object would be visible (and look red) if illuminated with a monochromatic red light.
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Understand Down Light
An Introduction to down lightMajor-General The Honourable George Walpole (20 June 1758 May 1835), was a British soldier and politician. He gained distinction after suppressing the Maroon insurrection in Jamaica in 1795. After entering Parliament in 1797, he served as Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs from 1806 to 1807 in the Ministry of All the Talents headed by Lord Grenville.Military career of down lightWalpole was commissioned as cornet in the 12th Light Dragoons on 12 May 1777, and became lieutenant in the 9th Dragoons on 17 April 1780. He returned to the 12th Light Dragoons as captain-lieutenant on 10 December 1781, and exchanged to the 8th Light Dragoons on 13 August 1782. On 25 June 1785 he obtained a majority in the 13th Light Dragoons, and became lieutenant-colonel of that regiment on 31 October 1792.Maroon insurrection in Jamaica, 1795In 1795 Walpole went with the 13th Light Dragoons to the West Indies, and took a leading part in the suppression of an insurrection by Maroons in Jamaica. The Maroons of Cudjoe's Town (Trelawny Town), who had risen in what became known as the Second Maroon War, numbered fewer than seven hundred, but they had been joined by about four hundred runaway slaves, and the insurrection threatened to spread. The country was extremely difficult for regular troops, and two of the detachments sent against the Jamaican Maroons fell into ambushes, and their commanders (Colonels Sandford and William Fitch) were killed. At the beginning of October Walpole was charged with the general conduct of the operations, and the governor Lord Balcarres gave him the local and temporary rank of major-general. By skilful dispositions he captured several of the maroon "cockpits" or stockades. On 24 October the governor wrote to the secretary of state: "General Walpole is going on vastly well. His figure and talents are well adapted for the service he is upon, and he has got the confidence of the militia and the country." Walpole secured the support of the Maroons of Accompong Town against their Leeward Maroon brethren of Trelawny Town) in September 1795, and the Accompong Maroons trained them in the art of tracking in the forested regions of the Cockpit Country.However, the Maroons of Trelawny Town were unable to maintain their guerrilla campaign during the drought months, and when Walpole employed a scorched-earth policy, backed up by the importation of hunting dogs, on 22 December Walpole was able to persuade the Trelawny Maroon leader, Montague James, to come to terms. They were to ask pardon, to leave their fastnesses and settle in any district assigned to them, and to give up the runaway slaves. However, the Maroons did not betray their runaway slave allies, and hundreds of them gained their freedom as a result. On these conditions he promised that they should not be sent out of the island; and the terms were ratified by the governor. Only a few of the insurgents came in, and in the middle of January Walpole moved against them with a strong column, accompanied by dogs which had been brought from Cuba. They then surrendered, and were sent down to Montego Bay; and in March the assembly and the governor decided to ship them to Nova Scotia. Walpole strongly remonstrated against what he regarded as a breach of faith. He argued that the treaty might have been cancelled when the maroons failed to fulfil its terms, but that the governor had deliberately abstained from cancelling it. He declined a gift of five hundred guineas which the assembly voted for the purchase of a sword, and obtained leave to return to England. His letter declining the sword was expunged from the minutes of the house (cf. Dallas, Hist. of the Maroons, 1803; Gardner, Hist. of Jamaica, 1873, pp.2326). He was made colonel in the British Army on 3 May 1796, but retired from the service before 1799.Political career of down lightIn January 1797 Walpole was returned to Parliament for Derby, which he represented till 1806. Walpole maintained contact with the Trelawny Maroons while they were in Nova Scotia, arguing in vain in parliament that they were unfairly treated by Balcarres. When Montague James complained of poor living conditions in Nova Scotia, he sent one of his junior Maroon officers, Charles Samuels (Maroon) to England, bearing letters from the Maroon colonel.He was a follower of Charles James Fox, and voted for reform. He was George Tierney's second in his duel with Pitt on Putney Heath on 27 May 1798. When Fox came into office as Foreign Secretary, Walpole was appointed Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (20 February 1806); but he did not retain this office long after Fox's death. He was made comptroller of cash in the excise office for the rest of his life. He was MP for Dungarvan from 1807 till 1820, when he resigned his seat.Walpole spoke against the slave trade in the House of Commons in 1807, during the Slave Trade Act 1807 approval. Relying on his knowledge of the Maroon resistance, he supported the argument that the increasing number of Africans in the colony would inevitably result in revolts and even revolutions like the, then recent, Haitian Revolution.
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My Boyfriends 4 Year Old Sleeps with the Light On.?
Night light? Lamp with a little bulb in it? Lamp with colored (blue) bulb in it?1. What is the average monthly cost of 1 wall plug in night light?Only one way to find the correct answer to this question because there are several different wattage's of night lights being sold. Look on the light for the watts. That is the amount of electricity the light will use in 1 hr. Multiply the watts by the number of hours you think the light will be on each month. Divide the number of watts you use each month by 1,000 to get the number of "Kilo Watts" you are using. (1,000 watts = 1 Kilowatt). Look on your power bill to see how much you are paying for each Kilo watt of electricity. Multiply that amount times the number of Kilo watts you expect the light to use.2. What are the top ten things that a six year old boy needs to have in his bedroom?1. Hot wheels 2. Action Figures 3. night light 4. radio 5. flashlight (for going to the bathroom at night) 6. toy box 7. coloring books and crayons 8. small desk 9. clothes 10. bedroom furniture3. LED bulb and night light question?Hey Tony. I have two parts to your question. The first is "I do not know if this circuit would not operate properly using an LED bulb." The second is this: The lights you are talking about use a photo resistor to activate when the lights go out. Fundamentally they work this way: When light falls on the Photo Resistor (PR for short) their resistance goes low and in the dark they go high. This would be counter intuitive to the operation of the circuit (included below), so you need an additional NPN transistor. In the drawing below a 9 v battery is used along with the 2N3904 transistor. During the day the PR resistor is low, thus holding the base of the transistor low, and there is not enough current to switch it on. But as night falls and the resistance in the PR goes up more current is directed through the Transistor. As its base goes high the transistor turns on and activates the light. That's the basics to it. Now, from the simple diagram below it's easy to understand how this can turn on a light. But being that you are using an LED (which is just a diode that emits light), if the LED is in circuit the wrong way then the light wo not come on. But as long as the LED is in correctly then the light SHOULD come on. The transistor does not require a load. In this case it's providing ground. Keep in mind I found this diagram on line, you could have also found it. Since you understand something about electronics I am sure that you realize that if the diode was pointed towards the transistor then it should work. But if its pointed away from the transistor then it can not work. I hope this gets to the root of your problem. It's been a long time since I've stopped by and answered your questions. I find you always have interesting questions, and your answers are always good ones. XTX did not listen to (or read) your question fully. Jeanette was closer and Suzonka's answer was probably the best you've gotten so far. But nobody really read your intent fully, and you were clear enough in the outset. I just hope this gives you some hope. Let me know if this does work for you buddy. John.4. I cant stop crying about this?When I was 14, my mom's old boyfriend did the exact same thing. I am 20 now, and I will still say that he had no right to show authority like that. He came into my room, shut off my fan, night light & tv & told me I needed those all to be off if I wanted to sleep well. Hey buddy, I've slept the excact same way for 10 years, you messing up my pattern is not gonna help! I was able to convince my mom to talk to him about doing that stuff, and he eventually stopped. He was not in a position where he should have been doing that. If your mom is not willing to help then the only thing I can suggest is sucking it up for a little while & taking a Benadryl to help you sleep. I kind of regret going to bed at 3 AM and waking up at noon through middle and high school. I wish I had not slept my summers away. By the time I was up and ready, my friends had all ready been hanging out for hours... I had just stayed up too late playing on my computer.
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Review Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light
Review Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant LightBuy Link: CLICK HERERolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light Product Description:Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light. Drawing inspiration from the classic fairy tale Cinderella, products from Rolita collection will not only bring ample and warm glow to your kids room, but also transform their space into an enchanted place. This adorable single-light pendant light is designed to stir your children's imagination and enhance your room with elegance and sophistication. Beautiful hanging crystals twinkle in the light, giving off a soft glow when illuminated. Bring magic into your kids lives with this gorgeous hanging pumpkin coach pendant light. - Materials: Metal, Crystal- Finish: White- Crystal Color: Pink, Clear- Diameter of Canopy: 4.7"120mm- Dimension of Light Fixture: 14.6"Dia x 15.4"H (370mmDia x 390mmH)- Chain Length: 19.7"500mm (adjustable, contact us if you need longer)- Bulbs: 1x40W incandescent E27/E26 (not included)- Assembly Instructions: This fixture does need to be hard wired. Minimal assembly is required. Professional installation is recommended.- Input Voltage: 110-120V (North America), 220-240V (Europe, Australia, New Zealand)- We will send you the appropriate light based on your voltage choice.. Tag: kids lighting,kids ceiling lights,nursery light fixture,carriage pendant light. Price: 199.99 USD. Sale Price: USD.The Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy Rolita Pink Crystal Studded Hanging Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Single-light Pendant Light·RELATED QUESTIONWhat's the meaning of Sia's Chandelier song?Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.She was really struggling to push her career when she lost her partner to an accident. She got addicted to drugs, suffered depression and even wrote a suicide note. Drugs and alcohol were her only coping mechanisms. This song is about the time she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and her struggle to get out of it.In an interview, Sia said that she always knew she was a drinker and that she must stop, her guilt, shame is what the following lyrics suggest:-Sun is up, I'm a messGotta get out now, gotta run from thisHere comes the shame, here comes the shame.. but, out of peer pressurephones blowing up, they're ringing my door bells, I feel the love..she did not stop.1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 drinkthrow them back till I lose countThe only time she could escape from reality was when she was high, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She could be carefree, live like tomorrow didn't exist.I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelierI'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't existLike it doesn't existI'm gonna fly like a bird through the nightChandelier is ultimately a brutally honest tale of substance abuse.Sia wrote the song for Rihanna but I am so glad that she kept this one for herself.
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97 - 01 Prelude LED After Market Tail Lights?
Prelude Led Tail Lights1. where to buy tube for under-glow LED's?crimson and Blue lights interior the front and rear of your automobile are seen unlawful, yet underbodies are seen unlawful as properly for on highway use. purely fyi the extra valuable manufacturers are oftentimes indexed interior the import tuner mags. yet LED neons are extra valuable they final longer and are slightly extra stable.2. 3D printing enclosure with LED indication symbols — is this possible?You can print the "lid" in translucent (gray) and stick a piece of laser printed transparency film under it with the symbols (print it "negative" so the symbols are transparent and the rest is black). Depending on the quality of the printed black you might want to stack two printouts to minimize light sipping through the black areas. A divider separating the leds underneath ensures that only one symbol lights up. This will work better the better surface quality the "lid" has3. How many lumens is a 100-watt LED bulb?Depends on the quality and how recent the lamp is, since LED technology is improving quickly and was considered an impossible dream, or even a joke concept not all that long ago.An incandescent 100W gives you roughly 1,600 lumens as a rule of thumb. 16 lumens per watt.Warm white LED lights are also pleasant and top out at perhaps 50 lumens per watt. Some cool white models can do almost 90 lumens per watt.Warm white: maybe 5,000 lumens at 100 watts.Cool: perhaps as much as 9,000 lumens.These are of course rough estimates.Many models only produce half this, using older LED technology, optics, or drivers. But then this is technology. There are prototypes producing 200 lumens per watt and reasonable color, and the theoretical limit is around 300. So in the future 20,000 lumen or better 100w LEDs might be common.Hope this helps4. LED PINK LIGHT BARS, DUMB IDEA?If you do it expect a ticket5. What is the difference between LED, halogen, and incandescent light bulb?The "standard" incandescent lamp is simply a coiled coil of wire with a current passing through it. It gets hot because of this, and when it reaches "white hot" (really quickly) it glows. It's encased in glass to protect the filament, but it woukd still burn out really quickly in the presence of oxygen, so it's encased in a vacuum (originally) or an inert gas such as Nitrogen (cheaper than a vacuum) to stop the filament burning away. Halogen bulbs are just the same, except that they use a halogen gas instead of the nitrogen, which allows the filament to get hotter/brighter for the same current, so more efficient.LEDs are completely different. They are semiconductors which give off light when a small current passed through them. They are very efficient because there is little heat produced and (this can be a disadvantage) the light tends to all go in a certain direction. That's why most household LED bulbs will contain multiple led chips and/or a diffuser to spread the light6. Led Underglow Kit with HID headlights?Blue and red lights on the outside of your vehicle are illegal in I am pretty sure all states, but that does not mean you cant install them. I have not heard of someone being ticketed for having 12k HID's as they are not true blue. In my opinion, it wo not be too much blue, it's your car and your money, so do what you want with it. Most underglow kits do not draw much power at all and you should not have a problem wiring them to your battery, just make sure you wire them to a fuse then to the battery if you are doing them yourself. Most underglow kits will work wether you have a SUV/truck, or a smaller car. LED underglow kits are brighter than the neon tubes. Just make sure the strips are long enough, longer they are the more bulbs they have which makes them brighter. I say go for it, I think it will look great. Everyone has their own opinion7. Rgb led strip lights problems.?The drive wires are crossed. Swap them until the match on both sides8. Led vrs. Plasma Tv's?I would definately suggest that you be wise and purchase an LED. I have had a Plasma, and the screen started to pixilate very badly. I recently decided to give plasma another chance (or maybe the sells rep was just really good and persuading me). I had the TV for almost 3 months and it began to start pixilatiing again. Im not sure what causes these TV's to do so but if you are going to invest that kind of money i would suggest a LED, or the Google version of the 3D television. Best of luck!
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Can Young's Double-slit Experiment Be Performed with Laser Light?
Obviously yes!! Laser light is most suitable for the experiment.In the basic version of this experiment, a coherent light source,such as a laser beam, illuminates a plate pierced by two parallel slits, and the light passing through the slits is observed on a screen behind the plate.The wave nature of light causes the light waves passing through the two slits to interfere, producing bright and dark bands on the screen - a result that would not be expected if light consisted of classical particles. If anyhow using LASER light you are unable to see the interference pattern, it simply means some mistake is being done by you.I just love this topic!!Cheers!!1. After trying to set something alight with a magnifine glass I was looking at the circle of light...?Were you trying to start a fire with a magnifying glass? Not exactly a smart thing to do. The purple dot is probably an after image from the bright circle of light you were staring at. It should go away in less than an hour. Put a cold compress over your eyes and rest for about 20 minutes. You should be fine. If its not gone by tomorrow, make an appointment with an eye specialist. It is not bad to see the magnifying glass reflecting light and shining, it is bad to use it to start a fire.2. If we travel in slow motion, time slows down for us. What is the speed of light when time slows down?Light only travels at one speed, the speed of light in vacuum at exactly 299792458 m/s. I do not really know what you mean about travelling in slow motion unless you are referring to being near a black hole? If this is what you mean the fact is that light still travels the same speed near a black hole but its rate of progress is slowed down by the effect of the intense gravitational pull, this does not slow the light speed itself but makes the light kind of spiral so that it's progress is affected but not it's actual speed3. Is it possible for scientists to view objects light years away in real-time?Light, electromagnetic radiation, a photon travels about 5.879 10^12 miles/year.Currently all communication is a form of the speed of light.There is a way, I am fairly sure and can even discuss it at different times but it's planned in a procrastination type of way. So each galaxy is looking into the past, viewing the past, if a planet in a galaxy is 4 light years away, we both see each other presently, four years ago!There might be a way to connect distances with the same actions, something fairly easy but it does take the time for setting up the connection, to be the speed of light. I claim, I think I do understood all three.So in a way, I am saying there is a way to communicate over distance without time delay, instantaneous. And before the current thought people tell be that nothing is faster than the apes of light so that is impossible, I would have to agree that nothing is faster than light speed but I would also have to bite my tongue and politely remind them that instantaneous has no forward speed, otherwise it would not be instantaneous!Its a different process that YOU did not create, I saw it as a result of asking why does rhe universe work and I started with time dilation.4. What exactly would a hairdresser do to take dark brown hair to light brown?It depends on the hairdresser; each has their own education & training. Coloring hair from dark to light has possibilities & probabilities of it's own. When you lighten hair, you are removing the pigment of the natural color, the tonal value is what is left. That residual pigment must be corrected to the desired shade of light brown. If the colorist knows that the client does not like warm tones, they adjust formula to counteract the warmth by using cooler tones. This is true if the client has virgin (never have been colored hair) hair. If the client has been previously colored hair, this changes all the directives because now the stylist is correcting the color
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Stuff About Under-car Led Lights?
As long as the lights under the car are not on while your driving it is perfectly legal, if they are on while your driving expect a heavy fine and possibility of your car being towed1. Why is the NSA led by a General when CIA and FBI have Directors?The CIA and FBI are civilian agencies. The NSA is not. The NSA director is the commander of the U.S. Cyber Command. Department of Defense Directive 5100.20 states that the NSA Director must always be a U.S. military commissioned officer. Due to the unique reporting structure of the agency, with the exception of the earliest years of the agency and its predecessor, historically this has always been a 3-star (Lieutenant General, or Vice Admiral) depending on what branch of service they come from. Due to the creation of USCYBERCOM, starting with GEN Alexander, this has been a 4-star position (GEN/ADM) and will probably continue to be so in the foreseeable future. To balance this, the Deputy Director is always a civilian with technical expertise2. tell me about led lights?OPTICAL DESIGN LEDs are a directional light source, meaning they emit light in a single direction. Through carefully designed reflectors and lenses, light is directed only where it is needed, minimizing wasted light and energy. MECHANICAL DESIGN Because LEDs last for years, the materials and construction of an LED system are critical for performance. Careful mechanical engineering protects the LED system from corrosion and humidity to ensure long service life. THERMAL DESIGN Excess heat causes reduced life and colour shift in LEDs. With effective thermal management, heat is dissipated, thereby improving LED performance. ELECTRICAL DESIGN Electrical design determines the LED lifespan, light output and colour control of the LED system. Precise engineering ensures the right amount of electricity is delivered to the LED chip, enabling consistent, long-lasting LED system performance.3. HELp with led chaser circuit (no 555 timer)?This is a cool circuit. Try this - get a universal printed circuit breadboard from Radio Shack This will give you a way to connect the parts together. The resistors you have are too big for this circuit you need a few (maybe 10?) milliamps to light the LEDs. Surface mount components can be soldered to the board but you need a way to hold them in place while you solder. You can use different colors but be aware that LEDs are current driven devices and that the voltage specified is only given to allow you to select a resistor that will limit the current. I will repeat because it is important. ALWAYS LIMIT THE CURRENT THROUGH A LED WITH A RESISTOR4. What led to the downfall of the Tsars and the eradication of their whole family?It was not only Russia. Almost all Empires fell within a time frame of /- 10years of the Russian Empire, considering that these empires existed for centuriesI guess there rime was up from such a ruling model.We are now entering a new era when our ruling process is also expiring5. Is the United States led by extremely naive news reporters?Led by? Amazing the kind of mind-control power people seem to ascribe to the media. Newspapers for example are going out of business because only senior citizens read their still-profitable print product, while the digital product where all the reader growth is makes no money becuase digital advertisers would rather put online ad money in Google and Facebook than onine ads at YourLocalFishWrap.com. Yet this same industry that cannot convince people to advertise is leading the US? Some mind control ability.6. Has love ever led you to madness?Love is a form of madness7. What factors led to Islamic Stateu2019s defeat?More than 1millon soilders and support staff fighting against 15000 Islamic state mujahideen.i think Islamic state will come back again,war is not over yet8. Can in wire led strips in my car's headlight fuses?yes u can but i would put an in line fuse in each of the circuits so if it dose blow the fuse when u were driving at night it would only blow the in line fuse and not ur headlight fuses and leave u in the dark they r easy to get and only pence to buy
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Introduction to Polarized Light
1. Application of polarized lightTo measure the polarization of an electron beam, a Mott detector is required. In order to maximize the spin-orbit coupling, it is necessary that the electrons arrive near to the nuclei of the target. To achieve this condition, a system of electron optics is usually present, in order to accelerate the beam up to keV or to MeV energies. Since standard electron detectors count electrons being insensitive to their spin, after the scattering with the target any information about the original polarization of the beam is lost. Nevertheless, by measuring the difference in the counts of the two detectors, the asymmetry can be evaluated and, if the Sherman function is known from previous calibration, the polarization can be calculated by inverting the last formula.In order to characterize completely the in-plane polarization, setups are available, with four channeltrons, two devoted to the left-right measure and two devoted to the up-right measure.ExampleIn the panel it is shown an example of the working principle of a Mott detector, supposing a value for S ( ) 0.5 displaystyle S(theta )0.5. If an electron beam with a 3:1 ratio of spin-up over spin-down electrons collide with the target, it will be splitted with a ratio 5:3, according to previous equation, with an asymmetry of 25%.------2. Publications of polarized lightHis major scientific publications included works on electromagnetism, dynamics and Bessel functions. He also wrote a treatise on gyrostats.His FRS candidacy form itemised the following:'Absolute Measurements in Electricity and Magnetism' (1889)'Theory and Practice of Absolute Measurements in Electricity Magnetism' (vol i, 1888; vol ii, in two parts, 1893)'A Treatise on Magnetism and Electricity''On the Determination in Absolute Units of the Intensity of Powerful Magnetic Fields' (Phil Mag, 1883)'On the Dynamical Theory of Electro-magnetic Action' (ibid, 1890)'On the Calculation of the Induction Coefficients of Coils' (ibid, 1892)'On a New Reflecting Galvanometer of great sensibility, and on New Forms of Astatic Galvanometers,' jointly with T Gray (Proc Roy Soc, 1884)'On the Relation between the Electrical Qualities and the Chemical Composition of Glass and Allied Substances,' Part I, jointly with T Gray and J J Dobbie (Proc Roy Soc, 1884)1888 Diary of cruise to Australia'On the Electro-magnetic Theory of the Rotation of the Plane of Polarized Light' (Rept Brit Assoc, 1891).Later works included:Treatise on Bessel Functions (1895) with G B MathewsMagnetism and Electricity (1898)Dynamics and Property of Matter (1901)The Scientific Work of Lord Kelvin (1908)Dynamics (1911) with his son James GrayTreatise on Gyrostatics and Rotational Motion (1919)------3. Lisa Portes of polarized lightLisa Portes is an award-winning director, educator, advocate and leader. She heads of the MFA Directing program at The Theatre School at DePaul University. She serves on the board of the Theatre Communications Group, the Executive Board of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, and is a founding member of the Latinx Theater Commons. Primarily a director of new American plays and musicals, Ms. Portes' work has been seen regionally at California Shakespeare Theater, Guthrie Theatre, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Cincinnati Playhouse, South Coast Repertory, McCarter Theatre, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In Chicago she has directed for Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Goodman Theatre, Victory Gardens Theatre, TimeLine Theatre Company, American Blues Theatre, Silk Road Rising, Next Theatre, and Teatro Vista. New York credits include work at Playwrights Horizons, Soho Rep, New York Theatre Workshop, the Flea Theatre, and The Public Theater. Ms Portes served as the Associate Director of the Tony Award-winning musical The Who's Tommy, and staged its international productions in Canada, Germany, and the U.K, as well as its 20th anniversary remount at the Stratford Theatre Festival in 2013. In 2016, Ms. Portes was awarded the SDC Zelda Fichandler Award.------4. Research and medical use of polarized lightThe main medical use emerging in this field is for research on eye development and ocular diseases. New research studies on ocular gene expression are being performed using cephalopod eyes due to the evidence of their convergent evolution with the analogous human eye. These studies replace the previous Drosophila studies for gene expression during eye development as the most accurate, although Drosophila studies remain the most common. The conclusion that they are analogous lends credibility to their comparison for medical use in the first place, since the trait in both would have been shaped through natural selection by similar pressures in similar environments; meaning there would be similar expression of ocular disease in both organisms eyes.An advantage of cephalopod eye experimentation is that cephalopods can regenerate their eyes due to their ability to re-enable their developmental processes, which allows studies of the same cephalopod to continue past one trial sample when studying the effects of disease. This also permits for a more complex study concerning how regeneration may be conserved in cephalopod genomes and if it may be somewhat conserved in the human genome alongside the genes expressing for the camera eye.------5. Shandite of polarized lightShandite is a sulfide mineral with chemical formula: Ni3Pb2S2. It was discovered in 1950 and named after Scottish petrologist, Samuel James Shand (18821957). It is characterized by a metallic luster and a brass-yellow color. It has a specific gravity of 8.92, and a Mohs hardness value of 4. Shandite is commonly found as an inclusion in other minerals such as serpentine.Its crystal system is trigonal hexagonal scalenohedral with symbol 32/m. It belongs to the space group R3m. Shandite is an anisotropic mineral, which means it has different properties when being viewed from different directions. In cross-polarized light it appears as gray blue or yellow-brown colors. It also has very distinct relief, which means it stands out against its mounting medium and can be easily seen. It has an index of refraction of 1.54, which is the measure of the speed of light through the substance. In plane polarized light, shandite has a creamy white color and distinct pleochroism, which is the property that makes it appear to be different colors at different angles. It has strong birefringence, which is the decomposition of light into two rays, and appears dark blue and gray.------6. Evolutionary debate of polarized lightDisagreement on whether the evolution of the camera eye within cephalopods and within vertebrates is a parallel evolution or a convergent evolution still exists, although is mostly resolved. The current standing is that of a convergent evolution for their analogous camera-type eye.Parallel evolutionThose maintaining that it is a parallel evolution state that there is evidence that there was a common ancestor containing the genetic information for this eye development. This is evidenced by all bilaterian organisms containing the gene Pax6 which expresses for eye development.Convergent evolutionThose supporting a convergent evolution state that this common ancestor would have preceded both cephalopods and vertebrates by a significant margin. The common ancestor with the expression for camera-type eye would have existed approximately 270 million years before the evolution of camera-type eye in cephalopods and approximately 110 to 260 million years before the evolution of camera-type eye in vertebrates. Another source of evidence for this is the differences of expression due to independent variants of Pax6 arising in both cephalopods and vertebrates. Cephalopods contain five variants of Pax6 in their genomes which independently arose and are not shared by vertebrates, although they allow for a similar gene expression when compared to the Pax6 of vertebrates.------7. Professor in Amsterdam of polarized lightShortly after his discovery, Zeeman was offered a position as lecturer in Amsterdam, where he started to work in Autumn of 1896. In 1900 this was followed by his promotion to professor of physics at the University of Amsterdam. In 1902, together with his former mentor Lorentz, he received the Nobel Prize for Physics for the discovery of the Zeeman effect. Five years later, in 1908, he succeeded Van der Waals as full professor and Director of the Physics Institute in Amsterdam.In 1918 he published "Some experiments on gravitation: The ratio of mass to weight for crystals and radioactive substances" in the Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, experimentally confirming the equivalence principle with regard to gravitational and inertial mass.A new laboratory built in Amsterdam in 1923 was renamed the Zeeman Laboratory in 1940. This new facility allowed Zeeman to pursue refined investigation of the Zeeman effect. For the remainder of his career he remained interested in research in Magneto-Optics. He also investigated the propagation of light in moving media. This subject became the focus of a renewed interest because of special relativity, and enjoyed keen interest from Lorentz and Einstein.Later in his career he became interested in mass spectrometry.------8. Determination of polarized lightkd, is known as the specific equilibrium dissociation constant for formation of the enzyme-substrate complex. kd is used as a measure of affinity, with higher values indicating a lower affinity.For the given equation (E enzyme, S substrate, P product)k1 k2E S ES E Pk-1kd would be equivalent to k-1/k1, where k1 and k-1 are the rates of the forward and backward reaction, respectively in the conversion of individual E and S to the enzyme substrate complex.Application to enzyme kineticsThe chemical specificity of an enzyme for a particular substrate can be found using two variables that are derived from the Michaelis-Menten equation. km approximates the dissociation constant of enzyme-substrate complexes. kcat represents the turnover rate, or the number of reactions catalyzed by an enzyme over the enzyme amount. kcat over km is known as the specificity constant, which gives a measure of the affinity of a substrate to some particular enzyme. Also known as the efficiency of an enzyme, this relationship reveals an enzyme's preference for a particular substrate. The higher the specificity constant of an enzyme corresponds to a high preference for that substrate.------9. Life and work of polarized lightHilda Hnchen received her doctorate in 1943 from the University of Hamburg under the supervision of Fritz Goos, with a dissertation titled ber das Eindringen des totalreflektierten Lichtes in das dnnere Medium ("On the penetration of totally reflected light into the rarer medium"). During World War II she worked as a "managing" research assistant at the State Physics Institute in Hamburg (to allow male academics to return after military service, women could be employed as managing assistants only).She concurrently worked at the Physical-Chemical Research Institute in Kiel on war research contracts and was listed in the register of sponsorships of the Reichsforschungsrat ("Reich Research Council"). From 1949 to 1951 she was a referee for the chemistry journal Chemisches Zentralblatt. Around 1975 she was the chairman of the local Cologne chapter of Deutscher Akademikerinnenbund ("Association of German women academics").With her doctoral advisor Fritz Goos, Hnchen discovered the Goos-Hnchen effect, which is an optical phenomenon in which linearly polarized light undergoes a small lateral shift when totally internally reflected.In 1946 she married physicist Albert Hermann Lindberg (born 1914), who before his retirement in 1979 served as the Vice President and Development Director of Leybold AG. They had three daughters - Renate, Claudia, and Dorothea.------10. S. Pancharatnam of polarized lightShivaramakrishnan Pancharatnam (19341969) was an Indian physicist who did significant work in the field of optics. He is noted for his discovery of a type of geometric phase sometimes known as Pancharatnam phase for polarized beams passing through crystals. He was born in Calcutta in West Bengal, India in 1934. He was elected a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences at the early age of 25. He was a reader at the Department of studies in Physics, University of Mysore from 1961-1964. From 1964 until his death in 1969 at the age of 35 he was a Research Fellow of St Catherine's College, Oxford, working in association with George William Series. His publications for this period were mainly concerned with the theory of effects found in experiments on optical pumping, e.g. double refraction in a gas due to spin alignment. Professor Series has written an introduction to the life and work of Pancharatnam. He also prepared, for the Proceedings of the Royal Society, the last three papers from notes left by Pancharatnam.In 1956, Pancharatnam was studying interference figures produced by light waves in crystal plates, under his advisor C. V. Raman, when he discovered the properties of what is now known as the geometric phase, and which predated Michael Berry's work on the topic from 1983.
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When Electricity Flows Through the Filament, It Gets Heated and Emits Light, but It Does Not Occur i
typically because the supply wire is much larger than the filament, that is not to say the cord will not get hot...touch one sometime when the heater is running you will find the cord warm to hot as for emitting light unless they are gamma or beta rays of radiation they are not going to pass through the rubber covering, so no lightWhen electricity flows through the filament, it gets heated and emits light, but it does not occur in copper. Why?1. I would like to burn out a sodium barn light?Tint your windows, your neighbor is allowed to have light. You could put up a bigger light, but then I could see a Chevy Chase thing happening. Go to Lowes and buy you some window tinting, I got the Limo tint. Beautiful, without going to jail.2. My can light conversion kit trips breaker?I assume the can light worked fine before you installed the conversion kit, right? OK, start by unscrewing the pendant light and verify that the can light still works. Now then, the problem must be in the new fixture. Take it apart and make sure nothing is touching where it should not . (The black soot will be your first clue.) I am almost positive you will find the problem. If not, turn of the power, open the can light and make sure IT IS Wired correctly. Could be that the hot/neutral wires are reversed in the junction box attached to the fixture. Generally these boxes are accessed by removing 3-4 screws around the edge of the can, or by gently pulling/twisting the can while pulling down. Good luck with it.3. Does glass emit ultraviolet light?Hi! So it is pretty common to mistake what glass does. Glass actually absorbs some wavelengths in the upper end of the spectrum (is you look at a typical glass pane from the side, you would see hints of green due to defects, and thinking about energy transitions, the smallest energy transition you could make is from you 1s shell splittings, which leads to that big bump on the right side.)As for the question, by itself, without any external source, glass will not (I day will not but technically, highly improbable) emit UV light (light of wavelength 10 to 380 nm) When shined with a UV light source though, yes, glass will absorb UV light. However, since, as shown in the picture above, we have multiple other states that we can jump to (right side), then the absorbed UV light may rather decay to the other longer wavelengths like IR. So, if UV is absorbed, yes some UV leaks out, but most of them will come out as IR or longer)Tldr: UV is absorbed. Yes some UV leaks out, but most of them will come out as IR or longer).4. What happens to vision when traveling at the speed of light?If your travelled at the speed of light you would be travelling with light and therefore our requirement for light to reflects off matter first before we can see it is void. Old light reflection will be cancelled out by the light wave your travelling in. You will basically see the spectrum of light your travelling in ehich is likely to be white.5. They say nothing is faster than the speed of light, but...?Yes, no material thing an move faster than the speed of light in vacuum. But what are you asking about black holes? They exist, light can not escape from inside a black hole. Black holes are invisible, but the region around a black hole certainly is not invisible. Just outside a black hole, a few atomic diameters from it, light goes around the black hole (at full light speed). What does that have to do with anything going faster than light? By the way, non-material things can go faster than light.6. Does everything we see reflect light?Just for fun... No NOTHING you see reflects light!! Because all you see is light and light does NOT reflect light*. You do not "see" things; you see light coming from the things. The light might be coming from a source and be reflected by the thing or it might be emitted by the thing itself. Everything in the Universe (matter that is) emits light (electromagnetic radiation which includes light, infrared, ultraviolet, radiowaves, x-rays etc.) At the very least everything emits what we call blackbody radiation which is the "light" that a perfectly black body will emit if it is at the same temperature as the thing actually is. So, the moon does emit light and does reflect sunlight (and starlight too, its just too faint to see that). The Moon has a temperature above absolute zero so it emits light. But generally this light is too faint and too far past red for us to see. Any object which is heated high enough will begin to emit more light at visible wavelengths and eventually we will begin to notice it starting to glow red, then yellow then white or blue. That is the shifting of the color of the blackbody radiation. Fluorescent bulbs emit light because of electronic transitions, not heat like an incandescent light bulb. LEDs emit light in another different way. Last year scientists made some carbon nanotubes which absorb 99.955% of all the light that hits them. The previous record was 99.865%. This means that the nanotubes reflect three times less light than the previous record holder 0.045% vs 0.14% This is the blackest substance known to man. (not counting Black Holes! lol) *Actually there are some possible interactions between light beams if they are intense enough and some scattering of the beams might result. While this scattering is not reflection, you might be able to see where the collision of the beams is occuring so you could say you were seeing "reflected" (scattered) light. I am not sure if this has ever been demonstrated, I think we do not have powerful enough lasers to do this experiment...yet.
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Remove Exact Matching Word Using Sed Closed
In the above string, you don't need start-of-word/end-of-word markers and you may use:For the additional question in the comment:Indeeed, my sed version supports the Syntax with If it doesn't work for you, report your sed version and read its manpage. For my sed, this syntax works too:b can be memorized as boundary.• Related QuestionsWhat do people mean when they say Notice me, senpai?It's also from the game Yandere Simulator. Where the main character's crush is a guy she calls Senpai, and her main goal is for him to notice her, and in order for him to do that, she wants to kill all the other students because they have crushes on him too. It's a pretty dark game------Centos 6; phpMyAdmin 'Cannot log in to the MySQL server' after moving mysql.sockAs ibennetch suggested in his comment above, setting the socket path to the new location woks. In my case the default setting for connection type was 'tcp'. That also needs to be changed to 'socket'.Thus the two lines that need to be changed in the config.in.php file are:Don't forge to restart httpd:------Do Unchained Monks have weapon proficiency with all monk weapons?That FAQ predates Unchained. Presumably, this is exactly the reason they decided to rewrite the monk weapon proficiencies (prior to Unchained, monks did not say they were proficient with all monk weapons), so that you could do exactly what your player would like to do.Certainly, the monk can be safely allowed to use such weapons------Built-in Postgres' Automatic BackupThe only maximum permissible storage amount is the amount of storage your disk has. When you're running out of space, postgreSQL will simply stop. (with a PANIC message)You have to monitor your disks free space to prevent it to happen...Sadly documentation is quite light on it:------What cheaper alternatives exist to transport luggage in Europe?I experienced that shipping from Germany to other European countries is reasonably cheap (for example to Spain: 29 for up to 25 kg with Hermes; 40 for about 32 kg with DHL). The other way around options may be harder to find. I couldn't find any cheap carrier from Spain. However, Portugal > Germany is cheap with Chronopost (27 for about 30 kg)------Can you restrict which OSM tags are returned by Overpass API?You can use the convert method to produce your output. From the Ovepass QL documentation:After that, an arbitrary number of tags can be set. In addition, it can be specified to copy all keys from the originating object. In this case, it is also possible to selectively suppress some tags. Example from their home page:------Disable __cfduid cookie from CloudflareNo, there is no way to turn the cookie off if we are proxying the record (if you had a subdomain not running through our proxy in your DNS settings, then we wouldn't add the cookie because it is going direct to your server). The cookie is basically what makes security (like a challenge page) work------Traffic lights and state of the lightsAs Man_From_India wrote, it would be:The traffic light just turned green.Also, if you are in the intersection when the light turns red, I would say:I was trying to beat the red light.And if you go through the intersection while the light is red, it is:I ran the red light.------What can I do to bring back missing quick action tiles in my WP10 action center?Disable the flashlight option in the Notifications and Actions part of Settings. This will appear to do nothing, since it's already missing. Then reboot the phone (while the option is still disabled!). After rebooting, go back to the Notifications and Actions Settings and re-enable the flashlight tile (you may need to re-position it). It should re-appear------How rotation affects geodesics on earth (Gravity Probe B)?The direction to the star appears to be the direction from which light approaches. Light comes to earth at high speed. It doesn't spend 16 million years near earth. So it is only deflected an infinitesimal amount by frame dragging. Gravity Probe B spends all its time near earth. Its position would be affected over 16 million years------Colonizing a planet: how much food would we need to bring?You cannot simply pack food for a 40 years travel and some years to settle on the planet. You will need to grow food on your ship, mostly plants. You will not bring along livestock, they require too many resources. You will better use bugs and insects for protein supply: they grow fast and in large number------Why is this glass Cycles material casting solid shadows?You need to put a solidify modifier on your glass pieces. Or make them thick otherwise.This way there will be no back-facing polygons for each glass piece, so Cycles doesn't see one huge solid glass pyramid with the inside not empty as it does currently. Such glass pyramid would, in real live, produce this shadow.------Is the relativistic increase in (relativistic) mass same for a freely falling body as compared to body which is accelerated to the same velocity?In both cases the mass of the body increases. Moreover the increase in mass from it's rest mass is dependent on the speed rather than what caused the speed.Also, as mentioned by @Gert, gravitational force is also a kind of force. So you can't say there is no force acting on a freely falling body------More steps from person until the Death Note than a pen still works?A computer cant kill with the Death Note because it requires the writer to think about the victims face when writing their name.The human whose name is written in this note shall die. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name..------Portable NeoVIM configuration / Folder confusionNeovim supports a sysinit.vim file whose location usually is $VIM/sysinit.vim (see :help sysinit.vim). From Neovim execute :echo $VIM to get it's value, and from there construct the right path. I don't use Windows, but I'm pretty sure it will work if you put the file on e:Neovimsharenvimsysinit.vim------Roots When Creating A LanguageAmerican Heritage has a list of Indo-Europeandictionary lookup allows searching in Latin, Greek, Arabic, Old Norse, or English, for words containing, beginning, or ending with particular forms. Here's a result for words containing --man-- inperseus.tufts.edu/hopper/resolveform?typesubstring&lookupman&langgreek------Trying to LIMIT a SOQL Statement based upon projected Heap sizeScott, Here's a odd ball idea.Using a chunking solution like greenstork suggested, but this time intentionally chunk them at a set iteration size. Say, 200 records. Immediately transfer the records to HTML5 local storage. Keeping the controllers' records Transient in the controller, or in the HTML5 LocalStorage you should be able to keep the heap down.------Non-numerical vector space examplesWhen I tried to explain bases to my friend I used the set of all furniture in a room. I simplified it by saying it was just chairs and tables. The basis vectors would be a table and a chair. Multiplication would be like a(2 chairs) 2a chairs and addition would be 2 tables and 3 tables (2 3) tables------Interesting (and not sufficiently answered) questions on math.SEDoes the open mapping theorem imply the Baire category theorem?The open mapping theorem and the Baire category theorem are both theorems of ZFC, but are independent of ZF. Working in ZF, one can (apparently) prove that BCT implies OMT. Does the converse hold in ZF?This is currently the highest-voted question with the functional-analysis tag.------How to switch off natural sort order in Finder and enable pure alphabetical sort order? duplicateApple's Finder has been using "natural" sort order (where strings of digits are ordered as single characters) for file names for nearly 20 years, since OS X 10.0 There's no way to change it as far as I know. If you want the other kind of sort order, you have to use Terminal or a 3rd party app.------Why did the Spanish take the island of Annobon in the Treaty of El Pardo in 1778?It could well be that Annobon, being farther out from the two Bights, has better sailing conditions - more access to trade winds, less likely for fleets to be caught by a contrary wind against the two shores. Thus it is more convenient as a base for ships travelling on to the far east via Africa------How to place points along a line using a list of distances in QGIS?One workaround by using PyQGIS is in the next code. I put your original distances in a list but, it was assumed that each point should be placed in positions along the line based in a sum_distances list (50, 150, 201).After running the code at the Python Console of QGIS I got: It seems to work correctly.------Excitation of an electron duplicateIt is not an electron, but the atom it is associated with that absorbs energy. A free electron is incapable of absorbing a photon due to the requirements of energy and momentum conservation. In an atom, however, an electron can absorb a photon and jump from one bound state to another (or leave the atom completely).------Subordinate Clauses and CommasYes, both commas are needed. Each comma represents one end of a parenthetical phrase -- they could be replaced by '(' and ')'.The only way to use a single comma would be to move the parenthetical phrase (also called an adverbial phrase or dependent clause) to the beginning or end of the sentence------How can I draw angled lines in LaTeX to create ruled template for calligraphy?This does not answer you specfic question, but can be adapted for you use with many other options built in. I have tried to set the defaults to your requirements (left in the vertical lines, but you can disable that by indlugin drawnone to the end of Vertical Line Style and Vertical Line Style Alternate------What is the Event Horizon of a black hole duplicateCan someone please explain what the event horizon of a black hole is?Many already have.From event horizon (black hole) -- Encyclopedia Britannica link.Since the event horizon is not a material surface but rather merely a mathematically defined demarcation boundary, nothing prevents matter or radiation from entering a black hole, only from exiting one.------Mixing two shaders based on raylengthI think that what you want to do is not to use the Ray Length directly, because that can includes many different ray types, but instead multiply the Ray Length with Is Transmission Ray, in order to get the length of the Transmission ray, instead of one which also includes the Camera ray type and others------Cross platform (PC and MAC) font rendering issue and font conversion to SVGThere's no way to get a web font to look the same on every browser and every operating system. They all have different rendering engines, defaults, font smoothing methods, etc.I'm also not sure of this, but do investigate the accessibility of SVG fonts. They may have some issues (someone correct me if I am wrong)------Footage of SHG in smoke/fogThe only visible colour in most DPSS lasers is 532nm (green). The pump is 808nm, and the gain medium lases at 1064nm -- both of these are infrared and invisible to the eye. So you wouldn't see much by smoking out the cavity.Here's a great illustration though:------Business Logic Controller for Validating Address in CommerceYou can move it all into a Service and then call it from your main plugin file if you find it is getting unwieldy.file: craft/plugins/businesslogic/BusinessLogicPlugin.php:file: craft/plugins/businesslogic/services/BusinessLogic_EventsService.php:Because $event is an object it will be passed by reference, and you don't need to return anything.------Possible values for fontseries and fontshapeSeries, any combination of weight and width is in theory possible:Shape:It depends to the definition of the font, if there are less or more ...For the current TL 2012 we get the following values for the series:and for the shape:See comment below where Heiko lists some fonts which refer to the given values.------Real time shadow casting in a 2D isometric gameSolution described is not full 3d as he doesn't need full 3d solution. It will look like but it is not. Creation of shadow casting must be considered as intersection between volume. What he needs is less complicated. Remember (if you have kown) dooms and dooms like rendering engine. All processing were done on two dimensions------Why is the area under the pdf for the Von Mises distribution not one?Thanks to @Davidk for clarifying the range of the modified bessel function. The documentation I was following is actually incorrect.The modified bessel function is actually implemented by scipy.special.iv(n, k) for order $n$ and kappa $k$, instead of the function I was using.Replacing one for the other fixes all problems I had------What should I do when I see a pic-question?My thought process: If it's TeX-ifiable, do so.If it's too long to texify and it's recent, link the OP to the LaTeXguide.If it's too long to texify and it's old, too bad.If it's too long to texify because it's simply a lazy "dumping" of aquestion onto SE, then vote to close.
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